// i thought i'd be able to change my layout tonight but looks like it has to wait! antok na ko! i was editing the icon website yesterday and realized how easy it is to configure your layout using just blogger's premade templates. it's damn easier i kinda regret not utilizing that feature earlier cos thought it wasn't that customizeable. HAHA when you're a (frustrated artist) you always want to do things your way. using someone else's layout as mannequin for my design felt like a stab to my originality. after all, i can code. anyhow, it's a matter of ego. right now, i'm moving out of layouting by scratch cos it bums me like hell and saps all the fats in my skull. i thank blogger for making life easier for me. >:)

// ayon, for now let's all wallow in the apparent pinkness of this page.

// today was cool! finally sold my MS28 to some guy online. i thank God cos of the three times i met with a stranger to sell stuff, nothing bad happened (to me or to the gadget at least). bwaha it isn't much, just enough for a small CD-R King splurge, i was even reluctant on spending the moolah cos his payment includes a new-edition 1k bill. the pretty blue bill with the tubataha reef and a cool pearl on a shell or something. it's my favorite bill, for obvious reasons. LOL

// hey i saw this owl at sky garden, SM North awhile ago. >:D

it's soooo smashing beautiful, a fully grown up version of Ron's Pigwidgeon! >XD

// yah sabi ko nga inaantok na ko. kinakabahan ako sa grades ko seryoso. i can feel they're gonna plummet to hell... o sige para hindi masyadong pahumble, to earth. ampotek. stratosphere na nga lang. shemay sorry talaga. hahahaha.

Day 23 - Pictures of 5 famous guys you find attractive

it's hard to pick to just 5! >XD
anyway, in no particular order.

1. Chuck Bartowski
i put Chuck  instead of his real name, Zachary Levi, because it's his character that i came to adore more than the actor himself LOL.

2. Chad Michael Murray
for being Lucas on One Tree Hill. he has the most mesmerizing eyes grabeee ♥

3. Harry Potter
not Daniel Radcliffe, and specifically Harry Potter from the 3rd installment (Prizoner of Azkaban) because it's his last totoy look. On the fourth installment, he already hit puberty and became more manly. Eh wala lang, I prefer this look.

4. Ryan Agoncillo
my forever crush since grade 6, specially when he wears glasses and hosts Y Speak.

5. Usui Takumi
my ideal guy aka someone who most probably doesn't exist in real life. but still my ideal anime guy.


it's joketime >:)

detective mode!

19 - odesk
20 - notes
30 - notes
18 - joketime
25 - school
2 - bf
3 - wala lang
4 - wala lang
 31 - greg
1 - greg
10 - bf
11- mystery man
12 - wala lang
14 - kwento
15 - wala lang
16 - mystery man
17- kwento
18 - wala lang
19 - mystery man
21 - mystery man confirmed
22 - wala lang
23 - name drop
24 - bf

ako pa tanga? pano ba yan alam ko na. kung pumasada ka naman kasi ang obvious.

Ken Out Source Free Job: The Final Verdict


Sorry, this is a pretty late update! Anyway, if you land on this page, don't go seeking for any more answers, don't go looking for people who could have been paid, they don't exist. The hope of getting paid in this kind of job is slim to none, or none at all.

Here are my previous entries about Ken Out Source, it might help you:

Ken Out Source Free Job: Scam or What?
So there you go guys, don't waste your time on this like I did. >;)

what the fork, mehn.

apparently, i think the gravity of the things i'm supposed to be responsible for for this year has sunk in too deep for my nervous system to handle. everyday it stresses me out. like, i dunno. i'm trying to identify with my stressed self. sometimes i think it's an overstatement to call myself stressed, after all, i still eat (though honestly, the daily jitters are affecting my appetite. which is good >;D), i can still joke and laugh heartily [1], and i still sleep for at least 6 hours a day.

it's guilt tripping having to go home and do nothing but watch anime and play games AND BLOG. at the back of my mind i think i have no right to be spending my time leisurely because of all these. then again. who cares? as long as i deliver. which leads me to my biggest dilemmas:

will i be able to deliver well?
will my grades drop?
will my leadership suck?
will i get bald patches on my head for being too negative?

i tend to lose inspiration easily. damn easily. i'm not confident in the things i do. will this mass of duties drag my performance to mediocrity? i've been worrying myself too much ever since ICON got into my 'area of responsibility'. my only source of strength and inspiration for this is my co-officers.

i think i'm not getting any sleep tonight.
i have no right to sleep tonight.
fork the (grading) system.

