where's the rush?

i still believe this blog is a bit cursed such that if i put a to-do list here, chances are none of them are getting done anytime soon HAHA. but in an effort to fight the, uhm, curse...

1. study for profeth

  • gather notes from people who has them and engage in a serious power memory session later

  • 2. study for opesys

  • survey people on what they think is the real COVERAGE for the exam tomorrow. no one knows legit shizzzz

  • 3. write 3 reaction papers

  • one about the socncul field trip

  • one about contraceptives

  • one about The Net starring Sandra bullock, which i am yet to research on

  • 4. pray that this crushing (not the happy crush) feeling will end like, NOW NA! arghhhh what. insecurity kills! assurance is all we need! but.

    5. write an intent letter for my last assignment as a student assistant. >XO

    okay! time to //study

    Circle of Lights!

    // i don't remember when this was but it's one of my favorite nights! >:D the entire family went to qc memorial circle to, ano ba, exercise? more like food trip! grabeeee the fountain and monument lights were so awesome, even my low def phone cam was able to capture it decently. that's how awesome it is. we haven't been to Circle for a looong time so it was surprising how it has changed so much and became more beautiful! yehey! and grabe the food, they're everywhere! terai and i totally marveled at it! ice cream! corn! isaw! lugaw! buko juice! it's a really super duper quality cheap place!

    // random plug: Papa John's will open on SM Fairview on August 31, 2011! YEHEY for a more accessible Pizza Margarita!!! >XD

    // by the way! i haven't been able to blog so much because uhm, nahihiya ako! WAHAHAHAHA for the past few days or weeks i only wanted to blog about one thing (plus a few street shots) but i can't. anyway. i'm in love! yun lang! and i'm happy! who's not when they are? it's cool when it's two-way! thank you Lord!

    // so far, with the way school is going, i have to double my effort on accounting and thesis! fuuuudge. tsk. whew. >XO

    // wow. ever since this semester started, i have lagged way toooo far behind my reading list that i'm actually considering (YET AGAIN) selling my books! i probably have like 10+ pending books to read and more than a hundred newsletters stacked in my inbox. my Paulo Coelho and Bo Sanchez labels on gmail are filled with unread mails when before, as soon as i receive em, i read em and file em! ugh. it sucks cos i know i'm not the most organized person and then suddenly i accept jobs like wonder woman.

    // my anime watch list hasn't grown since vampire knight cos i'm out of good hetero recommendations! hahaha

    // sometimes i wonder if i have to limit my happiness cos it may turn into bad karma in a snap and put me in sorrow next! Lord, wag naman! >XO

    // next problem, OJT! where to work? who to work with? i so badly want to work someplace i'll ACTUALLY LEARN and at the same time be with my friends! options Lord!

    // another problem, and it's the biggest. i'll be jobless for the entire year starting second tri!!! >XO which means i'm out of funds to pay the internet bill! >XO work work, i need to freaking wooooork! >XO

    scholastic wreck

    wow i'm in such a pit. whoever among my multipolar consciences told me it's okay to handle this much load could die now. and i'm serious. i'm flunking like crazy. here's how and imma break it down per subject

    philhis - i could probably get a fairly high grade in this but definitely not a 4.00. too much memorization involved and my last quiz sucked, plus my attendance has already been tarnished with tardiness! argh. imma teacher's pet here but i don't think it's gonna pay off. too strict.

    socncul - my quizzes sucked but i managed to get exempted from the finals which is a good thing. but my freakin quizzes are a wreck. i'm also looking forward to my being a teacher's pet to pay off, hopefully!

    acctg1b - this is totally hopeless. my quizzes and exams are all faring below 90 in average. iyak nako.

    english4 - i'll do whatever it takes to ace this one. this isn't a very problematic subject but it's something i have to focus dead on into so as to make sure it'll help raise my average at least! huhu

    arintel - no problem. except for this ultra chever expert system we're asked to create as a project. freakin clueless!

    opesys - the project!!! c++ what?! 

    thesis1 - biggest hurdle of all hurdles in a track field. i'm preparing my eyes for saturday cos i know (as usual!!!) i'm gonna cry!!!! bwahahaha

    profeth - no problem? maintain!

    HAHAHAHAHA so after all, i'm exaggerating. but you see, in thesis1 and accounting, FOR SURE, i wouldn't get anything higher than 3. so Lord, let it be 2.75 at least. please? and socncul too, no greater than an already disappointing 3.25, promise.

    i swear i'm going to cry if i lose my full scholarship. and i'm gonna lock myself in my room and avoid my friends and everyone. i'm gonna live like a hermit and leave everything behind. imma leave ICON, CBS, FCLC and SAship. and. just. die.

    weh joke lang. arte arte kasi e no. me pa blog blog pa, pwede naman kasi gawin yung project muna diba? HAHAHAHA

    wanna bet pakbet? it's joketime bwahahahaha.

    hindi ako si darna.


    pretty girls!

