johnny and jenny

i dreamed about the young johnny and jenny from Endless Love awhile ago. in my dream, it was raining and jenny was inside a taxi, crying. johnny was outside, head bent down, soaking wet, topless and sortof bleeding . they weren't talking in korean but i don't understand what's happening. i think jenny was calling johnny to come inside cos it's raining. she won't stop crying. heh ewan ewan i'm not even sure if i was just watching from somewhere, or if i was jenny (pwede ba yun? you playing a different character in your dream?). when johnny came in, pinatahan nya si jenny. then another couple came into the scene, they saw j&j in the taxi. i think the other girl was jenny's sister from Cinderella's Sister. forgot the name e haha, the guy, ewan ko kung sino.

basta when they saw the two in the taxi, parang nagselos si girl. heh. basta. HAHAHA
ang gwapo ni johnny!

ok. ang saya lang magkacrush. >XD

disc graveyard

here's a dead blank DVD-R. i thought i could save with buying generic discs for 8 apiece but no, turns out all of them are sick. can't copy data! right when i need to free a lot of space in my hard drive! so instead of throwing them, i drew on them, after all they're white! BWAHAHA dahil dyan! bibili ako ng colored pentel pens! >8D waaaahh exciting!

this is a friggin good concept. Doodle Discs! kamown! gagawa ako madami tas icocompile ko sila! yehey! sige, marami akong gustong gawin eh! yung STF, yung Memo Pad, tas ngayon mga CD! yey. kelan kaya!

tas gusto ko rin bumili ng tablet. grrr

yesterday, my parents renewed their marriage vows! it was an event hosted by the home builders ministry where my parents are part of. 16 couples made it on that night, and 16 couples went out like newly weds fully blessed by the essence of the renewal. yehey! it was an emotion filled night because of 2 things:

1. my parents! they were so sweet. i cried when i saw their pictures. they'll be on their 23rd anniversary this july! yehey!

hm, there was a slight glitch before the ceremony started, MOMMY DOESN'T HAVE A BOUQUET!!! >8O and we didn't want her to walk on the aisle flowerless, so daddy asked me to buy flowers at the mall. mega haggardnessss sobra! i was brisk walking along EDSA and the temptation to jaywalk is sooo... tempting. haha but i still used the over over overpass and ran to holland tulips. dyusko. of all the flower shops in SM North, holland tulips lang naalala ko, ang mahal pa!!! oyon, tapos the flowers weren't the wedding type so i had to ask kuya to arrange them for me. it took almost 10 minutes and i was in such a rush after that i ran back! as in i was running at the mall with pang-abay flowers. nakakatawa lang pero wth. siguro iniisip nung mga tao, late na ko sa pupuntahan kong kasal. totoo naman. >:|

thank God! because i arrived JUST IN TIME. akalain mo, i was out of breath and sweaty when i got to mommy. they were already lined up , and they're the first couple pa! i saw her holding 3 pieces of what seemed like borrowed mini plastic roses. i gave the bouquet and took out the pitiful roses. i can't bear seeing my mom walking with those. >:'(
yehey for the flowers! >:D
ayon. whew. okay naman. sakit ng paa ko. but everything's worth it. nakakaiyaaaakkkk. >:'''(

2. terai told me this friggin traggic story she made up about this bat roaming  around the church. so we were watching the ceremony and a lone bat was flying around the place tirelessly. then terai went,

"alam mo ba kung bakit di sya mapakali? kasi hinihintay nya yung asawa nyang bat. magrerenew din sila ng marriage vows."

then she went on with her story, of why the bat was flying anxiously. that bat and his wife were supposed to meet at the church for the event, the wife bat made it first but she got caught by the maintenance people who killed her and threw her body outside. they thought it'd be a trouble to let the bat be, it could pee on the curtains and it could poop on the stage. that was enough reason for them to kill the poor thing. the husband didn't know this so he kept on waiting, flying around, searching for his wife. This went on for years, the husband waiting and the wife missing.

then i cried so hard i had to cover my entire face because i felt bad for the bats and also, i just further ruined my eyeliner. terai must've felt guilty for making me cry so she continued,

"pero and hindi alam nung husband, nung tinapon yung katawan nung wife, may napadaang veteranarian. tas napulot nya yung naghihingalong she-bat tas ginamot nya! ui ginamot na!"

