i think i'm bored... or am i just too lazy to do things?
if i'm bored then that means i have nothing to do and i want to do something... but in this case i have a lot of things to do but i'm not doing them which leaves me with nothing to do and yes i want to do something but i want to exclude schoolworks from that... and schoolworks are the only thing left for me to do.

ok. i'm lazy.
did you get me?

you know what... i auditioned for the song group in pinoi... actually i'm already listed in research but in case, by some miracle, i passed song... i'll be in song.
oh, and that was the very first audition i had in my entire life. hehe.

mehn. i'm kind of lazy to update my fic... actually i was just waiting for 10 reviews per chapter and now that i got them, i know i should be making the next chapter but unfortunately, i'm not seeing much of itachi right now so there are no ideas coming in...

and right now i'm planning to write a harry potter fic. HPDM of course.

blech. my life is sooo boring.


thank God it's Friday...
you know what, i have 2 dreams to share
one is good...
the other bad...

the bad one first... i forgot to pray last night so maybe that's the reason why i had a creepy dream.
i was with my family.. blahblahblah... and we're situated near a lake or something... we're in a mountain... in a cave perhaps... then i saw a drowning chicken, so... i rescued the chicken... by the way it was a white chicken, maybe a hen i'm not sure, then i finally rescued it... and i landed on the other side of the lake...
i saw a staircase leading down, and out of curiousity i went down... when i got there... i saw.. johnny depp, in his casual attire acting exactly as he was in the trailer of charlie and the chocolate factory... very nice indeed, but he's evil. next thing i knew, i was locked... with the chicken and a couple of children my age, crying.

he's so evil.
then... i woke up! hehe... that was last night...

the good dream... this time i prayed before i slept...=)
setting: school... i was standing on the stairs near acctng office with my friends overlooking this GUY who was sitting alone in the MMA L extension...
this guy happened to be daniel radcliffe... blah blah blah... people are starting to mob his place... autograph, duh. and soon enough, i'll be part of that crowd... and so i asked pen and paper from a friend and that certain friend happened to be 'charles' (if you know HER, good for you... if not, then suffer. she's in my HATE LIST so i shouldn't really be describing her as a 'friend').. he gave me a pretty decent paper and ballpen... so i went to daniel na... got there... asked him for his autograph... and he did... i promised this won't happen again (me bother him or WE bothering him...) and he replied something b/w the lines of 'that's great. thanks' blah... didn't sound sarcastic to me though...hmm.. and he read my ID... for my name, that is... kasi nga autograph diba?

damn... i'm getting insane. i've been dreaming a lot of celebrities lately...-_-;;


ateneo essay done, indian song done!
yey! but still, i can't promise myself a stress free week, and month! since we have to focus on the entrance tests...-_-;;

but anyway, i'm just glad that things are finally over!
we didn't win the song competition but i got over that fast because our class won the over-all winner award! =)

the cultural show was fun! our song was ok, the dance was superb! (they won btw.. congrats!), the food was delicious, the physical setup was well-done, the powerpoint was nice too (except that i'm not expecting our class to win... but we (or they) did congrats!)... everything fell in place just right and that's what i'm grateful of..

you know what, this is the only day that i appreciated people claiming that i did look like an indian... my mom used to say that to me... coz i'm dark and all... but i just get furious coz what i knew about them were the 5-6s, the bombay thing, the turbans, the snakes and the... well, no offense... smell.
but i was kind of enlightened awhile ago, their culture is cool... they're all cool! and of course we really have to look like indians after all. =)


just now, i'm uploading 3 of tepai's artworks in her devart coz she asked me to scan them ... check it out HERE!

what to write! what to write?!!!

i'm getting a little hysteric around here... asking people, "sa tingin mo anong nakapagbago saken?" and stuff like "ikaw, anong nakapag change ng life mo?" hoping that i'll get a potential (when i write that, i'm actually thinking of making up another lie..tsk) answer but no!
tss... that significant thing that change my life... as in entirely... hasn't happened yet... kaya nga i'm still waiting!
malay mo bukas! something might really change my uhm, the indian song?

