pictures here. :)

oct 29 - woke up at 4am to meet, yet again, with larz and michi for the second leg of our quest to get registered at comelec. i have an exam at 930 but i thought since it's early panaman, we'll get finished before it's time. but nooooooo, when we arrived there at 5am, we're already the 1,300th++ persons in line! so mejo nevermind na lang. i just hung out with them till the sun rises tapos deretso na lang ako sa school. hahahaha

my plan was... after school deretso sa sofitel for my mom's awarding, kaso when i checked my humongous backpack, my vanity kit and comb wasn't there! hahaha, so i had to text someone at home to check if it's there! sobrang na-stress ako cos all my make-up is there. ehem, i need make-up cos i'm escorting my mom that night, tapos i went back to the house just for that. haha! hassle! tapos wala rin! my vanity kit is freakin looooooost! pati suklay kong pink. when ate asked me kung ano ba kelangan ko dun, sabi ko "liquid eyeliner", tapos mangiyak-ngiyak pa ko, "yun lang?!?!" sabi ko, oo yun lang! yun na nga lang pampaganda ko eh kasi ayoko nung make-up ni mommy tapos.... iyaaak. anyway, nasira araw ko dahil sa vanity kit na yun! nakaka-inis kasi irreplaceable yung iba dun eh! like yung mirror na bigay ni yndi. :( haha yun lang. wahahaha!

so yun, we checked in at around 1pm tapos blah blah blah. cocktail at 4pm, program proper at 5pm onwards. oks naman. check the pictures na lang at my multiply. haha

oct 30 - if you must know, our midterms are scheduled 28-31. odiba, bongga?!?! but it doesn't really change anything cos i hardly study for my exams. so early morning, around 430am, i woke up my dad para ihatid ako sa sakayan, kahit san basta makarating ako sa school on time. he dropped me at manila city hall at nag-jeep ako pauwi hahaha >:) yehey. nakakatuwa may jeep don deretso dahlia! bongggaaa! haha so sabi ko, i'll finish my trigo exam today ng super aga para makabalik agad ako sa hotel. hahaha. so yun, webdev muna... uhm, ok naman? i didn't study forms eh so... uhh minus 20points. haha tapos ung trigo, oks rin lang naman. tinapos ko tlga ng maaga para masaya. haha (sir bob already emailed us our standings, ako highest (pati sa prog2)! akalain mo. yeeey!)

ok tapos i commuted hanggang Sofitel. aynako, kay layo! 2hours! nag-mrt chka lrt na ko nun ah. haaaay. when i came there, andun na si terai so sabi ko... come on terai let's enjoy the daaaaay! andd we did! but there was an advisory that a storm is hitting manila in a few hours so that afternoon, we went to swim na agad! buti na lang! cos they're closing it at 5pm due to the anticipated storm. haha, after that, blah blah blah blah. check the pictures na lang ulit. haha >:D tapos... uhm yun!

i slept early that day and didn't bother to study for my exam on the 31st kasi i'm hoping na masu-suspend yun. and it did! so...

oct 31 - i woke up really early cos i heard someone cleaning, and ingay ng vacuum nila! but noooo, when i opened my eyes wala namang room service, at the entryway to the balcony remained the same, taped! they put it last night in preparation for the storm. nung una sabi ni kuya SOP lang but later on na-realize namin na ang use pala nyan ay in case mabasag ung window, the glass won't shatter onto us, ihhold parin sya nung tape. haha yun pala yon! hahaha so yun...SUPER SCARY NUNG HANGIN!!! yun nga, tunog vacuum cleaner tapos... when i looked outside talagang horizontal na ung direction ng ulan... super lakas ng hangin. >_< dahil dyan, terai and i went down for the complimentary breakfast na lang. weeeell, i'm never a breakfast person pero that time tumodo ako dahil... minsan lang to! once a year lang. haha :)

ehem. sobrang bloated kami after! wahaha hey, i had 3 plates! first plate yung may pork and beans, 2nd yung japanese, last yung cereals. baliktad talaga! hahaha! :) tapos and daming brewed coffee. yehey! masaya naman ako. :) buti na lang buffet. hahaha parang there were 10 food stations na iba't ibang cuisine kaso di ko na kinaya, obviously. di ko nga naubos yung cereals eh. parang tanga kasi. saraaaaaap! yumyumyum! sana maulit muli! hahaha after breakfast, check out na. hehe

