live junk for the bitter soul

hello everyone, i'm using broadband internet access and it sucks. yeah, i was right when i said dial-up is still the best. the problem is we couldn't get a good signal in the basement (duh) and that's practically where our computers live so to get a good reach of that f*cking globelines network we have to adjust the position of their "highspeed" modem. which is why my dad brought this laptop to my room (here on the 2nd floor), to see if there'll be any progress if you put their f*cking modem at a higher place. yes, there's progress but it still didn't reach my standards. my idea of "broadband" is to be able to watch streaming videos without those annoying buffer pauses but i guess i'm bound not to achieve that anymore.

now i want DSL.
fuck their fraudaulent marketing strategies.


it was really unexpected. our parents fetched me and my sister at megamall and from there decided to watch a movie. we watched transformers. actually, i'm not really hyped up on watching it since robots barely have a hormonal effect on me or on any of my nerves but still, we decided to watch it since it's the newest in the list.

oh my god, transformers is so well done! it's both humorous and sad. sad. sad. yeah, i cried a couple of times. i have really shallow tears. and then you know, i thought i was gonna die of boredom because as i have said, i'm not really into robots and i haven't watched a single episode of transformers cartoons. but really, this movie got me interested big time! maybe because it's a steven speilberg (sp?) i'm not sure but mehn! the animation is superb! and the whole classified military files being hacked in less than 10 seconds?? that's just whoa! and the cars mehn! the cars! hot wheels i tell ya!

now go watch it before i spill everything everything off!! i tell you it's a must watch!!! why else would sm megamall allot 7 cinemas for it?

on the boo side of it all: in the middle of the movie, the film skrewed off! the screen went white and showed flashes of pictures which are obviously not part of the movie! then everyone in the cinema went "boo! boo! pirated!!!" but after a few seconds it returned back to normal so i guess it's ok. haha but still, they should fix that -_-

next in line:
:: Blades of Glory - the trailer is so funny!
:: Harry Potter - of course!

art in line: because a lot of things inspire me this season... i plan to do
:: an oil pastel work
:: the usual doodle stuff (remember the heart and star shaped pieces? --- see artworks) but this time using different shapes and motifs... i'm planning on doing
.transformers!!! (i need of a lot of photo reference) and hopefully
.statue of oblation (now if this comes out good enough, i might as well consider
it my proudest artwork. yeah right)
:: i also want to work on t-shirt designs but i'm still afraid because i tend to overdo and exagerrate with the details, it might be too hard to paint. -_-;

all i really need to accomplish those is time and money!

you're my sweetest downfall

i happen to hear that phrase somewhere and i happen to like it. i really like that phrase, maybe it's from a song... i'm not sure but i just love the irony. it makes me want to turn it into a novel title! title lang! hahaha

wuhoo! how was this day? uhh, fine! tiring! tiring! tiring! in fact, i'm not feeling good right now. >_> i was supposed to attend VCF's Youth Jam with july today but i excused myself because i feel sick and tired.

so why am i online?
------> guilty pleasures.

we had our first experiment in chem40 awhile ago and guess what the title is? Isolating Caffeine from Tea Leaves!!!! the title really caught the best of my interest because you know i'm a coffee addict but when we went through the experiment, i realized it's not something i want to do for fun or for the mere enjoyment of extracting my favorite drug from it's organic source. no. it was too technical, the procedure i mean. >_> we have to prepare a lot of setups involving these never heard apparatus. seriously, and we had a prelab quiz about it. >_> our instructor asked us to draw the distillation setup. wtf. i didn't even look at my lab manual the day before! grrrr... but then i noticed the person across me glancing every once in a while to my back... i followed her look and found the answer!!! hahahaha the distillation setup was just sitting on the fumehood behind me! and so i guess... that's how i passed the quiz. lol

mehn. you know what, if mao and kat weren't my groupmates... i'll probably be dead of boredom. it helps a lot to have your friends as your groupmates. :)

and since it's already past 7, i think i should go now.

come on astra!

life's pretty good! astra is now my favorite internet cafe! hahaha e kasi ganun ulit, cute yung kuya. pero hindi lang yon! malamig pa! oha. hahahaha they're going to transfer locations soon and i don't mind since they're transfering somewhere nearer our dorm hahaha and they're going to make membership cards already! i'm gonna have one soon! hahahaha okok.

we had our first LTS1 meeting awhile ago.. 4-7pm. i must say it's a very promising sem for our section. it's really fun. it's like the comic relief of my suicidal life. >_>

whew. it's mannie's 18th birthday yesterday!


yehey! we've been bestfriends since grade 2!!!! :)


tagged by rica :)

What makes your blog unique?
the URL

When did you start blogging?
i moved to blogger july 4, 2004 but i started blogging may 2004

Is this your first meme?

