JASON HSU layout... DONE

wooopss... another layout done!

preview link: ---> CLICK!

i made this layout for karla ONLY...

pero if ever she rejects this... i'll offer this.. agen.. for free... only for interested people, duh! with the condition of uploading this file on ur own server: http://home.ripway.com/2003-11/38843/jban.JPG


@ KARLA: psst... tapos na layout mo! sna magustuhan mo! wala na ko maisip na banner eh.. hehe scotch tape na lng.. hehe... para sayo... di mo na kailangan i-upload ung banner... i'm giving you my bandwidth! since kaw lng nmang ggmit..^^;; if ever lng un ah.. click the preview link


haayy... buti n lng tapos sa intrams.. i can rest! kaso.. di kami tuloy sa bicol... kasi pagod na mga pipol...-_- oks lng un.. pahinga muna...

kainis tong katulong nmen... ang feeling....-_- bwiset.. di kami natuloy tapos ssbihin nya 'kawawa nman c mamay, malulungkot un' tapos 'kug aalis kayo bilhan nyo ng pasalubong na tsinelas, may nanghihingi kasi' <---- c?? hello noh.. alam ko ho yun!! excuse me ah.. ako tong APO! mas alam ko kung anong kelangan ng lola ko kesa sayo! kapal mo... balak pa kong agawan ng lola!

ewan ko din dyan sa mga naging katulong namen.. lahat may topak! -_-.. eto pa.. tung atribidang katulong nmen ngayon.. wala nmang ibang ginawa kundi manood ng tv at magplantsa.. tapos nasira pa nya plantsa.. asar ah...-_-... tapos ung isa nmang katulong.. sobrang bbaw... minsan mag-isa nag sasalita (kasi kala nya may naki2nig sa kanya).. maxado mabait... ka-insecure!

sama ko noh..=(


ok.. so mejo na hut ako sa hindi nag champion ang team namen s cheering pero at least nman syrinx nanalo... cna karla.. congrats!

the signs were true... at the very first day of intrams.. alam ko na na astraea ang mag ooverall champ. remember i told you the signs? they were first on the flag raising and two rays of sunlight are pointing at them during the rosary... tsk... i was surprised nung cla nag-overall.. kasi laging syrinx ung naririnig kong champ... ahaha...nevermind.

ang saya ko ngayon!! i played sopbol!! laro laru lng.. tapos na kasi ung mga games eh.. tapos may bat c steph my gloves nman c kim and janel.. tapos my mga scattered balls everywhere!!... nakabat ako! nakabat ako!! (babaw!!) yipeee... tuwang tuwa kasi ako sa sport na yun eh.. lalo na kapag may game ang syrinx.. naks.. stig kasi.. ang ggling... lalo na c dom.. supeerrrr...idol... sheetttt... sna ako rin... [dream on]

tapos after ng awarding.. cleanup... un.. uhmm... ok lng..

woopsss... nagbago nnman ang ikot ng mundo!!! kasasabi lng ni mommy na tuloy kame sa bicol!! babayoooo.. gotta pack my things naaa!!! yippeeeee!! adventure nnman!!!

another tiring day...

-_-.. pagod nnman ako... kahapon, my dad was using the pc so i used the laptop instead... kaasar kasi sha eh...kahapon, kahit nkkpagod ang mga practices.. masaya parin... i had a really great fencing duel with konzen.. wahaha... and because i'm so inexperienced in the art... the game turned out to be humorous.. haha.. parehas nga kme di marunong eh.. we're just overwhelmed to actually touch and use a real fencing sword, the fun part is.. me (sanzo) is fighting with my other ego in saiyuki, w/c is ate martha (konzen) and our duel was damn lonnggg... hahaha...

k.a. invited some of us for a 'taping' para sa a.p. presentation.. i'm gonna play a role of a cavalier (tma ba? kabalyero?).. fighting in a war.. and in the scene.. we'll lose... haha... mga kasama ko ay cna... k.a., nez, kim, michi, tepai, and kai. ^_^ it was fun! grabeh.. wattawar.

tapos some time during that day, me, janel (kuroi) and michi played soccer... michi was the first goalie and janel and i were to make points.. tapos un.. switch goalies.. c janel nman.. LoL.. and we were trying hard to play like ken! (weiss kreuz)

neway.. un lng nman.. cheering competition na kanina... and ours was sooo sabog.. per nice na rin in a way... we did not chant well...-_-... the other teams were ok.. pero some were boring really....haaayyy... ung props namen.. ang bano!... imagine.. may foil na nga na nakawrap sa arms.. tapos magrawrap pa sa pants.. corny.. pinasuot pa nila jazz pants and they want us to TAPE it??? pano kaya didikit yun...so they made a remedy.. they made it hang on our tighs.. kaso madali mahulog so.. ingat ingat na lng.... wish ko manalo kami.. sobrang kaba ko nung kame na.. ang daming audience sa harap...-_-... pero when we were there.... nawala lhat ng insecurities ko...just gave my best shot... na hindi enough compared to others...-_-...lousy me.


rantings part 2-- and the sealed-forever person in my hate-list

to start it off... the intrams practice today... more exhausting than the other meetings! and grr... another body breakin muscular pain!!... ayoko na tlga.. pero i enjoyed the dancing part.. tho i'm not a born dancer.. really. haha... we got it right at last... we're just polishing some steps... oh and the foil thing? it sucks! obviously nagpawis kame and sweat is dripping off our now yucky and sweatful arms as we raise it up high for another step! how gross.. i feel dirty...-_-... pero oks lng un.. haha.. masaya nman eh...^^;;

i sooo hate eniger noma!!!! <--- to be added in my hate list later...well actually.. tagal ko na tong hate!! sobrang lait kung maka comment kala mo naman champion! eh 4th place lng nman.. last pa!!! yak noh! yabang!!!-_- additional temporary hates... geoc (ops di na blind item yan)... yeah yeah.. she the senior na nakasama nmen sa scrapbox making contest.. she's fun really... pero i started hating her awhile ago.. nkkinis sha.. prang nagkukwento pa ng mga 'tingnan mo o.. hahahha' and pointing sa 'ung nka yellow visor' (w/c is me..)...-_-

add mo pa ung mga super nkkconcious sa audience...grr cla...-_- sarap i-shoo!