BWAHAHA tas tawa na ko ng tawa. sakto dumaan pa si pastor na naka white suit! so sabi ko, "terai, sya yung veterinarian!" but we both know he's a dentist pero pwede na rin. haha so the wife bat recovered and eventually, she came back to the church where his husband is waiting. kaso by the time she got back, wala ng event. but that didn't stop them from renewing their vows. and so they lived happily ever afterrrr! >8D

uhh, napaka-lame ng bawi but at least happy ending. haha ang sakit sa dibdib e!


i finally bought a digicam for myself! yehey! yess wala na naman akong pera!

ok, next:
  • creative zen style 16G
  • seagate 500G/1TB external HD
  • laptop >:)
  • tablet >:3
hmm...awhile ago, i tried zagu's double espresso hoping that it'd have stronger effects on me. wala, parang cafe latte lang. mag cafe latte na lang tayo mas mura pa. mas nakakagising pa.on san mig instant coffee:
  • mild - never tried. ayoko ng mild.
  • original - masarap at mabango! PERO walang effect. 3in1 kahit pano napupuyat ako e, pangit lang lasa
  • strong - mas mapait ng onti. stimulating effect from 12mn, around 2 hours. weak parin. kaso ang sarap nga e, sayang.
  • extra strong - will try soon. hopefully umabot naman ako ng 4am. then i can finally make the switch!

tas someone's been stealing my coffee!!! *ehem* daddy *ehem* >X\

not much time left

and i'm not doing anything! i have every excuse to sleep late today (and skip schoolwork), but i can't seem to decide on which reason to use. i could:
  • finish watching Perfect Match
  • continue watching Zettai Kareshi
  • start watching Kimi ni Todoke
  • try rewatching Gravitation
  • continue reading The Book Thief
and you know. there are a few things bothering me today, stuff giving me unhealthy jitters. they aren't even sure to happen, but i'm hoping they won't... ay joke. i consider them opportunities though a lot is to be sacrificed but what that hell. as long as my work isn't compromised and i won't be wasting a penny, i'm game!

opportunities. responsibilities. commitments.


when i created my email account, yanibirog, i was frustrated because i wanted it to be yanbirog but unfortunately it was already taken. i created a yan.birog but the dot looked awkward so i didn't use it. haha recently, or just a few hours ago, i logged into my email account and was shocked that my inbox has only 2 items (one from my boss and one from my classmate), and my labels gone! there were a few messages stacked on the trash and they  were emails from months back.

and then i realized! i opened the wrong account! i opened YANBIROG. wtf, so after all... that address was mine!!! nyek. but there's something wrong, when i pull down the sortof 'info tab' it says there that my email is yan.birog

ang gulo naman. i opened yan.birog, and it contains the same messages, settings, blah blah. nakakainis apparently, i think i may have created yanbirog when i was just starting at gmail but i went back to yahoo and blah, and when i decided to use for real, i forgot that i already created an account and thought that someone already has preferred username. ayon.

gusto ko syang gamitin ulet kaso i have to change a tedious amount of account settings in the different places i have an account with. haynakonamano. hmp

BWAHAHA welcome to yet another JM segment! right down the cuuuuut!
eto seriously ah, i've never mentioned this much about a single majorcrush. e wala e. ewan. overdue! HAHA
so awhile ago we were talking about books. you'd think it was smart talk but HAHAHA hindi naman masyado. wala lang talaga. so while in the middle of the conversation (key word: CONVERSATION. akalain nyo. i was having a nervous breakdown inside e pero uhm hindi naman yata obvious. basta alam ko malamig. haha) i received a text message from him.

shempre ako naman, haaa?
wrong send pala. >:\

<assume>BWAHAHAHA masyado mo kong iniisip JM. tsk. ultimo message para sa iba, aksidente mong naipadala sakin.</assume>

but quite frankly, i didn't like the message!!!! sana para sakin na lang talaga yon! ugh, whatever. HAHA
basta basta, kinikilig ako. bwahehehe

goooood morning!

i just woke up! bwahaha! >XD magaaral na ko yey >:)

heh. there's always satisfaction in knowing you have something others don't and want to have. then there's pain when it starts to leave you, even if you weren't attached with it in some way. people value their possessions too much, kahit wala silang pagpapahalaga, basta alam nilang nandyan at kanila parin, masaya sila. people take pride in knowing that they have something (especially someone) who follows them even when they don't care.

