wanna know how i feel right now?

...argghh.. i'm soo bloddy freakin tired and exhausted...-_- as usual.. intrams practice.. and guess what... we had another damn routeless/ruthless club(the kinda like an orchestra thing) practice... where? sa may don! sa tuktok! kung san may piano coz i didn't agree to bring my organ to school... hello lng nman noh... i'm bringing my chembook and geom book in my bag.. plus my filecase, a couple of notebooks and my big pencilcase... in short... my bag is soo heavy! and on my left hand is my paperbag with sports attire and on my right hand is my baon.. so where's the organ? do you expect me hang it on my neck?!?!..nuff sed... she's not forcing me to bring it nmn eh...0.o... hehe...

haaa... here are some of the natural diseases i'll most possibly die of when i grow old, aside from the possibilities of dieing in war, in jail, death penalty, or on the ground lying motionless because of perfect assasination!..

1.) osteoporosis - oh my i still drink lots of coffee...

2.) high blood -...i still think this is hereditary so chances are i'l l get this thru my mom

3.) broken sinal cord- am i right? the spinal cord is your backbone? coz i'm feeling it'll break any time now.. especially when i'm in front of the pc.

hmm... i think that's all! unless i'll have some kind of cancer... hope not [i've got my fingers crossed]

for me.. the perfect death would be dying asleep just like what larz had read me one time. but still there is no kind of death wherein you won't struggle for breath... even those whom who thought just closed their eyes and die peacefully is experiencing this...

i've got something to share... holding your breath for 5 seconds results to 2 brain cells dead. so i suggest you stop playing 'patagalan sa tubig' coz if ever i asked you what's 1+1... i'll never get the answer right from you... haha... fact or fiction?


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