// oha. i had so much fun! thanks to mommy! haha :) we didn't pay a single cent.

everybody, join me! CONGRATULATIONS! :D



// buti na lang i didn't study for mathlog cos most of the items weren't well elaborated in class. the bulk of the exam was about the last topic which was explained in a rush. di ko nga gets yung modus chorva eh haha. multiple choice ba naman with solution? anubaaaaaah, where's the logic in there? it could totally work if she didn't put abcd na lang cos even if we guessed the answers right, we wouldn't get points for it kasi walang ngang solution. whatever. >:\

// haaaaay. i love wednesdays na. kasi nakikita ko crush ko. e yun nga lang, nakakatanga. as usual. wala nanaman akong patutunguhan nito. sana lumabo mata nya para makita ko syang nakasalamin. HAHAHA palakad-lakad lang sya sa harap ko kanina eh. epaaaal talaga. wag ko lang malaman na take-2 na nya ung subject kasi... turn off. >:P bat kasi kelangan matalino? EWAN KO RIN. basta, malalaman mo naman e. ahahaha, and i probably will never get to mention his name here kasi kilala to ng isa dyan eh. >:|

// mag-mamaganda ako bukas! walang aangal! wahahaha!

ETA: tomorrow, larz, michi and i are going to take our chances, AGAIN, at comelec. ehem, last leg of the registration procedure. BIOMETRICS chorva. if i don't finish before 9, NO MORE CHANCE FOR ME. hahaha may exam ako eeeeh. then right after the exam deretso sa Sofitel. yaaay. :) :) :) busy day ahead. :P

bucket of fries!!!!

a day full of fries!

i skipped my second class to pay for the midterms. :P

// i actually planned to get home early cos my sister has a job interview at makati, shempre ako naman i volunteered to be her PA again! wahaha, alam na. :P weeeeeeeeell... my sister's job interviews are the only times i get to continue my artworks na sobrang inaamag na... hehehe
so in short, natapos ko yung part 3 of 20 ng aking so-called "staedtler triplus fineliner series" na lalabas in probably a year or two cos i'm so sloooow and unmotivated and i keep on running out of black ink. henako.

// i learn a lot talking to my sister. i learn by listening to her rants and whines and her experiences. i learn by analyzing what's best to do. i learn by giving advice. parang ang daming alam e no? hahaha pero di nga, everything i know about life is based on 40% hands-on and 60% second-hand experiences (books and people). >_>;

// so ang haba haba haba haba ng nilakad namin! isang malaking paltos na nga tong mga paa ko eh. >_< and for awhile i thought i was in ortigas kasi sobrang pareho lang ng itsura. eh ngayon lang ako napadpad sa mismong "business area" ng makati eh. hahaha

and theeen, ang dami dami dami dami dami dami ko nanamang kinain! puro nga fries eh, jollibee, mcdo, kfc. odba. haynaaakooo

// my batchmates are calling out a GRADESCHOOL REUNION. parang trip ko yan! hahaha but not really cos it's been too long and i guess i'm only interested in seeing how they look after hmm, 8 years. hahaha and i pretty much don't like telling people how FAIL my college life is, and you know, you can't get away from talking about that, especially when they all think i'm UP there. haha

// haaaay, masaya ako ngayon kasi nakita ko yung crush ko!!! yehey! and ftw, sya nauna mag-wave! hahaha whatever! ang babaw!!! pero di nga, mas gusto ko sya pag naka-uniform...mas muka syang matangkad. hahaha :P

// ayoko magaral! goodnight!


look what i found in the mail today! :P

no, it's not my adsense earnings (wish ko lang!). the mail contains important account information for the payment procedure. and no, i don't have enough earnings yet. heck, i put down the ads two months ago eh. hehehe i guess i only have $10.00 since i removed it.