ayon. me mga tao talagang concerned lang sa pagaari ng iba. ngayon, mas naiintindihan ko na yung mga kontrabida sa TV. for me their characters are more realistic, and they mirror human emotions better than the leads do. haha biased yata ako, ayoko talaga sa mga bida in the first place kasi fake sila. sila yung tunay na plastic, they're the ideal humans. yung mga kontrabida yung totoo. at panget sila, kasi ganon tayo.

me mga tao rin na gusto lang ang isang bagay for as long as it's wanted. hangga't may value (sa ibang tao), hahawakan nila. pag wala na, ididiscard. wala daw kasing thrill magmayari ng isang bagay na alam mong sayong sayo. people enjoy the thrill of the chase and take pride at being preferred. gusto natin na pinipili, at nanalo sa lahat ng comparisons. we hate being compared, but we secretly owe our entire egos to it.

nakakaiyak ang nangyayari sa Libya. i was listening to the radio about it and sobrang natakot ako. hindi na makatarungan. hindi na makatao. everytime i read news about it, kinikilabutan ko. nubato Lord? @_@;;

apparently, news says that the Libyan government refuses to return bodies to their families unless they sign an agreement saying they died of surgery. such fucking disturbing news. how can someone be so cruel? demonyo na to. demonyo na talaga WAAAAAHHH

then there's an order kill every protester using inhumane weapons. and there's no exception: men, women, children and the old, they're all on the list. everyone who go against fucking Qadaffi's orders are burnt on the spot. dfjvxkzlashlnsj;as

so much political unrest. this is the bloodiest fight for democracy i've ever seen. askldgjcvugxhcgf

end rant.

BTW. JM texted last night! WAAAAAHHH e wala lang, it's just about the book i lent him a day ago. he liked it. and i replied fast, for the record my dears. i replied fast like it's just a regular text, there isn't even a question in it but it's the type of text you know you have to reply to not because it's your crush, but because... because. bakit nga ba. because, it would sound awkard if i didn't? i mean, it was just a comment!! and i ended it with a next message. gaaaahn, i am such a potential-conversation killer. but i intended it that way (palusot) because i was studying! studies first! BWAHAHA so parang yung huling sinabi ko e "osya sige magbasa ka na" which of course translates to, "sorry but i have to end this! it's such a pain having to let go of this but i'm studying and you're disturbing me! if this goes on, it'll be unfair for you. piso per text ka, ako 50 cents lang."

yuuuck e bat a corny ko. bwiniset ko lang sarili ko. oyano, i'm making a fuss (again and again) over the smallest things.

BTW2. nakakabwiset kanina. minsan ok, minsan hinde. Lord, extreme tong taong to. meganon palang tao sa mundo. ang hirap pakisamahan. see, he doesn't care about the world, and correspondingly i'm sure the world doesn't care about him either. anubayan Lord, i asked for patience and he showed up. amen. at least kahit pano me silbi sya, patience-tester amp. gusto ko syang ibato sa ibang planeta but if that would spare his life for judgment day wag na lang! paki teleport na lang sya sa Libya! ok, wag na lang din baka sya pa sumunod na Qadaffi.

paki judge na lang sya. now na.
ok. joke lang. che. where is my patience. ~_~;

okok mag-aaral napo! 2am na eh! waha


yehey for selling my books! i just shipped the items awhile ago, hopefully my customers should get em by tomorrow or something. Grarrrr, they mispelled the name and address of my Gen San recepient! anyhow, i believe they have the necessary technology to verify that. otherwise i'm gonna hate 2G0... for awhile.

i hate you!!!! you keep on drafting meet ups but you never confirm, so we end up cancelling every fucking time. you know what, i'm always here! i'm just waiting for you! how hard it is to text? how dare you say you miss me when you never intend to show up in the first place? HOW.DARE.YOU. if you said you were coming the day before, i would've blocked the day. i wouldn't have to come up with some lame excuse to say i'm not available TOO just because i didn't want to sound like i'm looking forward to it, which i really am. fuck my pride, aye. if i told you i was waiting will you come?! I FUCKING DOUBT IT.

i can make things possible if you work with me. if you show your intentions, if you're sincere enough. i'm tired of waiting. i never expected anything of you because i knew there was nothing about you that could impress me any more than your words.


you can capture someone with your words for a while, but it takes action to make them stay.
i can't count the number of times this has happened. i seriously wanna cry right now.

i hate you. >:'(((((((
so much i want to quit being your "friend" and all.
err, i kinda just did.

notes to self!

yet another list of things to do (hopefully) so here you go, my so-far forever in-progress


// softeng project
calling it a thesis would be an overstatement, and looking forward to our output i doubt it's ever going to sound thesis-like. argh

what i need for this is lots of research on php and mysql. plus raw pics for the webpage. i hate programming, i'm more excited about designing the pages than the actual coding. argh. the things i like and do better at sound all too irrelevant at this point. why. >:(

//4thglan2 project
this would be so easy if i knew what to do... with the codes.

