death note

it's the cause why i've been spending too much money these days. would you believe i've shelled out a thousand bucks already in just 4 days without even noticing? that's the pain of being so awfully addicted to Death Note. i can't watch it anywhere but here where they have fast internet connections and i'm just too anxious to wait for someone to lend me the series. anyhow. forget about how much thrifty i've become this week. the point is, i have a sister and with her, i guess i am guaranteed food that will hopefully last me for 2 days. though i have to pay her back when i get my allowance.
speaking of allowance. i just couldn't bear the fact that i can't save at least 50% of what i'm getting per week just because of this abnormal addiction (that will hopefully run out in a matter weeks) to an anime series.
if you must know, Death Note is a potentially addictive japanese anime that, in my opinion, is like an animated version of a paranormal CSI case. i swear, you'd be hooked the moment you read the synopsis or watch the first half of my episode. take it from me, i'm sacrificing a good meal just to have enough money to pay for the internet. -_-;;

breaking the rules

ooops. okay. i think the profile where i'm watching the L word has a virus, or something equally harmful. a fresh minute ago while watching episode two, the computer restarted and everything i've typed here went poof! -- gone. -_-;; two days ago in another computer shop, while watching the same episode (coz i can't seem to finish it with the unusual bagdowns), the screen went blank and reappeared to have a bigger resolution. i ignored. then after while a short while it went blank again and went back to the normal screen resolution. i closed the video and the weird stuff stopped happening.

dear dear. i'm back to infiltrating harmful stuff to computer shops. i think i'm a virus in my past life. i don't want to end up like i did to primelink solutions where, as much as i'd like to go back... i can't because of er.. shame! yeah shame.

so. i can't watch L word for now. i guess i just have to buy a dvd. haha, i wish i were legal!!!!
speaking of legal...

happy 18th birthday michieeeee!!!!!!

my friends are turning legal one by one and i'm being left in the bracket of stupid minors with limited privileges... >.< awww. i'm the last to turn 18! well, it's okay. hahaha.

so, L word's out. next in line is Death Note! yeah, it's about time to learn how this wicked series infected my friends. and who knows i'm going back to being an otaku? ♥


i love receiving e-newsletters from Cnet. they cover up the most important tech topics on the web and they give you super reliable answers and advices coming from the tech pro's themselves and other active members. right now i'm learning a lot on which antivirus works best because as usual, i'm having problems managing my system. grrr... i promised to save money to get a decent and licensed antivirus but i realized why do i have to when i can get an equally functional antivirus for free?

so yeah. i'm moving from norton to AVG antivirus free edition. it's around 18MB but what's that in exchange of maximum security? okay. what led me to AVG is also the fact that most computer shops use it and it works well. most antiviruses slow down your computer even when they're scanning in the background but AVG doesn't. what else, when it detects a threat you can easily choose 'heal' and it will automatically heal the infected file unlike norton which transfers the file to quarantine first before healing it. in fact i don't think it actually heals because i've never encountered a 'healed' file among the threats it has detected.

soooo... since it's FREE and will only consume 18MB of diskspace, i'll give it a shot.
if you're interested you can download it here.


enter: hippy mode

yey. i'm home! whew. well, i'm glad i'm finished with most of my homeworks. >.< i have until the end of tonight to finish them all because i don't have time to spare tomorrow.

last night, our parents met us up in sm megamall. they brought food. hehe. as usual. so we ate in the car and toured afterwards. haaay, i'm getting sore of megamall. next time i'll hop to st. francis square to check out if they have the complete season of the L word. hahaha.

so we strolled around, checked furnitures and galleries and also took a moment to check this week's open exhibit. it was great. i never knew there were artists capable of doing such emotive paintings. i especially liked the works of emannuel garibay. super bow ako. i love the way he puts ulterior meanings to traditional filipino scenarios. it's full of.... hmm ... politics and controversy. things i hate but nevertheless love when they're played by an artists hand.

