[Review] Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Facial Moisturizer

naks naman bumu-beauty blogger. lololol.

in an attempt to step up my skincare regimen from nothing to something, i decided to start moisturizing daily. i actually used to put on moisturizer before when i was an active Mary Kay beauty consultant (shempre i have to be a convincing proof that my products work haha) but now that i'm out of the business, moisturizing became an irregular thing for me, as well as cleaning my face in general haha. i've grown quite loyal to MK that i didn't want to try anything else because it already works perfectly, but the weather is pushing me to try something more available lest my skin perishes along with my pride. haha

so here's an honest review of one of the most available and affordable moisturizers out there:

Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Facial Moisturizer

50 ml - Php 127.00 | 100 ml - Php 210.00
What i like:
  • it's super available and affordable. 50ml tube is at Php 127.00, 100ml tube is at Php 210.00. you can find it in supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores. it's everywhere! <3
  • works as a very good basic moisturizer. by that i mean, it keeps your skin moisturized enough especially during the night. it has a gel like consistency that spreads evenly on the skin, not too watery that it dries so fast, and not too sticky that you could feel the dust settling on your face. just right.
  • it's water based, so it's really good for those with oily skin
  • smells like nothing. which is great because i usually can't stand scented facial stuff.
  • hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. works on sensitive skin and doesn't clog your pores.
  • the packaging looks legit. ewan ko ba it has a Cetaphil vibe to it diba. it looks trustworthy and clinically credible. alam mo ung packaging pa lang, mukang hypoallergenic na? haha meganon ba. 
What i didn't like:
  • nothing much except that i wouldn't want to use it during the day because it doesn't have SPF (like i care about SPF daw lol), plus it doesn't really have a primer-finish to it. you know how other moisturizers dry off in a dewy texture that could sit perfectly under makeup? this dries off nice naman but it looks wet. i don't look pretty waking up in this at all. but at least i don't look oily! XD
  • hindi, actually i'm not yet on that phase where i need to moisturize during the day. but when that time comes, i'll probably look for another moisturizer haha.
Will i buy again?
  • YES. this is now my go-to moisturizer until i've found a better alternative! or until i've found a regular source of discounted MK stuff. haha
Packaging details:

CELETEQUE DermoScience™ Hydration Facial Moisturizer has Triple Moisturizing System that contains Glycerin, Provitamin B5 and Aloe Verathat work deep down to provide lasting relief from skin dryness. Its unique hydrogel formula provides the skin with optimum hydration without the greasy after-feel.

  • Ingredients:
    • Water, Dimethicone, Glycerin, Panthenol, Hexylene Glycol, Carbomer, Aloe barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Extract, Sodium Hydroxide, Disodium EDTA, DMDM Hydantoin, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Citric Acid

Chink+ Money Kit: Your ultimate money management system!

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i've personally taken heed to the JARS system where i keep tabs of my savings and spendings using a spreadsheet i can access online. but for those who don't frequent the web or use the computer, there's another way to get organized with your money in a more hands-on way.

Chink+ Money Kit is a money management system that is designed to teach you how to save, budget, invest, and stay debt-free. with this system, no matter how small you earn, you'll be able to property budget your money and save!

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The Sunday Currently (vol. 2)

Before I dive into a crazy pool of work, here's the second of the series! :)

Jaqen H'ghar x Arya Stark fanfics from ff.net and archiveofourown.org. i'm kindof heavily shipping the pair right now. i don't care about their freaking age gap haha. i used to ship gay pairings long ago so this is sort of an improvement on my moral standard of things.

a couple of drafts about financial management and skincare. lol. when will i ever get to complete my writing assignments. urgh.

to the loud humming of the fan.

how much of a dope i am for getting scammed on this download site. you see, i was able to successfully score a copy of this german film starring Tom Wlaschiha (read: Jaqen H'ghar). obvious problem was, i couldn't understand a thing. since it's romcom, i figured it wouldn't be too hard to do some guesswork to get what the movie's about. but still, i wanted to understand what Tom was saying. hearing him speak german got me super kilig though. i so love his voice. <3

anyway, i was out and about the interwebs looking for subs and i was getting really desperate cos there's simply none. until i viewed this download site with a seems-legit list of files i needed, but when i clicked the download link, a popup window reminded me that it's only for registered users. so sure, i registered. it's free anyway. but on my second download attempt i got a new reminder saying the file is available only for premium users. okay, premium. got it. what's a euro and a continuous weekly billing (unless cancelled) anyway. i'll pay, get my file, cancel the subscription, and continue swooning over Tom. :3

after paying for subscription i got back to the site and found that they have no available files for download. seven hells! i also realized i paid premium for a different site (www.streamdo.sk), not the one hosting downloads. i'm freaking offering this site to the red god!!! and to make matters worse, i couldn't find where i could cancel my subscription, feeling they made it so such that they could leech more money from dopes like me.