another boiling arianne...

i do this rarely... and that is to permanently seal one person in my hatelist.

this is also the first person i mentioned in HL1 in my previous post. the one who is maarte. mayabang.. the stupid eye-roller person... kasi i was cheering for our team.. the thing is.. i was making bara the other team w/c is Syrinx (oops.. frends kme nyan) by inserting our team name in between their cheers (na hindi nman obvous kase tinatry ko na spawan ang boses nila).. haha... and she turned up... and sed 'ulol' while i don't notice.. pwes PUTANG INA MO! ang kapal ng mukha mo.. cno bang mas mukhang ulol satin?! die bitchy fucking slutty whore! whatta motherfucker u are!

<--- while i keep you curious on who this daughter-of-hell is... let me give you a clue. her initials can be found in appliance centers and if ever, in your house too... it's a BRAND name.. can be your tv brand, ref, or audio system.. just guess...

well...un lng nman.. i just hate her.. hope she dies earlier than me...

actually.. the 'CONSEQUENCES' of being in my hatelist permanently isn't severe... wala lng un.. di lng kita ppnsinin kung kinakausap mo ko. iirapan kita when you make stupid things, or pwede kita ipag-pray to go to hell or i can bash you somewhere anonymously, bsta un.. kung kaya ko kulamin na lng kita.. bsta.. all i'll do is wish bad luck to you... everywhere.

isa p pla.. c eniger noma... kainis lng tlga un.. arte eh..-_-


nuff sed... flamers? fuck off... i just said what i want.. i'm not purely evil after all... just 75%... *raises eyebrows*

FYI. i'm a passive hater...i'm not off to doing verbal things when i hate someone...i don't punch i don't kick i don't patid them off the stairs... BUT I KILL! muhahahah.. jk.


wanna know how i feel right now?

...argghh.. i'm soo bloddy freakin tired and exhausted...-_- as usual.. intrams practice.. and guess what... we had another damn routeless/ruthless club(the kinda like an orchestra thing) practice... where? sa may don! sa tuktok! kung san may piano coz i didn't agree to bring my organ to school... hello lng nman noh... i'm bringing my chembook and geom book in my bag.. plus my filecase, a couple of notebooks and my big pencilcase... in short... my bag is soo heavy! and on my left hand is my paperbag with sports attire and on my right hand is my baon.. so where's the organ? do you expect me hang it on my neck?!?!..nuff sed... she's not forcing me to bring it nmn eh...0.o... hehe...

haaa... here are some of the natural diseases i'll most possibly die of when i grow old, aside from the possibilities of dieing in war, in jail, death penalty, or on the ground lying motionless because of perfect assasination!..

1.) osteoporosis - oh my i still drink lots of coffee...

2.) high blood -...i still think this is hereditary so chances are i'l l get this thru my mom

3.) broken sinal cord- am i right? the spinal cord is your backbone? coz i'm feeling it'll break any time now.. especially when i'm in front of the pc.

hmm... i think that's all! unless i'll have some kind of cancer... hope not [i've got my fingers crossed]

for me.. the perfect death would be dying asleep just like what larz had read me one time. but still there is no kind of death wherein you won't struggle for breath... even those whom who thought just closed their eyes and die peacefully is experiencing this...

i've got something to share... holding your breath for 5 seconds results to 2 brain cells dead. so i suggest you stop playing 'patagalan sa tubig' coz if ever i asked you what's 1+1... i'll never get the answer right from you... haha... fact or fiction?


tag-board is sick

poor tagboard ... it seems like he's experiencing some hiatus lately... i mean... how could it be that all tag-board powered taggies aren't working in my browser and the chatterboxes are all fine? do you think it's my server who has the problem? i really dunno but if ever... get well soon is the only thing i wanna leave as a message... i want to see my tagboard!!!!-_-... i can't even gain access to tag-board.com!!! there really is a problem... hmmm... naahh... i'll leave them do the work...

anyways... as usual... physical torture popped right in front of us as we, again, met for our intrams practice... but unlike before... we did progress... a BIG BIG progress, mind you. i think it's time for them to give us a break! we finally finished doing all the routines and all we need to do is polish our steps... hehe... oh.. they told us to bring a silver and red foil paper to wrap our arms with (props dude...)... and i haven't got any. think imma share with someone nalang....

i'm getting excited over the 'long weekend'. my mom said we're goin to visit mamay in bicol! haha... but deep inside.. i just want to eat another cupful of the very famous DJC halo-halo in Tiwi albay! try it!!! grabeee... parang walking distance lang un sa bahay ni lola! haha.... wow... can't wait to taste their halo halo again....-_- cheese, ube, sago... yuummmm... ^^;;


this time it's bloody furious arianne talking to you.

*scribbles ANOTHER name in her hate list* check! ok so...

details: sobrang arte. sobrang yabang. talk about brain and beauty... but attitude? naaahhh! she's got none! dare talk to her in a nice way and she'll never pay attention... talk to her in an angry way and you'll get an eye-roll. she may be NICE... but that comes in RARELY... just in times of need actually and when you refuse to give what she wants... ugghhh another damn silly stupid eye-roll.

