the clouds have left

you know awhile ago, i guess it was already breaking dawn, i went to our rooftop and sat on the garden chair to read. i'm halfway through Almost Heaven though i still am not hooked enough like i was with Whitney My Love. i looked up and just marveled on the vast expanse of dispersed cotton on a blue canvas. then i saw Fantasia hovering above me, her face without any detail, her arms streched to her sides, her bottom part misting like a ghost. i stared at it for awhile, anxious that i couldn't get our banig which is ideal for activities such as this because my parents are sleeping on it in the confines of their room (i was like, err, have you ever heard of a bed?). when i got a handful of shots registered in my brain, i leveled my head down to resume reading.

you know i'm talking about clouds.

then the sky turned bluish-pink. Fantasia has gone, moved a great deal to my west, her enchanting form morphing into an indistinguishable cotton mess. i have the wind to blame for that. the sky is a sweet marshmallow, slowly darkening into an orange expanse. the sun finally set, though the roofdeck isn't facing that way, i got it covered from the window on the opposite side.

then it was time to leave.

my bookmark barely left a few pages, but i was glad i got to go cloud gazing. at that time, my head is filled with various thoughts. they're really bothersome, but at least i get to set my mind on it, even for a while.

i was actually looking for a place to read, but the sky took most of my attention instead.

my darkest days

literally. hehehe
thanks kim! hihihi, this was taken during one of my swimming days at the university pool. kim took shots of me while swimming because she needed a moving subject for one of her homeworks. yey! i'm glad to finally see them. though there's really no guarantee that i'm the one in those pics, haha, why don't you see how dark those arms are and tell if it's not me. bwahehehe

aw. thanks so much kimmy. T___T; those are my first pictures taken using an slr camera. hehehehe ♥

discovery suites :)

i wasn't planning on staying for the night but since nobody's going home, i was convinced to stay, without any change of clothes and stuff. hahaha, but i got by! WE got by! :)

it was soooo fun! XP i thought they're staying at shang but they moved to discovery so i followed them there. hahaha, i seriously think we could all live together. for good. hahahahaha

we bought chips, canned goods, bread, pancit canton, iced tea and lots of vodka cruiser. we cooked, we watched, we drank, and got ourselves wasted. i only got myself a little bit wasted! but i know someone who uhh, wasted herself completely *winks*. it's a brilliant thing we caught it on video *winkwink* now all we have to is wait till it gets to youtube *winkwinkwink*

haaaaay. i had fun! yeah, thanks so much for the experience KA! and to my beloved friends whom i spent the glorious night with (ka,nez,michi,karlita,larz,carla)...i love you!

and to my dear dear friends who weren't there (hannah,jami,martha,ding,lau,kim)... you missed a LOOOOOTTTT! haahahahaha XD

hehe, sa uulitin. :D


i'm so happy right now and nothing, NOTHING, can ruin my mood (valid only this day). i'll see to it that i'll be extra cheerful with life, particularly today. :)

i got 19 units at last!!! and i got chem32! although i'm still not sure what to feel towards taking that blasted subject this sem, it makes good sense to take it as challenge. i'm excited and scared at the same time. :)

and later, after doing the things i ought to do first, i'll be hanging out with my friends at edsa shang. well, i missed them and i had to convince my mom -biiiig time- to let me go because i have *sniff* colds and it might rain hard. i have money problems but i'm not really worried on spending too much, i can always have fun with them without minding the budget constraint because admit it or not, gimmick days sorely depends on the money. hahaha but that's not in my case, hardly ever.

news!news! i accepted another offer to beta my fic, hopefully it'll come out nicely because i haven't heard from the one i talked to last time to beta my work. and i don't wanna bother her anymore because i think she's already forgotten about it. last time she said she's already done and she's just searching for the file in her hdisk (but quite honestly i think she lost it). she should be gravely responsible for abandoning that work. hmm...

more so...

i feel rather odd. giddy, over something uncertain. i don't knoooow, i hardly swoon over edward cullen these days so why the fluttery feeling? i feel like i have a crush on someone I CAN'T PIN POINT EXACTLY, this is funny.

soulmate search part II

i was in 2nd year highschool when i first bought the silly superstition about the vox beetle counting. do you remember that? you count 50 beetle cars and you take note the color of the 50th car you find. then whoever asks you about the time wearing the same color is your 'soulmate', per se.

during the first time i did it, the 50th car i saw is color blue and is parked in front of a bungalow somewhere in BF subdivision. i was walking to my friend's house that day. and you know, days after... someone did ask me about the time. and it also happened that this person is wearing blue. can you believe it? it was pretty weird, blue shirt, blue shorts and freakin blue slippers. how could it get anymore credible than that?

it could've been good, already. problem is, that person is a GIRL. whaaaattt?!?!? and we're not really close, though i call her by her nickname because that's how she introduced herself to me. we were schoolmates and she's a batch older than i am. wtf, really. it's silly on my part to expect meeting my soulmate in the most uncompromising environment. in an exclusive catholic school. and with that, i discarded the thought to oblivion, also trying to calm myself because i'm getting paranoid about it. i shouldn't have counted 50 fckn volkswagen beetles like it's the key to my nonexistent love life. i am not a lesbian, huhuhuhuhu.

LOL those were the days, aye? i was so scared of considering the gruesome possibities that i may actually be more attracted to girls than guys, sht that is so abnormal. but honestly, friends, during those years, i really preferred girls. i can still remember my stupid obsession over shane mccrutcheon of 'the L word'. haha, minus points! good thing i went to college. it's all about straightening my hormones, yeah.

but whoever said that your soulmate has to be part of the opposite sex? it's not like you're destined to marry each other. yuck. it's a shame i only realized that now.

and so, i vowed one day to repeat the process. and i did. and earlier this day when we're driving to batangas, i saw the 50th car -- according to my mental tally-sheet which could still prove to be unreliable because when i saw car #51, then #52, 53 and 54.. my brain went berserk!! is my counting right? didn't i miss a number or something? what if car #50 should really be car #51 or #49 [basing on the possible errors i may have committed in counting]

I WOn'T BE ABLE TO FIND MY SOULMAAAATE! why are there so many effin beetles in the philippines?!?! why didn't i just close my eyes and ignore the streets when we've ran past the 50th car?!?! dmmtdmtt

:)even so, i won't reveal the color (or colors, HOMG!) yet hahaha. let 'fate' conspire, or whatever it is that needs to. :D hehehe

oh, i don't even have a watch yet hahaha

PS. i know this (my bragging about looking for a soulmate) is utterly ridiculous. i, myself think so. haha, but because it could prove to be fun and is one heck of a stupid story (which i'm good at narrating), it's always worth a cover.

dear Lord.

still no progress with my systemone account. i'm still 1 unit below the normal student load. and i still have 2 pending subjects on waitlist and i'm #1 on both of them?!?! how come nobody cancels his slot yet?!? fckdmmt! i need I.T. yaaah. that frkn information technology shiz. i need it to get at least 17 units. i'm not counting on the other subject anymore, which is chem32, because i doubt anyone would cancel his slot there. >___>; well if all else fails, then i have to prerog!!! i don't even know how to, dmmt, i have to pay another trip to elbi just for that. >___>;; at least my sister's with me, she has to prerog on a thesis subject even though she already has 18 units. hohoho

heeey, is it just me or i'm actually receiving committee updates from the org? if i'm not mistaken, because their msgs aren't really personalized, i'm part of the financial committee. hay. not that i don't want to. i'm guess i'm too lazy for its demands, however, i remember during our reporting period that i always wanted to be part of the fincom, and now that i'm one... should i feel giddy? >__>;; haha, i don't know. fine, i'm fincom. time to pay my fees. hohoho

honestly though. and i'm sorry if one of my orgmates gets to read this one. now that kat's going on LOA, i don't think i could face the org with much enthusiasm (not that i'm showing enough enthusiasm before). she's like, my best friend, my ever companion. i can't do without her. i don't really have a lot of close friends. canyoubelieveit?!? i'm getting beneath the social ladder with i'm with the org. i'm not very friendly, really. and i hate it that i became batch leader because generally i hate responsibilities that involves working around with people i'm not close to. hahaha, i feel so alien. anyway. i'll just do my part. to hell with my insecurities. just don't don't take away my weekends pretty please!

pretty dull

i'm bored. though i finally have a list of things to do (fix my bed, wash the dishes, cook dinner etc), i'm not in the least bit enthused. our maid just left, she wasn't even here for a month and she left already! how.dare.her.

lol. i'm not even angry, if that's how i should feel. i'm more bored than angry to bother about it. or maybe i should bother myself with it to alleviate the boredom.
sheeesh. i hope my uncle fetches in a new maid before the end of the day. haha, ang spoiled. but really, when i washed the dishes awhile ago i realized how messy she truly is. i can even clean better, though i won't hold it as an enough ground to quit hiring maids. haha sure, there were times i think i scared her (and she told me so). but that's all unintentional, i was just joking hahaha. i'm really nice to her. wtdfck. lol, that's not the ultimate reason why she left naman eh so i don't care. haha. yeah, i don't care. diba, i could just write a single sentence saying our maid left pero i went as far as lengthening it to a paragraph or so. hahahaha.

i wish i could go outside and chill but i don't have money. i want to go to shang tomorrow with my friends but i don't have money haha and who's gonna take care of the house? not that it needs some taking care of but whatebburr.

my sister's kinda mad at me for being the next bride. ohyesiknowwhy, she envies me for 'stealing' her crush. like i care? can't you see, he's probably more than 10 years our senior. though i doubt i looked 10 years younger than he is. wouldn'tgiveadamnreally.

i hate looking older than i actually am. here are some of the instances i ultimately abhor.

