Y4IT 2011

yesterday, I came with 11 others to the 9th Philippine Youth Congress in Information Technology. i super thank the school for sending us here. it's pretty unaffordable on our own so yeaaah, great sponsors! hahaha

keith, lica, michelle, karla, kevin
kj, edlaine, jen, patrick
 yeah yeah yeah. blah blah blah. and of course, the best part: TINY CACTUS!

they're the best thing about Y4IT day 5
yeah srsly! and in between the seminar, i met with my friends to foodtrip yet agaaaain at JP Laurel! yeyyy
entry soon! hehe


i realized i'm totally at fault here. for bringing things to this point where it's difficult to drop off. for being a slave of my feelings and tradition at the same time, and not knowing which one i should obey first. for falling too soon and agreeing too early, just because i was threatened and pressured. at this point, can i still quit and forget everything? and just bring it all back 8 months after? for the sake of what? my parent's trust that i have already been mishandling ever since i gave in? i don't know. i guess not. ako na lang naman pala problema e. isang matinding paalam kasabay ng pagtanggap na hindi ko natupad yung pangako ko sa mga magulang ko. na katulad lang ako ng ibang kolehiyala na sarili lang ang iniisip, madaling mahulog, madaling makuha, at hindi marunong makinig. nadidisappoint ako sa sarili ko.

Unlimited Coffee and Cake for 150 from Cravings and The Coffee Beanery

This entry is supposed to be for September 11, 2011

After being featured on Jessica Soho last night, terai and i swore we had to try this out, and we did! Bwahahahaha! I did a bit of research and discovered that along with Cravings, The Coffee Beanery (TCB) also offers the same promo (prolly cos the pastry concessionaire is the same). Soooo, the promo is avaiable on the following branches and is running until December 2011:

Cravings Center Katipunan
CCA Kitchen Cravings Eastwood
Cravings Festival
Cravings Tomas Morato
TCB West Avenue
TCB Shangrila

We tried it out at TCB West Ave since it's Sunday and it's only walking distance from the church. From my research, they only offer 3-4 cakes for their unlimited promo. When we got there, there were 5 cakes on display but only 3 cakes are available: Choco Caramel Cake, Devil's Food Cake and Ube Sansrival Cake. The 2 other cakes were Carrot cake and Double Chocolate cake. For unlimited coffee, they offer three variants: Brewed coffee, Iced coffee and Cafe Americano. You can choose all of them hehehehe

And because terai and i kind of promised so make the most out of our 150 pesos, we tried everything. Uhm, I did! I forgot what she drank but we both had 7 slices of cake each and I tried all three coffees.

First slice, choco caramel cake

See? it's sooo freakin thinly sliced I wonder if it could stand upright. >:| I was disappointed when i was served this but then again, who cares about the serving? as long as it's unlimited I could get as much as I want! bwahahahaha and besides, it's a freakin dessert, small servings are acceptable hehe. Btw, this is my favorite!

Second slice, Devil's food cake

Terai's favorite!

Third slice, Ube Sansrival

Okay, we just made that name up, dunno how they call it there but it's ube and the base is sansrival so that's Ube Sansrival. K. Ah, we didn't like this. Hehehehe Maybe because we're starting to get really stuffed with the cake and coffee. But it's good! hahahaha

Fourth slice - another choco caramel for me! >:D

Our 5th slice should be choco caramel again (were kindof trying to finish the entire cake so they'd bring down the carrot cake haha) but it's ardy finished so they brought down a new cake. I was hoping it would be Carrot cake but they brought us Double Chocolate instead. At this point, I was starting to get a headache and terai is still busy reading Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho.