anyway, as if i'd leave it that way. i was able to cancel my subscription via www.2co.com (the scammer's payment processor). so beware of this site even if it seems like your only hope: www.downburg.com. i can't believe how they can stomach a scammy business model.

oh, i haven't mentioned the movie, it's called "Mann Kann Frau Erst Recht" and it google-translates to "Man Woman Can Certainly". yes. certainly. haha

the new curtains' ugly textile scent. urgh.

i had more free time to waste

shorts and a milo marathon singlet

my boyfriend more than ever. he's leaving for India early May for some work assignment and will be gone for 6 weeks. sepanx much. i'm really excited for him cos he's having it nice and steady with his career. i'm feeling sad though cos we won't be able to see each other for a while but oh well. there's skype naman. hehe my saturdays will be considerably free-er without him though just in time cos classes are starting soon! haha why do i sound like an undergrad.

there's also something i want to do while he's gone... ano, mag workout! HAHAHA i'm imagining some 6-week transformation program so that when he's back i'm fitter na! woooh! lololol

also, i'm really getting crazy over Tom Wlaschiha, i asked jeckie for permission to date the guy in the rare case i win a date with him under the utterly remote chance that there's even a contest with that kind of prize! he said no and i tried to bargain saying if he won a date with Emma Watson, i would allow him! still no though. he only agreed if he could join too, and that Tom will be the third wheel like whaaaat. T____T

aaaargh, seriously, it's not like it's going to brew into something serious you know! all these celebrities granting dinner dates with their fans are just out there for publicity. like reaaally. is Tom even dating? i'd like to know plz.

oh boy. i love my boyfriend but aaargh Jaqen.

that Merida Big Seven 20 still, or any small framed mountain bike with hydraulic brakes that can be adorned in red or white or both.

some time alone with the Lord (of light. chos). i feel like my spiritual journey is at a stall. and all the inspiration i get from the church, the ministry, and VGmates are short lived. :(

pressured over the tons of pages i still have to work on. lol. XD


hm, that's it! how was your week so far? :D

Si Aiyah at ang Magic ng mga Bituin

the mommy-author launching her book <3
I've been meaning to blog about my latest completed children's book project, after making sure it's really finished haha, So here it is! The book is meant to be given away as souvenirs for my client's daughter's christening, and also for distribution for an outreach program they're conducting this June. :)

Being part of this project is a humbling experience. I wanted it to turn out as beautiful as i can because it's very special to the client. 

one of my favorites <3
I struggled a lot with that drawing you know! But it also turned out to be one of my favorite illustrations for this project. I almost wanted to replace it with a simpler version, but decided against it because this is the best one I drafted for this particular page. also because I suck at human posture that i wanted to challenge myself. lol Thank you google for helping me out!

happy family <3
The entire project took a month to finish, with me having to work on pencil drafts over the weekdays, and digitizing them during weekends. I made a total of 11 illustrations for this. :)


If you're interested in my illustrations, I'm open for commissioned work! Feel free to inquire using the Contact form or drop me a line at hello@theblahger.com. I do illustrations and layout design, and could work on children's books, yearbooks, posters, flyers, invitations, etc. :) I have a portfolio over at behance too! :D

[Mad Crush] Jaqen H'ghar of Game of Thrones (complete scenes)

A very mysterious and recurring (thankfully!) character from Game of Thrones, Jaqen H'ghar (played by Tom Wlaschiha) was introduced into the story during the second episode of season 2 (The Night Lands). He was a prisoner from the dungeons of King's Landing recruited by Yoren to join The Night's Watch. En route to The Wall, he became friends with Arya Stark when she helped him (and 2 others) escape as they came against the Lannister forces.

Here are his noted appearances from Season 2, and finally Season 5. Yes, the man is back. I also included the minutes and duration of his scenes, just to be more specific. oh, and you know you have a copy! ;)

Season 2

Episode 2 - The Night Lands (02:19 - 03:32)
Episode 3 - What is Dead may never Die (48:35 - 49:07)
Episode 5 - The Ghost of Harrenhal (22:39 - 25:16 ; 52:11 - 52:50)
Episode 6 - The Old Gods and the New (38:13 - 38:48)
Episode 8 - The Prince of Winterfell (24:40 - 26:58)
Episode 10 - Valar Morghulis (36:40 - 39:37)

Season 5

Episode 2 - The House of Black and White (45:13 - 46:10)
Episode 3 - The High Sparrow (02:30 - 4:38 ; 29:02 - 29:46 ; 32:10 - 33:00)

... will update this as the series goes on

Mad Crush

A man is too hot
was supposed to rave more about him (or Tom Wlaschiha) but naaaah, will just keep the hormones to myself (and google images). when was the last time i had a maddening crush on someone?! and so a girl shall welcome the feeling with glee. <3

Who's your biggest GoT crush?