What do you hope to accomplish with your blog?
i just want this to be a creative outlet

What are your feelings on the "blog popularity" issue?
of course i want a million hits! but i value layout more than popularity.. hehe

What's your favorite childhood memory?
my grade one teacher jokingly said to me and my crush that we should get married already coz we're so noisy

If you were stranded on a deserted island what three things would you want to have with you?
food, clothes, and a knife to get me through the wilderness

Are you a spiritual person?
i believe so

What is the weirdest thing that ever happened to you?
a series of dejavus, the same scene happened to me thrice and that's weird >_>

What is your best quality?
i'm pretty nice
to animals

What is your worst quality?
i can be really selfish a times

to kill a death god

i'm back to watching death note! yey! so while i'm doing a mini marathon (coz i don't have all day... have to go back to elbi.. >_>) i'm also surfing the net and doing stuff i always do like bloghopping, friendster profile hopping, a little bit of stalking, picture grabbing, account checking, mailbox cleaning and all those junk. heck, i barely have time to play online games!!! but you see, if by next week we get to use broadband already then everything i do in the world wide web will be a breeze!

i can download death note episodes 20-35 (or whatever's more recent), burn it on a CD and go marathon-ing all day!! i'm so excited! i can finally, FINALLY watch my favorite series without the hassle of a slow internet connection!! i can download everything! but of course i have to be extra cautious of those ill-natured bugs pestering the motherboard. >_>

grrr. and now my desire of acquiring my OWN laptop is becoming unbearable! i need to have a laptop already!!!! gosh, i have so many files on this laptop! and to add to that, my dad also has his share of the mountainous bulk of files and folders. and we don't have a high-end processor. i'm afraid this unit will crash down. >_>

okok. mom cut off our allowance. BIG DEAL? YEAH OF COURSE! aside from Fridays, that's another thing keeping me from going AWOL and becoming an OSY! >_> but then there's a good side of it, the 1/4 of our usual allowance that she's cutting off (effective now) will be accumulated and put in the bank to prevent us from spending it. yeah, it's for my own good. my savings hardly ever grew since the last time i deposited money in it. hehehe

kk, death note mode for now! :)

how to download streaming videos

:) yey! finally!!! to start this off, i'll define what streaming video is. you watch it on youtube, google video, ifilm, metacafe... blah blah. ok. gets? so those are streaming videos, videos that you can readily watch as it is being delivered to you. the difference of streaming media to non-streaming media is that with non-streaming media, you first have to download the file completely before you can view it. an example of this would be mp3s we download from the net and zipped files. clear?

so yeah, to download streaming videos, or simply put... for you to save your favorite youtube videos on your hard-disk.... do this

1. first and foremost: secure an FLV (flash video) player because the video you're going to translate into downloadable format and download will be saved with a file extension of .flv

>>> you can download a free FLV Player HERE

2. open youtube (or any streaming video site you know) and load your preferred video

3. open and there you'll see a field where you must type the URL of the page where the video plays. actually, all the other necessary directions can be found on that site. JUST make sure that the video you're planning to download has loaded COMPLETELY on youtube (or any other) before you type in its URL

4. and voila! keepvid will take care of the rest. which means that once you've submitted the URL on the text field, keepvid will generate a DOWNLOAD LINK where you can finally download the video as an .flv file and save it on your harddisk.

waaah. it's very easy... for those who have highspeed internet connection. :\ naaah. i don't have that... for now... but we'll see... hehehe

anyhow. as of late, keepvid is the only site i know who offers such services but i'm sure there are lots of them already, i'm just not well-aware of them. :)

NOTE: sadly, you can only download streaming videos as FLV files. if you want to convert it to mp3 or any other type of media, you have to secure a separate converter for that...

yey! alright. that's it.

questions? clarifications? anything you find incomprehensible or vague? you can ask me on this one if you don't understand it. ^_^;;

THANKS A BUNCH TO KEEPVID and to my dormmate who shared this info to me. :)


i can't wait for next week! BROADBAND HERE I COME!!! omaygad! daddy, I LOVE YOU BIG TIME!!! lol hehehe. he just applied for a broadband internet connection... actually i prefer wifi or dsl better because you don't have to install a lot of chorvaness in your house and configure your PC to this or that... but then broadband is fine!! anything faster than 46.6 kbps is definitely fine with me!

mehn. i can't wait to finish saving for my own laptop. >_>

aw mehn! our lab instructor informed us on our first meeting that the average passing rate of chem32 students every semester is just 30%! dangit!!

and my goal?
OF COURSE I NEED TO BE PART OF THAT 30%!!!! no matter what happens! i need to pass chem32!!!

let's get ready to rumble!!!!

i don't wanna miss a thing

wow. i'm really excited for friday to come! yeah! as in! it's my only motivation in life! especially now that i know i'm gonna rot here in los banos for the next 5 years courting textbook authors and sitting on the front row of my terror professors. most of my dormmates agree that i'm taking a very risky, not to mention 'suicidal' workload, because i'm taking 4 hard subjects in one semester. that's physics 3 (mechanics and heat), chem 32 (quantitative inorganic analysis), chem 40 (basic organic chemistry) and math 36 (mathematical analysis 1 - that's calculus). i also have two more subjects but i guess they're not as hard since it's just LTS1 and speechcom. i dunno, pray for me? i'm scared as hell too! there's a very high mortality rate in chem32, i might not pass it! and heck we haven't even started our formal lessons and i'm already tireeeeeddd! 6 fucking laboratory hours! i could just die right there! hehe. ok, i can do this! aja! aja!

hey. jindarat kanchana (my favorite v-league player, remember?) is taking lots of referrer hits to this blog! haha, thanks to google! and to my older blog post where i mentioned her. wow. she's getting really popular! and it sucks BIG TIME that i can't watch the finals on NBN because i have classes by then! grrr..

