La Femme Musketeer

just finished watching a movie from the medieval times of King Louie. Thanks to a.p. i could relate with such a confusing plot.

La Femme Musketeer in Hallmark.


ang gwapo ni gaston ^^;;

astig ni valentine

bakla si louie

bwisit si lady bolton

yun lang.

hay...wala ako makita pics i casper zafer as gaston. -_-;;



50 Beetle Cars

future book in progress.

imagine. sick and patethic arianne tries to write a book. we'll see what'll happen.

it's no big deal if i write. no one will notice anyway. -_-;;

the reason for this post is to update you that... lalala... i'm writing again.

and yah... 50 Beetle Cars.. not catchy?

get out.

it's romance. romance dear. but it's not your average type of teen mush romance. it's.. i don't know. maybe deep in a sense yet insane.

ok i'll tell you. my characters aren't avaialable for identity yet. but i'll give you a boring trailer.

you know the 50 Beetle cars thingy i explained last time? it's kinda exciting... if you do it yourself, that is.

it's about a girl who tries to catch the 50th volkswagen beetle car in hope of finding her soul mate.

simply like that.

i don't write serious romance.

but i'll try. haha.

LoL.. Meg Cabot!!! you're responsible for this!!



i'm changing my layout as soon possible... i made the banner na... ggwin ko na lang some other time ung codes...

BARIE ROCKS! agen agen...

gud afternoon..

Praise God! even though i'm suffering from a kind of mild agony brought to me by my monthly visitor.. he still gave me a way to enjoy this day.. and that is..

successfully downloading LIMEWIRE.

LoL... ang tagal talaga... kkinip.. pero worth it naman...

in relation to the title.

here's a first time in the web. [i think]

One Good Day

Barbie's cradle

Feel the warmth of the days beginning

Taste the joy that's coming your way

Smile the good that's brewing

It's gonna be a good day

Rise and shine its morning

Wake up its a beautiful day

Hit me with a special feeling

Its gonna be a good day

Smile it feel it taste it

Your sunshine in a cup

Today's the day

One good day

I'm on my way

I'm coming up

Today's the day

One good day

One good day comin' up

Good day


Even though the nights feel long

Nothing will i can't go wrong

She's just going when it's coming

Its gonna be good day

Smile it feel it taste it

You're sunshine in a cup

Today's the day

One gud day

I'm on my way

Coming up

Today's the day one good day

One good day coming up

Today's the day

One good day

I'm on my way...

I'm comin up

Today's the day

One good day

One good day comin up


LoL..i won't mind if u don't credit me for this... for the truth is...i just jotted down the lyrics while listening to the song...

why? because i can't find the lyrics in the web... no matter how hard i try on altering the keywords... it won't appear...

so there folks.. if ur looking for the lyrics... u got it.

need a little recollection? the song was sang in one (or two) nescafe commercials.

ok whatever.

barbie rocks!

eto nnaman akooooo...

thinking about barbie's cradle... how true is it na they're gonna play sa band aid... sannnaaaaa... suppperrr saannnaaaa pumunta silaaaaa... haha... im not xited on bamboo or sponge or kung cno paman ang tutugtog.. i want BARBIE!

i sooo love barbie's cradle.. wahahahaaa... should i consider myself an avid fan? not having a single album? or not having memorized a couple of songs? or at the least not having any barbie's cradle mp3s in my pc?

hahaaaaa....i wanna see them... upclose... bwiset ung last concert...-_-;;

anyway... haha...i went to larz's haus awhile ago... dun ako ngpasundo...hihi


im gonna play basketball tomorrow!!! wuhooo... xited!! hha... shempre.. yan ang effect ng slam dunk.. kaya manood kayo.. its not your ordinary BORING kind of anime... [coz i myself am getting tired of watching anime na rin eh..heheh]

may action yun.. educational pa... dami pa bishies... cool pa ng games.. in short... cool mag basketball..haha.. pero haha... bukod sa kulang ako sa height wala rin akong strong bones para isupport ang aking brittling back.

