Some days I just want to be a housewife

We finally have a living room ♥ 

You know what, ever since we moved in to a bigger unit, I got lazier at work. Actually, ever since Koomi came into our lives I found myself getting lazier at work. It used to be that my priority in life is just my husband, my work, and the house. And so far I've been able to live happily around maintaining that status quo. I love our marriage, I'm doing okay at work, and the house is functional and clean most of the time.

But everything changed when Koomi arrived. A dog is a different kind of priority which doesn't fall into any of those three. It's major work keeping a dog alive and happy, while on the other hand it just keeps us happy. Weeeell, just 80% of the time he's up; the 20% that gets me frustrated is getting waken up in the middle of our sleep when he growls for absolutely no reason. So it's not all rainbows and butterflies having a cute dog around, it's compromise that moves us along. Damn, Adam was right.

So you see because of Koomi our house became dirtier. In our previous unit, we potty trained him in the balcony so we have to keep going in an out of the house, dirtying our slippers. And you know frenchies salivate soooo much, Koomi's mouth leaves a wet mark on the floor every time he sprawls down. Then he gets up and walks over it, and we walk over it, and the floor gets grubbier each day. Which means I have to clean more often. And because Koomi has taken over what little space we have left in the house, we decided it's time for us to upgrade.

It's been a dream of ours to move into a bigger unit ever since we started working from home more frequently. But if it hadn't been for Koomi, if he hadn't burdened us so much in our small home, we wouldn't have felt the urgency to move out. So uhh, thanks dog?

So now in a bigger, better, more beautiful home I find myself wanting to just forget about work and just take care of the household full time. Why? Because it's so satisfying seeing the house clean, the dog full, and my husband happy. So much so that I'm forgetting about work. Seems like I can only properly devote myself to three things, and work is getting pushed out of the equation.

Some days I just want to be a housewife.


I'm still tired

Again. I'm so tired. I'm never at a good place at work. I'm always stuck with my projects. I'm out of smaller tasks to gain confidence from. Like I'd get over them quickly that I have to deal with the major ones too soon. Huhu. It's dreadful, this feeling. I don't like it.

I have a big one that's already sitting in prod but I have to fix some errors first. And it's annoying because we don't have access to prod so I will have to keep on requesting for the prod people to update it, which is embarrassing for me. It was working in UAT so I don't know what gives.

Besides this big one, I have two other big ones that are completely overwhelming me. I don't know what to do. I want to give up. Oh Lord. How do people work for decades??? I'm just so tired of it all I just want to become a housewife and take care of my husband, and Koomi, and the house. I'll just enable Jeckie to earn as much as he can to maintain our current lifestyle. Yeah, like what traditional women used to do haha.

I thought it gets easier but I guess I haven't even started.


A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of Wounds and Their Care

In our daily lives, wounds, whether minor or severe, are inevitable. They could result from a simple kitchen mishap, a tumble on the playground, or a more serious accident. Knowing how to correctly identify and treat different types of wounds is an invaluable skill, potentially preventing minor injuries from becoming serious and helping serious wounds to heal more effectively. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of various types of wounds and their appropriate care.

Classification of Wounds

Wounds can be categorized in several ways, including by cause, depth, and whether they're clean or infected. Here are some common types:

  1. Incisions or Cuts: These are wounds caused by sharp objects such as knives. If shallow, they often heal well with minimal care, but deep incisions might require medical attention to prevent damage to nerves, tendons, or muscles.
  2. Lacerations: Caused by a tear or blunt force, these wounds often have jagged edges, and they can be deep, affecting not just the skin but also the underlying tissues.
  3. Punctures: These are typically caused by a pointed object piercing the skin. They can be superficial or deep, with a risk of introducing bacteria into the body, leading to infection.
  4. Abrasions: Commonly known as scrapes, these wounds occur when the skin rubs or scrapes against a rough surface. They usually involve just the outer skin layers.

Basic Wound Care Steps

Regardless of the type of wound, the first steps to wound care remain the same - clean the wound, stop the bleeding, and protect the wound.

  1. Cleaning: Use warm water and mild soap to gently clean around the wound. Avoid getting soap in the wound as it can cause irritation.
  2. Bleeding Control: Apply gentle pressure with a clean cloth or bandage until the bleeding stops.
  3. Protection: Cover the wound with a sterile bandage or dressing to protect it from bacteria and prevent infection.

Wound Care Products

Once the wound is cleaned and protected, using suitable wound care products can promote faster healing and reduce the risk of complications. There are various products on the market, including antibiotic creams, adhesive bandages, gauze, and specialized dressings. Your choice depends on the wound type and severity. For instance, for deeper, more serious wounds, hydrogel or alginate dressings may be appropriate as they maintain a moist environment conducive to healing.

Professional Wound Care

While many minor wounds can be managed at home, some situations require professional help. Deep wounds that don't stop bleeding, wounds with embedded debris, animal or human bites, or wounds showing signs of infection (redness, swelling, warmth, or pus) should be evaluated by a healthcare professional. Also, anyone with a severe wound or a wound caused by a major trauma should seek immediate medical help.


Understanding the different types of wounds and their appropriate care is crucial for effective wound management. From cleaning to bandaging, and selecting suitable wound care products, these steps can facilitate the healing process and minimize complications. However, never hesitate to seek professional help when a wound is severe or shows signs of infection. Your health and well-being are always worth it.


I'm so tired

Urgh I've been pulling my hair out trying to make this PowerShell module work but it just won't run consistently! Module in question is dfinke/ImportExcel. My problem is I've been getting the error 

Unable to find type [OfficeOpenXml.ExcelPackage]

randomly a lot which has prompted me to do several things which sometimes work and sometimes won't. What I've been doing every time that appears is reinstall a different version of ImportExcel, which fixes the problem but every time I log off and get back to work the following day I'm fucking faced with the same error. Beats me why! I'm looking at a more permanent fix because obviously I can't keep reinstalling forever...

For added info here's how I do a reinstall...

I open Windows Powershell as admin
Uninstall-Module ImportExcel until I get a No match was found, then...
Install-Module -Name ImportExcel -RequiredVersion 7.8.4 or whatever version 

Usually a reinstall gets it fixed... but still... I don't know why I keep getting the damned error. I've read it has something to do with EPPlus.dll not getting loaded properly but seeing that it worked last night and then decided not to the next day is just so weird to me. 



Smart Strategies For Starting A Fitness Business

Starting a fitness enterprise can be incredibly rewarding. Indeed, you can enjoy assisting people in reaching their exercise objectives and living a better lifestyle. Research shows that the industry is projected to grow by 171% by 2028. The numbers make it compelling to consider starting a fitness center, whether full-time or as a part-time gig. Are you a fitness fanatic or already like working out? Now is a good time to make money while doing what you love. Below are a few tips to guide you in getting started.