[1] - laughter is medicine! if i counter this stress by being happy, it lowers the risk of getting bald patches on my head (not that it ever happened to me yet). seriously!!! i don't like being stressed cos aside from losing hair, it promotes the production of toxins in my body. ugh. 

undeserved spotlight

i have a feeling that i'm being overstated. people around me have been overestimating me a lot lately and all that it gives me is pressure. the unhealthy one. i'm being measured way beyond my worth and i don't deserve it. the truth is, i'm someone who hardly gets things done as planned. i'm not organized, i'm easily distracted, and cramming is my virtue. i don't even plan ahead. i never plan ahead. i only make things work well if i'm doing it for myself.

which is why this school year, i will be needing all the divine forces in the world to juggle three important roles in school. sometimes i think i need counseling, some heavy pep talk, and extreme motivation. i'm probably the most incapacitated leader ever. forced for good and haunted by a moral obligation. i have no leadership experience that's all! the only times i lead is when there's no one else who would take the job. i'd rather be a follower seriously. demmit.

ang hirap talaga ng walang tiwala sa sarili. >:'|
feeling ko tuloy napaka-iresponsable ko ngayon dahil nanonood ako ng Vampire Night imbes mag aral, at mag plano ng mga bagay bagay. waaaahhhh aksgffffaskhasklhdkasjf

ang arte naman nitong mga bampirang to! hindi ako kinikilig! gwapo lang sila! nubayannn bat ganon tong si Zero! nagpapaka-mysterious taas ng pride kuno. daig pa babae sa sobrang moody ang daming issues (madami naman talaga) sobrang tahimik pa. kung totoong tao to he's nothing more than a good face. ito namang si Kaname, okay overall! gwapo, madating at makapangyarihan pero panget ang taste sa babae. kikiligin na sana ko sa pagka-protective nya kaso hindi ko mawari kung anong nagustuhan nya dun sa babae maliban sa dugo nyang mabango.

ang panget nung series na walang origin yung feelings. hindi katanggap tanggap! ok naman talaga si Yuuki as lead girl kaso ano bang meron sa dugo nya? rare ba? at bat gusto sya ni Kaname? parang napaka-walang basis naman. nakaka-insecure e hahahaha

Day 22 - How have you changed in the past 2 years?

i think i never changed in the inside, my values, attitude and character is the same all throughout. what changed was the environment i'm in. i moved to a different college and exerted the same effort as i did before, and it gave me good (not to mention shocking) results. when i was in LB, i also did what i can, what i thought was my best, and every time it gave me a mediocre result, i get demotivated. i want dark chocolate. and from there i slack off and the rest is history. HAHA i would say i became more responsible, but that's only because i get good feedback with my efforts. i wasn't driven enough and i'm craving for carbonara.  i knew i had that certain sense of responsibility but it wouldn't come out cos back then everyone seemed more responsible, more fitting, smarter and every thing and you just have to settle being a good ass commoner and buy cheeseburger.

i'm so hungry. random phrases inserted everywhere. will make carbonara in a bit and probably buy kitkat dark! >XD gutom na kooooo!!! 

and wait!  my friend says i'm being Misaki-ish from Kaichou wa Maid Sama recently LOOL there are the similarities but 2 things are out: 1) i'm not loud and imposing and worst of all 2) i don't have an Usui. and i realized having an Usui around at school would be creepy, nakakailang, nakakairita at nakakabwiset. >XO maganda lang sa anime kasi anime yun. >:D otherwise, i'd be freaked out to hell. believe me, you wouldn't want a real life Usui.

