day 1


this day, i kinda over exerted myself that i almost fainted in the shower after maxing out the hourglass at the sauna. it's an epic gym day for me too because i lasted for more than 30 minutes on the 2 cardio machines i hate the most, usually i give up on the first 5 minutes. waha! walang kwenta!

and guess what, i didn't go gaga over their brewed coffee. in fact, i managed to ignore it for the rest of the day! 3 months ago i never leave the gym without a cup of coffee, so this is something new. i'm not a coffee person anymore! hot choco na favorite ko. hohoho!

karlaloo, my bestfriend, also came in... to freeze her account! haynako, no more gym buddy. so we bonded for awhile, ate at pancake house (oi, first time ko kaya dun! haha), bought ice cream, checked odyssey and blah blah blah.

i'm worried about that could-be supertyphoon Pepeng. :\

awhile ago in the car, while waiting for terai to sign off at greenwich, my dad and i talked about random stuff, he asked me what would i rather be, a maya bird or an eagle, a maggot or a crow, if i would prefer to live in the new testament or now.

of course i answered him... i'd rather be a maya bird because i think being an eagle is too lonely, you'd never see them in flocks. they're too proud and they live only for themselves. and well? a maya bird has friends! wahaha >:D

maggot or crow? binatukan ko na lang tatay ko. scavengers are yucky. and the existence of maggots puzzles me. bigla lang silang nag-ssprout out of nowhere whenever there's decaying meat (or something). ewan. oks. research item number 1.

on the third question though, even though it would be a treat to live in the new testament and hear Jesus preach LIVE, i said i'd still live here in the present, here at AD. kasi, knowing myself, even if i lived back in the NT, i don't think i'd be one of Jesus' avid followers. i understand why the people in the Bible didn't believe Jesus at first. duh? sino ba naman? if i were there i guess i'd be cocking an eyebrow at Jesus for claiming he's the son of God. ikaw ba naman, lapitan ng anak ng isang hamak na karpintero tapos sasabihin nya sya daw ang Anak ng Diyos? the nerve! so essentially, hindi rin ako ma-ssave at that era. so much for meeting The Son of God in the flesh.

we're so lucky we're at this age where salvation is free and you can consult God however you want, through prayer or though the Bible. all you have to do is accept Jesus wholeheartedly.

naisip ko nga e, what if this period is the New Testament? how would Jesus dress up? would he be a mainstream conformist? hiphop? emo? or would he dress up like those on-the-go evangelists? and hirap isipin cos He has to be perfect. nowadays pa naman, most of your credibility lies on the way you dress. would he be a celebrity? hmm...

anywaaaaay, after that, my dad explained to me that it is, without a doubt, ALREADY THE END TIMES. the revelations are already manifesting. hindi nagkulang si God. it's all up to us. whenever my dad talks about it, i always listen to him intently, after all.. he was a pastor and he's the nearest person i could consult about my 'spiritual' problems.

grabe, natatakot ako. sunod sunod ang bagyo.

no one knows when the 2nd coming will be but everyone knows it's near. nakakaloka yung ganun a. pero we should all realize that the best preparation we should make is to accept God. yun lang naman. hahaha

i wanna be saved too you know! kaya nga mega prayer brigade ako ngayon and i'll resume my Bible reading session (oo kasi i was fascinated with the old testament e, history kasi yun! hehe), at magpapaka-bait ako. i'll quit smoking and stop cursing!

so this day isn't just day 1 of my crash workout plan, but also the day i started rekindling my lost spiritual ties with God. :) it's not yet too late

help me, Lord!

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