another blenz weekend

been here for 2 hours. i've just finished rewriting my notes and is now off to downloading movies.

this week has been quite great. :)

i got a 92 on our first chem40 lecture exam. it was a total shocker for me. i don't usually get high grades. but then, what is there to expect on my third take? weh

one more! i was the only one in our social sciences class who got a perfect score on an essay question in our first exam. i was even special-mentioned. wooo. hello flatteries. i didn't ace the exam though, the only socio major in our class did the honors for that. figures.

hmm. i'm proud to say that i've been successfully minimizing my internet usage. maybe because i'm cutting down my own allowance to avoid unnecessary spending. then i'll do a one-time-big-time internet splurge when i drop by megamall before going home. coffee + internet = the best combo in the world.

note to self and to others too:
for free direct movie/series/anime download, register at
TV Free Load Forum

@ had a date with ate venice last night! her treat cos we're celebrating her passing the microbiology licensure examinations! :D 100% passing rate for UPLB students. hehe XD

OMG. somebody stop me from going to the atm machine and withdrawing some money. THERE'S A SUPER SALE HERE AND IT FREAKIN READS 70% OFF AT MANGO. what a bad position i'm in. T__T;

dragons seem to parade here every week. whattasight! :D

why i hate wallowing in my youth

i want to quit listening.
for once, i want to be listened to.
but then i don't just speak, i pick the persons whom i'm going pour relevant things at.

and you're MOST PROBABLY not part of that.

way to go!

i. woke up at 5am, arrived at the terminal at around 6, then came to los banos at around 830. then while i was on the jeepney, i was fumbling in my bag for my apartment keys. then i panicked! i couldn't find them! ;___; i was super nervous. my groupmates and i are supposed to meet at 9 to pass our project, and our project is inside the apartment. i got down from the jeepney and walked nervously, thinking if i still have time to travel 65 kilometers (times 2, back and forth) to get my keys, then again, i'm not sure if i really left them at home. ;;____;; i was thinking of calling kuya raffy, the caretaker when i realized i left my phone inside my the apartment. T___T; i am hopeless. then i started thinking of barbaric ways to open the window bars since our project, a half sized illustration board is just sitting on the chair beside the window.

buy heeey, when i yanked the windows open i heard someone gasp. tep and mino are inside!!! damn, they're my saviors! :) and so they opened the door for me and i cheerfully took our project. yey.

ii. it's not over yet, darlings. :) i have yet to get my phone, the laptop and the USB cable needed to transfer the pictures required for the project. i walked upstairs and found that our door won't budge. IT WAS FREAKIN LOCKED!!! more panic. but i was laughing though, it wasn't as deadly as the left-my-keys-panic-attack that i had just a few minutes ago. ;;___;; my housemates don't know why it was locked, no one's inside, and more importantly, none of us have keys to that room. haha so we had to use extreme force to open the door. by extreme we meant these:

  • the 'swipe' technique - works for us in our previous dorm. here you need a prepaid card (or a card that won't break easily) and kinda swipe it between the door and the doorframe, usually when you've reached beetween the, err, the thing that retracts when you twist the doorknob and the (usually square) hole it goes through, you just have to push it open. didn't work. T__T;; sucks, i hated describing that.
  • hairpin pick-lock technique - wannabe locksmiths, yeah. like we actually know how it works. lol
  • scissors technique - uhh, we want to yank the doorknob off that hole
  • "mad, fuming and desperate room owner with a bread knife" technique - uhh, that goes for me. this is similar to the scissors technique, but instead i used a bread knife. it's a matter of trying to destroy the entire doorknob... which produced an ugly bent (but looked artsy to me) bread knife. DID NOT WORK. i was totally desperate to get inside my room. heck, my groupmates are waiting downstairs and i'm constantly banging-screaming-and-brutally-kicking-and-yanking the doorknob open. to nooooo avail. bwahahahaha
  • but of course there's an easy way out of that crap. CALL A LOCKSMITH. but that's gonna cost me 200 pesos + 5 meters walk from the gate. well, i tried this one...but got turned off by the price so i just walked defeatedly back to the apartment... to find out that
  • mino was able open the door without demolishing the poor doorknob!!! i wasn't there so i couldn't describe what he did in detail but i guess i would call it the HAMMER-HAND technique. figures? you do that for me.
whew. that was coool. hahaha

iii. so yeah...we were able to pass our project and i was able to get my phone, the laptop and other stuff, LIKE MY KEYS. then i'm off to QC once again. hehe daddy will be needing my laptop so i'll leave it there this week. good thing we have no eng2 this week so i won't be typing anything, whatever. haha

iv. and NOOOOW? i'm here at megamall, in a coffee shop walled Blenz. i'm super liking it here! free SUPERFAST WIFI and great coffee. lol, and it's around 5 pesos more expensive than starbucks. woa? nevermind that. what puts starbucks below them is the FREE WIFI. their whipped cream is better too. haha

v. is it already chinese new year? coool. saw this at the ground floor, the dragons are dancing on every store! coool.

vi. i'm totally liking it here. :D
currently: listening to Becoming Jane OST and downloading Full Metal Alchemist and Soulmate OSTs :D


OMG. CFA has already opened its door for applicants.
i'm very nervous. i'm excited to get in CFA, but utterly uncertain whether freakin CEAT would let me out. please. T___T;

i watched mel and joey awhile ago and it totally counters the bad luck that most websites tell about the people born under the year of the horse. in fact, a guest feng sui expert there says that it will be a year of dream fulfilment for us.