The Sunday Currently (vol. 1)

i decided to start this series of Sunday Currently posts as an alternative to life-lately-s and my-week-in-photos because the former doesn't really have a proper format, and the latter i can't sustain cos i suck at taking pictures. i see a lot of bloggers doing this too and it's fun reading about their lives without having to go through a brand placement! hehe

btw, do i have to be tagged to do this? cos i'm tagging myself now hahaha

ETA (May 1, 2015): uhhh, do i have to credit who invented this thing? cos i'm tamad to research. tag me maybe :) 
Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, which was shortly interrupted by 4 leaked episodes of Game of Thrones, which i regret watching because it's such a huge cliffy, and now i have to wait a month for the 5th episode. why didn't i think of this earlier? argh.

this update, and my Jaqen H'gar post! HAHA as for pending stuff, tons as usual. a blogger never really runs out of backlogs, no?

to some retro lovin' from the radio

about how to go about the many pages i have to design for this current gig i'm working on. i'm so happy and blessed i got recommended for another project right after i finished the last one. hopefully i never run out of opportunities. i need to save up for my tuition fee! <3

nothing. uhm, it's really humid though but it doesn't smell like anything in particular in this part of our house (dining).

that my mom would snap out of her paranoia about microwaves. she bought one last friday because she was thrilled about the microwaved mug cake i made recently. but now she kept the appliance hidden in its box cos she got scared of the negative effects it will have on us in the long run. this household needs a lot of counseling from mythbusters. 

some tattered shirt and holed shorts. typical home clothes.

Jaqen H'gar. madly at that. i'm actually drafting an entire post for him. you just wait. haha

to save for a bike (a small white-red Merida Big Seven 20 PLEASE!) and my tuition fee still. hehe

another bath. it's just so freaking hot. XD  also, i need to recommit myself to my daily devotions. :)

relieved and cool about life, finally (which is rare cos i never run out of things to whine about esp my work haha). after a long chikahan slash VG-turned-one2one with grace yesterday, i realized that i shouldn't be taking myself too seriously knowing that i tend to be overemotional about things. but that's not really what we talked about HAHA, it just dawned on me while we were talking to each other.

how's your sunday? :)

[Quick Test] Sony DSC-QX10

i came to Sony earlier to try out their DSC-QX10, an attachable lens-style camera that you can pair with your smartphone via wifi or NFC.

i've always wanted to try my hands on photography but didn't want to indulge on another gadget since my Z1 Compact pretty much has the aptitude for quality photographs. however, i wanted something that could come at par with entry-level DSLR's, which is compact and affordable at the very least. so when i learned about this attachable lens thing, i promised to test it out one day (after downloading Sony PlayMemories)... and today is that day!

anyway, here's a list of features (complete specs here), followed by my non-technical quick-test experience... cos i really just want to try it hahaha:
  • Sony G Lens with 10x optical zoom
  • 18.2MP EXMOR R CMOS image sensor
  • BIONZ image processing engine
  • Optical steadyshot
  • NFC and Wi-Fi
  • Bundled smartphone attachment
What i liked:
it's compact and semi-affordable if you didn't want to buy an actual DSLR. it retails at Php 10,999.00 and could be cheaper in online stores hehe. now, i wouldn't really say it's that affordable because i haven't any basis on how much normal DSLRs are haha

it has a rechargeable and removeable battery. you can hook it to a usb plug, or to a powerbank. :) it also has a microSD slot for storage. photos may be saved on the phone or on the lens' memory card, wherever you want. useful if you're just borrowing a phone and didn't want to eat its memory. hehe

the pictures are nice, sharp, and has excellent zoom quality. it also has a better auto-focus. here are samples i took from the miniature village at the showroom:

i'm really no photographer so i appreciate how it came out nicely, and better than what i took from my own smartphone which sports a 20MP camera: 

i find that my phone's captures are more exposed, and badly angled (but that's on me lololol)

What I didn't like
On speed

IT LAGS and that's a major major concern. it can become very frustrating specially when you're up for some candid shots. it lags when you zoom hard, and when you pan it across the room. THAT SUCKS RIGHT? the sales attendant told me it's due to wifi interference from the many PlayMemories-managed devices in the room. but i was skeptic. what if i wanted to buy everything in the room? or i'm in some PlayMemories club and we decided to shoot together? then we'll blow each other's receptions then? it can't. it can't be just that. haha 

On device pairing

pairing to a device over wifi is easy, you just have to supply a password (stickered on the battery flap) when your device detects it, then you're good to go.

pairing over NFC though, is easier! you just have to turn on the NFC on your phone and touch it with the lens, and voila! PlayMemories will launch and you're ready to go! near fields communication babyyyy! <3

but of course, i put this under the "What i didn't like" section, so here's the sad thing. I HAD TO REMOVE MY PHONE CASE for the NFC pairing to work. and that sucks. T___T; apparently, the case hinders my phone's NFC-ness huhu. i failed to validate if that was just a pairing issue though, i mean if i removed the case, pair it, then put it back again. that scenario. hehe