oh my... i'm getting wierd here...-_-;;
so, if i really have no definite and interesting answer yet... i'll go with God and religion... i mean, any topic is interesting as long as you do it in an interesting way....
it's just... forgive me Lord... kind of boring to talk about those. no! i'm not saying my relationship with God is boring it's just... uggh... you know people might think i'm trying to make them believe i'm a goody-two-shoes by writing something about how God changed me. but seriously, even though it didn't change me entirely... (like 95%, the remaining 5% of me hasn't changed yet) i can say it's the closest thing that changed me wholy...

ok... how else stupid could i get? i just answered my question!!! woofie! gotta start writing!

in case you're confused on all the jiggies you just read, i'm talking about the ateneo essay... it's a requirement for the college of admission. talk about ACET and other CET stuff...

case closed.
till next time. =)


commonwealth is so congested awhile ago! it's a big NO-NO to go out, really.. i mean that's why it's a holiday! to relax yourself and listen to Gloria's 23 minute speech and not go out at all! unfortunately, we had to do some business and that business needs a wide commonwealth avenue to pass by...-_-;;

too bad, the moment we went out of Don Antonio! foofie! there's no turning back! the overpass was hanged with OUST GLORIA banners and the lanes in front of Ever are jam-packed with people... we were actually planning on going to Ever to mr.quickie coz my sister's bag is wrecked kaso nga ayun...tange noh?!

anyway... the other 6 lanes in front of Don antonio were the only way vehicles can pass by, and now it's 2-way... so soooper traffic talaga... the moment we got there we immediately decided to go home... kaso where? how? sobrang traffic! parang after ten years pa kme makakauwi kaya we went through an alternate route which was in tandang sora to sauyo then to... fairview! yehey!

now that i'm here... let me tell you something about the SONA... it wa short... 23 minutes only pero nakatulog pren ako! hehe... i was waiting for her speech on the gloria gate... pero nothing came! as is.. nada nada no no! wala!

pwede narin yun... although i want to hear her say something about the issue, it's better for her to stay dedma about it na lang.. bka may lumabas pang kung ano eh... about her speech... ayus lang even if people consider her 23 minute speech short.. sakin mahaba nayun! pano nya kaya namememorize lahat yun?! hmm...

anyway. i was observing the people... they say there're barely members of opposition who came, and the SONA was a success... pero wala lang.. ksi Frank Drillon is a member of the opposition so it's natural for him not to pay a little respect... he wasn't even clapping... but that's how he should be, being on the opposing side...kaso ewan... haha.. kwawa naman sha.. walang kkmpi!!! hahahahaaa

hehe... cge... cram cram... still have to do my comex and the prosec project... brrr... haven't done a single word in my ateneo essay?!

what am i going to write?
you know what? i really hate this question "any significant event that changed your life?"
i so haatteee that! it makes me wanna lie!
i realized that i was fooling myself by beleiving that my life was changed by book! it just changed part of my life as in 1/100? but not entirely... i just couldn't make something up.. something interesting to talk about! that event hasn't happened yet... i'm still waiting...-_-;;


whew. yay! no classes tomorrow! haha... SONA day! day!
haay, i think i have to listen to what PGMA's about to say... i haven't been hearing from her lately and God knows how i want to hear her side on the gloriagate tape... we all don't want to depend on rumors right? we want answers straight from the one involved... not one who wants to be involved...
this crisis has to end... our economy is slowly deflating!
unfortunately with the anomalies and political instability i don't think we can live peacefully for the next three years or so... who knows what will happen next?

ok, let's say Gloria gets impeached... who's going to replace her?
cast your votes mentally, i don't have a poll...
there are two options... it's either Noli will take her place or another election will be done... and here are the possible presidentiables i'm thinking right now:

