yesterday we went to 168 to shop for pants (majorly).

my mom was thinking of leaving me at home since i could be a burden if i keep on reminding them to walk slower coz i can barely follow them because of my knee.
oh well, in the end they just let me go. kuya kaloy and some carpenter is fixing the basement (the office was kind of renovated) and i don't want to be left alone with them (although kuya kaloy has been a good friend...), hehe.

so we went there.
it was my first time in 168. i can tell it's just like the other malls in divisoria only newer, cleaner and colder? heh. whatever...
we just bought pants that's all. we actually got lost so we weren't able to find the right exit but my dad came to the rescue so we're fine.

nothing beats timezone.
i was begging for a membership card! but dad won't give me because there's no timezone near our place and he says i can just play in FCM.
eh hello? as much as i love playing in arcades, FCM is not much of an ideal arcade for me. there are lot's of punk looking men crowding behind me as i play 'death rally' (car racing).
come to think of it, it's nice having people watching you play and hear some comments like, 'aba, galing ah' but in the end they're just waiting for their turn.
so much for the flattery... thanks ah, rank 39 parin ako out of 40.
onga pala... may timezone sa 168 foodcourt! 10/game?! grabe.

that was the fun part of divi.

the worst part?
of course we've expected a lot of people shopping too, and what i hate is i bump into a lot of people!
they bump me, i curse.
they bump me + they step on my foot, i curse again.
they bump me + they step on my foot, causing my leg to hurt like hell, i shout a loud 'oww!" and curse (inwardly).

it was frustrating having to shun people like that for the fear that i might acquire another strain (yan kasi, stubborn) and end up on a wheelchair on the grad ball (LOL!).

then we went home.
and we got lost because my dad is trying to avoid recto because of the traffic so he's looking for lawton.
we woke up to our senses when we spotted manila city hall... teka teka, mali ata tong pinuntahan natin!
ayun.. we're still lost! but the bright side of it was, we get to go sightseeing!
i was mesmerized by the view of the red bridge lights reflecting on the water! we saw intramuros in a bright night display. the lights we passed by we're wonderful especially at night.
it all ended when we've crossed the borders of manila to quezon city where our eyes are as usual feasting upon the neon pink chicken wires spread out on the isles of every avenue in quezon city. well that's a good idea of saving electricity on christmas lights. why don't they make it glow in the dark next time?

look at the time! 15 minutes to gooooO!

i wanna be myself

sometimes i'm thinking if all this time i'm not being myself. i don't think i really know who i am.
i'm still wondering... when do you become YOU?
ngek. ewan. bsta...

it feels like i'm nothing but a bandwagon-er. i just follow, i don't set anything to be followed or something. what a loser.
i do hate the conformity stuff where you becoming this odd creature who wears a hand-knitten scarf instead of a bolero jacket. that's why i love the penshoppe tagline 'resist conformity' minus the 'promote accessorizing' thing. but hell, i'm not really getting out of their borders. i'm still uhhh... nevermind.

i found out in mtv that hollaback girl was made to confront courtney love regarding her negative remarks about gwen stefani. coolness.

you see, i realized that i'm still the teen novel freak that i used to be. i find romance in books, not in real life... and currently i'm writing another crappy to-be-continued novel which is, by the way, under the lousy-plotted-novel category. haha...
it's weird, and it sounds like a fake: not your ordinary teen novel.

ever heard of the movie 'not your ordinary teen movie'? it has nothing to do with this project. i actually just realised that there's a movie like that only when i have finished the first 3 pages of my story.

i'm planning to do something different (but not original) with it.
have you heard the 'chose your own adventure' book? that's what i'm going to do.
well, the chose your own adventure thing gives you choices after each chapter. for example
a.) if you want mr. and mrs. smith to marry each other, turn to page 99
b.) if you want both of them dead, turn to page 50
c.) if you find my choices insufficient, close this book and write your own crappy ending.

although it might confuse you if you find both choices interesting and you decided to read the contents of both choices... hah! bahala ka.

like that. i think it's fun and challenging.
but i guess it will take me a long time to finish it. i have a lot of pending stories... lol.

haay. i still love yaoi anime.
i'm reading a lot of fics lately, specifically those rated T13 under humor. hehe

happy new year!

living dead dolls

the deader the better... welcome to the graveyard.

as creepy as it sounds.. go figure... nothing angelic duh, purely devilish
just retail dolls. chaka-like dolls.. scary dolls...