So, will I buy it?
Uhm nope. i was sold with the quality of photos but the lags are a huge letdown. :(

this sucks major balls

due to some network congestion, the company decided to block off a ton of websites that would eat up bandwidth while they haven't acquired new server switches yet (i don't really understand what i'm talking about)... facebook included, rendering me useless in having myself updated w/ my freelance work and all that. anyway, it only meant i have to channel my boredom some place else, like my blog and twitter, and stick to communicating w/ clients via email.

so what's up?

in my previous post i shared with you my success in whipping up a microwaved mug cake and my excitement over trying out other cake mixes. i figured i didn't have to make everything from scratch since when it comes to eating, i'm more interested in the food than the process (unlike success, where it's the journey that matters. ano raaaw haha) so there's no shame in using boxed mixes! it's not like i want to be a baker. haha

on the other hand, i still wish to get fired (or just released from this bond) without being too scandalous about it. everyone seems to be moving on with with their careers and i'm kindof stuck not doing anything... probably because they can't put me anywhere else i could be useful. -_-; i used to think as long as it pays well i could drive myself into working my ass of, but even the pay doesn't get me driven enough (cos it's not enough lol). or maybe i'm just not talented enough for this. puro enough haha. i wish they could let me design but i guess they wouldn't give me that liberty without proving myself worthy in other tasks which is totally unrelated to what i want to do. hay.

i feel like a shark on a tree climbing contest.

of course there's the saner option, instead of whining daily about the current state of my enthusiasm... the wisest thing to do is to find alternatives within the company that could lessen this burden.

a little earlier i talked (well, ranted a bit) to a couple of my officemates about my career drafts (aka positions i wanted to try because i'm not allowed to resign yet) and it turned out very... ano ba, liberating. like some thorn was taken off my uhm, throat? hahaha i was about to say my stemmed body but at the cost of a poor mental image i might impart, i decided to stay human na lang hehe.

ANYWAY, at the very least... i was comforted knowing that

1) i have options
2) i'm not alone
3) it doesn't suck so much here, you just have to know how to navigate around and find your place.

gaaaawd i sound like such an emotional wreck no? HAHAHA

nuff about the work i hate, and more about the work i love...

i've never been more inspired to develop my artistic skills. i wish i could self-study my way into it, but i can't seem to work on my discipline enough to even produce a single artwork in a week (well, that's the plan). i would hoard pens and papers but leave them in an abandoned stache. i never seem to find time to properly use them. most of my recent pieces (if you could call it that) are on papers towels and notebooks... but hardly any on my supposed drawing pads! >XS

i've always wanted to enroll in a multimedia arts course, and guess what... i just did! well it's only a single module (digital illustration and page design) because that's as much as i can afford for now. i plan to take other modules when i've saved enough. then probably go full force in freelancing. chos lang. classes will start this May and i'm so freakin excited!! <3 exactly the software skills i lack, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. <3

oh Lord, thaaank you so much! <3

oh well, time to go! :D

[Recipe] Microwaved Mug Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream

Thank you Nuffnang and My Great Food! <3
yesterday i picked up this uber heavy loot from Nuffnang! thank you soooo much! i won this as consolation prize for joining their San Miguel #MyGreatFoodIn15Seconds contest where i shared a super easy Nacho Salad recipe using select Pure Foods and Magnolia products. will post about it soon (uhm.. promise XD).

anyway, when i checked the bags, i instantly picked out Magnolia Devils Food Cake cake mix because ooooooh! it's the perfect chance to try making a microwaved mug cake! i've always been curious about it! XD

aaand i did! the last time i tried my hands on baking was when i was in highschool. i tried to make a banana cake for my friends but they confused it for some kind of a pudding so i realized naaaaah, not for me.

i do however, enjoy assisting my sister when she bakes cookies or tuna turnovers. i love messing with her doughs haha. XD

oryt, here's the super easy recipe. i did the batter last night, and brought it to the office cos we didn't have a microwave at home. haha 

- Magnolia Devil's Food Cake cake mix (150g)
- 3 eggs
- 1 cup water
- 1/2 cup oil
- Magnolia Vanilla Ice Cream 

everything's quite on the box you know! haha

- just mix everything except for the ice cream. if you have an electric beater good for you! but if you don't, ready a fork cos you're up for a good arm exercise! 

well, if you need more guidance on this part, what i did was:
- put the cake mix in a bowl
- add 1 cup water and mix thorougly
- when it's mixed well, add the 1/2 cup oil. it will gloss up to a pretty shiny fudge :3
- then add the eggs and mix altogether until it's in a very thick and shiny fudgey consistency. the batter's done!
- place some 2-3tbsp. of the batter on a mug and microwave for 2-3 minutes. :D
- serve with vanilla ice cream on top! or whipped cream! OR BOTH!!! <3