me nagtanong, the one who says or the one who shows?
i don't believe in the saying action speaks louder than words. it's your assumptions that speak all throughout, feeler. and honestly, it takes a whole lot of courage to actually confess rather than drop hints and motives that are vague as hell. it gets tiring having to read between the lines, the human brain is degenerating per generation yaknow. so it's still better to let it all out, word per word, verbally, how you really feel about the world or a person in general. just like blogging. haha. and seriously, it's braver to confess fellas, it's like saying sorry to a person whom you've hurt so much. it takes so much pride srsly. and wait lang ha, i'm simply answering a question. another point here is, you can't count on one's feelings just because it shows. just like how you can't sue someone without evidence. words give much more assurance than actions. bow. eh yun lang naman. gutom na talaga ko.


i'm really close to both of my parents but i never considered myself a mommy's girl. it's daddy who usually jokes around with me and annoys me most of the time. we do silly things together. i love slang talking with him and calling him a loser (reference: yaya and angelina). when terai is at the grocery with mommy, i'll be at cyberzone with daddy. honestly, daddy was never like an elder to me. yknow, those who give you sound advices about life and crap. i go to mommy, or her secretary (ate theresa!) for that haha. daddy is more childlike, which is probably why we get along so well. if he weren't around, who can i call to chase flying cockroaches? load ink to the printer? kill giant spiders? change the lights? fix the toilet? unscrew laptop panels? we've never called an electrician, plumber or pest killer in the house ever since it was built. daddy knows all those. he engineered our home. >:D

BWAHAHA i love you daddy!


i dreamed of JM last night, or this morning whatever while having fever fits. bwaha in my dream he was on the way to the tricycle area and i saw him and blah and i was disappointed cos he looked poor? oo basta ganun. parang nalungkot ako na nanghinayang na ewan. ayoko na tuloy sa kanya LOOOOL mukang pera ampotek. mukang pera daw kasi ako.

off to school cos i feel better now >:)

i'm burning inside

literally! my neck is cold but i'm freakin burning with a fever inside. me tawag dun e. my body hurts too, ano bang ginawa ko't parang kung san san ako binugbog. >X'( anyway. can't touch my kitkat dark yet! napaka-lungkot na buhay. i was looking forward to it when i got home but i don't think it's gonna help me. i also discovered something about myself earlier! something that changed my outlook of, ano, food. i need to change my diet demmit, something that could last me for 60 more years to come. please Lord. hanotohhhh?! whew.

Anlene Concentrated Milk is to die for. johowkkk. it's my new favorite breakfast drink! perfect diluted with warm water. >:D >:D >:D gutom na ko. T__T;

Fliptop Battles announced AHON II, a two day event which will start on June 2, 9pm somewhere along Timog Ave. i browsed the list of battles and didn't see FUEGO in it! miss ko na sya ano baaaaaa. >:| >:|

i'm passing a crappy thesis proposal tonight. it's our old project... which of course still needs a ton of improvement and revisions. hay. haaaaay. crap this fever. >:|

ate theresa's wedding >X"D

today, one of my favorite ates got married! 

i didn't wanna miss out on this event so i excused myself from work. she has been mommy's secretary for 14 years, or since i was in grade 2 bwahaha. there were times i thought her work is hindering her from getting a boyfriend but thank God, today is her day! >:) it's May-December but who cares, i don't >:D when they're both senior citizens nobody can tell the difference. >:) hihi

it's honestly my most anticipated wedding simply because ate theresa has been a really really good friend and is almost like a sister to me. she's a really really big big part of my life, hindi ko ma-explain and i love her so much! >XD
bakit ba every friday night nilalagnat ako. >:| i hope this isn't a weekly curse >XO

Day 21 - One of your favorite shows

Chuck will always have a place in my heart. >X3 and Zettai Kareshi, One Tree Hill, Big Bang Theory, etc.etc.etc.