1. Decide your fitness business type

Several types of fitness firms are available, each with advantages and disadvantages. You can work as a fitness instructor, teach lessons, or run your own business. If you're considering launching a fitness company with no money, becoming a fitness instructor is a low-cost option. Still, it takes an extensive understanding of nutrition and fitness approaches. Running a facility necessitates a significant investment, but you can rely on the knowledge of others. When considering beginning a fitness company, gym franchising possibilities also exist. Your final decision will depend on the kind of fitness business you intend to run.

2. Write a business plan 

After deciding your type of fitness business, it's now time to plan. If you haven't chosen a name for your business, you can use a name generator to get a few suggestions. You'll also need a business strategy, an official document covering your venture's purpose, goals, strategy, and financials, not forgetting rent, insurance, gym equipment, and so on. It often comprises a business description, sector and customer assessment, an operational strategy, and financial predictions. You may customize it to meet your specific requirements. This document will guide you and help you stay organized as you lay the foundations for your business.

3. Get a dedicated space 

Even if your company is entirely digital, you'll need to consider where you'll film your fitness videos and hold your online sessions. It's crucial to have a consistent appearance for your set, so choose a brightly lit space in your home and use the same place for each of the videos in your series. Renting a location for a full-fledged workout center requires more time and money. The good news is that many landlords are currently eager to negotiate rent, but it would be useful to wear your bargaining hat to get the best deal. Consider factors such as location, space, and cost, among others, to ensure you get value for money.

4. Obtain the required permit and insurance 

When establishing a gym, you must comply with the specific business licenses and permits mandated by your state and local authorities. It is advisable to consult your town, city, or county clerk's office. One essential permit is the certificate of occupancy, which verifies compliance with building codes, zoning laws, and government regulations. If you are leasing the gym space, it typically falls upon the landlord to obtain this certificate. Running a gym entails certain risks not typically associated with other businesses. Potential hazards may arise as individuals work out, use equipment, and move around the premises. Obtaining small business insurance is crucial to cover various scenarios, particularly for incidents involving customers on the premises.

5. Acquire training

Getting some training is essential in launching a fitness company. Whether you want to learn how to establish a training business or run a gym, you must have some fitness experience for others to be confident that you know what you're about. You may consider several credentialing organizations, such as the NCCA or the DEAC, which approve legitimate credentials. Of course, physical training isn't the only knowledge you'll require. You'll also need to conduct many studies to determine what it requires to begin a firm.


[Recovery Logs] ACL reconstruction surgery with meniscus repair

See I knew something was wrong when it's been 10 weeks since my knee injury (from playing badminton) and I haven't fully recovered yet. For reference, here's my previous recovery logs where I didn't recover at all lol:

For context, I got injured playing badminton on January, let myself rest for a couple of weeks, but then felt too excited that I walked an hour on a treadmill on an 11% incline and then swam the next day. That's how I re-injured myself, prompting a knee reconstruction surgery. That's also proves how mind isn't over matter when the matter is out of hand lol.

Sometime in April I got an MRI which confirmed a chronic ACL tear on my left knee plus some serious meniscal tear. Doctor advised to get knee surgery, which went well on June 24.

In my understanding, they're gonna replace the torn ligament in my knees with a graft from my hamstring and screw it (literally), then shave off my torn meniscus so the edges are smooth and not sharp and damning to my bones. The technique they used (knee arthroscopy) is a vey minimally invasive procedure so there's not a lot of incisions made, making it easier to heal from the surgery.

It was my first time to undergo surgery so I didn't know what to expect. I was mostly worried about coordinating the LOA from my HMO provider and the hospital but turns out I didn't need to do that myself since I will be admitted pre-op which means the hospital will take care of calling our HMO for approval. I think the bill ran up to ₱180k, which included everything from the surgery, two nights admission, professional fees, and everything else I perused during my stay. Only thing not covered are the implants - and I opted for a bioabsorbable screw and button type so that set me back ₱85k. 

I was mostly excited to get over this major part of my life because I badly want to workout already. Now with a renewed sense of my mortal limits I promise to be more careful and more mindful of what I do with my ageing joints.

June 24 - day of my surgery. I was scheduled 6pm and was told to shower using a pre-operative bath kit they gave me consisting of two sponges and a bottle of some kind of antimicrobial bath gel that smells like alcohol and betadine or something. I was wheeled in the operating room by 5pm. The most painful part of the surgery was getting injected with anesthesia through the spine. After that I was sedated and would wake up from time to time feeling woozy. I just let myself fall back to sleep. Two hours later the surgery was completed and I was brought to the recovery room where they took an x-ray of my knee. Moments later I was brought back to our room where I immediately ate cos I felt so hungry. Surgery required me to fast for 10 hours so I haven't eaten anything in almost 12 hours at that point. Unfortunately I didn't know food and anesthesia don't go well together that as soon as I ate I just puked it all out. I felt sleepy afterwards and didn't fight it.

Here's my recovery logs so far...

Week 1
Jun 25 - it was a struggle to go home in this state. My leg was braced, I couldn't put any weight on it so I had to rely on crutches. It was also very painful and super swollen. Hard to go to the bathroom to pee. Had to put a chair in the shower so I could take a bath. Thank God my husband helps me with everything, I love him. I'm taking a bunch of meds for swelling, pain, and GI tract. Also antibiotics.

That's how my leg looks like on the first week. Everything swollen from the thigh down. I dress it every two days as instructed. Every day I'm able to put more and more weight on my left foot which is nice 😀.

Week 2
Jul 5 - it's been more than a week since my surgery and I can now walk without crutches but not too long because it gets tiring. I've finished all my meds too and is just taking it slow, wearing braces as much as I can to keep my leg straight. I do feel some kind of shooting pain when I'm pivoting though which is concerning because I thought I'd have brand new knees and I just have to wait for the swelling to subside. Will ask my doctor when I follow up.

Note to self:

Jul 7 - Barely used my crutches today. Still wearing braces the whole time. Can shower standing up now. Can wash the dishes as well. Felt a sharp shooting pain once; I think I accidentally pivoted. Otherwise, good progress. 😊

Jul 8 - followed up with my surgeon. Suture removed. Doctor mentioned the shape of my meniscus was adiscoid instead of crescent shape; which made the tear more painful as it goes in contact with the joint. Was advised to start rehab next week.

Week 3
Jul 12 - can walk better now. Can sleep without braces. Still wearing knee support. Can shower standing up for the most part but still gets tired so I still need the chair hehe. Can work the kitchen now, albeit slowly. Have been able to go out to the mall as long as I only walk short distances. Didn't use crutches the whole day. Can sit with my let bent slightly. Can ride the front seat of the car now, but have to scoot forward so my thighs don't get too pressed on the seat if you know what I mean. There is still some swelling on my calf. Still can't see my ankles. 

Jul 13 - Consulted with a rehab doctor as well as scheduled by rehab sessions. Poor flexion - straightest I can go is 30°. Closest I can bend my knees is 60°. Stopped wearing braces. Can walk faster. Still need crutches for aid. 

Week 4

July 18 - Day 1 of rehab. Got super tired with all the exercises I was taught. My leg is still swollen. Was advised to do warm and hot compress and continue the exercise at home. I also learned how to use my crutches properly. All this time I was putting my weight on the armpits, turns out it has to be on the hand support. No wonder I was slouching and feeling more tired when I use them, half the time I give up and just use it as a cane. Hay.


