long weekend!

-i'm home! yehey. the long wait is over!

- at last. i've uploaded the last chapter of my fic. whew. ayos. no more nosebleeds! but on the dull side, there are still 2 in-progress fics to be continued and i haven't got the slightest hint on what to do with them. hahaha... maybe when the 5th harry potter movie arrives i'll be working with it. maybe...

- for the first time. i tried reese's peanut buttercups. it was nice but i easily got over the hang of it, it's too sweet.


such a short week. we just had three days of classes. tuesday afternoon after the chem16 lab... i went back to the dorm then out again to hang out with lau. great day. we are maximixing the uv rays of the noontime heat sitting on a sizzling cement bench of freedom park. it's the only day i let go of myself like a hyperdriven rabbit. i was so happy that day. only she and my sister understands why. there are two reasons, i got a good grade on our first math17 quiz and the other is something strangely minor yet it kicks me way up to the moon. hehehe

the irony of my sched. after psych i have philo. nakakabobo.

if there's one subject i want to be chucked out of my reg. form it would be chem16. the lectures are okay (according to my classmates) but to me it's not. it's boring holes in my brain. i'm not a science enthusiast. i don't understand why i don't get it. it's very simple (sabi nila). these were the days i wished i graduated at a science highschool. these were also the days i felt really stupid about myself. that i couldn't stick a simple notion in my brain.

business mgt.+legal mgt.+journ.+fine arts.+comp. sci.+comm arts. = chem. eng.

o sige nga. prove.
happy birthday nez!!!

this too, shall pass

i deleted the last 2 entries. i don't know why! hahahahaaa...

i don't know how to re-start another entry about my nonsense babbles on my first week as a college student. this week has been really eventful, in a sense that everything is new. even what i'm feeling right now is new! and i'm thankful for it. why? because if i hadn't been feeling this positive heart fluttering emotion then i would've killed myself on the third day of school. yeah.

wednesday is hell for me. mainly because of the block meeting. it was totally uncalled for, not to mention useless. i just don't see the sense in having a block. i was just curious about the thing so i asked my friend.. blah blah... which ended in me joining her block. mehn. i hate it. not because of the people but because of the schedule. 2-3pm is my favorite sleeping time and the freakin block meeting took it from meeeee! and i haven't stuck my things in my bag so after the block meeting i have to rush to the dorm because i still have classes. and by rush i mean trip over a few stones and blister my toes. jeep is not in my vocabulary.

by the end of the day i have to buy a pack of band-aid to cover up the hideous twerp that practically murdered my foot. damn. i need decent slippers.

but on the bright side, even though the whole week is full of cramming and leg killer escapades, i feel extremely light hearted and err... fluttery? wahahaha. i'm not motivated with my studies, much worse... i'm not inspired with my subjects. come on, i realized the course is NOT for me because i'm a not math wiz and chemistry bores me but somehow, i can't afford to leave. ewan, someone's lightly tugging me back. sana lang tuloy tuloy na...

let's leave the campus.

-i haven't uploaded the last chapter of my fic, For Always. simply because i'm still hopeful that it will still get reviews. read it! it's in my ff.net profile here. maybe next week i'll end it.

-ADSENSE ALERT: i've earned $1.43 already! keep on clicking the google ads above. just click, you don't need to purchase anything. there's no harm in clicking! to refresh you a bit, i am being paid for your clicks. it's around $0.1 - $15 per click depending on the ad and when it has reached a certain amount, i guess around $100 or $1000... google will mail me the check!!! hehehe. so keep on clicking!!!!

-i just finished reading a one-shot harryXdraco. michi gave me the link. it was great! one of the best one-shots i've read!! i haven't gotten over harryXdraco. in fact, i am still writing about them! even in my busy schedule.

-i bought 2 new books yesterday. which resulted in me having no savings at all for this week. they're tuesdays with morrie by mitch albom and the zahir by paulo coehlo. yehey. i'm still looking for eleven minutes. damn.