haha..-_-;; tayo'y maglaro ng basketball. pwede ka mag shoot. pwede ka magdunk.. lalalala...

yuck. haha -_^;;


ang galing galing ng kalayaaaannnn!!! we won!! woohoooo... hurray hurray hurrayyy!!

ok..done. haha

tsk... cramming divas

yeheeeyyy... sooooonnn..very soooonnn... i'll have my own 'playing in the fields'... ico-copy ako ni adri! yehey.. haha..

ang cheap ba? why can't i buy my own copy?

wala akong pera... 250 bucks, for me, is hard to save.. i mean.. mahirap dumukot sa aking piggy bank...nanghihinayang ako... even though i know that what i'm about to have is a result of piracy... i'm not even a bit guilty... stupid naman kse noh... why don't THEY eliminate illegal sharing softwares first? instead of crushing loads of pirated cds? haha... kaso ayoko rin naman noh... haha.. yoko lng.. shempre i'm getting the benefits...


... oh yeah.. sue the vat thingy.. imagine... we brought 2 pcs of regular donut in dunkin's na 14.75 each so approx. 30 lang yon... i paid 40 pesos and our change --- 5!!!!

iyak iyak... wahahahahaaaaa... hindi na nga maxadong satisfying ung bavarian filling nila.. tapos may tax paaaaa....huwaaattt???

fuck this thing called VAT...-_-;;

actually if you come to think of it... when prices of goods are on hike.. so are our sallaries [OUR daw eh noh... as if] pero hello.. wat will change? e ganun din... our standard of living is still high...-_-... in other countries... you'll survive with cents... pero dito.. ano makukuha mo? isang sip ng coke? not even.


my sister told me that on yr 2025... we won't have OIL anymore. as in permanently... sucky noh? anyway... i think it's true.. scientists ksi and mga experts ang nagsabi.. not cults (like the people who proposed the millenium bug)...

pero haayy.. sana hindi noh... GOD will do a miracle! he'll turn the pacific into a huge OIL sea...hehe... ang insane ko nmn.

awww... poor fishes.


edi ayun... ah basta ayun... haha...

yehey! we now have a xerox machine... actually dalawa na sha ngaun pero ung isa nga kasi ung 3in1...hndi naman maxado functional ung photocopying feature nya eh..

haha... ung isang machine naman... wala lng.. masaya.. 2nd hand paren... stig... business type... haha...


ay.. hindi tuloy ung lakd nmin ni mannie sa SEED to get her yearbook... ksi may training daw sha eh... nxt time na lng..cge na nga...haha


magandang gabiiiI!!!! :)

good evening! haha... i'm now fully recovered from the blogging fever (as far as i can tell)... haha... i can now tolerate myself from excessive posting each day... ahaha...



LoL... i'm having a hard time scanning the field trip + manila bay pics... coz i insist on having a 100 dots per unit resolution which makes the whole scanning process slower...

anyway... i managed to, somehow, scan a COUPLE of pics... the first one was furnished through photoshop and blah...

larz and i on the bus... pure evil.

L-R: bica, frols, jen, tia, larz

o cge... un lang muna... haha gnyt

*yawns* goooddd afternoooonnnnn :)

can't believe i survived 3 days of not blogging... anyway...

i'm happy... quite excited really... wala lng... ewn ko nga eh...


our field trip was fun... to sum all our activies.. here's a list:

trekking. river wading. rapelling. picture taking. bus riding [duh]. eating.

so.. how much calories do you think i burned with all those?

haha... not much.. kasi i ate and ate and ate...LoL...pity me. i'm never gonna shape myself up till prom.-_-;; huhuh... haha.. nothing to lose anyway... la naman akong date... no awkward speechless moments.. no more hiding of your childish self... pero duh.. manners please.

oh well... during the end of our trip.. we saw this big huge colossal massive fire [over ah..] dehind diliman prep. i was scared.. all of us naman eh.. i suddenly recalled the 9-11 incident... the devil's face appeared in smokes and in the rising fires...npaka traumatizing... i hope no one's hurt... i wish.