//midterm exams
yadda yadda yadda

to my groupmates who know what they're doing and is doing it right, thank you. you lessen my worries. LOL i'm not even a perfectionist but i end up staying all night editing crap. i love my groupmates but i hate group projects, sorry.

John 15:13

currently downloading Gravitation series and OVAs! >:)

aynako. my table was swarmed with ants awhile ago! i didn't wanna touch it so i poured alcohol on the glass surface and lit it. flambed ants ang resulta! HAHA at least they're all dead! the crackling sound was a bit guilt tripping kaso argh. uhm. waaahhh sorry ants, you know how it goes when you want to stay on top of the food chain. huhu

i seem to have a lot of things to do hindi ko lang maalala kung ano.

Band Romance

Feb 20, '11 - 12something AM

//just got home from Ding's to celebrate the birthdays of our feb babies michi, ding and KA pero wala si KA LOL so we had all the food for ourselves BWAHAHA plus rockband and bandhero na pareho kong first time natry. at sobrang saya pala nya! the wonders of play station. i never experienced any of it before! HAHA Band Romance, we're going big time soon!

//finally got my geek shirt kaso the size was too small argh! i think i ordered ladies large but they gave me kids 2xL. argh? and i was expecting it'd be my favorite shirt because i love the statement so much!

//good news? the 3 Paulo Coelho books i auctioned on ebay were ALL SOLD. O_O; they're duplicates to i gave it a low starting bid. Eleven Minutes got 16 freakin bids! >8D

//kinda bad news, the Metrobank ATM at PureGold fairview ATE MY BPI PAYROLL CARD. so i was like, wtf? so i asked the guards what to do and they advised me to call the Metrobank number. i did pronto, hoping that i'd still be able to save my card right away but unfortunately, processing takes 1 to 2 weeks (but my bet is 1 month), and i have to personally pick it up from their makati head office. i have an option to just have it replaced from its home branch which is just around the corner, it's faster and more practical than having to wait and go all the way to makati. BUT, i dunno. i think it's a good thing it happened? it means i won't be able to touch my salary for at least 2 weeks!

i still wish you hell!

here's about the Youth Conference in IT (YCIT) we attended for 2 days. was lucky to get in for free! yey!

Day 1 (UP Film Institute):
this was a confusing day, there were two conferences happening at the same time at different auditoriums with different agenda! we knew where we're supposed to go but it seemed like the other audi was more lively. aw.

i was bored so every time a new speaker steps in, i draw their faces on my notepad and TRY to take down notes. interesting topics i found was the one about Open Source by Noel Feria, Teaching CS with Games by Mario Carreon, and Voice Acting by Pocholo Gonzales. got a couple of good OS software suggestions like FreeMind, Scribus and ClamWin HAHA why haven't i explored in the open source realm before?! anyhow, the Games thingy was every bit interesting as well! the speaker was like the epitome of a hardcore gamer. and ironically, his frivolous antics was flooding with knowledge. napaka geek! napaka interesante! ftw si Tank Ina, the Mother Tank. amp. the voice acting segment was my most awaited among all the lined up topics, simply because i wanted to be a voice actor but never got the chance/break to! it was impressive and inspiring! hahaha

then something bad happened AGAIN at work. bitchesss

yesterday night was also a super duper mega haggard night, err not exactly, but my network2 groupmates and  i stayed until 3am to finish our fucking network plan proposal. i wouldn't say job well done for the 3 of us, but for us to produce something in a jiffy and from scratch (3 company proposals), it was quite good. LOL as quoted from tumblr, DUE TOMORROW? DO TOMORROW.