Get a Frenchie they said, it will be fun they said

I feel like I'm in a state of paralysis at work. I have loads to do but don't know where to start. I have a bunch of open items that aren't moving and I feel like if I could just close at least one project I would gain some momentum with doing the others. But here we are.... hayy.

To be honest I've been pretty damned preoccupied recently. We got a French Bulldog and ever since it came life has never been the same. 

Meet Koomi! Born January 15, 2023, we took him in on April 18 when he was three months old. He's five months in this photo.

His first few weeks with us were a nightmare. He came in sick, was in an out of confinement; apparently has coronavirus. He was pitiful but all I can think of was that he's being a pain in the ass. He would poop and pee everywhere. Diarrhea levels that at one point was charcoal black. He would chew on everything he could get his teething mouth on, to the point where we'll be awaken with him choking on chips of wood he's munched from our bed post. We couldn't focus on work because we have to watch him all the time. I was so tiring. And for the most part I was angry at the dog. He was just a puppy, I know. We wanted to give up but was never decided on it. Every day we try again. Every day I get bursts of anger. Every day I lose my sanity. I asked my friends for support and the consensus was IT GETS EASIER.

And damn they were right.

Eventually we got past the point of buyer's remorse and entered the point of no return lol. Weeks passed and we see him recover, slowly regaining his energy, slowly warming up to us. We were getting to know each other, and we were slowly getting our sleep back. It was just a few weeks ago that we would dart up every fucking hour in the middle of the night at the sound of his gargling (which is really just him chewing his paws), or his heaving (which is usually followed by his puking), or his abnormally loud hiccups. The slightest off in scent would send us upright, waving a flashlight in search of a puddle or a mound. It was beyond exhausting. I've had several breakdowns.

What made it more frustrating was because he was sick, we couldn't complete his vaccines and therefore couldn't take him out, in turn locking us all in the house with nothing to do but to tolerate each other. It made me very anxious. 

But that was two months ago. As soon as he recovered and completed his shots, we were slowly able to take our lives back, more importantly our sleep. That's when they say it will get better. I didn't believe my friends, thought they were brainwashed lolol but here we are, two months later proving them right. I used to hate the term furmom or furparent but I'm mothering the heck out of our dog and would gladly take the label now. I'm a freaking furmom to this stubborn bundle of joy and I'm loving it.

I'll make another post about what I'm learning raising a Frenchie, things I wish I knew before we got a dog. I'll call it Frenchie Tips cos it's punny haha stay tuned!


Nobu Hotel City of Dreams Manila - the staycation that felt like a dream

Stayed two nights at Nobu during Holy Week and I might say, it's so far the best hotel staycation we've had! Nobu is one of the three hotels that is part of the integrated casino resort that is City of Dreams Manila. The other hotels are Nuwa and Hyatt Regency. We chose to stay at Nobu because mainly Jeckie wants to try something out at the casino, ako naman I liked Nobu's interior. ♥

I uploaded a Room Tour vlog on YouTube, check it out here: [Room tour] Nobu Hotel City of Dreams Manila - Deluxe room, breakfast, amenities

We booked through Agoda and checked in early at around 2:30pm. Room wasn't ready yet and we were made to wait around 30mins for it. It's a peak date (holiday) so it's expected that rooms can take longer to get assigned.

When we got to our room I was pleasantly surprised. I super love how it's designed. Normally I would prefer elegant, modern, or minimalist styles but I think I've graduated from that cos I really appreciate the Japanese inspired theme. It's very characteristic.

The big brush paint accent on the wall, the roman shades, the roll-up blackout curtains, the lamps, I love the room so much! ♥ FYI I used to hate that big wall accent whenever it comes up in my feed but now I love it so much I specifically requested for it lol. 

We didn't get a room with a bath tub but it's more than fine. Maybe next time!

The large TV is an Android TV which is something I really admire because most hotels still only have cable which nobody uses anymore, so we always have to bring our Mi TV Stick just to watch Netflix or YouTube or Disney+. Glad we didn't have to set it up this time. ♥

I learned about this late, but apparently all the food at the minibar is complimentary. There's soda, juice, m&ms, and cup noodles.

Besides check-in taking too long, another thing I didn't like was that they're not responsive through email. Which I don't really mind but that's minus points in terms of hospitality for me. 5-star hotels usually are very responsive through email. Okada, being another busy hotel, never missed my emails. Anyway. Just to compare... cos I normally email hotels after booking to confirm, reiterate my requests, and subtly hint if we're celebrating anything cos most of the time they take cues and prepare something hehe.

Oh wait, Smart signal is bad in the room. We're on the 8th floor facing the pool. Little to no reception at all. But the free internet is fast and doesn't require a username and password so yey.

They don't allow outside food. Understandably so cos they have their own retail area where you can eat, so yeah take note. There aren't a lot of food choices though. And most of the shops are high-end so we didn't indulge. We focused on the restaurants. Personally the only familiar names are Mary Grace, Mango Tree, and Starbucks, and they're the cheapest in the lot haha. There were a bunch of unfamiliar restaurants but owing to the fact that they're in a casino resort, we have above average expectations. And they did not disappoint! We ate at Red Ginger (Southeast Asian) and Season 88 (Chinese, Filipino) and I highly recommend both when you're in COD! 

They gave us three breakfast options. Option 1 is buffet breakfast at Hyatt. Option 2 is ala carte dining at Wave restaurant (by the pool). And Option 3 is ala carte in-room dining by Nobu. We stayed two nights so on day 1 we tried the buffet, and on our last day we ordered in-room.

Hyatt buffet was just okay, there weren't a lot of choices to be honest. But it's all good. I don't tend to eat a lot during breakfast anyway so my plate was mostly continental, you know... bits of everything... pancake, bacon, eggs, potatoes, sausage, coffee.

Personally I prefer in-room dining because Nobu is serving and they have a good breakfast menu. Day 2 we got Nobu Style eggs benedict which was perfect.

We also got side salad, fresh fruits, bread, and juices. I love it!

Wave is the one option we didn't try cos it's too hot to dine out here.

We didn't think of eating at Wave because of the heat wave haha. Sobrang init sa labas grabe I don't think we would enjoy breakfast by the pool, but their menu looks good din!

They have a cute sized gym hehe. There are enough cardio equipment, a rack of weights, medicine balls, and other machines, but it's pretty tight.

No enough space to lay down a mat and maybe do some yoga. To be fair I don't think people would even use the gym when they're here.

What really made this staycation special, and like I said, the best haha, was that we were able to win everything we spent here by playing at the casino. And before you say we're lulong, let me be clear that I'M NOT PROMOTING GAMBLING because we all know it could lead to a serious addiction... 

yeeeeaah, that's about the extent a disclaimer I can make...

but I still wanna share my excitement cos it's quite an elated experience for both of us. Something I want to relish but also control cos there's no knowing the depths of this rabbit hole we just peeked through haha. 

