rebisco crackers: 6% carbo 9% fat


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currently feasting on crackers and coffee. sounds familiar? parang burol.
oh well, i missed eating with my mom and dad awhile ago because i was watching frog prince then as a karma there's no food left for me. bait talaga nila.

awhile ago we had a mass. generally i didn't quite enjoy it because i suddenly found out i have my monthly visitor and wtf! i'm wearing our gala uniform (which is all-white fyi). i hurriedly went to the cr to check... and found out i'm in bloody crap. blaaah. i just can't tell you how my misadventures during the mass went since some are just too gross *munches on a piece of cracker* to even describe in ful detail. however, as you can see... i'm alive and i survived.

we also had our field trip orientation awhile ago and it made me finalize my decision that: i will not join the field trip.
my poor left leg will definitely not stand the whole trip which includes a lot of walking and hiking. i might just collapse and die you know *exaggerating*

i made my research on my knee strain and found out i'm having a moderate strain (2nd degree) which will approximately heal from 10-6 WEEKS. i can't wait that long... how bout my bike? grr

till then.

iyo kailan pa man

watched y!speak awhile ago. saw ryan agoncillo again and again... =)
the topic revolves around the rich and the poor...
as much as i love watching debate programs, it still doesn't show in my debate skills... steph will still wholeheartedly give me a 54%, whattabout.

hmmm... i saw the dvd version of charlie and the chocolate factory in mtv and it was COOOOOOLLLL... they have a "how to dance like an oompa-lumpa" selection
which was really cute although i don't think i would enjoy dancing like one.

surprise surprise!
philamlife yet again gave us another VIP christmas gift.. which is another CD they produced. hehe... last time they gave us a cd of manila philharmonic orchestra playing christmas songs and now another cd (opm classics) sang by the philippine madrigal singers, iyo kailan pa man... =)

my favorite, Hanggang. because that's the best song gerald santos sang during the pinoy pop superstar elimination night. and i think he got a 99% for that...

anyhow, i'm just waiting for the right late-night time to arrive because i'm waiting for the sunday movie greats...

tara! manood tayo ng "ang pagdadalaga ni maximo oliveros"!! :D

my grades aren't so bad =)

at least that's what i can say. i'm not very hard to please... as long as i don't have a line of 7... i'm contented. =)
my lowest is still pinoy.. 81.
my highest is prosec... 96. i can't believe it either... although it's a minor subject i still can't get over the fact that i didn't pass 2 reflection papers and i got 96! thank you Lord!
oh well i have to improve 4 subjects: pinoi, english, accounting and teenstar. haha... i failed the teenstar test... it's not really helping me. our teacher is not very convincing...

i computed my averages:
major: 88
minor: 89
all: 88

hmm... not bad. =)

oh well... i want to try the peppermint mocha frappe... =)

yay! friday nanaman!

at last. i'm tired of walking around the highschool building corridors. not only it aggravates my knee pain but also because i don't like bumping into people for the fear that they might hit my knee and... you know. i'm becoming so paranoid, i'm getting cramps often because my knee is very very fragile. my actions are so limited. -_-;;

i always wrap a bandage on to it whenever we start the intrams practice (specifically my being a propsman) but i still have to remove it every now and then because it itches. haha.. kainis.

yehey! uuwi na terai! i mean, she comes home every week so what's the big deal? ewan, miss ko na kapatid ko eh. =)

i finished reading the alchemist awhile ago. it was very nice. some would say it's boring but for me it's not. it has a lot of sense (very paulo coelho-ish) and shares a lot of wisdom too. i especially liked the ending because it's full of irony and i laughed at it.
i shared it to dad and when i mentioned the king of salem... he reacted in an instant
"alam mo ba kung sino yon? si King Melchizedek yun na nag bless kay Abraham. he was God in disguise"
what an omen. i realised it was really God guiding the boy all along. it has bits of biblical references but it's still fiction. i wonder if it's real.

awhile ago too i borrowed another book, Horse Whisperer. it's a little hard to read because of the spacing but it's a New York Times Bestseller so i decided to try it. it has garnered a lot of bestseller awards too so i'm more interested... plus it has horses!

our president loves long-weekends.
no classes on monday! haaay :D

cheer not

i will not cheer anymore!