if i evaluate this blog based on search engine trends, the highest search keyword that led people to open this page would be 'jindarat kanchana'... and i'm sad to say i cannot supply you with information that you're probably expecting. all you can get from this blog regarding her would be my never ending compliments. why, i like her a lot! i don't know much about her, really. all i know is that she played for lasalle last year and now she's playing for ateneo with an injured leg. but then, everybody knows that. >_> i give her my best wishes though!!! keep on rocking the court! XD i'll always be your number 1 fan! lol

haaay. i still have to study so goodbye for now. :D

oh, would you believe? i actually met the nerd-of-my-dreams awhile ago! but then he's not my crush. my god, he's still in HIGHSCHOOL! hahaha. just like how i imagined, he's wearing THICK BLACK PLASTIC-RIMMED GLASSES, tall, skinny, cute, his uniform is tucked-in, and his pants are up-high! no braces though, aww. lol. but he's fine the way he is. though i cannot 100% assure myself that he's a nerd, geek or some sort of a dork... i'm glad i met someone like him.. for real! i love nerds! and no, i didn't acquaint with him, i just passed him by the sidewalk. :}



first day of school -_-;;

it was boring, except that i get to meet my friends. mehn, it's just the fiiiirrsst day! i'm not really expecting for anything to happen. anyhow, the dorm is good as usual, lots of new dorm mates! yey! now that's fun! and there's vynne (pronounced vain, a new dormer) who watches yuri on her laptop and is excited about watching gravitation as well! i've been waiting for a new friend like that! seriously, ever since i started college, I'VE NEVER MET A FRIEND WHO IS A YAOI ENTHUSIAST LIKE ME! and it's hard trying to influence people who are used to heterosexual pairs, they might actually think i'm a freak. which is true, but i'm still under self-denial. thank you.

oh, and you know what... i have a friend who is also my classmate in one of my subjects and i sort of hate it. >_> i'm a really bad friend. i'm trying to act cold actually. well, it's just that... naiilang ako sa kanya. >_> and to think i called him my friend. o.O wow, i must be the queen of tupperwares. but come on, it didn't start like that! because if i started out not liking him in the first place then i wouldn't have befriended him at all (and i wouldn't have given him my number. my bad), but you see, as i get to know him... the more i trying to avoid him. ugggh. there's something with his err, approach that turns me off... as a friend. i mean, we're not even close!

forget it.

so. NO CLASSES TOMORROW! why? it's Laguna Day, and at the same time Rizal's Birthday. i didn't know it was his birthday! i never cared actually. thanks to him, i'm spending the whole day at the dorm! a perfect moment to draaaaaaaw!

and theeeen. i checked my stats again and found a referrer from google searching for something... about mike. >_>

my reaction? MADAMI NAMANG MIKE SA MUNDO AH! i shouldn't get paranoid! besides, it wasn't specified whether it's mike this or mike that or mike who works here or mike who doesn't work at all. whatever. i'm too paranoid. i just don't want him to know i've mentioned him in a lot of my entries already and that he's my ex-crush and all that junk. in short...

i don't want him to know i WAS crazy about him.

why can't i just close this topic?

good idea. case closed.

huling hirit!

mehn. i had a great day! we just came back from MoA. today, philamlife (where my parents work) celebrates its 60th year anniversary and they held a concert for it at the music hall of SM mall of asia.

oryt. actually, everything that happened today MADE MY DAY! yeah so just bear with me as i enumerate them (in random order). lol

1. usually, MoA means mike right? TODAY MARKS THE END OF IT. i'm not crushing over him anymore! lol. i went to starbucks to buy a tumbler. he opened the door for me and even assisted me in picking the right tumbler. you see, i was about to pick the green one but he said blue looks better so i took his advice. :) i went to the counter and paid for it and that's when i realized that all my assumptions are wrong. why? because the guy behind the cash register (a different guy this time) is equally friendly. yeah, and it just dawned on me that it must be their SOP to sort of interview their customers and act really friendly... just like when i first met mike. the new guy, being as friendly as ever asked me if i'm gonna give the tumbler as a gift. i said no then he asked me if i'm gonna use it at school. i said yes. then he asked me my school. i answered UP los banos. and there goes the flattery blah blah blah. he thinks i'm so intelligent because i study in UP but then he hasn't seen my class cards. my shameful class cards.

okay okay. so when i went for the exit the guard asked me for my course. so i answered him and he let me out. why do i need to get asked first before he i can go out? huuuuh?

and being the stubborn hyperacidic girl that i am... after settling awhile outside... i realized i can't let this day pass without coffee gracing my tongue. and so i drank coffee, making sure that i have an antacid with me in case i eat a lot this day... :) and you know what, when i got to the counter, the new guy greeted me hello while he's still taking orders for the customer ahead of me. and also, mike prepared my drink! he.he.he.

haha. now that i know that people there are just plain friendly and homey with their customers, there must be no room for assumptions anymore. and besides, who the hell am i to think that way? >.< it's not like i'm pretty or something.. >_>

but yeah, that made my day. :)

for numbers 2 and 3

2. i bought a new bag! hehe it's just a simple brown curduroy body bag and i used the 250 peso gift check philam gave us to purchase it... so i only have to add a small amount of money for it. :) i also bought a lip gloss from the body shop. i actually like the gloss of the expensive ones better but i figured it right to just use a born lippy because it's cheaper and scented. hehehe

and lastly...

