patching up

i want someone to yell GET A LIFE in front of my face. if you notice, i've been blogging almost everyday since the christmas break... like i have a lot to tell when in fact nothing much is happening in my life. really. and i'm surprised that i actually managed to write something. hehehe.

oh this is going to be my last entry for the year! cheers to that.

since 2006 is going to end anytime soon i'm going to follow the bandwagon of people who write resolutions, acknowledgements and apologies. just for the mere pleasure of having something to blog about.

♥ new year's resolutions

1. i'll, hopefuly, quit biting my nails.
- actually during the vacation i've grown them! long enough for my taste but still short compared to others. i have short fingers and when my nails grow past them they easily catch dirt since there's no skin beneath it. i hate it when that happens so i always say it's better short and clean than long and dirty. and when it gets long i, out of a silly habit, bend them with my thumb until it cracks. then poof. they're gone once again and i have to swear, for the nth time, that i'll let it grow. so, in the name of this blog... i solemnly swear i'll TRY to leave my nails alone and mind my own business (of growing them).

2. stop procastinating.
- it's an illness! a lethal one that could kill your academic life!!! i'm struggling to keep it from getting into my genes and being passed on to my err... future kid. uggh. we all hate ourselves when we procastinate but what's better than warming up your braincells a bit before diving into a whirlpool of homeworks?

3. save $$$.
- where's money when you need it? unless you're filthy rich and arrogantly wealthy, i'd guess you've said that line at least once (or twice and more) in your lifetime. i swear i'm going to save half of my allowance every week to be able to accumulate enough money to buy a killer laptop.

♥ apologies

hehe. i know i've hurt someone one way or another but the thing is... i can't remember! weh. it's either *i've already said sorry or *i'm not aware i hurt someone. to all those i've bashed before (whom i've apologised to already), i don't think i deserve to give them a second apology. once is enough. don't get used to it. i'm just being fair and it's different from being generous. SORRY is a very sacred word to me, and when it comes out of my mouth i mean it! i don't just apologise because the ocassion calls for it.

either way.
heh. labo.

♥ thank you!

there's so much to be grateful for!! this year has been really eventful. yeah, to the point of me blogging almost everyday as if something noteworthy always happens. GOD is and always will be on the top of my credits list. in fact He's given me way too much optimism and inspiration to push through life regardless of its hostile way of welcoming me.

thanks to all the people who contributed to my graduation. i mean, to those helped me earn my diploma and not trip on the stage. those include... my friends, family, peers and counselors. mehn, you're the best. hi five!

thank you... mommy and daddy. i was the result of your love-making. lol. at least you love me and will always do. i love you too. aww. cheesy.

thank you... my sister! yeah terai! most of time i feel like you act so unlike your age, so childish but you've always been here for me. without you i'm lost. seriously. if you hadn't taught me beforehand the shortcuts from math building to humanities and from registrar's to the dorm, then... i'm dead. thanks for keeping my secret. my dear dear secret that shouldn't be spilled in the dorm.

thank you... my dear co-muses. we've proved ourselves better than sex. hahaha. thanks for all the laughter and joy. i laugh hardest when i'm with you. you're my cure!!

thank you... college friends. you taught me a lot. you see, i was an idiot when i came to the university, now i can safely say i'm a partially-learned woman (and will still learn some more). you're the reason why i still hadn't killed myself on the 3rd day of school. and you're also the reason i didn't cry when i got a 5.

thank you... dorm mates. you make me feel at home.

heh. basta thanks to everyone who has been part of my life. hah. how cliche.

and lastly, thank you Blogger for publishing this entry.

a toast to 2007.

each day has enough troubles on its own

i'm starting to feel really odd about myself. i wish instead of being a rotten engineering student i should've pursued my abnormal fancy for computers and took, against all odds, computer science. it's the only course i THINK i would enjoy despite its own antagonistic air. it's the only course i THINK i would appreciate even when professors kept on bombarding us with loops and strings to trip us over. it's the only course where GEEKS are given a new definition. they're not people who go to school with the weirdest clothing line and carry the heaviest books. GEEKS, in this department walk with effortless fashion and speak like geniuses. Coming from Einstein, "Great Minds Think Alike" and indeed, you cannot simply mingle with these people if you do not know their language... which make them seem higher than the rest of us yet so isolated from the real world. they secretly plot for world domination using the one thing most of us are illiterate in. Codes.

