oh my blog

hahaha. hello anime!
i'm enjoying reading slam dunk and prince of tennis doujins! yehey. haha. i miss Senru! wahahaha. oh my, i wish i were back in highschool where i can openly converse with my friends about my new found obsession. back then it wouldn't sound so taboo to talk about bishounens and senru and yaoi... but now.... only this blog understands.

dear blog. (wtf? i'm now talking to my blog) i'm so grateful you came into my life. you're the reason why i could keep a lot of things untold. you contain a lot of things i prefer unheard. you've been tolerant to my pointless ramblings and childish tantrums. you've been with me through thick and thin. you never leave me. you're always there. ready to listen. you know all my crushes even though i keep them in *tooots* and ____ most of the time. there's a time i had to put you down but i realized i can't just leave these scornful things unpublished. you're my portal to a different world. you opened me to the world of html. because i don't want to see you in your default state, i was pushed to create a unique layout just for you. it takes me hours just to adorn you with the best i could manage. and look, all your previous clothes were dumped on the rummage sale for other people to use. see for yourself how you've grown and how i've grown as well.
awwww. i'm just so proud that i'm still actively blogging for 3 years! 3 years of pure indistinguishable gibberish!! cheeeerrrs to us mr. blog (now he's a MR)

hotaru no mori!

*sniff* *sniff* what a sad love story. i totally love it.

download it here
the title is Hotaru No Mori under One Shots and Extras.
mehn. i'm so inspired to turn it into a harryXdraco! yeah.

ah. that's a manga/comics. hehe. i suggest you don't download anything else aside from that because as far as i'm concerned, everything else is a slash/boyxboy/yaoi thing so i'm afraid you'll freak out. haha. unless, like me, you favor slash. haha.

hotaru no mori is a hetero paired manga. haha. weee. it's rare that i liked hetero paired comics. waheehehee.

now i'm reading a doujin of 'tennis no ohjisama'. wahahahaaaa.

stalking your crush on the net

to tell you honestly, i've been in this nasty business for about some time now especially when i heard of some google search options you could do to narrow down your research.

you probably know this already. heh.

if you want to get more information about your crush, aside from asking people (and asking him personally as well)... it's also nice to know what the world wide web says about him. if your crush doesn't have a public blog (like mine), has his friendster account set to private (like mine), and doesn't usually go around the net (like mine. lol), you have to rely on other sources. like his friends. BUT if you don't want to talk his friends into giving you infos about him because... hello? it's too obvious, you can stalk them as well. and because you're too shy to hide behind the lampost and secretly take notes about them while they eat... well, you've got the ever reliable internet to depend on.

bwahahaha. i'm so pathetic for even sharing this to you!
so first of all you have to know your crush's name. what a loser if you only know his first name. you should now his 2nd name (if there's any) and most importantly his surname. hahaha. so, like me, if you want to stay safe and learn more about him in a discreet manner that only you and the 'history' of your internet explorer browser knows... here's how.

pagsisisihan ko ba 'to?

ah basta eto lang yon: in Google, enclose your search string with quotations to get more specific search feeds. for example, "ryan agoncillo" ♥ google will only show you links that mention those words. yeah. cool, huh. try vanity searching to see how many websites actually contain your name on it.

problema na nga lang kung
a) maraming kapangalan ang crush nyo eg. Juan Dela Cruz, mga Santos, Dizon... blah
-if this happens, try his nick+surname.
b) or... super walang alam ang web tungkol sa kanya. whaaaat?

hahaha. the point is, even though your crush doesn't own anything publicly displayed on the web for you to marvel on, there're always websites that will somehow (one way or another) mention him. LIKE HIS FRIEND'S BLOG. CLASS SITES. FORUMS. (i found them all. hooraaah.)

believe me. actually, right now i'm looking at some of his highschool-mates blogs.