i especially liked the doll names and the story of the morticians (webmasters)

there's Demonique and Mildread, Arachne and Wolfgang. hehe...

i don't feel the year of the dog coming. this coming new year doesn't seem to be something special.

let's just hope that this year will be a better year for the whole world. we've been through a lot of chaos this 2005 and reliving it by 2006 will not look like another strike of bad luck but a year-long curse of monstrosity.

i still feel bad about most of the things that are happening to me.

my knee strain hasn't healed yet. i was told that it usually takes more than a month to heal. sure, more than a month na nga... but when? come on Lord, what a gift.

the dlsu test, not that it matters kasi sabi ko nga i won't go there either way. but the feeling of failure? yes, that's the thing i can't quite get off of my nerves. the pride mehn.

oh well. there's always the bright side of life!

like a peppermint mocha frappuccino from starbucks... costly thirst quencher. had my first one yesterday... =)

joy! :D

advanced happy new year...

kumusta naman na bagsak ako sa lasalle?
hehe... ayus lang... pass or fail, i won't go there anyway... pero sana man lang napasa ko!
ang bobo ko na palaaaaa...
sooobbrraaa... i mean, mahirap naman talaga eh... and i thought i was smart...
but i guess i'm not smart enough for the test... mehn.

oh god, ang yabang ko.. sige di na pla ko smart... bobo na... spell that for me if you're smart.
hah! stupid.

it hurts when i checked my name and it didn't came out.. tapos when i checked other people's name... their's came out!

eeeehhhh namaaaaan...
shet. failures suck.

on the mushy side

i found this thing somewhere and it's sweet...

"love is not about finding someone you can live with but it's about finding someone you can't live without"


another thing...

"i dont like you, cause i love you
i dont want you, cause i need you.
i wouldnt cry for you, cause i will die for you.
i wont live for you, but i will live with you.
i wouldn't do anyting cause i will do everyting.
i chose my life, 'cause you're my life."

i would love to hear that from the man of my dreams... a faceless (yet) guy with authentic black hair wearing a decent casual attire holding a bunch of red roses perhaps? oh, include chocolates there...

ok, arianne. just wait. :D

mom says we're going out later! yay!
i still have no money...

my cousin gave me a mouse pad as a xmas gift.
my first impressions was, "oh my god, this is a sign! sabi ko na nga ba magkakaroon din ako ng bagong computer eh!"

grr... my blood boils everytime i read or hear the name reese witherspoon!

merry christmas everyone!

well.. hohoho!
i can't say i hated this day but so far this is not YET the best christmas i've lived upon. i never recieved a single gift from any of my (missing) godparents, how i wish.
you know what, i wish i had the power to chose who my godparents will be (a power i visualize only babies could have) and i'll make sure they'll never forget me in their list!

well there... so much for a happy christmas, after all there's still next year... and belated gifts are always and will always be welcome.
my wishlist will stay there until, forever.... well until i get tired of telling people what i want and showing you that "hey! getting a/an -insert an item from my wishlist- isn't that impossible at all!".

i wanna shop already!
oh, would you mind scratching off all those negative remarks i made about this christmas because just this moment i recieved a pretty consoling gift... a chocolate bar!

as i munch on it hapilly let me just share to you how it ached me reading the nutrition facts,
amount per serving: 4 blocks (36g)
calories: 200
what if i finish the whole bar? does that mean i intake the whole 800 calories? o.O

as i spoil this blissful moment of staining my teeth brown let me just remind myself that calories might be viewed as an evil substance that magically increases my weight but it is not only acting magical as a weight increaser, it also magically gives me a favorable taste to the food i eat (altough it is not a spice) . we all know that low-calorie foods are blant, so i guess there's no room for more fretting.

oh wait, did i just finish the whole bar? oh my... o.O

retro divas?

i know, it's a little too common. not too much creativity poured in the title but heck i like the header image!
i edited their hair to make it look more retro...
does it look like it? i forgot to put the bling blings... actually i forgot a lot of things like changing their dresses... but i don't care. what do you think?

my previous layout, the 'crimson freak' one has been put in my 'previous layouts' archive... just in case anyone of you's interested in using that piece of art. :D


M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S !

it's exactly 2 hours and 55 minutes before christmas!


a club penguin moderator BANNED me for typing (and it says there that i actually SAID it? stupid) 'fuck!'.