then we drank coffee in starbucks. i was the one who initiated because... i can't stop myself. then i strolled more... it's almost 10pm when i saw joseph and sandara walk past me. i was semi-star strucked. i have my cam phone with me but i supressed the urge because there's a much stronger force pulling me to the opposite side... the CR. so i walked away... i'm almost near the comfort room when i saw on the other side of the wing, jopay of sexbomb and this other tv guy. i stopped in my tracks. hello? that's like... jopay! my favorite sexbomb dancer! haha. call me whatever later, shut up for now. anyhow, the 'stronger force' i was talking about awhile ago is still so keen on pulling me back to my senses. and i must say it's really strong. i felt a sting of rush come to me when i notice the lights are being turned off, the stalls are closing and the boutiques are dimming as well. oh no, they might lock the CR. hahaha. ah basta... naka-CR naman ako. thank God.

9:30 entry

news: it's the first time ever that i created a layout that worked well in other browsers. remember the last version of this layout is skrewed in firefox? now it's not. it came to me one night when i was having my usual solitary sessions that i have a float: right property embedded on the navigation column and so i thought maybe i could float the content area to the other side... and well, it worked. yehey. although it just dawned on me lately, it's a good thing i thought of it. haha.

damn shane. whenever i get the chance i always damn shane. like now, damn you shane. damn you to hell. why do you have to be like that? "i'm shane, sometimes girly, mostly male". and your voice... it's deep and seductive. damn you. but like i said almost one year ago, i'm over you. shit, i'm already a college student in a co-ed university. don't you dare bring me back the horrors of teenage hormonal imbalance. it's err... killing me.

good things there's .... ♥
aah... i don't want to think of it because i know i'll just end up like i already did when ryan was engaged to juday.

giant optics

can't think of a good enough title. sorry. the past few err... moments were really dreadful i couldn't almost get out from the thick blanket i hid myself in. i have never been this depressed in my studies. i'm not usually like this in highschool. i never cared. i was too indifferent to bother looking at my grades because i know there'll always be some compensation if i don't get my writtens high. well, things have always been different when you enter college. everything goes extra hard and painful to bear. college will make you feel like the most stupid person on earth. but honestly speaking, i'm still more happy than sad even though things are like this. the endorphins need an appraisal. yay.

psychology is my new favorite subject! yehey. simply because it's the only class where i laugh the most. the discussions were always humorous and well, there's... :)

L word. i'm watching it right now. and don't give me that look because even though i think it's quite illegal to watch it here, they're not so strict about it. damn shane. >;\

oh... i got to get viewing now. ;)

live junk

hello. our chem16 teacher didn't show up, that's why i'm up here early doing my usual online activities. hay. i've just realized how i've grown into such a hopeless romantic. i'm actually close to ending the argument that all cute guys are either a) taken or b) gay. there's never really a reason for such guys to remain single unless their minds are occupied with the woman or (ehem) man of their dreams. either way, they're all taken. there are no more cute guys for ugly twerps like me. and i won't settle for someone ugly either. not that my standards are high, but i'm not usually attracted to ugly men. i'm being a selective ugly bitch here.

nonetheless, i believe that someday all the romantic goodness i am being deprived of right now will turn into good karma. i'm not rushing into having a relationship, in fact it never crossed my mind. i just want to feel the feeling of having someone so crazy in love with you that he even went out of the borders of sanity by having your name henna-ed on his arm. take note- in big bold caligraphized letters that almost occupied half of his arm. i found that action really sweet it made me jealous. of all the names, why does it have to be mine when it's not really for me? >.< anyway, even though he looks quite like justin of full house, the fact that he's taken already turned me off. i have no regards to men who are firsthand taken. hehehe.

this is just your very usual stupid teen love-life ramblings that in whatever angle you peep through will always sound shallow and conceited. i'm just making most of my teen life.

i want flowers too. =<

new layout

pretty much only the color scheme has changed. red is still my favorite color. i just want to see something new. hope it works well in your browsers, though i wouldn't count that much with firefox and other browsers.