God, you know how I badly want a future in the arts. ;___;
Let it be.

do you believe in fate?

i wouldn't call this a great day, i did nothing for the most part, i didn't bring junjun (i'm using pa-q btw) or anything heavy like my humongous notebook for this weekend. i didn't swim yesterday, though i promised, because i woke up with an ugly muscle pain on my left shoulder and thighs (tennis). i wasn't able to keep the 500 bucks i was meaning to save. i'm not being super productive, yet i'm not regressing either. i wouldn't acknowledge my current state of laziness as a form of regression. i am merely slowly progressing but i am not stagnant.

yesterday's ride was pretty smooth, took only an hour and a half from los banos to manila. maybe it's because of the time, it was saturday noon, not a lot of cars on the road. heyhey, i strolled a bit at megamall and saw this lovely digital camera.

lol, still olympus! i love the color! and this is cheaper than the previous cameras i tabbed!

Olympus FE-370
SM dep't store price: approx 10K. not bad if you're looking for a cheap point and shoot cam! :D

pretty color! XD must haaaaave!

tomorrow will hopefully be a cool day. i'll be going to los banos to pass our project for sosc1 then go home immediately. well, i plan on indulging on wifi though it could still change since i don't have an immediate need for a downloading session yet.

i badly need a place where i could finish reading Almost Heaven. i want to read at the mall, i need the noise and the constant flux of people, it makes me feel alive. here i get sleepy. T__T; in fact i've taken one two many naps this day just because i have nothing to do. T_T ha! tamad.

and hey, i am recommending L'Oreal Elseve Nutri Gloss Intensive Shine Mask. wuut? i don't know what it is but it's like a hair conditioner. it's pretty expensive , around 375 pesos for 200ml. but really, it's a super great product. i only use it once a week, because i need a lot of time with this thing on my head plus rinsing it off is a pain (not a fan of conditioners - it eats up a lot of my bathing time just rinsing it off) but stiiill, it's a good one.
it makes my hair really soft and shiny and it lasts for a week! i mean, not that i don't shampoo for a week but once a week application of this thing is good enough. wutduuuh?

shut up!

err... i survived?

more or less 3 days without internet! now that's cool

monday night i came to elbi to review for an exam for the next day. but i was wrong, we didn't have an exam! grr T__T;

tuesday was boring. i skipped two of my classes because i overslept. well, not exactly but i keep on snoozing my phone off that i decided to just cut the crap with going to classes and just sleep.

hey, but i attended my afternoon class that day cos it was a lab session. boring boring, we're now entering the period of petri plates overusage and it's fun cos i already know all those junk.

know what? i hate the freshies. well, not all of them but damn it, most of them are really unnerving and proud and boastful and i just wanted to cut their heads off and kick them if that's gonna shut them off for good. i hate it. i hate them! now i know how it feels to be extremely mad at the lowerclasses just because they exist.

i know, i'm so evil.

wednesday, hmm, what happened then? i don't remember much. we had chem lab, i wore flats, got a blister from it then...then...err. nothing really. boring daaay.

thursday. finally, an exam. not that i've been waiting for it but i've been studying on the wrong days and it pisses me off because my long weekend is always sacrificed.
how was the exam? hard. it was full of identification items which weren't discussed specifically, we don't even have a common reference so how dare he.

i think i can handle poverty, but not too much. look, i've saved a considerable amount of my allowance for this week because, err, because... i didn't eat much?

friday. i wasn't able to get some sleep.

why wasn't i able to get some sleep anyway? I DRANK COFFEE. i just craved for it, and God did i pay the lethal cons. i was awake till 4 am. i've watched Cruel Intentions, played and reached level 22 of text twist, sucked at Mario and blogged enough on my private word journal. i was wearing shades the whole night (or morning) because my laptop is glaring (ardy in the darkest setting). then i ran out of things to do so just laid down and tried to sleep. to no avail, folks. to noooo avail.

2 hours man, i just slept for 2 hours and i woke up with my phone ringing. my sister called me to print her exam and pass it to her teacher . i badly wanted to strangle her that time for spoiling my sleep and for forcing me to fill up with her irresponsibility (cos she's in manila doing her thesis junk). i hate her! and she wants me to pass it at 830 when i have a class til 9! %^!#$^ her. really @^!^*$#&( her to death. she spoiled my freakin day. goose fraba, baby. gooooose frabaaaaah.

on another note

i got an uno for my backhand practicals! and around 1.25 to 1.50 on my forehand. i suck at service.

chem practicals tomorrow morning.
then off to swim.


currently watching: bleach hehe

not finished with soulmate parin.
honey and clovers 1 and 2 still pending...

i have only 3gigs left on my partition drive. T_____T;;

one of the first heteropairs i liked: kurosaki ichigo ♥ kuchiki rukia
yey haha

this is not a love letter

i'm a wimp.

i've never confessed to anyone before, maybe because i don't think there's something liberating with confessing to my crush(es) that i like him(them), unless i figure out it's something bigger. or maaaaybeeee, having a crush on someone is too shallow a reason to break my fantasies. another thing, just like the usual out-of-self-esteem and timid person that i am, i fear being rejected. more more more, i think that ought to be a guy thing.