that's exactly how i want to spend my college life. it's the only place where looks are utterly deceiving.

i'm so confused. one day i'd say i really want to be a com arts student, then comp sci then business major... then journ. then fine arts. then... maybe i should be an out of school youth. heh. not likely but still. you don't know how detrimental it is to my wilting health to think about my futuuuuurrrreeeee.

do i even have one?

oh the mood

wee. nothing much. i just feel like blogging. like usual.

warning: rants and raves on this particular entry are extremely shallow. read at your own risk.

i'm not wearing my watch now. and i feel so weird and uncomfortable. i've grown accustomed to glancing at my right wrist every once in a while to check the time and now i've got nothing to depend on. now i have to cock my head to the left to keep sight of the wall clock and strain my neck with doing so. i know you know how it feels to lose something you're so fond of. i'm not putting in practical applications here. yeah but it feels wierd not to have a watch tied on your wrist.

i'm excited to draw. i bought 2 metallic pens awhile ago (pink and blue) and i'm just so eager to do another version of my playing-card sized bookmark. thing is, i forgot to buy a black pentel pen. grr. just imagine the coolness of it. pink and blue metallic pens on a black paper. i'm so excited.

i realized. Blue (don't give me that look) taught me one of the most important things i have to consider in life (aside from how to pitch a softball properly and how to hold the bat when you're on the homebase. ooh memories) and that is to 'live life to the fullest'. it has become my motto ever since i read it in her profile. weh. hehehe

it's weird not having your wallet around. but for me, it's weirder not having a watch.

brad pit is the 100th sexiest man on earth. i can't believe it. he could've made it to the top 10 but 100th? who are you kidding? perhaps they haven't watched Troy yet.

♦ ♥ ♠ ♣

that's actually an edited version. i dry-brushed it using photoshop to, hopefully, hide the erroneous mistakes i've made. like the face for instance. i haven't drawn a decent face since... i can't remember and i can't seem to draw a decent face anymore. hahaha. that's darna, if (how odd) you haven't realized. i just copied that somewhere. i can't upload it in devart for now because they won't let me! they say my browser is an outdated version already and i have to update! nye. sinungaling.

i just realized this last night. when an author starts to enumerate things in 1,2,3 he's not aware that his book is somewhat morphing into a teen novel. i'm nearly done with The Zahir - Paulo Coehlo. there's a part in the novel where he lists down the possible conversation topics he might come across while dining in with some important people. i swear he almost sounded like meg cabot. it was that part where he complained a lot about how uncomfortable it is to spend a night with people whom you barely know but should keep you company just because you're one of the most influential people in the world. apparently, just like everyone else in his shoes, he partly hates being a celebrity. well well well... just that part. his work is still magnificent though this particular novel didn't have that much effect on me.

next in line: Eleven Minutes. i've been hearing good reviews! i'm excited to read it, i'm just waiting to finish the zahir. theen... after Eleven Minutes i'll resume to completing reading the Harry Potter series. i'm on the 3rd book already. and it's the last i should read before i can finally say that i've read the whole bunch.

happy birthday mika!

the big and the bang

oh i love yesterday. barkada christmas party at hannah's! karlita and i were the earliest to arrive, hence we're the earliest to leave as well. i ate a lot, talked a lot and you know, laughed like a lunatic. i mean, they wouldn't mind! they're my friends! they know me! i'm really a monster in disguise. we played games, shared stories, took pictures, gave gifts and sang songs. mehn. i just love yesterday. in fact when we were eating we almost looked like 'the last supper' since we're 13 and complete. though i wouldn't want to put it that way, being the 'last' you know. wahahaha. my cheeks are so stiff right now from laughing, i think i'm starting to grow abs as well. wow. great. if we only have reunions everyday then probably by the end of the month i'll have the perfect abs! hahahaha. kagabi lang ulit ako natawa ng sobra ever since i entered college. e hello, may nakakatawa ba sa college????? aside from the oblation run? WALA.