Thankfully, we came in with a strategy (ah! like many others before us haha). My husband taught me the martingale betting system which effectively works with roulette. But it's not foolproof okay, it's a slow process depending on your risk appetite. Like any wise man would say, bet only with what you can afford to lose. Have an exit point and a reward ceiling. I'm not gonna elaborate the system but so far in the few times we played we never lost. Sometimes we gained only a little bit, but overall our 14k yielded over 50k. We were ecstatic cos that's more than enough to pay for our whole stay plus everything we ate there haha. 

When we wanted to eat at a restaurant we'd just play for 2k and call it a day. That's basically how we enjoyed our stay hehe. It feels so freaking good. We're on a high. But it's so dangerous, this feeling, this brewing addiction, if you may. And we only ever hear regret stories about gambling so I have to be very very clear about my motivations every time we enter the playing field. 

What's really off-putting thing about the casino though, besides losing and the growing possibility of being addicted, is the lingering smell of smoke, which is common naman with Casinos I think but I didn't realize I'd hate it so much I'd gag. I wore a face mask the whole time but I still couldn't stand it specially when someone in the same table is actively smoking. To be fair, COD smells better than Okada. Slightly or maybe because it's larger. The cigarette smell in Okada is too thick and the place feels cramped. Over time you get used to it but again it sucks when someone nearby keeps puffing hehe.

Yeah I should stop raving about our measly winnings. It feels immoral to be proud of this. I shouldn't be proud of it.

But yeah we would love to go back to City of Dreams haha. Char.

The week that was

Late upload for my Weekly Monotony (click here!), probably the latest ever. I got really sick for a while, but for the most part I just got lazy hehe. So here's a recount!

Slowly transforming the house, yet again, according to my aesthetic preference haha. I bought a new office chair, a new shelf (which I already had before but gave away), a new kitchen rack, and a cute pour-over. I also bought a slow juicer for my uhm, health needs? Hahaha

In terms of decluttering I sold a lot of things. I have this huge bag of old clothes... gowns, dresses, blouses that I never got to use a lot because they're special occasion type of clothes I really have no closet space for. That and business casual blouses I have no use for ever since I left my previous company. So yeah, listed them all for cheap at our community marketplace, sold around half of them, gave away some, and kept those I think has potential or as Marie Kondo says before she gave up on her own method (why: kids), "sparks joy". A week of decluttering, selling, delivering, picking up parcels, and assembling stuff has gotten me really really exhausted last week. Couple that with my STILL painful knee and everything became 1.5x harder to do haha. Would've used 2 as a multiplier but I got my husband so yeyy 💕

But hey, it's all coming together. 💖

My knee is still painful. It clicks a lot these days, painful clicks that last a second that somehow make it easier for me to bend my knee. For some reason, yeah. After it clicks, ouch, then when I try to fold it it folds better. Beats me. Only an MRI can tell. Which I already have scheduled so hopefully I get some clarity on this. Haaaay. 

Mama turned 69 😏 this year and we decided to celebrate simply. I booked an airbnb in our condo, pressured them to arrive on time so we can still go malling and have dinner together hahaha. In the end they still arrived late (as usual) and I only got Terai to drag with me to the mall while my parents rest at home. I'm not really surprised haha. I know my parents well enough, they're past the age of malling, and everything they do have to be nestled between rests. I don't wanna push them. I should've known better though hahaha. We would've gone to Tagaytay but my mom hates long drives especially in a wonky car haha. I hope to be able to go to more out-of-towns with them but I really need a good car for that! 

We were able to go malling the next day, had lunch at Kaya Korean Restaurant, bought my dad new shoes, and spent the rest of the day at the airbnb. Watched The Glory with my sister (who claims to have watched only clips of the drama and yet knows everything about it lol), ordered GrabFood, showed off my juicer which my mom loves haha. Made them bring a bunch of vegetables so I can demo haha. She's proud that all her nagging and force feeding us fruit and vegetable juices when we were young has finally paid off. I call it trauma hahaha. It was really fun, all we really needed is some quality time together in the same house. 


I hate my face I'm too pimply and they're all cystic and I keep on popping them cos it's satisfying so now half my face is all dark and wounded. Argh

That's it, happy weekend! 🎉



What's up lately... 

✱ Joined Anytime Fitness

Since Fitness First Megamall closed down, we've moved to Anytime Fitness Pioneer which is nearer, a bit cheaper, and has free parking, so not bad. I miss FF though cos it has better amenities. AF doesn't even have a lounge where I can wait for my husband when I'm done working out. Also no coffee haha. And their bathrooms and lockers stink. Really not much to do except work out. I even got "scammed" with their group exercises cos they posted they have something everyday at 12nn, which excited me cos that's when we usually go to the gym, turns out if no one registers in their app (which doesn't work), then the class will be cancelled. So guess what, ever since we started there I've never seen a group class in action. 

✱ Surrendered our 10yr+ old VUL policy with Philam

We've been paying for a life insurance with VUL policy with Philam for over 10yrs so you'd think we can stop paying already and just let it grow no? Nope. Because the economy has been on a downward trend for so long, the VUL aspect of our policy is losing, and because every month they charge an admin fee, when we stop topping up it will get the fees from our investment returns instead. And so we're losing even more. Based on my records we've paid over 200k++ on one policy and when we surrendered it we only got ~145k. Huge loss but at least we've cut it. 

So now we just bought a new product, that is...

✱ ACP100 (AIA Critical Protect 100)

... one without investment features, purely protection (life and critical illness) which is more practical for us cos we're already saving and investing in stocks elsewhere. I've never really looked into insurance policies before, I usually just let my mom buy stuff for me and reap off of it. But now that we've actually incurred losses from our policies, I gathered I didn't want to just get insurance for the sake of it. I need to freaking look at the product I'm buying. Good thing my sister seconded getting ACP100 cos she got one for herself and knowing her she studies everything she buys so I'm in! 😊

Also a good thing my parents are our own insurance agents so processing claims is so easy we just need to supply everything they required. ♥

✱ Celebrated my husband's birthday at Angeles

Two weeks ago we drove to Pampanga for Jeckie's birthday, and also to celebrate our regularizationss hahaha. Super adventure cos it's our first time driving up north for vacation and sakto naman we ran a flat tire along NLEX haha stresss! Good thing my husband knows how to change a tire and I uhm just helped with the flashlight and hauling things from the trunk haha. I couldn't even carry a tire for my own sake so that's probably my new fitness goal right now hahaha I wanna be strong enough to be able to handle changing a flat tire alone. You may watch my vlog here!

I loved our staycation cos our airbnb is super pretty and it's been on my wishlist for sooo long. We ate a lot and really enjoyed our beautiful bungalow. They're on airbnb but I booked them on facebook para cheaper.

Tip: if you can find the facebook page of the airbnb you can book direct cos it's usually cheaper. BUT you have to legit-check. I do that by chatting them up on airbnb and messaging them on facebook asking to screenshot our convo on airbnb. That's usually enough proof they actually handle the airbnb account. Don't ever mention booking directly with them on airbnb cos they can be penalized for that. 