  • 1st year higschool - i was 11 by then, and my friend's little brother thought i'm already in COLLEGE

  • 1st year college - i was 16! i'm batch 2006 but people never believe i am, the oldest people mistake me for is batch 2004. whatanunforgivablecomment.

  • just this summer (still in college)- oh remember the PM classes? my only classmate thought i'm already in my 20's when i'm barely 18. whatcanido? he's 28!

  • oh i get this every time - i look older than my sister. but it's okay cos i also act older (and i'm taller too haha), so that's a little compensation. i've come to accept this perception already because, heck, this is something i must live with everyday.

hehehe. XP

watches from mcdo

tita rosita gave us a lot of mcdo freebies! haha, dunno where she got it but she gave 10 watches from mcdo. it was... unexpected, i didn't even know mcdo has them. if it's part of a happy meal, i wasn't aware but it says on the tin case that it's for adults so whatever. at least we have tons of watches, they're digital and they don't have batteries yet. hehe :)

i'm starting to get the hang of Almost Heaven now. :) manly men are so attractive, aren't they? and dmmt, edward! his memory is still so fresh. but i'm doing well with my semi-vow not to read New Moon until i've finished Almost Heaven. hehe, good thing AH is some kind of a good read so i'm enjoying my abstinence for all things Twilight.

bwahahaha, come on Lord! let it be December noooowww!

ate tina's wedding (i'm the next bride! hehehe)

pictures uploaded HERE (for contacts only).

warning: masyadong detalyado. not for the easily bored. *___~;

yesterday we went to ate tina's wedding. hehe, it was fun! probably the most up-close weddings i've attended. :) my mom is one of the principal sponsors and my dad is part of the church ceremony so i'm left with my sister and my cousins to take pictures and document the whole thing. hehe, we weren't really keen on that you know. i even brought a book in case i get bored but luckily, it never happened. it was fuuuun. hahaha, you'll know why. :p

haaaay, it was fun sight-seeing around intramuros. it's my first time there! hehe, the place is so old... i mean, the historical kind of old and it's so pleasant to look at and capture. :D after the wedding, we decided to just walk to the reception hall since it's just behind the cathedral. alright, it was TORTURE. it wasn't far but my feet hurts already. i'm wearing high heels eh, fckdmmit talaga. so in the middle of walking along the sidewalk, i took off my stilletos, carried it and ran to the entrance. whattarelief, pare. it was so hot pa, ang arte ko. pero if you were in shoes (literally), you'd probably do the same thing. it was the most unpleasant thing that happened to me that afternoon.

but sure enough, compensation came. :)

the villa was wonderfuuuuuuul!! hahaha, e ang ganda talaga eeeeh. @___@
so we sat at table 6 and waited for the host to finally announce the start of the reception proper (shempre, it's the FOOOD we're waiting for! haha). but no! after the tamayo waiters did an opening production by dancing the papaya dance (which, btw, looked hot on them lol), the host said that the order of lining up at the buffet table shall be determined by drawing lots. haha, so the first table called was 11 and after that, i was praying already, chanting "siiiiix! siiiiix! siiiiiix!"

and it was granted. XP so we stood up and got our pictures taken with the newly weds and off we go to eaaaat! haha, we ate a lot. i got a plate full of every dish! i asked for beer, i enjoyed the wine at the toasting ceremony, i also had brewed coffee. too much yeah, but honestly, i wasn't able to finish my plate. saaaad. hehe

then it's time to let tradition take place. and because i already spoiled you with the title. i'll start with the bachelors first.

so they got called, some of my cousins we're there along with other guys malamang from the groom's side. they were asked to line up and pass the oversized garter as the music plays. but before doing so, they have to wear it from head to feet before passing it the next guy. when the music stops, whoever possesses the garter at the moment becomes 'the next groom'. i think it's the bestman who won (according to my sister -- crush nya pala hahaha)

now it's our turn. we we're called out ony by one, i came with my sister, my cousins plus a lot more girls. i wasn't feeling nor hoping for the bouquet to miraculously land on my hands especially if they're planning to do the traditional bride-throws-the-bouquet-behind and leave us in a dramatic state of straining our arms to get the glorious title. hehe instead, they did it differently.

we were asked to encircle the bride and get a partner. i went for my sister. the bride is holding the bouquet on her hands with lots of long green ribbons hanging on its end. each pair is to pick one, pull it at the count of 3 and whichever pair gets the ribbon attached to the bouquet advances to the 'final' round. and because of my uncanny ability to pick the right ribbon, my sister and i have to vie for the most coveted title among bachelorettes that afternoon. the 'final' round was the same, now only with 2 ribbons. oh, you know what happened... i picked the one attached to the bouquet so... yun.

hindi ko alam kung dapat akong matuwa, but for the most part i had fun naman. though...

i'm so concious and uncomfortable sitting on that chair with the bestman kneeling before me ready to slide in the garter on my leg. e bakit naman? 1) pangit legs ko, i don't shave, i have lots of scars. lol 2) hindi ako nagpapedicure hahaha, i usually don't naman kasi eh 3) i'm wearing my mom's sandals that moment which is 2 sizes smaller so, ang pangit tingnan diba and lastly 4)I FCKN DON'T WANT THE GARTER TO GO HIGHER THAN MY KNEE.

and there was an option pa, 'by teeth or by hand?' said the host. hehe, i just laughed. i have to be polite eh. haller. shempre by hand. so ok naman. i stood up and left, pero di pa pala tapos lol. may ibang gimick pa. so we were told to face each other and hold hands. ganun din yun bride and groom... then the groom kisses the bride in three places (shoulder, neck, chin). and the guy has to do the same to me. err... ohkaaaay?

so yun. for the spirit of fun, sure sige. like i have any choice diba?
that was the last part of the program. hehehe and we went home. weeeeeh, kakapagod. kakabusog.

congrats ate tina! kuya pete, welcome to the family :)

what to do when i get to los banos

to me elbi means superb internet connection, you can hardly get satisfactory speed here in the metro without ravishing your pocket. :)

not net related:

1. print New Moon
2. if there's still enough money, print Eclipse too.
3. if there's still money, Until You's next in line.
4. try to get a copy of SUTC curriculum
5. get info on application for major
6. die knowing how to prerog!
7. know how much soft binding costs
8. buy dvds, movies! series! whatever.

net related:

1. download Dead Fantasy I and II in low-lefinition wmv
2. download HP 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ebooks.
3. look for a free movie download site and dload HP series and tuck everlasting
4. download Josh Groban albums
5. search mitch albom ebooks
7. achmed in youtube
8. seach mcnaught ebooks

so mainly, i'll be downloading a lot when that time comes and i'll make sure i'll be at primelink... where the net speed is ultra fast and my portable media device gets recognized. however, to accomplish those lists, i have to have like a thousand bucks (esp. for the printing)!

hmm. i'm planning on doing tutorials. random ones. PS7 effects and other things like... how to debug using the command prompt? though i don't think i'd be fluent enough in explaining things, it's worth worth a try. i'm doing it for my own good, because i hate tutorial pages that takes years to load. this blog isn't very much image heavy, yknow. :)

i'm also trying to venture into producing free xml layouts... but i can't figure out how to completely install the template without having the users navigate through their page elements tabs (esp. for the headers). the reason for this is really simple, i don't want additional codes for the header. since blogger can do it, utilize!!!

i'm about to get started on it, you'll see.

ANOTHER THING I'D LIKE TO DO: so i have 2 now, 1)tutorials and 2)xml templates

i want to get started with my fic fckdmt! i have 2 promising plot outlines lingering in my brain. if i have time, or if i decide to finally get my ass to work, i'd type the outlines first then go on a leave, at least i know it's safer in the hard drive rather than in my brain. i have short term memory.

ohyah, it's my cousin's wedding later. :)

why i quit planning for my debut

1) the hassle, pare! even though it's still quite early to plan about it now, i don't want to bother myself with the preparations

2) the cost! the cheapest debut package i saw is 40,000. that's a good deal already, the most expensive debut i attended probably cost more or less 200,000 (excluding the CAR she got on that day). and that 40k worth of debut will be set in aberdeen court's (great eastern hotel) biggest ballroom. my parents are close on pouncing on the deal but i told then, naaaaah, not there... for crying out loud.

3) 18 roses? my guy friends live far far away... and the time of my debut is clipped between our semestral break so most probably my dear guy friends are off in their provinces, chilling. and also, i don't think my guy friends list would reach 18, i don't want some people to think i just called some guys to fill in the empty spots...even though we're not close. in short, i don't have a lot of close guy friends.