So there, the fifth slice goes to... Double chocolate!

yummynessssss >XD

HAHAHA in between the cakes we also tried their unli coffee,

Coffee 1, Brewed coffee

Pretty cool, not too strong, just yer regular brewed coffee >;)

Coffee 2, Iced coffee

I was thinking it's kindofa latte but no. It's just iced brewed coffee. not much difference. just. yknow. iced. hehehe and we enjoyed pouring creamer on it! lookit the effect! >8D

Coffee 3, Cafe Americano
Ah this, couldn't tell the difference between brewed coffee. I guess it's slightly stronger. no really. i don't know. hahahaha

Back to the cakes...
6th slice - back to Devil's Food Cake

at this point terai and i were really stuffed. my headache has gone worse and i could totally throw up anytime but bwahahahaha when we saw the other table being served CARROT CAKE, we were like, KUYAAA IS THE CARROT CAKE AVAILABLE FOR UNLI ALREADY?! >;D and because the nice kuya said yes...

7th slice goes to the most anticipated CARROT CAAAAAKE

what's new with the serving size?
i really wanted to try this out cos it looked good on display plus carrot cakes are topped with cream cheese or whatever cheesy icing they have and i love cheesy cakes... or something... hahaha... BUT you see, if i was in a better mood (no headache and not on the verge of barfing), i would've enjoyed this more! hehehehe but it's really good. it's like fruitcake without alcohol, topped with cream cheese or something. hahaha

so. yeahhhhh.

we're gluttons over eat-all-you-cans, i wouldn't even say it's worth my 150 (or terai's 150 to be exact cos she treated me bwahehehe) cos i have a tendency to really stuff myself like crazy just to experience the WHOOOLE THING. never mind barfing like an anorexic afterwards as long as i'm full, ooor as long as i could say it's worth 150 (which in the end is not. at all).

in this case, we were able to try all 5 cakes naman so. i'm still happy about the experience! BWAHAHAHAHA

sooo. GO TRY IT OUT! the cakes are really good, i'm no pastry connoisseur here, i'm simply someone who loves sweets. can't drop quality reviews about the cakes cos for me they're all good! if it's bad, i'd tell you guys it's bad... no other adjectives cos i'm no good at describing food hahaha. anyhow! just believe me when i say it's good! maybe i just went too berserk over the coffee that's why i got stuffed easily but it's really cool to have tried this out!

PS: Red Ribbon, please have the same promo! >:D


First of all, NEW LAYOUT! Still on the crappy side cos i wasn't able to fix those badass margins. nakaka-OC yung alignment HAHAHAHA and and and! the slideshow up there, it's not supposed to be like that by default. if you'd do me the honor, on the slideshow kindly click on the gear icon (that will bring you to the Settings) and check the 'Fancy Slidedow Effects' along with 'Crossfade Transitions' and 'Pan Images'. close it and yeaaahhh, that's the effect i want you guys to see by default. apparently, DeviantArt has been so conservative with their embed code, i don't know where to edit stuff like that. hahahaha

Sooooo, what's new? aside from the layout... the blog address also changed. i mean, i told you i changed my email so i also created a different blog. anyhow, the address remains YANBIROG.CO.NR so yeah. haha all my previous entries since way way back like 2004 have been imported here.

Thing is! As usual! the Search box doesn't weave through imported entries so it's kinda useless for now. hahahaha

What else, what else. hmmm
is the jump break working?
orayt. >:)

good morning?

this week was full of crap. i don't know! everything that has happened since wednesday is major bullcrap.
my grades went down.
quit OJT to find something new.
applied everywhere and realized i'm wasting so much money for this.
enrolled and got overly pissed off with their new policy.

oh well, tears are in for me this september. >:| i don't know why. perhaps the only good thing that balances all of this is jec! for me he's a breather and.... oryt i'm trying not to be cheesy cos i'm saving it for next year so yeah. i'll stop the jec-talk here bwahaha. because of him i could say life is still good. God still loves me. >:D

yesterday, or last friday cos technically it's ardy sunday. i had a mini chika-slash-pep talk with jigger, the CBS secretary who's doing so much work and initative for the team. i owe him so much because i feel like i'm not doing anything at all. he should be president, not me, seriously... if for the amount of work he initiates for the student council. and you know what, i told him that. that i feel sorry for being useless and all. >XO hahaha it was cool talking to him, he lifted my spirits a bit! HAHA mega nega kasi ako, no amount of pep talk could probably lift me up from my depression. ako lang talaga.ewan. basta. i appreciate him!