-i've been drawing a lot in the dorm too! if you see me on the chair with piles of books beside me, props lang yun. i told you, i'm not motivated enough to study. lest i always tear a graphing paper from my math17 notebook and doodle. it's my only stress relief. when i'm done filling the whole page. i'll scan it for my devart account! yeah... hahaha.

ayos. that sums it all.

bittersweet symphony

i'm 16 now! yeah, two days ago pa. nothing special. just my usual birthday. got a few gifts, of which i'm so grateful of because like i demanded, they have to be useful. hehehe.

justin timberlake will be hosting this year's mtv european music award, damn. and i can't watch. damn damn. i'm dying to find out who the geek is in the music video of paris hilton's nothing in this world. he's so cute. his grin? it's stuck in my head.

oh, i just finished writing my harry potter fic. a 10 chapter 47 paged fic starring draco malfoy as a vampire and harry potter as our usual recessive abused kid. haha, you should be used to me mentioning harry potter slash every once in a while. don't sue me, you have no right.

i don't think i'm fully prepared for college yet. i'm afraid that after 7 months of being academically inactive, i won't be able to absorb the lectures. i'm just scared that i might have turned myself into a dumbhead over the past months. mehn, screw them all.

but on the bright side, i'll think about it later.

harry potter can kiss my a**

yesterday was great. i won't be going out as often anymore come second sem. i have to study you know, make that real hard. i won't be indulging myself in err selfish treats and luxurious escapades (like i've had one. haha) i have to study. i can't always ask my parents for gimmick money especially that they know i go out a lot. hahaha. when i get my allowance i'll make sure i'll save for my own craves. like coffee. and a decent schoolbag.

we were supposed to go bowling last night but there was a competition so the lanes are fully booked. it's okay, i haven't touched a bowling bowl, let alone step on a bowling alley, ever since forever. and i didn't know you have to wear at least a pair of socks to play. so we just went to watch a movie, The Covenant. err, i'll write more about it in the 'movies' section. later.

oh mehn, the guys were HOT. and i mean sooo hot. the title of this post is also our quote for the day. whoever said that? ooooh, it came from one of the ipswitch sons of the covenant, who coincidentally has blonde hair. very draco malfoy-ish. i couldn't stop gigling on my seat when he said that. the lipsmack between chase and caleb was also a bonus. great, my weird homosexual fetish has leaped a thousand steps. to hell.

dear dear. i'm not anymore interested in 'harry'. you know, the guy from the church. i'm getting tired of seeing his back. yeah, always his back. why does he have to sit at the front, always? i'm not getting a good view of him. so screw it, i'm more than happy to resume to my usual grayscale blur lovelife. yak, it's not even love.

good things happen when you light up a foooooortune. you know that cigarette commercial? i wonder why cigarette commercials never change. it's been ten years and i've been hearing the same song and warning forever.

a thousand reasons to thank God. the proof-read version of my 2 fics has arrived. i'm so happy. i thought i couldn't simply take one's word for it. but damn, they're all working! it's like having your manuscript edited by cheerful editors then published by scholastic! haha, dream on. but it feels that way, especially when you finally get a good feedback. make that feedbackS.

haaay. this month's a blast. every week someone from the barkada celebrates her birthday! karla-7, me-16, jami-22, nez-30. nice, party the whole month. lol, ako lang di maghahanda! hahaha. and that's the reason why mom is reprimanding me against going out. come on, i'm just making the most of my 7 month break! no regrets.

meanwhile, you can click on the ad above for me. =)

my dear visitor

hmm... ako po ay nangangampanya na inyong paunlakan ng kahit isang CLICK man lamang sa ad na nakabalandra sa itaas ng mensaheng ito.

maawa kayo, wala akong pang christmas shopping.