4) i'm too shy to take everyone's attention. i'm not used to the limelight. i don't want to be the 'most beautiful' girl, even on my birthday. i don't want to wear an ostentatious gown. i don't want to dance, i'm too clumsy for that. when i'm wearing heels, i can't walk a flat surface without finding something to trip over.

and lastly

5) it's not really what i want for my 18th birthday. i'd rather treat my friends pizza and beer, after all i'm the last one to turn legal in the group. then do a mock debut! i hate being traditional, i want my own 18 shots and 18 pizza slices. hahaha 18 thousand pesos would be utterly great.

but you know, at this point in time, it's really more practical to shove off with a blasted 18th bday experience and just do more charity.

in lieu of presents, you can always give me money instead. hehehe
why don't you take a look at my WISHLIST? hehehe :)

so many great great artists out there!

scouting for inspiration at i've been pretty much enthused to draw more and more! i'm getting into (i mean, fascinated with) abstract patterns and really, uh, idisnahignbliutse sutff. hehe.

we'll be going out later to buy some err, clothes and a gift for my cousin's wedding tomorrow. lemme see, it's just the 3rd wedding i've attended whataloser. and i've never been a participant in any of them. oh, i remember once... i was asked to play the piano at the reception of one of my cousin's weddings. i was around grade 3 or 4 then, i was really reluctant to go upstage and perform. my name is even part of the recemption program proper as 'intermission'.

so what i did, because i'm such a coward i don't wanna disgrace the ocassion with my wobbly hands... i ditched the reception and wandered somewhere in the hotel with one of my younger cousins who is as willing to get out of the place as i am. we sat by the guards, played by the fountain and just waited until we think they've forgotten little miss arianne who's supposed to play the piano for the newly wed.

my parents never brought up the incident afterwards. they must've understand that i'm just a kid, a shy kid, who got lost on her way to the reception hall. that could've been a nice excuse.

so, i have to prepare now.
later, i guess. :)

command geek

whoever said the command prompt is boring? lo and behold, i've just unearthed an important relic from our start menu... *deep voice enter* THE COMMAND PROMPT. at first i thought it's a useless program that's set to bore you to death with it's super dull interface...

until i learned how to use it
(or at least learned some it's functions)

SORRY, THIS IS SO GEEKY: you have been warned.

i can't remember my very first encounter with cprompt because all i ever did was write words, intelligible enough for me, foreign enough to it.

CPrompt is a big snob.
try greeting it a warm HELLO and you'll get a really unsolicited answer, something like..

'HELLO' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

so you drop off with firsthand greetings and type in COMMANDS, as the program name implies...

(pardon my idiocy, i was never courteously acquainted to CPrompt)

try typing in SIT, ROLL, TUMBLE OVER or if you've gone anxious, DIE!
and you'll get the same snarky, frigid automated line.

that's about the time i got to my senses and closed the bastarded program. i never had difficulties learning how programs work. usually they'll have a help button in the toolbar to guide me out of my stupidity once i get in a bad hitch. but CPrompt has none. or maybe i just don't know how to command it into helping me.

but anyway. one day in the dormitory, hana (hello hana!) taught me how to debug a directory. sortoflike identifying viruses without an anti-virus (which doesn't really come in handy, i've lost faith in most av's... they always leave our pc crashing)... it was really simple.

and from then on, interest grew.
in fact, i'm enjoying debugging individual folders manually. heck! like i have something more interesting to do!

w/c reminds me, i hafta read Almost Heaven now! ;)

orange overload!

this layout's dominantly orange :)
i used my most recent artwork as the header and footer (if you'll only scroll further down) and just, edited stuff. :) pretty much the same with the horizontal navbar thingy, i wanna leave it like that and loooki! haha, SUPER THICK BORDER! yeah, i'm making a statement here! SUPER THICK BORDERS ROCK!!! i never thought they'll suit this blog right hehe.

if you've noticed, i hid the blogger navbar. i need the space up there, and it looked like an eyesore to me so i have to get it poof-then-gone. i kinda miss it though. :( hehehe

i can't believe it's already FRIDAY. i'm always one day behind, and i only realized it now, when i checked the calendar. life's running by pretty fast. >___>; whew! keep up!

enlightenment my ass!

i thought i got it all cleared up already.
i never figured it was TOO LATE.

so, i'm not tranferring anymore. damn me and my reckless decisions. it would be painfully hard for me to leave, not because i've grown an attachment to my course (that, i have not achieved yet), but because i want to see how far i can go to change myself and my attitude towards my academics. haaaay.

so yeah, i'll be staying. hopefully, for good. :)

please wish me all the best. ;)

i'm rather out of focus nowadays.
not just nowadays! i see that i've been living the same regretful lifestyle for one and a half years, and i'm afraid it wouldn't be easy to change that.


Title: Remember When It Rained
Summary: How far would Draco go about restraining his vampiric urges on Harry? Vampire!Draco. HPDM.

hehehe, i wanna write it now! hehehe haaaay wish me luck on this one! :)
i love vampires!

now it's beginning to clear up

i want to tranfer schools already. i'm planning on leaving UPLB and transferring to FEU-Fern to start college all over again. :)

my parents are happy with my decision, as much as i am happy about myself finally giving in to pursue what i really desire over taking up a competitive course at the cost of ruining my whole life.

please please, i'm talking to You up there, help me on this.

it is not always that i get enlightened like this.

have you seen that ferrari?

i changed my desktop! hehe, the wallpaper got me drooling you know. it's a ferrari, i'm not sure what exactly but i don't care! i usually don't, as long as it appeals to me, i'm game. :) i don't even care if it looks manly, whoever said girls don't have the right to display cars on their desktop? i'm not car-fancy though (but when get to drive i'd probably get myself a bit savvy)... i'm specifically ferrari-crazed. it started with the logo, then to the lux and racing cars... but mostly, it's still the logo.

oh yeah, it also captures my favorite windows media player skin... :)

i've been listening to Josh Groban's album, Closer, the whole day. it makes me feel aliiiivvveeeee!!

i'm kinda happy too because a lot of people are now noticing and giving me credit for my style of drawing. i personally think it's unique but i haven't got much exposure. :)

anywaaaaaay, to restrain my violent urges to continue reading book two of twilight (because i can't recover from the hang-over), i'm gonna read Almost Heaven by Judith McNaught first. it's unfair how my attention was immediately sweeped over to twilight when i was just starting Almost Heaven. i have to make ammends and give justice to the book. :) it's interesting too, but you know. damn you edward for making me do endless babbles like this. like i have done a serious crime to a BOOK.

blue eyed sun

that's the low resolution scan. i've already uploaded it in my DA account, please check it out here. :)

i did that while waiting for my parents to arrive hehe, cos they need someone to open the gate for them, haaay and they came really late (or early) --- 2 am. hahaha

hope you like it. well, i liked it! hehe :) i'm trying to use my colored gel pens before they dry out of ink! and i found this old scrapbook in the shelf with a lot of unused pages so i tore them off and used them. i'm gonna draw a lot from now on... not that i'm not drawing a lot you know hahaha. :) it's been a while since i updated my gallery! please check out my gallery! thanks!

still for archuleta

even though he lost this season of AI, i know he'll still make it big. like duh? i'm not a fan of AI in general, in fact the first AI episode i watched was last night, the Final 2 showdown. i was just compelled to watch because everyone seems to talk about it, this season has become one of the most popular AIs ever.

anyway, david a. is still young and still has a lot to go! but it hurts me that he only won runner-up when he could've bagged the 1st place, performance-wise. well, there's the votes, what can i do. it somehow struck me hard when i heard he lost because i feel like i can't afford to see him crying! he's seems so delicate and fragile that i would never want to hurt him, even as a fan.

and just like that, i have to accept the fact that cook won. he's got more spunk, yeah, but that hardly turned me on cos to me he seemed too proud of himself. but whatever, congratulations david cook. :)

aw, don't be sad david a., you're still the real winner for me. :)


you know how hard it is to fangirl two fandoms at the same time?
actually, it's not hard. and even if it should be, as long as it makes me happy, it's worth it.

i'm fangirling over Edward Cullen and EunJae*

and because i think i bored you enough about my dear edward already, lemme introduce to you to EunJae. it's actually short for Eun Ho and Jae Joong, both members of TVXQ/DBSK. and you know, just like that, they became my favorite TVXQ love team. they're not an item in reality though, but they grant some fanservice once in a while. by now, i think you should drop questioning my abnormal fancy for male couples, because i have nothing to explain. some people are too dimwitted to understand.

apparently though, i'm not a fan of pic-spamming. i keep my entries word filled for the most part, in fact i know it's boring but i'm too lazy to upload pics because i have a tendency to open photoshop and do some refurbishing, i don't just post pics as is. >___>;

i would love it if i can pay a visit to UPLB right now because i want to check our apartment and get my ebooks printed. i'm restraining the urge to read them from the computer because i want to enjoy them in my hands, as a real book. haaay.

enough for this day.

done with the first book.

sweet. i'm still in a state of hangover. apparently, it's not enough that i finish the first book, specially that i know there're still 2 sequels waiting to be read. 3 days man, if i had a hardcopy of it, i could've finished it in one sitting but because i'm only reading it through pdf, i have to be merciful enough to my eyes. breaks are nice, it reminds me of things i ought to do aside from reading... like for once, take a bath. i always forget my daily routine when im faced with a good book. a romantic one that leaves my inside fluttering of amusement. hay. too bad it's done.

well, not really.

there's still New Moon and Eclipse. rumor also has it that a fourth book will be released soon with the title Breaking Dawn. i can't wait to get my hands on it. uhh, not literally though, now that i know i can save a lot by just downloading it and having it printed here. hehe. i've always been a pirate. owyeh. and it's just recently that such alternative dawned on me so i'm crossing my fingers on it.

now i'm partly convincing myself that i should quit being so dreamy about stuff that i know won't happen (ie. having a vampire as a boyfriend). but there's a good part in there, i always know it won't happen that's why i continue dreaming about it. no risks at all. safe enough for an argument? i'm trying not to let the world hurt me. it's always safe to just fantasize, though i know it won't get me anywhere. but that's the point, it's never safe 'anywhere'. so for the meantime, or for as long as edward cullen is still fresh in my thoughts, i'll stay put.

dmtwtdfck. i can't think straight.
and i'm terribly sorry for bombarding this day with a lot of entries. it's pretty obvious i'm online the whole day. wuhoo.

damn you fic ideas!