    yesterday i saw tae kyung at school! >XO and guess what, she's a junior from holy. what the hell. she still sports the same beiber hair but now her gender is finally identified because of the familiar brown fugly uniform. last time we saw her, she's too boyish. hahaha i don't want to be reminded of how holy has been turned into a lesbian pen over the years. during my stay there, the ratio's probably a safe 5 out of 200. now, i dunno. society has twisted everyone's mind into accepting homosexuality as a safe, non-evil cause to be fought for greater equality but no. why. why?! i don't understand how the equality we fight for has become so literal. asdghashjfsdqsc

    hello thesis where the fudge are youuuu?! >XO srsly! my groupmates and i are so freakin lax i dunno what's gonna happen to us this shatterday. lol we're literally 0% on the program code. BWAHAHAHAHA what happened to me. >X| bad vibes. bad vibes. i'm seriously considering abandoning this. but of course, i'll try not to let shift happen. but it can't be helped! i have like 3 days to learn a programming language that is a complete alien to me. and i'm hating the other classes for having uber simple theses about webdev! grrr

    nakakatawa. nakakatawa. pero sige dun na to sa kabilang blog. hahahahahahaha

    i have so much to blog about! every time i go out and take photos on the streets or anywhere, i always think of blogging about it here kaso fuuuudge. waley ng time! tsk >X(


    the competition isn't even tight so don't go around thinking you're that good. props to your efforts anyway, you deserved it... seriously and sarcasm aside. i knew it was good, i had faith in it but you failed to keep your mouth shut. what you let speak for itself, instead, spoke about yourself.

    let's see. most people kinda don't understand what an organization is. typically, school organizations should be self sufficient, charges on members are usual, contributions are compulsory and sponsorship is essential. it is money that makes the organization work. it is utterly ridiculous to propose activities that are entirely FUND CONSUMING. we are not a charitable institution. we must raise funds. an organization who outflows cash more than it earns it not quite an impressive organization.



    i feel so frakking hopeless! >X'O i was literally in tears bawling about the probability of what i could possibly lose by taking this much load. Lord, help me. >XO i feel depressed and shaken and crap and blah but i don't wanna let go of anything. like srsly. arg. socncul and that friggin thesis!

    hay Lord. thank you. God bless us tomorrow and the following days to come!

    masyadong masaya! >XD

    why do i have a feeling that this cannot be? like i can't be too happy cos all of these could be taken away from me in an instant. >XO i can't be too lucky cos the universe demands balance and i could be robbed of equal luck the next days. anyway, why talk about luck. this isn't luck, these are blessings! and i'm just reaping them right (i guess?! or am i harvesting too early? >XO)! these are gifts, right. not something i actually traded anything for. e pano nga kung ano! waaaah. Lord, wag mo muna ko bawian. i need more of your blessings! thank you so much.  my golly, i wanna cry na. You are so good, and i am so blessed.

    bye! >:D

    PS. i wish i could be less nega yaknow. like. kainis eh. >XO pano kasi.

    more blessings!

    LOL yes, we were complete and utter idiots for joining the competition on a heavy impulse triggered by our hunger for incentives BUT we weren't gutsy for nothing. WE WON. would you believe it, less than 24 hours of practice and we still won? God's daily miracles! yey! i totally had no faith and courage to perform that day bwahaha, i even entertained the thought of backing out cos we're really unprepared like heck. but God is good! i love this day! when i got home my feet hurt like crazy, i'm tired and sleepy so i ate and slept immediately. i alarmed at 10 to finish the tarps but i woke up 12mn ops, good thing jec was there haynakoo super big help. thank you! >:D yey, tulog na me! it's almost 3! >XD

    no sleep

    i wonder when i'll ever get back to sleeping properly. i told myself, definitely after ICON week, then i'll get nega and say, maybe after the trimester, and get even more depressed and think that i'm never gonna be able to sleep until after graduation. >XO

    i miss sleeping! i miss my bed! i miss baks and my pillows and blanket. haynako.

    hey. yesterday when i bought ice cream, i realized that selecta coffee crumble has increased in price by 5 pesos (the 800 something mL variant) and there are quite a lot of new stocks on the fridge! actually i thought they're phasing it out and replacing it with coffee almond cookies but gooooood thing it's back on production! yehey!

    kopiko 3-in-1 brown coffee is such a freaking steal! >XO in terms of flavor, creaminess and blah it's perfect, it got me. it's my favorite taste, but kick-wise it's got none. if it was more caffeinated i would've placed it on my favorite instant coffees list bwahaha but no. it's cheap, 10 sachets for 52.something pesos at SM hypermarket. cheaper elsewhere. i dunno if i've gone more and more immune to the effects of coffee but this one i guess is too creamy to be strong. Pior 3-in-1 still on the top. >:) ah my gooolly i love this coffee. and i'm secretly hoping that someone from Tridharma Marketing Corporation reads this and rewards me with a year's supply LOL. 

