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Develop daily positive habits 

Commuting consumes a large chunk of one’s daily life. Why not schedule a “bike day” going to work? Take the versatile Link B7 from Tern for a fun and different urban transport. It would cut commute time while simultaneously adding minutes to one’s daily workout. The Link B7 can make your travel more convenient as it folds compactly in 10 seconds and has adjustable handlepost to find the right height ride.


It's difficult to navigate the high demands of one’s career. Work can get so challenging and may lead to anxiety and stress. Avoid this by finding an alone time to regroup one’s thoughts and reenergize for the next tasks. Reflecting, however, is not limited to finding a quiet room. Try clearing one’s mind using Johnson’s Adventure 5 treadmill. A good reflection over a productive work-out session can be a rewarding treat after a long day.

Try new leisure activities 

It’s no fun being stuck in a routine of work-sleep-eat-work. Start simple and try to look for new leisure activities. People who prefer more outdoor activities can commit to swimming classes during the weekends. Before diving into this new activity, make sure to get the must-have items, such as sunblock, comfortable swimwear, and goggles like the waterproof Vision & Vision Jr. goggles that have quality optic lens and multi-colored frame.

Get Moving 

Being static makes the body accumulate pent up energy. Let that energy loose by working out. With many available work-out equipment in the market, one can easily perform a do-it-yourself work-out at home. For instance, Ucheer offers compact and portable kinetic energy dumbbell that combines muscle training and body kinetic energy. Those interested in weightlifting can check Victory’s 5-kilogram bumper plate, which combines durable rubber and plastic in its design for a quality and convenient work-out. Products like these can help maintaining personal health, which should be the priority to the modern generation.

Take responsibility for your own decisions 

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Life lately and I'm doing the Master Cleanse again! Char

I told myself I'd go undertime (again) today because I've been wheezing like crazy (allergies) and my eyes can't take it anymore, but oh well, BUGS!

So while waiting for my scenario to run until the 10 minute mark, let me blab about random things that's been happening lately.

I'm doing the Master Cleanse again
Haha, after swearing I won't be doing it anymore because it's not for me, here I am enduring an 80% (cos I still snack) liquid fast for the sake of losing weight. And in fairness, it's kindof working. I started Monday night during work, and when I woke up Tuesday evening, I'm down by 2 lbs can you believe it. I don't, but it's nice to see the scale budge below 150lbs! My second day was not as good, cos I ate more and even had rice, but heyyy I still woke up a pound lighter. I almost didn't want to eat anything after seeing this much progress, but anyway, as if I could.

I'll try to keep my weight below 150 this week. TRY.

Wish me luck! And oh, I'm not doing a hundred percent master cleanse actually. I drink Herbalife shake (with oats, frozen banana, and yogurt) for breakfast and dinner, and master cleanse in between. :D I'm also too lazy to workout this week, so this is purely diet. Lord help me!

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Episode 11 - the turning point

This is probably my favorite episode of SHR because so many things happened:
  • Hae Soo was accused of assassinating the prince and was put on a death row
  • Everybody knows she's innocent and that the evil Queen Yoo is the real culprit, however, nobody has evidence pointing to her, so the bitch continues to live
  • Sexy prince Wang So shows his unwavering devotion to Hae Soo by protecting her in ways he can, defying every royal order there is because he's that badass. And sexy. For some reason his scar remained concealed despite not having Hae Soo to do his makeup. Perhaps he's finally learned to do it on his own!
  • Poor prince Wang Wook was torn between protecting Hae Soo and losing his family or the other way around, but in the end chose the latter because he was pretty much manipulated into it by his scheming sister princess Yeon Hwa.
  • Court Lady Oh died in Hae Soo's stead after admitting that she was actually behind the assassination. Again everybody knows they're both innocent but the bitch Queen is unbelievably crafty in hiding her trails.
  • The King has lost his one true love (Court Lady Oh) ang everybody knows it. Serves him right.
  • Hopefully, Hae Soo should come to her senses that Wang Wook is not his prince charming anymore and that she better accept Wang So's feelings and live happily ever after with the prince that would fight for her.
It was a totally devastating episode for me. I cried so frkn hard when the bell tolled signaling Court Lady Oh's death (by hanging). I'm also so anxious for the next episode but that's a week from now pa so, aaaargghh.

