sinong lasing?

karlitaaaaaa!!! i can't believe you posted it on youtube! anyway, she can do whatever she wants with it! it's her cam, it's her vid... it's our 'walang tulugang' slumber party home vid!!! hahahaha


i guess michi's the one who's really drunk. i mean, everything's a joke. who gets drunk with a vodka? it's a freakin ladies' drink haha! nobody gets drunk with it, i've never been drunk with it (nor with anything else). it's a funny funny vid that only a few people could get. obviously those who know us. ahahaha

i won't share the link! bwahaha


which means i have to do the 'house chores'.
man, i hate being told about to clean and wash the dishes... grrr. i hate maidwork. but actually, there's a fulfiliing part once i get my hands over it, something like... i wanna do good to impress my parents and show them i can get married already and be a good wife to my husband and a good mother to my kids.

you know, that junk.

but then, i'm enjoying washing the dishes, wiping the table, throwing the trash outside... it's just that i enjoy it more when i'm not being told. but apparently, i haven't still fully 'nurtured' that motherly instinct (or housewife initiative) that mom's been meaning to pass as an heirloom.


haaaay, after all. i think imma stick to blogger forever. ♥

yeah, after aaaaaaall the blsht i went through befriending WP, it's still being hostile. i'm no beginner when it comes to blogging (tho something's telling me that 4 years with almost no traffic at all is not impressive), i've learned enough html/css/xml to last me until now!

so maybe, i'm too stupid, too below average for wordpress. the thing is, i'm trying to slam everything this blog has to my WP account immediately without familiarizing myself enough with its nooks and crannies first. i have no patience to learn the basics of WP because i have this air of arrogance in me that wants to uphold my being an advanced user in blogger. but they're not the same... definitely, and it'll probably take time for me to fully utilize it's super functions.

dmmt i want those plugins! yun lang yun eh! and the static pages too! oh it's so ugly looking at my links and archives pages with the date stamp on it! it looks like a big excuse to get a static page.



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