choco mint mocha = bad idea

i. i'm home alone last night so to save me from the paranoia i borrowed anne's magic mic and sang. not loudly though, i don't want the neighbors to think i'm a pathetic loner who sings by herself. it was very very exhausting, lol i sang for around an hour and 30 minutes before i went to bed to watch some series

ii. bleach. it was just last night that i started watching this wicked anime series, apparently i'm only on episode 3 but no worries cos i'll try to be patient with this super long anime. haha

iii. i woke up at around 615am awhile ago to prepare for the big day. well, i ended up killing the snooze alarm and woke up at 7am. so i semi-rushed to baker hall to catch the game that just started. it was coool, really cool and nice to scream my lungs out cheering for my org. lol

iv. the next game was volleyball. i opted to skip this one to go swimming! at laaaast man, it's been ages since i last had a decent swim. and man was it fulfulling! :) i swam from 9-1030, thank goodness the weather's pretty cold. and mr. lifesaver gave me free lessons to improve my breast stroke. it was soooo great.

but then i felt extremely tired afterwards. 2 laps of 25 meters each got be begging for air already. i don't have enough stamina to endure more laps. T___T;; i think i finished around 15 laps this day... which sucked but i promise to get back next week for another self-training since i can't count on my tennis class anymore, it always rains on fridays.

and hey, i found out something about mr. hot lecture hall technician, HE FREAKIN SWIMS! +++++hot points, i saw him while i was swimming. i knew there's gotta something that he does to keep in shape. what a hot technician. @_@

v. fine, enough. i'm supposed to go home already but not until i download Becoming Jane OST. i'm still looking for decent direct links. boston's wifi is pretty crappy right now...there're like 8 laptops (including mine) sharing the internet. suuuuucks. -_____-;;


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