mehn. would you believe meeeeee???? i'm this desperate to know hiiimmmm? but all we share are stolen stares and innocent glances that only I acknowledge as signs of something 'good' brewing. girls are normally like that - a casual glance is a largely ambiguous term. he knows i exist because he thinks i have a crush on him. which is true, everybody (almost) does anyway. and it makes me jealous thinking that he's only interested (not even) in me because i'm one of those junk of bitches who fell for him.

lol. i'm so interested with him.

ps: i'm just lucky that he has a unique nickname. made my research easier. lol

yeah right

waw! uno ako sa PE1. hello? wala namang nakakatres dun eh! if i know lahat naman kami di bababa sa dos. haha. magkaganunman. hah! at least may uno! perstaym! kahit na hindi counted sa grades. hahahaha. sayang naman. sana kasi binibilang ang PE1... may lecture din naman yun eh. grrrrr.... minsan lang ako maka-uno yung hindi pa counted. edi sana kahit pano tataas GWA ko. huhuhuhuhuhu. anubanamanyan.

uh! hindi nakuha ni july class card ko sa math! dapat talaga personally. sayang. nevermind na nga. di ko na makukuha yon kahit kailaaaaaaaan. ayoko na bumalik sa elbi! i'm not interested with my math grades. >.< i'm (still) worried with chem! woooot! sana pumasa. walang kamatayang kahihiyan ang haharapin ko kung sakaling mag-repeat ako! oh shame.


shane. awww... shaaaaaannnneeee!!!! shaaaannneee (on me)!!!!!

hahaha weird. uuuuuyyy, ngayon lang ulit ako nag taglish. haha. mas ok to. mas weird. i mean, i know my english is somewhat weird... pero ewan. hahaha. ganun. wala ako natutunan sa eng1, maliban sa...

a) wag magpabuntis habang nasa kolehiyo
b) wag mag bartender kasi pang pokpok un (wtf talaga!)
c) always cut your yellow paper with scissors. wag dilaan at punitin. sinko yun.

eto ang pinakaproductive na natutunan ko sa eng1.

..kung pano gumamit ng post office.

as in yun old school way of delivering mails. ang kyut tingnan ng envelope na may stamps. weeeeeeee....

eng1 has never been of great help to me. hahaha.. sa totoo lang. sobrang dumbfounded ako sa finals hindi nya tinuro yung sentence compression. good thing, a good classmate sort of lectured us before the finals toook place. ayon. bullseye! yun na yun ang test na binigay.

hay ewan.


for the good of this blog and your viewing pleasure as well, please don't open this blogsite in firefox or any other browser except for Internet Explorer 7. i'm afraid it'll look trashed and messy and skrewed and ugly and...etc. i'll fix it later when i finally have a firefox. for the meantime...

haha. new layout. i like the header! wee.. i think it's cute. ahahaha. i'm not really good in photoshop. and just like before i coded this thing using notepad. anyhow. i'll probably do some changes with the position and stuff to make it look a bit more presentable in other browsers. there's really something retarded with the way i work with css. grrr.

finally. we have unlimited internet access! yeah. it's not dsl, as much as i'd love to, but a cheaper and slower version that charges only 400 a month for a maximum of 48kbps. i can bear with that. it's not like i'm not used to it anyway. =)

yey. i'm finally going to watch 300! next week, wednesday, sm north, with mika! hoooooooorah.

conformity is bitch

i want to change this layout.

finally done with the finals. what a relief. the chem16 finals was... err... like what i said in math, it was so-so. steady lang. i think it was easier. 210 points. before passing my paper i tabulated all the correct answers that i'm confident i got right and it reached beyond passing score. i was glad. really glad but after the test when i inquired it with my friends, we all have different answers. what the hell? i don't know what's right and wrong anymore. either way, it wouldn't kill to repeat.