let's go back to the other side of reality where there are homeworks to be done and clothes to be packed for the back-to-school curse we have to deal with. i certainly do not wish to go back to school yet. though it means having to meet your college friends once again, i know it wouldn't be as fun because meeting them would only mean talking about schoolworks, schoolworks and more schoolworks. haaay Lord, please help me.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE. it also meant seeing your crush after a weeklong break. nah. i'm not as excited with seeing him but 'seeing him' sends little sparks to my heart so i might as well be glad. in fact, i'm more excited with watching Ryan Agoncillo on the big screen. i know it's gonna be so heart-shattering and painful but I'll get by. haha. ako pa. hahahaha

♥ ♥ ♥

adsense alert!! would you believe, i've reached $19.92 already! aww... keep on clicking the google ads guys!!

sometimes you have to risk disobeying your parents just to be with your friends. damn, right. my mom doesn't want me to go to hannah's house because someone told her it's dangerous to go there at night. i'm being stubborn here. i'm so bad, but i just can't miss it. come on, i've been waiting for this. i miss them.

ooohhh deeeaaarr, i have to watch Kasal Kasali Kasalo.... even if it means risking hurting my feelings in the process. you see, i've carried my extreme fancy for ryan agoncillo to the next level. for the first time, i dreamt of him. it was really nice, i even took a picture of him on my cellphone which, of course, will only exist in the forementioned dellusional part of my brain. but then again i have his picture in my cellphone! --- in my dreams that is. all i remember is him sitting somwhere near, talking to US. yeah, unfortunately... US means me and my sister. i'm lucky enough his fiance isn't there or else everything will be lopsided and disastrous. i'm not a flirt. i simply sat there as a fan, a wretched fan, a longing fan.... a psycho fanatic. we talked, though i can't remember and he's laughing. jeez, i swear i was melting at that time. ♥ hahaha.

alright. so Kasal Kasali Kasalo is currently on RANK 2 on the box office. Enteng Kabisote is still no.1. hmm... i have to watch. di bale na mag-isa!


happy christmas everyone! today's a very tiring day. but i love it. come on, like i have any reason to curse this season. first thing in the morning, like 12 midnight, terai woke all of us. yeah i was so sound asleep, it's the first time i slept early ever since i entered college and a light tug from my sister broke the record. i got pissed off, she opened the lights and it was blaring in front of my eyes. super bad wake-up call. but then she just came in to give our gifts. i have a new dictionary at last! i've been begging for it for years. thanks.

of course i went back to sleep. the following morning (or maybe a couple of hours later) we ate breakfast merrily, it's really typical there's nothing special on the table, then went to my aunt's grave for a short mass since today is her 40th death day. there were just a few of us plus a couple of policemen from my uncle's mobile unit. then we headed to my uncle's house for lunch. okay so pretty much we just ate, paid respect to the elders, gave gifts to youngsters then finally went to the rooftop to chill with my cousins. we drank wine then slept at the tent (yeah) under the mango tree (they didn't cut it down when the rooftop was made) and woke up after a few hours when our little cousin is already sueing us for terrorizing her playground. so we went out of the 'treehouse' and ate... again.

blah blah blah blah. weh. i felt guilty for those people i didn't greet this christmas just because i'm using unlimited text. haha. sorry. sa new year na lang. =)

o sigeeee... merry christmas ulit!

xmas rule #1: thou shalt not weigh more than thy refrigerator

yehey. i love this day. thank you Lord for granting my wish of a 'different' christmas! i met a very special friend today! si mannie!!! my bestfriend since grade 2! we haven't met in like, 5 freakin years and i was so happy when she surprisingly texted me that she's in Ever today! i was like, "weh? nasa Ever din ako!" hahaha. so meet meet. though it was a short encounter, i still loved that moment. it's not always that you meet a very special person! aww, she hasn't changed! i mean of course she's still tall, sexy and that charming. yeah and i was like so proud that i didn't look stunted beside her! hahaha. weh. i just love this day. and wait! there's more! if you call right now to greet me i'll be slashing off not 1! not 2! BUT 3 whooping days from your regular schooldays! which means your christmas vacation be extended for not 1! not 2! BUT 3 whooping days. believe me, i can do that.