Noli de Castro
Ping Lacson
Loren Legarda
Susan Roces
Edi Villanueva
Raul Rocco (?)
blah blah blah...add your own...

now if you have to choose just one worthy being to rule the Philippines, who would it be? now don't be silly, don't pick yourself... ^_~

if you ask me, i'll choose Loren Legarda, she's the only one whom i know that could, at least ,make a little difference to our country today (in a good way)... she's been in public service for a long time and she's fairly good in doing her job. i think she's worthy for it.

but, if Loren decides not to join or by some bad omen she loses, then i'll go for my next option... and that is..

Ping Lacson - if the filipino's can't be handled the easy way, then let's do it the hard way! while martial law and anarchy are threats...discipline is one thing we lack and i'm pretty much sure we'll learn some when he reigns or at least we're going to experience a different kind of approach in bringing out our tough egos. you may think a lot may die, but don't you think that's the answer to overpopulation?

(oh my, i'm becoming a saddist... but i really think the only way to solve overpopulation is to, yes... kill [uhm, not me please...]*winks* sorry sorry...-_-;;)

people call it concern when thay make rallies and walk around raising banners and flags, marching in their distorted Gloria mascot shouting "Patalsikin si Gloria!" but the real thing is, they're causing traffic, they cause the establishments near the rally area to close, they cause economic downfall! their rallies, seriously, won't do anything to help us! if they're fed up with all the problems we're facing, rallying won't help. i don't see the point of rallying... if you want your voices to be heard, go do it an undisturbing way... ripp off the noise barrage! they even used children! how dare they?! they're polluting their minds!!

i'm just so mad with all these things!!!

tu cheez badi hai mast...

sing sing sing.. my voice is awful! i can't sing well because my throat is... well i don't know, i seem to cough and cough whenever i gasp for air...-_-;; and that's the bad thing, i can't sing in front of an audience coughing every now and then!!!
hafta work on this... how?

we went to lea awhile ago to practice... well, twas fun... we recorded our voice using jami's phone and mehn... it sounds... H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E!
spell that again for me...

we thought we sounded indian-y.. but no. we're like witches... whispering withches...-_-;;

guess what? i'm alone again.. and dad said awhile ago a cat, yet again, hid itself inside the house... so i have to brace myslef for another wierd noise or uninvited glass breaking...-_-;;

whew... tired

glad the week's over! yay!
i've been craving for rest! but i just can't afford anymore absences because of the quizzes and other requirements...

oh, let me talk about the english campaign... the idea actually sounds good, at first we'll all sound wierd... talking english in tagalog accent...o.O horrible i know, but eventually we made oursleves believe that after the end of the campaign (which will be by the end of the schoolyear) we'll be fluent in speaking in english!

that's a promising enough reward that could motivate us with pushing through this uhm... kinda-embarassing pit...?

my sister's here again! as usual... oh well, and she bought me another pasalubong... guess what? it's very simple actually...

just a bar of kitkat... the ordinary red kitkat... hehe.. unfortunately... MOM CAUGHT ME EATING IT! i wasn't supposed to eat sweets because i still have my sore throat... but she hid it and told me she'll return it when i'm over this illness...
as if?!?!?!

grrr... i want my kitkat back!
tss... i'll just buy one later.... hehe...

a mathematical equation for every word...

got this through bloghopping, and it's quite interesting... hmm...

From a strictly mathematical viewpoint it goes like

What Makes 100%? What does it mean to give
MORE than 100%? Ever wonder about those
people who say they are giving more than
100%? We have all been to those meetings where
someone wants you to give over 100%. How
about achieving 103%? What makes up 100% in

Here's a little mathematical formula that might help
you answer these questions:

X Y Z is
represented as:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26.


8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98%

11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96%


1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%


2+21+12+12+19+8+9+20 = 103%

AND, look how far ass kissing will take you.