Day 2 (UP Theatre):
Last day of the xth annual YCIT! haha, no interesting speaker. i guess it was because i slept too much during the talks. anyway, Antonio Trillanes spoke! nothing interesting LOL, i would have it if anyone from the audience asked something about politics, or the death of Angelo Reyes at that LOL but that would be veering from the topic, and you have to prepare your life for it. haha i went home early cos i fucking wanted to sleep already. so there.

questions ignored.

was there ever really a time like this, where i'd be so affected about something i knew was about to come? no. this is the first time, that i am hating more than i have loved. that i wish not happiness but sorrow and despair. that i'm not looking forward to have anything back but rather have it destroyed completely. this is where i watch an ugly beginning of despicable entities making love. procreating, spreading a disgusting gene pool of sickening coquetry and arrant unattractiveness.

happy valentines!

so while you guys go your dates, i'm online window shopping for bargain mp3 players LOL. @_@ i figured i would have to leave the 'touch' generation as i'm not one to tolerate delays. someone's keen on buying my phone so i have to like, scout for an mp3 player and camera soon! when my cookie's gone i'm losing an mp3 player, a recorder, fm tuner, and a decent day to day camera! @_@ WAAAAHHH PENGENG PERA PLEASE!!!!

i dunno. i'm just staring at my books with awe. i can't believe i'm 1 book short in completing the entire Paulo Coelho collection! just Warrior of Light. just that and i'm a certified Paulo Coelho fanatic. maybe i'm just a collector now, not exactly a reader LOL kasi tamad na ko magbasa lalo na kung di naman engaging yung storya. >:| pang flicks lang talaga utak ko. in short pang bobo? joooooke.

pera! pengeng pera!

donate at my paypal (! or just send me a 16gigs Creative Zen X-fi style. LOL

ang corny talaga ng mundo

sabi sa service kanina, "we love him, because he first loved us." ayon daw yun sa John something. napaisip tuloy ako, kung di ko ba alam na mahal ako ng Diyos hindi ko rin sya mamahalin? ganun din kaya sa tao? laging may nauunang magmahal? tapos with that knowledge in mind you begin to love the other person back? ganon ba yun Lord? kawawa ka naman pala. hindi lahat ng minahal mo, mahal ka rin. kaw na nga nauna. tsk.

Paulo Coelho the Complete Collection FINALLY!!!! >8D

i'm broke, so what the hell. when i got home i felt pretty bad that i swept off a large amount of money for this. so i logged on to ebay to list the bookset. LOL i'm selling it!!! since i got it on 10% discount i could sell it for less than the original price and still get profit, but as i list down the particulars i.e. the book titles, i figured hey, i've been wanting to reread the alchemist and veronika decides to die! i haven't read brida! they say devil and miss prym is a good read! the witch of portobello alone is expensive! I CAN'T AFFORD TO SELL THIS. not when my heart breaks as i put them on auction.

i may have lost money, alright, but i couldn't have gotten a better deal. i may be a bit regretful about this super impulsive purchase but i realized, i've been wanting to buy this all along! i just never thought it's gonna be on this day. so i guess it wasn't really an impulsive decision.

Lord, i need a bigger shelf! >8D
yehey! time to cover these babies! >XD >XD >XD

i dreamt about this. @_@

i freakin dreamt about this! not this but what just happened a few seconds ago! i was about to disconnect to sun broadband and thought, hey this scene looks familiar. after i cut off the connection, i recalled dreaming about this some time ago. then i saw the 'network cable unplugged' notif on the desktop.... then thought about april cos the usb stick is from her then i thought, hey! i thought of april in that dream too! and there was a taskbar notif! then i was so amazed that i just needed to blog about it, so i opened sun bro to reconnect and though, WHAT THE HEY in my dream i actually reconnected to the internet!!! mindblowwwwnnn

woa. this is weird! it's like realizing that you knew all along what's gonna happen, and that you only recalled it when it's already unfolding and there's nothing you can do. it's pretty useless and creepy. not the first time it happened but it's a bit different cos i remember in fragments and not in wholes.

that's as far as it went. wahaha coooool.

Lord can you stretch this? hahaha i wanna dream of something that's gonna happen in the future, and remember it like 5 minutes before it unfolds. kasi the longer the waiting time, the more doubtful it becomes. 5 minutes lang haha. ay wag na lang pala. scary. WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

what if every time you sleep, you dream of your entire lifetime in fragments? and that every time you wake, you step into a fragment of your dream but never realize it?

idunno! good night! will think about this tomorrowww >8D


Lord, you're breaking my pride. >:\

hey i think i solved the blue screen issue yey! >XD see, every time i play around 10 minutes of video (any format, any player), the pc hangs up, displays a quick BSOD then reboots. i experienced it first during the SQL 2005 setup, but after the hotfix, the blue screen thing persisted, this time on playing videos nga. so i kinda researched and found out i may be having driver issues. so i looked up my video card on PC Wizard and downloaded the appropriate driver from the manufacturer's (Realtek) website.