what an irony. among all the subjects i took since i was a kid, chem16 is the only subject i learned the most from. yes, i love what i have learned and what a shame that from all the things i learned and could be boastful of, there's a big chance i'd end up repeating the blasted subject. what a big loser. i thought i was smart enough, but i guess i slacked-off too much. wait. scratch that. i didn't slack-off! i poured my every braincell into understanding the concepts that goes along with chem but why are my efforts - the sleepless nights, the nervous breakdowns and this forming mental illness - still inversely proportional to my grades?

mehn. it's too early to say things like that. but either way, pass or fail... i'm not going to lose it. i'm fine with repeating actually. but i'm better off taking 17 this summer. duh.

this day:

before going home as usual i dropped by SM megamall. i left my backpack in the package counter and headed to St. Francis Square. it was a damn long walk, every now and then i stop on my tracks to see if i can jaywalk along the barred aisles because the heat is killing me, much more, the heat is like supplying me with extra melanin. i don't need that! i'm dark enough. no, i'm too dark already. but my conscience prevailed, i mean, my ego (in psych terms the ego is the executive and chief mediator of the personality. the most rational part of our beings) took charge. and so i walked the extra mile to reach my destination. but before that, i saw Chateau 1771. it reminded me of our prosec field trip and the yummy chicken fillet. which led to me realizing that the Podium is just... there.

i entered podium and instantly got bored. much more, i felt like a 3rd class citizen living in a classic Philippine shanty. is there anything i'm holding now that would make me feel like an upperclass socialite? ah. i have my earphones stuck in my ears, they're white so it looks like i have an ipod when in fact i have a smaller, cheaper thing. i easily dismissed the thought and tried to look around in hopes of finding something worthwhile. nothing (aside from starbucks).

i hate myself when i go to places like podium or rockwell (or anywhere expensive). it makes me feel inferior about myself. everywhere i look, i see high profile people (or so i thought). it makes me wish for a lot of things like, i wish i were whiter, i wish i have smooth legs and shaved eyebrows, i wish i have that bag you're holding now instead of this cheap bag with the words 'accident and health' written in big boldfaced letters. i wish i look like a rich teenager. i'm becoming a social climber. that's why i avoid those places unless i'm wearing my best and my wallet is stuffed with lotsa moolahs. T_T; i'm incredibly pathetic i want to kill myself.

my self esteem is way below the average.
and because i hate what i'm thinking and feeling at that time, i decided to indulge on coffee. where else? i bought a venti mocha frappe. it's big and expensive and it gives you instant status hike. admit it, starbucks has become a status symbol. even if you're wearing your worst, as long as you're sipping through that trademark green straw, you're away from the people's negative prejudgment. but in my case, you can't just take away coffee from my lifestyle so please understand that i drink because i crave.

i'm totally hating my attitude.
which is why after getting my order, i headed directly to St. Francis square to buy dvd's. The L Word is everywhere and they have until season 4!! but i held back, thinking that i'm being selfish and evil if buy it because... hello? i can't just invite my parents to watch lesbian porn! and i don't like watching alone so i figured i just have to buy 300. at least i could watch it with my dad. =) good girl.

then i went back to megamall. i bought some vanity stuff, mostly whitening goods, because unlike other people who want to get tan this summer, i want to get fairer. just fairer. not really that white. hahaha. i'm so vain. hahaha.

ps: i saw raymart santiago in the podium awhile ago. starstrucked? not even. if it were ryan agoncillo, i'll instantly dismiss the fact that i look like a 3rd class thingy and get a picture with him... using my sucker of a cam phone that takes a century to load. XP

1 down, 2 to go!

at last! done with the math17 finals!! my golly, if they only have exemptions then i wouldn't have faced the dread of sitting on a chair and sweating hard for 2 freakin hours! i believe i lost more braincells than i could have earned by thinking a lot. grrr...

hmm. the test was err.. so-so. steady lang. i mean, i'm a big idiot for not studying earlier. our prof gave our 5th unit exam as a TAKE HOME and mehn, that take home exam took the whole of my weekend. i wasn't able to rationalize well by then that's why i didn't notice that i didn't have enough time to study my notebook cover to cover. our exam started at 2pm and i was only able to study by 12:30! oh well, at least i got some problems right. i also guessed a lot during the multiple choice. hehe. bahala na.

ok. tomorrow is the end of all my miserieeeeessss! 10am to 12noon i'll be having my eng1 finals. i'll study later. then at 4-6pm....