Microwaving tips (naks):
- the longer you microwave it, the harder the cake gets so make sure you don't over cook it if you want it mejo moist. mine was kindof dry and hard at the bottom. though it looks moist on the outside i gathered it's probably just the oil hehe
- as much as possible, put only 1 mug at a time. shared this with my officemates so we crammed 5 mugs in the oven. the result was, it didn't rise so much, but it was cooked fine naman. none of that round cute fluffy top though huhu.
- max the batter to 2-3tbsp. per mug, you don't want it to overflow and well, you need space for TOPPINGS! <3

that's it! very very easy and straightforward. just do the mix and microwave! best with vanilla ice cream so far! looking to make some other cake flavors like PANCAKES MAYBE? with whipped cream and maple syrup, or even blueberries. OMG i have to buy a microwave T____T

How to Retire Before the Age of 50

Are you constantly worried about the state of your finances? Buried in debts and liabilities? Your bills eating up your vacation fund? Do you have trouble saving money? Do you want to be able to live an abundant life before you hit 50?

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Level up your personal finance by attending this wealth management conference led by Chinkee Tan, wealth and life coach, and renowned motivational speaker on June 20, 2015, 1pm-6pm at The Metro Tent, Metro Walk, Pasig City. 

How to Retire Before the Age of 50

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In this 5 hour event, we will be learning life changing lessons that will drastically alter our mindset about money. We will learn how to CREATE, HANDLE, GROW, and PROTECT our wealth in order to emerge financially free and debt free!

Are you excited?

I freaking am! Which is why I'm inviting all of you to grab your tickets now because it's only a matter of time before the tent gets filled!

Take advantage of these early-bird rates

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If you're okay with a miniature version of Chinkee Tan, plus a complementary sea of heads, go ahead! XD
BRONZE: Php 1,400 NOW Php 400

Reallyyyy, unless the nearer slots are sold out... you're not paying for an audiobook you know. XD

Go for the GOLD guys, you won't regret it!

What more, add Php 1,000 and spend an exclusive dinner with Mr. Chinkee Tan where you can get more of his insights about financial planning, plus a photo-op and book signing opportunity!

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as a sign of thanks...

I want you to know that i'm giving away something awesome to everyone who reserves a ticket from this blog.

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5 stupid things i once did for my crushes

That i'm careful not to repeat, and hopeful i've outgrown somehow. i wouldn't know. haha
1. Did his homework

I feel like a complete version of the generic nerd in teen flicks vying to get a cheerleader's attention by presenting to do her homework. Well, i'm proud to say i outdid that hollywood nerd! how? cos i made not just a homework, but an exercise and a project too! and not only that, i also did it for 4 of his friends! and beat this will you, i did all of them in a single day, while doing my own school project, and while being sleepless for 2 days. BEST NERD EVER.

lol i'm exagerrating, they're actually 3-in-1 projects so i really just did 5 projects... they're very easy though, AND I GOT PAID OKAY? the rest are true though, i was in the middle of doing my own project, i haven't slept in 2 days, and he called late at night and announced a 12-hour turn around time.

i'm not stupid okay, i told him no! who would agree to that?! but he pleaded like i'm the only one who could help him (and the friends he hasn't mentioned yet) and how it's too late to find another person (like he actually spent the day convincing others before me), and how it's going to be super easy for me because it's a computer project (oh. well), and how i'm so pretty and smart and perfect... gullible

hence, this first item. XS

2. became a scriptwriter

hesitant as i was, i succumbed to some invisible force (aka his charm) beckoning me to write dialogues for a back to back play his theater club is staging where he is acting.  stupid me even suggested to create playbills for it as marketing collateral... and well, nobody knew what it was so i ended up doing it. all the writing, designing, and manual stapling of some 150 wretched copies of those stupid booklets.

well, i was reimbursed for the photocopying, and he said the playbills were such a flip it sold-out (more like handed-out cos they weren't really for sale). i also earned more of his respect (which i'd like to call ganda points) cos i'm not only the best nerd ever (uhm yeah, same guy), but i'm also a good scripts person! i'm the perfect (slave) girl for him!

oh the play was a blockbuster. he was such a good actor. HAHA. see, he even got me to write for him.

3. drew his face and showed it to him

astig diba? but not when you're a complete stranger to him!

it didn't exactly happen that way! HAHAHA, and thankfully this isn't the same guy anymore. whew.
let me rephrase the item:

drew his face and accidentally showed it to him. uhuh, creeper confirmed.

yeah much better. you see, i'm an avid doodler specially when i'm bored in class! so one time during such a class, i was mindlessly doodling some aliens and UFOs and letterings per usual, and decided to put him in my doodleland. i drew him in a jersey (varsity basketball represent! aaargh, i'm such a sucker for the popular types. deym u meg cabot), and added more stuff to fill the page haha. suddenly he came to me and said, "ang galing naman" or something like that (i don't really remember), and reached for my paper to take a look. i happily obliged, after all it was a proud piece haha! when i got my drawing back i couldn't contain my kilig, until my eyes fixed itself on the cartoon version of him.

then i realized. he didn't know i have a crush on him. my innards gave a nervous twitch as i imagined what could have crossed his mind if he did saw his face on that paper. i cried inside, looked back at the drawing and defeatedly tried to convince myself that it didn't really look like him, maybe he didn't notice.

