i suddenly miss shane

i was making a list of series to buy and included The L Word in it. L, i dunno, lesbian? love? "watashi wa L desu?" juuuuuust because i wanna see Shane McCutcheon (katherine moennig) sans all the porn.

she was my ultimate highschool female celebrity crush. i made her a very embarrassing lesbian love poem which i lost at the retreat house at school.... full story here. i drew a portrait of katherine moennig too. i was deeply infatuated, i guess, scanning people with a similar haircut... asking this friend of mine over and over again if she could lend me her sister's friend's dvd of it.... lol on them all.

yknow, those were the times when i thought i couldn't make it in the real world, with real men and no female crossdressers. fck. i thought i was already a lesbian. uhh, identity crisis? we all went through it, i'm sure...most of my batchmates did.

however... college came and i almost fell in love...well, with a guy. which means i'm out of the crisis. hurraaaaay?

but stiiiiiill, shane!!!! ♥ i dunno. i still wanna watch the L word. =___= and i wanna play tennis and i wanna swim like crazy too.

hey, what the hell was this all about?
i don't remember the people i mentioned there already. seriously, i was racking my brain for answers. who could this beeeeee?

seeee? that's why i semi-hate highschool! i was my most hateful self back then. i have a bunch of entries labeled hate, hate list, i hate you, stuff like that. lol


suuuuucks! i'm going back to los banos tomorrow night. damn. ;__;

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