call now!

aww. my sister's friend's boyfriend is just so unreal! he calls his girlfriend to BIBLE STUDY. where do you get someone as religious as that? too rare. she's so lucky. i never thought there exists a guy like that. just where do you find guys who pave heaven's path for their girlfriends? lol. sana may ganun pa for me!! wahahahaha.

cge cge.

merry christmas!

i'll stop the world and melt with you

the cure the cure. they're so good. i love their music. why hadn't i idolized them before?

haven't i told you there's a party upstairs? guess not. they're not noisy, that's NEW. but hey, i can hear the egyptian music background of my bellydancing cd! LoL. so this is, after all, a christmas-slash-workout-party. what the h. i can't believe i recieved gifts from my dad's agents. thanks. of course my favorite would be the bar of almond snickers which was mindlessly fed to my monster stomach the moment it was given to me. treat.

whew. i'm semi-hating myself for forgetting my wallet in the dorm. i should be out to the mall this week to buy and check out a few stuff but i'm temporarily broke due to my own negligence. you know what, i could sense this christmas will be boring. we'll get over the usual family reunion and food indulgence and later on realize that this is exactly what happened last year, except that we're fewer in number since some have died already and didn't make it to this season. i want something different. no, i DEMAND this christmas to be different. oh fate, let it be. i want a gift from someone unexpected. a greeting from an old old old friend. an unlikely visitor. perhaps just someone special to knock on our door is good enough. just spare me the usual preparations and expected highlights.

imagine. it's 3 days before Christmas. we're not traditional when it comes to this season, usually we just sleep it over and eat gloriously the next day. take New Year for instance, we don't buy fireworks, we don't even light up the whole house as superstition says... we just stay awake by midnight and watch the display of lights in our rooftop with utter admiration and awe. we just gape the whole time and when we feel sleepy already, we go down, close the lights and TRY to sleep. boring boring. it's the food the counts anyway.

redfox deskpod

i'm in love with another computer! venta5 is selling a RedFox Deskpod for 19,995! it's using an AMD Sempron 2800+. that's like an intel Celeron D. The package includes the usual redfox deskpod 17" flat monitor (available in different colors! hehe). dvd/vcd combo drive. 256mb memory. 80gigs hard drive. keyboard with customized computer shortcuts. speakers, duh, matching the color of your monitor. free webcam w/ speakers. i guess that's all. 20k lang!

but then come to think of it, operating system installion costs 6k at minimum and i want the xp pro so that's like 10k. computer table - 1k. printer, i'll get a 3k worth. and a patented antivirus costs 3k or more. AVR is 500. sheesh that's an additional 18500 to fully use your computer. mehn, that's like 40k already.

awww. nevermind. i still want my acer ferrari laptop!


ang hover

hehe. gets nyo? hang-over yan. hahahaha.

forget to tell... yesterday was ate karen's birthday! happy birthday!! yehey. so i was spared a bucks worth of dinner. tsk. i ate a lot last night. we had palabok, empanada, chicken and cake. hahaha. nagpainom pa si tita beth! wuhooo. wala wala... san mig light lang. walang kwenta. hahaha. my sister drank two bottles while i only drank one. as usual i went to sleep after watching a rosy life. haha. grabe super bloated! even though i slept late i still don't think i gave my intestines enough time to grind the food i mercilessly consumed so i woke up in the wee hours of the morning because i can feel my stomach churning. then i threw up. tapos i tried to go back to sleep. my head hurts a lot. hahaha. i had a very very good dream. it's not always that you dream about your crush, especially when you forgot to pray beforehand. hihihi

but then it wasn't a hang-over. di lang ako natunawan ng maayos. good thing i was able to take the math test pa. haaay.