we had our field trip in tagaytay... awhile ago. we left here (in los banos) at 730am and we came back at around 830pm. it was fun. really fun. psy1 is now my new favorite subject! cheers to that. haay. the field trip made me momentarily forget that i have two exams on tuesday, a math and a chem lab. i'm still looking for reasons to continue living you know. arrgghh. i'm feeling nervous for my chem standing. grrr... i feel so stupid.

vegetarian food is great. in fact we had vegetarian adobo for breakfast and i swear, you wouldn't even suspect that the 'beef' is not beef at all. =)

it's just now that i noticed a certain classmate. i never really knew we were classmates until i saw an 'arianne' henna-ed on his arm. of course it's not me, when i first saw it i was like "ha?" so okay. it must be his girlfriend. hehe.

but come on, who wouldn't want her name tattoo-ed (or henna-ed on a lighter note) on her man's arm? NOT ME. hahaha.

weeee... gotta study!

where do i begin...

i'm home! you'll probably read that statement once a week whenever i chance upon an internet connection here in our house. i'm so glad i'm back. it's a very long weekend for us! i couldn't be anymore happier. the bus ride was extremely nauseating and i was suppressing the urge not to throw up. it was hell. i'm not a fan of bus rides (unless we're on a field trip).

i forgot to greet you all a HAPPY VALENTINES!!!!

now back to my ever shallow entry...
good news. i got a perfect score on our PE1 long test. bad news. who would be proud of that? i'm not. PE's not counted in our curiculum, it's mainly for compliance sake. and it's not even going to raise my general weighted average. grr... but on the bright side, it's nice seeing your name on the top notchers list. hell yeah.

i still suck in chem. and i know there's a way for me to turn the tables, only i'm too fickle minded to know how.

so my throat is killing me and it's my own stupid fault why i'm banned on sweets this hearty-heart season. look, my throat is sore and i have this feeling that it's also scratched. whenever i yawn my throat goes to a painful stretch and i couldn't bear it. it's like an open wound being stretched. ouch mehn. good thing my fever's gone and i only have to deal with this stupid sore throat and a more stupid colds.

speaking of colds, a majority of people in our campus is sick as well. if not a mild fever, they're all wheezing their noses out. i also found out it's because of the drastic change of weather. first thing in the morning you'd be freezing like hell and then next thing you know you're being grilled by the scorching heat. and thus, since we're very fragile human beings, we get sick.

aah whatever. so what's up with my valentines? mehn it was damn BLANK. i'm not expecting anything anyway. i just feel jealous of all the people whom i pass by carrying bouquets of flowers and heart-shaped balloons. hahaha.

hmm. i made another LJ account. just so i could read mika's entries and read my other friend's entries as well.

everybody's well aware that today marks the most anticipated event for this month. it's valentines day! by now you should be thinking what a bore i am that on this festive day i chose to go online rahter than pay a hundred bucks on speed dating and another 20 bucks to have my crush's picture taken by a paparazzi (they're just two of the fun things you could spend your money on this valentines and yes they're available in our campus, for now) but that's life. i mean, this is my life. i have no valentines. awww. well, this is just one of the many curses i have to bear with for being an incredulous muse of nonsense. hehehehe.

hmmm. i'm in love with the teleserye Sana Maulit Muli! in fact i'm watching it right now through youtube! yehey. ♥

ehem. i'm not bitter! hahahaha


i'm sick. i have tonsilitis, yun lang naman sakit ko e, so much for valentines. grrr... ate theresa texted me 12:01 am she said the ryan and juday are so sweet in the lovapalooza last night. i'm so down. really really down. and chances are ryan won't be taping with y!speak anymore so i have to bear dj mo twister and his weirdly frank antics. bianca g. would be good enough consolation for ryan's absence. how i wish.