✱ I'm regular now!

The feeling is overwhelming. It's only been 6 months and I already received my performance appraisal, and my corresponding performance bonus and annual increase, plus an additional bonus! This company is pretty generous. For a Meets Expectations rating I didn't expect to get a significant raise. My bonus is even prorated but I'm already so grateful. I'm so eager to continuing meeting expectations next year HAHA. I mean, this is it. Who would've thought just meeting expectations could be this rewarding. I love it. I worked hard to really up my base pay because I know every increase, every bonus, even my next job... will base on that. And it's finally paying off. I'm not even working that hard. I haven't even deployed a single project. Which reminds me lol. I really have to work now hahaha.


An Introduction to Waistdear Waist Trainers Service

Waist training is a popular trend these days, and for good reason. It promises to help you achieve an hourglass figure by cinching your waist and training it to be smaller over time. However, not all waist trainers are created equal. That's where waistdear comes in. We offer a waist trainer service that delivers results.


Waistdear is a company that specializes in clothing manufacturing with inclusion of various kinds of shapewear. You can also purchase wholesale shapewear to resell to your customers. We have a variety of waist trainers in different styles and sizes to fit every body type. These waist trainers are made from high-quality materials that are designed to be comfortable and durable. 

Wholesale Breathable CompressionSilhouette Waist Cincher (
Wholesale Breathable Compression Silhouette Waist Cincher (

How our waist trainers service works?

The waist trainers available on our website are designed to suit your specific needs. When you place an order with your correct size or correct sizes of the waist trainers you want for your business, you'll be receiving what you need to help you achieve your desired results. When purchasing for yourself kindly take into account your body type, and usage to pick the right waist trainer that is tailored to your needs.

Is it safe?

One of the biggest concerns with waist training is safety. There are risks associated with wearing a waist trainer for extended periods of time, such as breathing difficulties, digestive issues, and back pain. However, when done correctly, waist training can be safe and effective.

Waistdear's waist trainers service is designed to be safe. All you need to do is to ensure that you're wearing the waist trainer properly and not for extended periods of time. Also, as you monitor your progress, you can adjust your waist trainer size and duration of wearing it as needed to ensure that you're not pushing yourself too hard.


The benefits of waist training are numerous. It can help you achieve an hourglass figure, improve your posture, and even reduce your appetite. However, it's important to remember that waist training is not a quick fix. It requires dedication and consistency to see results. For business owners you can also order wholesale waist trainers with logo.  

The waist trainers service offered by waistdear is designed to help you achieve your goals in an effective way. With addition of a fitness/exercise schedule, you'll be able to stay on track and make progress towards your desired results. A customized meal plan will also help you make positive changes to your lifestyle that will benefit you in the long term.

Is it worth the investment?

The waist trainers manufactured by waistdear are of great quality and durable too. The value that it provides is impressive, considering there are so many designs, colors and fabric types to choose from. If you're serious about waist training and want to achieve your desired results in a safe and effective way, in no time you will achieve that when using waistdear waist trainers. 

Choosing to buy from waistdear is worth the investment. However, it's important to remember that waist training is not a quick fix and requires dedication and consistency to see results.

Watcher duties

Currently watching: True Beauty

It's day 4 in the hospital with my sister. She had total thyroidectomy on Thursday and I've been here since Wednesday evening watching over her. I'm her designated watcher but to be honest I'm not really watching haha, more like hanging around watching KDramas and bonding with her when she has the energy to hahaha. It's my first time to watch over someone in the hospital and I damn well prepared for it. I knew my parents were gonna prepare for Terai so I focused on preparing for myself hahaha treat it like a little staycation lol. I don't like the part where I get to be away from my husband for days but I also don't like my sister left alone in the hospital. My parents are too old to be apart and there's only one companion bed and I know none of their backs would survive this tiny cot. So it's gotta be me, and I'm happy to. 😊

First thing I made sure before coming in is to check the network signal. I have to WFH so a strong signal is a must. Thankfully Smart 5G signal is super strong here at FEU Hospital so I'm able to hotspot from my phone and get things done, careful not to set any meetings cos I'm not really in a good place to engage in a call haha. My parents brought me a blanket, I brought Hedgy my flattest stuffed toy, I also bought change of clothes good for 4 days, toiletries, my V&M skin care, coffee, tea, my bigass tumbler, speakers, extension cord, my Kindle, and other gadget stuff. I'm all set hahaha.

I don't really know what to do as a watcher besides alalayan sya generally but I've come to itemize some basic things I found myself doing the past few days:

  • Wheel the IV stand whenever she needs to pee. Easy enough cos the night leading to her operation she's on a fast so she didn't pee much, and after the operation she couldn't eat properly so yeah, not much as far as her bladder is concerned. Oh wait it actually became concerning that she couldn't drink anything and kept on choking post-op but it eased up on the following days as her throat muscles start to heal (she was intubated with anesthesia). By the time she can eat and drink properly she's off the suero so she can handle herself hehehe
  • Assist in changing clothes. Easy too cos di naman sya naliligo wahahahaha
  • Bring stuff upstairs. Easy enough except that the elevator here is programmed to stop at every freaking level so that's a bummer. And my parents like to bring stuff over lol like soup and fruit juices and water, anything we request actually since they just live nearby. So convenient! They brought us comforters cos the AC here in so freaking cold. Grabe ang sarap matulog with comforter very hayahay hahaha. Anyway. I had to go downstairs a lot. I hate walking cos my left knee still isn't a-ok but it's fine hehe.
  • Be present when the doctor needs me. Which never really happened because Terai is a grown ass ahjumma and the operation didn't really damage her comprehension haha so she can take the grown up talk by herself hahaha. Howeverrrr, during her operation I was summoned to the operating room because the doctor wants to talk to the companion daw. I was so groggy and alarmed at the same time because isn't this the part where they say something went wrong and shit?! So I came down to the OR and asked for my sister. They told me they already talked to someone and I was like huhh but I'm the only companion, so they made me repeat the patient's surname, they had it checked, and as it turns out they called the wrong number and the patient in question has a similar sounding surname, and that my sister is still on the table and I should go back to sleep. What the fuck right? Way to traumatize me on my first stint? (Not that I want more)
  • Assist in discharging procedures? I'm guessing I have to do some paperwork to get us out tomorrow so yeah.
  • Pack up and carry everything. They have a trolley we can request for and our parents are picking us up so no biggie.

All of those things I kinda expected but I didn't realize that the brunt of being a watcher goes to not getting enough sleep from all the doctors and nurses coming in an out every few hours to check on the patient. It's easy enough to drag the IV stand whenever Terai needs to pee but to be awaken ever so often when her vitals need checking, it's become annoying. Thank God they told us we can request for vitals to get checked during waking hours only so that's a relief! The visits lessened. Hope they suggested it earlier though haha. But still, I think we're still being visited at least 5x throughout the day lol

Anyway. Post-op was the worst. She was wheeled out 8am and came back around 5pm? She couldn't eat nor drink. Her neck, shoulders, and throat hurt. She chokes on anything she tries to ingest, and she's been coughing incessantly, spitting out saliva and phlegm that's been building up in her swollen throat. She had trouble breathing so she was nebulized a few rounds. She also got a fever which is why we extended for a day. It's day 2 post-op and she's feeling a lot better now, she's eaten normal food and junk food hehe so hopefully we're out tomorrow!