tuesday, wednesday break my heart

i'm home! i'm home! i love this day! my three afternoon classes were postponed so that we can go home early for christmas! yehey. so. we had our first long test in math17. it wasn't too hard, except that i'm really a borderline idiot when it comes to factoring junk polynomials. i was stuck with one question but anyway, let's just hope for the best. eng1 was okay. i thought we're going to have a really long test about christmas trivias (lol. i even had a major recap on popular xmas songs) but she only left us to make a letter for santa. seriously, i don't believe in santa claus but for the heck of instructions i let myself dive into a child's brain and pretend to believe in the fat and generous old man who skips chimneys and parks reindeers on rooftops. i'd rather write to Jesus. then came the most depressing subject of all, chem16. oh dear. sermon the whole hour. he even asked us each to write an excuse letter for our 'poor performance' during the test. damn. if you we're in my place, or if you are in his class and you are forced to chase him and his so-called standards, everyday will be a 'poor performance'. damn right.

he's not really bragging about his glorious resume and his strict rule for excellence but i'm aching to point out that no amount of credentials can determine a "teacher's" soul. i don't know what's with him. but at the same time i know i have my faults too. i am disappointed at myself, for not meeting his standards and for spoiling his day with my lame excuses. mehn. i don't want to repeat chem16. waaah. wanted: tutor

terai went ahead of me so i am left to go home alone. good thing there's jonathan! yehey. so we ate lunch and rode the bus together. i dropped by megamall so we separated there. i was still groggy when i left the bus since i just woke up from my sleep. yeah, i had a dream. secret. hahahaha. i was supposed to do my christmas shopping this day. my plan is to just buy a pack of chocolates for everyone, like usual. kaso, i realized i left my wallet in the dorm and i only have my purse which only contains enough money for the fare. so ayon. enjoy naman. terai is still in the mall by then so we just went home together. i'm not sad. actually i'm thankful. imagine, i was spared an hour of walking pointlessly looking for bargain chocolates. e diba masakit legs ko? so thank you Lord. i just hope nothing fishy happens to my wallet when i come back... next year. hehehe.

aww. i feel so fulfilled as a writer. as a fic writer. err... a slashfic writer. thanks a lot. whenever i open my mailbox and see forwarded reviews from my latest and FIRST completed story after 3 years, i feel so happy. i know it doesn't compare to those super well-written romantic accounts of harry and draco but you know! the fact that some people liked it and actually went close to crying is heartwarming enough! i think i could go on crushless for a month if i continue to get reviews. which reminds me, i'm not crushless anymore. balik sa dati. sha parin! hahaha. okay lang, i'm not expecting it to go further.

have you seen the hp5 trailer? harry potter has bangs. horrible bangs and very short hair. it's the worst he looked. i don't think i could go on picturing happy endings for him and draco because of those baaaannngggsss. for me the best that he looked was in the 3rd installment, prisoner of azkaban. of course draco malfoy always looks good. no sweat trying. hahaha.

monday you could fall apart

yehey. i'll be going home tomorrow at last! good thing our make-up lab was re-scheduled or else i'll be cursing the whole day through. i won't be going home with my sister because she has other plans. i mean, she's going home with someone else that stricly requires no sister around. booo. it's okay. we've talked about it. haha. i'll look for someone else...

the chem16 long test was a killer. but i'm glad i'm not the only who found it utterly tormenting and emotionally demoralizing. it was depressing (not much to me since i've faced bigger depressions). it was fucking hard. i don't think we're of fault here. i mean, take it from a random peanuts quote. 'just when i discovered life's answers, they changed the questions.' exactly. yeah. but that's not my point. lol. i'm not even trying to imply one.

so. i'm crush-less once more. i figured out he's changed. and i'm not liking it. besides, i heard news (it's more of a gossip actually) that he's courting someone. ouch diba. it's hard not to care. but i won't pry. i'm not that curious.

besides. i still have ryan agoncillo lingering in the dellusional part of my brain. as much as i'd like to make a scandal in his wedding and tear their relationship apart, i know i can't... for a hell lot of reasons. but damn, he looks so good when he's with her. blooming. however unsuitable it is to describe a guy as such. whew. good luck na lang.

my arms and thighs hurt. hahaha. our p.e. yesterday was exhausting. i realized that i measured my heart rate wrongly. that's why it's unbelievably high to the point of me wanting to believe i'm too clumsy for the bench-step test. ayon. ulit ulit. hmm.

i miss my friends already!! can't wait for our christmas party! yehey.

