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terai says it's nice. yeah, i guess so, i appreciate anything that has vampires struggling under human emotions in it. so you see, it pictures the usual vampire clique i often see in fanfics (i feel like all the possible movie plots have already been writen as fics), a vampire falling in love with the human.

one of the things that (majorly) caught me in it is the participation of Robert Pattinson as lead male character. if it sounds familiar, he actually played Cedric Diggory in the 4th movie installment of Harry Potter.

there you go. feast your eyes on him. not much promotional pics right now because the movie's still a good 7 months till its premiere, and who knows when it's going to be aired in the Philippines? if i'm not mistaken it's going to be aired at the same season as our metro manila film festival so that's gonna suck. T___T; promised date is december 18th, but given OUR circumstance, i guess i could wait no longer that january 2009. better be good or else.

coach bruno texted me awhile ago... about Good Omens. i'm actually thankful he texted, at least i felt this obligatory sense to finish the book already. it's been months since he lent the book to me and what can i say, i was amused by it really but it's not entirely something that goot me hooked. i just love the ways it's written. so finally, after finishing the remaining 30 pages or so (imagine, 30 pages na lang di ko pa tinapos! haha), i finally finished the book. aaah, finally. at least i can say his efforts in sharing it to me wasn't put in vain. :)

i also finished watching the dvd of Lovers! mymymy, the ending was a cliffhanger!! well it pretty concluded well naman, it's just that maybe i'm looking for more surprises?

h'bout a sequel? starring Lee Han (Jared's* sidekick) and his 'girlfriend' (Jackie's* sidekick as well)???? that'd sound cool, especially that i think that pair is cuter and funnier. :) and they can call it 'I Married a Gangster' or something... nicer... hehehe


* - sorry, i'm calling them by their english names since that's how they dubbed it here in the philippines. Jared's the lead guy, Jackie's the lead girl. :)

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