1+19+19+11+9+19+19+9+14+7 = 118%

So, one can conclude with mathematical certainty
that while Hard work and Knowledge will get you
close, and Attitude will get you there, it's the
BullshiT and Ass kissing that will put you
over the top.

there, oh my... thursday is not my day... i flunked two quizzes! english and music... with the same score...-_-;; 6! daannggg!
whew... finally i delivered my AVON orders already, unfortunately some orders should be cancelled coz the products were out of stock, i mean... i'm not to be blamed ok?
just this day, i gave my recommendation letter to our entrep teacher and probably tomorrow, i'll be able to give the remaining one to our english teacher... it's kinda hard to look for a teacher who will give you enough compliments to impress Ateneo. i haven't started my essay yet! like i would have anything substantial enough to share?!

life is really unfair... tomorrow is the deadline for our CL project and...i haven't started anything yet! not even a single sentence and what is she expecting? 10 godamn pages!!!

this is really pointless, i'm not blaming anyone. it's all my fault... but either way, to cram to or not to cram won't get me anywhere far... so i'll just do my best within the remaining hours my dad allowed me to spend with this computer.

BTW... i have a multiply account:
- and i gave it a title "Just Following the Bandwagon"
=) true enough.

and that gives you...

1+18+9+1+14+14+5 = NOT-EVEN-ENOUGH 62%!
and that's irrevocable! unless you add an alien letter to the alphabet...

stuck on you

it's a HPDM slash in =)
haha... super funny nya...

anyway... it's 1pm! you might be wondering why i'm blogging instead of studying... well i decided not to go to school today because i feel horrible... i'm sick you know... and we have our p.e. pa... -_-;;
at least it's tuesday, so far there are no quizzes and... waitaminute!!! shooottt may quiz pala sa english... damn...-_-;;

anyway, ayon... went to the hospital awhile ago. *cough**cough* i can't stand it anymore.. so till here na lang...

lazy me...

the time is... 5 minutes to nine, and still no progress with my schoolwork!
damn... why do i have to procastinate that much! it's becoming a habit na... grr... i have to stop this...

anyway.. hay, rumors says a lot of people will die in HP6... not bad, as long as it's not harry, draco, dumbledore or lupin!
i mean... take pansy bitch, whinny ginny, greasy snape, evil voldemort (of course!), malicious lucius and all the not-so-outstanding supporting characters who didn't break a leg in any of their appearances...

grr... i'm too excited to read... kaso i have to wait pa... y'know... no money eh! i'd rather borrow than buy kasi it's more practical, plus oftentimes naman i don't read a book over and over again...=)


meehnn... i'm getting tired of my AVON sideline. it's nice to think na at this young age, i'm earning na (yak! ano to lifetime job?!)... e kasi di ako binibigyan ng allowance eh... -_-;; kaya kelangan mag ipon! haha...

ayun... so. cge gawa po ng palancas for my sandiwa friends. =)
LoL.. talagang hindi siningit ung homeworks!

always remember you're unique... just like everyone else

yeah right... how ironic.

oh, i'm sick. =)
hehe... i had a fever awhile ago and i practically kept myself in the bathroom puking and throwing up every speck of good food i had.
and my mom was mad at me yesterday for buying a regular cafe latte with extra pearl which was turned to a grande cafe latte with extra pearl by a certain zagu promo...

treats are cool.
my fever sucks.

i haven't finished my reading report yet... grr..

by the way...
how has Harry Potter 6?
pariham please? =)

i wanna watch charlie and chocolate factory...

happy anniversary!

ugghhh... i forgot, it's my mom and dad's 17th wedding anniv. today!
anyway, LoL... di ko napaghandaan... nakalimutan ko eh!!! grr...


hmm... btw, i'm searching / downloading classical music... since you know, i fancy listening to them, esp. piano solos...hmmm

haaayy, i was relieved after talking to ate alyn about the avon stuff... whew.