funny, how they think club penguin has full of innocent children who're required to have a 'parent's permission' to become members of the club.

funny, how they have to pay a minimum of $6 dollars just to be able to decorate their igloos and to spend their coins. i'm so frustrated! i can't decorate my igloo and i can't spend my 250 for this colorful plush chair and a couple of furnitures to spice up my home. for once... i want to make my pet penguin happy by simply decorating her igloo.

hehe. i'll just have to wait until i become unbanned by tomorrow.


an interview with myself

just like all the others who have claimed to have a split personality (severe case: schizophrenia (i wonder if i got the spelling right)), i am also fond of talking to myself...

sounds crazy?
hah! admit it! you're just like me!


how's melodia?
- pretty stupid for a first question.

so, how does it feel claiming 'crimson freak'?
- nice. it sounds just like me.

how did the fair go?
- pretty muddy. a lot of boring and idle moments. and also a couple of too-good-to-be-true encounters.

what's your xmas gift for your parents?
- i burned a retro cd for them. gave it awhile ago. mind you! i made a CD label and a CD cover! too much effort exerted just to find out it doesn't play in all sorts of players. frick!

-they're kinda overwhelmed. they started dancing in a very weird manner. something i want to capture on a videocam and play repeatedly, for laughter's sake. i call it the 'alienated afro dance'.

how does it feel burning a cd?
-what? it's not my first time you know. but it is my first time burning in a different burner.. like you care?

of course i do, you asked me to ask you in the first place?
-ugggh. get out of here.

you know i can't...
- and why not?

come on, if i get out, you get out too.

let's stop this. next question...

what's the best xmas gift you've recieved so far?
-hmmm. i love everything everyone gave me especially that i found them useful. but perhaps, the best is.... $$$$$$. hehe

most recent movie watched?
-2 fast 2 furious. cool. \m/

next movie to be watched?
- don't know. my mom's braggin about 'exodus' (she likes bong revilla) so i think we'll watch that too.

any good news?
-oh, i'm back in avon business. =D

why do you love money a lot?
- i don't love it, i need it.

er.. lovelife?
- 75 dpi. 32 bit. black and white.

who's the best looking man you've seen so far?
- not sure. maybe ryan philippe.. drools.

what're you going to do tomorrow?
- good question. i'm onto a catholic church to clean. cl project. i just can't bear doing it by myself. can you imagine me cleaning our church? mehn... i'd be dead just thinking about it.

heh. i'm tired.
i want more of naruto!!!!! XD
yaoi mode.

KA!!! - please don't forget the gravitation cd! :D luv you!

"it's not just a bag, it's Prada" - white chicks

arrgghhh... i am sooo in need of more cash! i spent my last bucks on foooooddd!
i hate myself when my sister invites me to go malling, it's like i am not in the right position to refuse. my feminine hormones are soo mallsick. i was saving my money for something important but i guess the spendthrift in me always wakes up at the sight of a mall. =
we rented three movies awhile ago, one of which is White Chicks. i love watching movies the second time because i understand it more... especially the toilet humor...

i told myself awhile ago that 'this time, i'm gonna get my starbucks treat'.
my sister and i were on the way to the annex (where sb is) and every step i make is a struggle. my legs are not yet healed... i'm soo freakin' stubborn. that's when i saw 'brownies' under the escalator we rode down on and i hesitantly chose between a frappe and a frostee.
anyway, the frostee won. instead of a high-calorie, high-priced frappe which will take me forever to reach with my legs under struggle, i chose the high-calorie, high priced frostee which is just underneath the escalator. big difference, huh?

anyway... the cheapest coffee indulgence i can give myself is in zagu... 20 pesos away with free pearls and crystals tax free.

oh well.