3. THE FREE CONCERT! mehn in was GREAAAATTT! the artists who came were, tuesday vargas (host), the philippine idol finalists, THE COMPANY!!! and APO hiking society. mehn, i love THE COMPANY!!!! they sang really well and their acapellas just knock me off my seat!!! they did a freakin great job and all of them are all-out! no dull moment! they sang songs ranging from the 60's to the new millenium and it was really nice. then from time to time the philippine idol finalists come on stage. i like them too. the two guys are really good looking.^_^;; oh yeah and of course the finale perfomer would be the APO hiking society. what can i say? their attires are so shining shimmering splendid! and their voice is just great! more laudable than what i hear on TV. i just love their sweet serenades! i love old music..... :D

sucks because before The Company starts to perform, our camera went low-bat. grrr. >_>

celebrity overload: while eating in mcdo we also spotted this small stage outside where people are setting up for a mini mall-tour of the movie Angels. hehe, i saw valerie concepcion (she's so pretty!) and aiza marquez and some other actors and actresses that i know by face but not by name. :)

haaaaay. oh no, pasukan na naman. >.<

which star are you from?

another one sitting artwork! hehehe. wow, it's art overload in this blog. hehehe. hope you like it! inspired by the koreanovela WHICH STAR ARE YOU FROM? sucks because i can't watch it anymore starting this monday because i have to go to school already and i hardly get to watch TV in the dorm.

oryt! i have to go now, we're going to MoA again! so you know what that means? MIKE!

i'm getting tired already. >_>

i wanna write!!!!! :\

i've realized this just recently. when i draw a lot, i seem to forget my writing skills (like i have one). i can't even start an introductory sentence! same goes during the times i'm so into writing stories, i can't seem to draw! why oh why can't i do them at the same time! it's like the creative juices are traveling a one-way path. when i'm at my 'drawing moment' and i try to write a story, it will look all crappy and erroneous. >.<

mehn. you should get me. grrr...

thing is, i want to write already. the story i've been planning to write about is now on its first paragraph! yeah, and it took me a looooot of time just to put those superdangit words together. i narrated the WHOOOLE story to my dad and HE LIKED IT! he even said it sounded like a movie and would make a bestseller. but come on, HE'S MY DAD. but seriously, i think it's a good story. i've asked three people about i already and they all think it's good. :) i'm not being boastful about it. i just need all the encouragement and positive criticisms i could garner for me to get started with it. it's really hard. >_>

sometimes i want to make it an original story with my very own characters. and when i do that, i'm gonna use a heterosexual pair. but i'm afraid it will reach only a few people since orig stories posted in the net aren't that popular.


that's why i'm using Harry and Draco for it. hahahaha.

Dear Lord,
i want my writing mojo back. >_> even though i know i'm a sucker for grammatical errors and inconsistent change of tenses (like what most of my reviewers complain about), i still want to get started with this new story. i know it's unfair because i still have 2 incomplete stories and its cruel to let readers hang on it like that... but please... hehe give me the wisdom! give me the right words to write! the right tenses to use! mehn.. can you just give me the GREATEST BETA READER IN THE WORLD???


my heart says it all

:D hope you like it. another one of my artworks. i finished that just now. yeah, just one sitting! that's why i'm proud of it. hehehe. this is not a plain doodle anymore because i'm now trying to conceptualize my artworks. sort of putting a theme to every piece. i'm gonna miss doodling but for now i must, uhhh, innovate? grow? i dunno. i just want to incorporate different themes in my style of drawing.

i'm loving Shakey's V League right now! can't get enough of that volleyball action! but of course not all teams give me a WHOA while they're on court. i especially appreciate the lady falcons (adamson university) because of suzanne (?? not sure >.<)roces. her skills just knock me off the bed. BUT OF COURSE,

there's my favorite player, JINDARAT KANCHANA! a thai import. she plays for ateneo right now but last year she played for lasalle. yeah, i like her! even last year. and you know, she plays with an injured leg! now that's really.. uhh... great! haha. but seriously, even though there are a lot of players who are far better than her, she's the one that really caught my interest. she plays really well and i admire her a lot for that. ^__^

yesterday was really exhausting! early morning i went off to los banos to register. my friend jonathan and i agreed to meet at the bus terminal. when got there, he realized he just LOST HIS PHONE! his nokia N-something flip phone! some wacko thief from the ordinary bus stole it from his bag! i'm really sorry for him. i was even guilty for a while because we were texting when he's on the bus, the thief must have noticed his phone when he pulled it out to reply to my messages. :(

blah blah blah... UP at last!

when i got my form 5, there's a note stuck on it which says i have to cancel 1 unit or apply for overload. of course, i will apply for overload because if i cancel a subject, that's going to be 3 units off my workload and i'm gonna be underloaded by then.

and wait, i realized i didn't have enough money to pay the tuition fee! that's because the stupid online registration system turned off the matriculation assessment that's why i wasn't able to know how much exactly my tuition fee costs. and when i got there and looked at my form 5, i realized i was 200 pesos short! and i don't have money for the fare home too! so here's how my registration day took off:

i went to CEAT (college of eng'g...) to get my form 5, then i rushed to the dorm to hopefully find someone who can lend me money. THANKS A LOT TO TITA BETH (our landlady), she lend me 200 pesos plus my pamasahe! ♥ from there i went to the OUR (office of the univ. registrar) then to CEAT for the overload permit then to the Chemical Eng'g department for some signatures and approval then back to CEAT again to surrender my approved application for overload to the college secretary.

whew. i walked a LOT!
but thank God it's over!

keep moving forward

here's my most recent artwork or doodlework, whichever. that's half the size of a short bond paper. i made it awhile ago, while waiting for some mp3s to download completely. majorly inspired by the movie 'meet the robinsons' hence tiny the dinosaur, and the two guys on the right. :)

the guy on the rightmost part, that's wilbur robinson, he's my new crush! ♥ he reminds me a lot of jude law when he played as a mecha in AI!

wee. i'm proud of this one! but you see, the original version, as in the tangible thing sitting beside me... is way better that that. nevermind. hope you appreciate it. :)

here are 2 other versions . edited through photoshop. mehn. it looks better than the original. :( which do you prefer though?