4 days to go

before my christmas vacation officially starts...

we just came back from the mall. actually, church first then mall. ^^;; we bought a lot of things. err... it's my mom who bought a lot of things, in fact. as consolation for her not getting her MDRT award for this year. yeah, and when we talk about things that compensates for my mom's terrible mood... we do it in the appliance center. we, or she, bought a water dispenser, another dvd player and another tv (i paid half the tv's price as promised). good thing Sharp is in a generous mood this season, we also got a free tv rack and an mp3 player... which in turn i gave to my sister as a month-early birthday gift. whew. we decided not to buy the magic mic since.. err.. my parents realized it's not that useful. i mean, if you don't know the songs, you're stuck. there's no background singer to support you.

i saw a shirt in freeway, the tagline is

'i'm in love
i don't care
HE --->
is mine
i don't share.'

yeah. with the arrow. hahaha. i would love to have it but a.) it's too expensive for a regular tee b.) i don't think anyone would want to walk with me if i wear it and c.) i'm not exactly in love like the shirt says. i just like the tagline but it doesn't really apply to me. hahaha. it's not the right time, yet. wahehehehe...

so. i hate indulging myself on a sunday, especially when i know we're having a test the next day. you know me, i see things in the scale of karma. if i become too happy right now, karma would get back at me the next day. eh my long test kami sa chem16. and i haven't studied yet. yeah. i am that lazy. don't worry. eventually i'll change. let's just hope payback time doesn't happen between 10-11am tomorrow during our test.

calories! i ate 4 blocks of belgian chocolate and another irresistable drink from starubucks. i'm not on a diet, i just hate myself.

now i'm penniless.
wish me luck. on the exam, i mean.

adsense alert!

i checked my google adsense report and it says i've earned $10.05 already! yehey. thanks for the clicks guys. but you see, i'm still confused with the payment system. i'm so stupid when i wrote my sister's name on the payee field. i should've written my dad's or mom's. that way i won't be bothered with having my sister acquire a TIN and SSS number. oh yes, it's required. and mind you it's not tax free. which means my 'future' $1000 dollar earning will be deducted approximately 12%? not sure. anyhow. matagal pa yun, after 5, 10, 15 years perhaps? =/

i'm just happy. hehehe. i met a new friend, his name is kim. we met at the bus. actually, he's also from u.p. hehehe. wala, he's just so.. er.. articulate to say the least. at first i was just ignoring his comments about the radio. then he starts to sing, by the way the radio station plays classic songs. david pomeranz, queen, sinatra... and he knows them all. as in ALL. consecutively. that's when vianne and i start to contain our sniggers. i was just too overwhelmed, it feels like he's memorized all the songs. seriously, i can't hide it. rudeness aside. that's when i decided to be civil to him, so that i won't sound rude laughing at him for knowing the songs. in fact, i was singing bohemian rhapsody too. and you know, we're in a chorus. hahahaha. ayon befriend befriend. then we get to know each other. he's a DOST scholar pala, and we both have a common friend or classmate. small world. but then he's okay. he's spontaneous, he doesn't run out of things to say. and we're amused that we both like retro music. he even offered to give me a cd of his own collection of retro music and says, 'consider it as a token of appreciation'. as in. how generous. but i kindly refused, seeing that he'd bother walking from men's dorm to raymundo gate at a sunday evening just to deliver a cd as a token of appreciation? hehehe.

then we dropped my megamall. brownout, so most stalls are dark and some are even using candles. we went to the department store to finally look for my sister's jacket. we spotted a really nice lee jacket. unfortunately, it won't fit her. she's so frustrated. i would personally consider buying the jacket for myself because it fits me well, but hell how would she feel then? -_-;; i decided not to.

then we went home, it's around 11pm when we finally arrived.

home sweet home.