josh groban makes an amazing inspiration for tragic fics. i always get inspired with his songs. my last last fic was inspired by his song 'to where you are', well now i'm compelled to write something while digesting the lyrics of Remember When it Rained.

anyway. i can't seem to shut up, ayt? yeah, i figured that one too. i'm getting more and more excited about Twilight!!!

i can't help it. sorry.

never been in love like this

i'm drawing henna designs on my hand again. same stuff... hehe. :) i'm also listening to Josh Groban's album - Closer. i love it! i think i've become more sensitive to songs these days, i try to grasp the lyrics and immerse myself in the pool of emotions it tries to relay to the listeners. if it's foreign, like latin, i reflect on the melody. it always works, i always end up mesmerized. i couldn't get enough of the feeling. especially now that i'm getting inspired to write again.

i'm 60 pages close to finishing my ebook of twilight. and yesterday when i paused to write something, a story perhaps, it was unbelievable how i was able to fill a page without so much as a writer's block. but then, as soon as i got over the incredible influx of words, i stopped writing and resumed reading.

that's how you call it.
and i never thought it could be closely related to love.
i am in love! in love with Edward Cullen's character.

it's really fascinating, the way the book took so much effect on me. i've never been in love with a real guy, or so i thought, but this book made me dream, made me hope for my own edward, regardless of his being a vampire. you see, it's driving me crazy, how i'm giving more consideration into being betrothed to a vampire than a human. i want to feel protected, like Bella. find someone who gathers all his willpower to restrain himself from unleashing his own monster in front of the girl he loves. isn't that romantic and utterly dramatic? could end up traggic too, oh no.

i knew it. it's always more pleasant to read romance novels because it plays so much on the most coveted human emotion.

owdammit. i don't know what'll happen to me after finishing Twilight.
after finishing New Moon.
after finishing Eclipse.

that's not gonna last me till December in time for the Twilight movie premiere!
i can't imagine my life then.

oh, i almost forgot... there'll always be schoolwork to keep me busy.

hello edward

hala, mahal ko na yata sya.
sorry. i can't keep my mouth shut on this one. it is the first time, after assessing myself, that i actually professed my love for a guy with such sincerity. i promise, i think i'm really in love. after this paragraph, you'd probably laugh at me and say i'm ridiculous. i won't deny that hehehe. after all, didn't i say the exact words to Harry Potter? but seriously, this one's more intense.

i'm sure this isn't the first time i fell for a fictitious character. in fact, i think i'm more inclined to love novel heroes than 'real' guys. T___T; this is so pathetic but jeez, i can't keep my mouth shut diba...

edward cullen.
that bastard, he's driving me crazy. the book is so romantic, i'm close to worshipping stephanie meyer and putting up a shrine for her.

i am so drawn to his character, as i'm sure many girls are. and quite honestly, after reading the first chapter, i think i prefer to marry a vampire over a human. they're more loyal, especially if they've found their soulmates. and i admire their protectiveness over their partner. it's like once they've found that someone, an additional sense will be added to their systems which reacts only to that person.

ang sakit na ng mata ko pero dahil suko na ko sa paghahanap ng libro, dinownload ko na lang. hahaha in fact, ayoko na bumili na libro. mamimirata na lang ako.

books are free all over the net! so pwede ko na lang silang idownload at ipaprint! like twilight sa 260 pages...piso per page lang naman eh, tapos kung 2 pages per sheet pa, edi half the price lang. soft bind mo pa, mura lang naman. hahaha ang sakit na talaga ng mata ko pero keri lang kasi in love nga ako diba.

people who make the most sense to me

this isn't supposed to be a flattering entry because i'm going to describe people whom i know personally, along with some celebrities (oh, it's just 1 lang pala hehe) whom i think fits in the title.

before that, i just want to let out this slightly unnerving, not to mention -petty, little thing i decided to dwell upon for minutes. we have this catholic calendar and it's only now that i noticed that every day is marked with feast days of different saints... there's the whole lent season for march, st. martin de porres for the 3rd of november, st. ronald murialdo for today, and the holy trinity for yesterday. i didn't really think there are enough saints to fill the whole year with feast days. but then when i checked birthday, for the vanity of it, it only said 33rd Sunday Ordinary time. ordinary time, i sighed. my 18th birthday, according to the roman catholic calendar marks just an ordinary time. or maybe i don't know what 'ordinary time' meant? apart for the impression it gives me that it's just your ordinary 'ordinary time'... i couldn't think of anything else to alleviate the jadedness of it.

and now on to the people who make the most sense to me

i could thoroughly judge if a book made enough sense to me but i can't always relay that information and judge the author by that as well. but you see, Neil Gaiman is something.

maybe he struck me with his humor and unintended puns in writing, but for the most part... his explanations of things, mostly random, just made a lot of sense. it's like when he explains it, 'aaaah, i didn't know such simple explanation could go without any loopholes'.

i seek for people who make a habit of not complicating things. because biased as i may sound, they're always the best people to open up to. people who would interrogate you with the simplest questions and draw interpretations that strikes straight to home. they are good listeners, at the same time gives sensible advices. these people are more logical than analytical, i've gathered. and even though being analytical saves you more time in school, it doesn't save you from life much more than it did for your grades.

well you know, my standards are not well structured as i only base it from the way i spend time with them to just TALK. and you know what i've found?

A LOT OF PEOPLE ACTUALLY MAKE SENSE. and it's surprising me.

well, i have this friend whom i became really close to when we were in junior high. to me she's one of those people who makes a looooot of sense (sorry! i can't rephrase it well enough to sustain meaning). i enjoyed talking to her back then (not that it changed yknow), we have so many ideas, and i can openly talk to her about anything under the sun, even if it's weird. i feel like she'd become a good psychologist because she's quite observant too. in fact, she likes to observe! and i think that's one of the things that broadends her image of life.

there's another person too, she's a batch older than i am but we became quite close during my sophomore year in highschool, we also became clubmates for 2 years. many times we would just sit on the benches at the parking lot waiting for our fetches and just talk... be anime freaks, discuss about fics, and delve further into trivial things about life.

i wonder. i love talking with people who are very open about life and it's complex simplicity. it's meant to be an oxymoron, but i find balance in such words. and i also figured that the reason why i consider these people as such is because at some point, we actually share the same brainwaves.

so to soothe myself because i'm about to close my mind into thinking that the only people who make sense to me are those people i've talked to about deep matters... i imagine myself talking to some people whom i'm not realy close to. i image myself talking to a certain batchmate who is always bubbly and funny, talking about problematic stuff and petty things. and in that scene that i made up, i realized it's not hard to draw her into talking seriously, and quite simply too (given that they're not too proud about themselves). in fact, most of the people i imagined actually makes 'sense' naman pala.

but there are some that doesn't, no matter how hard i try to keep things at pace.

sometimes, i just don't understand myself. maybe i'm thinking too fast for my hands? but that's the purpose of a blog, it's not exactly your space in the web where you can freely let everything out. it happens to me most of the time, that i try to condense my thoughts, even though i practically mention everything i do here, because my mind's just too fast for my typing hands... it results to me just sort of clustering things up in a single notion. it's not healthy to give everything away, anyway. but i still blog a lot and do tremendously long entries. i doubt if i have a regular reader who can actually keep up with the frequency of my reports. in fact, i am searching for that sole -yeah, even just 1- reader who visits my blog regularly... i have my ways, i'm tabulating the datas already :) --aaaah, i'm always in a constant need to flatter myself.

hello. sense. where are you. i'm confused.
i think i'm better off called the mistress of incoherency.

what a brutal enlistment procedure

probably the mainstream statement of elbizens for this week (could be a hundred times worse under an exeptionally creative mind). i never really had problems with online enlistment before, i was always given enough units for the sem but this time i guess luck was lagging behind, or maybe i am lagging behind luck. the 08s are so effin lucky. they got full load! all of them! yeah, but it serves them right anyway. hahaha

i only got 5 units on my preliminary schedule. good thing they loaded my recommended courses with aceptable subjects. i just love variety. oh, thank you Lord, i have enlisted another subject. yehey. 8 units now!

i just have to hate those people who got full load this sem. what are they, s1 favorites? people who have large political ties with the geek working behind s1's seemingly stupid algorithms? i'm not supposed to bash the person you know, but i guess my raging nerves permit me to act really childish on this matter.

i guess their reason behind making things brutally impossible for us is they want us to value our frkn schedules, our subjects, our courses, and of course our tuition fees. i will now, thankyouverymuch.

plus, i'm #1 on all the subjects i waitlisted to! yehey! well, it's not worth a celebration but i'm happy. really happy. and the most credit goes to...