there are two things you need to understand before you read the entire entry (that's if you want to)
1. my attention gets diverted easily
2. but at the end of the day, there's only one person whom i'm truly serious with

2 years.

i guess i started liking him during the later part of my first year in college. i thought he was cute (well, he is). the generic bespectacled nerdy and weird type of guy who studies day and night and aces every examination he takes. i don't remember our first encounter (i guess it was through text), but i do remember how i came to see him for the first time. a friend of mine just pointed him out for me, saying something like 'him. he's a good prospect, he won't be harsh on you. you should report to him'

and i did.

sucks, because i can't remember how my reporting with him went. i think he was with another person, which made me extremely out of focus because that person became my crush too.

eventually. nothing came.
the next semester, i was totally crushless. it was boring, but i still think of him...ocassionally only... since we don't see each other much except on scheduled assemblies which doesn't pay a lot since all i did was look at him from afar. i couldn't get myself to talk to him because i was afraid he wouldn't entertain anything un-acad related. i was too prejudiced with him and his batchmates. they were too intimidating.

the next sem, i got a major crush on a classmate from literature. our gay teacher liked him despite his evident lack in height, well, i liked him because he's kind, he's good in basketball and he was suddenly worried about me one day for reasons i wasn't able to extract well from him. i thought it has something to do with the paper we're supposed to do together but ended up entirely on my disposal, but then he said no, so that puzzled me big time. i thought he was just worried about me. and it touched me. but that's weird. sorry, i make ugly illogical assumptions when i have a major crush. i overanalyze things to make it look like he likes me too. haha

anyway. since it was a major crush, i almost forgot about him (him being the first guy i mentioned). i would think about him every night, include him in my prayers (well, selfishly though... like "Lord, please let us be groupmates forever. and please have him look at me just once while playing on court.") and just...well, think of him. :)

the sem ended and nothing happened. LOL. i was too shy and too out-of-words when i'm with him.

the next sem was a bit boring too. i had a crush on someone who is a batch lower but is older than me but i didn't care much. i denied it to everyone. we became quite close and were partners for a project. his artistic side got into me... but not enough though. nye

oddly enough, among all the crushes i had, i never saw someone whom i can be in a relationship with... except for him (him being the first guy i mentioned), which is weird because that's just how far i went with him in my mind... imagining 'us' together. lol, i myself am not ready for that.

then one day, after a blog entry at multiply with a semi-weird title, he commented to me personally. i can't spill out what he said cos it's like saying who he is, but the point is... what he said was totally unexpected and weird and drnit, it got through my every nerve, i couldn't help smiling after that remark, like we suddenly share an identical brainwave. i was like given a new reason to continue liking him. it felt like my reserved emotions for him were resurrected and from there, from that seemingly simple comment (you'll prolly think i'm just overreacting)... i almost thought i'm in love.

then it grew, i came to know more things about him, more very very interesting stuff. we're almost the same in terms of fancies.

and the best thing about him..
he's a christian.
i could name this as the biggest factor in my personal match-making quest.

ever since that day, i seriously contemplated on the feelings he seems to give me. is this really love, or am i just idealizing him too much (something i tend to do a lot)?

days, weeks and months passed by. we were both silent. we hardly interact. my crushes triple in number but his place within me remains reserved, God knows until when. but i'm pretty sure it won't be soon.

and because i'm still too young, too occupied with chasing my dreams, and is still incapable of entertaining anything i am bound to leave in a matter of months, i choose not to cater that which will surely lead to regret when dealt with hastily.

i shall wait.

gadgets + accessories wishlist

1. new cellphone :D
red nokia 6300 (est. 9k) or white nokia 3120c (est. 8k)

2. rechargeable digital camera with video recorder
kodak easyshare m1033 or olympus fe340.

with kodak
- great picture and video quality
- video is saved as .mov ... a not so universal format that is only playable on quicktime (avail on package) and who knows...some other apple players. if you're fond of video editing, i don't think .mov is a friendly pick

with olympus
- nice color lineup
- picture and video quality is a bit inferior to kodak (but is still great so far)
- goooood thing: video is saved in .avi format, which can be played everywhere. and can be edited everywhere too
- yey.

both items go for at most 13,000 pesos.
these are the most affordable, price-worthy and quality rechargeable digicams i've spotted so far.

3. 8 gigs USB flash drive
i saw one at SM appliance and it's only for approx. 1,400K! (imation brand) <---- these transcend flash drives are super cute tho i don't really care how it looks like as long as it reads (and stores) 8 freakin gigabytes. the more the merrier. because i hate the risk of cd-r king pdts, i thought i'd consider something a bit more expensive but for your sake.... the cheapest 8gigs i've seen so far can be bought at 800 pesos at the most at cd-r king. china made. unsure of the quality tho.