nothing to worry about anymore!
just the school junk, the reply slips and the pestering fees... -_-;; if i have to sum everything up it would build more than a thousand bucks of payables!

now that's worth a sh*t. -_-;;

pamayanan 06 retreat

i didn't expect myself to be that comfortable with my other classmates since most of them ngayon ko lang naging classmates...

but anyway, it was fun! the sharing, the photolanguage, the discussions, the human sunka... i enjoyed everything... well except for some though... hehe...

ayun, it was both complimenting and insulting to hear other people's comments about you, it makes you feel like a different kind of person, like what you want others to see in you didn't surface that much. gayun paman, i didn't take anything seriously, i'll go with this overclaimed statement, 'change for the better' and see if it really changes anything...

by the way, there are little bits of complaints i have stored in mind, like the
rooms, the common bathrooms and the hot water... =) so far, if i have to judge the facilities, it would pass for a 3.5 star retreat house. :D

hmm.. wudelse... awhile ago i'm so excited to go home but unfortunately my excitement brought me a negative response... supperr hilong hilo ako sa bus, i even threw up... i know there's nothing wrong with me... so it's all the bus' (or he bus driver's?) fault.

so... sooper badtrip ako ngayon... kasi i didn't a good time in the bus na nga, lecheng putakte pa yang AVON na yan.. not the AVON really.. it's with the stupid guy who brought my orders...-_-;;

ang stupid talaga.. kaya ngayon... nag susuffer ako... the promo has already ended and the orders are not yet complete! how am i going to pay that?


ooohhh... there's a flame!

LoL.. it didn't even hit me even with those censored fucks or bullshits or whatever you threw on me...

i made progress with my fic Hate Me [archives here]

the second chapter isn't posted yet... but it's already finished and has been proofread by Laura-chan! yeey! thanks... =)
so there... the 2nd chapter is not very suitable for young audiences for it includes scenes which may be offensive to a young child's brain... well it has lime, a little of rape and violence... ok now go figure that out... =)

till here na lang... i'm still planning on what food to buy for the retreat, that's the reason why i'm here in the first place.. =)

i'll be out for three dys coz we'll be staying in the Pink Sister's convent in tagaytay for our seniors' retreat... =)

what a shammmeeee!!!

awhile ago i recieved my first tardy slip for the school year!!!
you might wonder what's so shameful with that... actually wala...=) labo...
you see, i'm trying to break my 'habit' of frequent tardiness since you know, last year i was given a written warning informing me that i was tardy seven times already... weeks after that, i reached my ninth... and another tardy would mean i'm on probation...haha...

unfotunately... i got my tenth late!
fortunately, it was on the last day of classes... nung exam! haha... i never got my punishment =) isa pa... our secretary was kind of absent minded that time.. kaya di na ko kumuha ng tardy slip!

waheheeee... i'm playing games right now... =)

sweets? ... indulge!

i've never been in this kind of food indulgence thingy before!!! ang daming sweetssss!!! meeehhhnnn, to bad poor little resident ants won't get anywhere near my treats! haha...

wala.. masaya... hyper!
my mom bought... banana cake, buko pie (the orginal one daw), oatmeal-raisin-cashew cookies, brownies, mango cookies (this tastes super nice!), prune cookies and krinkles... =)

haha... plus, my dad bought me hershey's almond kisses!
and then... they bought the dried seaweed paper in aji-chiban which costs 150 pesos! that's 300% more of the one i bought from neo korean grocery store in plaza andrea don antonio...anyway.. mas masarap naman kaya ok lang.. hehe

well... foodtrip!
watta dinner!

dream guy

no, i'm not going to describe my dream guy coz it'll sound more like a fantasy guy than a real guy and i wouldn't want myself to swoon over some ideal tech-created man.