filter > texture >craquelure

filter > artistic > cutout

i've already uploaded the original version in my devart account. see it here

all we need is love $$$$$

i just lost it. awhile ago there seems to be a lot of things i'm itching to write about and now they're all gone. :\ i forgot everything! grrr. anyhow. guess how long i was online this day? pretty much 10 hours. and it's conking on my head already. my sister needs me online so that she can have a 'live update' of her system-one account while she settles her schedule there in los banos. yeah, so from los banos to manila she texts me to check on her account for this and that. of course i would comply, who else would do the job? what's utterly difficult with it is that she asked me waitlist her in every subject in her recommended courses that fits in her schedule. can you imagine how tiresome that is?

it's pretty much like this, there are around 50 course openings and one by one i have to check their timeslot, if it fits in her preliminary schedule then i'm going to waitlist her there. and of course i have to make sure it doesn't conflict with one of her confirmed subjects. so there

much more, she asked me (ok, i volunteered) to email this 3 paged attachment to the ICS admin. i thought it was a piece of cake, sending an email attachment was never hard.
but getting a decent internet connection is.
i'm just going to email 3 superdangit files! i've scanned them already and tried to send it but because of our loser internet connection, 600kb worth of documents cannot be sent completely until after an hour. an hour. one superdangit hour. >_>;

and we haven't paid our internet bills yet. haha, what is this? payback time? i swear, when i get my own laptop i'm going to invest on wi-fi so that i wouldn't go through all the hassle of securing a telephone line an a sane internet service provider. all i need is lots of $$$$$$

anyhow, after that i'm free already. and by free, i mean i can now play chicken invaders without the cellphone ringing for more orders favors. ♥

my take on freedom

warning: long post ahead. sit back, relax and nevermind my grammatical errors.

yeah, it's june 12! everybody, let's celebrate!!!

ok, honestly. i don't feel this day. i just don't feel the freedom. or maybe i'm just not sure what freedom really is? why, do you have any idea what geniune freedom speaks about? no you don't. neither do i! except that i know that decades ago, a group of patriots died for it. yeah, we're taught about that in gradeschool and up to now, my knowledge of what freedom really is hasn't grown. >_> maybe i'm just too dumb. or maybe, we filipinos think we're so much deprived of everything that we don't anymore recognize what our national heroes fought for.

huuh? i don't know. even though it's our national independence day, it doesn't give me an excuse to write something sensible, much more deep and inquisitive, cos i don't do that. that's not me. my idea of things doesn't cross the borders of being an intellectual. i am not that. i'm shallow, really shallow, vain, conceited, vain, vain some more, i can't talk about anything else other that how my day went, yah... this is my little vanity outlet. i'll shut up now.

okok. i don't feel the freedom that is incorporated during independence days but i do feel freedom everyday! it's just not the type of freedom that rallyists fight for. but you see...

[o sige, FOREWARN: ang gulo ng kasunod nito. hahaha pero at least nasabi ko lahat, kahit na super incoherent na nya. wahehehe]

freedom has always been at hand

the problem is, we just let it sit on our palms. we don't grasp it like how it must be. you know what, once we (and i'm talking about us pinoys) grasp that piece of freedom that was distributed by our national heroes in each and every Filipino palm (>.<), we will understand that there is more to freedom than what's playing on our tv screens. we will get to understand that freedom isn't all about being heard by the government. real freedom lies within. check yourselves, and see in which aspect of your life you remain caged. once we free ourselves from our own personal cages, then real freedom begins.

uhh, friends... i know what i'm talking about, i just don't know if you understand. >_> i'm not so sure of my words, nor my illustrations but i just want share to you my own understanding of freedom. it's just that...

ganito yan. feeling kasi nating mga Pilipino, masyado tayong deprived! kesho bawal mag squat dito o kung san pa man, feeling natin we're being robbed of our right to live! like we're being deprived of our freedom to get a good shelter... but no. porque bawal ang ganito at ganyan, bawal dito at doon, feeling natin binabalik ulit tayo sa nakaraan kung saan inaapi tayo and inaalila ng mga animal na dayuhan na yan. pero hindeeeee, tayo ang umaabuso sa ating sariling kalayaan. we MUST understand that freedom does not give us an escuse to gain access to things that are forbidden by law. we MUST understand that national freedom is a state of independency from being a colony of a foreign nation. it's not a state of allowing every Filipino to do whatever he wants. >_>

and now we brag about our freedom being shackled once more, and by none other than our very own countrymen!

feeling natin hindi tayo pinapakinggan, pero ang totoo wala tayong alam kung ano ang tunay na sitwasyon ng bayan natin. kaya nga naghahalal tayo ng mamumuno, dahil sa kanya natin ini-aatas lahat ng tungkulin ng pagpapalago ng pilipinas. pero ang nangyayari, gusto lang natin ng may masisisi! puro tayo sisi! kasalanan ni ganito, kasi kurakot sya! kasalanan ni ganyan kasi hindi nya tayo pinakikinggan!

e kasi.. hmmm. sa totoo lang, iisa lang naman talaga ang gusto nating mangyari for our dearest Philippines. gusto natin itong mag prosper!! and by being prosperous, andyan na yung mabawasan ang people under the poverty line, mabawasan an krimen, graft and corruption, maging clean and green ang bayan, maging totoong Christian nation and pilipinas, yumaman ang bansa. yeah, lahat lahat yan kasama sa pagiging prosperous pero what we don't know is that THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO GET TO THAT. sobrang dami! and most of us fail to realize na iba't ibang daan ang tinatahak ng mga nakaupo sa pwesto para makarating don!