parang before non... i was telling larz this riddle about FIRE. 'what grows when it eats and dies when it drinks'?

just then i thought of NOAH's ARK. during that time, GOD destroyed the EARTH and produced a new mankind in Noah's family line. and then.. God promised not to destroy the EARTH using WATER or flood again... so baka gunawin nya ang earth through FIRE.


btw... i got my report card na... i always dread seeing my card pero... ang saya ah..generally my grades increased!

next tym na lng ung pics.. sayang di ko nakuhanan ung FIRE! it was the first time i saw a real big fire!

help us LORD.



at last i recalled what happened... nung MONDAY!

January 17,2004

we were halfday that day. and b/c of that... our group in english (photo gallery) went to MANILA BAY (kme nina patam, monte, katdab... para kuhanan ang mga street children plus the sunset. first stop. patam's house. i ate my second lunch there... oh my... i was once again given a ticket to indulgence.^^;;

tapos nun... i changed my clothes there... nagulat nga ako.. kasi we're going to COMMUTE! (anyway...why are people giving this COMMUTE thing a big deal?...) e hello... no one knows where manila bay is... monte said harap lng ng LUNETA... so our landmark was luneta... naku ah... we were proposing routes like. north--mrt. cubao??? when the right route is quiapo-kalaw (i called someone from home...hehe)tapos ayun...

we went there. unfortunately we didn't find any puv's with kalaw... so we entered taft. pero oks lng... pa-luneta rin naman yun... ONLY TO DISCOVER... na hindi naman talaga harap ng luneta yoooonnn! darn!

LoL... buti na lng.. the guy next to me..told us na we have to go down to LONDON and take vehicles to the manila bay....

the thing is... i mean.. the wierd thing is... wala lng... LAWTON pla... oo sha ng oo nung LONDON kmi ng LONDON... haha kasi naman napansin ko lahat ng jeep LAWTON ang nkalagay.. hindi london.... haha.. .tapos ayun... sawakas!

nakarating rin kmmi! haha... actually i had a lot of 'first times' in there... first time tumapak sa manila bay (mejo kasi ung PICC part plang napuntahan ko). first time kumain sa figaro (i took the tissue pa nga eh..ahaa). first time makakita ng sunset na semi circle (kahit sooper little kasi ang cloudy). haha

un lng naman... i'll post pics some other time.. pag napadevelop na ung film.... haha.. la kmi digicam eh...

edi ayun... tapos na ang sunset watching and i'm waiting for katdab's fetch.. tapos ayun... binaba kmi nina patam and monte sa philcoa... during that time.. sooper sukang suka na ko... sobra kaya duh.. i went to the cr to throw up. tapos uwi kina patam..kuha gamit. sabay kinda monte pauwi... hinatid nila ko sa harap ng haus.. haha how nice (i thought i'm going to ride the tryke pa). tapos ayun... home sweet home!

onga pla... haha i saw lito atienza in figaro.. haha ..l lng.

hindi ko na ishashare ung mga STUFF na narinig ko habang naglalakad sa manila bay at aksidenteng na o-overhear ung mga 'lovebirds' around.. haha..


LoL... haayy... soo many things happened recently... kaso i forget them na... i'm suffering from short term memory y'know...

alam nyo ba... i'm taking our club for granted. actually no. the reason why i got into acoustics... is bcoz.. uhm... i'm tired of having paint splats on my uniform. that sucks... and then.. i tried the newly launched (launched tlga eh.. :) club.. acoustics... haha.. kaso b/c i have to bring voldy to school for like once a week... i changed my mind. isa pa... i can feel that we, me and my groupmates, are being outcasts in the club.. having classical instruments as our thing.

i play the guitar nman.. kaya lng.. wala akong matinong gitara... ppft.

and duh.. i play the organ... kaya ayun... the only thing i do not make myself think that people look akwardly at me is... i make it a point to show them na hindi ako nabibigatan sa dala ko... na kasing gaan lang toh na gitara (khit hindi naman)..and then... ayun... it makes me feel better. it makes me feel that people see me as someone who plays for music... not someone 'playing' to burden herself...