4. philips earphones

i think this model is SHEsomethingsomething. this is a semi expensive earphones as they go for approx. 600 pesoses but they're probably the best earphones i've tried next to senheisser which is out of the question as most of them are overpriced.

anyhooow, that specific model comes with 5 interchangeable caps which looks super cuuute hahaha they have metallic apple green, metallic pink, black, grey and if i'm not mistaken there's metallic red too. of course default is white. :D

ok, the cheapest i've tried comes only at a hundred buckeroos. guess where, cd-r king. big loser. yeah. the buds are like awfully naked now because the earcaps are very fond of detaching themselves so i kinda lost them while travelling. don't buy stuff at cd-r king unless you're out of budget and is not as tech-savvy (translation: mahilig at maarte sa gadgets) as i am.
perhaps the best thing about cd-r king is that they sell lots of cheapo stuff but then most of their electronics like to play dead and they just randomly ressurect (take my lame earphones for that). the heck.

5. magic mic

approx. 9k
need i say more?

6. case logic phone/mp3 case

i dunno, 400? primarily for my phone. :)

7. germany fifa world cup lanyard

because it's black. honestly though, if there's a black italia lanyard i'd take that instead. i have no particular inclination towards germany as i do with italy (i like the country plus the whole art emergence in there and also the food but it's only available in blue ;_;) but ugghh... the color, man. -__-;

i like black.
buy me this! haha 200-250 lang. err... ewan ko nga lang kung san. they're available through some multiply sites. lol.



edited version. lol
first time to use windows movie maker! :)

and hey! i've finally fixed the mic sensitivity problem! i'm excited to make more vids like this. hahaha

please watch! :) rate, comment...whatever. haha



stupid title

jan 16:
i. was extremely mentally draining. during eng2, we had a writing exercise and we were pressured to compose one (at most 2) paged essay about the essence of scholarship and plagiarism. 20 minutes. crap

ii. then on my next class, we had a quiz. guess what, another essay writing thing about the uniqueness of filipinos and ethnocentrism. 15 minutes. more crap

iii. then we had our first chem40 lecture exam that night (my 3rd first exam, if you get what i mean LOL), it was scheduled 7-8:30pm but i finished the exam at 730 (then passed my paper 15mins after, i don't wanna look COOL, really) because i want to catch the last HM trip to cubao. haha

and i did. :)

iv. i was extra lively last night too, i had two cups of coffee and coffee crumble ice cream from my sister, then before my exam my housemates and i partied with the magic sing first. hahaha

jan 14:
v. we watched UPCAT the movie. hahaha, i was kinda proud because 3 of my former schoolmates starred the film: the lead guy, the lead girl and the conyo cousin of the lead girl (who has a really hateful accent) lol

maybe that's it for now

i love this guy

he played as Moose in Step Up 2. he's the cutest nerd-looking guy i've ever seen, and he's an awesome dancer. Adam Sevani.

youtube kinda sucks right now or is it because of this computer? anyway, i would love to drown in his videos but as i've mentioned, this computer's video-something isn't working well.

i. epic. it's the first time this semester that my attention span in chem40 lecture reached over 60 minutes! normally, i'd be dozing off after 15 minutes. but really, i don't know why i'm suddenly more attentive now, i'm not even interested in the lesson. come on. unfortunately though, it just happened on that single period and after it never occured again. crap.

ii. i suck at tennis. T_T;

iii. i want to swim for at least 3x a week but the university pool is only open for swimmers (non varsity and non pe student) during weekends. soooo, i'm taking my chances at splash. i don't care if my shoulder gets bigger. the hell, as long as i get an exercise.

iv. it's my sister's 20th birthday today! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERAI! :D :D :D

v. hmm.. nothing much.

everybody's got one

edited: because it's too early to say. lol

uhm...nyek. walang kwenta pala to e

new favorite movie: Becoming Jane

so far i've watched it three times already and damn i still cried. T___T;

"Jane, I'm yours. God, I'm yours. I'm yours, heart and soul."
- Thomas LeFroy

shet ka, LeFroy. you just turned me into a hopeless romantic, something i hate identifying myself as.

how many times did he say he's hers? freakin three times, man. that totally blew off my concept of how an "i love you" could turn me into puddle of slime. i'm yours, i'm, jason mraz is no match for tom lefroy.

T_T; a guy saying he's yours is pretty much the riskiest thing he'll ever do in his life. imagine, transferring complete property of a male heart and soul to a female's hands is like binding himself in a contract that automatically renews every day for the rest of his life.

that's just too crazy to handle.
and if the guy isn't joking, though i have no idea how to tell, then by God you need all the divinities to back you up with your decision.

Whitney my Love, if turned into a motion picture would make a more romantic, old english set. though i doubt, James McAvoy would fit into a Clayton Westmoreland, but either way, whoever gets the role, must live up to (at least) my expectations.

is someone even planning to do this?

a game of cricket

i. i'm so happyyyy!! i finally finished downloading the original soundtrack of Becoming Jane! i used torrent for it because direct download links suck. and you know what? i had to leave the pc on through the night to make sure it's downloading (dial up sucks)...i woke up awhile ago and found it's already completed! yey! :D

ii. one vain curly afternoon

iii. i won't be bringing junjun (this laptop) back to los banos this week because my dad needs it. :(

iv. anyway, i'm totally ok with it since i already have the OST. lol i feel motivated to read many judith mcnaught novels.

v. weird dream. i dreamt that my mom has the philosopher's stone (a big red gemstone) in her bag and she brought it to church, i also happen to know about it so i'm extra cautious for ourselves. then i volunteered to carry her bag for her while i buy some tickets (for some church thing). then i realized our senior pastor is chasing me, wanting to get hold of the stone. that's our senior pastor damnit! shocking.