*insert annoying drumroll here*

chem16!!!! (same thing, study later. you know me)

*insert loud boo's - much better, throw tin cans, crumpled papers, rotten tomatoes and please include your chemistry notebooks and your reduction-potential tables as well*

after dealing with those stupid required final exams, i can now do my philo paper due on wednesday. i should've done it over the weekend but i forgot to bring my philosophical analysis book and the guidelines for making the paper at home. what an idiot.

oh well. after wednesday... i'm all free! yes, as in i don't have to do anything else, no more forced studying and all those junk. but on the dull side...
i can't leave til friday afternoon because our math prof required us to get our standings on that day. grrr. boooooooo.

and on the day before that, our PE1 class cards are out as well. hm, i'll just have someone get it for me.

my head really hurts, i need some.... ice cream.

if only

yes! if only! that's the title of my new fic. remember i added a few paragraphs to my long forgotten fic before? now i figured it's about time to post it. it's just the prologue actually, pretty short but i'm just too excited to post it and get feedbacks.

unfortunately, fanfiction.net is having their usual overload errors and they wouldn't let me sign in. just great.

summary: if you've lost the only person you could turn to, how far would you go to bring him back?

of course that's a harryXdraco! wouldn't want to deviate from the most popular, most anticipated, sexiest fictitious and homosexual pair ever. bwahaha.

ohmy, i haven't started studying for our math17 finals tomorrow. haha. great.

2007 planner

i just finished making the cover now. sorry the black ink sucks because i just used an ordinary ballpen and not a sign pen (could've gotten a better effect with it). the bg's are just construction papers. =) i haven't put plastic cover yet.
yeah, it's almost 4 months late, i know. who cares.
oh, you can also see this under 'Artworks'. i have just uploaded it in my devart account. =)

stop with 'hell week' will you?

at last. i've added a few paragraphs to my long forgotten fic - Don't Turn Back. i guess my fic writing mojo will be having a grand comeback somwhere between april to may. i just can't wait till the finals week is over. my mind is racing of ideas, both romantic and strange and the bunnies are plotting again. i'll be leaving the rated:M realm for now because i can't seem to write naughty stuff for now. i want tragedy. i'm becoming a big fan of traggic endings. and i can't seem to get over it.



you know what. it's my mom's birthday on monday! yey. and it's also the beginning of our finals week. i'll be taking 3 subjects, which are all required. math17, chem16 and eng1. eng1?? eng1??? RIDICULOUS ISN'T IT???? and to think our professor didn't really teach us anything. grr...

haaay. i'm starting to accept the huge possibility of me repeating chem16 next sem. >.< God forbid. mehn.

hahaha. i'm not feeling the supposed to be 'hell week'. why do people feel 'hell weeks' anyway? i just oppose to the idea of calling a week 'hell' because every day is made by God and you're just going to take it as hell? mehn. that's rude. God didn't make 7 days a week only to be called hell. =(

on the contrary, all the hardships we get are God's form of testing us. and mind you, according to the Bible, he won't give us anything we can't handle. so if you get a really difficult problem, be flattered! because God knows it is in your capacity to solve it. hehehe

i have a lot of things planned this summer. well, first of all i have to resume my exercise routine. i'm getting fatter and fatter of *ehem* studying. next i have to write. even though i didn't learn anything helpful in english 1 - where i'm expecting to broaden my knowledge on grammar - i still have to write because... the ideas are killing me mehn! and also, i have to save money. if i don't get chem17 this summer, i won't be having my allowance. sooo... i need to find a job.