    i don't remember why i agreed to be part of the group singing competition for filipino week. it must've been the greediness for incentives. some of my philhis classmates and i suddenly decided to join the contest A DAY BEFORE THE CONTEST PROPER like real freaking arrogant idiots. LOL sorry. it was an impulsive move. for the glory of 20 points in the final exam we are going to subject ourselves to utter shame and humiliation tomorrow. i mean, srsly. i suddenly don't feel like it. can i just withdraw? i'm so sorry. i, uhm. errrr. i'm tired. lol joke. i need the sun and its positivity! being nocturnal has turned me uber nega. haha

    heyhey. accounting was. uhm. mygaaaahh i got 94 on my make up test!!!! >XD yeah, over a friggin 123 items of pure crap. HAHAHA but God is good. prof adjusted the perfect score, and it's now over 100. i am probably one of her happiest students. i was worrying about this because accounting with her is so freaking abstract. because of it i came to respect accounting majors even more for excelling at something i so majorly suck at. hey that rhymes.

    not sleeping anytime soon! still looking for my mojo. still got tarps to do. >:)



    these boxes of coffee twist arrived at home last thursday while i was at iloilo. i guess i haven't told you about this but a few weeks back, some marketing staff from Universal Robina Corp. (URC) contacted me saying that they appreciated my review of coffee twist and as a token of appreciation, they're rewarding me 8 boxes of coffee twist. of course, being the ever so doubtful but nonetheless gullible dope that i am not to mention an extreme coffee advocate, i believed her... on the ground that she used an email using the @urc.com.ph domain. only legit employees have access to that. i think so. hehehe

    anyhow. apparently it's true, duh the picture says it all. there are actually 8 boxes but when i came back terai already distributed a few of them (with my permission of course) so yeah, hello coffee! 192 bottles all in all bwahahaha. how cool is that?

    many thanks to universal robina for stumbling on my blog and rewarding me with those. i mean, i'm aware that the product is most probably nearing its end of line and you're most likely just clearin your stocks and all. it's a good thing you thought of rewarding it to bloggers like us who really enjoyed the coffee. i wonder why it didn't hit so much. come on! it's one helluva good coffee! haha sarcasm aside dohhh >:)

    yesterday was quite a lucky day for me! got a free hitch from school to east west regalado, then while waiting for a jeep to SM we spotted this bus...


    Hybrid diesel and electric bus on test drive
    and so my friend and i got a free ride to SMF yey! >:D then when i went down the bus, daddy called asking where i am, apparently we were both at SMF that time. so, yeheeeey for a totally cost free ride that afternoon!

    then yknow, i thought i could push my luck a bit more so when i got home i like clung like a tarsier to daddy and told him, hey loser (it's a form of endearment for us lol), someone wants to court me! and he was like, hahaha you're such a loser! like anyone would actually court you for reallll. and i'm like HAHAHAHA NOT FUNNY! and then we're laughing all the way. he usually gets into serious mode with stuff like this specially when i'm still staying at LB... and i totally understand, he doesn't trust the place. but ohwell, it's cool to be honest. i was even wondering why, at freaking 20, i'm still putting issues like this under his jurisdiction. e bat ba, he's my favorite guy eh! and my mom was like smirking at the back like crazy. and terai was like, hahahaha late bloomers blooming! lol, she's one to talk no?

    end luck.

    a tragedy called 12th International Youth Day Celebration and Conference

    LOL i'm too tired having to say the same tragic story over and over again. i've never rolled my eyes this much on something extremely disappointing. hahaha anyway, i'm not gonna tell you the whole story. FOR NOW. i'm too busy lol. but i'll get back to it, one day. it's kinda sitting on draft. maybe after a few days i've calmed down... and who knows if i might actually have something miraculously positive to say about it. key word: miraculously.

    hahaha you might think i'm being too nega, saying shiz and bull that nothing good ever happened at iloilo. but really, if you were one of us who preregistered in hopes of getting priority accommodation but instead was thrown in a pretty decent, i might say, but cramped hotel in a shanty area with a supposed-to-be single room but is unfortunately transformed into tri-sharing.... a positive state of mind will not do you justice. there is a limit to the amount of optimism and understanding we could offer. and in this case, they went overboard. they sapped all my positive energy. my tolerance of substandard output was put to the critical level. in this event, i've learned something very very important and that is TO NOT SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS THAN WHAT YOU KNOW YOU DESERVE. because the moment you do, you're getting even less than what you settled for. and of course, to not entertain anything from the UNYAP. it's plain crap. and every year they prove themselves well, i wouldn't mind an additional MDG that seeks to eliminate political animalism that leads to the corruption of the youth by ABOLISHING THE UNYAP.

    i know there are some who enjoyed. and i'm not gonna ask for their understanding of why i'm behaving this way. nor am i going to take back every bullcrap i've shared about this event... i'm not even halfway vulgar. my blood boils every time i think about how disorderly and stupid the event was and everyone behind it. i'm not even gonna try to be diplomatic in this entry. i'm angry. LOL.

    alright this is probably part 1. i'm sleepy. i've got an exam and craploads to do.
    good night! sweet dreams. and i hate you too. >;)


    when you're being idealized, you begin to bend to people's expectations without you knowing it. i've come to accept how people's opinion of me will matter forever, even though it's hardly justifiable. it just goes that way. you have to please the people around you, whether or not you like them.

    no. that's not my point. dun na nga lang to sa kabilang blog haha.

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