Nokia Lumia 620, 820 and 920 in the flesh

And so you've probably heard, Nokia outs three brand new Lumia installments and yesterday i got the chance to finally see them right in the flesh!

Thanks to Abenson (Glorietta) for putting the actual phones out on display for curious customers like me. So right under the cut, you'll be seeing and reading my unadulterated first impressions of the Lumia 620, 820 and 920...

See what rocks and sucks about these crazy lumias below!

Lumia 620

Nokia Lumia 620
- Windows Phone 8 
- good screen resolution at 480x800 on a 3.8" TFT capacitive touchscreen featuring Nokia's trademark ClearBlack display
- 5mp autofocus camera with LED flash
- 1GHZ Krait dual-core running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4. consider those heavy apps served!
- double shot of colors! the shell features two colors each, one at the outer layer and a different color for the inside layer. :) and you can change them btw, you just have to buy different shells. >:D

- running over the specs i'd say the only let down of this phone is the battery capacity, which is a lo Li-ion 1300 mAH block. 

Abenson Mobile offers the Lumia 620 for a very affordable price of Php 12,695.00 apiece. On credit, you can pay it for only Php 1,057.90 / month with 0% interested. how awesome is that?

Lumia 820

- 4.3" AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with an estimated 217ppi pxel density. Pretty good display i must say for those who are not very keen on graphics quality. Also features ClearBlack display! 
- features a camera using Carl Zeiss optics with an 8mp autofocus rear cam with dual-LED flash. expect picture quality to be crisp and sharp.
- runs on Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon with dual-core 1.5GHz Krait CPU. beat thaaaat!
- WIRELESS CHARGING. this is probably one of its coolest features because it's new and innovative.. though it's not exactly my favorite cos i'd rather see myself tucking in wires than carrying a charging plate... hmm... and for the record... the wireless charging stuff doesn't come with the package, you have to buy it separately. :)

- same thing! for a phone with this specs, i wonder how they won't expect users to be extremely hands-on an abusive with it. 1650mAH are you kidding me? >:'(

Abenson Mobile offers the Lumia 820 for Php 20,990.00
And for credit buyers out there, you can get your hands on with this wonder for only Php 1,749,16/mo. at 0% interest. Crazy huh?

Lumia 920

- great color diplay! IPS LCD Capacitive touchscreen. 4.5" screen size with 768x1280 pixels resolution (~332 ppi).
- PureMotion HD+ and ClearBlack display
- 8mp autofocus Carl Zeiss optics powered lens with dual-LED flash! same same, expect great shoots!
- and of course, HD recording. 1080p @ 30fps, folks!
- Dolby headphone and sound enhancement for the music buffs!
- Smooth flowing OS, overall. thanks to Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon and 1.5ghz krait dual-core CPU.

- Large and pretty bulky
- For something this big, i don't think 2000mAH will suffice. Add to the fact that it's non-removeable, this might be something consumers will take into big consideration.

- No SRP released yet for the Philippines as the unit won't be out until April, then again that's just a few days away from now so who cares about the wait? I'm judging this will be around 30k. Heavy, ayt? But I'm pretty sure our good friends from Abenson will come up with a really tempting deal to make that price weight less on our pockets.

So what are you waiting for guys? Head on to Abenson to experience this brand new phones asap! They offer really competitive prizes both for cash and credit buyers and I'm sure you're not going to regret it cos everyone there seems to be really friendly and accommodating even if you're just on a stroll (seriously!). With Abenson, you get the tech upgrade you deserve! Check out these amazing facts about Nokia and Abenson as well...

So there you go, i'm a certified fandroid but it wouldn't hurt to surf out of my comfort zone, if you ask me, i'd take the Lumia 620 for starters. >:)

Nokia: on full force with Windows

Ever since Nokia quit developing the Symbian platform any further, they have been noticeably charging full force on manufacturing great windows phones in playful colors. Check out these three new installments featuring Nokia's trademark ClearBlack display (and moooore!) and see how it rocks your socks!

Nokia Lumia 620
1.) Lumia 620

Smart, inside and out!
Sporting a 1ghz dual-core, SnapDragon S4 processor, a 5mp autofocus camera with flash, and that noticeable double shot of color on its shell, the 620 is not just your regular smart windows phone but also a certified eye-candy.

For complete specifications, click here

Nokia Lumia 820
2.) Lumia 820
Wireless charging, anyone?
Boost this 4.3" of goodness with a wireless charging shell (or pillow by FatBoy) and get rid of those annoying cables tripping over your lifestyle!

Never worry about losing an important memory; shoot anytime, anywhere with its 8mp autofocus camera with dual-led flash powered by Carl Zeiss optics. Seriously? what a grab!