what i'm talking about is the book by candy holliday...
kinda nice.. i'm halfway na nga eh.. anyway... wala lang.. i just recalled what ate surot said, being the creative writing major that she is, she told us to rip off reading stuff by paulo coelho (the alchemist, veronica decides to die...) and other chick-lit junk. oh, coelho doesn't write chick-lit btw...

it hurts. coz i'm a fan of chick-lit. kulang nalang sabihin nya, "include meg cabot there..."


i don't know what others see with seriously plotted books like da vinci code, and other dan brown books... sure, maganda ung plot and i mean super! pero the way he writes... wala, ang technical. parang i want to put a warning on the cover saying, "have a dictionary with you while reading. thanks"

sorry kasi! mahina ang vocab ko.-_-;;

anyway, dan brown (and people like him, i dunno how to describe them kaya i took him as an example) is good with plotting (the facts.. cool) but he bores me with his writing.
chick-lit stuff lacks in plot, but the way they write it is pretty much irresistable.. in my case, that is.

besides.. i'm a teenager.

culture shock

that's the term i always hear from college freshies coming from our school...
it's really shocking to suddenly be engulfed in a world you were barely oriented with but i don't think it deserves this kind of expression from me, "oh my god! seriously you haven't tried this thing yet?" - with matching mocking-left-eyebrow-up look

well... i think no one would be superior enough to use that.. so let's use a milder one... h'bout "weeeh?! baket?"

LoL.. that's soo proud... and boast.. and rude... pero if i discover something worth a shock.. i'll just say, "talaga? ayus lang yan!" shempre.. pa humble... or maybe just... shrug. hahaha...

this day's orientation was more fun than yesterday's
generally because we were just being fed tips and tricks, plus a couple of funny encounters by our alumni...=)

the schools...

er... i don't want to share the list since it won't matter to you anyway.. but i want to share something...

i wanna study abroad!
well.. in my dreams actually, i don't want to pay as much as 200,000 just to earn an internship in Paris for one month!...perhaps
you see, if i study there... i won't be studying seriously! europe is not the best place to study because if you were actually there... you'd rather walk your stilletos on cobble-stoned streets or sit on a bench in front of the Eiffel Tower and... stare.

that's a very productive idea... what do you think?

anyway...i'm not really planning to study abroad.. i even slept while the speaker's talking! and i mean real sleep.. or nap if you prefer... and since i had a very deep short nap.. i also had a very DEEP short dream...

i was there sitting on the same chair, wearing the same thing, listening to the same junk, with my seatmate holding a basketball... and that's weird.. anyway it ended there coz i felt myself falling on the wrong direction and i don't want to make my escape nap so obvious =)

when i got home.. my sister's already there since you know, it's friday! and she bought me my favortie kropeck! haha...
edi shepre.. EVER trip...=) she bought naruto CDs once more and the unexpected happened...

i suddenly felt i have my preiod already! and i was right...
of course i didn't have ny spare undies! who would bring stuff like that in the mall? actually i didn't have anything! i just brought myself and stuffed the money in my pocket! i didn't bring my bag kasi if i did, it will be full of whatever things.. like my vanity kit, my wallet, my hankerchief, my cellphone and a whole lot of things that will end up useless in the end... pero that was when fate found me unready for an attack... and thank goodness that even with the thinness of my pants nothing embarassing spilled out... you know what i mean...

and that's the end of my one day adventure... =)
stay tuned! (roight...-_-;;)

college dilemma

we had our career orientation awhile ago...
well... most of the time it's boring and the only thing that caught my attention aside from the videos was FEU's speaker...
he's a good speaker... and i was really convinced to study there... unfortunately it's too far and even though there's a much nearer branch in our place... the course i want isn't there...-_-;;

now this is my goal... I MUST PASS UP! and i will... because i only have to will it and study hard and God will do the necessary steps... he can write my name on the list of incoming freshmen beforehand, or he can turn my wrong answers to right then i'll pass, or he can whisper to me the right answers while taking the UPCAT... you know God has a lot of ways to let me pass but in order for him to grant my request i have to have enough FAITH to carry myself till the end...