in the first place, and honestly speaking, most of us take cheering as a last resort. you know what i mean, as for me... i don't really have a choice. i'm not good in ball games, board games etc.. and i don't think i'm worthy of a cheerer too.
anyway, i have to leave because of my injury. haha, i hate it when i look so seriously injured.
awhile ago while junjun and kring takes me to the clinic, it looks like i got my knee strain from a ball game but no! -_-;; hehe

i miss running, i BADLY need to run. it's like ages since i last ran because of this stupid incapable knee. aside from running, i'm getting more and more frustrated with learning how to ride on a bike. it feels like it's not meant for me. it was near my birthday when i suddenly became limp and my birthday gift was supposed to be a bike but hell, what a bad omen!

all i can do now is type and for the meantime i think that's the only thing i'm good at (and a lot of people are still better than me). but what'll change when my knee gets healed? sure, i can run at last! but that won't make me the fastest runner either. but at least i was healed and that's a good enough gift for me to stop bragging about what-nots.

dear God,

please heal me as soon as possible and don't make it any later than december 9. it's not nice to venture in rocks and caves with a bandaged knee you know (field trip). but if it is really in your will to not let me join the fieldtrip, then you'd better give me a sign or something. i want to have fun, as much as how you'd love seeing me happy. so please Lord, that's the only thing i ask of you, heal me now. =) Amen.

PS: thank you in advance.

nocturnal mating

a first year student once told me that cats mate during the night and we people hear them like they're fighting. i think that's exactly what i'm hearing right now, i don't know what is it in cats, why do they have to make it sound like that? it's disturbing and it doesn't sound like they're enjoying their blissful moment. anyway, that was just in case you're wondering why you haven't seen cats fuck in the daylight.

my contractible header doesn't work in firefox versions greater than 1. that's why i have to return it to it's previous state. at least that's the only thing that doesn't work plus the 5px difference of alignment...

i tried validating the codes and i went on as much as 174 errors but of course i won't let that happen, so far the lowest i got is 32 errors which was from the code with contractible headers... but now that i already changed it... I DON'T WANT TO BOTHER MYSELF ANYMORE!

it's 10:30! i forgot to bring my physics book so that means i can't do my homework (i can always use the internet but i'm too lazy to do so). i wish there'd be no intrams practice tomorrow because i swear, my knee won't heal.

i haven't seen pansy parkinson on screen yet! tsk, i was expecting to see her, oh good vibes. draco has only 3 scenes -- if my memory serves me right: 1.) with his dad, wearing a black suit 2.) ferret scene 3.) and the stupidly short yuleball scene where she lifts up an unidentified girl (who knows if it's pansy?). did i forget something?

mehn,i want to learn how to ride on a bike (it's a shame that i didn't go through the childhood stage of learning how to ride on a mini bike with your dad) but how else could i do that with an incapable leg? come on leg, heal!

tomorrow is a brand new week! i'm not even looking forward to it's brand-newness coz it will be just another typical schoolweek full of workloads and unexpected loatheful surprises. but i'm quite happy with it because there will always be people who will give you your daily dose of laughter.

enjoy your week.

the laced dress robe

we watched harry potter 4 yesterday! yay! oh well, i won't be adding my compliments that much but i can say it's the most humorous of all the installments.

i don't hate katie leung anymore. awhile ago while hearing the sermon i realized one thing why they can't make heart evangilista cho chang. she might stand out too much, i mean she might look prettier than clemence poesy and that's not how it's supposed to be! haha.

right now i don't see any positive progress with my muscoBLAHskeletal strain. it still hurts but not too much anymore, the pain reliever paid off. i want it to heal right away! :(

mehn, school sucks:
the more we study, the more we know, the more we know, the more we forget, the more we forget, the lesser we know... so why study?
-quoted from a certain layout

tired of this

i'm changing this layout soon.

i watched My Sassy Girl last night (thanks k.a.!) and cried a lot. it's a very cute movie, i'm just glad our dvd player (in the pc) is working now.

i borrowed The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho yesterday, i might use it for my reading report but i'm not sure yet, i'm just picking out the good books from the fiction section of our library... and i can't find the HP series there!!

i wish i could watch Harry Potter today but i'm afraid we're not going to push through... :(

sometimes i still get confused with the fics, the books and the movies. they're becoming too baffling. i've read a lot of hp fics (HPDM to be exact), cried a lot too, cursed, laughed and choked at times and those particular scenes are still stuck in my head like they're merging with the real idea of HP, the dark SLASH-LESS world of Hogwarts with the infamous git Draco and the unworthy lead character Harry ready to *eherm* entertain you.