well, he caught me! i was super scared...but even before i could use the philosopher's stone to my advantage (realizing i could somehow transmute it into something helpful just like in Fullmetal Alchemist)... i woke up. T__T;;

whhhhyyyyy? i'm almost near that part where i become a heroine but it was cut. ;_;

i still feel a bit awkward with men, even though i'm not crushing on them. wtf is wrong with me? !&^%@$! there are only two types of male friends whom i'm totally comfortable with... one would be gays... and the other type (if my deduction is right) are those whom i know i won't ever ever fall in love with.

and hey, i also realized that i fall easily! hahahahaha

vii. i still can't get myself to talk to him even when there's a perfectly valid and unsuspecting topic we can talk about. i turn into a major wimp when i'm around him. which is bad but then nobody knows, so that's kinda cool.

more pain

hi. twice my rapidshare d/l links closed because of some file source dilemma. now i'm trying torrent, T__T; the speed here really sucks, i've been sitting here for more than 4 hours now and i'm making no progress. haaay, if i can't download the OST now, i swear i'm gonna hunt for it at megamall, rip the cd and sell it on ebay.

i'm with jomuel too right now, he's copying some series from my pc. i got a movie from him too.

anywaaaaaay, i wanna go home already! please Lord! :) i'm so negative with the way things are downloading right now... i wanna buy the CD!!!! DX


reading Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella to keep me from mindlessly staring at the download window. they also have a hardbound copy of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer here, cool.

no this is not cool. i especially came here to download but the speed is killing me. 6 laptops now, grrrrreat! -_-

i received the weirdest gift today; a pyrex petri plate with cover. this gift totally rocks because i don't usually get those for christmas, not that i need it, but really... laboratory instruments for gifts? totally COOOL. maybe next time i'll get my friends centrifuge tubes with a message inside hahahaha.

someone came, 7 laptops now.oh and there're still laptops at the smoking area, 9 laptops now. T____T waaaah.

please don't rob me of my precious download speed. waaaah ;___;


dmn, more laptops coming. T_T; frkn dmn!

choco mint mocha = bad idea

i. i'm home alone last night so to save me from the paranoia i borrowed anne's magic mic and sang. not loudly though, i don't want the neighbors to think i'm a pathetic loner who sings by herself. it was very very exhausting, lol i sang for around an hour and 30 minutes before i went to bed to watch some series

ii. bleach. it was just last night that i started watching this wicked anime series, apparently i'm only on episode 3 but no worries cos i'll try to be patient with this super long anime. haha

iii. i woke up at around 615am awhile ago to prepare for the big day. well, i ended up killing the snooze alarm and woke up at 7am. so i semi-rushed to baker hall to catch the game that just started. it was coool, really cool and nice to scream my lungs out cheering for my org. lol

iv. the next game was volleyball. i opted to skip this one to go swimming! at laaaast man, it's been ages since i last had a decent swim. and man was it fulfulling! :) i swam from 9-1030, thank goodness the weather's pretty cold. and mr. lifesaver gave me free lessons to improve my breast stroke. it was soooo great.

but then i felt extremely tired afterwards. 2 laps of 25 meters each got be begging for air already. i don't have enough stamina to endure more laps. T___T;; i think i finished around 15 laps this day... which sucked but i promise to get back next week for another self-training since i can't count on my tennis class anymore, it always rains on fridays.

and hey, i found out something about mr. hot lecture hall technician, HE FREAKIN SWIMS! +++++hot points, i saw him while i was swimming. i knew there's gotta something that he does to keep in shape. what a hot technician. @_@

v. fine, enough. i'm supposed to go home already but not until i download Becoming Jane OST. i'm still looking for decent direct links. boston's wifi is pretty crappy right now...there're like 8 laptops (including mine) sharing the internet. suuuuucks. -_____-;;


no tennis D:

yo man that sucks. >___>;

this day is the day i anticipated the most in hopes of getting a good sweat, but because it rained, our class was cancelled and we were scheduled to have a make up class this coming monday 7-9 am.

are you crazy?
like hell would i go. i hate make-up classes, they always fall on mondays, and i don't have classes on mondays - and...and PE is not something i would sacrifice my long weekend for...even though it's my favorite subject. T_T;

and tomorrow is our 2nd Big Day. we call it big day because it's the day in eng'g meet where we go play against schemes (our so called rival org). i'm giving up on the jersey because it seems like i can't order it from the org (which sucks). my fault, i was late. but hey i think i reminded someone my size, name and number...but he forgot so...grr.. that sucks more.

i really want my own jersey because it's probably going to be my last AChES jersey. lalakarin ko to mag-isa kung hindi nya ko matutulungan. dmn. and i'll probably include the new members.

hello. i would love get my own copy of Becoming Jane OST by Adrian Johnston. where are my piracy skills??!?!?