Why am i always sleepy?! WHY?!! WHY?! i am so sleepy and hungry and everything else. still caught up in planning.... and while it's every bit exciting planning for things to do, i actually want to see them happen. vision and action, come on! we can do this.

How to turn off group chat on Facebook

it's annoying when a group you've joined starts beeping peskily because some of its members are engaging in a group chat. if you don't really like chatting with these fellas or if you generally dislike this group chat feature in facebook, here's how to finally roll it off your sleeve:

1. open the group page
2. click on 'Edit Settings' on the top right-side of the page
3. uncheck 'Send me group chat messages'
4. save

there you go. >:)

Day 20 - How important you think education is

i would have a lot to say about this but my main point would be that, to every youth, it must be their most valued achievement.

life is getting harder by the day! so many things to do, so little time! ashdfvbinabsdcasfdyucdssd
i'm getting really frustrated... at everything! i'm in this kindof in-denial, self-reassuring and delusional stage in life and and kahgsdasnsd. HAHAHA

ayun. i want to test myself. how well can i handle this? how does it feel to get burned out? yung tipong bibigay na dahil sa pagod. kasi minsan feeling ko hindi naman ako pagod, antok lang. and i'm still eating pa naman. so i'm not depriving myself in any way. i mean, i just bought a new phone pa nga e! yehey! haha siguro kelangan ko lang bumili ng uniform kasi ang dugyot ko na tingnan araw araw. haha


it's a goodnight when i'm staying awake, and an i love you three months late. there's just so much to regret about life. you know i was finally relieved of burden #1 for real yohoww but burden #2 seems to be getting into me way way worse than before man. it's screwing my mental state like crazy.

of course i'm just kidding.

my major worries right now goes to planning about what's up for ICON this year. it has become my biggest moral obligation, at par with hooking that latin honor. and being that, i have to really work hard and deliver well without compromise. i say being an officer is not an excuse to get lower grades. homay Lord. pahinging powers please. at utak. pati energy. at kape. omgehh.

oh by the way, something came in the mail today! it's a box of TWINNING'S WHITE TEA! (LOL yeah that's a shameless plug). i've been waiting for it for quite a while now so yes, i'm happy it's not scam lol. it's my first time to win something LEGIT over the internet yknow. haha and because i'm happy that there is always an abundance of caffeinated drinks in the house, i tried it with kalamansi and muscovado sugar and well, it's pretty much like Biofit Tea. hehehe >:D

nothing's up tomorrow so siguro naman pwede ako manuod ng anime no? thank you.


because unless you're selling an item internationally, then you got a scammer on board.

their style is pretty much the same, buyer lives in the US and wants you to ship the item to AFRICA as a gift to his cousin. buyer knows only one mode of payment and 2 couriers: paypal, fedex or DHL respectively. and they won't accept any other options. the story could vary but it's always the same, a foreign buyer who wants your item delivered to another country. and of course, they'll graciously say they'll pay for all the expenses.

i don't know how it works but the first time i got one, i reached a point where the buyer already gave me the name and address of his cousin. i knew shipping would be expensive and i was ready to shell out some bucks for it. GOOD THING, i got another buyer! and guess what, it's another foreign national with the same scheme. this time he lives in the UK and wants my item shipped to Abu Dhabi. i flagged it immediately.

so there, beware. >;)

stop waiting cos i'm not.

i'm like killing myself. >XO

but every time i think that there are people who believe in me, i start believing in myself too. i want this school year to work out really well for me in terms of studies, work, and org. that's probably too much work to juggle now but that's how i want to live. busy. >:|. i don't want to give up any of the three, specially work cos that's how i pay my bills. >:|

but the responsibilities are scary. and i'm not leader material too. omgehh.