wahehehehee. ok. i'm excited to get over this week. yeheesssss!!!

slaughter house

i should be studying right now but i figured i have to first satiate this unhealthy urge to go online. you see, i get excited when i'm faced with a long list of to-do's. and that's just how far it can go. just excited. i feel excited to start and get things done. but again, it's just a feeling. something that makes me feel weird about myself because it's very unlike me to consider 'studying' an 'exciting' activity.

i'm starting to get immune to the sound of hard drumming of fingers on the keyboard. blame it all on O2Jam. mehn. >.<

late news.
i attended the 'convocation on large classes' last friday just for the heck of it. actually i just want to sit down in an airconditioned auditiorium to rest. i planned to stay only for a few minutes but upon hearing the discussion and questions of the students and faculty members, my interest was ignited. i thought, hey... this is quite an interesting topic so i stayed until the forum ended. they're getting feedbacks on us regarding the proposed large classes to be implemented starting 1st sem AY07-08 on selected subjects. this is majorly a bad news especially for us students. what i'm more concerned on is that they're taking chem to lecture halls as well!! as i've rhetorically asked before, "how could you sacrifice quality education for cost-cutting measures?"

what's more depressing about it is that the chancellor himself claimed the large classes scheme as experimental depending on the efficiency of the procedure. more so, they cannot even present to us a material basis or case study that calls for the necessity of the action. how the hell are we going to accept that? when the scheme lay inefficient in educating the students, definitely it will be pulled back. yes, that's a good thing. but what about those who failed? what about those who were forced to act as guinea pigs to measure the efficiency of the experiement? how are their efforts going to be compensated? uggh, i really hate it when our questions are either left unanswered or given a safe answer. it's pretty obvious that they only set this convocation for formality's sake. but it didn't really bear any helpful results. i just hope i don't get to be a victim in this largely unsolicited decision they0 came up with.

oh. the thing with the large classes is to give way for the senior faculty to teach and to, as usual, save money. i personally prefer fresh grads or younger people to teach because they are less boring and they can still simplify everything into lay man's term. but the senior faculty? yes they could boast their PhD's and masterals however they want but wouldn't it be boring to have someone old, less creative, and more technical teach you a hard subject? aw mehn.

anyhow. i've ranted enough considering that this topic didn't even made it to the list of 'the things i should worry about most'. hahahaha.

ok. i'm logging off. i should start studying already. i have two exams tomorrow. grant me the blessing, Lord! =)

i need sleep

the headache's killing me and i still have a lot of things to do. saturday, i slept at 3am just to finish my psy1 project. the next morning i feel my head split into two. sunday morning we went to church, felt really blessed that i heard God's word. and we're talking about the Rapture. wouldn't want to miss that.

i feel really excited to start doing my workload. i know it's weird and ultimately so unlike me but i thank God for the feeling. if not then i would be procastinating again. and wait. finals week is fast approaching. i'm so excited to get over it. mehn.

mehn. the keyboards here are really hard. >.<

staying alive! staying alive! ah! ah! ah! ah!

the academic days are ending soon. i though i still have enough time to make up for my grades but no. to hell with it, i'm having negative vibes and unhealthy jitters all over just because of my chem standing. maybe i should really retake it because... ehem, "i believe that quality education takes time." hahaha.

i reserved a slot for chem17 this SUMMER. which means i'm taking up summer classes IF i pass chem16 this sem. that's the big question. i really want to pass. seriously. who wouldn't? i've been through a lot for this subject, even shed my blood and sweat grime but still my efforts are not being repaid in equity. instead i get disgraceful grades that would put my whole clan to shame. why is it that it's too hard for me get a passing grade? i'm not dumb (unlike before). i've learned a lot already. but why is it still painfully hard for me to get a freakin 3??

hell has a new spelling now and it's spelled C-H-E-M. hell has also a new added synonym and it's also called chem. hell is chem and chem is hell.

to chem with it!!!
what the chem?!?
go to chem!
chem yeah!