michi's right, harry's fic personality can be described in one word: bastard.
hmm... why can't i make my own conclusions like that? i'm not being observant.
oh! i have one, by looking at katie leung (the not-even-pretty cho chang in movie4) and comparing it to genevieve gaunt (the very-pretty slytherin partner of draco malfoy)... i therefore conclude that Harry Potter and the one who casted Katie Leung have a very very BAD taste... oh scratch that... they have the WORST taste ever!!

yay! i checked Phlippine Blog Awards awhile ago and saw the list of semi-finalists. the 667 blog entries were narrowed down to 115 and i'm proud to be one of them! :D i was listed under the Best Blog Site of Year...
let's just hope i stand a chance. =D

i want to watch harry potter now!

a painful yet happy birthday to me!

revised! XD

crap! look at my poor knee, it has an uneven gray rectangle mark from the salonpas i removed awhile ago and now i stick another one!
there there... next i gently and tightly wrap the bandage around then seal it with that metal thing and presto, what a limp.

happy birthday.

it is nice to celebrate your birthday on a very very fine health condition, without any freshly cut wound or aching bruise, without a brainsplitting headache or an agonizing heartburn, without a tuanting 6 months left to live warning or a shocking heart attack and DEFINITELY without a muscoBLAHskeletal strain on the right knee.

happy birthday.

monday this week i was rushed (if that's how you would describe me limping my way through the field) to the clinic since my knee pain suddenly became unbearable due to the cheering practice. thank you kring for being with me all the way! :D
after the clinic incident my mom fetched me and took me to the hospital. i was expecting FEU or Fairview Gen. or Malvar Hospital but Capitol?
there, so she took me to the ER and that was the first time i had a wheelchair ride.
it is, seriously, fun learning how to ride on a wheelchair, to know the functions of those several levers on your left and right and to basically know how to navigate yourself around the hospital without someone pushing you.

happy birthday.

i was absent yesterday because i have to rest. i came back today, on my birthday, for the CRT because i know it's a great time to do nothing tiring but still learn values and all. even with this pain, i still felt happy because of my friends! thank you! i appreciate the jumbo card though at first i was, "ha?" with the cover. hehe...
thanks karlita for the CD! i love it! red + hello kitty + barbie almalbis = JOY!


let's not talk about harry potter! he's being a scene stealer!!

meteor shower

the camping was super fun!
i was half-expecting us to get all bitchy with the grass and the insects but no.
oh well, the activities were fun, especially the 'arrange yourself in this manner' thing. =)
during the night i didn't sleep inside our tent, instead i slept outside on my humid banig and set myself to comfort under the giant blanket of stars.
before i slept jami, laura and i shared on my banig to watch and catch a falling star! we talked about a lot of stuff... =)

i spotted 3! wished 3 times and... oh well, i really hope it's true. it's my first time to catch a falling star.... they say there's a meteor shower that's why there are a lot of stars falling (oh, so they're not really stars... =\)...

uhm, before we went to stargaze we played cards first! haha, that was the noisest game i've ever had so far (with cards).

i enjoyed everything we did! roasting marshmallows, making our very own campmade s'mores, starting up a fire, grilling the chicken bbq, doing a bamboo band while singing 'another one bites the dust' with backmasked lyrics, chasing grasshoppers, looking at the stars... everything from setting up the tent to shaking off the grass from our things... =)

it was a night to remember.

i realized that i really love my batch. why do people come up with bonding activities only when we're soon going to leave? during my freshmen year, i always loathed our batch, what more on the second year when our class is filled with bitches and freaks. i felt a little relieved when 3rd yr came... it was less agonizing on the mingling stage...

but 4th year is different. i love my class.
simply because no one on my hatelist appreared in pamayanan. haha...
they gave us our batch shirt already! yay! ours was.. cool! well, it's actually fine, minus the school logo and the type of cloth used.... =
again again..
harry potter opens on november 16!!
i know the cinemas will be FULL!!
see you there!


my missing frog prince

mehhn... major giddy moment awhile ago. i was screaming at the sight of tango (tang-go) and charlene sharing their sweet moment on the dance floor. where arth thou my prince???

finally, my wish of having even just one of my comexes on the HF was fulfilled. =)

back to my prince. i loathe amphibians, count the frogs in but if i were told that a certain slimy frog will turn into my dream guy once i kiss it, then sure let's give it a kiss.