*scribbling yet another group of people in her hate list*

details: this barkada is really really nice... i mean... they make us laugh our guts out. but sometimes... they can get annoying with their 'mapanglait moods'... and in times like that... its either i'll ride on (if i, too doesn't like the person being talked) , stay dedma (when the subject isn't really significant to me) or make *eherm* *eherm* (when the subject is a friend of mine). but that HATE thing comes, rather, occassionaly (spell-checker nga!) ---> pero oops... those three conditions happen only when their talking to me! hello noh.. hindi namn ako sabatera... pero the 3rd one... kahit di ako kausap.. i'll but in.

ok.. soo that's the end of yet another edition of "arianne's hate list--blind items"... haha.. mor to come... ssbihin ko nman kung di ko na hate ung iba noh... ^^:;


think about PROM

now that i'm of LEGAL LEVEL to enter this most awaited fairy-tale like (was it? or am i just exaggerating?) event... i couldn't just waste it like a piece of crumpled paper thrown in a trash can... so what i did was... on a paper are three columns, class number, w/ date and w/o date... haha... i signed the without date! labo noh? and to think i said i'm not going to waste it... yeah... i'm not going to waste it naman eh? having NO date can be... erm.. fun? malay ko.. never experienced it.. -_- i can't look for a DATELESS friend either... i want company on that traggic (what the?) day... since each and everyone of my dearest friendships are going be busy accomodating their dearest dates.. and i have none!!! no one to spend the whole freaky night with *winks* and no one to talk to!!!

haha... it's too early ba? i duunoo... pero ang aga ng preparations.. surveys are bombarding us like crazy... (jke a.. exagge queen mode) and a lot of questions in me remain unanswered... naiisip ko tuloy... you're gonna pay for your date's lovely head? hah!and that's like 1 -2 thou plus! hn..NEVERMIND... i'm not goin to wste my precious bucks for a date... -_-...

HOW I WISH I"LL WIN THE 'WALLFLOWER QUEEN'... meron ba? ..huh..dream on.


change topic... today is sunday! this is the LORD"S DAY and of course we went to church... got ready at 5:30... we arrived sa church at 6 tapos drinop lng kami ni dadi sa harap kasi he's gonna drive terai to UST... yeah yeah.. she's taking the entrance exam... good luck to her... i mean... pumasa man o hindi.. she's not going to study there naman eh... bukod sa malayo... she doesn't want her precioous jeans to getwet during the baha days... ayaw nya lang masayang ang kanyang 500 pesos for the application form.. haha...imagine... she skipped the SABATH day because of the entrance... pity her. (jke!)

haha... i'm happy...^_^ finally got my ym!

friends! add me: arianne_blue09 ---> ym! username.


my butt hurts..

-_-.. ouch.. it reaLLY Does.. kasi i rode a bike awhile ago.. ung 2 wheels! imagine... and i asked tita jasmin to teaCH me how to ride it.. haha... ang sakit sa **** and sa pwet.. hiehhheee... haayy tapos nun nag paLIT PA kame ni terai ng bike so.. 3 wheel na ung dala ko! haha.. grabe kase iba ung paraan ng pagbabalance ko sa two wheel kaya pag lumiliko ako sa 3 wil.. lage ago semplang.. grr... tatlong gulong na yan ah.. .kaasar.. haha... tapos.. hmm... un na un..^_^ i really thought i'll fume up agen kasi sobrang sikip sa car.. pero it's ok... i had fun nman eh...


grr... my mom promised to bring us to qcm circle today and he moved it later afternoon kasi raw kasama ung mga agents nila! sobrang unfair! this day's supposed to be FAMILY DAY! grrr...sisikip nnman kami sa car.. lagi na lng cla ang nauuna sa parents ko! 5 days a week... cila ang kasama.. pati banaman weekends.. sa kanila parin nakaraan... so what's left for us? nothing...-_- even the saturdays are appointed for THEM... not US! grrr.... ok lng ung mon-fri kasi nasa skul kame.. wag nman saturday... sunday is for GOD so nilalaan namen un for him pero goodness graCIOUS!!! can you plese give us the SATURDAYS!!

good morning friends....

haay... such a tiring week... tapos next wk... intrams na... i have to get ready...

our team shirt was distributed yesterday.. and it's not of the average size!!! grr... i got a medium and its big.. really big.. pero ok lng.. nung sinukat ko.. mejo big nga pro ok lng.. ehehe at least di tulad ng icthus shirt last yr.

hello saturday morning! la ko magawa... one of my worst fears in the internet just happened... the system termination warning... ung 1 min countdown before your pc will shutdown.. grrr un... sobra!! tapos... hanggang ngaun dis... system warning about my computer being infected by a spy/adware is bugging me again.. anong ggwin ko!!! my virus na ba??

haaayyy....help me.-_-


in an shsian's point of view... the statement would normally be 'of course it's SHS' and vice versa... the point is, i am an shsian and of all the matter of facts.. i obviously want our school to win... but what happens is... all things are going quite lopsided. -_- i sooo hate number 19! and their pitcher... sobrang yabang kung makatindig...kala mo kung sino...-__- i sooo hate them~! and of course... count that fucking umpire... he is OBVIOUSLY making it to a point that all of their OBVIOUS mistakes weren't counted! and that's soooo unfair... why can't we just PAY our own umpire THAN allow them to play DIRTY just to win that FRIENDLY game (which didn't turn out to be friendly)... oh grrr... and they call it FRIENDLY??!! WTF! BITCHES OF THE BLOODY PIT OF HELL!