ayon, so far it worked! uhm. so. far. like i've finished an episode of Zettai Kareshi uninterrupted. hehehe sana wala ng problema! >X|

learnings from yesterday >:)

I. oil pastels are made for poster making contests. nothing else.

II. the supposed to be "Intelligent" quiz bee didn't seem intelligent at all, the questions were vague, the grammar bad, and the schedule fucked up. i wish i could blame the sudden arrival of FEU President for this cos apparently she was the "cause" of why our schedules kept bitching around, but can i really do that? she's the president after all. every body let's bow down.

and when did HTML tags became case fucking sensitive? -__-;

i may be ranting out of bitterness that we could've made it to the semis if they didn't jump from elims to finals after 20 questions, but it was unfair nonetheless. any way you look at it bro. any friggin way.

where's the learning there?
wala! sasali parin ako! HAHA
they're the ones who should learn.

III. blue lemon is the devil. besides sucking up my wallet to bits, it makes me sick like 39C. but i still love it.

learning: no to blue lemon? i don't think so!

IV. i further realized that he was all pa-impress. can't you guys stay real? ~_~ i thought you're not one to lie about this. i never lied about it. >:| sus.

V. i'm sleepy and i feel sick, but i'm coming to school after lunch for that friggin attendance, then i'll probably work for 2 hours and leave.

now i can't leave for LB. fucking sad life it is.

in relation to the previous post

i came across that entry at tumblr and thought it was cute! ♥ i consider myself a reader but i'm not sure that's enough ground to date someone. readers can become extremely disagreeable, they think they know it all, specially the writers, or those who think they are. plus they're grammar freaks. they can debug a sentence and return the errors. they make you feel dumb so that's pretty annoying. unless, you're a reader/writer yourself i don't think anyone will find that attractive. it's quite an overstatement that readers/writers make the most sensible partners. they're too engrossed in their alternate universes and forget where they stand. their perception of romance and princes are screwed, they idealize men too much and depending on how much they've read novels, they've probably dropped all expectations from men. the more they read, the more their ego grows and the more they think they're better than anyone else. you utter a word in the wrong context and they bash you mentally for incorrect syntax. readers are un-expecting idealists.

keep calm and pretend it's okay

can i really do that? this week has been extremely busy, physically exhausting, and depressing! i actually got a fever this afternoon. then EIC kept calling about menial revisions for the school newsletter, nakakirita. seryoso. i mean, isn't it hard to edit ONCE AND FOR ALL??? is it enough excuse that no one's literate enough with photoshop? why do i put up with all this hassle? they figure a typo and call immediately for an edit, why can't you fucking spot all the errors, report em to me so i only have to edit ONCE and not every fucking 5 minutes?

then i keep getting stuck with "volunteer" work.
i wanted to sleep for at least 8 hours AT NIGHT. not in the afternoon cos it fucking disrupts my body clock (not that it was ever right to begin with), but i figured i may have mutated into a 2nd level zombie with the way i am more productive at night. ni hindi nga night eh, madaling araw. >:(



it's nice to be busy

entry for the multimedia contest (photo category) here in our school. for archiving purposes!
theme: use of technology in creating a filipino culture

all photos are from google images. idek if i have the right to use em.

anyhow, i have to be at school at 6:30 -ish and at this point... i'm sure if i slept i won't be able to wake up early. that's a proven consequence of being under the influence of jimm's. so while i'm not sleepy and is fighting a worsening stiff neck, imma go watch Zettai Kareshi! waaah yey!!! >XD >XD >XD

i'm struggling between my many many duties at school. bale there's work, org, acads, volunteer, and ex-co stuff i have to survive this month. nakakahaggard. i also realized i'm soooo much like Park Gae In in Perfect Match. yung tipong hindi makapag-paganda sa crush nya kasi gusto nyang sulitin yung oras sa kanya imbis na ibuhos sa salamin. HAHA

OT forever nanaman ako kanina pero ok lang, nakakaguilty rin naman kasing iwanan ng hindi tapos yung mga bagay bagay sa office eh. heh ok lang yan, sabay naman kami palabas ni JM! ediba una sya dapat sakin ng 30 minutes, tapos overtime pa ko ng 1hr. so parang na-extend sya ng 1.5hrs. hinde. hinde ako nag-aassume na hinintay nya ko. hindi talaga. HAHAHA pero sya naman nagyaya umuwi e. tas narealize ko, ang gulo ng buhok ko, tas ang dugyot ko pa, lakas maka-haggard ng mga aktibidades sa opisina. ni hindi nga ako nakapag-CR bago umuwi e. kasi nga diba. hah okay lang yan, mabuti naman ang kalooban ko. pero di ibig sabihin di kelangan mag-ayos. para san pa tong vanity kit kong may lipstick, blush-on, eyeliner, at hairclips diba? props.