btw, i dreamt of him one time. in my dream, i was packing my things. i had two back packs, mine and jec's. then he carried one of them. i don't remember which but he was waiting for me ekek and took the bag to help. the end!

i also remember dreaming about francis magalona. in my dream, i had a major crush on him and blah. i don't remember na! i should've written this earlier when it's still a bit intact in my memory. henako.

earlier was so fun! my cousins and nieces and nephews were here for mamay's death anniv. >:D >:D kapagod ampotek. aaaah, i actually consider my nieces and nephews as my cousins, and my cousins as my titos and titas because of the age gap. my cousins are all twice older, and their children are nearer my age so daryugow. >:)

i'm not sleepy though i'm very tired! >XO ewan ko ba.

terai and i are planning on trying Craving's unlimited coffee and cake for P150 tomorrow!!! i read a bad review about it knina lang e so... tsk nakakainis tuloy. takam na takam pa naman kami! sana magpa-ganun din yung RED RIBBON!!! gusto ko ng canteana cheescake. argggh chaka choco banana cake! huhuhu gutom na ko! >XO

Good mornight!

the plunge

everything from here on is downhill! i knew it would eat me alive, the amount of load i so boastfully accepted. see now? nasa huli talaga ang pagsisisi. let's just hope i don't get myself into a mess with the higher-ups with the remaining months i have to endure at school. stop me, Lord. stop me. i'm always complaining! but fuck the system. really, fuck the system. it's probably only because i'm at the bottom that i get to point my finger at people and blame them for my demise. i know i have no one else to blame but myself... for getting entangled in so many things at once: icon, cbs, studies, love... it screwed me. and it screwed me real good. not to mention that i probably didn't even act like a decent president. hi pride.

but come on, i totally have no idea how to cheer myself up. i've been awfully depressed since i saw my grades and every day, it gets worse. i dun even know why. it just gets worse! too much nega vibes. and it doesn't help that i'm back to 0 hours with my OJT since i quit fandom hahaha. anyhow. i've shelled out so much money just applying for jobs. i just want to get somewhere near and with allowance LOL.

oh btw. when i posted this, "it's easy to fall in love when you have nothing to lose" on fb, i didn't mean it the romantic way. i meant it the other way around. it's hard for me to decide on this because so much will be affected. which is why i envy those who could love with no limits. but i wonder about the kind of lives they live and kindof concluded that, oh that explains it. kindof but not quite. hehe

hey. i told myself not to engage in trouble because this year is so crucial for me but awhile ago i was so freaking enraged. i almost cried. seriously. why? they suddenly abolished SPECIAL CLASSES and replaced it with something exponentially more expensive. immediately and without prior notice at that. i dunno. i bet the heads weren't even briefed properly about it. on what grounds is it legal to implement a policy amendment IMMEDIATELY like, after a trimester? can't it wait a schoolyear? where were the announcements? sorry but this is bullcrap. i am so affected, even if i'm least likely to suffer about this. thing is, loads of hopeful graduates will not be able to march this coming may just because they cannot afford to enroll in a class that requires them to pay 15 times more. someone shed some light on this issue. pero wait, trabaho ko yata to e.

sana man lang may student dialogue or student representation na nagaganap every time may iaammend silang major policy sa palakaran ng administrasyon. eto nanaman ako. puro reklamo sa blog. yoko mabadshot sa taas eh, may mga pangarap pa ko. >:|

ate lisa's wedding

Congrats to ate lisa and kuya christian! >:D the family's getting bigger, i can't believe we were just kids pestering our uncles for mint bills before. now everyone has grown up and is leaving singlehood one by one! >XD i almost cried at the ceremony. almost but not quite! ate lisa was sooooo stunning, so is kuya christian! hahaha i just realized how beautiful weddings are! the ceremony, the people, THE FOOD bwahahaha. everything is symbolic of love! sarap mabuhay pag may minamahal! >:D

anyway! this morning was stressful to the bones. there were so many things i forgot to do and delegate. then we lost our thesis stuff which basically contains our GRADESSS. then yesterday i lost my purse! there're 2 usbs there, 900 cash and my samsung earphones my goodness. and recently i just keep on forgetting important stuff. and i know it has something to do with my health deteriorating! sleeping late robs my brain of neurons i need to function rationally and intelligently.