-_- i sooooo hate them. period.

oh well... about that thing above... i'm sorry... i know.. even in our nemesis' minds lies the words 'die holy... die' and i can accept that.. i know what you feel about us.. so JUST LET US RANT EVERYTHING WE HATE ABOUT YOU!

whew. at least i got a consolation... hmmm

turning on your traffic

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---so that's all... wow i actually made a 'practical guidance' feature article... hehe... hope this helps. just like me... i want more traffic...

this is for people who decided to leave their mode of unpublicity-ism and venture in to the world of INTERACTION.


bloody git!!! i think i got my pc ANOTHER virus... *cries*.... i'm really tired of re-installing the OS hundreds of times... (as if ako gumagawa nun...) pero hello?!?! you need to backup your files to a CD... tapos when u got your new account.... you'll get lazy on retrieving them back from your shelf... (the cd...) oh well...

hahaha... i didn't fail any test!!! although the chem practical test was no laughing matter... grr... i got a 5 there... haha... guess what... it's over 25.. and it's been reduced to 20... anyways... i'm not gonna pass naman eh..hehe...

you might be wondering why there are LINKS in beetween my posts like the 'ambassador' word on my previos post... the letters 'MBA' has a link... strange really... and i'm getting hysteric about this pop-up add that tells 'system warning!: your PC might have been infected by a Spyware of Adware... blahblah..'--- it's buggin me big tym and i don't know whether to believe it or not... tsk tsk... lagot ako sa tatay ko.. e bat naman kasi di pa to ininstallan ng norton antivirus...

e teak nga... that norton thing isn't a big help after all... i have never any accounts of it deleting a virus... it just tells... virus alert... unable to repair file... blah blah...' help ba un? pangit nga eh...

mwahleens bird!

pinoi? still hate it...-_-

waahhh... this day is full of tension. why? coz we got to our test results which were so heart pounding... oh well... even with those nervousness cracking my spine... my morning is still a lot worth it because we had our batch UN celebration, the batch elimination for the balitaan contest and the country ambassador representation contest were held. it was fun really... although the balitaan wasn't that 'exceptional' because... for we all know... it's better off inside the class premises. anyway.. i really wish our balitaan team wins... hehe... theirs was fun... much funnier than the other groups... mind you.

haayy... here comes what i hate... my PINOI TEST!! grr... i got a 64/100!!! anyways... not so desperate in making pasa naman eh.. (take a look from the conyo side..) at least i got 75! pasang -awa... at least... better than having 64 sa test ko noh... hehe...

a surprise hit my face when i got my chem paper... i got an 83/90!!!! LoL... soo happeeee meee!!! haha... that's until... i found out we ALL have to deduct 3 points from our original score to keep the denominator of 90... otherwise... i'll have an 83/95... which is... lower if u compute it... lalalal... and in trigo.. i got 59/70... sounds fine.. although it's just the same as last quarter... 89% (am i right?)...oh well..

nuff said.

o yeah... i promised karla i'll make her a 'jason' layout... i think i'll do it sometime when i have time... hehe... ^__^

4 the 2nd tym around... nuff said... bye

whoop dee ficky dad!

oh grr... awhile ago.. while in the car.. my dad and i quarelled over something... and that is... HIS BEING AN UBER SLOW DRIVER! GODS!!! that's why i'm always late at school! FIRST) i have to deal with my older sister who doesn't care if she's always late at school kasi di uso ang tardy slip sa kanila and i have to yell for her every morning just to make her move faster! 2ND) this one comes in rather ocassionaly... this is when my dad's the one who's gonna drive for us!... no offense pero and slow tlga...and he keeps nagging on this situation 'pag may kasabay kang matulin... at naunahan ka.. wag mo na lang unahan kasi sabay rin kayong babagsak sa stop sign'... IT SOOO DOESN"T MAKE SENSE!!! e kasi ho pag mabilis sha... edi hindi na sha inabutan nga stop sign at naka cross sa sha sa intersection... pero ok lng... the quarell, i know, was not worth it...


anyway... so many things happened while i do not have my internet connection available... and by now... i don't have time to list them all... what's important is... i've got a new internet card... imma save it til the time i'm gonna need it desperately... talk about school work. oh well... guess what... i have a new crush! haha... local actor naman... john wayne sace... ^^;; ok ok... fyn... tha hell i care if u don't like him... but i do...*winks* whatever.

i just finished reading 'seven days' by arrmaitee; a 10 chapter parody-slash-fanfiction on harry potter. haha... really funny... eherm... if u want to read it.. just search it on ff.net.... the link's somewhere here... just look for it... ^_^ and now... i'm saving a couple of fics to read while i spend my non-internet time with my bestfriend in home... the computer.

awhile ago while watching 'the buzz' with annoying kris aquino and self-proclaimed constructive critic boy abunda... i took notice of todays' major showbiz intrigues... they're SOOOO IRRELEVANT! they seem to be tackling the less important news of the week or of the time. -_-... h8 ko tlga c mahal. period.

kanina ren sa s-files.. LoL... natatwa lng ako sa mommy ni angelica jones (jones ba?)... hehe... she said 'hindi kami baun s utang... actually nag ofen nga kami nag account... blah blah' and 'ayan o.. gusto nyo ba makita ung ban namin sa labas?' and 'in pairness ah... blah blah'...

sh*t... and sama ko tlga.. i keep noticing other's flaws... when i don't notice mine... hehe... i have lots of time to deal with myself so why not take time to look at others' pretty desparate and pathetic life? pity them. muhahahaha...

*evil arianne is slowly conquering the once angelic spirit in the house and gradually the area is turning into some grave-spirited place. she is causing major trouble in the basement or her public lab (i suppose), breaking things and cutting wires...* and so.. karma enters the scene...