4. stalked him

common right? i'm not familiar with the levels of stalking normal crushing teenage girls would do. but before i was introduced to my crush and became friends, i already knew his cellphone number, his middle name, his ex-girlfriend, his full address, his religion, the name of his parents, the high school he went to, where he worked previously, etc. it didn't really take so much digging on my part. i worked in the library and we used to keep these info cards of everyone who has a library card so i took the basic info there... and resisted the urge to tear off his 1x1 pic HAHA. the rest i got from the student records. whaaat?! oh yes... it took months for me to get hold of it but thankfully nobody noticed!

what i meant was, it took me some months to get myself transferred to the admin office after working some year at the library as a student assistant. it was information heaven. everything i needed to know about him was in the office. BWAHAHAHA

5. cried over him

oh dear. i'm the type of person who never wants to be discovered by my crushes. i'm happy just watching them from afar, taking infos from the student portal, stalking them on facebook, taking notes every now and then if they're still single, mentally bashing their girlfriends if they have one, etc. i'm okay that way. i really am. cos i didn't want to be their girlfriend, it's too uncomfortable. and i'm not the type of person to pursue her crushes anyway.

so one day, when one of my girl friends told me (out of concern cos i've been acting more stupidly than ever) that my crush knows i'm crushing on him... i just cried. especially when i learned that it was my other girl friend who told him. i was betraaaayed!! this is waaaar!! that's supposed to be a secret! but more importantly, how long has he known?! and is that why he's been hanging around a lot? i thought it was destiny that pulled us together! HAHAHAHA and he kept asking me darned favors! i even did his project and that stupid playbill (oh yeah, same guy)! but apparently, guys are all the same (uhm, for the sake of expression hahaha)! i felt grossly taken advantage of! chos. i deleted the princely mental image of him and sourly replaced it with an evil, user-friendly, jerk of all trades.

but not really. HAHA after a few months when some of my feelings have died down, i learned (from one of the school heads he worked under) that he has a crush on me too! finally all the hard work paid off! chooos! of course i mentally rejoiced! too bad i was already into someone else when i learned of it haha.

but anyway, i had to let it sink that i had a crush on him first, then he knew, so he probably tried to see if i was likeable enough, then decided to have a crush on me too! i would slap him if he didn't think i was likeable enough with all that effort.

uhm, to be fair. the guy from #1,2,4,5 was a really nice person. he wasn't that bad entirely. he didn't seem to be the type of person to actually take advantage of someone's feelings and for the most part assured me that i'm being compensated for whatever favors he asked. awow. he paid me for the project (#1), and tried to get me a free shirt (#2, but ended up w/ just a discount but it's okay, it's not like he got paid too).

so there. i came up with this post cos i was backreading yesterday and noticed how big the "Crushes" label is on the tag cloud so i lurked there for a while, and ended up laughing so hard at my younger (not that i've aged a lot) self for being so so stupidly head over heels over my major crushes. hahaha

what about you? what's the stupidest thing you did for someone you like? XD

the problem with midshift

i'm done doing the graveyard shift finally! only a few days more before i go back to my default shift (daaaaaaay). for now i'll be doing the midshift (2pm-11pm or 3pm-12mn) for maybe 2 more days hehe striking em out cos i'm still not sure about my shift for the coming days! but at least, i'm out of the graveyard! haha

what i love about midshift:

- it saved me 50% of my daily budget. i realized that my parents usually go out for business after lunch, so there's my free ride!

- i'm getting 8 (or more) hours of sleep. homaygaaaas. this is very very rare. even if i go to sleep at 3am, i convulsively wake up at around 11am, way ahead of my alarm clock, and also my shift. and because i'm up early, i get to enjoy a full breakfast, a complete shower (HAHA), and still have time to help with the dishes (naks). what an achievement!

- and that's because my free hours were pushed to the start of the day so it was forcibly consumed by more sleep, and a longer prep time for work. when i'm in dayshift, my free hours are towards the end of the day... and i don't usually spend that by sleeping early (who does?) haha it's either by watching TV, or browsing the internet, or blogging, etc. never by sleeping early. i'm happy that because of this shift, i am able to sleep more! haha

but of course there's a con...

- i needed that time after office hours to work on my other projects (read: freelance), and it's hard that i can't find the time for it anymore (at least for now hehe). doing it in the morning is weird cos i'm just warming up my brain, plus, the feeling that you don't have enough time to accomplish anything discourages me from actually starting something. haha


oh well!

