FOREWORD: same people

// honestly, i don't feel really angry about mr. leech, but i don't like what he's doing either. maybe because we're not friends, and will never be. so i don't care about him.

aaaand as usual, he always ticks me off. so he copied most of my work... i can forgive that, so long as he edits it. thing is, awhile ago, HE FUCKING DIDN'T. and he asked the teacher to check "his" work. i got fucking enraged... mentally. but i did make a few parinigs to let him know how i hate him and that he's never gonna get any of my work, EVER. and kapal lang talaga ng muka nya.

so for the next two hours, my seatmate and i were secretly laughing at him cos he's literally just NAKATUNGANGA at the computer, repeatedly checking his usb which is full of VANITY PICS. and guess what? out of being so dumb, clueless, and bored that he can't get started with the exercise (see previous entry), he changed the computer's wallpaper to HIS FUCKING EDITED PICTURE WITH A FUCKING CAT. how gay is that??? and to make himself look even more stupid and obviously bobo, he also applied the same wallpaper to the vacant computer beside him! my golly, that moment he looked so pathetic that my anger was semi-relieved. so he can't do anything productive without sucking out other people's work? serves him right. now i pity him.

so you know, when the subject ended, on my way out i shut down BOTH of his computers, the ones with the super vain wallpapers. win key+u+u. he's so fucking vain he wants everyone to be familiar with his fucking face.

// you know another thing i hate??? people who are SOOOOO MAYABANG. i can't stand them. people who brag about everything, even the smallest things. PEOPLE WHO CLAIM TO UNDERSTAND THE LESSON BUT DON'T DO THEIR HOMEWORKS. people who spit their brains when they talk, so nothing's left in their head when they need it most. people who claim to have initiative but prove to be substandard. these people? ARE NOT GOOD FOR ME.

having the initiative to do something is laudable, but it becomes ignoble when you turn over a disappointing work. it's like, "ok thank you for having the initiative but we can't seem to follow what you just did" and like, "didn't you realize that you're only making us work more by overhauling your entire (useless) work? still, thanks for reminding us that WE DO HAVE A PROJECT." gaaaaaawd. i'm just so ticked off!

i shouldn't be around this people kasi nagkakasala lang ako. kita naman.
why? because they make me so hateful, like now, and i don't like myself when i hate too many people. being surrounded by personalities i don't like make me gloomy, it saps out my optimism in life. so if i'm trying to avoid you, it only means I DON'T LIKE WHAT I'M BECOMING WHEN I'M AROUND YOU.

// this entry makes me feel self-conscious. i feel like sobrang yabang ko naman to say those things. i feel bad that i feel this way. but i'm only telling the truth. i never brag about anything when i do my work. I JUST DO IT. without talking. AND I ALSO KNOW I HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE ANGRY COS I'M BEING ROBBED OF MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (referring to mr. leech).


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