"look at what you've done!!! you broke the telephone line!!! you must be punished!!! no internet for a week or so.. until the telephone is back in order!!"

and evil arianne did suffer a week of terrible distress, calling mighty karma and asking for repentance... but little did she know....

it was all a dream... a nightmare... a week without internet.


i just made this awhile ago so please appreciate it.. hehe... i'm offering you a tATu layout by me...

here's the preview link: CLICK ME!

if ur interested... contact me in anyway you can (like the tagboard) and i'll email you the code...

you might want to ask me why i give it personally than promote it on a site like blogskins? ... i really don't know.. maybe i'll do it later.. ehehehe...

lalalalala... tell me if you like it! ^__^

t.A.T.u still rocks!

i really think i lost track of time... do i?

kasi.. matagal na ung tatu... pero at least noh... they succeeded in bringing out the fan in me.

knowing that they are 'actually' lesbians is not a major turn off... haha... e kasi... la lng... i've never gone through that thing pero.. i understand... considering the type of environment i'm currently spending almost 2/3 of my life... haha...

pero... gosh naman... both of them are really pretty... pero sila pa ung tinamaan ng pagka lesbian... bat ganun? sayang kaya...

ok.. recap nga... when did i start liking them? uhm... nung isang araw lang naman... kasi i watched myx... and a girl there requested to have their song plyed...'how soon is now'... tapos may finocus na portrait nila (ng tatu) sa wall nung studio.. which i sooo adore!! and astig ng pagkakagawa... edi un... i researched tatu pics... in google and that's the time when i finally believed that they're really lesbians... anyway i don't care... so i got the pics... printed them out... and started to draw.

hehe... i wish to share the pic w/ u.. pero la kami scanner and digicam or anything else na pwede ko makabit sa pc...oh well... i quite like my work... although my improportionalities pa... ok paren... hehe... people won't mind.

mas gusto ko c julia (the brunette) kesa kay lana (the redhead)

pic sharing na lng.



finally. this is the day i've been waiting for since the seemingly endless days of this week. i'm soo happy our test are finally over.

haayy... i didn't study well in trigo.. that's why i missed the last problem solving. *mutters curses to herself*. oh well that's life.-_-

halfday kami ngaun as usual and my uncle fetched me at about 11:30 am... then we fetched mom in greenhills which took almost an hour and a couple of minutes becuase of heavy traffic. and then we went to citibank libis cos my mom has an appointment... shempre ayoko nmang mamatay sa boredom sa parking lot so i tagged along... pero... mas boring sa loob... i was sitting on a chair waiting for her for like 2 hours!!! grr... haayyy...at least my aircon...hehe... after that... nag uunahan na ung mga pipol sa bank para mag pa incash ng cheque... my mom was one of them... and because i have to play doggy here and folow her everywhere... i ran through the building and tried to squeeze myself through the bank door.. kasi 3 pm na at mag co-close na ung bank... that's why. edi un... succesos!

pero sobrang haba ng pila... i think it wouldtake forever to accompany us all!! e ang kaso... ung mga eklat papers pa lng ung nasamin.. wala pang cheke! kasi ung agent pa raw ung magdedliver... and at last dumating rin ung agent ni mommy at binigay kay mommy ung cheque na ipapa-incash. kaso parin... my riot sa loob. meron dong mama na papers parin lng ang dala and his agent was outside... dala ung cheque nya.. e ung mga guards ayw ngang papasukin cila kasi past 3 na... edi un.. may sagutang matindi... haha...

it's their problem... not mine. so damn.. i don't care. ^_^

pag-uwi... nadaanan namin eastwood (duh.. libis nga eh).. pero di kami bumaba at kumain kahit gutom na kami.. hehe.. traffic daw kasi eh... haha... first tym ko nga makita ung eastwood na un eh.. lagi kasi pinag-uuspan... and first tym ko rin makapag-libis...oh well... i went through i a lot of first times this day.

kaninang trigo test... my calculator broke down! as in the battery is kinda in a critical mode. so it turned off and i can't bring it back to life! and hell that was while i am taking the TRIGONOMETRY test!! grr...

GOOD THING IS!--> my calcu accidentally fell from the desk and when i picked it up.. it's already turned on! yey!!!! haha... dami ngang nagulat eh.. grabe.. pag may test.. lagi akong nahuhulugan ng calculator... like last quarter... hehe...



i more day!! i can't wait!!!!

isang araw na lng... and test days are over... i can rest now... haha... as if i'm really tiring myself noh.. di nga eh.. i mean i feel i'm taking this whole thing for granted... haayy... i still want to enter the star foundation scholarship... haayyy...i wish.. so.. what i'm doing now is searching for some pictures... sports pic mostly.. i'm always motivated to do some layout but i can't ene start it.

oh well... later

two more days to go...

and torture week is over. would you believe... i didn't study last night for the tests tomorrow. right now i feel that i would flunk the test (all!). well at least i studied an hur for each subject... awhile ago i woke up at 3am.. studied english, computer and journalism... oh good thing they separated english from journ or we'll have to suffer the wrath of boredom brought to us by our english teacher.

our test awhile ago, eng, journ, and comp... is average although i graded the computer test 'let's cry'... with the reason: hehehe... no catch really... i just feel like it... anyway.. it's really hard especially that i didn't study those programming languages...

journ: kinda easy... kinda lng ah... the feature article used up all my time. i barely have 40 minutes left to finish computer....-_-

eng: it's ok.. but i still dont like it... i do not like constructing sentences....-_- with conditions of different sequence of tenses! they're so not my type of language... as if i'll have to learn that. can't wait for the tremendously LONG sem-break. which is. two holidays and two breaks. how bout that... 4 fucking days???!!!!?!?!

-_- and hey.. our test tomorrow includes chem! i hate that subject actually... but i really need to study... haayyy... good thing i got my mind cleared out for stoich or else... tsk. bad thing is... i have to memorize all the fucking anions at cations in the periodic table... coz i didn't do it last time...the charges are downright complicated and confusing. so.. that means i have to study... RIGHT NOW. but i can't.. aww... just look how attached i am right now to the computer... -_-... i'm too lazy to sudy.... guess 4pm's a good time... i guess... hehe.

so for now... hmm... i think i'll be doing some net stuff like hoppping to blogskins to find new layouts to base-edit...

so far... just wish me luck with my test...

presenting--- a week of torture

haayyy.. torture tlga... bukod sa i'm soo lazy to study pinoi.. iskipped studying geom last night... which results to a heavy guilt-filled head!!! grr... i wish i studied last night!! sana langgg!! grr tlga... di na ko mahilig mag-aral tulad nung gradeskul!!! haaayyy... sana makapasa ako kahit pano... ayoko na ng line of 7 sa card noh!... hmm...cguro mmaya.. meme time agen..

ay wait.. i'd like to share this story to you.. napaiyak nga ako dito eh..