For complete specifications, click here

Nokia Lumia 920
3.) Lumia 920
The world's most innovative smartphone!
This glorious 4.5" sports a Carl Zeiss lens, PureView technology, PureMotion HD+ display and a lot more rocking specs that will take your lifestyle to a different level!

For complete specifications, click here

And of course, how well can we better try these phones out? Head over to any Abenson center, one of the country's biggest appliance networks and be welcomed by their warm crew, ready to let you experience these phones without any reservations. And mind you, you get to check the real thing and not just a crunchy dummy phone! What's really cool is that if anything, they really want you to get hold of your favorite gadget! They offer the craziest discounts and the most exclusive freebies to make sure you get the technological upgrade you deserve. You can even pay for as low as 500/month at 0% interest for that prized gadget that catches your eye. You must be wondering: Seriously, now?

To help you out with this crazy news, check below fun facts about Nokia and Abenson:

So what are you waiting for, let Abenson be your guide and grab these amazing phones now! :)


practicing good citizenry

any good citizen would not waver with his national responsibility to pay his taxes accordingly. i never really cared about taxes even when i started working. that's until i was deducted a relatively BIG amount, then i researched. apparently, tax deductions depend on the salary range you received for a particular cutoff. basically, the higher the salary, the bigger the tax. and it so happened that it's our "bonus" month so the huge withholding tax cannot be helped.

for employees, it may not be a hard thing to file for tax returns. usually, the company will do it for you and will just deduct it from your allowance. but for self-employed people or for those in the company in charge of managing tax returns for its employees, it may come off as a big pain in the ass. there are a lot of things to learn about taxes and it's very important to be well acquainted with them. after all, your money is being used as a vital part of nation building so better know the ins and outs of taxation. if you want to learn more about the seemingly dragging but ultimately necessary world of taxes, you can read more information here.

luckily, one doesn't need to look further in order to find help in organizing tax related forms and issues. there are various consulting firms out there ready to take in any of your questions. but for the lazier (or more resourceful) ones, the internet is overflowing with guide to taxes, you just have to know what you're looking for.

alas. don't forget that however big it may be, our taxes are part of what builds our nation and it is our utmost responsibility to pay them well.

obligatory (post-)vday post haha

akala ko non di na ko magkaka-boyfriend. pag 20 ka na tapos wala pang nanliligaw/nagpaparamdam sayo kahit isa, magtataka ka na. haharap ka sa salamin at tatanungin mo sarili mo, "pangit ba ko?!", pupunta ka sa nanay mo at huhugot ka ng confidence, tapos luluhod ka kay Lord na bigyan ka ng isang meaningful na love life. at dahil choosy ka pa, gagawa ka ng checklist. eto nga pala yung ideal guy ko, written on august 2009 in a private journal kasi secret lang namin yun ni Lord. pero nung Feb 2010, pinost ko na rin. baka kamo may interesado. HAHA

akalain mo nung august 2010, may close friend akong napilit kong umamin sakin. chos. at dahil na-shock ako, isang buong taon ko syang iniwasan. galing no. yung kaisa-isang taong confirmed na may gusto sakin, tinulak ko papalayo. ganyan tayong mga gerlies eh, ang arte. pero naman, pag nasa faculty room lang kasi yung tatay mo, at estudyante pa nya yung frinend-zone mo, aba shempre kelangan magpaka-virtuous kuno. HAHA

it took a year for the awkwardness to die down. after non, dahil feeling ko safe na, wala na, babayoo na, unti-unting bumalik ang dati naming turingan bilang magkaibigan. HAHA pero hindi talaga exactly bumalik. matagal kasi ako ma-ilang. mga years haha. pero in fairness nung akala ko wala na, meron pa pala. this time, i received my first ever "formal" confession, complete with the ever awkward cheeseburger from mcdo. from there i knew i had to give him a chance. kasi in fairness antagal na pala nyang kinikimkim yung pagibig nya sakin. chos. at unti unti na ring nahuhulog ang loob ko sa kanya. oha. hindi naman ako nagkamali. pinagdasal ko naman to at alam kong may purpose si Lord sa kaganapang iyon. di naglaon, naging kami. my first (confirmed) admirer, first suitor and my first boyfriend. epic 20! and the rest is His story. <3

one certain monthsary (actually hindi ako sure kung kelan haha), he gave me a piece of paper with a checklist of all the things i wrote on my Ideal Guy post. i had the chance to go through the list once more, and only then did i realize that he's all i ever asked for. and along with that realization is a revelation that God has actually provided everything I need even BEFORE i asked for it. diba sabi nga sa Mat 7:7... Ask and it shall be given unto you..