sutek's tomb

i'm starting to enjoy the agony of college life. which means i'm leaning on the masochistic side. hahaha. i don't like torturing myself but at the same time, if i'm not feeling bad i won't feel the presence of people who try to make my day feel better. dibaaaaa? i'm not talking about anyone in particular. i just figured being optimistic is the best way to get through life emotionally unharmed. though i know it's impossible to get through it unharmed. haha. what is life? time? our philo1 class is boring holes in my brain. there are so many simple questions that are so hard to answer simply because it's self explanatory. in math, it's the simplest term. in chem, it's a pure substance which cannot be broken down into simpler forms. that's what make it so hard to explain, it's too simple i'm left speechless.

look! i've changed! i don't hate a lot of people anymore. compared to highschool where i keep grudges and secretly bastardize their identities in this blog. ay wait. last night, a friend asked me (through text) about our math homework. so i replied, i typed the freakin [R, +, x] [Q, x, +] [Z, +, x] [Z2, +2, x2] ... up to ten operations just so he could do his homework. imagine how painstaking it is to type operations on your cellphone. but he skipped math this morning. nainis talaga ko. grrr... bahala ka. i hate people who are slacking off, nevermind how smart you are.

dibale. oi, di ako galit. naiinis lang. reward reward. megamall later with terai! i can't wait. oh there's more, a basic burger from bordo's (which is the size of a large one from brother's burgers) and a slice of chocolate cake from mernel's. haay. make my day. make my day.

ok rin pala dito sa space hub. the last time i surfed in primelink solutions, i downloaded a couple of songs from limewire then suddenly when i was about to log out their norton antivirus popped on the screen and warned me that they spotted a trojan virus in the system. shoot talaga. yan tuloy, nahiya na ko bumalik don. lol.

that's why i'm here. still have class, bye.

friday i'm in love

soundtripping at 'primelink solutions'. what an odd name for an internet hub. i'm starting to like 'the cure'. where do you find a public computer node with a LIMEWIRE? the best talaga primelink solutions. yak, endorser? hahaha. e wala. i love it here. everytime i sit here i becoming more determined to save for my acer ferrari because the computer tables are embelished with the ferrari logo. o, beat that! haha. flat screen pa. they're using an AMD Athlon processor. i think it's better than intel. ehehe. heh, ewan.

i'm wasting my money here. sige alis na ko. pa click na lang ng ads! thanks.

the hottest thing

if i can afford it, i'd save for an Acer Ferrari Laptop. too lazy for a picture. just google it. it's the hottest laptop ever. yeah, it's not the newest but it's the coolest i've ever seen (in a magazine - subject to change)! i love the sleek black plate with the Ferrari logo at the center and the red highlights at the sides. i would be the happiest person alive if i get it. though it's doesn't come in with an intel processor it still pays that it has 1 gig RAM (which is upgradable to 2 gigs. but come on! 1 gig is more than enough). i'm talking about super multi-tasking. then 100 gigs DDR. now i'm into super memory.

hello santa claus, if you're not dumb enough, you'll get what i mean. thanks.

the bus ride was unusually peaceful even though we're stuck in the usual highway traffic. maybe because i ate a basic burger from bordo's! haha. it could actually compete for brother's burgers. hmm.

i feel good. that's about it. mostly because i managed to finish our killer eng1 homework. whenever i open my notebook and read the instructions i could imagine the pages turning into a howler shouting at me to spend a week in the library and manually count the card catalogs or else get a 5. fyi, i already got a 5 in one of our exercises. good (great, actually) thing it wasn't recorded because i wrote my name in the wrong format. in her class it should ALWAYS be last name, given name, middle initial. otherwise you'll get a deduction for not following instructions. or in my case it won't be recorded. how lucky of me.

boom tarat is everywhere. i hear it from my classmates. i see it in sorrority initiations. i witness it in org reportings. and most of all, it's ever present in the congested lanes of commonwealth avenue. why? the buses are honking to its monotonous tune. while it made me laugh to think that at least the driver has a sense of humour, it's not at all pleasing to hear. one earsplitting hornblow is enough to get us out of the lane and at the same time damage our eardrums but why turn it to a song? i remember years ago, the famous bus hornblows will be to the tune of the standard beeping sound of a monotone nokia phone. wahahahaha. people are really inovative. i understand, sige.