i don't know what's becoming of this blog lately. so please please... give me a click. you know, i wanna get rich! yeah yeah. if you must know... i just (duh) subscribed to google adsense in hopes of earning money from my sort of virtual bank account. the price per click depends on the percent commission the advertisers pay to google so we cannot really tell how much a click is worth. but mehn! now i know how important a click is! a click could be worth 15 bucks at the most. and according to my research when you reach $100 google will mail you a check. oh jeeez, $100 pretty much sums to 5,000 pesos here so err.. click away.

go ahead, it wouldn't hurt to do some charity and point your mouse over whatever's written in the ad above. and if you love me, click it more than once, twice, thrice (if it's counted). it wouldn't hurt would it?

come on! please! it works this way, google sort of spiders (that's a verb) this blog and put ads related to the site content. yah so... they're relevant! i just don't think this blog has a 'theme'. maybe that's why it kept showing random 'huh?' ads.

HARRY POTTER should be showing soon. i love harry potter. and draco malfoy. and tonks. actually, i'm halfway through re-reading chamber of secrets. hehehe. i, err, i don't know what else to say. is it legal to advertise your ad? mehn. sorry.

scabbers in the house

here's a confession. when i first tried friendster, i was dead set on searching for my crush. when i found him, he became part of my network... then my bulletin went boom! i was like flooding the whole system with what i call 'bored games' or those silly little interview forms disguised as surveys that no one really tallies. the main point is to actually get my crush read my bulletins and get to know me. it's a simple way of doing pacute without him knowing. hahahaha. but you can never really tell...

but now, i do bored games for the sole reason of entertaning myself and wasting what millisecond is left of my internet card.

sometimes friendster bulletins can be a bit too annoying. but i don't mind. hahaha i was once a bulletin freak you know.

there's a stupid little rodent in the basement trying to cross to the bathroom. eew, i have no interest in chasing it so whenever the stupid little rodent squeaks and cautiously moves its way to the bathroom i sshhht! and the stupid little rodent will scramble its way back.

kaso rats aren't as stupid as i though they were, the smart little rodent (after failing numerous attempts to get past me) devised a new strategy to avoid my menacing ssshht!s. and just now, i didn't notice its filthy little toes run past me and behind the trashcan until i heard the ruffling of the plastic bag carelessly littered on the floor. now i know.

he's in the bathroom now.

mission accomplished

wahehehe. i feel very productive today. after finishing the laundry and hanging them dry under the scorching afternoon heat, i scrambled my way to the basement to continue writing my fic. you know, i really make it a point to seize the moment inspiration takes over. because it RARELY happens. so after a couple (lot) of hours of sitting and staring at a new microsoft word document and feeling blood oozing from my nose, i finally worked my ass on chapter 8.

finally. damn. it's ending soon! haha i'm enjoying writing it but i'm being pressured! haha, and to think i have two more fics to continue.

i'm so grateful for jonadark. she's currently beta-reading one of my works. i'm just so happy, you know, finally my stupid grammatical errors will be ironed clean. hahaha. i just can't imagine reading a very clean composition of mine. salamaaaatt.

duchess of sade

happy birthday karlita! i love you!!! haha, pakabait ka bestpreend. hahaha

congratulate me for i have already written 33 pages of harrydraco. or in a more gross point of view, 33 pages of homosexual drama. hahaha, i can't believe myself. it's the longest composition i've ever written, longer than my 30 paged term paper about the third eye last year na super redundant kasi i'm an unresourceful researcher especially with things that spooks me. i don't even know why i picked the subject.

anyhow, yesterday terai and i went to greenhills to look around. my main agenda is too look for a red kipling knapsack imitation and buy a gift for karlita. while my sister's to-do is to secretly hunt a red watch for my birthday. and because she's an accomplished captain obvious, i found out. hahaha. malas nya.

