whoop dee ficky dad!

oh grr... awhile ago.. while in the car.. my dad and i quarelled over something... and that is... HIS BEING AN UBER SLOW DRIVER! GODS!!! that's why i'm always late at school! FIRST) i have to deal with my older sister who doesn't care if she's always late at school kasi di uso ang tardy slip sa kanila and i have to yell for her every morning just to make her move faster! 2ND) this one comes in rather ocassionaly... this is when my dad's the one who's gonna drive for us!... no offense pero and slow tlga...and he keeps nagging on this situation 'pag may kasabay kang matulin... at naunahan ka.. wag mo na lang unahan kasi sabay rin kayong babagsak sa stop sign'... IT SOOO DOESN"T MAKE SENSE!!! e kasi ho pag mabilis sha... edi hindi na sha inabutan nga stop sign at naka cross sa sha sa intersection... pero ok lng... the quarell, i know, was not worth it...


anyway... so many things happened while i do not have my internet connection available... and by now... i don't have time to list them all... what's important is... i've got a new internet card... imma save it til the time i'm gonna need it desperately... talk about school work. oh well... guess what... i have a new crush! haha... local actor naman... john wayne sace... ^^;; ok ok... fyn... tha hell i care if u don't like him... but i do...*winks* whatever.

i just finished reading 'seven days' by arrmaitee; a 10 chapter parody-slash-fanfiction on harry potter. haha... really funny... eherm... if u want to read it.. just search it on ff.net.... the link's somewhere here... just look for it... ^_^ and now... i'm saving a couple of fics to read while i spend my non-internet time with my bestfriend in home... the computer.

awhile ago while watching 'the buzz' with annoying kris aquino and self-proclaimed constructive critic boy abunda... i took notice of todays' major showbiz intrigues... they're SOOOO IRRELEVANT! they seem to be tackling the less important news of the week or of the time. -_-... h8 ko tlga c mahal. period.

kanina ren sa s-files.. LoL... natatwa lng ako sa mommy ni angelica jones (jones ba?)... hehe... she said 'hindi kami baun s utang... actually nag ofen nga kami nag account... blah blah' and 'ayan o.. gusto nyo ba makita ung ban namin sa labas?' and 'in pairness ah... blah blah'...

sh*t... and sama ko tlga.. i keep noticing other's flaws... when i don't notice mine... hehe... i have lots of time to deal with myself so why not take time to look at others' pretty desparate and pathetic life? pity them. muhahahaha...

*evil arianne is slowly conquering the once angelic spirit in the house and gradually the area is turning into some grave-spirited place. she is causing major trouble in the basement or her public lab (i suppose), breaking things and cutting wires...* and so.. karma enters the scene...

"look at what you've done!!! you broke the telephone line!!! you must be punished!!! no internet for a week or so.. until the telephone is back in order!!"

and evil arianne did suffer a week of terrible distress, calling mighty karma and asking for repentance... but little did she know....

it was all a dream... a nightmare... a week without internet.

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