Please pray for my sister's speedy recovery! 🙏


Filed under Keep Dreaming

Just a random photo in the house

I've been dreaming of a Honda CR-V a lot lately. Specifically the 7-seater Diesel Turbo version.

I want a CR-V mostly because I want something bigger that would fit my entire family comfortably. And I love how it looks, specially before I came to the price haha. I mean we're just five people (me, Jeckie, mommy, daddy, and Terai) but I want to give my mom a lot of room for her things and my sister a whole backseat row whenever we go out of town (which is the dream) haha. Thing is, we can't really afford it. Uhh maybe we can but it would come at the cost of slashing our allowance in half, and selling our current car. I actually prefer the 2018 model but I don't think I can still get it brand new these days. 

It's nice to dream. Jeckie and I told ourselves that if we have to get a bigger car might as well get one with more capacity, otherwise our trusty Vios is more than good enough. Anyway, when it all comes down to it we can't possibly maintain a CR-V lol. Comprehensive insurance costs 3x what we pay for our sedan, not to mention other costs of maintenance like PMS, tires, and other expensive parts.

It's not just a car I'm dreaming of lately. I also want our own home. A 2-3 bedroom pet friendly east facing condo with a spacious balcony and accessible parking in a central area like where we live now or somewhere less dusty, equally urban, quiet, with lots of green spaces and hole in the walls. Hahahaha how specific.

It just came to mind when I was looking at Fitness First Greenhills on Google street view (by the way, our home gym is closing down so we're transferring our membership to Greenhills branch). It's located at the commercial area of The Viridian and I thought how nice would it be to have the gym so near? Hahaha So I checked the rental rates at Viridian, got dreamy for a while, but then immediately filed it under "Keep dreaming". Just like with the CR-V.

Still, a girl can dream!


Recovery logs

In light of my recent injury, here's how I've been coping so far...

Week 1

• Jan 15 - Date of injury (left knee). Took Advil, applied ice pack. Pain level 7/10. Couldn't walk properly. I can drive though. Was able to shower alone too. Can't bend nor straighten. Slept with a knee support and a pillow underneath.

• Jan 16 - I'm taking pain relievers 3x a day. Icing it too at least 3x a day. Can shower alone but cautious of steps. Can't stand for long. Knee support all day; pillow when I sleep.

• Jan 17-20 - Getting better every day. Pretty much the same routine.

• Jan 21 - Was able to go to the mall. Can walk faster now but not for long. Can't sit for long too because my leg feels ngalay wen it's not elevated. In the car I'm using a cardboard box as a foot rest. Elsewhere I look for extra chairs or just step on the feet of the table, anything elevated really. Stopped taking pain relievers.

✱ Week 2

• Jan 22 - Went to the mall. Can walk faster now, as well as cross my legs! Still using a foot rest in the car. Still icing as much as I can.

• Jan 23 - Continuously recovering. Still icing. Can walk better now.

• Jan 24 - Braved the gym. Told my coach I can't do leg or knee exercises so we just focused on upper and thighs. Faced a couple of hurdles earlier: one was getting up from floor after stretching and the other was getting to the shower area where there's a huge step. I survived both! ♥

• Jan 25 - I'm able to walk faster now but my knees still feel very ngalay when sitting down for long. Went to the gym and did chest workouts. There's really not much I can do with a bad knee but we're slowly adding mobility exercises so it would recover faster.

• Jan 26 - Did shoulders today at the gym. Wore knee support on both knees. Drove to the office. Been sitting at my desk for over an hour now and my leg feels super ngalay. I need to find something to rest my feet on. Even the lowest chair setting is too high for my short legs. And our tables aren't height adjustable so it's pretty uncomfy.

✱ Week 3

• Jan 31 - Stopped icing. Can walk without knee support now, but with extreme caution, cos every time I build confidence in walking straight, eventually it's gonna click and hurt and I don't want that to happen. Went to the gym earlier and did back exercises.

• Feb 3 - RTO day today. Also went to the gym earlier. Still can't do full body workouts but we were able to do some leg exercise using resistance bands. Still can't fold my knees completely, and there's like a popping pain evert time I try to squat a little. 

✱ Week 4

• Feb 6 - it's week 4 in recovery. This is really taking a long time. Well I don't remember my previous injuries to be quick anyway. It usually takes me months to recover. Which sucks cos I'm already itching to workout and play properly. Hay.

• Feb 9 - I'm able to do planks now! As well as squats but not too low hehe

✱ Week 5

Feb 14 - Hey happy valentine's day! We're on week 5 and I'm still not a-ok. Still can't bend my leg fully and walk for too long. :)

• Feb 18 - Currently in the hospital watching over my sister. There's pain in my knee whenever it bends the wrong way. I can indian sit now but without bending my left leg too much. Can walk more lengths, still cautious about stairs, but there are times I can push my leg up without feeling pain so maybe I can build on that confidence.

✱ Week 6

Feb 23 - Went to the gym today! Recently I've been able to do a bit of cardio. Can do vipers and side planks now! 

✱ Week 7

• I have not much updates for this week except that I know my knee is still very far from healing completely. I remember Feb 28 as our last day in Fitness First. The next days we started with Anytime Fitness where I had 2 free PT sessions. I did leg presses, where I slowly learned to fold my knee, my coach knows about my injury so he made me do more on rehabilitation exercises. On day 2 e performed myofascial release therapy on me which is basically an hour of pain haha. We're working on slowly stretching my leg muscles so my knees would fold better. I'm feeling hopeful but at this point I'm worrying at the pace of my recovery. :(

✱ Week 8

• Mar 7 - I went to the gym and walked on a treadmill for an hour on 11% incline. I thought I'd do that to strengthen my knees but the following day I feel very sore.

• Mar 8 - So I thought I'd be able to walk on the treadmill again, but my left knee was so sore right so I just swam. It's pretty low impact but I'm still feeling a bit of pain whenever I kick. And feet started hurting as well from compensating from my lack of kicking power. You know what, it's week 8, I should be a lot better now but I feel very far from that. I should probably go to the doctor.

✱ Week 9

• Mar 17 - wow, I'm still recovering. No notable improvement. Can workout but I avoid the knee. I've been following Caroline Girvan's 1hr abs and upper body workout, but eventually I have to let my upper body recover so during those days I don't know what to do? haha Promised myself I'll go check with the doctor but I haven't really scheduled anything. Please pray for my healing 🙏.

✱ Week 10

• Mar 24 - BACK TO SQUARE ONE. I may have overworked my knees too much as soon as I can walk straight. It's because I walked an hour on the treadmill two weeks ago. My fault. Went to the doctor to get checked, was advised to get an MRI, so that's what I'm waiting for next. I have a schedule in a few weeks at VRP. Hope it's nothing serious. Hay.