"any man who can jump off on a bullet for me can definitely take me out."

i found out a potential grad ball outfit in meg magazine... it's more of a cocktail dress though... P999 at yrys. can't describe...

look at that, the movie "the prince and me" is grammatically incorrect, right?

the child in me

weee... i dicovered another game site!
you see, i've been playing in neopets for more than a year now and my money has grown quite big but i still feed my pet free omelettes from the tyrranian plataeu and since i'm too lazy to visit the said place every day... my pet's status is "dying"... haha...

now, i found a new place to hang out... hihi. club penguin!

i learned that from this certain gradeschooler who's also using the free DSL internet during the fair!

yaaaay! time to playyyyyy...

meet my penguin! =D

hihi. =D

an afternoon alone with my favorite book, broadway musicals of the 1940's...

the title is part of the lyrics of 'if you were gay'.
there's no big deal, i just can't find a title worthy of the school fair...
i could use...
"boring" but it's too self-descriptive, there's no need for explanation
"barbie rocks!" is a little too overused and again it implies one thing: another encounter with my favorite artist
"card towers" - hmmm, quite okay... okay nevermind i'm losing grip

it's our schoolfair! (no need for drumroll please)

i seriously think it's the wrong season to start the fair... first of all, it's too humid in the field, muddy in fact since it's raining often and we wouldn't want to stroll around it and get our pretty chucks ruined (LoL, i don't even have one)...
there's only one ride and we can't even bear to ride/play on it with all the little kids... it's not even a ride... it's a blown up play place which deflates when it rains... i wonder how it feels to be inside it while it's deflating...

there are fewer booths and the sad thing is they're practically selling the same things...

there are a lot of cons but i also have my personal pros...


free ticket, free food, barbie!
while others think it's harder to play crew during practices i think of it on the contrary...
during the practices, i (or we) can't do our job well, i felt so intimidated with the people around me. then after some days of repeating the same agonizing feeling of unworth... confidence eventually builds up making me lesser depressed and more... high?

oh well, i enjoyed it... even though i wasn't able to watch the whole thing.

honestly, my work was hardest (for me) during the day itself. you see, silly me decided to be crew even with an (under recovery) injured leg that's why i ended up little miss limp once again.

barbie was supposed to be on the intermission part but she came late (probably because of her rockwell gig on the same day) so mrs. benitez asked for someone to check if she has already arrived... kim and i volunteered... but i guess i insisted (thinking of the oppurtunity) so i took the job...
i came across a lot of mischeivous leg aggravation just to check if she has arrived...
finally after a couple of waiting... she came out of her van and we escorted her to the backstage...

autograph + pic = 1 wish to be striked off my 101 wishlist!

after her finale we then escorted her to her van...

she's so pretty... and patient with her fans, humble too... mehn, ideal idol.
so i came home... still the lucky arianne with an injured leg.

the end.

thank you PLDT my DSL!

yaaaaay! kasama ko si karla at si mika!!! nasa fair kami! hihi
karla: ang gandah ko talaga!!!!!
mika: haha kakahenna ko lang, first time........make a wish!
r-yan: yaaayyyyyy!!! free internet!!!! yaaaayyy! ang bilis ng internet!!11 yaaaay!
the internet is really really great.... for porn!!!!
yaaaaayyy!!! stig to! yaaaaaay!

sponsor: PLDT my DSL hi-velocity broadband internet! try it for only 999 a month! =D!

uhmm.... hehehe... :D


i was totally useless awhile ago! bat ba ko nag-crew? well.. crews are actually people who cue you when you enter the stage for a performance but seeing that they actually know when they're going to enter, i don't think they still need crews. handing down props? what props? shades, hats, canes? they know all those... and it makes me feel soo stupid, so out of place... pasikip sa backstage. for keeping the backstage quiet? think about it.. even if they talk out loud, the audience will still be noiser than they are. pulling people off the floor lines? a very minor thing to do, wouldn't even think about joining the crew just to pull them off from that line... grr...

walang kwenta.

i actually joined the crew because of barbie almalbis. duh. i wish i could get her autograph though. sayang naman tong pinagdaanan ko. :)

kainis talaga. i felt so little awhile ago, so epal! spare me the shame naman... kahit i.d. lang ng crew ok na... ayoko kasi ng tinatanong na, "ano ginagawa nyo dito?" tapos sasagot ako ng, "uuh... crew. (nanliit, feeling walang kwenta)" you see, i don't really think they need crews. but i also don't want to give up the position... for barbie.

such a fan. dammit.

maybe i wouldn't be of any help when they're already on stage performing but i guess we still did our part on the backdrop.
ano ba pwede gawin para magmukha naman akong hindi katanga-tanga?