Effin curious about Stranger Things

I'm a big scaredy cat, I can't handle horror movies so I guess a series would do me worse. Is it really as scary as the reviews say? I think what I'm really afraid of are jump scares and ghosts, but oddly Stranger Things seem more sci-fi than horror. Is it? I want to watch it (but preferably in the daylight and with someone)!

On another note, I was able to survive watching Train to Busan. Yey. I must've been spoiled too much or I'm getting better at watching scary movies.

Airbnb stay: The Infinity at BGC

My parents had an event at BGC last week and it was scheduled right smack in the middle of rush hour. Since we're coming as a family, I figured it's a chance to book for a short staycation. Good call too 'cos I drove us that day and it frkn took us 3 hours to reach BGC huhu. Imagine if we didn't book, I'd be stressing along the way and all our makeup would've melted and our getups super gusot gusot na.

Congratulations to my mom and dad for getting their service awards that night! They've been with Philamlife for 25 and 30 years respectively, wow. I didn't even realize they've been in the financial business for so long. :D

Anyway, I already have a BGC/Taguig Wishlist at Airbnb but I had to find a place which has free parking and is close to Ascott Hotel where the event is going to be.

My requirements: Cheap, has free parking, close to Ascott, nice interiors, and a lap pool.

And so I'm happy we found Miguel's place at The Infinity. The unit we rented sits on the 44th floor, has 2 bedrooms, and is fully equipped, as in it's livable long-term. And we only got it for ₱2,750 for that day. Subtracting the discount I got for registering with Nuffnang and thank you Lord for the savings!

The best part of our stay is really the view from the master's bedroom because it has panoramic windows huhu I love iiiit. When I saw the photos on Airbnb, I had high expectations with the view. Thankfully I was not disappointed.

It overlooks a large green patch of land that is actually a cemetery. Since we figured that's as much greenery as you can get in BGC, we just shrugged it off, either way it provides a really great view. During the night it looks like a black hole sucking in all the lights from the city lelz.

Parking was a bitch at first 'cos the guards weren't clear with their parking instructions. Do we park first of sign up at reception? It's our first time there, and we didn't know their parking rules. In the end they gave us specific slots to choose from 'cos we couldn't navigate ourselves in the lot. We even had a hard time looking for our slot cos we didn't know where to look. There were labels on the floor and on the walls. It was so confusing. When we finally found where to park, we realized it would be super hassle cos the slots are in front of each other, as in if we go in, we have to call the car owner behind us to move out saglit. Kainis diba. So I did this stupid thing of parking between the two slots para wala na maka-park sa likod. Haha. Well, the guard called us out for it and I had to adjust the car. Bummer. Buti na lang walang ibang nagpark sa likod namin. :P

So yeah, back to the unit.

Interiors? I'm not really a fan of their interiors but it does look clean and the linens are all fresh and comfy. At least there were no unsightly furniture. And in fairness to most of their wood furnishings, they're all quality timber.

Kitchen? Fully stocked and loaded with everything you need to prepare a meal except for a rice cooker haha. They have an electric stove with oven, refrigerator, hot and cold water dispenser, pots and pans, tons of glasses and mugs, plates, cutlery, and even a strainer! I mean we were planning to cook pasta so it was a pleasant surprise to see a big strainer haha.

Living? Cabled TV, Wifi, phone - check check check. In the future I want to make sure the TV is either Samsung or Sony (arte!) so that I wouldn't have to bring my laptop and HDMI cable. You know how some TVs don't play mkv or mp4 or doesn't read subtitles? Yeah.

There's also a separate phone for when you want to call the guard or something. Sosyal no, very hotel like.

Amenities? There's a gym and lap pool so I was happy but I wasn't able to try it cos my monthly visitor came huhu.

Bedrooms? I told you, the master's view is to die for. The smaller room is okay too. Each of them has their own aircon. The common areas has a split type aircon. I just realized how gastos it seems to maintain this kind of life. Daming aircon lol.

Bonus! Laundry room -- which could pass as a third bedroom or maid's quarter 'cos it has its own bathroom. But still, I was amazed at this room. All the cleaning stuff are there: mops and brooms, washer and dryer atop each other, ironing board and a portable sampayan, etc.

Looking at fully furnished condos like this is really a treat for me 'cos I'm already dreaming of my own home too in the future. <3

Yam lol
Thanks for warm welcome!