take gloria (i don't care kung galit ka sa kanya), economista sha so most probably she'll focus on our economy para mapalago ang bansa dahil yun ang expertise nya, yun ang tinapos nya eh. h'bout kung iba ang presidente? let's take a teacher? kung teacher ang presidente, malamang magfofocus sha sa education para masolusyunan ang problema ng bansa. e kung military man ang naging presidente? possible martial law, magiging supere strict and batas,so you see, iba't ibang tao, iba't ibang paraan, pero iisa lang ang layunin. and we don't realize that.

gusto natin yung gusto natin ang masusunod, feeling natin yun ang tama. pero ang totoo we're just being selfish. wala tayong masisi kaya puro tayo OUST OUST OUST! rally dito rally doon. e ano ba yang mga rally na yan? nanghahatak lang naman yan ng mga adik sa kanto para magbuhat ng banners and streamers ah. binabayaran lang sila. tapos magkakatraffic, magkakaroon ng mga aksidente, may magbubungguan, tapos sisisihin ang MMDA dahil kulang ang traffic signs. HUWAAAT? e magkanda duling duling na nga ako sa kababasa ng mga paalala nila sa daan eh. yun nga lang ang liit ng font, it'll take a while for me to finish reading. hmmph. so yun, maninisi nanaman .tayo! tapos mamaya magagalit tayo dahil ang dumi dumi ng pilipinas. tanga. e kalat mo yun eh! >_>

ay ewan basta.
tigilan na ang paninisi. just keep quiet kung reklamo lang naman ang sasabihin mo dahil the truth is, alam na NILA yan. ginagawan na nga ng paraan e. feeling mo kasi ang dali dali lang non.

hintay ka lang dude.
kain muna. gutom lang yan. hahahaha

oha. ang labo ko.

you're the man, wilbur!

-yesterday was fun! terai, kache, yndi, kim and i went to trinoma.
-picture taken at this picture booth (my name ba yun?) at Timezone.
-we watched Meet the Robinsons!! yeah! it's now my favorite movie! watch it to know why! :)
-hahaha terai bought the wasabi flavored popcorn from taters. o.O
-then we ate at yellowcab, where i consumed 2 slices of an 18 inch ny classic pizza.

-and theeeennnn.... dairy queeen! yeheeeeey.
-then after a while... uwi uwi.

aww, the end.

terai and i arrived home at around 1030pm. lol. thanks kachee for the ride!

ay teka. naguguluhan pa ako. basta super fun yung kahapon! now, i'm still waiting for kachee to post the pictures on her multiply... excited na ko nakawin lahat yon! hahaha e kasi ang saya saya eh. nyhahahhaa

ok, what have i done?

wtf, i'm totally LOST in wordpress. i was checking my stats and found a referrer from a search engine where the keyword was 'uplb'. being curious i entered the referrer link and hopped through a lot of uplb campus websites. i found a uplbbloggers.pinoyblogosphere... blahblah then i registered on that site and also to their mailing list. i have just confirmed both accounts AND NOW I WANT TO DEACTIVATE THEM. i'm totally not thinking on why, in the first place, i signed up. not that i don't want to, i'm still fixing my retarded mailbox forcryingoutloud and for the meantime i make it a point not to use it for subscriptions.


look at the superwotcher schedule!

today is the opening of the online registration in uplb. i woke up at 6am to check my sched and i'm lucky enough to be given an instant 20 units! however, look at my sched and see my agony. they practically took my lunchbreak away! and i HAVE to eat on time because i'm hyperacidic! huhuhuhu my mom doesn't like my schedule as well, but it's better than being underloaded. hehehe and i don't have PE2! anyhow it's ok, i mean i couldn't afford to add another subject to my sched. and i'm really thankful that i only have 1 subject on fridays because that means i can go home early! yehey!

mehn, i have 3 labs! physics3 (dangit, i hate physics!), chem32 (the hardest chem, they say) and chem40 (considered as the pinaka walang kwentang chem - in this subject which is basic organic chem... all we do is synthesize those superdangit piatos shaped carbon molecules and gape at their wondrousness. ulk T_T)

so far i'm happy with my schedule! :D


lucky letter of the day

comment on this post, and I shall give you a letter. List ten things that relate to your life that start with the letter i gave you.

nez gave me the letter B!

1. Blog - i always blog. yeah
2. Birthdays - of course! i get one every year! and you too as well...
3. Books - i love reading
4. Boredom - it's been part of my life
5. Banana - one i can't live without when eating in los banos because it keeps the doctor away better than apples. :)
6. Bordo's Burgers - my favorite burger resto! yeah, better than BK! cheaper too! only in elbi! hehe
7. Boys? - i'm obviously running out of choices >_>
8. Batteries - i always make sure i have plenty on stock for my mp3 player
9. Bookmarks - i enjoy custom-making bookmarks! and yeah, i can't read without a bookmark... unles it's a textbook
10. Bed - yeah, we all love sleeping! wait, i just thought of this right now...the bed is the loveliest thing ever! why? because love always happens there! lol. corny... >_>

awhile ago, like 4PM... my dad and i went to swim at the clubhouse! yey. it's actually my first swim this summer. i just couldn't let my summer vacation pass by without me gracing a pool. haha more like drowning in a pool actually.

so yeah, we had fun. the best thing was the clouds were so dim and it actually rained so i don't have to bother with getting darker, plus we're the only people in the pool, so we owned it for 2 hours. but then, the pool wasn't so clean... so, i'd give that a thumbs down and a loud boo. i could even remember choking on an insect while i was floating, good thing i was able to cough it out before i completely swallow the humongous thing. o.O yuck.