but this letter is making me think twice!!! hahaha
i've long been wanting to monetize my blog, but not this one cos it's personal. i'll probably make a separate blog designed only for adsense. whatever goes. i remember sir monses telling me about MFA (made for adsense) blogs before, and i got inspired since he's the first person i know (personally) who earns from adsense. hahaha

seriously, i got excited when i received that letter! i think it's the first letter i received from outside the country hehehe, bongga! :) GOOGLE! hahaha

// awhile ago was suuuuper fun! i had a great time with my friends! happy birthday kim! hahaha

// i kinda have to wake up suuuuper early tomorrow cos larz, michi and i are going to register at comelec! hahah goood luck sa pila! :P


it's his birthday today! :) :)

ay! i dreamt of my crush this afternoon! there i learned where we first met, sa isang quizcon daw nung grade 5 ako. HAHAHAHAHANG WEIRD.

tsk. gusto kong magfood-trip sa UP! tara na kasiiiiiii


FOREWORD: same people

// honestly, i don't feel really angry about mr. leech, but i don't like what he's doing either. maybe because we're not friends, and will never be. so i don't care about him.

aaaand as usual, he always ticks me off. so he copied most of my work... i can forgive that, so long as he edits it. thing is, awhile ago, HE FUCKING DIDN'T. and he asked the teacher to check "his" work. i got fucking enraged... mentally. but i did make a few parinigs to let him know how i hate him and that he's never gonna get any of my work, EVER. and kapal lang talaga ng muka nya.

so for the next two hours, my seatmate and i were secretly laughing at him cos he's literally just NAKATUNGANGA at the computer, repeatedly checking his usb which is full of VANITY PICS. and guess what? out of being so dumb, clueless, and bored that he can't get started with the exercise (see previous entry), he changed the computer's wallpaper to HIS FUCKING EDITED PICTURE WITH A FUCKING CAT. how gay is that??? and to make himself look even more stupid and obviously bobo, he also applied the same wallpaper to the vacant computer beside him! my golly, that moment he looked so pathetic that my anger was semi-relieved. so he can't do anything productive without sucking out other people's work? serves him right. now i pity him.

so you know, when the subject ended, on my way out i shut down BOTH of his computers, the ones with the super vain wallpapers. win key+u+u. he's so fucking vain he wants everyone to be familiar with his fucking face.

// you know another thing i hate??? people who are SOOOOO MAYABANG. i can't stand them. people who brag about everything, even the smallest things. PEOPLE WHO CLAIM TO UNDERSTAND THE LESSON BUT DON'T DO THEIR HOMEWORKS. people who spit their brains when they talk, so nothing's left in their head when they need it most. people who claim to have initiative but prove to be substandard. these people? ARE NOT GOOD FOR ME.

having the initiative to do something is laudable, but it becomes ignoble when you turn over a disappointing work. it's like, "ok thank you for having the initiative but we can't seem to follow what you just did" and like, "didn't you realize that you're only making us work more by overhauling your entire (useless) work? still, thanks for reminding us that WE DO HAVE A PROJECT." gaaaaaawd. i'm just so ticked off!

i shouldn't be around this people kasi nagkakasala lang ako. kita naman.
why? because they make me so hateful, like now, and i don't like myself when i hate too many people. being surrounded by personalities i don't like make me gloomy, it saps out my optimism in life. so if i'm trying to avoid you, it only means I DON'T LIKE WHAT I'M BECOMING WHEN I'M AROUND YOU.

// this entry makes me feel self-conscious. i feel like sobrang yabang ko naman to say those things. i feel bad that i feel this way. but i'm only telling the truth. i never brag about anything when i do my work. I JUST DO IT. without talking. AND I ALSO KNOW I HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE ANGRY COS I'M BEING ROBBED OF MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (referring to mr. leech).



no new artwork, no new layout. i feel so unproductive.

i'm so sleepy, in fact i fell asleep during mathlog awhile ago. i only slept for 3 hours last night (or this morning) because of the freakin filione project and homework. haha, bat di kasi gawin ng maaga?! nyeeee

and right, i sooooo want to sleep but my most coveted activity has to be delayed for a few more hours cos i have to help my neighbors with their high school project. waaaaaaaah. i just want to sleeeeep.