Whatever happened to my supposed pic spam?

ah these pictures were taken eons ago (exagge, 2 weeks ago tops haha) but i still wanted to share them with you! here's how i would like to summarize my week from now on ... assuming i'll be religiously updating this weekly pic spam i decided to take on. bwaha

Domino's Pizza @ Fairview Terraces

i took a picture of the box because look, DESIGN! <3 i don't even know how their old pizza boxes looked like but this is now my favorite pizza box (not that i keep tabs on other boxes)! witty lines all over the carton too, if you'd gladly zoom in hehe. oh, they have FUTURE ORDERING how cool is that? 

jeckie and i tried this buy 1 take 1 promo they have, that's pepperoni and american bacon cheese burger (now, droooool) on the photo. yes, we finished them all, 70-30 (i'm the 30, okay?! no hatin')! 

in fairness, it's really good! the crust is pendesal-ish, very Angel's and (the new) Greenwich. the service is also fast, you're not waiting 30 mins for your food otherwise it's on them. oh yes. 

Curves Gym

a women-only gym w/ the motto "No men, no makeup, no mirrors" read about my experience here!

Leveling up my beauty regimen
ANO RAW?! since when did i have beauty regimen? haha nope i don't really have a regular skin care routine because i never really worry about my face. but then one day, while i was fondly looking at my recent pictures, i noticed that shooocks ang tanda ko na pala tingnan (#mejoExagge). all the laughter life has given me has accumulated into fine lines around my eyes! crows feet alert! AAAARGH!

so this is how it feels to wage war against the signs of skin ageing. homaygas. it doesn't help that anti-ageing skin products cost so muuuuuch (like Php 1,000+++++ for an effective brand), so since i'm still in my 20s i decided to moisturize first. it's not anti-ageing per se but it keeps the skin from getting dry and that's kind of a step forward for trying to hide fine lines. bwahaha. plus it's summer na, so there's this need to hydrate more!

i decided to try Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Facial Moisturizer because the reviews are good, it's available everywhere, it's fragrance free (read: allergies), and the packaging looks legit -- parang Cetaphil ang arrive haha.

Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Facial Moisturizer
so yeaahh, let's try that! plus girly points to me for taking care of my skin! will probably review this someday. haha


my mom was awarded her 14th year as a MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) awardee (plus some other awards) so yeheyyyy for ma! we stayed overnight at Sofitel and ate breakfast at Spiral (NOT Spirals) and took pictures everywhere cos 5 star hotels are almost always picturesque, yeah?

Here's a pic spam:

terai <3


Currently Reading

I think i'm putting the Harry Potter series as one of my favorite books, with special regard to The Prisoner of Azkaban cos i believe it's where the series took an emotional turn, with Harry being introduced to more truths and more people involved around the killing of his parents.

i'm on the fourth installment and i'm still as excited as ever to read it!!!

Currently Watching

Harry Potter din! i'm re-watching the series for the nth time and this is by far the most fascinating because i get to cross-inspect it from the book. there's this urge to list down scenes which were not included in the movie and all but well. #katamad

Work and all that

again, i want to resign. maybe i'll bring this up to my manager next time we talk. i always get this feeling that no matter how hard i try in this industry, it's always going to end up frustrating for me. i have totally 0 passion for software development.

it's a scary thing to shift careers because, where am i gonna work? who's gonna take me? how do i pay my bills? but then the possibility of a happier life excites me to no end. whew. what does it feel like to freelance? to build your own portfolio and sell yourself to clients? to work at the comfort of your home and wake up to a job that makes you happy?

oh my, i am so ready for this, but nonetheless scared... because i'm probably not big enough support myself financially. but.. haaaay Lord! grant me wisdom!

Get a Summer Ready Body with Skin Philosophie's Summer Sale Promo!

Guess what! Skin Philosophie Medical Aesthetic and Lifestyle Center, your one-stop center for immaculate correction, holistic wellness, and lifestyle solutions is launching new promos for us this summer! 

Take a look at and see what services you could get for less, and get ready to achieve that summer body you've been waiting for!

  1. Fat-Burning Radio Frequency (RF) Treatment
  2. Underarm Laser Hair Removal
  3. Underarm Whitening
  4. Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal

Details below!

Fat-burning Radio Frequency (RF) Treatment
Promo rate: Php 560 per session per body part
Regular rate: Php Php 2,800 per session per body part
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With visible result after first treatment
For best results: 6-10 sessions
No lumpsum payment - pay only Php 560 per visit

Underarm Laser Hair Removal
Promo rate: Php 2,700 per session
Regular rate: Php 4,500 per session
Savings: 40% off!
With visible result after first treatment
For best results: 4-6 sessions
No lumpsum payment - pay only Php 2,700 per visit

Underarm Whitening
Promo rate: Php 960 per session
Regular rate: Php 1,600 per session
Savings: 40% off!
Number of sessions required depends on skin condition
No lumpsum payment - pay only Php 960 per visit

Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal
Promo rate: Php 3,430per session
Regular rate: Php 4,500 per session
Savings: 23% off!
With visible result after first treatment
For best results: 4-6 sessions
No lumpsum payment - pay only Php 2,700 per visit

Amazing deals right? And if you don't know yet, Skin Philophie prides in being a leader in the field as they utilize advanced technology, equipment, and skin care products to ensure customer satisfaction. The center is headed by UK-trained doctor Dr. Kyla Talens, who considers safety and efficacy paramount to delivering their services. They offer customized patient-centered skin care programs, and always takes into account the client's resources and preferences before prescribing anything. You're in the best hands!