101 wishes

prosec awhile ago was great! it was totally inspiring hearing success stories from mrs. zeta. right now i'm still working on my wishlist and let's see what'll happen. maybe i just have to ask God a little more and remind him that the number one on my wishlist is to have a bike and to learn to ride on one as well. =)

oh well, mrs. zeta is so true about, 'who knows later you'll be striking off one item from your wishlist?'
i got a bar of toblerone from larz! what joy!!! hehe... oh and you know what, i din't do anything productive last night. i was supposed to do a research on odysseus' journey, do the comex, the acctg. homework, the club stuff and a lot more things... but i just did it this day and i felt so pressured but thank God, i passed the english test! i mean, i should pass it anyway! i even begged mrs. leyco to lend me the odyssey book in library because we weren't allowed to borrow books anymore. after a minute of sermon and consequence details (like i have to pay for the fine even during the sembreak if i failed to return it before they close for the year) i finally got it. cool.

i'm excited to be back in business. ate alyn is just too busy to attend to my avon stuff so i just asked ate theresa to register herself so that i can start selling soon. this season really calls for additional money sources. the vat, the demands and supplies... it's all affecting our lifestyle. i can't enjoy eating in yoshinoya anymore because i can feel the weight of the tekamaki rice bowl bulging from my wallet. what ill-fated destiny... our country is not anymore the great country i used to imagine.
such fate...

such misery. oh despair... leave us alone. better yet, give us a more powerful ruler.

i hate talking about politics. \=(

bad habits

so far, i only have to two major bad habits: nail biting and sleeping during church services. i have pretty much suffered the consequences of nail biting. duh, short nails. it's like i can't stretch them out proud when doing the panunumpa. i too have gone through a lot of promises that i will let it grow but hell, as time passes by it's gradually turning into a nasty hobby. eew my god, LoL.

next in line is my frequent sleeping during church services. uhm, i'm not kind of worried about this because i'm barely noticeable in a multitude of 1,000. i'm actually planning to wear eyeglasses everytime i sleep because it's not obvious that my eyes are closed. i learned that from mom.

this one had caused me some embrassing moments too. i was sleeping one time and my head is leaning sidewards so i woke up. finally after a minute, i dozed off to sleep again and due to my heavy sleepiness my head didn't just leaned sidewards but also backwards! the people at my back were probably containing their laughter. XP
another funny consequence just happened yesterday. i was so contained in my sleep that i had a dream. it was very short, i just saw hannah and laura greeting me 'hello', and they both waved to me. guess what i was supposed to do?
unfortunately during that time our pastor was announcing the altar call... "if you think you have been out of touch with our Lord God right now and you hear him calling you to come back, just raise your hand and we will pray for you" the pastor says. normally only a few people raise their hands... probably 5 or less depending on how well the homily affected them.

LoL, just when the pastor finished asking for hand raisers, i woke up thinking what could have happened if i raised my hand in my sleep and the pastor noticed me, eyes closed waving to him like some close friend. gosh. i laughed after the thought.

enough about me. you see, i'm not the only one who sleeps, my mom sleeps too. my dad even... and my sister too.
ok. so we all sleep, but not at the same time. LoL
i have another story: (not mine)

there's this couple in our church and they're just new. as usual we welcomed them and the ushers gave them souvenir bookmarks. it was also the week of the holy cummunion so we were given the usual bread cube and grape juice (like 20 ml? LoL). we do it this way: the ushers pass around the tray with the little grape juice cups then we get our part then pass it on... like that.

when this couple got theirs, they immediately ate bread and drank the grape juice. they didn't know that we we're supposed to wait for the full distribution of the food, pray for it then eat.

they only noticed their mistake when they saw us all... at the same time, partate with the bread and drank the juice (ala wine). probably at that time they just kept silent, praying "we give you thanks for the food that we recieved... amen."


jingle bells, deadline bells...

oooh... thankfully i'd be working on just one deadline and that's our reading report due tomorrow. oh well, i just can't start using the computer without knowing i still have remaining internet hours. i mean, that's one major cause of my procastination but it's better than not having the urge to start the computer at all.

finally, christmas shopping done. look at that, my mom gave me 500 bucks... ONLY. for me that's okay. i listed down all the people i'm giving gifts this christmas and they're all 24. okay okay, it might sound big to you (or small even) but i managed to spend only half of my money for all of them. :D

hehe. i'm sooo saving my money for something else so i just bought mini toblerones for all them because... they're on SALE! hehe... i bought two packs...