my giddy hormones are still active!! how does the name tango (tang-go) sounds to you? honestly it's malphonious (haha imbento! check my roots!!) but i'm starting to like it. oh no, adrian parin ako.

hmmm... i failed 3 tests. i'm the bobo-est. -_-;; i failed physics, english and accounting (like 67%?!) i don't like my grades. i told my parents about it and they sermoned me. =) haha, i got myself prepared for that. i promised them i'll lessen my internet and tv hours and study study study.

friday is camping and el fili day! i'm both excited and worried. worried because i'm still thinking of ways to pack my things for the camping plus the tray of eggs. excited because i know that day will be fun! =)

november is my month so i should be getting good vibes but it turns out that i'm not. november is as dead as the month implies. i'm dead with my grades, i'm dead with tango (tang-go) and i might be literally dead in a matter of minutes if the blessings i should recieve will continue avoiding me.

i gave a joketime title for myself! boster. haha, rejected booster + bobo. haha i'm not rejected, nag back-out lang dahil sa mga priorities pero bobo, oo. =)

revelations of backmasking

it seems like i'm not yet ready to face the third quarter. first of all i don't want to see how horrible my grades are. second, i don't want to spend the day under the scorching heat practicing for the intrams, although that would mean lesser time for study, that would also mean lesser aircon time and more grilling hours. yes, i'm being maarte!! third and last, i'm betting that more than 50% of the school population would agree to this: the sembreak is unreasonably short! i don't even think calling it a 'sembreak' is acceptable. it's just a couple of standard yearly holidays plus a few rest days turned into project making days. how inconsiderate.

moving on to the plus side, tomorrow is my besfriend's birthday! happy birthday KARLAAA!!! she's gonna be sixteen, how sweet.
oh, and i got a haircut. =) smile now, arianne.

no, onto the backmasking stuff.

we attended the youth alive ministry yesterday for the first time because we were interested with last week's plug of backmasking documentaries.
in case you don't know what backmasking is, it's a process of reversing songs. the only thing making it controversial is the fact that it can be used to unveil hidden messages.

here's the scary part.
when we backmask a song, we hear weird sounds like those of rewinded videos. that's normal.
in some cases there are songs which when we backmask we hear clear words, words pertaining to stanism and other ridiculous stuff. that's what we watched. this might be old news to you but to me it's not. :p
here are some local backmasked songs:

1. banal na aso, santong kabayo - yano
- the message here is blatantly freaky but backmasking it makes it even freakier.
2. pare ko - eraserheads
- this one i can't believe at first because i used to sing it and it's the first ever song i learned to play on the guitar. tsk.

those are the only songs i remember but there are lots more... according to the documentarist, the artists do not know that there are hidden messages embedded into their song and they only knew it when MGB (magandang gabi, bayan) interviewed them and showed them the proof.

here are a some of the songs we heard.
1. stairway to heaven - led zeppelin
- the backmasked version was the clearest i heard.
2. hit me baby - britney spears
3. plasmatics songs
4. ac-dc songs (anti-christ devil's child) - err, duh? most of their songs are that bold.
5. a couple of beatles' songs
6. a couple of john lennon's songs

etc... songs inflicted with obscured messages are oftentimes the fast rising ones.
oh well, not of all of the backmasked lyrics are harmful but in a way they are somewhat freaky.

check this one: CLICK!

ang palakang prinsipe

mahirap sigurong makahanap ng batang nangangarap na maging si Jade, ang bidang babae sa sa fairy tale na frog prince, dahil sino ba namang bata ang gustong humalik sa isang palakang palakang kadiri at maraming kulugo?

nung bata pa ko, isa ako sa mga HINDI nangarap na maging si Jade o kaya naman si Belle, dahil ayoko sa mga kagimbal gimbal na nilalang, prinsipe man ito o gwapo sa nakalipas nilang buhay.

pinangarap ko na maging si sleeping beauty na lamang dahil mahilig akong matulog at meron akong flora, fauna at merryweather-- si nanay, si ate at ang katulong namin (oo, ang bait sakin ng katulong namin noon, ewan ko lang kung bat kami nilayasan).
hmm. pero wala akong prinsipe kaya hanggang ngayon feeling ko natutulog parin ako at yung dragong nagbabantay sa kin (si tatay) ay nababagot na rin sa kahihintay ng prinsipeng bubugahan nya ng nagaalab nyang hininga (apoy yan).