How to create folder playlists in Samsung Wave 525 using your PC

Apparently, the bada music player doesn't support folder playlist. Even if you have grouped your mp3s in folders, it won't recognize each folder as a playlist (which is just dumb). To create a playlist on your phone, you must select the tracks one by one in the "All Tracks" list. Now if you have hundreds of mp3s, and the playlist you want to create only includes 10 files or so, it's gonna be such a bothersome task to leaf through each of them.

i've gone through google and landed in support forums but most of them advised me to download a music player app or something, which i don't like. hehe

So here's a simple solution in creating playlists using your PC >:)

1. install Samsung Kies from
we're not gonna use the software here but the necessary drivers to recognize your device on 'my computer' are included in the installation.

2. Launch Samsung Kies and connect your mobile phone to your PC using "Samsung Kies" as the connectivity option, don't select "Mass Storage" as it won't enable you to create playlists.

3. once connected, open 'My Computer' and look for your device, it's named 'Wave525' by default. Open it. OR you can wait for it to autoplay and from there you can open your device.

4. Open Wave525 and select the memory location where you want to copy your mp3 folders. mine has 'Phone' (internal) or 'Card' (external) . I usually use the external memory >:)

5. Open 'Card' then go to 'Sounds', then 'Music'

6. On the 'Music' folder, copy your mp3 folders.

7. Once you've copied them: open each folder >> select all music files >> right-click on any mp3 >> select 'Create Playlist'. Rename your playlist as you wish.

8. A playlist file will be created with a .pla extension. Disconnect your phone by pressing the end key.

9. On your phone, go to the menu and open your music player. select the 'Playlists' tab and there you will see all the playlists you have created from your PC! >:D Then you're done! >:D yehey!

Notes: if you open the playlist using 'My Files', it will say 'unsupported file format' so be sure to open it via the music player. >:)

as far as i have tried, the 'Create Playlist' option only appears when the selected files are ALL MP3's. It doesn't work on other music formats (like mpeg4) so i guess you have to stick to that hehe

I'm using windows xp pro sp2, but i guess it should work on other OSs too and probably other bada phones (though i haven't tried yet). hehe >:)

Comment if it worked! Thanks! >:)

Day 19 - Disrespecting your parents

i wouldn't but of course, i have, many many times... and i only get either of the two, a bad scolding from mommy or a bad beating from daddy. ayun. >:)

for some reason, i'm itching to get a new life. out of school. new friends. new people. sometimes i'm thinking of shutting down all of my social networking chorvaness after graduation, and go incognito for a while. of course i'll spare this blog haha. parang ano, sarap umeskapo. daming kachorvahan sa buhay e!

anyway, pagod lang siguro. >:|
ayoko ngang pumasok bukas e. >:|


grar i have to buy a new hard disk uhm, this week or tomorrow ashdbwtfeagksdhas. apparently, the ants i've been talking about months back finally took the dead beat. they killed PA-Q!!! >XO i arrived home and saw that there was a line of ants leading to the laptop and insiiiiide of it, causing it to not recognize the hard disk, which is like the fucking most importanting thing. files know. files. dengit. >:| i unscrewed some parts and lifed a few panels but there were stubborn and weird looking screws that won't budge so i had to ask daddy's help. my hero emerged with a handful of screws and he knows them all, there something like an allen wrench, philips screw, flat screw whatever. it's fascinating >8D then we were able to remove all the panels and clean the motherboard.

there were so many fucking ants! leche! after we've cleared it, it still won't start so we cleaned it further. daddy pulled out this (another surprising thing) contact cleaner from his toolbox and sprayed it all over the board, and into the holes and everything. it's an ultra volatile solution meant for cleaning electronic parts. elibs na elibs ako. hahaha the ants were irritated i guess cos a lot of them were running out of the laptop. the others naman died so kelangan taktakin yung laptop huhuhu. then finally, the source of all epalness of tonight, THE HARD DISK with super complicated screws.... was opened! after a lot of sweat and motivation, daddy finally unscrewed the thing and what came out were a loooooot of dead red ants. yun nga, binahayan ampotek!

i've read about this before eh, you don't let the ants die inside cos when the laptop overheats and they burn to death, it might cos a spark or something and damage the laptop. ayon. even with all the cleaning it still won't work. so replace na talaga. mga 2,500. ajgfddkjcfhsrlfd.