In that place between wakefulness and dreams, I found myself in the room. There were no distinguishing features save for the one wall covered with small index card files. They were like the ones in libraries that list titles by author or subject in alphabetical order. But these files, which stretched from floor to ceiling and seemingly endlessly in either direction, had very different headings. As I drew near the wall of files, the first to catch my attention was one that read "Girls I Have Liked". I opened it and began flipping through the cards. I quickly shut it, shocked to realize that I recognized the names written on each one.

And then without being told, I knew exactly where I was. This lifeless room with its small files was a crude catalog system for my life. Here were written the actions of my every moment, big and small, in a detail my memory couldn't match.

A sense of wonder and curiosity, coupled with horror, stirred within me as I began randomly opening files and exploring their content. Some brought joy and sweet memories; others a sense of shame and regret so intense that I would look over my shoulder to see if anyone was watching. A file named "Friends" was next to one marked "Friends I Have Betrayed".

The titles ranged from the mundane to the outright weird. "Books I Have Read", "Lies I Have Told", "Comfort I Have Given", "Jokes I Have Laughed At". Some were almost hilarious in their exactness: "Things I've Yelled at My Brothers." Others I couldn't laugh at: "Things I Have Done in My Anger", "Things I Have muttered Under My Breath at My Parents". I never ceased to be surprised by the contents. Often there were many more cards than I expected. Sometimes fewer than I hoped.

I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the life I had lived. Could it be possible that I had the time in my 16 years to write each of these thousands or even millions of cards? But each card confirmed this truth. Each was written in my own handwriting. Each signed with my signature.

When I pulled out the file marked "Songs I Have Listened To", I realized the files grew to contain their contents. The cards were packed tightly, and yet after two or three yards, I hadn't found the end of the file. I shut it, shamed, not so much by the quality of music, but more by the vast amount of time I knew that file represented.

When I came to a file marked "Lustful Thoughts", I felt a chill run through my body. I pulled the file out only an inch, not willing to test its size, and drew out a card. I shuddered at its detailed content. I felt sick to think that such a moment had been recorded.

An almost animal rage broke on me. One thought dominated my mind: "No one must ever see these cards! No one must ever see this room! I have to destroy them!" In an insane frenzy I yanked the file out. Its size didn't matter now. I had to empty it and burn the cards. But as I took it at one end and began pounding it on the floor, I could not dislodge a single card. I became desperate and pulled out a card, only to find it as strong as steel when I tried to tear it.

Defeated and utterly helpless, I returned the file to its slot. Leaning my forehead against the wall, I let out a long, self-pitying sigh. And then I saw it. The title bore "People I Have Shared the Gospel With". The handle was brighter than those around it, newer, almost unused. I pulled on its handle and a small box not more than three inches long fell into my hands. I could count the cards it contained on one hand.

And then the tears came. I began to weep. Sobs so deep that the hurt started in my stomach and shook through me. I fell on my knees and cried. I cried out of shame, from the overwhelming shame of it all. The rows of file shelves swirled in my tear-filled eyes. No one must ever, ever know of this room. I must lock it up and hide the key.

But then as I pushed away the tears, I saw Him. No, please not Him. Not here. Oh, anyone but Jesus. I watched helplessly as He began to open the files and read the cards. I couldn't bear to watch His response. And in the moments I could bring myself to look at His face, I saw a sorrow deeper than my own. He seemed to intuitively go to the worst boxes. Why did He have to read every one?

Finally He turned and looked at me from across the room. He looked at me with pity in His eyes. But this was a pity that didn't anger me. I dropped my head, covered my face with my hands and began to cry again. He walked over and put His arm around me. He could have said so many things. But He didn't say a word. He just cried with me.

Then He got up and walked back to the wall of files. Starting at one end of the room, He took out a file and, one by one, began to sign His name over mine on each card. "No!" I shouted rushing to Him. All I could find to say was "No, no," as I pulled the card from Him. His name shouldn't be on these cards. But there it was, written in red so rich, so dark, so alive. The name of Jesus covered mine. It was written with His blood. He gently took the card back. He smiled a sad smile and began to sign the cards. I don't think I'll ever understand how He did it so quickly, but the next instant it seemed I heard Him close the last file and walk back to my side. He placed His hand on my shoulder and said, "It is finished." I stood up, and He led me out of the room. There was no lock on its door. There were still cards to be written.


meme time agen...

should i plug this? MEMEGEN!

Where Do You Fit Into the Harry Potter Universe?


Yourival harry potter in defense against the dark arts
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your harry potter lover (ansers are all male characters) by purple_flames
your first name?
favourite colour?
you lover...draco malfoy
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What do the Harry Potter Guys Think of You? by pervy_hobbit_fancier
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Dan thinks you looklike you're easy
Tom thinks that you need totake a shower
Sean says youare cute
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meme #1 and 2 are all lies! i made it all up accdng to my liking..

3&4 remain untouched.. ^_^

di ba obvious.. puro hp meme ung singot ko?


Willard - a rather freaky morbid movie

not exactly morbid.. but that's how i look at it... just watched it awhile ago on tv.. really gross...-_- willard is a man with a confused brain... he's like atlas from the myth who carries the earth... like a desperate usher when he told his confessions, like a rat... always tested to prove new ideas... yeah...