i'm alone in the apt tonight. >___>;

btw, finished watching iron man last night. cooooool. haha



i. i'm getting the hang of curling. lol. and putting on eyeliner too. lolol. >__>;

ii. i was 45 minutes late on my class yesterday. guess what, i still came. haha anyway it was a 3 hour class. -__-; why was i late, you ask? i woke up on time, dressed up on the time, even arrived on time...but i forgot where we're supposed to hold our discussions that day. -_- good thing i waited at the stairs, i saw a classmate walking out from the cr and he led me to our classroom...which was just two doors across our original room. wt. ;_;

iii. i am so excited to be a fine arts student. only i dodn't want my braincells to deteriorate from lack of analytical thinking. uhh, right? 

iv. WORK excites me too. fine arts = petiks mode = lotsa free time = room for a part-time job = work = money = savings = good future

v. in short: fine arts = good future
seeeeeee? there's so much logic in transferring i couldn't get over it. sometimes i want to scale down the boldness of my plans, but then as early as now i want to CLAIM it already that a goof future awaits me at diliman.

vi. watched becoming jane (life of jane austen) two nights ago and fell in love with the setting. it's totally judith mcnaught. hello hollywood --- why not make a movie out of Whitney my Love? 

vii. i have ironman (blu ray quality) in my PC. and it's freaking 7.90something GIGS. a dvd of that size would cost me more than 45 pesos -- which is the cost of a single dvd movie in st. francis square. i'd rather buy movie dvds then.

viii. wait. if i download it through the net, that's only 700+MB per movie. oh yeah, dl time sucks. 

ix. copying bleach. the evilness.

x. my back hurts. i'm in need of a serious workout. T____T;


binary language + phonetics number codes= something only i could understand

0001 0010 0001 1000 0010 0000 0001 1000 0010 0001 1000 1001 0101 0111 0010 0001 0000 1001 0011 0110 0000 0001 0000 0011 0000 0001 0001 1001 0010 0100 0100 0010 0011 0000 0011 0001 0010 0010 0001 0011 0000 0011 0001 0001 0001 0011 0101 0000 0001 0010 0001 0100 0001 0100 0000 0010 0010 1000 1001 0100 1000 0000 0100 0101 0101 0100 0000 0010 0001 1000 0010 0010 0111 0000 0000 0101 0101 0011 0111 0001 0000 0010 0001 0010 0001 0100 0101 0001 0100 0010 0001 0000 0101 0101 0001 0111 0000 0011 1000 0100 0001 0001 0001 0000 0010 0001 0100 0001 0111 0000 0001 0000 0001 1001 0000 1000 0100 0000 0001 0000 0001 0111 0010 1000 0100 0001 0110 0100 0001 0010 0001 0010 0011 1001 0100 0111 0110 0000 0001 0001 0010 0001 0100 0010 0000 0101 0001 0001 0010 0011 1001 0100 0111 0001 0000 0010 0001 1001 0010 0100 0101 0010 0110 0000 0010 1000 0100 1001 0001 0000 0001 0001 0000 0000

for the translation:

i don't even see the point of blogging this but i am just so amazed at binary language (something yndi, my housemate taught me last night)
err, there's no enough privacy here... lol it's not even an excuse. i'll make a decent entry later on. T_T;; this will take some effort though. this entry takes two steps. first is to convert each word into number codes then translate the number codes into binary language using four bits. that's it.


i know, i'm going crazy.
salamat, yndi. >___>;; natuwa ako...sobra! :)
finally... a binary language that only i can decode and understand, though what's the point in that diba. i can only do this for fun because it shows no apparent significance to have a 2 step decoding procedure that takes a lot of effort. hello naman.

lol. naamaze lang talaga ako sa binary. :) :) :)
and for no one's sake, i didn't include the numerical translation of the decoded entry. wala lang. ayoko lang. baka mahulaan nyo kung pano pero hindi rin kasi complex yun. weeeeh?

more than anything

[taken last December 25, 2008 - candlelight mass]

i forgot to mention about it, but yesterday at church during the 2nd altar call, as i was mouthing my prayers... i realized i was close to tears. that was a first time. >___> and when the pastor's hand rested on my head to bless me and my prayers, i suddenly burst out crying. i couldn't stop myself, and believe me I DIDN'T WANT TO CRY. i was pacifying myself because i didn't want my parents to see me crying.

actually i didn't want them to see how 'touched' i was at that time. pride, maybe? in fact, i don't want anyone to know about my religious side, kung meron man ako nun. =__= i'm not proud of my spiritual standing yet, i guess i'm still not in the right position to brag about it. most people do, and it disgusts me because they sound like hypocrites. sorry.

Lord, do you hate me now?

anyway. there was only one thing i was praying about that time and it was just at that moment that i realized how it is the most important thing to me now (or the most important wish):

UP Diliman - Fine Arts

Lord, VisCom please? :)

i suddenly miss shane

i was making a list of series to buy and included The L Word in it. L, i dunno, lesbian? love? "watashi wa L desu?" juuuuuust because i wanna see Shane McCutcheon (katherine moennig) sans all the porn.

she was my ultimate highschool female celebrity crush. i made her a very embarrassing lesbian love poem which i lost at the retreat house at school.... full story here. i drew a portrait of katherine moennig too. i was deeply infatuated, i guess, scanning people with a similar haircut... asking this friend of mine over and over again if she could lend me her sister's friend's dvd of it.... lol on them all.

yknow, those were the times when i thought i couldn't make it in the real world, with real men and no female crossdressers. fck. i thought i was already a lesbian. uhh, identity crisis? we all went through it, i'm sure...most of my batchmates did.