despite the evident damnation of the said subject, i'm still not giving up. maybe i don't have even an ounce of passion for chem running through my veins but i'll strive to learn. even if it takes me YEARS and YEARS and more YEARS!

which leads me to this. maybe it doesn't really matter that i take summer classes despite the huge delays awaiting. my supposedly 5 years of stay here will probably be extended to 6 years. all because of chem. but my goal here is to learn and i suppose i wouldn't be able to absorb 6 months of lessons in just 1 month. besides, i'm trying to build up a passion for chem and rushing things up will only make me hate chem more, not love it. if i want to understand chem more on an atomic basis, i should take more time as well.

and besides, i have a lot of plans for summer! i want to have fun!

karaoke, disco bar, o showgirl?

reality check. i have a heavy junk of homeworks waiting on my desk to be noticed. ok so before i plunge into the deathly whirlpool of schoolworks our professors mercilessly dumped on our backs, let me share to you the most exciting thing, EVER, that i have anticipated in my entire college life.

friday afternoon my sister and i went home early. uhh, we didn't really reach home, we just met with ate theresa in megamall. from there we commuted to hyatt hotel where we were checked-in for mom's awarding. we arrived there at around 730. my parents were already shuttled to westin hotel for the awarding (because they say the ballroom there is bigger but the hotel accomodation in hyatt is better) so we 3 three were left on our own.

so we went night swimming. then went to the spa center for a lot more. oh great.

the time is 10pm, the night is (still) young and hyatt hotel is conviently located near baywalk. so where else should we be spending the entire night?

we crossed to baywalk and searched for good food that would not burn my wallet. it was tiring, not to mention dangerous. yeah there were a lot of street children and prostitutes scattered around. and we even came across this commotion where a guy was drunk tripping. he practically knocked out a face of a stranger. what a scene mehn. good thing we didn't meet him again. then i ate a lot. a lot. A LOOOOOTTT. mehn. i should get into serious dieting.

we went back to the hotel by 12mn. i'm still not sleepy. but i tried to.

early this morning, our parents gave us breakfast coupons so we went down to eat. they were right with picking the place. the food was great. would you believe i consumed 4 plates of food and a bowl of noodles on my own????!!!! excluding a glass of juice and 2 cups of tea. mehn. i should really really get into serious dieting.

ah! i saw fatima tooooooooo! :D

after breakfast we went back to the spa center for the last time. then we packed up, checked-out and left.

and now i'm here.


maybe it wasn't a dream after all.

breathe out now

mehn. the nervous feeling that's been plaguing me for more than a week now has finally left my soul to peace. i'm talking about our third long exam in chem16. well, it was really a plague that almost consumed me whole. it was freakin' hard. i was wondering how could the medicine i took 30 minutes before help me make my brain function better. do you know the tablet called glutaphos? (a tempting and potentialy addicting 5 peso/tablet) try researching about it and you'll get several feeds about it being an effective brain booster or something like it. our pastor recommended it to me last saturday and i thought, "sheesh. if this is the only thing that would make me pass the friggin subject, then so be it."

actually. no matter what the result will be, pass or fail, the more important thing to dwell upon today would be the fact that it's over! i've been generously taking more dosages of caffeine lately just to counter attack the evident symptoms of narcolepsy kicking through my veins whenever i flip a single page of an abnormaly heavy chemistry book and where else could i find a cheaper alternative? i couldn't measure the amount of relief that coursed through me the moment i handed down my blue book to the teacher. it was damn refreshing to know it's done.

ah. i've realized something as well. it might not be something new but it just dawned on me awhile ago while i was walking with a friend. a real friend is someone whom you can walk with in silence without feeling awkward. i just made that up! and i get that most of the time. a real friend is someone you feel comfortable with even in silence! you know, sometimes it happens that when i walk with someone whom i consider a friend, the moment the conversation drops off (especially if i'm with a guy), i feel weird about the sudden silence. it's awkward. mentally i'm hoping that he'd speak up and just talk and i'll do my best to reply with the best things that would hopefully lengthen the conversation (coz seriously i'm not a good conversationalist) just so the tension will subside. well, it will change in time, i know. it's just a matter of trying to feel good around your new friends that is.