i always say that to myself... have faith!

back to the talk...
here are the schools who kind-of tried to encourage us in joining their campuses...
miriam college
far eastern university
centro escolar university
college of the holy spirit
university of asia and the pacific
college of culinary arts
[tomorrow there'll be another talk so that's not the final list...]
did i forget something?

anyway... they tried, but most of them i found unnerving and discouraging so i striked their schools off my vocabulary of potential future-campuses and waited for a school worthy of an arianne birog... (haha.. yabang!)

so there... feed yourself with my floccinaucinihilifilificatious (that's a real word! except that i made it n adjective!) rants.


how would they feel about this?


i'm just curious... has anyone conducted an interview with either of them and asked them what is their opinion on HarryXDraco?

wow. i wanna try that myself...

hmm... are they offended? or are they making it for REAL? do they mind that their images are used for such obscene works? do they read HarryXDraco or have they read anything about themselves sharing an intimate scene?

would they accept me as the interviewer?

oh my... i want to knowwwww!!!

i'm currently browsing a cosplay gallery... and it's soopeerr cool... most of the pics are of naruto cosplayers... and the naruto was... hot.

recall adrian

my my... i went to my old blog 1 and found this post i made last june 1 2004 about Adrian!

so far.. this is the bessstest dream i've ever had... you might say it's corny or mababaw.. eh ganun eh!!! hahah..
LoL... romanticccccc!!! heheheheh... i LOVE ADRIANNNN!!!! ang ganda ganda ng nammeeee sobraaa!! ehh... wala lng..
napanaginipan ko lng c ADRIAN!!!! adrian sa LOVE LETTER.. oo na! in my dreams na kung in my dreams... in my dreams
nman tlga eh.. awww.... sa skul! crush ko c adrian... ^^; tapos ung friend ko sbi nya ipapakilala nya ko sa knya..
LoL.. pero binuking nya lng ako sa mga 'karate m8s' nya na crush ko sha.. kainis ah... tpos.. -.- lalalalalal... prang
movie? o tv series? malay bsta...hha... i'm in danger! niligtas nya ko! using his karate skills! with... chopsticks???!!
LoL... friends n kmi!! and afterwards feel ko.. kmi na!! hahahah.. in my dreams tlga!! pero muka nman ah.. ang sweet nga
eh... pero.. hmm... poor lng sha... school scholar, working student, magisa lng na nabubuhay... pero gods! sobrang sweett
nya! galit ata mga teacher sknya at pti 'relationship' [yaak!] nmen...pinapakialaman... hndi ako makahingaaaa sa the most
intimate scene... secret.. LoL... hanggang ngayon kinikilg pren akoooo!!! buti n lng maputik ang daanan!!! LoL.. grabe tlga.
.. kung mahba haba lng ang tulog ko! cguro ayoko ng magising paaa...!! haayyy... cliffiieess really suck!! sooooppperrr duper
sweettttt tlga ng dream na too!!!

i remember that dream... and because i remember it clearly it won't happen in reality... -_-;; you know what? i remember seeing myself on one mirror from the dream... and i look... unattractive... sooper... i have long hair na... still dark, oily... in short i didn't like what i saw... but what i liked there was the fact that he liked me... kahit sa panaginip lang...

oh adrian...

gosh.. what am i thinking...

new layout!

hehe.. well.. finally!
what do you think?
well.. in my opinion.. i like the previous one better than this one...pero nagsawa ako eh...^^;;

poor quality of header image... basically just the 'naruto' pic because it was resized a lot of times...-_-;; kaya ayun...


oh my.. i just hate our CL teacher... which happened to be our adviser too.. she doesn't fit for the job... seriously. i don't learn anything from her... aside from the spoonfed information on saints, prayers and other moral stuff...