RATS! i hate rats! that's why i hate the movie... it has looootttsss of rats!!! oh gross...-_-


i used to hate usher too... but now i like him coz of his duet with alicia keys! and also because of the fact that he's a good ( a great actually) dancer... haha... i saw a glimpse of the mtv of 'yeah'... i'm impressed.



all because of these three deserts

leche flan

ice cream


what else can you stuff in my gut? i've got all the fats! the cholesterol! all the possible factors for acquiring a heart attack! highblood! even osteoporosis (i drink a lot of coffee)...

man...seems like i don't look lyk my age after all... you wouldn't think i'm 13 if u see me... i'm also mistakened as a college student!! TWICE! -- by nez's bro jao! and the jess lapid look-alike doctor in capitol medcen.-_- i hate looking old...

reminds me of tuck... everlasting.

i wish i could find a big old oak tree with a strange looking spring of water down being held by its roots... then discover that i'll be young forever!

yeah right.


meme time...

Your Years at Hogwarts

The Sorting Hat places you in:slytherin (green and silver)
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huh? organ tapos acoustic? labo...


i think i just fancy updating a lot...

oh.. look at that.. i haven't opened a single notebook to prepare for the quarterly test...-_- lalalala... haha... posting tolerance should be required of me whenever i change my layout... haha... and it's actually fun to create and create new layouts... hihi... i wonder.. when am i going to get my own miscrosoft frontpage and adobe photoshop??? and my own PC??!?!?

grrr... malapit na magpasko.. i wish people would give me kahit isa lng dito:

1. a PC

- pentium 4

- with colored printer and flatbed scanner

- win OS - XP

- cguro mas ok kung flat screen sha...

- 40 gb RAM!

- may modem

2. a discman

- gusto ko orig! as in sony or philips or something..

- may fm at mp3 player

3. adobe photoshop installer

4. MS frontpage installer (i'm sick and tired of doing layouts in notepad!!! grrr...)

5. new rubbershoes

6. new wardrobe

7. a lot of RPG games... uh... don't include ragnarok and the sims please...

haha.. i know.. it's no use posting it here... sobrang demanding noh? as if my mabait dyn na magbi2gay sakin ng mga yan! haaayy... i need a miracle... kelangan ko ng maraming pera.. ngayon na!


i love music.. but because of poverty... i resort to illegal production of music... burning! muhahahaha... and now.. i have to suffer.. b/c our laptop has been infected by a virus and i can't open my kazaa...which means... i can't even burn... -_-

haayy... bwiset na trigo yan... our teacher gave us over a hundred problems to answer!!!! all to be passed b4 the exams.. w/c is NEXT WEEK! f*ck!

ay... wala lng...sobrang nakukyutan lng ako sa wallpaper ng phone ko... pinicturan ko ung dlwa kong stufftoy.. i made them look like kissing each other... sobrang cute!!! grabe... hehe

onga pla... i sooo like alicia keys! ang galing nya kasi mag piano eh.. idoL! pati voice... ok lng pero mas gusto ko ung piano skills nya...

nuff said... bye



w8 nga...hmm... i think i 'll have to experiment with codes agen pra mapalabas ko ung title ng mga posts... haha... i like my layout.... my confession akong sobrang small deal...ung meme result sa harry potter quiz... pinalit-palitan ko lang kasi ayoko nung result... Lee Jordan daw...-_-.. yoko nga! haha...

currently listening to: track 5 of the 100% senorita OST (burned lng ni karlita toh eh.. hehe) -prang ang scary ata... hmmm...

kahapon.. may party d2 sa house.. for my parents' dear 1st anniv sa market operation.... haayyy... ok un.. dami food! tapos my ballooonnnnsss!! prang childrens' party! haha.. tapos inakyat ung organ sa kwarto ko kasi there's no space for the component system.. hehe... ang cute na tuloy ng room ko.. may guitar na.. my organ pa.. kulang na lng.. hmm... cguro electric guitar.. wag lang drums.. sisikip.. haha.. tapos kumuha ako ng limang magkakaibang colors ng baloons tapos inipit ko sa headboard ng bed! ang cuteee!! hahahahaha... tapos... dinner ko lng nun.. isang malaking cake at leche flan!!! waw!! puro sweets!!

nanaginip ako! haha... nakalimutan ko na nga eh...haha.. paggising ko.. ininvite kami ni momy na mag laro sa circle!!! himala!! and so we went there... tinawagan ko na rin c dear cousin dianne para may makausap akong di masungit!.. hmmph! haha,.. un lng.. nag potlock na lng kami ng food.. paksiw na lechon! grabe... sarap tapos may lumapit saming missionary... nagbebenta ng peanut brittle... shempre.. awa nman ako kaya bumili ako kahit mahal... 10 pesos.. pero ang liit.. ok lng.. it's for the LORD! ^__^

hay.. exam week na next wk... gud luck to me...

Which Harry Potter guy falls in love with you? by Chili
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in the room of requirement during dark arts practices

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you said you'll think about it... Draco Malfoy justconfessed recently

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next project

hindi project sa skul ah... hmm... i think my next layout would be that of a guitar.. i got the pic na eh.. i'll just find time...ang cool kasi ng naiisip ko eh... white guitar.. (ung ordinary lang).. w/ black dashed borders made of div layers.. basta.. un an un.. hehe... actually.. i would prefer a piano.. pero panget noh... piano na layout.. ulk..?


i like the results of the meme down there.. haha.. guitarist daw oh.. freak. coldplay... familiar pero i never knew who exactly that band is.. haha... but nonetheless.. i still like it.. teheee...


hehe... i made another lyout... after getting tired of my past layout (which looks exactly the same still...) i decided to make a new one.. dedicating it to one of the top proffessions i'll choose to be.. an entrepreneur! .. next to becoming a lawyer ofcourse... hehe... ok ba? which's better.. this one or the past layout (the barcode banner of you CANT buy me, white bg color, pink blue and white theme)?...hehe.. anyway.. i think mas maganda toh... i made improvements naman... look.. the banner is now filtered... thanks to the filter code i found somewhere... and look... i changed the cursor!! weee... it's now a clock.. a moving clock mind you... with the date.. oras yan dito sa pinas kaya... u'll be confused if you're someone from another country.

i sooo like the color... RED! burning RED!! i lovee REEDD!!