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer.
now i want my own vampire, my own Edward Cullen ♥

ifex @ smx (MoA)

quite an eventful day. hehehe. we went to church this morning and headed to mall of asia after to witness the IFEX (international food exhibition). actually, we were just invited by one of mom's friends, who happen to be a retail exhibitor there with the stall name 'Pamana Ni Ka Mila'. they manufacture nipa food products and other organic supplements as well and my mom is so cheerful about it because she loves anything 'organic'. hehehe, they own a 6 hectare nipa plantation in bulacan which is so cool because they offer educational tours for free and man, i am just so intrigued on how they process such products! they even have a thesis about it made by thomasian graduates and dmmt, it was my first time to actually read a thesis book... because i never really thought i had to. and i felt happy because finally! i'm building interest with stuff related to my course. hahaha

however, the exhibition isn't free. you have to pay 100 php to register (pero sulit parin, if ever!). luckily though, mom's friend (mrs. enriquez i guess) gave (well, lent) us free passes! hehehe they were exhibitor passes though and we only utilized it for a while cos we have to return it to the 'legitimate' exhibitors. hehe

pero ang saya! the hall is sooo big and there were hundreds of exhibitors! the best part was actually the loads of FREE TASTES that we got! lol. mga patay gutom nga naman! as in, waaaaaah! ang daming foooooood! sa sobrang dami, busog na busog na kami ni terai! haha bitin pa nga e... (ok, so nag-tagalog na ko!) i had 2 cups of free coffee, lots of candies, biscuits, sardinas, bacon, tuna sandwich, sansrival, banana chips, boy bawang, fita, cubee, ahahahahaha define! my favorite though was the brazilian 3in1 coffee... grabeng langit ito.

but then, our parents called us na. they need the passes na kasi so my sister and i reluctantly made our way to their stall. awww... ang sad, and we couldn't roam around without a pass becauase there are men in barongs with walkie talkies checking up on people without passes and shoving them out of the hall. huhuhu... but anyway, we got by with a lot of sneaking. gosh, pati CR kailangan lagyan ng strategy because may guard! haynaku talaga we were so tensed, and we had to avoid a lot of places for the fear of being caught. nakaka-nerbyos, having to walk around like that and turn to your heel at the sight of a guy in white with one black earphone on connected to a wakie talkie clipped at his belt. grabe, parang ewan lang. hahaha

so yun. masaya naman. nakakapagod! haha

we tried to find the book twilight by stephanie meyer sa nat'l bookstore, fully booked and powerbooks pero wala kaming nakita. huhuhu. dibale, pa print ko lang sa elbi at ipa soft bind... mas mura pa! hahaha :)



watch the official teaser trailer HERE

terai says it's nice. yeah, i guess so, i appreciate anything that has vampires struggling under human emotions in it. so you see, it pictures the usual vampire clique i often see in fanfics (i feel like all the possible movie plots have already been writen as fics), a vampire falling in love with the human.

one of the things that (majorly) caught me in it is the participation of Robert Pattinson as lead male character. if it sounds familiar, he actually played Cedric Diggory in the 4th movie installment of Harry Potter.

there you go. feast your eyes on him. not much promotional pics right now because the movie's still a good 7 months till its premiere, and who knows when it's going to be aired in the Philippines? if i'm not mistaken it's going to be aired at the same season as our metro manila film festival so that's gonna suck. T___T; promised date is december 18th, but given OUR circumstance, i guess i could wait no longer that january 2009. better be good or else.

coach bruno texted me awhile ago... about Good Omens. i'm actually thankful he texted, at least i felt this obligatory sense to finish the book already. it's been months since he lent the book to me and what can i say, i was amused by it really but it's not entirely something that goot me hooked. i just love the ways it's written. so finally, after finishing the remaining 30 pages or so (imagine, 30 pages na lang di ko pa tinapos! haha), i finally finished the book. aaah, finally. at least i can say his efforts in sharing it to me wasn't put in vain. :)

i also finished watching the dvd of Lovers! mymymy, the ending was a cliffhanger!! well it pretty concluded well naman, it's just that maybe i'm looking for more surprises?

h'bout a sequel? starring Lee Han (Jared's* sidekick) and his 'girlfriend' (Jackie's* sidekick as well)???? that'd sound cool, especially that i think that pair is cuter and funnier. :) and they can call it 'I Married a Gangster' or something... nicer... hehehe


* - sorry, i'm calling them by their english names since that's how they dubbed it here in the philippines. Jared's the lead guy, Jackie's the lead girl. :)

bringing back the new freshman scent

i checked the empty bottle of my very first college perfume, white musk from body shop. i remember searching for that musky smell ever since larz introduced it to me back in 2nd yr highschool, and it's only two years ago that i was able to find it. i shelled out like, 1300 bucks just to get that enthralling scent! it's my favorite scent! and now, i want to bring it back. perhaps purchase the cologne version hehe at least it's slightly cheaper than the frkn eu de toilet. :) grabe, i reminisced a lot when the scent coursed through my nerves. hahaha

i wanna bring back my NF (new freshman) days because it's probably the most decent among the 3 semesters i stayed in the university. :)
so yeah, haha gotta earn money for that. >____>;;

hekhekhek! LOVERS!!!! haha kinikilig na ako!! wahaha, ok... gwapo na si Jared sa paningin ko! at lalong gumwapo si Christian nung nakikipagsuntukan na sha hahahaha :D ang astig talaga ng mga lalaking marunong makiramble... at nananalo! hahaha

HPDM forever ♥

you can't stop me with this! i just finished reading an in-progress fic from ffnet (which hasn't been updated since 2004 - pretty much like mine! haha) and i'm really touched. hahahaha i just came across it accidentally because a reader dropped me a review saying that one of my fics sounds like another fic by this certain author. and so i went to the page of the author and saw that, bloody indeed, we almost have the same summary. T___T;

i couldn't have taken into account what she's not-accusing me of, but i'm not guilty whatsoever. the similarities may be there, but i didn't copy it. i swear. :) so anyway, that author was great, all of her fics are great. the one someone thought i copied has garnered 1,000+ reviews for 11 chapters already! and mine's only got 200 reviews for 11 chaps (the last one being a thank you chapter). she's really really great, so i was compelled to see her fics, one of which is a dazzling (but a frkn cliffhanger) tale of Harry being a journalist who wants to get a scoop from Malfoy. :)

it's been months since i decided i would read fics. most of the compositions i see now lack 'something'.. yknow, some factor i've included in my own standards of fanfics worth-reading. and i'm quite disappointed i had to go through the archives to get a good one. >____>;

i wanna write, but i want to make sure my grammar is fixed before i go publishing crapwork. it always boils down to my inadequate knowledge of grammar. wtf. and if i wanted to write for real, like burn my ass over unupdated fics, i should have a LAPTOP already! and a lot of free time, coffee and good grades to compensate.

but since i haven't got any of those. imma stick to fixin my friggin life instead and act like a 'student', for once.

HAPPY 1,000th ENTRY TO ME!!!

wow! imagine! i've made a thousand entries already! mygaaaah, i could turn this into a book na! there's enough stories told anyway. wahahaha

i'm really happy this day.
not because of this entry but because of something else. ♥ my crush texted me! so it's still valid, you know, after all... i thought i'm done crushing over him when scool ended but then, when i checked my phone awhile ago and saw his name on my inbox... my heart leapt instantly! parang pinagtaksilan ako ng puso ko, hahaha ang utak nga naman o, might outwit you for a while pero given the right stimuli, the heart will prevail parin (wth am i talking about!). grabe, i'm learning a lot ha. ang dami pa lang totoo sa mga clique! lol

grabe! define instant! pangalan pa lang nya yun ha, haven't read the message yet. i'ver never felt my heart thump like that in months, lol. just to see his name in my inbox is already enough cos i know the message isn't personal anyway. pero alam nyo yun? it's something that doesn't happen everyday! really unexpected. and i sort of lost my composure pa, gosh, took me a few minutes to recover. hindi ako maka-concentrate sa pinapanuod ko (dvd of Lovers). omaygaaa....hahaha

i cherish unexpected messages from unexpected people a lot. kaya kayo rin! when i send you messages (refers to people in my phonebook), cherish it! especially quotes cos i never go unli just to send quotes... usually when a message cracks me up, i forward it to only a few people (para hindi sayang, ako lang tumawa eh haha)... and i don't have distribution lists pa so special talaga! i pick my receipients one by one! the hassle, pare! kaya nga i hardly forward anything hahahaha.

siguro when i change my phone, i'll utilize the distribution lists feature to the max! e kasi naman, it's so hard to pick people one by one! and i don't have that feature (like in nokia) na when you type the name in the phonebook, the contact will appear! ako, todo scroll! super hirap pa kasi when i want to send to ate ganito, i have to go through a lot of ate's (mga sis) haha, same goes when i want to send something to kuya ganito, ang dami ring kuya (mga brods naman). haay ewan.

ok, so napapalayo nanaman ako.
wala naman talagang topic eh. hahaha

oo nga naman...

last night was so enlightening. the three of us (mommy-daddy-me, terai's at elbi) did a short bible study. ok, read read, pray pray, history 101... blahblahblah...then i sort of opened up to them about not having a peace of mind. i asked them if they do, and they said yes and i was surprised because everything seems to be going wayward and yet they can sleep peacefully at night. the opposite goes for me though, they were surprised to know that i'm actually not at peace even though my face tells otherwise. i told them that everytime i go to sleep, i feel depressed... sad, drained of all hopes that would uplift my mood... and it all boils down to my course.

ohmygaaaah! supposedly magt-third-year na ko, but i'm still prying my way to sophomore year. i've already spent (or wasted) one and a half years in college not knowing what i really like... blinded by the options of transferring and taking fine arts instead but never really got my hands on it.

kaya naman i want to make sure i won't change my mind when first sem comes. it's hard to accept things you thought was not in God's will. kasi everytime i feel bad, i refer to the quote which says something like 'no matter how hard your decision is for the day, as long as you can sleep well at night, you did the right choice...' ganun. so i thought, since i was feeling so down about pursuing my course, then maybe this isn't the right one for me. this isn't God's will, per se.

but last night, i realized something really important.... and it's that, God's will doesn't always have to feel good. whatever happens to your life is God's will. whether you think otherwise. the problem is, everything has been happening in accordance to his 'plan' but human nature always gets in the way of thinking we know better than to stick to his ways. that's why we tend to think 'this isn't right', because we do not accept what God has laid down for us.

iniisip ko nga, if i was right all this time about Fine Arts being God's will, then why isn't it happening? why am i still here? of all the options laid down, why do i still refrain from moving out?