the kids from down the road like me. :) and now they want to go here every saturday to play and have bible study. how can i refuse???

perhaps the bad thing is that, these kids... these 1 2 3 4 kids i have to attend to when they come here are most hyperactive during the afternoon. and that's exactly the time of the day you won't find me awake. haaaay

mr. crush and i now have a common friend, so i'll stop talking about him to prevent spilling the beans. and besides, i think i'm more interested in finding out where we've seen each other before cos we're both familiar to each other. maybe the height wins it all, 6'1'' or something. sadly, i don't think he's smart. >:|

dabern's sisig is the best sisig i've had so far! it's the type na mapapa-kanin ka sa sarap!!! >:| hohoho 2 rice ako today! yeheeey! :D :D :D

wahaha, alam nyo ba. i had burong mustasa as midnight snack kagabi dahil wala akong makain hahaha. saraaaaap!

oks, my friendly neighbors are here na! :)



hahaha naks naman may shout out! :P

this day was... oks naman! sir paculanan says really inappropriate stuff, especially for a TEACHER, when he's angry. kulang na lang murahin nya kami e. lol

and mr. leech, yet again harrased me into giving my fckng source codes, even asked me to be his groupmate in case there'll be a group project in the future. course i rejected it, saying i'm already groupmates with this and this and this and this (i was lying). sorinaman! alam nyo ba, if i want to be friends with you, i'll ask for your name. and ftw, i'm not interested with his! wala rin akong pake sa number mo, ungas! it's not worth my css stylesheet. che! namaaaaan

i super miss UPLB campus!!! watching precious hearts romance - 'somewhere in my heart' makes me feel suppppper nostalgic! alam nyo yung feeling na parang hindi sya mukang tv series sayo kasi sobrang familiar nung place?! hahaha at ginawang college of business management ang DEVCOM?! witwiw!

awwww, leonard texted me awhile ago! that's rare! specially coming from someone who's not a 'text' person. pareho kami nyan e, magttext lang pag may kelangan replyan, batiin o tanungin.

oyun nga. anyway... cge. babayooooo. :)
i miiiiiiiisss LB suuuuuperr!!!

mai heyur!!!

rant! rant! rant! rant!

i don't know if it's just the lighting around this house that made my hair look cheap or it's just me being paranoid. this is too shallow, but the risk i took when i decided to color my hair has something to do with looking "cheap". you know dark people who dye their hair brown? sometimes it doesn't suit, but because i thought revlon's "medium auburn" is reddish-brown, i bought it! well it looked reddish in the box. suuuuucks.

but you knoooow, i'm trying to get used to it. i thought it made me darker but honestly, i value other people's opinion better than mine so...yeah, soon we'll see. x___X;

and deym!!! it feels different combing my hair now, it's not as smoooooth anymore. waaaaaahh!!! it's like every strand of my hair is coated with ultra-thin artificial coloring and it feels.... weird!

so why am i doing this? aaah, i'm preparing for an event at the end of the month! :)

oo, holloween!!! wahahaha

oks! homework mode! wahaha


gaaaawd. there's so much going on with java. i hate yooooouuu!

sinong puyat?

not me! hahaha i'm naturally a nocturnal person e. i'm most unproductive when the sun is up, kaya mega hibernate ako pag may araw. hohoho :P

i've been going in and out of my cousin's place these past few days. eh wala lang, gusto ko lang maki-gulo at maki-kain at bumili ng glowing lolipops dahil walang ganon dito. hahahaha!

awhile ago i met pastor Gideon. i was just picking up some chicken adobo when i heard him talk about being called to ministry and stuff, so na-intriga ako cos he seems like an effective person. e alam nyo naman ako, trying hard na marinig si Lord for real. kasi i always thought being called equates to being a preacher, something i don't see myself as! but i just learned na God can use us wherever he puts us. he knows naman our capacity and won't give us something we can't handle so wherever we are, wherever He puts us, the least we can do is to BE THERE. Not everyone is called to be a preacher diba? good news, cos it's not the only way to respond to a 'calling'. yehey.