it's 5:30, i'm still at home. we should be in the bus terminal now but turns out i just woke up like.. now. i'm not yet finished studying for our philo exam and i haven't flipped even a single page of my chemistry book for tomorrow's test. so many things to do and i feel really week. damn. oh i know why. i ate a lot of sweets last week. i remember i ate 4 bars of chocolate, 3 slices of cake and drank a lot of coffee so... heh no wonder.

on the bright side of it all, i'll be going home this wednesday because we don't have classes on thursday and friday due to the 'palarong uplb'. yehey. and on saturday night i'll be going back to elbi again for our psy1 fieldtrip. >.< sad.

crush ko na si john lloyd! (but not like ryan. wahehehe) his super giant billboard in SM north is just... swoon-worthy. he's so cute. if helen is the face who launched a thousand ships then john lloyd has the smile that melted a thousand girls and *_____ is the guy who provoked a dorm war* of course you can't relate! hehe. we've been planning war tactics during kim's birthday and i was hailed as virus girl/trojan queen because of the virus incident on primelink solutions. my other dormates have been promoted from being syokoys as well. hahaha. we have dyusa, bangs curtis, reyna bidog, 2nd princess, goldilocks, rouge, sleeping beauty, thumbellina, jj the explorer, belle, psuedo dyusa... blah blah blah. yeah, it was fun. and we're all going to war against ___ just because reyna bidog saw his one-and-only with a rather pretty girl from the other dorm. LoL.

you know it's all a joke.

i'm trying to make sense here

we're all confused! everybody goes through this stage of confusion of whether or not they are really suited for the course they're in. i have only one advice, we've only just begun. we're only freshmen students! we're rushing things up! we're still subject to further adjustments and it will continue to annoy us. look at the upperclassmen, try to interview them, you'll realize they're just like us when they started... they're all excited on the first day but come one or two semesters, they go cursing their courses like hell. but they all surived, yeah they did, they went through it one way or another... and look at how they spend their junior years. they seem so laid back and fully-adjusted. someday we'll be like them. we'll get used to the pressure that's deforming our morale. we'll bloom! yehey.

i'm not saying i won't shift. i'm still thinking about it. i've taken a generous amount of online quizzes and all of them gave suggested i venture into the world of art. but upon checking myself, although i would rather draw graphics than plot coordinates, i cannot carry my passion for drawing to a higher level. it's only a hobby and i don't want to pursue it because if i do, my style will be limited to what my professors teach me, i will be pressured to do a plate i'm not interested in and... i don't think i'd earn much. -_-;; whew. besides, i'm starting to like chem. yes i do but it doesn't mean it'll like me back. i'm learning a lot of things. things i never considered my mind is capable of grasping. it's a whole new world for me. and even though i'm failing, it's a flattery to know that i can master (in a couple of years time) a field i'm foreign to.

5 secrets

tagged by: rica

1. i have a crush on the person sitting 2 seats away from me. for one thing, he wears glasses!
2. i found shabu under the chair in the dorm (seriously).
3. i'm only here in this internet shop in hopes of seeing my other crush (other than #1).
4. i'm a nail-biting monster (heh. not a secret but i'm desperately trying hard to hide it)
5. i'm selling the item in #2. (weh)

i'm tagging: nez and mika and everyone else who reads this blog. :)

slow torture

our idiot of a homeowner's president just did the worst thing he could afford to do in his entire (and not to mention dire) term. he hired stupid men to debark the 2 biggest trees in visayas avenue. if you ask me, or if you're living here in our poorly led subdivision, you would damn these people to hell. those trees stood tall for years! they bloom with fresh leaves and give shade to cars that went nuts. they're the only alive trees in that pathetic jogger's lane, and now they just gave me a reason to hail visayas avenue as the most pathetic jogger's lane. how could you eliminate trees in a place where people gather every morning to breathe in fresh air? come on, who in their right minds would debark a tree that does no harm. it was totally uncalled for, unsolicited and very very very stupid. first, there are no electric wires around the tree so it shouldn't be an issue that when the branches sway, the cables snap. second, the whole of visayas avenue's fresh air relies on those gigantic trees that our very stupid president killed. and third, what did the tree do to him? as far as i'm concerned he doesn't live anywhere near that street where the mighty tree reigns so he doesn't have enough basis to call it an eyesore. and well, since when did trees become an eyesore? that's the dumbest thing i've ever heard! and what? he claims that the roots of the tree are breaking the cement on the gutter! oh please. you can't afford a bag of cement to patch that stupid gutter up that's why you chose to just kill the tree? that's ridiculous! you lost more than you gain!