To my future injured self


So, you got injured. Again. Bet it's one of your knees. Playing badminton I presume? Chased a long shot? Tripped on uneven surface? Not enough warm-up? Wrong series of footwork? Did you forget to wear knee support? Whatever the reason may be, I hope it's not as painful as the last. I know you don't enjoy getting injured but being that it's becoming an annual thing for you, maybe it's time to put up a guide on how to deal with it. Hopefully you won't need this but you know, just in case...

Remember to RICE (rest, ice, compress, elevate)

Rest your knees, apply cold compress to reduce swelling, wear knee support for compression, and elevate your knee to improve blood circulation.

Additionally, take NSAIDs 3x a day for 3-4 days to reduce inflammation. Advil or Alaxan (Ibuprofen) works. Based on your medical records they used to prescribe Celecoxib for pain but I'm not sure if you can get that over the counter.

It may take 2-6 weeks before you can walk properly again, but you can slowly incorporate mobility exercises to strengthen your knee. Like this seated knee extension with resistance.

Take your glucosamine and chondroitin supplements religiously and don't forget to stay active and keep moving. Also, learn proper footwork for God's sake. Maybe you can try cycling on a stationary bike to strengthen your knees. Girl, you really need to step up your fitness regimen. Your weight is probably bringing you down too, like literally.

It's frustrating, this pain. Can't walk, can't run, can't workout, can't play badminton. But hey, in the meantime while you're recovering, take things slow. Finish that goddamned book and start a new one. Pray. Read the Bible properly. Eat healthy. Quit slumping your back.

Frustratingly yours,
Your currently injured self who can't wait to play again


8 Ways To Relax Today

The state of relaxation is somewhat like a unicorn. It does not seem attainable at all. Unlike the mythical unicorn, you can find several enjoyable ways to relieve stress and feel comfortable. Try one or all of these tips to obtain more peace and zen in your life today.

1. Just relax.
Telling someone to relax is easier said than done. This is especially true when it comes to finding ways for you to unwind. Sometimes pulling out one of your Delta 8 THC Vape Carts is the answer. It offers a milder effect than others, with quick-acting results to achieve a calm and happy state.

Allow yourself to experience something relaxing. Taking time is as important as what you do during that time. Make it about you and for you.

2. Read a good book.
One of the great relaxation tools is reading a good book. The genre does not need to be sweet and serene. It can be a heart-pumping and an intense page-turner. What matters is the act of sitting down, relaxing, and letting yourself become engrossed in the chapters before you. It is simply a mind-engaging release.

Bring your book to the park and find a bench tucked away from others. Or pack a blanket and have a picnic while reading and relaxing in the sun. Keep it close to home by tucking into the corner of your couch with a mug of hot tea, or a glass of wine, and enjoy.

3. Go for a quiet walk.
Putting on comfortable shoes and weather-suitable clothing to take a walk outside is a great way to unwind. You can go alone or with someone with whom you like spending time. The important part is getting outside and moving your body. In addition, walking has the added benefit of exposure to fresh air.

While you can relax by popping in your earbuds and playing a relaxing playlist or podcast, you can also unplug for a while. Keep your phone on you in case of emergencies, but turn it on silent and silence your notifications. Pay attention to your surroundings. Listen to the birds, the sounds of traffic, or whatever else is in your vicinity. Look at the vegetation or the architecture. Take notice of what is there and focus on being in the midst of it all. 

4. Meditate.
Quieting your mind can be hard if you have had a difficult day. Experiencing inordinate amounts of stress may hinder your ability to naturally calm down. If that is the case, try meditating.

Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit down. Reduce any distractions. Focus on the moment you are in right then and there. Put any tasks or work out of your mind. Pay attention to your breathing in and out. Practice meditation when you wake up, before bed, and any time throughout the day to feel more relaxed or to reduce your anxiety.

Meditate with this video of the relaxing sounds of crystal singing bowls.

5. Soak in a relaxing bath.
The warm water of a bath can prove more than inviting at the end of a stressful day. It is a respite against the outside world where demands are hurdled at you from every front. Shut the door on responsibilities - literally and figuratively - and slip into the bathtub. Dim the lights or light a few candles beforehand. Add your favorite essential oils or bubble bath and a soothing playlist.

If you are in the mood, add a scrubbing element to your bath. Put on a clarifying facial mask and call it a DIY spa day. When finished, be sure to apply lotion after patting dry. Next, don your most comfortable pajamas before settling in for whatever is next or a good night’s sleep.

6. Go to bed.
You go to sleep every night, so why should it be considered a relaxing opportunity? It falls squarely in the category of calm when you approach it as such. Set your bedroom up for sleep success. Find solutions to quiet any extraneous noises, shut out all ambient light, and put away electronic devices to reduce distractions.

Address any reasons you are unable to sleep. Go through your nighttime ritual, and take a bath if you wish. Ensure your bedding is clean and comfortable to wrap yourself in it. Once you have taken care of everything, turn in a little earlier than usual. 

7. Spend time with an animal.
If you already have an animal companion, then you know the unmitigated love they have for you. Take a few moments, without the distraction of your phone or a streaming service playing the latest binge-worthy series. Unplug and sit down with your furry friend. Grab a brush for an impromptu grooming session or simply pet away.

If you do not have an animal family member, find a local shelter. Volunteer your time to sit with the rescues and give them socialization. Who knows? Perhaps you will end up with a pet after all.

8. Whip up something delicious.
For some people, the act of making good food is relaxing. There is an almost cathartic effect to the methodical process of following each step to transform raw ingredients into something delectable. If creating food that is both delicious and satisfying and then sitting back to appreciate it is something you enjoy, get your menu ready and start cooking.

Another culinary option is to enroll in a cooking class. Ensure it is a relatively low-key endeavor and that the fare is something you wish to eat. Bonding with other classmates while learning how to cook a new cuisine can be relaxing in its own right.

You do not have to wait for an ideal time to experience the benefits of relaxation. Find a quiet corner and a few minutes you can steal away for yourself. Or, schedule some time just for you into your daily calendar. A few minutes here and there can prove beneficial to your overall sense of calm and happiness. Go ahead, you deserve it.

Wrapping up 2022

Heya! Here's my last Weekly Monotony for 2022, a lengthy 20 minute vlog about how the past week went by! I kinda forgot to split this into two vlogs but whatever haha you may watch it here below ⬇️

Weekly Monotony (Dec 26 - Jan 1 2023 Vlog) • click here to watch

This one's a pretty long one cos a lot went down this week (ie. eating out haha). 