MEME time:

Which Band Should You Be In?

Your Name
Band NameColdplay


TrademarkUnique Wardrobe

Love InterestWell-Known Actor

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sobraaang dami ng projects this week.. and to think... next wk na quarterly.. pray for me... -_-.

oh well... i'm glad most of our projects are groupwork... i don't have to cram that much... not that i'm not doing anything.. pero kung marami tlgang projs. mas ok pag groupwork. but most of the time.. i'd like to stay as an individual in doing projects.. hehe... haayy...

hanggang ngayon... i still can't understand the fundamentals of chem... why do we need to study that? as if mag ba-bio ako in the future... -_-... grrr...

the happiest day for me this week is... WeDNESDAY... guess why? e kasi PE.. duh! favorite subject.. PE-SOPBOL.. hindi sayaw ha.. mind you.. i hate dancing folk dances...mag hiphop na lng tayo.. turuan na lng sana kami ng breakdance or anything modern to keep us in track of what's recent. haaayy... ang sarap magsopbol.. kahit talo kami at sumubsub ako headfirst sa maputik na field.. ayos parin.. haha... natatwa ako sa sarili ko.. nung pe.. while running to the first base... nadapa ako.. (nadulas ba nabunggo o nadapa? i forgot) haha.. and i fell headfirst.. OUCH!!!supperrrr!!... grabe... sabi nga ni tere may mga red dots daw sa ulo ko eh.. che! mga namuong dugo lng un... buti nga nawala kaagad eh.. bka magmuka akong pimp-faced the rest of the day... and buti na lng.. mga small (as in prang sand) eklat lng ung ntusok sa ulo ko.. kasi kung sakali... haha.. magkakaamnesia ako!

hehehehe... haayyy.... kahit na malaking sacrifice para saken ang pumasok sa wednesday dala ang paperbag with sports attire at ang aking trusty ORGAN... i still like that day... sopbol rocks... kahit na madapa dapa na ko at matalo sa lahat ng games.. forever kong gugustuhin ang maglaro ng SOPBOL!!!

new hope!

just started reading 'purpose driven life' by rick warren.. (my dad even told us na iisa lng c mr. warren and our senior pastor in the church.. i quite disagree though)..it makes sense.. especially the first chapter which has the point to ponder: it's not about me.. and it's true... what am i here for? defnitely not to spend your lifetime fulfilling self-centered goals. i learned, from that chapter, that to have a good prosperous life, don't start by asking yourself, what do YOU want? but rather... what GOD wants. makes sense dba... it's nice.

haayyy... yesterday.. i started making my homeworks at an early time of 6:30 pm.. (well for me that's too early to start ur homeworks.. XD)...and i finished at around 8:30 pm... i like that!!... then... i continued playing RPG!!! ^__^ up to sawa!

hmm... haayyy... i h8 our balitaan... we got a low low score of 88... -_-... and i still think the judgement is unfair. i mean... why does the STUDENTS give us OUR grade... it should be the teacher doing that right? and hello! when the first group performed... they got a low low score and they were given a SECOND CHANCE!.. what's more.. she, our teacher, told them they're gonna do it again AFTER ALL the gorups has presented... unfair!! super!! dapat kaya.. cla muna bago mag proceed sa iba.. palibhasa... di nya matanggap na ung leader ay hindi maxadong prepared nung balitaan, which is so unlike her....ang unfair.. super... tapos we'll get the lowest score! whattaboouutt??!!!!?!?!?!?!!!

and FUCK! how could they grade 34/35 sa relevance nung news e puro gawa gawa lng ung news nila... i'm not naming names.. mind you. and if u must know.. i'm a damn backstabber...


rpg madness...

yesterday... saturday... shempre it's mg 2nd day.. (period...) and i have to go to our balitaan meeting... kasi TOMORROW na un... edi un punta KO......lalalala... kain kami lunch sa frio mixx... na sobrang nakakapansisi... bukod sa malabnaw ang sauce ng kanilang bolognese spag... mataabng pa... i didn't even enjoy the shake... ung pearls lng gusto ko eh... naglakad kami.. with this so uncomfortable feeling of mine... haaayyy... ang sakin ng puson... but i have to work... i borrowed a cd from larz.. which contains a lot of rpg's ... originally i just want to install the who wants to be a millionaire game.. but.. guess i can't find it.. so i just got.. chess, the kyrandia thing... goblins and the day of the tentacle... wish me luck in looking for cheats though... ^__^

wala bang rest???

MONDAY: intrams practice.. forgot to bring sports attire. supper sakit ng ulo ko.

TUESDAY: mass... i should be feeling well... but i just slept and went on with life's agony.

WEDNESDAY: sooper xited dahil sopbol n rin sa wakas. after the frustrating long-ness of the warm up exercise... dali dali akong kumaripas sa field... naghanap ng kalaro at nakipagbatohan ng bola kay reiko! ang saya mag sopbol. pero sa kabila non.. eto.. na3kit ang buo kong katawan.. sobra.

THURS: sooper duper di ko na kaya.. pero i need to carry on. may chering practice nnman... dira rubber shoes ko.. haha.. parang mababali na ung suelas sa paulit ulit na pagluhod.. i hate it! i hate eniger noma (hulaan mo.. obvious na mga eh..)too... ewan ko.. di ko lang sha gusto.. may ganun nman diba...tapos... bglang sa next monday na balitaan namehn!!!

FRIDAY: supposed to be.. lagi kong bbnggiting ang TGIF! like usual pero ngaun.. di ko magawa... should i be thanking GOD for this? may meeting pa kami bukas!! 8am-4 or 5 pm!!... haaaay... gusto ko mag pahinga pero di ko magawa... tapos super dami ng projects na kelangan gawin.. ano ba toooohhh!!!

pero.. i must still thank GOd for this. so.. THANK YOU LORD... i know he has plans for me... di nyo nmn ako iiwan dba???

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