and tomorrow, i have to wake up early for the online enlistment. i just hope i get all my subjects because mehn i couldn't afford to be underloaded cos that would mean a greater delay on my part. then when afternoon comes terai and i will leave and meet with kache, yndi and kim at TriNoma. sounds fun! :)

oh yeah, i wasn't able to go to our barkada gimmick today at trinoma. sorry. ^^;


>_> my head hurts, danngit! >_> mehn. i almost hated this day! yesterday i asked mom for permission to go to MoA with terai and ate theresa this friday after terai's seminar and she said yes. and by yes, it means that it's ok for her if we arrive home during the wee hours of the night since we're leaving at 5pm and friday means traffic. but now she changed her mind. i guess she isn't really thinking right when she allowed me yesterday, not that i'm saying it's a wrong thing to allow us but heh, it equally pisses me off. >_>

really, i couldn't care much about MoA if it weren't for mike. haha, yeah he's the lucky bloke. i still want to see him. to check if he still remembers me (though i doubt it but i just want to make sure. wahaha) or if he'll still put a heart on my name. oh yeh, before you get something out of this... i just want to remind you that i don't like him like that. i like him like a friend. huuuh? go figure! and besides, his being a barista is one of the major reasons why i want to be friends with him. i could just imagine if he's someone from, say seattle's best or mocha blends, i guess i wouldn't even look out for him next time... but the thing is, he's from starbucks. my favorite coffee shop. my favorite logo. my favorite drink.

you see, before i got into this horrible situation that i'm in where i have to impose a military-like discipline on my own and ground myself on coffee... i am the biggest freak that i know. everytime i visit starbucks and purchase a drink, i get two pieces of tissue paper and also one of those brochures that are displayed behind the chorva counter (whatever that's called.. alam nyo na yun). just 1 though. hahaha because i'm embarrassed (sp?) to, you know, GET THEM ALL AT THE SAME TIME. mehn dyahe. >_> and you know what i do with the tissue paper? the first tissue i use to hold the cup cos it's cold, and second... i fold it neatly and tuck it inside the brochure. yahahaha wattafreak. so you know, visit by visit, drink by drink, i managed to collect ALLLLL of the brochures displayed on that chorva counter. yaaah including the spark of hope donation slip. wahehehehehe. and i made sure they have their own tissue paper tucked in. what's that for? really, i don't know.

also, i already mentioned before that i collect cups as well. hehehe but only those that i can hide while going home. lol. i wouldn't want to be seen carrying empty sb plastic cups when i could just throw them away. yeah, i'm a freak but i'm also trying hard not to show it. ahahahahaha

anyhow, it's just a little collection of SB stuff that i've gathered. h'bout the planner? oh i don't have that. i drink a lot of coffee but i don't always drink at SB. come on, i also have my own box of instant coffee here at home and it's not like i'm gonna get a free planner with that. and besides, i don't feel like desecrating their planner with my unruly penmanship. err... i didn't mean that.

hmm... ohyeah back to the present. ok so no MoA tomorrow. hmph i even asked my sister if i could just buy the drink for her just so i could stand on that counter once again and chikiniyayatimanunggaasdfghjklqwertyuiop nevermind.


a beautiful mind

writer's block! grrr... i keep on staring at the ms word file i made and nothing seems to spring out from my brain. so far i've only made 1 sentence. yeah, 1 superdanggit sentence and it looks like it's gonna take a long time before the 2 second sentence appears. grrr... everything has been planned out in my brain already! how harry and draco will meet, how the conflict will surface, how harry will struggle with his emotions... including the ending! i've already planned out the ending but i'm here... squeezing my brains out to translate these images into a comprehensible language. waaaahhhh!!!

so if you've noticed (only if you've been here before) i made a few, really minor, changes in this blog. yeah, that includes the rounded edges on the header image as well as the entry box. honestly, i had a hard time 'rounding-up' the edges of the image because... nyaah... i simply don't know how to use it in photoshop. >_> i had to fumble through it do be able to get the desired effect. though i'm not sure if this layout is well-parsed in your browsers cos i also edited the margins... i'm afraid it'll looked skrewed up in other computers. does it?

orayt! i need to get inspired!

new post :p

i can't wait for school to start over. oh don't get me wrong, it's all about the allowance. everytime i look over a display window and see something i want, there's only one line running through my head, 'i have to get my allowance already!'

allowance spells a lot of things for a college student living miles away from her parents. i'm excited to save, save and probably indulge on selfish little treats as well... like a cup of coffee. yeah, it wouldn't hurt a lot would it? nyaaaah. >_>

i can't help but feel envious of people who are celebrating their birthdays already. you know what, i feel so left behind when i open my multiply account and see tons and tons of albums containing 'happy 18th birthday ____' along with a sidepic that is usually vain. hehehe. >.< haaaay... to all my batchmates who are aleady 18... I ENVY YOU BIG TIME!!!!

let's leave that.
so uh, this morning my mom brought me to the hospital to get a flu shot. it's my first time to get it. well, nothing much.
oh, terai and i made ref cake awhile ago too. yeah right. boring. >_>

maybe when school comes i'll have more things to rant about... which i guess would either be a) a subject i'm failing or b) another crush
or maybe both.