anyway, antok na ko kaso sabi ng notes ko dito sa aking usb with the filename fck4.txt (ganyan talaga lahat ng notes ko lalo pag ayoko, fck1.txt, fck2.txt etc... hehe), kelangan ko pa daw mag-aral ng java dahil may quiz bukas.

i hate mondays talaga cos i always don't know what to wear (e wala nmn talaga akong pang corpo e), and because i still don't know what to wear. MAGJ-JEANS AKO! wala akong pake!

excited akong magkulay ng buhok! medium auburn! hohohoho! kinakabahan ako, baka masyadong light. wahahaha!

news! my sister still hates her job! :P but we've finally come around to a sound decision na sa january pa magttake effect. shempre ayokong nahihirapan sya, like heeeeell! so QUIT! :) the way i look at it, she's not meant for the job cos it doesn't suit her character. usually, an employee only has to live up and adjust to the demands of his/her work but when it hits having to compromise your personality, something you've established your entire life, aba it doesn't take a month to alter that. it takes yeeaaaaars. so QUIT! it takes the right environment to turn a job into a career. anywaaay, hindi nyo siguro to maggets di ko nmn knkwento yung nangyari e, ang mahalaga binagyan ako ni auntie gene ng maraming chocolates.

haha labo.
sige, java mode.
nakoooow, i hate java. hahaha

PS: some of my hs batchmates think i'm at ateneo. well, sorry. but at least they think i'm smart enough. lol

lamon day! :P

naka-experience din ng glowing lolipops! wahahahaha!!! nainggit ako kay anne e! wahaha!

i had... like 2 1/2 rice kaninang lunch hahaha sisig eh! dabern! hahaha ang mura ng sisig nila e, nakaka-excite!!!

o tapos i saw my crush after lunch yeheeeeey! hahaha :P nabuo araw ko, haaaaay bat ang tangkad mo senyumsenyumsenyumsenyumsenyum

then saycee and i decided to walk at mapayapa 3 nalang kasi sobrang bloated kami. nahihilo ako sa sobrang kabusugan. hohoho

tapos i just slept all afternoon! baboy talaga. hahaha then went to my cousin's para maki-gulo as usual hahahaha. spaghetti, chicken, ice cream! haaaaay, like sobrang busog nako. di pa yta ko natutunawan since lunch.

// i'm too weirded out with PBB. parang nabababawan na ko. ano nga ulit purpose non? oh, but i super like Carol of Tondo! ang nerd nya tingnan, and cuuuute! hahahaha.

// on the other hand, there's survivor philippines palau! haha buti na lang tara didn't win immunity. anyway. whatever goes. everyone hates her and claims to want to vote her out pero hindi nila mabigyan ng priority kasi they're too clouded with much bigger threats like Shaun, a secret Airai alliance fronted by the girls' alliance, and a possible Koror alliance fronted by the boy's alliance.

// haynako. i still don't know to fix the darned table for webdev1 tomorrow. o chka i haven't started with the trigo homework. haaaay


i just earned 500 bucks from doing that crap. sengihnampakgigi sengihnampakgigi i do hope it looks good... at least to you! ano?

on top of that, the item i was selling on ebay got 1 bid before the listing period ended. LOL so if you add mr. 50-50 buyer from before, that means i got two inquiries. i do hope one of them buys it. LOL

i don't even know why i need money. i just wanna get rid of my player na cos it's getting old? and err... i didn't really ask to get paid on the website project cos it's too easy for 500. i mean, i can do it for free lunch and tricycle fare. pero my friend just told me that his friend is willing to pay for it so.. shempre, game. kenyitkenyitkenyit na-guilty tuloy ako henako! nangih

anyway, i've seen bigger rates. makes me wonder what makes this job so compensating. o sabagay, even a pro designer would sit for hours perfecting a blog layout. i personally think that the most crucial part in web designing is the designing process itself. once you have a design layout, coding is a breeze. i spend more hours designing than coding kasi e haha.

whew! this makes one heck of a good sideline.

neeeeeews! yehey! may crush na ulit ako sa wakas! hahaha ;P
someone from school. :) ah, pero mas crush ko parin si sir erik. forever ko na yatang crush yun.