however... college came and i almost fell in love...well, with a guy. which means i'm out of the crisis. hurraaaaay?

but stiiiiiill, shane!!!! ♥ i dunno. i still wanna watch the L word. =___= and i wanna play tennis and i wanna swim like crazy too.

hey, what the hell was this all about?
i don't remember the people i mentioned there already. seriously, i was racking my brain for answers. who could this beeeeee?

seeee? that's why i semi-hate highschool! i was my most hateful self back then. i have a bunch of entries labeled hate, hate list, i hate you, stuff like that. lol


suuuuucks! i'm going back to los banos tomorrow night. damn. ;__;


january 3, 2009

i. redbox - trinoma :)
super fuuun! we weren't complete pero madami naman kami! yahooO! :D lol we only spent 2 hours at redbox (5-7pm) because of the student promo... that's why we only played like 30secs of each song para sulit! lol

and KA ordered a really large platter of nachos for everyone which delighted my every nerve. lol


ii. epic fail camera (or batteries?) - was already in the tricycle when i realized i didn't bring the camera with me, so i went back for it. when i'm already in the mall ---- i realized that the batteries i bought were uncharged!!! (i bought rechargeable ones and they weren't pre-charged dmnt!). i didn't buy new ones anymore since 3 of us have cameras naman so i'm just gonna grab and repost their pics soon. lol

iii. did not feel a bit guilty about not attending the sixtreme reunion. felt kinda bad for reyno though..

iv. trinoma is too big.

v. there's fully booked?!?!?!!?! well, yes. just learned about it last night.

INEZ DROVE US HOME (well.. me, karlita, larz and carlaaa), talk about cooooolness. she dropped karlita and i at fcm, yahooooo. :D :D :D ang saya saya. hahahaha

i wanna drive na rin!!! T___T;;

layout #4 (inverted version)

because i read somewhere that black webpages use less energy than white ones. dunno if it's true but i just found a new 'light' in black. :) at least it's less glaring :}

will blog about our barkada's post-christmas slash happy new year party .... tomorrow :D

this is not a love song

currently watching one of my sister's dvds. SOULMATE starring shin don wook (wilson of money war). hehehe fun.

while watching i'm also drawing a lot of names on colored paper, hope to make it in time lolz.

btw. i just QUIT DRINKING SLIMMING TEAS. i almost forgot i'm hyperacidic, i'm having heartburns again. for hyperacidic people, diet and slimming teas are the worst remedies for losing weight. might get ulcer or GI cancer. oh noes. ;_;

my mom says i should stop taking bioslim because it's more concentrated than biofit (no wonder i woke up with an upset stomach) and would have really ugly side-effects.

i say: senna containing teas, in general are all the same. most slimming teas contain 75% senna pods and 25% senna leaves. either way, they're all senna, so why do they differ in effect? I DON'T KNOW, i don't wanna scare myself lol. XP take this down: took much senna tea could make your intestinal linings thinner, could lead to ulcer and GI (gastrointestinal) cancer at the worst.

right now i'm hyperacidic and my stomach lining is a bit wounded.

i'm probably going to double my workout then. tennis on fridays, swimming at least twice a week? i dunno what to do i really want to slim down. ouch, my stomach hurts dmmt. >_>


just exercise.

layout #4, 3, 2 and 1

layout #4:

so... i moved in last december 12 and i've already changed layouts for 4 FREAKIN TIMES! which means i change almost every week? that's absurd. maybe i blog too much that's why i get tired of the look so easily.

anyway, here's to a new look. a neutral, clean and neat look. i like it! it's very simple. :)
here's a screenshot for my sake:

modified from Dots by Douglas Bowman (you can find it in blogger's 'pick new template' option in the layout tab)

layout #3:modified from Minima by Douglas Bowman (a blogger default template)

layout #2:
this time modified from K2 by Gecko and Fly
i made layout #3 similar to this because i found a problem with the GnF layout.

layout #1:K2 by Gecko and Fly

NOTE: if you liked any of the layouts i do, i can help you on that. i keep the xml backups of my previous layouts, if you'd like to use the design on your blog, i can give the file to you for free. :) then all you have to do is upload your own header and re-install your gadgets. :)

the main thing i do is to modify pre-made layouts according to my preference. :)

comment if interested. :D

all roads lead to cubao

pardon the length, i will not cut this entry haha

i. first ever ebay business transaction: success :) met my client awhile (with my sis) ago at megamall and did a short trade. it was cool coz it was my first time to deal with it up front, i mean i was a little nervous beforehand, thinking of arranging formalities because i didn't have a clue on how business meet-ups set online are supposed to go. luckily it was very swift, we were just standing outside giordano at mega B, when we made the trade. i handed him the bag (an HP laptop bag), he inspected a bit then gave me the money. didn't even take a minute. nice and smooth. cool 8D

ii. after the trade, my sister and i walked to st. francis square to buy her dvds and some other stuff for myself. i bought gifts for my friends, a new wallet (which is out of the list but i just wanted a new one lol - i buy pretty much the same stuff anyway), batteries for the camera and...err...that's all i bought at st. francis :)

iii. we walked back to megamall to eat. then strolled a little. i promised myself not to buy anything unecessary but ended up with a bar of yummy dark chocolate. i bought dark because it doesn't make me as guilty as eating milk chocolate.

