hello edward

hala, mahal ko na yata sya.
sorry. i can't keep my mouth shut on this one. it is the first time, after assessing myself, that i actually professed my love for a guy with such sincerity. i promise, i think i'm really in love. after this paragraph, you'd probably laugh at me and say i'm ridiculous. i won't deny that hehehe. after all, didn't i say the exact words to Harry Potter? but seriously, this one's more intense.

i'm sure this isn't the first time i fell for a fictitious character. in fact, i think i'm more inclined to love novel heroes than 'real' guys. T___T; this is so pathetic but jeez, i can't keep my mouth shut diba...

edward cullen.
that bastard, he's driving me crazy. the book is so romantic, i'm close to worshipping stephanie meyer and putting up a shrine for her.

i am so drawn to his character, as i'm sure many girls are. and quite honestly, after reading the first chapter, i think i prefer to marry a vampire over a human. they're more loyal, especially if they've found their soulmates. and i admire their protectiveness over their partner. it's like once they've found that someone, an additional sense will be added to their systems which reacts only to that person.

ang sakit na ng mata ko pero dahil suko na ko sa paghahanap ng libro, dinownload ko na lang. hahaha in fact, ayoko na bumili na libro. mamimirata na lang ako.

books are free all over the net! so pwede ko na lang silang idownload at ipaprint! like twilight sa 260 pages...piso per page lang naman eh, tapos kung 2 pages per sheet pa, edi half the price lang. soft bind mo pa, mura lang naman. hahaha ang sakit na talaga ng mata ko pero keri lang kasi in love nga ako diba.

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