coco martin ♥ ♥ bakit kasi coco? hindi sexy pakinggan... parang...ding dong! XP

ay, ano ba. natulog lang ako maghapon e. haha :P

asar ako kanina. ang yabaaaaang grabe. haynako talaga kuya, wag mo na ipamuka sakin na nagets mo yung lesson. kasi kung nagets mo yun, ano pa kaya ako? mayabang rin ako, tae, pero mas sensitive ako sayo. kaya pwede baaaaaa, do the world a favor and keep your mouth shuuuuuut! riiiight, sensitive nga pala ako, i should know it's one of the rare times you gratify yourself. sige, pagbigyan! self-assuring jerk.

sorry if i keep on bashing unnamed people here. haha rest assured na hindi nyo sila kilala at hindi ko sila ipapakilala. bow.

goooood morning!

i didn't go to school today because today is corpo shit day! :| really ruins my attendance but between looking for something to wear and sleeping the whole morning off, i'd rather do the later. and i had to lie to my parents about it, saying my classmate told me our teacher is absent so yeah. sorry. part of why i missed LB is that i don't have to lie to anyone if i don't want to go to classes. hmph.

last night, something came up. a design project... and i'm going to meet my 'client' later. i'm now getting paid for doing someone else's school project and it rocks. lol, when i heard the price i knew i had to close the deal already. between coding and drawing, i'm better at drawing (and i enjoy it more too) but coding is more monetarily compensating and because i'm running out resources for Christmas, i have to do... anything. :| WebDev1, you're becoming useful now.

potential ebay buyer is 50-50 cos he's still flooded (FU Ondoy!), if you'd like to help me out and buy my mp3 player, go ahead

my birthday is coming up too so you know, i'm now accepting all sorts of financial support/donations: 5577 5300 3163 4056 BPI E-Cash. it's anonymous don't worry. hahaha i accept whatever amount, pang kape lang sa Blenz solve na ko! 150! LOL

heeey, i'm also supposed to bring two of my friends to the gym today but i can't seem to contact any of them. whatever. i'm so in the mood to bring guests pa naman cos it's my last month at the gym. hahaha it's also my sister's rest day today so i have to like, dedicate this entire day to destress her... by going to the mall. hohoho


i miss

- budgeting my weekly allowance to cover everything from the fare, the food, the rent and the bills
- dressing like trash and going to school without taking a bath cos i just got up from an unsuccessful all-nighter with Leithold and Casio
- drinking with my classmates after a dreadful exam
- oversleeping and waking up 3 hours past my last class
- sweeping the floor, washing the dishes, taking out the stinking trash
- having someone do the quiz-attendance for me when i don't feel like going to class
- drinking while doing a Physics project, it really brings out our mechanical prowess
- laughing with my housemates
- taking midnight food trips, minstop hershey's sundae! chillz!
- proben, isaw, scramble
- Janges cheeseburger and large choco-banana shake XP
- Astra's enormous anime series database
- the long walk to IRRI cafeteria
- the 'yabang' factor when you say to the jeepney driver, "sa engineering po"
- wearing engineering shirts and org shirts
- having a T-square on my shoulder hahaha
- being venerated because of my course and my school
- attending GA's cos they're fun
- Melville's corned beef + rice + hot choco
- kuya Donat's iced buko
- eng'g meet! cheering! mr & ms!
- LB Square, specifically the one who sang for me on my birthday at Big Dad's. wahaha
- DVDs at Robinson's hahaha
- HM Cubao!!!! :(
- Dionne's salon! haha
- semestral crushes

and the list goes ooooon and oooooon...
not that i wish i was back you know, i still wouldn't trade what i have now to what i had back then hahaha. i just missed having an apartment, living on your own, budgeting for yourself, tending to the house and stuff, receiving monthly bills -- electricity and water, blah blah, they make me feel so independent. LB gave me the type of independence i'll be banking on for real life.