✱ I don't recall going to the gym cos my head still feels heavy from ubo sipon.
✱ We ate at Alba, tried the newly opened spa at Estancia (Blue Water Day Spa), and dined at High Grounds. 
✱ Cooked sinigang, RTOed, and discovered Black Dragon milk tea.
✱ We also claimed our Once in a Lifetime voucher at Victoria Court before it expired. Luckily, there was an available room on the day itself. They gave us the Chinese Room and it's amazing! There's a big jacuzzi and a swiveling media wall so we can watch TV while on a bubble bath. There's Disney+ installed too so we finally got a taste of Avengers Endgame in 4k!
✱ Dined at Watami which serves ridiculously packed sushi rice it's so frkn heavy haha. Their matcha cheesecake is a great discovery though, I think I have to try making it!
✱ Shang transitioned into a cardless parking system where they take a snapshot of your plate upon entry and you pay for it before going out, by entering your plate number on one of their kiosks. Pretty cool, though I wonder how it works for those with similar plates like 8 and 16 for senators and congressmen?
✱ Anyway. Spent Thursday evening preparing for our New Year trip the next day. We drove to Amadeo to spend the final days of the year at The Farm Shack Villas.
✱ I so love the place it trumps a lot of our "finer" accommodations this year. Nevermind that we got sick from dipping in the cold pool and showering in patak patak cos the water pressure is too weak haha. We still had a blast.
✱ On our first night we prepared truffle cream pasta and lemon butter chicken.
✱ And for New Year's Eve dinner we had Magic Potatoes and US Ribeye Steak w/ Guga Rub (thanks Guga Foods for the recipes).
✱ Went to Acienda Outlet Mall too to eat and look around. I gathered it's not really cheaper at outlet malls, but you do have a lot of options I guess.
✱ Caught the last sunset of 2022, a beautiful raging one, and drove to it heading back to the villa. Sunday was bittersweet as we pack up and leave this hidden paradise. The drive home was smooth, absolutely no traffic, and we were home in 2 hours. ♥
✱ Had dinner with my in-laws at Mama Lou's

My 2022 Lists (Twitter Thread Wrap-up)
I don't know how to call this but when 2022 started I made a list of all the films, series, and books I've consumed. I also made a thread for stuff I'm thankful for. And here's how it went...

Oh my Twitter is private so here's a snapshot I guess haha

By the way, this is the second year I'm doing this and I'm proud to say I've automated the part where I have to scrape all of the images (posters and covers) in the thread. The layout I did on Canva and IG.

2022 in Films (23)

I'm not really a movie person. Everything I watched this year I watched with my husband (except Encanto), he's the one who loves movies. Of all those films I particularly enjoyed Last Night in Soho, Multiverse of Madness, Everything Everywhere All At Once, Ricky Gervais Supernature, Werewolf by Night, Wakanda Forever, and Good Will Hunting

2022 in Series (17 seasons)

Ahh. My attention span for k-dramas have declined horribly I can't get myself to finish Extraordinary Attorney Woo and It's Okay to Not Be Okay. On 2022 I was only able to complete two romcom type k-dramas. My brain is leaning more towards consuming short and easy to watch series like Selling Sunset and Never Have I Ever haha. She Hulk was an abomination. 

Jeckie and I also started with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and we're now on Season 6. It's a different kind of sitcom for me. The leads are a bunch of egotistic assholes who have absolutely no love for each other, much more to the people around them. That unique premise opens up a lot of possibilities and unbelievably ridiculous situations that never fail to crack us up. I highly recommend it! The social commentary is also on point hahaha

2022 in Books (8)

Oh I'm not proud of this. I completely blew my 2022 GoodReads Challenge because I was stuck on Surrounded by Idiots for months and I couldn't abandon it because of my OCD. Sigh.

In this list I enjoyed People We Meet on Vacation, Atomic Habits, and The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.

I also just discovered Anna's Archive recently which has a pretty promising library, a good substitute for Z-Lib after it went down. :)

2022 in Thanks
Oh I have a lot of things to be thankful for this year and the thread made it easier for me to recall them. Big and small I jot them down as long as I'm thankful for it it goes on the list ♥ For this one though I'm just gonna cover what I consider my personal highlights hehe

✱ I got two credit cards on No Annual Fee For Life promo ♥

✱ Caught Covid and recovered. Probably got Omicron which was the prevalent variant at that time. Perks of isolation: daily trash collection and deliveries taken to our doorstep; serviced apartment feels haha. Except we're stuck at home for two weeks haha. Had to give up (sell) our Spider-Man No Way Home tickets because of this but it's all good :)

✱ As far as staycations go we had 9 of them this year, not including the accommodations we had with our families, and the multiple "short staycations" we spent at Victoria Court HAHAHA. In fairness to VC you can really spend some quality time and entertainment over there. All the suites are thematic and come with jacuzzi tubs, the TVs have been all updated to ginormous smart TVs, there's also karaoke, and last but not the least - their restaurant is really good. I recommend getting their Legendary crispy pata, pork belly, and shanghai!

I love featuring the places we stay at because I get to practice my shooting and editing skills hahaha.

✱ Worth mentioning in my highlights are the best steak experiences we've had this year. Manila Pen's Beef Wellington, Ruth's Chris' Steakhouse's Porterhouse for two, and finally my own cooking: US Angus Ribeye Steak w/ Guga Rub. Guga Food's Guga Rub is one of our best gastronomic discoveries of the year, that and truffle oil!

✱  I worked with True Value for my first ever sponsored video content. I was ecstatic when someone reached out for a video content that's gonna be published on my channel. They paid me a talent fee, and also gave me the items I needed to feature on the vlog for free (I got a butane stove and a lifetime table hehe). They may not like the numbers this video earned but this was an enriching experience for me!

✱  I voted for the first time in my largely apathetic life. I had hope for a while then it died in a matter of hours. I knew it was better minding your own business. And that's where we at. Still a highlight, but could be a lowlight too you know? For the country, definitely.

✱  I earned $372.81 on YouTube this year. I know it's not much but it's the most I've earned in a 12 month period ever since getting monetized last year! 

✱  Had my longest solo drive when I fetched Jeckie at San Pablo. 84km at night!

✱  I left my cozy five year old job at White & Case for the sake of career growth. Now that's a heavy highlight for me. Writing about it now, four months into my new company, and I still feel terribly nostalgic. I miss my friends, my boss, our beautiful office, my large and motorized personal desk, the benefits haha. I miss everything. And while I'm feeling very stressed right now at work due to, uhmm, the knowledge gap that I have yet to bridge, it's still a bit to early too regret this decision! Hopefully I power through. By God's grace!

✱ My Kindle Review reached 100k views ♥ Which reminds me, I have to work on my backlogs!

✱  My channel reached 2k subs this year! That means 1k legit subscribers cos you know I had to work for my first 1k subs through ~enrichment activities~ and support groups!

✱  I joined Fitness First to put my fitness first charot. We got an 11.11 deal on it which gave us two free months, then we also purchased a PT package which gave us another free month. Good deal, and also, I love it here! Lots of group classes and the coaches are very professional.

✱  I learned a bunch of handy skills this year like replacing a faucet and changing the exterior lights of our car haha.


I guess that's it for the roundup! This must be the lengthiest blog post I've ever written this year. Actually I haven't written much this year and I miss it. Hope to get back to just random babbling cos I miss writing spontaneous nonsense.

Have a blessed year ahead and if you reached this point please drop a comment let me give you psycho a little virtual hug for caring enough to read a long-winded account of how this stranger's year went! ♥

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