what to do when i get to los banos

to me elbi means superb internet connection, you can hardly get satisfactory speed here in the metro without ravishing your pocket. :)

not net related:

1. print New Moon
2. if there's still enough money, print Eclipse too.
3. if there's still money, Until You's next in line.
4. try to get a copy of SUTC curriculum
5. get info on application for major
6. die knowing how to prerog!
7. know how much soft binding costs
8. buy dvds, movies! series! whatever.

net related:

1. download Dead Fantasy I and II in low-lefinition wmv
2. download HP 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ebooks.
3. look for a free movie download site and dload HP series and tuck everlasting
4. download Josh Groban albums
5. search mitch albom ebooks
7. achmed in youtube
8. seach mcnaught ebooks

so mainly, i'll be downloading a lot when that time comes and i'll make sure i'll be at primelink... where the net speed is ultra fast and my portable media device gets recognized. however, to accomplish those lists, i have to have like a thousand bucks (esp. for the printing)!

hmm. i'm planning on doing tutorials. random ones. PS7 effects and other things like... how to debug using the command prompt? though i don't think i'd be fluent enough in explaining things, it's worth worth a try. i'm doing it for my own good, because i hate tutorial pages that takes years to load. this blog isn't very much image heavy, yknow. :)

i'm also trying to venture into producing free xml layouts... but i can't figure out how to completely install the template without having the users navigate through their page elements tabs (esp. for the headers). the reason for this is really simple, i don't want additional codes for the header. since blogger can do it, utilize!!!

i'm about to get started on it, you'll see.

ANOTHER THING I'D LIKE TO DO: so i have 2 now, 1)tutorials and 2)xml templates

i want to get started with my fic fckdmt! i have 2 promising plot outlines lingering in my brain. if i have time, or if i decide to finally get my ass to work, i'd type the outlines first then go on a leave, at least i know it's safer in the hard drive rather than in my brain. i have short term memory.

ohyah, it's my cousin's wedding later. :)

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