unfortunately, i opened the first pack.. took one and by impulse finished the whole thing bit by bit... =(

tip: the cheapest gift shop i can recommend to you is Papemelrotti. the cheapest item i saw there is worth 4.25 =) it's a mini tear-on calendar. of course you won't give that as the whole gift itself... you might also want to add some more stuff like notebooks and planners...
you see, they use recycled materials so they don't cost too much. it's even cheaper than you think it is. =D

while in the mall, my sister and i sat on the foodcourt to rest when suddenly, the lights went off. there was a blackout and the people were screaming. i wasn't scared because there's nothing to be scared of. the first thing i did was call on to my sister... then the lights went back probably because of the generator...
then all things went back to normal. i was surprised with myself, i didn't buy anything else except for the gifts. on our way to the mall i was already imagining my peppermind mocha frappe when i suddenly remembered that if want my starbucks, i have to use my own money... grr.

ok. still have to meet the deadline.
frick! i haven't done the revision of my artworks! grrr... this is too much.

have a nice doomsday

finally, the urge to study! i've been waiting for this feeling to come along and i must thank a certain motivation for this.

actually, inez told me we're gonna do the spotlight backdrop tomorrow 9-4pm. that means i will have lesser time to do my homeworks so i decided to just finish some and enjoy the rest of the busy days to come.

oh well, i still don't know what mythological story to use for my reading report. a lot of people will be using pygmaleon and galatea and cupid and psyche. as for me, i'm still working my views on orpheus and eurydice which will be quite easy except for the 'favorite character' part. i mean, i neither liked any of them. orpheus may be one great musician but he lacks trust (who would trust hades anyway?). eurydice is just your average wretched (and dead) damsel. hades is still hades surrounded by corpses. persephone didn't really have a qualifying act in the story (although she did help a lot but.. whatever). who's left?

maybe i should just put zeus as my favorite character for making all things happen and for not meddling in. it was a traggic ending and mind you, i cried even when i just watched it through a filmstrip. it was all good and hurtful =(.

someone made me smile yesterday. my childhood bestfriend, mannie. =) finally, after months of being out of touch she contacted me through friendster. goodness, i miss those years.

mehn. i thought after a week of NO FROG PRINCE, i'll get over the hook but no. i watched it awhile ago and i'm back to tango mania. tango is still hot as ever, charlene is still cool. the kind of lead character you'll never hate for stupidness and idiocy. haaay.

i want to live in my OWN world. if there is such a place.
my own world would probably be just one place.
one day adri and i talked about living in such. it was fun imagining things like that... although highly impossible.
you see, everything i need is in the mall. if only i can afford to.

speaking of malls. i haven't made my christmas shopping yet. argghh... no $$$$$!

oh well, have a nice doomsday.

it's our field trip today =(

[edited] it's december 9, 2005 8:45 am

sad to say but i cannot join, i'm still waiting for the full recovery of my knee. let's just hope it won't last until our prosec fieldtrip because i don't want to be an alien in someone else's bus. =
well, today is a great chance to lessen my schoolworks. i still have to
:: redo some of my artworks for the exhibit
:: frame them on a cartolina
:: do the graffiti backdrop for the exhibit
:: do tons of physics self-checks
:: finish my reading report
:: gather notes for helena stollenwerk

i can't take all those!
last dec 7 we went to nez's belated bday party! twas fun! we watched chicken little and i ate a lot of junk! hehe... i love my friends.


i was not expecting to recieve a medal at first (no matter how minor the event was) but good Lord, i have recieved my first highschool medal.
frick, first medal in four years? that's so lame, i know, but i'm not really into extra-curriculars. oh well, i guess the category we won was the most minor of all events: props.
anyhow, i'm thankful.
congratulations to all the winners. go psyche! no offense, but i was (or we were) kinda expecting the overall. LoL. but at least we won a lot. =D

my batchmates have gone too competitive. tsk.
i'm changing this layout soon. if time and internet load allows me, i'll be making this page more collorful! =D

i miss my bored life

when you're bored, you suddenly notice things and make a big deal out of them. you laugh at them and you make lousy criticisms, then you notice you're having fun and you finally think that being bored has pros too because it lets you see the world in a more detailed (and funny) perspective like there's always something wrong (or right) about the things around you.

but on the other hand, when you're bored, you'll find yourself seated on a chair with your elbows on the table and your fingers curled under your cheeks watching everyone and everything come and go. the flight of the bumblebee, the fall of the ants, the cheer of the audience, etc...