ayoko rin maging cinderella dahil ayoko ng inaapi, ako yung kadalasang nangaapi lalo na sa mga katulong namin. pero ayokong isipin na ung katulong namin si cinderella, masyado naman siyang ambisyosa. ayoko maging cinderella dahil hindi kagandahan ang paa ko kaya hindi magandang tingan sa isang transparent at glass na sapatos. e mas lalo naman ung sa katulong namin kaya... no comment.

ang tanda ko na, katorse na ko (at malapit na kong mag kinse) pero iniisip ko parin na maging isang prinsesa. wala namang masama sa tingin ko, marami din naman dyang mas matanda pa sakin pero feeling prinsesa parin. =)

hindi ko alam kung bakit ko to sinulat, tinatamad na ko mag ingles dahil nakaka consious sa grammar. haha, pano banaman kasi araw araw, kada serye ng frog prince ay kinikilig ako, gusto ko ng sarili kong Tango (tang-go). kung hindi ka makarelate manood ka ng Frog Prince mon-fri 6pm bago mag bentekwatro oras.

haynaku, liban kay tango (tang-go) ay wala nang iba pang tv personality na nagpapakilig sa kin sa ngayon. masyado pa kong bata (pero muka na kong matanda) at marami pang pwedeng mangyari.

mehn, i can't believe i wrote "Hate Me" (it's a naruto fic) grr... i'm surprised. everytime i try to read my own composition which contains some fishy stuff and fishy writing (that includes casual swears and cusses, grammatical errors and stupid spelling mistakes), i always get shocked. i keep repeating this line over and over in my brain, "i can't believe i just wrote that i can't believe i just wrote that i can't believe i just wrote that i can't believe i just wrote that i can't believe i just wrote that i can't believe i just wrote that i can't believe i just wrote that"

awww mehn! and people are waiting for me to update.... i can't believe i wrote that! )=\ i don't know, i'm not interested in updating. hehe

mga kagustuhan

things i don't really need to survive but are potential to make my day a lot brighter than usual.

last night:

i was not at all disappointed when mom told us to just eat at a nearby place instead of going to SM to shop for what-nots but my sister argues throwing sarcastic remarks that will leave you baffled and irritated for awhile but when we finally stepped foot in FCM (5 minutes from home) i told myself, "this is quite ok, i just want to eat anyway".

we checked RL and i was, as always, delighted at the selection of shoes, sandals and FLATS. i wanted to buy them but it's not the right time, yet.

then we ate at shakeys, mehn i'm a not a big eater... i'm already full with the salad but oh well, i think there's a glutton inside of me side by side by the wieght conscious me.

blah blah.
i'm so shallow. i'm soo happy when i saw that expressions has a new stock of pilot ballpens! at last!!! and before i forget, i overindulged myself on the cheap panda ballpens (interest brought to me by nez's uncle). i'm especially saving them for the occasional surfacing of my doodly side.

i love the walls of shakeys. they're brick walls with graffiti. only, they're wallpapers. coolness.

dead time quizzes

Your Fashion Style is Sporty

You're a natural beauty who doesn't need fancy clothes to look good
You prefer your clothes to be comfortable, so you can stay on the go
For you, femininity is not how you wear - but how you wear it.
Still, don't be afraid to show off that great body in a dress or skirt!

You are Flat Sandals

Casual yet flirty
You look great in a simple top and jeans
Your look is approchable and cute!

Your Nail Polish Color is Red

How you're unique: You have an incredible eye for style and art

Why your style rocks: You are classic and classy - and that's hot!

What this color says about you: "I'm smart, sassy, and sexy. And I know it."

LoL. i will never wear nail polish outside. haha

Your Vibe Is Somewhat Sexy

On a good day, you're the sexiest woman in the world
But on a bad day, you can't help but feel a little average
Try to remember the times you've felt the sexiest...
And keep that attitude even on the worst of days

You Are a Down to Earth Doll

You're good looking and you realize that looks matter
And you also know that it's your inside that really shines
You do your best to look like an A-lister
But you devote most of your time to being a well rounded hottie

You Are a Carnation

You are down to earth and grounded.
You tend to be more traditional than trendy.
Your confidence gets you through anything.
People trust you and are very loyal to you.

hmmph. i want a rose or a chrysanthemum!

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