Isn't it nice to condo hop. haha I've been wondering for a long time why travelling doesn't appeal much to me, then I realized I'm more of a city hopper than a nature tripper.

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If you're new to Airbnb, sign up using the link below to get free travel credits from me. Sign up here and get ₱850 off when you take your first trip worth ₱3,500 or more! :)


Froyo Wars: BLK 513 vs Llaollao

Froyos are back! And so is the food category of this blog lol. You might have heard of both BLK 513 and Llaollao (on Instagram, I bet) because right now they're taking the dessert world by storm because of their interesting menu and really, who doesn't miss froyos?!

K. Let's start comparing the two haha

BLK 513

Famed for its color which is due to activated charcoal, BLK 513 definitely piqued my curiosity. So this weekend, I was welcomed to the dark side.

The place: I don't know about the Megamall branch but the SM North EDSA branch was small and mejo crowded, and guess what, with millennials snapping here and there (guilty as charged though I'm more of a tita)! I wouldn't blame them. The Dark Skim Cup looks good on photo, especially if you picked the right colors for your toppings and fruits and snap immediately before it melts haha. The place also offers a very nice background for your photos. Too bad there's not much seating available.

The menu: Very limited. They only serve Dark Skim Cup (1 crunch, 2 fruits, 1 sauce), Dark Skim Cone (2 toppings). and Matcha/Cacao Skim drinks. At SM North EDSA though they sell Super Skim Cup, which is pretty much just a Dark Skim Cup swirled in a razzle machine (think McFlurry).

I asked if they sell plain black yogurt and sadly they don't, you have to pay what's on the menu and opt out of toppings if you really want plain. Too bad.

The price: Just about right for a fad food trying to make its way into millennials' pockets. Prepare ₱185 per cup. Even the cone will set you aback ₱170. Okay lang haha.

The taste: Is great! I love what I had so far but it came off too sweet and too much for my own liking, or for my own standard of Greek yogurt. They did claim it was Greek so I was expecting a creamier and tangier yogurt (like White Hat's), but it was mostly like a plain tart yogurt, just dark. You can't really taste activated charcoal so there's no other flavor to expect.

They have a wide selection of toppings: caramelized cookies (which I'm guessing is crushed Lotus Biscoff but they wouldn't disclose haha), crushed oreos, crushed choco chip cookies, white chocolate, granola, brownies, some kind of a trail mix, etc.

Fruits: Strawberry, kiwi, mango, lychee, melon, grapes, peaches, etc.

Sauces: There's ube, chocolate, hazelnut, matcha, espresso, milk, etc.

Is it really healthy? So far I haven't seen any effects of this so called activated charcoal they added on the yogurt. It's supposed to help absorb harmful chemicals in the body, then what? Are we gonna poop it out? In my experience of taking activated charcoal capsules when I was a kid, it was always followed by a serious case in the bathroom. That hasn't happened so far. Hmm.

Accessibility: BLK 513 has branches in SM Megamall, SM North EDSA (yey), and SM MoA.

Next up,


I first saw it on Instagram and a couple of weeks ago chanced upon it when I went to Glorietta.

The Place: Is bigger and there's adequate seating outside. Just like BLK 513, it's pretty crowded (but with families and kids this time), and there was a long line when we got there.

The Menu: Similar to BLK 513, they also have the crunch + fruits + sauce combo and many other combinations. They also have smoothies with frozen yogurt. They have a lot on their menu but since I'm just mildly curious, I only got the small cup (1 topping). Next time though, I will get that Sanum cup for sure!

The Price: I guess it's fair enough. Range is from ₱39 to ₱199. Not bad. :)

The Taste: Is awesome! This is my kind of yogurt, very tangy. You'll appreciate all the crunches and fruits you put in because it complements the tanginess of the yogurt.

Just like BLK 513, they have a wide selection of fruits and toppings. Just look at these,

Lotus Biscoff cookies, Crunch, Oreos, and Smarties to name a few 

Kiwi, banana, watermelon, melon, mangoes, pineapples, grapes, etc.

And the sauces: passion fruit, raffallao (curious!), white and dark chocolate sauce, and even Lotus Biscoff too! I personally prefer the choices at BLK 'cos they sound familiar and tasty, especially the Matcha Milk and Esspresso latte. :D

Accessibility: Right now they have branches at SM MoA and Glorietta. Hoping for a branch in the North please!