for our merienda (haha pati banaman to?) we had 2 donuts each and a baby-z zagu. which we sweat(ed?) blood and grime for! the zagu, i mean. kasi, when we bought the donuts, we saw a trashcan with an empty regular zagu plastic cup in it and because we're big zaguwhores, we looked for the solitary zagu stall in the whole greenhills shopping center. we asked the same information girl twice but we still got lost. good thing manong janitor came to the rescue! he must've notices our already swelling toes and (heavily) perspiring underarms so he cheerfully gave us the RIGHT directions while cheerfully sweeping the walkway clean. so we walked faster, clutching desperately to our donuts in hopes of fighting the temptation of eating them without something to drink.

at last, amidst the horde of unimart shoppers we spotted the only small yellow stall with blue-capped tenders at the far end of the grocery. good Lord. whattarelief. whew.

i found a kipling bag! but just like before (with the red topshop wallet) i lost interest in it. from a whooping 4,500 down to a haggle-worthy 550, pwede na! but the redness is dull-er. haha ang arte o. ayoko na. hahaha. i'd rather buy the one worth 5 grand.

then we hopped (hop talaga!) to fully booked to buy books (duh). i was supposed to buy all american girl and harry potter 2 but my money's not enough (like always) so we went to national bookstore instead. i bought harry potter 2 (chamber of secrets) and stainless longganisa (by bob ong). dapat gift ko ung stainless longganisa kay karlita but i missed the fact that he's read all of bob ong na pala (haaay sayang). ok lang, akin na lang yun.

hmmm so from 1pm to (quarter to) 6pm my sister and i tired our feet of walking. I could almost feel my leg rip off. however that's possible. it was a goooood day. a (very very) gooood day. now i know why i shouldn't complain that i've been experiencing a lot of (very very) good things lately. it's my birth month today! you're the month! hahaha

parentheses (however necessary) is irrelevant.

dance of the freaky circles

haha. last night was fun. we're not complete but yeah, it was fun. we were noisy and uhm, fun. the chicken barbeque tasted great. i love it, minus the price.

so early this morning, my sister and i bolted upright from the bed with mom's furious bellow. it's always like that, every sunday, we're too lazy to get up and mom would always serve as our alarm clock. one with a dysfunctional snooze. so we went to church, i forgot my bible. but i saw ehem, harry, far at the front with his usual spiked glory seated beside what i assume is his mother. unfortunately, we didn't exit through the fire exit (where we usually leave) so i never had the chance to walk side by side with harry with all the people squeezing up the space to themselves and eventually bringing us closer. hahahaha. meeehn! but on the bright side, we still met on the way out. which made me think that the hand of fate is really working. yeah right. if you must know, we don't know each other. we just have this hmm, neurological connection, or baka ako lang. but still, i can feel it. hahahaha.

i thought we're going to the mall today. unfortunately we're not. no money eh. and it was funny that my parents admitted the reason why we couldn't visit my lolo in the cemetery is because we don't have money to pay the graveguard. hahaha. what a lousy excuse but then again, as one text message says, "save yourselves from the traffic of going to cemeteries to visit your departed loved ones. rather, ask them to visit you. it's more practical and meaningful."

you know what, i get the point. thank you.

i watched 'it started with a kiss' awhile ago. oh, giddy me. mandarin flicks do flip. sometimes i don't know what's up with me that even at a short span of time i can write something about what happened and make it a big deal. and even add a lot more supporting gibberish to prolong the story. hahahahaha...


i am totally consumed with what i'm reading right now. i was suddenly driven offtrack with my sasunaru cravings but i guess it's baaaacccckkkk! hahaha, i remember this tagline i saw in tv - "readers are leaders". naaah, i beg to disagree. people who read a lot don't have time to lead, they'd rather sulk in the corner with a book than give orders to people who won't cooperate. i'll leave that to the socialites.

there are currently two things hyping me up today. 1) tomorrow i'll be, hopefully, spotting harry in church. i should get punished for taking thy sacred place for granted but on the other hand it's the only thing keeping me from sleeping. damn damn bad girl. 2) i want to go to the mall. what? again? i don't get tired of malling. i think it comes in naturally. i have no money, be warned.