anyone who passes by your table and looks at you will probably think you're really bored. you're lucky if these passersby are just mere passersby who are on their way to their game venues. unfortunately, you are not quite lucky when one of these 'mere' passersby identifies you as a team propsman then approaches you with rolls of foils, scissors and scotchtape. good omen isn't it?

i'm not saying i hate my work as a propsman (well, i 70% do) but you see, i was at the height of enjoying the boredness of the moment. oh, i'm also not saying that i'm being disturbed or something but well, let's just say i don't like doing pompoms?

true enough.
i helped making pompoms awhile ago and mind you, it wasn't an easy job. i could even consider myself luckier this year than three years ago when i was a freshman when we, propsmen, were asked to make pompoms for the WHOLE cheering team (that sucks).

so there, i cut the foil the WRONG way and realized it only when people are suddenly wondering why the strips are so curly and the bad thing was, i already taped it and it's ready to twist. ~_-;
i was so frustrated with the foil because it's too stubborn.
i have to ask someone to hold the strip-edges so that i can tape it properply.

even though it looked not the way it was supposed to be, we still found consolation with it's cuteness. a permed pompom.

till then. =D

dejavu or dream come true?

take the 'dream come true' literally. awhile ago in sm san lazaro parking lot something freaky happened. we were looking for parking space near the mall entrance and no space was available for us, then i spoke to my uncle, "di lang naman dito pwede mag park eh" then i looked to the 'mall entrance 2' sign behind us. then he told us to go ahead while he waits for parking space and asked me to buy him a take out lunch. then mom hands me down a hundred pesos and i ask my uncle what he wants.... blah.

you see, i wouldn't be narrating that moment to you without a reason because i'll sound like i'm too obsessed with sharing every detail of my semi-boring life but no. there's something behind that moment that freaked me out.

the moment i turned my head behind to see the 'mall entrance 2', i felt like this already happened to me then i remembered the dream i had seasons before and it was exactly the same. i recalled the dream, and i recounted the events after that and as i was thinking of the afterevents i noticed i was already doing it. =
that's weird.
LoL. dream come true nga.

i really felt happy that day because i finally have a charcoal spreader and a set of new ballpens! i bet you know the feeling of writing in good ballpens, those which will not run out of ink after 10 letters or so leaving a faint print of the letter you missed... then after 3 times of retracing the missing letter, the ink will flow back again and you will continue writing. then after 10 letters or so, the ink will run dry again leaving a faint print of the letter you missed... then after 3 times of retracing the missing letter, the ink will flow back again and you will continue writing...(repeat 10x)

i bought The Inferno by Dante for our english reading assignment. it was just awhile ago that i discovered something (not new) about the divine comedy. inferno, purgatorio, paradiso. hell, purgatory, heaven.

thanks to jami i can fix the green cube fast! i even practised doing it blindfolded and i was successful. yay! hehe, now i'm looking for other ways to do it.

till then.

i sat bored the whole day

i can't find anything to do... and i just sat down most of the time, watching the cheering practice. no pompoms to twist, no materials for the flag. no anything! just me, the people around me and the scorching heat.. plus the occasional wind strokes.
this was the day i felt most unworthy, like i'm of no help at all. a burden, yeah. but tomorrow, it's time to change the wheel... we're going to do the flag so hopefully the artist me try to come out and i'll be busy.

i'm just bored. i watched everything and anyalized them in full detail. even the softball practice, i now know the weakness of this pastar girl, she may be good in softball but her catching is er... not that good. i watched the ants drop to my shirt and on vero's drumset, claimed three namely Mr. Adam Ant, Mr. Adam Ant Jr. and uhm.. Mr. Adam Ant Jr. II. weird. when you're bored you suddenly notice things and make a big deal out of them. i continued making my retro doodle (grad ball inspired) and managed to imagine a 'retro' gown that will suit me... black and white perhaps. i played with the green cubes (that's how the tindera calls it) and failed to assemble it (i already forgot how i did it the last time). listened to lakambini bottom, my sister's current favorite song because it gave her hope that "e ano ngayon! kung mataba sha? mas masarap daw magmahal ang babaeng lumba lumba...". asus. she's not fat. she's just chubby.

i ended the day with a big sigh. it was just too boring for me to take, i didn't even feel the urge to finish reading 'the unbearable lightness of being' which was getting quite boring because i think i'm not yet in the right part of the book that made it an international bestseller.

however. i don't feel unproductive because there's nothing really important for me to accomplish for the moment.

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