i don't feel like going to school tomorrow. corpo shit. xpasti


i'm starting to feel regretful for being too generous with answers, with homeworks, and with source codes! i just give eh! without any assurance na i'd still get a higher grade no matter what happens. yan tuloy, it hurts so much when someone na pinakopya ko lang ng isang super haba like 90-itemed exercise got highest! and it sucks even more cos i'm just like 1 freaking point behind! ano, typo?!?! hala! nakaka-burat!

i'm not a freaking human debugger! yet nakakapagod din naman magturo isa isa so, sige i'll give you the code, magaral na lang kayo.

pero meron talagang classmates sa sadyang LEECH eh! sagad sagaran kung maka-kuha ng resources. for the win, kuya, KILALA BA KITA?!?!?!?!!!!

nakakairita pa! yung mga pinakopya mo, sila pa yung unang magpapacheck. pagdating ni sir sakin, "hmm, looks familiar."

WHAT THE FCK! :anoto:

if i could only control kung sino lang ung pwedeng makakita ng monitor ko e! like if you're not selected you'll see a big BUG OFF on my screen. yun lang. henako.


ay ang galeeeeeeng!!!

whoa. super useful pala ung stealth settings! eliiiiibs. ngayon ko lng triny e haha kla ko pag nagpermanently offline ka sa isang contact, irrevocable na un! hahahaha

oks! now i know! :D

an exception to the rule

i'm feeling excited for no reason at all! atat yata kong iblog tong araw na to. i've called this one a day already since i have no plans tonight. so sige. hohoho

// i take back whatever i said about FILIONE. it's still a pain to go through an awful block of Filipino text but because my classmates are fun, i get by. i wish i was at the end side of our row so i could laugh more discretely cos it's hard to contain a hard laugh when i read something funny from the book. weird naman tumawa magisa e. k fine.

// i knew it! there's a guy in class na feeling ko nakita ko na dati but it never crossed me that way. parang, when i first saw him, naisip ko... not a new face for me, yet not someone entirely familiar either. so i dismissed the thought na lang. but awhile ago after class he approached and asked me where i studied highschool and gradeschool kasi daw familiar ako. so i was right. we've probably met before. will not stress about it though kasi hindi ko talaga maalala! and besides, it's a small world after aaaaaall. hohoho

// it's nice to have people concerned about you no? nakakatouch eeeeh. hehehe salamat friends! :) subra ba! hahaha!

// i learned/heard something about two of my friends today. hahaha i won't pry though! pag napadpad lang ang usapan don, sige. :) hehehehe

// yehey! i have a new lucky item! when a dear person gives me jewelries or accessories, i call it lucky! wahaha i have lucky earrings na! terai just gave me her fancy pearl earrings! yehey! i have 2 lucky items i wear everyday now! ung isa ung bracelet! hohoho :)

// aynako tlaga. overboard ka na pare. alam mo ung feeling na STUCK? alam mo yun?!?! alam ko yun e! AND I DON"T LIKE IT!!!! I FRKN DON'T LIKE IT THAT I FEEL STUCK!!!!

sige, hula! hahaha

PS: na-schedule ko na na hindi ako papasok sa 29, 30 at 31 eeeeh! tapos midterms pala. haynako! :(

PS2: Jastine's inclusion to the merge was EPIC WIN talaga to the highest level!!! sobraaaa! all the more na dapat abangan ang survivor philippines palau!



according to my mom, my crash diet plan didn't work because i got sick. actually, i didn't think it was the reason. i think... it's because i was bitten by a cockroach. in the gym. at the sauna. sossy ipis! hahaha :P yuuuuuuuuck!

last night was hell. i sure am good in finding ways of torturing myself. i reached 40 last night. everything i eat, i throw up so my throat bled. the headache was the worst part though.

anyway, even though i woke up hale and healthy this morning, i decided to skip school because i needed to rest. believe me, i didn't want to skip school. i just missed a quiz in webdev1, see? or maybe i didn't want to take it in the first place. wahaha!

tomorrow, i don't want to go to school either! it's like, if i skipped classes today, the MORE i'd like to skip classes tomorrow. i have FILIONE tomorrow which is the crappiest, most boring subject of aaaaaall time. and i have to endure 4 straight hours of it. i'd rather have a bleeding throat.

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