in fairness naman, hindi ako na-utal. mahaba-haba rin ang snake road ah. actually feeling ko nga ang iksi nya kanina eh. HAHAHA

ay wait, online window shopping muna for bargain gadgets LOL >:) bat ang saya tumingin tingin sa ebay/ayosdito? haha


that awkward moment where everybody sings you happy birthday and you don't know what to do!
-someone from tumblr

no, it's not my birthday but ever since i read about that thing on tumblr, i've come to observe celebrants more every time we sing them happy birthday. it sure as hell looked awkward!!!! BWAHAHAHA

that awkward moment where you accidentally touch someone's hand
-still from tumblr

bwahaha no i don't remember feeling that way with my regular friends (lol regular), maybe because i've never noticed if i've come in contact with someone's hand you know unless it's my crush or unless it was un-accidentally hehe. HAHA but i do remember, accidentally grabbing someone's arm because he startled me. hah. after the encounter i was, hey! i just held his arm for a moment. WAAAAAAHHHHHHH that's like, JM yaknoowwww. argh. i wish i could just shut up about him diba.

i may or may not be going to LB this friday. LOL sounds like a choice. i wanted to but i have class and work the next day and last time i checked i haven't been sleeping properly, idek if i'm stressing myself out. if stress == not getting enough sleep, then i am by all means, stressed. i don't really feel like the typical stressed person, though i may look like it cos i hardly fix myself. anyway, being stressed is an overstatement for me. i'd rather be called busy. haha

i've come to anticipate sunday afternoons less. before, it meant going to the mall after church and window shopping while waiting for my parents to finish their ministry. now it meant, dropping by the mall to commute home because i terribly need the afternoon to sleep. heh epal. then i'll wake up at night and start my day. >:| old habits die hard.


it's not like you really miss me do you? you're all text/chat/fb but no show. hehe but it's okay, we don't really always feel the urge to see someone just because we miss em do we? i mean, i miss a lot of my friends but i don't always show up. sometimes i get lazy but that doesn't mean i miss them less. or does it?  haha i dunno. my biggest setback is the occasional financial costraints plus the lazyness and sometimes that negative feeling that they don't really wanna see you back. gives me hell yknow.

anyhow. i hate people who don't show up everytime they say they will.
and this time i'm not gonna keep reminding. let's see if they actually have it in their minds to show up, for once. che.

guilty rin naman ako so i'm not in the perfect position to condemn. but when it's someone special, it hurts damn well.

i'm excited to go home. Kimi ni Todoke has over 40 seeders last night, and smartbro's really doing great so i finished the almost 5 gigs download in less than a day. thank you! but that'll have to wait! still have to finish Perfect Match and rewatch Zettai Kareshi.

Lord, i'm begging you for more space. MOOOORE space. please. >:(

revision #1

i'm not sure about which articles to put at the front. but since it's just 2 pages, guess it wouldn't matter that much? hehe

what do you think?
i have, like a personal affinity to swirls i hope i'm not being too err, girly. hehe


i'm getting distracted

this guy's piano covers are to die for! exactly what i'm looking for! quoting a user comment, David Sides is 'The Black Mozart' LOL

whenever i listen to great musicians like him i always wonder if it's truly possible to sell your soul to the devil in exchange for killer prowess. LOL then i go about thinking i'm a female maksim! eh. he.he.he. wherever that myth came from, it did affect my perception on stuff like this. of course i understand there are truly gifted people and i wanna be one! bwahaha.

hey wait! please spare 20 minutes of your time to watch this incredibly enlightening speech about how education sucks out our creativity. it was really well said, and although i haven't seen myself complain to why the general academe was built to nurture just the left hemispheres of our brain (cos at some point i enjoy it), this made me think that's it's somewhat unfair that you know, we are bring graded based on something we're not inclined to.

but of course, there was never really a balance on the way things are taught to us. maybe because creativity is subjective and you can't just teach someone dance the way you teach him math. you know someone's good in math when he gets the answers right. but how about a good dancer? what is a good dancer? what is good? you'll never know and you can never tell. it always depends. which is probably why educational institutions are built this way. when people ask you questions, you always want to have the right answers. it's easier nurturing logic than creativity.