i think she should change her way of teaching because any topic is a potential interest seeker... however, it depends on who is teaching and how she/he teaches the subject matter...

the teacher is good, but not as good as our previous teachers... but she teaches well... she's formal, she doesn't put much humor on our discussions.. but she's fine. i have nothing against this subject because i find it interesting.

i dreaded this last year because this subject put my report card to shame! that was the first time in seven years that i recieved a line a of 7! -_-;;
anyway.. that was last year... although i hate studying wika... what can i do? grr... so far i'm looking forward to elfili...=) the teacher... nice... strict... she knows how to ride... well...that's all...=)

hmm... i'm tired... so i'll end everything here....=)

new layout... SOON!

LoL... i keep changing layouts.. anyway.. i already did the draft and it's themed - naruto! whehee.. so expect to see a lot of orange... hehe...

haayy... i don't know whaT to do.. i'm kind of guilty kasi coz of the avon thingy... LoL i'm taking in one person's comission! e kasi sha ung member eh.. and i'm not and she's just helping me out... eh i'm the one selling kaya! pero no... she's the one delivering...-_-;; anyway...

ang labo...-_-
help me God. =)

the ultimate wasabi challenge!

this happened one hour ago...

my sister and i went to Ever to buy naruto vcds... unfortunately they went out of stock so we, in our terms, food-indulged ourselves in tokyo tokyo... and the deal?

very simple... just finish your mixed sushi and... done! (pero dapat tuloy tuloy, no intervals!) win something =)
but of course... catches are catches... loosers cry, and the winner takes it all!
here's the catch.. this is very simple too... you just have to drown your food in a pool of soy sauce and kalamansi and 3 regular servings of wasabi...


whoever wins gets a free regular zagu with added crystals... shempre treat nung looser! haha...

so.. start.

mehn.. it's so hard to describe... pero in the end... no one won! bwahahahahaaa... kasi we first ate the tekamaki.. e may wasabi yun sa loob eh so doble anghang...-.- we we're both laughing while trying to stop our tears from welling out... grabe naman kasi noh... suuppeerrr hot... parang umusok ung ilong ko sa anghang... XD

haha... unang subo.. talo na kaagad... dpat pla ung maki muna kinain ko.. hmmphh...-_-;;

anyhow... when we finished... bumili na lng kmi ng zagu... eh wala eh.. we are loosers of our own bets.

hahahaa.... i lav yah terai!



i'm now an AVON lady... bwahaha.. hindi model! nagbebenta lang ng avon products... bili ka... i have the july 1-15 promo na... =)

first buyer ko maid namen.. hehe... haha.. thanks ate hayds...=)

Being on the 5th Wheel

the odd thing is... we're four and i still feel like i'm dragged on the fifth place... like some sort of invicible friend took over my place!
grr... i didn't like it.
am i paying the price of being an introvert?

waaahhh... cge cge... from now on... i won't be... i think, joining them that much.. well except in groupings...-_-;;

eto mas badtrip... every lunchtime... they're waiting for each other... i'm all alone... i'm always thinking...

friends ba talaga tayo? why are you leaving me behind?

alam nyo yun... everytime i go out to lunch... i'm always behind them... ALWAYS... i didn't like the view of them coming in trios and me... alone... with my invicible friend...

ayoko na... galit na ko.

pagaling ka adri.


i'm not trying to be like ryuuichi! XD
hehe... wala lang... masaya lang... happy that people liked my fic...

Hate Me

please submit a review... it's an anime fic from Naruto... hhe...
and it's rated M!


anyway...*yawns* kgigising ko lang...
my sister's here na! yahoo... i have another bag of chocolates! hihi...

you know what... may gusto akong food... ung 'Kim' it's a korean food and it's not even a dish.. it's uhm.. ung paper na parang duct tape na binabalot sa kanin? ung seaweed paper thingy?
haha... i love that!

oh... i will post another entry entitled 'BEING ON THE 5th WHEEL'

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