hahaha Lord, i dunno if you're cool that i believe in karma or that universal balance of good and evil junk hahahaha. i think not?! hahaha but i can't help thinking if this is what it takes to have a love life! HAHAHAHA over e diba?! if this much bad is happening to me, THEN, i might be holding something really great right now that i'm being allowed to experience misfortunes like this hahahahahaha. you know, the universe demands balance! can't be unceasingly happy!

thank you Lord because i found two incredibly important things today! jec's nyan cat drawing and my samsung usb cord! >XO i've been looking for the drawing all over the place (or my room) since last month pa nga eh, flipping pages of the heaps of books and notebooks in my shelf in case i inserted it somewhere cos i remember i was actually hiding it cos daddy might barge into the room and boom! hahaha then i recalled that i brought it with me to iloilo and baaaam, i found it on the suitcase i used then! >:D then yknow i was decluttering my room and saw on the floor, a familiar sight... my samsung usb cord!!!! >XD whattttaaa blessing! HAHAHA and here i go again, thinking about the things i may have done right during the day enough for me find two lost things at once. HAHAHA wrong thinking, you think? haha

the only good deed i remember doing was when i accompanied an umbrella-less woman to her office at ortigas while crossing to robinsons yesterday cos the rain was pretty mad that night. and that's like a daily kebs deed duuuh cos everyone would do the same thing. anyhow. robinsons galeria is not cool, for the reason that i lost my purse there diba hahahaha and i'm never a fan of gale cos transportation to fairview is hellish! terai and i had to walk all the friggin way to megamall just to catch a decent bus without engaging in a stampede. haaay. mega's still the beeest!

i'm excited to go back to UP again just to food trip! >XO hope it doesn't rain on monday!!! choco-banana shake i miiiiisss you already!!!

ah! i'm worried cos recently i've been losing craploads of money and btw, smartbro just billed me for the month! how do i cope? i'm jobless for the entire year with no sidelines! unless they decide to still hire me after OJT but then i kinda want to rest the entire year off eh? but hello money! don't fly awaaaayyy.

oraaayt i'm sleepy! goood night fellas! >:D

coming sooooon! >8D


i'm gonna search sanrio all over for this BWAHAHAHA. it took me an hour to decide! hello kitty ba o keroppi or chococat but i picked him for the following reasons; it's cute! and it's black so it won't look obviously dirty over time hahahaha and mommy said i have to replace my bed mates already and donate my other stuffed toys. either that or she's throwing them away. huhu. this is all peachy's fault, she introduced me to sanrio! black cats are lucky pa nga daw eh. shemay na-excite ako hihihihi >XD goodbye baks!

so pwede na ko siguro mag-aral no? bwaha

BTW, blogger changed their interface! it's neater and very much like the Preview (Dense) theme from GMail. Obviously Google's aiming for 1 minimalist look haha and it's pretty cool! >:D

bakit ganon.

i feel like my mental capacity is deteriorating graaaavely over time, or most specially this trimester. sobrang. sabog. e. and for the nth time, i failed to remove the to-do curse from this blog. i was only able to accomplish 1 out of the many tasks i wrote previously. HAHA yoko na tuloy! look it's almost 1am and i haven't started anything! okay okay. eto na po.

me mga bagay na ano e. ewan parang di ako palagay. bakit ganun. hahaha. dami iniisip. paranoid kasi. dibale. disappointments are part of growing up. bat ganoooon!!! arg. kkkkkkk.

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