so, i'm taking my choices. i want to save the money i have to buy chamber of secrets and all american girl in fully booked tomorrow. that is, if i don't spend it for tonight's dinner (hope it's free). big if. now why can't i just ask my parents for money? oh because we're currently at number 12 starving street, poverty-ville subdivision, moneyless quezon city, third world democrat philippines. it sucks not to have money when you need it.

i'm scared of exhausting 'all the good things' right now. i'm so happy that sometimes it feels wrong already. like i'll never know when karma's going to take it all away. i was hoping panaman to save all my good luck for college because that's where i'll definitely need it most. hahaha.

i need balance. oi, i'm not bragging that i've been receving too much blessing, heck if you consider doing the laundry for a whole sem a blessing, go ahead. i just need to feel both poles, that's why. i want to be happy but at a later time feel bad about something. you know, balance. that happens a lot in highschool. haha, i'm not one of those who wants to feel complete hapiness like everyday is good. it makes me feel inhuman to not suffer for a long time.

pero diba ang weird nga naman kung biglang super okay lahat? parang, weh? may mali!

that's what i'm scared at. i don't want all the piled up misfortunes in my life pour itself when i enter college. waaaaaahhhh.

this is the first time i felt wrong for being happy. hahaha.

heyhey, i'm done reading the Odd Brain. details in 'books'.

some people want it all

good day. haha i think i'm jinxed not to have a successful website forever. i just merged my website to my blog. haha, i'm finding it hard to 'commit' myself to updating for the sake of 0 visitors. hahahahaha. it's my 4th website. come on, and i toiled over that navigation at the top!!!! geee, whattapain in the ass.

again, we went to mall of asia awhile ago. hahaha and this time i guess i could proudly say that i can manage myself not to get lost inside. i found the ideal school bag i've been looking for. it's a big red mojo-like knapsack from kipling. and the damn price? a whooopping 4,500 (approx). -_-; hurts. tsk.

but on the bright side after going to mall of asia we headed to greenhills. it's a good thing mom's clients works everywhere, especially in malls. that way we could tag along and tire ourselves in therapeutic escapades. and you see, we've already toured 6 different malls this week and we haven't bought anything bigger that what could fit in a regular sm department store plastic bag. whattashame.

okay lang. i'm not used to buying a lot of stuff anyway. i'm more of a one-expensive-item-buyer rather than your usual impulsive buyer who buys everything but uses nothing. hence, i save.

i swear i'm going to look for a kipling imitation in greenhills. but if by some antagonistic air i fail to do so, haha, i'll save 5000 for a freakin school bag. tsk. or maybe not. haha

come on, my birthday's coming!

the big scoop

haha thank you mika for the breaking the news to me!

wuhooo. allow me to hop around like a joey, run around like a dog, and waddle around like penguin because ryan philippe and reese witherspoon are OVER. lemme repeat that for you, OVER. O-V-E-R.

hmmm. i'm happy. really happy but there's a part in my heart that hates the divorce as well. ryan cheated, how disgusting. but you know, i still love him. like a deranged fan. and who's the flirting tramp? i forgot her name, it begins with an A. seriously, i forgot and i can't seem to find the webpage because i forgot the search strings i typed and our history is quite skrewed up. and for crying out loud, A does(n't) stand for Arianne. hahahahahahahahahaaa

and honestly, i have grown quite fond with reese on my tv screen and i couldn't bear myself adjusting once more for another girl. unless it's me, your hyper mrs.philippe wannabe.

alright, 1 ryan down. 1 to go!

ooooh, i can actually see the ryan agoncillo - judy ann santos break up in the headlines. that would be so sweet. or maybe not. i hate acting like a big jealous fan villain here. but i do enjoy being the villain. especially to our maid. hahaha

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