haaay. ang saya saya ko talaga. i realized, i have to quit telling my sister about my crush because she tends to be too loud at times and i don't want people suspecting. i don't even tell my closest classmates about it for the same reason. which made me think that i better keep it to myself. it's not going to last anyway.

one more thing to be happy about. we only have one chem16 lab this week! hahaha that spared me 3 hours of living hell! i personally think lab gowns should be colored black instead of white, it's more appropriate since we are most prone to death inside the laboratory.

mr. brightside

i went online yesterday just to relieve myself from depression. apparently, when i was already done with my blog entry, the connection became super slow and my system has gone bonkers. sad to say but i just have to leave it as it is. good thing i've already downloaded enough songs to refresh my mp3 player. mostly josh groban.

hmm. but i'm okay now. i need not dwell on negative things, especially that i know it's gonna affect my whole week.

so first thing yesterday morning we had a quiz in math17. it was fairly easy but i was too careless. then as usual, i came in late in eng1. (almost) everybody does anyway. then i rushed to my chem16 class only to find out they've already started taking the quiz! haha. i panicked, really panicked that a.) i didn't understand the questions b.) i didn't answer even one question correctly and c.) i passed the wrong type of paper. hahaha.

after the horrible morning, i felt myself drained of all the optimism in my spiritual bank. i was so down the whole day that i was momentarily drawn back to my usual i'm-not-meant-to-be-here bickerings, which normally stops after realizing that i'm not the only one facing a wretched academic life despite gazillion hours of sticking my nose in a text book. whew. but like the Bible says, and like how i always remind myself, God won't give me something i can't handle.

yeah, it's like saying God won't give me a mug of hot tazo tea without a handle. but when it happens and i have no choice but to take the divine mug of tea, i am left with one option and that is to grasp the mug with my bare hands and burn my palms. but you see, eventually the tormenting heat will go away and after that i could, at last, share the afternoon in a blissful tea party with God. hahaha. weird.

during my second afternoon class, i was puzzled when i entered the classroom and found not a single soul lingering about. i panicked. i asked some people outside if someone stuck a note somewhere saying that there are no classes or that we have to transfer classrooms but found no definite answer. i was already headed downstairs when i recalled our teacher said we're having classes at the basement. so i skipped steps to reach the basement and found out it was non-existent. the building doesn't have a basement and i only realized that when i have already toured the whole first floor and found not one staircase that would lead me further below. haaay. good thing someone told me that i should be in the other building. so yun. -_-;;

the more i get bored, the more i do doodleworks. my current experimental style is pointilism. i've been doing simple shapes in my philo notebook and a couple more in my scratch papers. whenever i decide not to dwell much in studying from my lessons, i reach out for a ballpen and start drumming it erratically on a paper to err.. produce an image. haha. i only considered mastering it when sir dabalos asked us about the concept of pointilism which he compared to atoms... blah blah blah. i'm not interested. but it gave me the idea so, thank you.

come closer Friday.

cheers to the fruit of thy boredom

that is where i spent most of the time during my first 2 weeks in the dorm. i used a torn piece of graphing paper and used the infamous and unoficial campus ballpen, HBW. hahaha. it's the only thing i could do right other than make myself look like a stoned fish reading our chem16 lab manual. i swear, the lab is killing me. everytime i enter room A-127 and put on my lab gown i feel like a prisoner being held on an electric chair to die. luckily, i'm still alive. so wish me luck.

we just came back from sm north. hehehe. my dad decided to finally buy a new printer/scanner/copier because he's been having dillemas sending documents abroad through scan and our loser 3rd hand xerox centre gave up on us with a big blow. i understand. it died a natural death and its death only paved way to a new and better beginning in the identity of a newer and more powerful scanner. we bought the hp photosmart c3180. like the previous, it's also a 3in1. ayos. bagong scanner! so buena mano yang artwork na yan!

and it includes a free cheap looking adidas cap with the hp invent logo at the back. no thanks... but i'm wearing it now.

aww. i'm inspired to draw even more! yehey.

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