// meanwhile i'm still heavily crushing over greg. he is officially majorcrush 31. 31 meaning, 3rd yr, 1st tri. i forgot my naming convention hahaha basta ganun na yan.

// i have to put more effort in writing. effort meaning, try to write in an utterly unsuspicious way. i always forget this is a public diary. i shouldn't really care who reads this. i actually hate knowing who reads this. haha. pero minsan curious parin. >:)

// hm, it's really hard to involve yourself in other people's problemsss. sometimes i think sympathy and curiosity are often mixed up. there are people i'm just really curious about, but they end up thinking i'm concerned about them cos i stick withem and shit and cheer them up when they're down. it gets tiring in awhile, but you can't just say that diba. ayun. pagod na ko and it sucks cos i'm like, uhm, stuck. it's like regretting ever finding out classified information about someone and having them grow sortof an attachment to you kasi ikaw lang nakaka-alam and all, so there's no one they could run to when they're in a glitch. i'm not sayin i have a lot of friends like that or i always try to dig stuff that no one knows. masyado lang akong curious. yun lang.

// i'm also aware i tend to let things get into me. a lot. hay.

// i also realized you're ignoring me. >:| beats the shit man. why? teka nga muna. in all fairness i tried to be discrete with everything. whether it's still me or not, i never asked though i'm still curious haha. if anything, i want to bring back the times. oo, time heals all wounds daw. but it was also time who brought them in. magulo ang mundo diba. magulo talaga.

// alam mo ba blog, ikaw na yata ang pinaka best friend ko. hindi naman sa nagpapaka-loner ako pero mahirap makipag-seryosohan sa ibang tao. mamaya sesegway na sila sa buhay nila e. actually maiiwasan naman yun e, kelangan lang magmukang seryoso yung sasabihin mo. yung tipong, pakinggan mo ko kelangan ko ng karamay and shit kasi anlaki ng problema ko huhuhuhu. e hindi ko kaya yun kahit feeling ko malaki rin problema ko.

// i know a lot of people are facing heavier problems than i am, but everyone deserves ears and a presence of mind other than his own, no matter how trivial a thing they're facing. hindi naman sa kelangan ko ng kausap no. just saying haha. >:) ayoko naman talaga ng may kausap e.

// btw. nakita ko pala si greg! yehey! ♥

// hay. ayoko parin ng groupwork. >:|

Bye Voldy!

i forgot to blog about this. i call this casio LK-50, "Voldy". haha i had it since highschool and a few weeks ago we offered it to a small church. so i've been quite piano-less these past few weeks then again busy na rin naman ako. >:) the pastor of the church that we gave it to was the one who taught me chords and also the one who got me in their worship team as keyboardist for like 3 months only cos i had to move to LB. anyway. i will miss Voldy. >:'(

on the other hand, i've got my eyes on this Casio PX-120 >:D

real piano-like keys! they're heavier and it's soooo pretty! >XD ah wala lang. i wish i could read notes better HAHA Lord, reward mo na sakin to for studying so hard! please? or maybe a new phone! yung touch lord! at pwedeng mp3 player at may wifi! please! myphone TW8! mura lungs! 6k yata HAHAHA 50K++ na po natitipid namin sa tuition ko at wala po akong kinickback dyan! mabait ako e hihi 

thank you. thank you. amen! >:D

homework mode!

Day 18 - Your beliefs

i believe that there's a God who created all things including evil. or maybe you could jump to Day 4

yeah they're right. love is such a plague. i could really use a friend like now. joke. i mean, i've never been this emotionally unstable my entire life. one memory and i'm crying all over the place, or my desk whatever hehe. parang, anyare? bat ang lungkot? haay. i still can't accept it. hindi talaga. and the one person i know i could talk to about this is often unreachable, or basta ganun.

i'm trying to get it back together. like, i dunno. >:'(

parang ang lungkot. like. ang lungkot. ganito ba talaga pag nagka-lamat na?

divert divert!

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