indeed. nakakatawa lang na nasa harap mo na pala yung taong para sayo, kung san san pa ko sumisilip... sa kabilang classroom, sa library, sa basketball court, sa NRMF, sa UPLB... dito ko narealize yung essence ng isang part ng Mat 7:7... seek and you shall find. not because you are seeking for something means you will find the actual thing... minsan iba yung makikita mo. sa lahat ng lugar na nag-"seek" ako, isa lang ang na-find ko... they're not for me. HEHE

kaya naman for everything you've done for me, thank you jeckie!
for waking me up every 5am so we could devo together, thank you!
for encouraging me to keep a more personal relationship with the Lord, thank you!
for inspiring me to worry less, and quit being judgmental, thank you!
for saying i'm beautiful, thank you!
for coming over at 5am to bring me my favorite breakfast... thank you!
and most specially...
for keeping our relationship virtuous and God-centered, thank you is not enough. :)

i love you! yeyy! >XD


went to watch AoG with saycee, dan, RA (you are dearly missed!!!), sean, chii and wax and and... yeah. >XD the reason? well apart from reuniting with my friends, and wanting to see the people there, i really came to cheer for my bet padua! oh you bet. and yey he won 1st runner up. my boyfriend is so gonna kill me for this so i'm putting the rest under the cut hehe

i don't even care now it's probably too obvious anyway. besides, i'm out hiding in makati! shameless post?hey but i'm happy! hahaha you know those major crush moments i had back in fern? yun yon. haha 

tomorrow is valentines and i've got so much work to do! Lord thank you so much for this day! 

heyyy jeckie and i are gonna skate on saturday! exciting! bwahaha >XD

Red Cross Million Volunteer Run 2

February 10, 2013
5K run to Quirino Grandstand

heeeyyy it's my first time to join a fun run! and i did it because it was cheap hahaha you'll hardly get a cheap run like this (at least for 'the' runners hehe). it was fun! mainly because i'm with my friends so there's the free transpo, the laughtrips and blah. i miss those days. hayy.

hmm, the race wasn't so organized in my opinion. the worst thing was that they made the route straight and not a circuit so it's like after reaching the 5k finish line, you have to walk/run 5k back to get to your cars which are parked on the starting point. so much hassle. haha and it didn't feel like 5k too. i remember practicing for this on the treadmill and it usually takes me 1 hour to reach the 5k mark, and thats like 4.5k brisk walk + 500m run haha during the run i like walked 90% of the time and... basta... it didn't feel that far to me. haha

and also, it's so easy to join the race even without paying! just wear a red shirt or buy a singlet anywhere and  run! there were no race bibs or whatever and at the finish line it's so easy to get a certificate. seriously, i even got to ask for 3 extra copies. they were that loose. hehe

anyway, not bad for my first time though i really got a super bad headache after and it stayed until the next morning so i had to take half a day off to rest. sobrang ewan. haha >XD

oh, daniel matsunaga was there! plus a couple of super models who were only there for display. really, they're running with a super fit singlet and boxers. so infuriating. what the hell are you there for? they could've at least invited derek ramsay or drew arellano or or... uhm daniel padilla hihi ... or angel locsin or reema chanco... you know, people who actually run or at least know a sport. hay. haha

but for the fun and company, it's a very good experience! >:D

The Invisible War

i was browsing the net searching for good movies to download and read about this movie called The Invisible War. i was intrigued cos it was listed on the top 100 movies of 2011 on rotten tomatoes. reading on, i learned that it was a documentary film exposing the ugly truth about the condition of a considerable fraction of women serving in the US military, and the uglier truth about how the authorities respond to it. 

there were no re-enactments, just a pure coverage of interviews and blah and a whole lot of appalling stats that would surely rattle anyone's mind. in the film i learned that women soldiers are more likely to die being raped by her fellow soldiers and commanders than from an open fire. and up until now, no justice was served right for the few survivors who chose to file a report against their perpetrators. why? because the military is governed by a justice system entirely different from civilians, and complaints like this go through their very own chain of command. in short, the justice they're seeking for must come from the same people who abused them. and it's the very reason why these cases all end up being swept under the rug.

