finally. this is the day i've been waiting for since the seemingly endless days of this week. i'm soo happy our test are finally over.

haayy... i didn't study well in trigo.. that's why i missed the last problem solving. *mutters curses to herself*. oh well that's life.-_-

halfday kami ngaun as usual and my uncle fetched me at about 11:30 am... then we fetched mom in greenhills which took almost an hour and a couple of minutes becuase of heavy traffic. and then we went to citibank libis cos my mom has an appointment... shempre ayoko nmang mamatay sa boredom sa parking lot so i tagged along... pero... mas boring sa loob... i was sitting on a chair waiting for her for like 2 hours!!! grr... haayyy...at least my aircon...hehe... after that... nag uunahan na ung mga pipol sa bank para mag pa incash ng cheque... my mom was one of them... and because i have to play doggy here and folow her everywhere... i ran through the building and tried to squeeze myself through the bank door.. kasi 3 pm na at mag co-close na ung bank... that's why. edi un... succesos!

pero sobrang haba ng pila... i think it wouldtake forever to accompany us all!! e ang kaso... ung mga eklat papers pa lng ung nasamin.. wala pang cheke! kasi ung agent pa raw ung magdedliver... and at last dumating rin ung agent ni mommy at binigay kay mommy ung cheque na ipapa-incash. kaso parin... my riot sa loob. meron dong mama na papers parin lng ang dala and his agent was outside... dala ung cheque nya.. e ung mga guards ayw ngang papasukin cila kasi past 3 na... edi un.. may sagutang matindi... haha...

it's their problem... not mine. so damn.. i don't care. ^_^

pag-uwi... nadaanan namin eastwood (duh.. libis nga eh).. pero di kami bumaba at kumain kahit gutom na kami.. hehe.. traffic daw kasi eh... haha... first tym ko nga makita ung eastwood na un eh.. lagi kasi pinag-uuspan... and first tym ko rin makapag-libis...oh well... i went through i a lot of first times this day.

kaninang trigo test... my calculator broke down! as in the battery is kinda in a critical mode. so it turned off and i can't bring it back to life! and hell that was while i am taking the TRIGONOMETRY test!! grr...

GOOD THING IS!--> my calcu accidentally fell from the desk and when i picked it up.. it's already turned on! yey!!!! haha... dami ngang nagulat eh.. grabe.. pag may test.. lagi akong nahuhulugan ng calculator... like last quarter... hehe...



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