ay ewan. edi baliktarin! what if the academe was built the other way around? we teach people how to sing, dance, act and paint instead of math, science, english and home eco? i'm sure Sir will be asking the same thing. what about those who are good in math? HAHA anubeehh one moment i'm enlightened, tas the next time i'm skeptic na ulit. haha

wala talagang balance sa mundo. tanggapin na lang natin LOL. errrrr

asjcf asbcklasnhda

Lee Min Ho! this is your fault!!!! i'm suffering from a bad stiff neck from watching you for 5 hours! ansakit argh!

ayon. may problema ko. wala nanaman akong masabihan! i would've preferred talking to you kaso hindi na pwede kasi nahihiya nako lumapit! grrrrr wala na, we're falling apart. the three of us is falling apart and i feel like i'm the only one who can bring it back kaso anong gagawin ko naiiyak nako. i value this friendship so much that i'm crying now.

nahihiya narin ako ibring up si JM. wala lang! nahihiya lang ako! parang hindi na tama. alam ko na, may mali! ewan nakakainis naman o. henako blog. be my best friend.  >____>; awhile ago, i went out of the room and the first person i saw was JM! nakita ko syaaaa ang gwapo nyaaaa! ♥ ♥ tas tinanong nya ko kung asan si sir, nagulat ako! as in, nagulaat. alam mo ba kung pano ko magulat. shet lang. hindi naman ako nagulat nung nakita ko sya, nagulat ako nung tinanong nya ko. kala mo naman kung anong tanong e parang tanga. blog, atin na nga lang si JM. nahihiya nako pagusapan e. parang, mali nga.

argh. pengeng salonpas.

yey! finish na magdownload yung Zettai Kareshi! >XD waaaah riiiiikoooooo >XD

she annoys me, but.

every time we meet she never fails to brag about how much her boyfriend is jealous of the guys around her. all of her stories stress out how her man of x months is so possessive of her. i really wanna shut her off cos whenever i listen to her, i can only think that she only wants everyone to know that she has a boyfriend, when in fact NONE OF US FUCKING CARE. she reminds everyone she talks to that her boyfriend loves her so much and that he's so sweet and jealous and all the crap you swoon over in pajama parties. i never had a conversation with her wherein she failed to mention her boyfriend (or the fact that she has one) at least thrice. -_-; i mean, i know them both and have been annoyed by their presence countless of times but this is the time i shift my understanding to the lighter side. so uhm given that i've been thinking badly of her a couple of chances, i have to put my guilt-reducing mechanism to work and you know, try to look at the briiiight side!!! >8D

the way the girl brags about her un-braggable bf is sweet. she boasts about how her bf reacted when someone is allegedly flirting with her. basically she boasts about everything that makes her bf insecure. then i realized, this girl is proud of every little thing his boyfriend does for her. it gives her the assurance that he is, indeed, in love and wants to protect their relationship. and she wants to be constantly reminded of it. she wants us to think that she has a boyfriend who loves her so friggin annoying much.

she's proud that her boyfriend loves her. period.
(or maybe she's just too proud that she has a boyfriend. hah. joke lang. sarreh)

it may be the only thing she brags about regarding her boyfriend, but it's the one thing everyone's been reluctant to express, and she's not... because SHE IS SO SURE ABOUT IT. i never thought i'd come to this side of her annoyingness. haha pero diba? other girls are proud that their boyfriends are good looking, smart and sporty, but her boyfriend has none of that to boot, yet she talks about him with such pride like no amount of achievement could compare. how many girlfriends are like her?

hah hindi ako ganyan e. i always want to be impressed.

will sleep for awhile hehe >:D

ah ikaw pala si suzi

i've seen her on full time moms (QTV11), and maldita billboards. i didn't know it was the suzi our prof was calling me as. HAH e crush ko kaya asawa nya! >8D if it's true i look like her (but of course you'll never see me agree to this), then i may have a chance on your Paolo. bwahaha whatever. it's just the hair. come on.

feb na pala

be careful what you fall for cos words can draw out assurance even without a bit of sincerity.
words are to be verified. actions are to be spelled out.

on second thought, i never should've reacted the way i did before i edited this entry. after all, what kind of love was i expecting anyway? it's not like 'that'. wala lang, it gets frustrating sometimes. >:|

currently watching: Perfect Match! >XD

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