idunno, i was bothered! things like these easily get to me. imagine these women who spent years training in full force and discipline, all in the hopes of being a soldier in order to serve their country with honor, only to get their dreams crushed by the very nation they serve. what a disgrace. this is crazy, if this is happening in the US, what more in other countries? grarrr

pending blog posts

why do i feel like i'm missing a lot here now? i miss not having a hold on my thoughts. you know, thinking of something and blogging asap about it. i'm a forgetful person and my blog has served me well as a remembrall of the many emotions and ideas i have spontaneously dumped over time. i still get a lot of those must-blog-about-this-asap moments but for the most part these days, they're always put on hold. and for the indefinite time they remain unexpressed, my interest dies, my mojo leaves. for me that's a sad thing. i don't usually care if i write stupidly or blog about nonsense cos in the first place i'm not writing for anyone. i just want this blog to remain alive and personal and, and, spontaneous! recently... my blogging life has become so... lame. sooo lame that i'm writing down a list of my pending blog posts:

1. losing my "me" time
this is the drama i miss doing so much. held in draft for about a month now
2. Lenovo P700 review
srsly, by the time i get to this. the unit's already phased out haha
3. LoadXtreme (VMobile) versus LoadCentral (Uniwiz)
i'm planning a complete unbiased comparison of the two, being someone who has tried both. >:)
4. Les Miserables "reaction post" cos i aint a movie critic 
5. LoadCentral retailers guide
i wanna make my own FAQ of some sort specifically catering to MY retailers. not that they're growing steadily in numbers but because i'd like to keep an archive of information they could refer to (instead of emailing them hehe)

i also want to organize my blog, like re-categorize my artworks and put a submenu for "Works" like Blog/Web Design, Digital, Drawings, Promotional and blah. hay i really really don't know how to make time for this.

turtle power!

i used to watch this when i was a kid! leo, mikey, donnie and raph; four fictional pizza loving anthropomorphic creatures named after popular renaissance artists, trained in the art of ninjutsu by their mutant rat sensei called Splinter, living in the storm sewers of New York City and battling crime and evil... that's the teenage mutant ninja turtles for you! As a child, every cartoon i watch was taken seriously. every battle stressed me, every villain unnerved me, and every victory was heaved with a sigh of relief! this was no different, i watched this along with my other childhood "friends", the power rangers, 5 man, jet man, masked rider and they never failed to entertain me. haha

it's not surprising to note though that ninja turtles started out as a comic book before hitting international fame and being adapted to different media streams and other forms of merchandise. the very first tmnt comic was published by Mirage Studios in 1984. with the team's effort in expanding their merchandise opportunities, they went from comic books, to action figures, toys, animated series, live action series and even film features! these turtles have truly marked this world! and even until now, their ongoing animated series from nickelodeon is continuously garnering positive feedback from its usual fans and of course, the kids!

turtle power! >XD

HOOORAY!! 2nd cash out from ChurpChurpPH

And i thought i won't be continuing this but look what just saved me from utter destitution (exaggerating of course)!! Thank you Lord!!! This is soooo freaking timely, I'm really kinda broke. And i just got scammed (story soon) so. yeah. I love you Lord! >XD Now i can re-stock on tuna and milk and cereals and buy deodorant (i stink LOL). Hay, this diet i signed myself into is also making me lose a lot of money. haha >XD

Start the year right with! 2013 Must-haves!

It's gonna be a good year ahead of us if we have the right items to prep us for the coming months! Here i'm gonna list ten items i want to get my hands on but can't yet due to financial constraints hahaha so let this be a pending to-buy list and also a wishlist for those generous-hearted people out there haha >XD 

And of course, what's a better place to lurk around for value items while sitting down at the comfort of your homes? You bet, let's head over to Sulit then and start this online window shopping bonanza! >XD You may also want to follow Sulit on the following abodes:  facebook and twitter! Happy shopping!

A cool mug for our daily dose of coffee to aid us in the cold months ahead.

For those ultra cold mornings we have to endure for every payslip, here's an equally functional and fashionable item all women must have.

Every celebration is worth a thousand shots. Here's to the new year, the coming valentines and the summer that awaits all of us!

oh let's be techno savvy. i've been eyeing this candy for quite a few months now. heart melting specs, this has got to be mine!

What better shoes to start a fit lifestyle with than Nike? oh yeah. ready, set, where's my money again?

I aaaalways eat in front of the laptop and was once plagued by having an army of ants camped inside my hard disk. Lesson learned, i need this.

Yes, i'm trying to be fit here without going to the gym. i want my own punching bag hahaha >XD

Even if i'm an office girl, i still prefer backpacks over totes when i go to work. haha >XD and kipling is just my choice! >XD

I want to play the piano again. It's been years. haaay

and thaaat of course is for my new laptop to-be hehe

How about you? What are your 10 new year's must haves? Wander around Sulit and share them here by commenting with your Full name, fb profile or twitter ID, followed by the 10 items you'd love to have and their links... just like the example below:


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