Chink+ Money Kit: Your ultimate money management system!

Most of us have problems saving, budgeting, and just plain stashing our cash where we can't touch it. fortunately, there have been lots of systems out and about online that would teach you how to manage your finances better, and they're all very helpful especially if you've found one that works best with your lifestyle.

i've personally taken heed to the JARS system where i keep tabs of my savings and spendings using a spreadsheet i can access online. but for those who don't frequent the web or use the computer, there's another way to get organized with your money in a more hands-on way.

Chink+ Money Kit is a money management system that is designed to teach you how to save, budget, invest, and stay debt-free. with this system, no matter how small you earn, you'll be able to property budget your money and save!

Get rid of your financial problems and stress today! Take a look at what's inside the box :)

Chink+ Money Kit includes

1. Chink Positive Money Kit Manual
This guide will help you navigate through the step-by-step process on how to start your financial journey to becoming financially literate and debt-free.

2. Chink Positive Debt Repayment Plan Worksheet
This worksheet allows you to choose different debt reduction strategies, including identifying the highest debt. This allows you to choose a strategy when you fill in the necessary information into the worksheet. This will also help you identify and visualize when you can become totally debt free.

3. Chink Positive Accordion Folder
This allows organizing and dividing your monthly expense.

4.  Chink Positive Financial Obligations Worksheet
This helps you to prioritize spending and focus on the needs and remove the wants in life. This system will play a major role in creating a healthy and successful budgeting system.

5.  Chink Positive Expenditure Envelope
This allows you to keep track your daily, weekly, and monthly expenses. You will see how much you have spent within a month in a glance. As I always say in my seminars, “You got to know where your money is going to know where you’re heading.”

6. Till Debt Do Us Part
This book of Mr. Chinkee Tan has sold over 100,000 copies that help people on the basics of savings, budgeting, getting out / staying out of debt and invest. It is a book worth reading over and over again until such time it helps you to change your financial

7.  Chink Positive Savings Envelope
This allows you to have the financial discipline to get started in savings, even with whatever little you have. Once you get rolling and see how easy it is for you; you’ll surely develop the habit of saving.

8.  Chink Positive Buying Envelope
This system helps you to stop from overspending. You cannot buy things with the money that you don’t have. This system allows you to buy the things you desire in CASH so that you will avoid getting into debt.

9.  Chink Positive Investment Envelope
Investing in the future is one of the most neglected parts in financial planning. This system allows you to set & achieve your financial goals in order to make your money grow.

10. Budgeting Software
This is a full automated system that allows you to do the following: To edit the items base on your personal needs or preference. To keep track of your monthly, semi-annual or annual expense. To know how much money you are earning on a monthly, semi-annual or annual basis. To be able to know if you are living within or beyond your means.

11. Chink Positive DVD Guide
Chinkee Tan will be your own personal wealth and life coach. He will help you and guide you in your personal financial journey. It is like bringing Chinkee Tan as your personal mentor to your very home at your convenient time and place.

How much is the Money Kit?

The entire kit only costs Php 2,500. But if you order now, you also get to receive 6 BOOKS by Chinkee Tan FOR FREE, and a Chink+ Shirt! And not only that, you'll also get the opportunity to start your own e-Loading business from LoadCentral because I'll be giving away free retailer accounts too. :)

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