iv. will drink bioslim tea later

v. note to self!!! buy lots of dvds! st. francis = blu ray haven. because i'm so lagging behind our generation i want to watch these series/movies: gossip girl, heroes, the l word (shane mccrutcheon is my lesbian crush ----ever since highschool), princess hours (lolz), chuck season 2, house, one tree hill seasons 1-6 (or wherever they are right now), batman begins, the dark knight, iron man, twilight (already watched this but just so i have my own copy), harry potter 1-5 (same as twilight), yes man (or just yes?), eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, sweeney todd, across the universe, tuck everlasting (disney rare - alexis bledel and jonathan jackson, if you know of a direct d/l link TELL ME plz), more adam sandler, sandra bullock, end of the world, cyber crime and cool alien invasion movies. blah blah blah blah. i'll make a complete list someday

vi. epic. I CAN CURL MY HAIR NOW. we have this ceramic hair styler that's been with us for years and the only thing i could use it for is to straighten my hair. we've been wondering how it could actually curl someone's hair --the plates are all flat-- because that's what it says in the box (it could straight and curl). awhile ago at SM dept store they we're demo-ing the product and i asked the sales lady to teach me how to curl. XD so, yeah.

vii. it's so cold >__<;

viii. post-christmas party tomorrow with my barkada! :) yey. and i totally agree with just spending the whole night in the mall, instead of going to the reunion after. lol i'm evil, yes? i want us to boycott that thing. anything to get the same award, man.

more of last year plus some thoughts on 2009

i can't forgive myself for forgetting to put up a thank you entry. so here it goes

i. to my parents - thank you for everything. i mean, for the countless stuff you've done for me, for continuously financing my studies and supporting me all throughout my plans in life (no matter how much they sucked). thank you for scolding me for hogging the internet too much, for teaching me everything about the kitchen. i can cook a decent meal now.

ii. to my sister; terai - you constantly annoy me, but that's part of being a regular sister right? i love you and you know that. thank you for riding with my mood swings and tolerating my silliness (esp about TV 5's CEO-slash-dubber-of-everything-that-needs-to-be-dubbed-and-director-of-every-show-they-air-who-also-triples-as-their-building's-bodyguard-and-receptionist-too). lol

iii. BTS - my forever friends. let's always keep in touch! i love you all. i always miss you, of course we don't see each other that often. thank you for always being my friend. XD highschool friends will always be the best

iv. my housemates - i'm gonna mention you all; yndi, anne, jayjay, tep and mino too. let's continue to rock the house! XP thank you for everything! for keeping the house, well, house-ly and for being extremely tolerant of my epic weirdness. XD

v. orgmates - i must admit i'm not close to everyone but the org as a whole is one thing that i will treasure throughout my life. lol? so maybe i'll mention a few people whom i got some relevant bonding with this year hahaha

my chem32 classmates-slash-brods-and-sisses - glaize, emman, itchel, bryan (tho we didn't really hang out much). thank you so much for making my second take much tolerable. really, i could've done another mistake of letting myself fall down the cliff if i didn't have friends like you. XD

special mention: itcheeeel!!! - i guess you're one of the best persons i've bonded with this year. well, i've known you since you entered the org but we didn't really get to know each other that well. hehehe, it was so much fun being with you, talking about anime (code geass and death note! lol), speaking some sort of alien language that we learned from a stranger's shirt(ex; u-na-i-ba-e-ra-sa-i-da-a-da na-ga pa-i-la-i-pa-i-na-a-sa). nyahahahahaha XD

another one: jomuel - you proved me wrong. i'm guilty for clustering you with those people whom i consider slightly unapproachable because all they ever talk about is their academic standings. when i saw you at astra watching code geass, i was surprised! XD lol maybe code geass would sum up everything that we've talked about this 2008. looool. thank you! XD there are only a few people here that i could flail with about my favorite animes. hehehe XD thank you for being one of them.

vi. college friends - people whom you greet when you pass them by the streets. makes me less of a loner. haha thank you.

leonard - i will forever treasure our friendship! :) you've been a big part of my chem32B (B - second take lolz). thanks for reviewing me and encouraging me study more.

mars, bea, and bianca - chem32b classmates still! :D thanks for the wonderful time. :D

but of course
simply for everything :)

looking forward to a better year! :D

goals and more wishes for this year

i wasn't consistent with my 101 wishlist last year, i wasn't able to finish listing in a day...and by the time i got over it, i've got around 150+ wishes laid down. and now i want to focus only on those which are high priority and also add a couple of goals i must achieve this year. i'm not a fan of new year resolutions.

goal #1: stop eating too much. maintain a daily food allowance and never ever spend too much on food.

goal #2: for the rest of the semester, visit the swimming pool twice or thrice a week.

goal #3: get in shape, shed off the excess fats. large ---> medium, that's the goal. also counts as wish #1.

goal #4: avoid going online when not needed. maximum of 2 visits per week.

goal #5: read lots and lots of books/novels this year. 1 book per month is already good enough if not hard to maintain. ok, 1 book per month it is.

wish #2: save save save save

wish #3: for the panel, dean and college secretary to be kinder to transferees this year.

yo, that's all for now. :D

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