I like BLK 513's vibe, the store feels up to date, the menu is creative, and it brings something new to the table in terms of how frozen yogurt is prepared. I hope they increase their menu offerings and put up more seating space. Right now I think its target market is the younger crowd, the way the store and the food is designed.

I love how straightforward Llaollao is, it offers the classic froyo with added toppings, and setup a place that is very familiar for a dessert store. BLK looks like a boutique in comparison. The have a lot on their menu too which is a plus, and there are more seating space. It's family friendly. :)

The two pretty much goes head to head, I love them both, so I'm going to pick the one I felt more, uhm, at home with?

So who's the winner?

From the menu, place, price point, and taste, Llaollao wins for me, and that's despite the fact I had BLK twice this week haha ang gastos. If only they would branch out in the north, araw araw na to! Char. What I really liked about Llaollao is the quality of the yogurt, plus it brings me back to the days I got so addicted to froyos I would eat it everyday and would even bring my own toppings (Nips represent!) para tipid. Llallao feels nostalgic.

BLK wins in the innovation and retail store design category though! You can snap a blurred photo of their wall and it will still come out Instagram worthy. And you know, it's a close fight for me. See, I love Llallao but I would eat BLK because it's nearer and they're nearly as good.

How about you, which do you prefer? :D

Condo Hunting: Zinnia Towers North EDSA

I didn't want to share this until I've bought a unit naaaks but I realized that day will never come (read: can't afford) lol so here you go. Zinnia Towers is a condominium project along north EDSA by DMCI. This is by far the best condo development I've seen, maybe because we're at the actual property and not in mall showrooms? Ewan, basta ang ganda. haha

First, amenities. I made this video na super effort cos the original video was so shaky I had to stabilize it using Youtube's video editor and post process it again to keep the intro frames stable kasi.. basta basta. Enjoy!

We came here maybe a month ago because... bakit nga ba. I like looking at properties haha.

What I love:

Location: It's along EDSA but it's far from the actual highway cos there's a long driveway to the property. It's near wet markets (Munoz and Balintawak), a supermarket (Walter), and malls (SM North EDSA and Trinoma). That means food. I can totally live here.

Units and pricing: They have larger cuts at a more competitive price point. Well, that's compared to the current one we're paying. The pre-selling rate of a 40sqm 1-BR unit at Zinnia is equivalent to a pre-selling 24sqm studio at Avida. Juskolord the difference. And I thought we got the best deal already. Property noobs.

Amenities: They have a fully functioning pool area which is so beautiful. Lap pool check! A gym is also close to being finished. That's all they have for now but as the second tower is finished, the land in front of it will also be turned to a recreation area. According to the agent, it depends on what the homeowners decide on. I hope it's a badminton court!

They have a lot of open space for lounging and the entire place is very well ventilated. You'll be blown away everywhere you go. Sobrang hangin. Beats me how they made it so airy.

Pathways are also present across the entire amenities area for those who want to take a jog/walk.

But what really won me is the building layout: it's open. You walk out of your unit and you'll be facing a balcony, not a wall. Every 5th residential unit is home to an atrium where more air can seep through and ventilate the entire building. I think it's genius, they don't have to spend on cooling the hallways.

The roofdeck is also home to more lounging area. It's well designed and entirely usable.

View from the roof deck

Haaaay what an exciting place!

Every model unit I see excites me. I walk in, check the layout and imagine the furniture I'll put inside. I check the provisions, the bare deliverables, the tiles, the outlets, the type of door, the windows, etc. Haaay, ang sarap tumingin ng bahay no? haha

Loooord, when is IKEA Philippines opening? I want my own Scandinavian themed house!

Anyway. In case you want to check it out, just... go. Haha. Here's a map. The first tower has just been turned over this May so only a few units are left. The second tower is scheduled to be ready for occupancy by December next year, but we all know it's gonna be delayed to a million years later. You know developers. (HAHA funny how it also applies to software developers HAHA) Maybe you can still get a couple of good units there.

If I read the forums correctly, before DMCI acquired the property, the site was shaded red on Project Noah's flood monitor during typhoon Ondoy. I hope the property managers have looked into it!

Either way, I'm still sold on this property haha. Are you? :))

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