e kasi nga, perhaps...this is where God wants me to be and i didn't accept it first hand because my mind speaks of other things, kaya ako nahihirapan. life is a matter of choice and acceptance, whatever i chose, i have to accept... if not, then i'll end up blaming myself for thinking that i did the wrong choice but the truth is, hardly anyone makes the wrong choice... they just lack acceptance to whatever their hearts tell them. accidents are part of God's will, it's not a choice but it's bound to happen anyway. people who refuse to accept the tragedy eventually ruins his life blaming everyone else, those who accept get the privilege of learning and growing up. something that doesn't happen everyday.

you know, i read something insightful in Good Omens. in the end there's going to be a war and the point is not to avoid it from happening, but to win it.

came from an angel himself...
oh yeah, that's a good one.

sinong lasing?

karlitaaaaaa!!! i can't believe you posted it on youtube! anyway, she can do whatever she wants with it! it's her cam, it's her vid... it's our 'walang tulugang' slumber party home vid!!! hahahaha


i guess michi's the one who's really drunk. i mean, everything's a joke. who gets drunk with a vodka? it's a freakin ladies' drink haha! nobody gets drunk with it, i've never been drunk with it (nor with anything else). it's a funny funny vid that only a few people could get. obviously those who know us. ahahaha

i won't share the link! bwahaha


which means i have to do the 'house chores'.
man, i hate being told about to clean and wash the dishes... grrr. i hate maidwork. but actually, there's a fulfiliing part once i get my hands over it, something like... i wanna do good to impress my parents and show them i can get married already and be a good wife to my husband and a good mother to my kids.

you know, that junk.

but then, i'm enjoying washing the dishes, wiping the table, throwing the trash outside... it's just that i enjoy it more when i'm not being told. but apparently, i haven't still fully 'nurtured' that motherly instinct (or housewife initiative) that mom's been meaning to pass as an heirloom.


haaaay, after all. i think imma stick to blogger forever. ♥

yeah, after aaaaaaall the blsht i went through befriending WP, it's still being hostile. i'm no beginner when it comes to blogging (tho something's telling me that 4 years with almost no traffic at all is not impressive), i've learned enough html/css/xml to last me until now!

so maybe, i'm too stupid, too below average for wordpress. the thing is, i'm trying to slam everything this blog has to my WP account immediately without familiarizing myself enough with its nooks and crannies first. i have no patience to learn the basics of WP because i have this air of arrogance in me that wants to uphold my being an advanced user in blogger. but they're not the same... definitely, and it'll probably take time for me to fully utilize it's super functions.

dmmt i want those plugins! yun lang yun eh! and the static pages too! oh it's so ugly looking at my links and archives pages with the date stamp on it! it looks like a big excuse to get a static page.



what the geek!

i'm having a hard time starting at wordpress... i'm slightly experimenting you know, in the process downloading the wordpress 2.5 platform... there's an instructions guide alright but wdh it's not exactly proving to be an easy job! i'm locating the CSS editor in hopes of landing on familiar territory but what it see is a useless field of information. i'm having a hard time really, but i'm still keen on getting my hook on this.

what's the downloadable platform for anyway?
the only thing i want to do is to CUSTOMIZE my template similar to this blog's current design so that i can finally MOVE.

contemplating on the switch (a biased wordpress vs. blogger entry)

i've made an account in wordpress yet again with the same username. i'll leave it there for keeps though i haven't planned on blogging in it... what's pulling me back from making the switch is the fact that i have to ADJUST a lot. i heard there's no WYSWYG editor in wordpress? and i'm very keen on updating my layout, above everything else. and wait, i have this feeling that wordpress is for more decent writers... which makes me want to stick with blogger more because i'm really informal, most of the time.

what more, i'm speaking out of bias of course since i haven't really tried wordpress for real... on the other hand, i'm learning from the lots of blogger vs. wordpress articles i've gathered from the search engine too, so i'm really contemplating hard.

i've grown an 'attachment' to this blog already. imagine, i've been lurking here, pouring my life out for almost 4 years and mind you...I'M A REGULAR UPDATER! though if you care to notice i went on a 2 month hiatus years back just to see if i can actually contain myself from excessive blogging.

wordpress is for geeks, i've gathered. blogger is best for beginnners. yeah. and you know, blogger is just so big being tied-up with google so its management is sure to be imposing helpful changes with a tick from its users. feature-wise blogger has been trying its best to provide the blog necessities though i feel it's catering more to Personal blogs than those with Professional articles (which i deem more fit to find a decent repose at wordpress). well, hmmm... wordpress on the hand has an impressive list of plug-ins that i could hardly see in blogger!!! i want blogger to adopt that, really. another thing i want blogger to have that wp has, static pages! to make blogs look more professional and hosted-like.

if you've notices, i had my own attempt of making static pages for my archives/links/about me though quite honestly, they're just backdated entries.

overall, blogger is more customizeable because of it's WYSWYG editor though the problem here is that it gives users too much freedom that they start to overlook their HTML already and just gets free layouts from unsecure sites with ugly coding! i'm sorry, generally blogger leaves it on the part of the user to decide on having an ugly layout (most common with young users). on the other hand, i've never seen an ugly wordpress blog. though template editing is limited only to premade layouts, at least it's asure-shot clean and validated one. wordpress acquired a reputation on it already, you know.

but whatever. i just thought of switching because i think blogger is too crowded already...

but then you know... i might not be able to move on after all.

fangirling also has its good side

err.. meet Kim Jae Joong, whom i prefer to call Hero for comfort. hehe he's the one i've been fangirling much about these past few days... well, since friday night, that is. :)

currently listening to: Balloons - DBSK
i swear, when i get to elbi, i'll download the MV of that song and copy the choreography. wahahahah come on, i can't dance but whatever. i'll do it for Hero. lol

more so, i've been eyeing this cutie from Lovers (korean drama)... he plays as Christian, Jared's loyal side-kick. he's a gangster there, but he doesn't look like one... in fact he's the most good-looking bloke among the goons... yeah, include Jared here. though you know, i'm starting to appreciate Jared's charm for being a soft-hearted gangster-bastard, his tough demeanor in the series clearly compensates for his lack of first-glance-good-looks. :)

but i'm still for Christian you know. hehe

yeah. that's more like it ♥

PS: i practically went WEH?! when i read that Lee Han has a GAY movie called No Regret (2006) where he starred as a gay guy hitting on a gay prostitute.

i think i should watch it. lol

nice dreams, pare!

i've been having good dreams lately. with good dreams, i mean hindi sha nightmare hehe. haha usually mga crush ko... dati. i wonder what it means... the latest dream na naaalala ko is yung kanina lang...

i dreamt of my groupmate in phys 3. actually, di ko crush yun pero cute yun. haha fratman... grabe puro fratman crush ko. in my dream, i was supposed to deliver him some clothes, ewan ko hiniram ko ata or something tapos... ewan parang tondo yung place puro adik. tapos when i saw him on the road, sabi wag na ko tumuloy then hinatid nya ko someplace faaaar. yun pala... may FRAT WAR!!! ayos, i've been meaning to witness such event, di ko alam na hanggang panaginip na lang yun hehehe. basta ganun... kung tutuusin wala naman talagang nice dun sa dream, ok lang sya. i think i read something like sigma phi... siguro yun ung kalaban nila kasi ep chi sha. edi, nakigera sha, di na ko nagalala... nakita ko rin si bart... in fairness fratman din sha sa panaginip ko bat ganun... the last thing i saw was nagcocommunity service ang mga lintik na gangster. haha mukang nahuli... by then, hinanahap ko parin yung grupm8 ko... di ko pa nabibigay yung damit haha. whatever diba? weird dream. as all dreams are, anyway.

kailangan lang talaga eh...

akala ko ok na...
pero bakit minsan bigla na lang akong madedepress?

sabi ko nga magbabago na ko eh, magaaral na ko ng mabuti, gagamitin ko lahat ng natutunan ko this summer for the benefit of my acads. ayoko mapahiya. i always thought, a change of attitude will fix things. pero minsan, nawawalan ako ng kompyansa sa sarili...

with matters like this, i hardly consult anyone... mainly because, sinong kakausapin ko? the only person whom i know i can talk to will go LOA this first sem... and the other person na nakikitaan ko ng potential na maging good confidante ko... mejo ilang ako. ilang beses ko na rin kasing nireject ang mga coffee invites nya. pero seryoso, minsan magisa ko na lang sinosort out ung feelings ko. well, there's God shempre... sha lang naman pwede ko kausapin when i feel so alone pero diba... i need company parin.

namimiss ko yung mga naging close ko nung mga nakaraang sem, si chav, si leonard... haaay. i want to relive old friendships. >___>;;

yun nga, i feel bad. sa tuwing naiisip ko na magbabago na ko, ginaganahan ko... na-eexcite ako. pero before i go to sleep, bigla na lang mags-sink yung feeling ko, bigla ko na lang maiisip na wala talaga sa palad ako ang pagiging chem. eng'r, kung baga lalo lang akong maf-frustrate. tapos pag naiimagine ko ang buhay Fine Arts, napupuno lang ako ng pagsisisi. tapos nalaman ko pa na ang dream course ko pala talaga ay yun at ang gusto kong major ay Industrial Design. either that or comsci, pero right now there's no hope. kelangan ng mataas na grades para lumipat...

too bad hindi ko alam na dapat pinagbutihan ko nung una pa.

nakakalungkot! ano ba yan..
tapos di pa ko tapos sa Good Omens! gusto ko na basahin yung Almost Heaven.
Lord, ang lungkot ko talaga... :(

happy mother's day! ♥


haaay. i'm really tired you know. our slumber party exhausted me, plus i got this super bad cough and dry throat, it's killing me! can't sleep well.

i'm fantasizing about Hero. but quite honestly, he's too thin. hehe

- this morning we went to church
- lunch at yoshi
- went home
- slept
- had a really good dream*
- woke up for dinner
- now i'm here...

i dreamt of my crush (yung last sem). haha, can't remember the story really. actually, i dreamt a lot pagod pa ko eh... and they're all nice because they're romantic haha but i can't remember anything... yung crush ko lang naalala ko kasi sha lang kilala ko personally. hehe is that something good?

while in yoshi pala i thought i saw him (referring to crush), kasi parehas na parehas yung built nila... though i dismissed all hopes when i saw the guy with a cute little girl whom i figured was his child... and when i saw his face, hindi naman eh. siguro namiss ko lang sya. hehehe

gusto ko ng cake pero damn, i'm super fat na eh.