what's utterly depressing about this thing is the way the trees are being robbed of their lives. we're not talking about chopping it through chainsaw but DEBARKING the poor trees. the process of scraping the outer and protective layer of a tree's bark. when it happens, it is expected that the tree would die in more or less 3 months! it's the cruelest thing to do to trees! 3 months of slow and pitiful agony. i cannot bear to watch it suffer like that! can you? it's like a cancer that's slowly killing every cell in a body. how would the tree survive like that especially that's it's super cold right now. i can't help but feel emotional over this traggic news. i can actually picture how the tree will look like by summer. =( it will be the most depressing sight in the whole of visayas avenue.

i want him imprisoned!

the 10 virtues

it's the coldest i've ever felt in my whole life and i haven't been to baguio. anyway i've been eating a lot. come on, we need all the body heat we could get and according to the concept of bodily thermodynamics, the combustion of glucose (found in carbohydrates) produces heat. hence it's a fallacy that you shouldn't eat ice cream when it's cold. hah. whatever.

so. you see the image above? i created that january 22 while, as usual, studying. it's on a 3x5 index card and i have just also uploaded it to my devart account. yey.

what happened this week? i already told you i'm phoneless for a week but it doesn't matter because i just proved i can survive a week without it - but still i can't deny the fact that i'm anxious to read my flooded inbox and i miss my alarm tone. hehehe.

you know my favorite internet shop in elbi? primelink solutions? i was so ashamed of what happened one day that i couldn't anymore gather enough guts to go back there and play. i just infected their computer with a virus! if you're crazy about this silly shallow thing here's how: so per usual i brought my mp3 player/usb drive to get some songs (because there, limewire is legal and they're even promoting their newly acquired download accelerator which enabled me to download 6 songs simultaneously in less than 15 minutes). ok so while i was surfing, the computer hanged. i panicked inwardly because i was the closest to the counter and the staff is just behind me. to make things worse, kuya (the cute kuya) and the other kuya (yung masungit) are starting to make a fuss about the computer maintenance, customer guidelines and other virus chorva (!!!) but i pretended not to hear (credits to: headphones). eventually i asked for help. so kuya (the cute kuya) restarted the computer and scanned my usb. and alas! he found 6 infected files. after a couple of clicks - which seemed endless to my melting pride - the files were healed and he allowed me to revert back to my web itineraries (which basically sums up to only two things - games and download). how kind. i was so ashamed. crush ko panaman si kuya. but you the know the feeling of wanting to leave but cannot because you're stuck on the chair by the imaginary superglue of guilt and shame???? exactly my dear friends. i was anxious to leave but found it hard to even reach for my purse and stand. but thank God, a snide comment from the other kuya (yung masungit) finally made me jerk up and leave. i hard him say, "bat pinayagan mo pa mag-surf?" grrrr ka. i hate you. i super hate you.

so i made my way to the counter, which is only two steps from where i was and paid. i apologized sincerely to kuya (the cute kuya) and even said na sa sobrang hiya di na ko babalik (kahit na deep inside i want to come back T_T;;) but he only replied na, pag di ka bumalik mawawala files mo. ♥

e wala naman akong files dun. >.<

lesson learned: always, ALWAYS scan whatever you stick on the ports before using. you might just end like me who regretted the day i was chucked out of the list of primelink's regular customers (ako lang yan).

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