notes to self!

yet another list of things to do (hopefully) so here you go, my so-far forever in-progress


// softeng project
calling it a thesis would be an overstatement, and looking forward to our output i doubt it's ever going to sound thesis-like. argh

what i need for this is lots of research on php and mysql. plus raw pics for the webpage. i hate programming, i'm more excited about designing the pages than the actual coding. argh. the things i like and do better at sound all too irrelevant at this point. why. >:(

//4thglan2 project
this would be so easy if i knew what to do... with the codes.

//midterm exams
yadda yadda yadda

to my groupmates who know what they're doing and is doing it right, thank you. you lessen my worries. LOL i'm not even a perfectionist but i end up staying all night editing crap. i love my groupmates but i hate group projects, sorry.

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