HEROOOO!!! ♥ ♥

my HERO!

it has been a great day! thanks karlita,michi,larz and lau for coming! hahaha i owe you a lot for introducing TVXQ to me. well, most of the credit actually goes for introducing me to *drumroll please* MY HERO ~ Jae Joong. XD well, there goes a fangirl squeal. XDDDDD

(uhh, no pictures for now. too tired...T__T hehe soon on my multiply na lang)

oh, another OTP has been made HEROxMAX! hahaha

here's what happened, so 4 of my friends came, but only two went overnight (karlita & michi). hahahaaaay. we ate, watched My Boss My Hero (which is a very hilarious japenese series. oh! another pairing - MAKIOxSAKURA-something [both guys hehe]), then watched lots of TVXQ stuff (MVs, short films, concert tours, variety shows etc.)

man, you wouldn't know how hard i 'fell' for these guys... well, Hero is my favorite guy... followed by Max (after all, they're my new found OTP). i feel different. it's like those days when i fantasize about Mike He coming to a special mall tour here in the Philippines to meet and greet his fans. i dream of getting acquainted to him in a memorable way that he'd want to marry me and bring me to Taiwan! crazy, really. but i'm starting to feel that way again.

like in 2nd year highschool, i was so 'in love' with Tony Sun of 5566 that i didn't attend our Soph's Night just to be there in his mall tour! yeah, they actually came to the Philippines and i was like, OMG!!! THIS IS MY CHANCE TO SEE HIM FOR REAAAALL!!!and i did! though we weren't personally acquainted with each other and not any of my dreamy tales came true, i was able to get him authograph naman! and pictures too! it was crazy, really.

like, we hold GAs for real! i got my own ID and T-Shirt and Pin and gosh, i was so excited back then and proud too! like,

'HEEEEEY! i'm a member of the oficial 5566 fansclub in the phils, and we are backed-up by Regent and Universal Records!' hahaha those were the days.

i've grown enough to realize that celebrity crushes don't last. no matter how hard you believe it's going to and that fate has its ways of intertwining your reluctant paths.

hahaha, anyway. i'm getting off track. lol

oh yeah, we drank too! karlita brought these super nice vodka cruisers with equally super nice flavors!! honestly (and you've got to believe me on this), i wasn't drunk!
i've never been drunk, i'm just normally that way. diba? lalo na pag barkada shempre. hahaha


FYI: i'm really bad at saying directions verbally (promise, this is not an excuse). i have problems distinguishing my left from my right hand. larz, i'm so sorry for your parents. i hope they didn't think i'm a bad influence to you and that we should quit seeing each other. huhuhu

woooooh! the next morning...breakfast breakfast, watch watch, padeliver sa McDo, watch Rob-B-Hood (which is a really nice movie that got me flooding my shirt with tears hehe)... and finally. hehe

after everyone has gone...
eto, net. hahaha

busy day!

no one's home xept for me and our maid!

is it good?
because my friends are coming over to waste themselves with food, foreign stuff and alcohol... that's definitely good!

but to be left here alone to answer all phone calls, receive all fax mails and text my mom about this and that... man, i'm tired! the phone is like a good ten meters away from the laptop which i'm on... and,and,and...

karla's coming over na! yey! hahaha

change of blog address...

i wanna change my blog address. T___T; melodia04 is more of a username than a blog address. i want something that works as both. and besides, i've used that name for years, and it's so tied up with my real name. hehe

i like my blog title as it is. it came from a beetles's song actually, i don't remember. i first encountered it when i was so curious about backmasked songs. i found this website which features a couple of songs with part of their lyrics revealing subliminal messages when backmasked... one of these is a beetles song and part of the lyrics were, 'indistinguishable gibberish'... if i recall correctly the bmasked message was 'paul (referring to mccartney) is a dead man. miss him,miss him,miss him.'

but then, if i change my address... would that mean a new blog for me? ohyes. and i've grown so much fond of this blog because of... of the ARCHVIES!!! hahaha i've been here for tooo long. haaay

MY FRIENDS ARE COMING OVER LATER!! i'm sorry i wasn't able to invite everyone, it's supposed to be a bonding activity for the four of us (michi,karlita,larz and i) but i gathered... the more the merrier! i hope laura would come!!!! i miss them so much!

super long questionnaire ahead

got this from erika's devart journal... :)
bored? yeah... i'm waiting for Lover's too. hehehe

-----------• × • A L L | A B O U T | M E • × •--------------

- Name: arianne
- Single or taken: single
- Sex: female
- Birthday: nov 16
- Sign: scorpio
- Hair color: black
- Eye color: dark brown
- Height: 5'3"
- Are you straight/bisexual/gay?: straight

-----------• × • F A S H I O N | S T U F F • × •--------------

- Favourite place to shop for clothes?: anywhere nice and affordable. it doesn't really matter as long as i have money
- Favorite designer?: none
- What is your sexiest outfit?: a swimsuit?
- What is your most comfortable outfit?: shirt and shorts
- What do you usually wear?: shirt and shorts

--------------• × • S P E C I F I C S • × • -------------------

- What kind of shampoo do you use?: it varies, but now i use sunsilk... the blue one cos i don't have to use a conditioner for it hehehe
- What are you listening to right now?: nothing really
- Who is the last person that called you?: mom
- How many buddies are online right now?: i'm offline

-------------• × • F A V O R I T E S • × •-----------------

- Food: japanese, italian...
- Girls names: Adrianne, Alessandra
- Boys names: Adrian (hehe), Christian
- Subjects in school: PE? haha math (if i can handle it)
- Animals: horses! dolphins! penguins!

----------------• × • H A V E | Y O U | E V E R • × •-------------

- Given anyone a bath?: my sister and i used to bathe together
- Smoked?: D: tried but never got the hook
- Bungee jumped?: would love to
- Made yourself throw up?: uhh, yeah
- Skinny dipped?: nope
- Ever been in love?: i never knew it was
- Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: not yet
- Pictured your crush naked?: hmm..
- Actually seen your crush naked?:
- Cried when someone died?: hmm... not yet
- Lied: duh
- Fallen for your best friend?: nope
- Rejected someone?: no one has turned himself over yet haha
- Used someone?: no..?
- Done something you regret?: sometimes

------------• × • C U R R E N T • × •--------------

- Clothes: sleeveles shirt, shorts
- Desktop picture: Peace wallpaper
- CD in player: none
- DVD in player: none

----------------• × • L A S T | P E R S O N • × •----------------------

- You touched: daddy
- Hugged: daddy
- You IMed: michi
- Talk to online: kuya noreens
- Sex it up with: what?

---------------• × • A R E | Y O U • × •---------------------

- Understanding: i'd like to think i am
- Open-minded: yeah but my mouth's shut most of the time people are not given the chance to rack my brack
- Arrogant: i don't think so
- Insecure?: sometimes
- Random?: estrel's cake!
- Hungry: nope
- Smart: i would like to believe so
- Moody: no
- Organized: sometimes hehe
- Shy: yup
- Difficult: not really, depends.
- Bored easily: i find things to do...
- Obsessed: oh yeah. i get easily obsessed with my crushes that i actually stalk them hahaha
- Angry: nope
- Sad: nope
- Happy: yes
- Hyper: no
- Trusting: not really

---------• × • W H O | D O | Y O U | W A N N A • × •--------

- Kill?: none yet
- Slap?: myself for being so stupid and wasting 1 and a half years filling my TCg with 5s?! gddmmt!
- Get really wasted with?: friends!
- Get high with: friends still!
- Talk to offline: a sensible friend
- Talk to online: i don't really want to talk online
- Sex it up with: wtdhl

------------------• × • R A N D O M • × •---------------------

- In the morning I: wake up
- Love is: just another relative term
- I dream about: getting ultra rich someday!
- Sexual preference: straight, but i fancy gays and homos hehe
- What do you notice first in the opposite sex you're into: looks shempre, then attitude. without the latter, nevermind.