More treats for you!

If you want to avail of any of the summer promo services above, go on and contact them for a reservation, but since we're feeling extra generous we're extending an additional 5% discount to readers of this blog! Yup! i want to help you get that bikini ready body you've been dreaming of at a lesser cost!

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Here are other treats just for you <3

Location and Contact

Skin Philosophie Medical Aesthetic and Lifestyle Solutions
Address: 3rd level, The Fort Strip, 28th corner 7th Avenue,
Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Taguig.
Contact numbers: 0917-8860646 | 0917-8906800 | 02-2118662 | 02-21580780 | 02-8567451

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Curves Gym: No men, no makeup, no mirrors


Depends on your reason for going to the gym, you might find their motto quite a bit of a letdown, seeing that it doesn't conform to what most gyms look like. it probably even goes against some people's subconscious notions of the gym as some sort of a dating club, or a VIP lounge, or both. hehe

But Curves gym, focusing on a more specific demographic (you know, us girls!) knew how well their tagline speaks for women who are more concerned with improving their fitness levels, and who simply wanted to work out without being conscious about themselves. And to this extent, Curves serves its purpose by providing a facility that is for women only, has no mirrors at the workout area, and doesn't allow you to wear make-up. ang strict diba?!

PERO JOKE LANG. i have yet to confirm the no make-up part HAHA

Anywaaaay, here's how my first visit went:

Workout area
Curves gym offers circuit workouts using a set of 12 machines that target different parts of the body. They're placed in a circle and in between each of them are recovery pads where you do some light active movements to break the last machine workout you just did. You spend 30 secs. on the machine, then some 45 secs. on the recovery pad... until you've circled around the entire circuit. There's a background music and audio guide naman, plus there's always a coach to help you with the workouts!

When i came in i was welcomed by Coach Tessa, who showed me around the place, introduced me to the machines (and some of the members too!), and interviewed then measured me (homagyasss) for a fitness assessment. haha

Goal setting. naks.
i love how every member gets this sort of initial goal setting interview where the coach assesses your current fitness level, your measurements, your desired weight, health considerations, etc. and helps you come up w/ realistic figures to lose (or gain, depends on your goal) in a month.

The workout

the first circuit was kindof light but i could already feel some sweat. the second circuit though was what made me sweat even more as i had to increase the reps i do on each machine, shempre, to sweat and burn more! ang sarap sa feeling!

the entire workout only took 30 minutes but it was intense enough to cover all parts of my body. very ideal for those on-the-go who didn't want to spend too much time on the gym. 

after that, i stayed longer to try their zumba class! it's a zumba circuit where you dance in between machine workouts. i suck at dancing but i'm always trying haha i had a hard time following the steps though cos we were in a circle and i was in front of the instructor, and i suck at mirror imaging, i kept on circling on the wrong path! haha


Members' Lounge
Across the lounge is where the comfort rooms and shower area is. There are mirrors here already, don't worry! See those cards below the Curves signage? That's their "Women on Top" for the month of January!

Women on Top
Only goes to show how this gym is serious about helping you achieve your fitness goals!

Locker area
On the other side of the lounge is where the locker area is. Also a place you'd see more inspiration!

Testimonials from members

There's a very warm feeling about the gym that makes me want to come back, also because i'm interested w/ the type of workout they offer! The coaches are very friendly and nice and always ready to help, and it seems like it's home to a community of women who share a common goal and are out to help each other in their quest for fitter a lifestyle! Reading the inspiring stories from the locker doors also encouraged me with my goals of shedding pounds of fat! haha

So, if you're working near (or at) Eastwood City, this is going to be worth your visit! 

Location and Contact

4F Eastwood City Walk 2, Eastwood City Cyberpark, Quezon City
584-9841 | 09177377835 | 09212093322

Opening hours:
Mondays - Fridays
7:00AM - 12:30PM
3:30PM - 8:30PM

8:00AM - 1:00PM

Mon/Tues - 6:30PM
Wed/Thurs - 8:30AM
Sat - 9:30AM

How to get there?
I came from Commonwealth Area so I rode a jeep labeled "Cubao - Kalayaan - Ali Mall" and went down at Ali Mall. From there, I rode another jeep labeled "Ever - Rosario - Citibank" and got off across CitiBank. I crossed the bridge and walked from Citibank to Cyberwalk. Curves is located at the mall beside Bigoli (i don't know what it's called though hehe) and is at the 4th floor. If the mall is still closed, there's an elevator at the parking area, or you can use the stairs! :)

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