chicken invaders

i'm finally done reading Avalon High. hmm... it was ok. at first i thought it would totally suck because as we all know it, there's an average girl, a jock and a cheerleader... characters who are never outcasted in a teen novel... but then i realized somewhere in the middle that it's not that bad for a chic-lit. actually it's like this, the story is just about regular and stereotypical teenagers who are believed to be (at least by some group of people) the modern day characters from the Legend on King Arthur. yeah, like reincarnations. hehe ok naman sya... but i think it's better off not as a chic-lit. eheheehe

that's it. not much for now...


i have a freakin mouthsore. make that two. no, three. and maybe even four cos i'm starting to feel another one bubbling out. mehn.

i have a new favorite book! no, not something from Meg Cabot... i'm not gonna fave a chic-lit from now on. hehehe...
it's a book by a very influential lay Catholic preacher... Bo Sanchez! it's called HOW TO BE REALLY REALLY REALLY HAPPY.

really, i was blessed after reading it. it's a very short book, a compilation of his best forewords from his magazine or whatever it is that you call the first article on Kerygma. it was all humorous and powerful and sensible and it hits you right on your err.. funny bone? naah. just that. it's a goooood read! it doesn't matter if you're not a Catholic (like me)... i highly recommend this book to all of you out there! Bo Sanchez is a really funny guy! he doesn't preach like the one you see in masses. when he preaches... it will seem like you're attending an inspirational seminar instead of a regular sunday homily. hehehe


the best thing that i learned from the book is this, God is a simple God! yeah! i wouldn't have realized it myself if he hadn't cited it out. God is simple. he isn't complicated. he can be understood. but we humans are just so fickle-minded that he even had to let down his son to deliver the message we're so dying to comprehend. and yet, we ignored! yeah, we're so stupid. really stupid. sorry Lord.

and you know what. we should always talk to God. yeah, casual talk. like a friend! he likes it a lot when we talk to him like he's our bestfriend... cos in the first place we're already his friend! right before we were conceived. and we only have to realize it.

i'm not cutting on tomatoes anymore. i realized that the roooot of the evilness forming withing my stomach lining can be traced from the way i take care of myself during summer classes. you know, i get dismissed by 1pm... in which nothing edible is being consumed in my stomach. i drink a lot of coffee... well just one cup/night but then during afternoons i drink a beer mug full of Milo. i can finish the whole 400g pack in a week. heh. and i hardly drink tap water, it's always cold cold cold. and well, i always sleep right after eating. >_> hehe i know the fault is all mine. @_@ so... hmmmm.

book of the dumb

currently reading: avalon high - meg cabot

it's been ages since i last read chic-lit. actually i just downloaded it as an ebook and i'm reading it now through ms reader. people say chic-lits, or generally teen novels, make you dumber. i say it improves your writing style but doesn't really enhance your vocabulary. for heavy plotted books, the style of writing is barely acknowledged because it gets burried under the towering highfaluting words and the plot can readily compensate for it. >_> however for chic-lits, given a shallow (and almost ridiculously annoying) plot, there's nothing more to look forward to than the style. and that's where teen novelists strive to excel.

personally, i like reading teen novels. yeah, i don't care how much it would drain me of my IQ... i like reading them because of the romance! yeah, i also don't care how much corny and cheesy the scene is as long as it's written nicely (with wit and sarcasm)... i will definitely like it. :)

i'm a big fan of geeky girls getting a major makeover and totally removing the blond cheerleader off the quarterback's sight. >_> but then it has become a big trend for chic-lits nowadays that i am already disgusted on the way authors play with that cliche. >_> that's why i only pick the authors i like and have tested to be both humorous and romantic. wahehehehe...

i'm getting dumber and dumber by the second...

anyhow. after i read Avalon High, i'll be downloading a couple more books online. i'd like to read something by Niel Gaiman although i'm having a hard time looking for downloads. i also want to reread All-American Girl by Meg Cabot. my favorittteeee teen novel! but apparently, i couldn't find any more of its old-school paperback edition that only costs 300. they've repacked the book! and it's around 400 pesos already. grrr... i hate spending a lot on just 1 thing. unless it's coffee (hey. i'm still grounded). >_>

oh, tomorrow must be great. yeah it should be! :D

even demons disguise themselves as angels

that was my latest doodle work. hehehe.


ka, nez and i watched the movie Whisper, as in 'the devil has found a new playmate'
well, NOT REALLY. >_>
it was supposed to be horror but it didn't really scare me that much. hehehehe and it turned out to be a comedy pa...
maybe it really depends on your company...
because... no matter how scary the movie is, if you're with a crazy group of people you'd be spitting out fits of laughter instead of screaming your head off! nyahahaha...

oha ang saya namin e.

but before that we ate in pizza hut muna where we ordered CHEESYPOPS!! yeah, first time mehn! all hail those pullable pops!! hehehehe...

yikeee nez... ferjunferujunferjunferjun. ehehehehehe pati na rin ung kundoktor ng bus. ehihihihihihihihi

funny pa, kasi before we went out we rang the bell in pizza hut. as in the 'please ring the bell if you had a good time' bell. and the waiter who opened the door for us, named Ferjun (hihihi), CLAPPED! yeah super.. SOP ba yon?

eto pa, wala namang nakasulat na 'please ring the bell if you had a good time'. wala, trip lang. nyahahaha

thank you KA for the popcorn! nyahehehe... and also for the ride to Ever!

so yeaaah, i had a good time.

onga pla... while in the car... we're planning a lot of things!!! we're gonna buy a BEACH HOUSE! ohaa? and we're planning to fly to SINGAPORE!!! yeahboi! eto pa.. we're planning to open a joint account (of 13 people?! hahaha) to start saving for our BEACH HOUSE!! oyeah. hehehe... LOL.


and KA... kanggarabarat is beside youu...


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