for the meantime, i'm extra excited about this weekend. so much so that i'll skip psy1 this friday just to go home early!


good news. remember my other other entry where i was fuming about the debarked trees? THEY WERE NOT KILLED AT ALL! i was right when i said the debarkers were stupid, heck they really are. seems like they don't know how to debark at all which only left the trees with ugly looking scrapes on their barks but at least they're ALIVE! the leaves are still a lush shade of green and never did i see 'dying' syptoms or something of the sort. thank you Lord. thank you so much. thank you for not killing the trees. thank you for making those debarkers stupid. here you can see a concrete example of how stupidity, sometimes, has its bright side. hooooooorah.

guess where i am?? haha where else, i'm back in elbi. >.< well, it's monday again tomorrow. hopefully it'll be great! yey to my optimism! i'm excited for FRIDAY! you know, FRIDAAAAAAY!!! yehey. FRIDAY should be the BIG BREAK for me after taking our 3rd chem16 long test. the creeps mehn. you don't know how nervous i am of my standing. i borrowed a chem book in the library (first time mehn!) and damn it weighs a kiloton. o_O of course i'm exaggerating but that's how it feels! at least it was good, it made me understand all those redox junk that i'm desperately trying to absorb during classes. and ate venice lend me her zumdahl too, good thing it was a paperback edition or else it'll add up another kiloton in my bag. grrrr...

hey. i failed the second chem16 lab test. yeah, i'm a bit sad but at least i'm only 7 points behind the passing score unlike our first lecture exam where i was... wait... uhm... 23 points behind passing. yahahahahahahahaahahahaaaaa.

i'm crushless again. my crushes don't seem to last for long in my mind. i tire easily. is it a problem that i easily get bored with the same guy? i feel like a potential cheater. i feel like i'm someone who can't stand being with the same guy forever. and to think that if i marry young, i'm going to spend more than 50% of my remaining lifeline with the same guy. right now, i don't think i can take that fact yet. but who knows. haha it's part of being young.


crawling my way to a tres

the world goes still, so still inside and
when you say you love me
for a moment there's no one else alive

aww. i love that song. it's so sweet. yey. i watched the UP ravens last night that's why i wasn't able to go home on the same day, but anyway i'm back. bwahahaha. the production was, honestly, poor. their blocking was off as well. i couldn't say the 100 bucks i paid for the ticket paid off. but on the bright side, i was with my friends and we were cheering for marco. he has the most fans... that's us and i must say he's the only comic relief in the stage. yey to my blocmate! congrats to those who performed as well... especially my other blocmate kochang, my phlo1 classmate kirk and my psy1 classmate evy. hahaha. i didn't know you had it in you.

so. at least i got a good feel of the auditorium. it was my first time there. and hey, my crush was there. with another girl whom i presume is the one he's courting (or is already his girlfriend). i couldn't care less. actually and i was wondering when the killer arrow will strike me dead because i didn't feel jealous or something. for one thing, i already know what's happening between them and pretty much i'm just playing the role of an imaginary third party.

damn. my upper lip is swollen. >.< so what's driving me? ah, you ask. i've found a new yaoi pairing in Death Note and obviously it's LxRaito. i'm reading a fic right now.

hmm. i miss my friends. i want to transfer to diliman, badly, but seeing that i am too dumb to garner an average of 2.50, i guess i'm stuck in los banos... for life. i'm not afraid of repeating chem16 because if there's no opening of chem17 this summer and 1st sem then i'll still see my previous classmates in the next class. well, there's a chance, yes... but what a shame. what a shame talaga.

waaaaaaah!!! i need to study chem!!!

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