ate theresa's wedding >X"D

today, one of my favorite ates got married! 

i didn't wanna miss out on this event so i excused myself from work. she has been mommy's secretary for 14 years, or since i was in grade 2 bwahaha. there were times i thought her work is hindering her from getting a boyfriend but thank God, today is her day! >:) it's May-December but who cares, i don't >:D when they're both senior citizens nobody can tell the difference. >:) hihi

it's honestly my most anticipated wedding simply because ate theresa has been a really really good friend and is almost like a sister to me. she's a really really big big part of my life, hindi ko ma-explain and i love her so much! >XD
bakit ba every friday night nilalagnat ako. >:| i hope this isn't a weekly curse >XO

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