---------------• × • W H I C H | I S | B E T T E R • × ---------------

- Coke or Pepsi: either
- Flowers or candy: flowers
- Tall or short: tall

---------------• × • W H O • × • ---------------

- Makes you laugh the most: my friends
- Makes you smile: friends, crushes... what a typical teen.
- Gives you a funny feeling when you see him/her: can't recall who did

--------------• × • D O | Y O U | E V E R • × •-----------------

- Sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to IM you?: no
- Wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: no
- Wish you were younger: i'm not too old to wish that way.. haha
- Cry because someone said something to you?: hmm yeah

-----------• × • N U M B E R • × •--------------

- Of times I have had my heart broken: once... twice i think. and they're all superficial i think i have no right to declare i broke my heart. lol
- Of guys I've kissed: none yet hehe
- Of girls I've kissed: my mom and my sister
- Of CD's I own: dunno
- Of scars on my body: i'm accident prone! i have a lot! hahaha

yeah! it's your birthday!


we ate dinner at aberdeen court, at a restaurant called cafe chine (chino? not sure hehe)... they have a really nice and cheap dinner package for as low as 1,700 for 10 people! yeah hehehe we're 11 btw. :) we invited some of his agents kasi... hehe

tita rosita gave him a really nice (made to order) cake from Estrel's. it's so pretty i don't want to eat it!

all the frills (the tiny swirls and the flowers) are made of icing so imagine how tiresome it is to decorate the whole cake! wahahahaha

getting the hang of minesweeper II

this is crazy! i never knew that's HOW you play minesweeper until it dawned on me that this is one of a hell similar to the other games i've played before. why didn't i learn of it way back when we were just familiarizing ourselves with xp? hahaha anyhow, i love minesweeper! yeahyeahyeah.

hehe, still the same! ALMOST done with good omens. it's so funny, i can barely get the plot right. lol. i dwell too much on the asterisks, they make really hilarious footnotes. and you don't always see footnotes in novels, ayt?

right! i'm almost forgetting i'm a romance novel freak.
i used to laugh (secretly of course) at this classmate of mine back in highschool because she seemed to be overwhelmingly absorbed with her books which happen to be judith mcnaughts and daniel steels. funny, really, i could just laugh at myself right now for being so mean to her (mentally), when back then, someone could just be laughing just as hard at me, for reading Coehlo religiously, every in-between periods, recess and dismissal time. well, isn't he the one of the wisest authors around? just as how judith mcnaught (or daniel steel) could be one of the most emotionally provoking authors of all time?

man, i really wouldn't know. it's unfair to call me a late bloomer for recognizing mcnaught's reign over superficial romance stories just now. hahaha

why do i have this urge to completely rid myself of a sidebar?
i feel the need of a wider, like 600px wide, space only for my entries and just chunk only the important sidebar contents on the horizontal navigation bar. but then, it's gonne be troublesome. hayhay.

getting the hang of minesweeper

it's now my new favorite game! hahaha

as you've noticed, i've revamped my blog yet again, using the same header. i'm quite happy that finally i'm able to add horizantal navigation links using XML though what i'm fumbling about right now is how to incorporate my archives in a single blog entry so that i can index it right away and get rid of the awfully long list it makes on the sidebar. i'm trying to make this blog look like a website and not just a blog. hence i had to get hacks on adding a page element above the header. hehehe

so far, so good. what do you think? i haven't checked this yet in a different node -which is what i do to see if there are any misaligned elements. then i can proceed to validate this one. (ooops, 300+ errors! lol)

i'm kinda sick by the way. but i'm getting better, thank God. i thought i have to cancel this friday's sleepover, haaay, i don't want to! everytime i invite my friends over i always get sick when the date arrives. curse? haha wdthl.

i'm almost done reading good omens. sucks i really have no patience when it comes to sci-fi (or is it?), basta romance parin da best! hehe

diliman adbentyur!

ate sheryl slept here last night! hehe pero wala si ate aiza... hehehe :) anywhow.
awhile ago i accompanied her to diliman... ayun adventure! hahaha actually, di naman ako maalam dun eh... bwahaha, we paid for her dorm fee (kalayaan dorm), then strolled... under the fckdamt early noon sun haynakuuu ang iniiiit. pero ok lang hehehe

i was supposed to go straight to SM to read. oha, gusto ko magpalamig at tumambay sa the bloc, i even brought my dear pocket books pero i decided to just go practical and go home instead... hahaha kaya eto! hehehe

at least nakatipid ako ng pera pang-gala! hahaha

u da bum!

i've been wandering aimlessly in our house and nothing seems to interest me enough by involving myself in it. usually when i'm bored, i antagonize our maids by ordering pointless things and just snobbing them to death but THAT'S BEFORE. i quit doing it when i realized it isn't cool scaring your maids like that. and plus, it doesn't add to the senorita factor, if that's what i'm afraid of losing.

i quit being a bad girl when i realized we're not really rich and i cannot compensate my foul attitude towards them with my own money because in the first place, I HAVE NO MONEY. at all.

ate sheryl and ate aiza (whom i haven't known personally, yet) haven't texted me if they're pushing through here tonight, although i'm positive they will, i'm just aching for a companion. gaarr... and i'm also looking forward to the dvds ate sheryl promised me.

if not driving school, then i'll probably go nuts doing nothing at all. maid chores are not my type, unless i'm being scolded for it. going online has been part of my summer routine and honestly, i didn't think i'd be running out of webpages (fast-loading, low content pages to be exact) to browse. i'm not even used to having 0 mail messages at all.

this is nuts.

yes i bought i book, i haven't started reading it because i thought it's unfair to start with it without finishing the other one. and for the sake of reading almost heaven i have to go through neil gaiman's version of armaggedon first. looks like i have to go through hell before i get to heaven... and if by some grace you actually got that unintended should-be-humorous pun, why, thank you.

i have 8 multicolored gel pens and they've been sitting on the table with an incomplete artwork for days. i got lazy. that's all. and it's been plaguing me. i'm not a fan of routine but i'm not a fan of endless bumming either which will eventually become a routine if i don't do anything about it.

i seriously couldn't move without money. i wanted to go out but i always had to take the money factor. i don't even have enough money to cover the fare and besides, where will i go? it sucks not being in school for it also meant not having your allowance.

and what will i do when i get my allowance? i'll save some and spend some on the things i should be prioritizing... the starbucks tumbler and gc i promised for instance. if there's a way i could haggle the item down, i would love to, but i'm not really in the mood for one on one talks with my seniors. <<<<<< ya proly wudunt get tha.

ok, i just need money that's all.
i emptied my wallet for yesterday's tithes, i was even hesitating but i ended up doing the 'sacrifice' anyway. wouldn't be a sacrifice in the first place if i'm having my allowance,ayt?


ola, something great's bound to happen.
ya jas hafta weyt.

image shack! (uplb waitlist help?)

because photobucket still gives me those irrelevant warnings, i moved to image shack just awhile ago (without deleting my pb account tho). so instead of hosting my layout images in pb, i'll do it in ishack now. err, duh.

Almost Heaven by Judith McNaught still... i was eyeing on Until You because it acts as a semi-sequeal to Whitney my Love, this time featuring the leading man's brother, Stephen Westmoreland.

i owe my growing fancy to dukes and counts to judith mcnaught now. lol.

that's probably going to be my next book, Until You. ok, so i'm off to a new favorite! Hello Judith! lol, couldn't get any more obvious huh?


well, friends if you happen to read this... you can drop me a note via the QUESTION BOX or just the tagboard, or simply comment on this one... i'm always online naman eh so maybe i can help you.

i want new friends! maybe we can exchange numbers? LOL.
i'm playing good with the batch 2008 oh. hehe

still excited with the new apartment! thing is i have to save a lot to buy the necessary 'furnitures' like a decent dining table, receiving area and most specially my personal study desk and cabinet (if there's none cos i haven't checked the rooms yet).

I'LL BE SLEEPING ON AN AIR BED!!! coolnes, so that means i'm closer to the floor! haha hello dust?


i got bored reading good omens, not because i'm merely experimenting if sci-fi's my thing (i figured i'm more of a romance novel geek), but mainly because i've been getting nasty headaches these days. i want to finish it, seriously, because i adore neil gaiman's wit and hilarious puns and his books are those types of books i wouldn't want to speed read because i want to absorb the whole book. no wonder it's taking me gazzilion years to finish.

i asked yndi for recommendations aside from whitney my love, i haven't told her i already read the book. so far she gave me three promising titles and i'm just aching to go to national bookstore to grab just one!!! but you know, it's still the money that's stopping me from enjoying my geekdom!

huhu. ate sheryl (along with a friend) is going to spend monday night here in our house! hehe! wow sleepover! ayos! hahaha and probably on friday, the alleged walang tulugan slumber party with karlita, larz, michi plus others who might wanna join too will push through!

lol, buti na lang there's something called house party, at least it saves money diba? haha

11 8210 spells dead fantasy

as much as this day spells our last power memory sessions. i swear, even though i was cursing my parents for breaking my bumming habits this summer AT FIRST, eventually the alleged punishment for my scholastic downfall became, after all, a GIFT!

i learned so much and my memory skills improved, dramatically! halelujah! i feel more confident to retake microbiology just to prove that i learned something cool this summer that would help me ace the blasted subject.

we retook the diagnostic test... we were given the same sets of tables to memorize in 8 minutes overall. that's 80 random objects plus 200 random numbers arranged in two separate tables.

well, it is expected, of course that we do better... and i did! thank you Lord!! last time i roughly memorized around 17 items but now i got 40! yeaaah...

and with the numbers... man i suck, but last time i think i got 24 numbers correctly, compared to now... i guess i got 40 numbers right. well, compared to the 200 items we're supposed to cram into our minds in 4 minutes, hey, that's relatively good enough.

and the techniques are so comfortable to use it suits everyone!!!

now i'm excited to use it to memorize the functional organic groups!!! yehey for that.

but i'm thinking... i still have a grade of 4 in chem40... and something's telling me that i could just drop it and ask the college to make it a 5 w/o taking the removals so that i'd be given the subject next sem. but anyway, i wanna practce discipline with myself.


hey, i'm back to geekdom!! unless, my parents enroll me in a driving school! waw! exciting!! wooooh!

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