the clouds have left

you know awhile ago, i guess it was already breaking dawn, i went to our rooftop and sat on the garden chair to read. i'm halfway through Almost Heaven though i still am not hooked enough like i was with Whitney My Love. i looked up and just marveled on the vast expanse of dispersed cotton on a blue canvas. then i saw Fantasia hovering above me, her face without any detail, her arms streched to her sides, her bottom part misting like a ghost. i stared at it for awhile, anxious that i couldn't get our banig which is ideal for activities such as this because my parents are sleeping on it in the confines of their room (i was like, err, have you ever heard of a bed?). when i got a handful of shots registered in my brain, i leveled my head down to resume reading.

you know i'm talking about clouds.

then the sky turned bluish-pink. Fantasia has gone, moved a great deal to my west, her enchanting form morphing into an indistinguishable cotton mess. i have the wind to blame for that. the sky is a sweet marshmallow, slowly darkening into an orange expanse. the sun finally set, though the roofdeck isn't facing that way, i got it covered from the window on the opposite side.

then it was time to leave.

my bookmark barely left a few pages, but i was glad i got to go cloud gazing. at that time, my head is filled with various thoughts. they're really bothersome, but at least i get to set my mind on it, even for a while.

i was actually looking for a place to read, but the sky took most of my attention instead.

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