that.. brought me the conclusion: i'll return to my former club next yr.

haha... labo.

i borrowed this book from aisha... her study-room-slash-mini-library ROCKS! sooper daming books... feeling ko complete edition pa na nancy drew... she has LOTR, HARRY POTTER, and... sooper dami pang DVDs! stig talaga.. and ALL of those.. came from.... JAPAN.


this is the book that i borrowed.


nothing really....^^;;

i'm just bored.. yun lng... can't think of anything productive to do ASIDE from the term paper outline...

haha.. i love pasta...yum!.. i ate a lot of spaghetti awhile ago... hehe...

i'm listening to some random japanese song brought to me by a certain blog... haha...


i want to have an electric guitar... live everybody else...>.< nyaakk.. ang mahal kasi eh... ehehe...

cge cge.. gtg... i need to uhm... look for images... again for the new layout.. hehe

i'm changing my layout!

again... senses are hard to satisfy... haayy... just wait.... there'll be a melodic bloggage v.4. --- 'Blog-Girl'


haynaku... i hate my prom gown... duh kasi nga sa ate ko un... check her pic from one of my last posts... tube sha.. yuck..-_- i want to hide my.. san ba un? di ko maexplain... bsta i want to hide my arms... uhmm... ung bulky thing sa armpits pag sinisikipan ung tube... kaso pag niluwagan naman.. bka malaglag... and! pag niluwagan.. lalaki ung 'bust' portion.. yuck ano ba tong pinagsasabi ko... e kasi.. pag niluwagan... magkakaroon ng hollow part sa bust ko... nyek.. edi.. haha.. halatang hindi kalakihan eh.. haha..-_-

di rin naman daw pede palagyan ng halter kasi nacut na ung shape nung tube... shoot... whatever... so nyek.. lalagyan na lng ng strap.. para di malaglag.. kung luluwagan... amp!

panget panget!

ah basta.... haayy.. namimiss ko na si Mang Miong sa SEED...-_-;; gusto ko dumalaw.. pero hell... cno ddlawin ko? ung mga goody-two-shoes na naging badly influenced people na? cguro ci mang miong na lng ang dadalawin ko... haayy.. kumusta na kaya sha.. hope he's not retired yet...*winks*

naku... i don't have our CLASS pic... hindi nila binigay.. pati nga grad pic ko.. wala eh.. anyway.. panget pa naman ako non.. haha...

i miss... okay cguro c michael.. or c luis... ahhaaha.. mga overly intelligent people... i miss the library times.. the encyclopedia (childcraft pla) reading times... the CHESS times.. LoL... unfortunately... they're not there na... i think luis is in UK... LoL...

i miss.. peachy and mannie and... ahhh... gail? not really... pero damn.. wala na cla sa seed eh...haha..


galit ako!!!

lalo na pag naglalayn up! why does it have to be na lagi na lng kami sa dulo??? grrr... tapos pag dulo kami. it's either katabi namin ung mga tga kamalayan or nasa likuran namen.. (no offense) which i soo damn hate... baket? kasi ang ingay nila..-_-;;



i'm becoming an anti-social... i don't gain new friends... kasi nga ayoko... mapili ako.. i don't make friends that easily... kasi bka magsisi ako...

i'm an introvert remember?

yes LORD!

ok... what we did during cl day...

we had mr. bo sanchez as our speaker... he is totally cool. he's funny and spontaneous (whoa. how bout an on-the-spot creative description contest?). i like his stories and i like how simple his message was 'we do not know how blessed we are'. and to add to that... that message is elaborated in the most broad yet specific true encounters... he connects it with some stories that at first you'll think that he's up to nothing moral but in the end he'll reveal the relation of his lesson to the story he said. coolness.

we also had the cl quiz... team C won! go desmon!

haha.. that's it... team C might not be an over-all atlethic team but we're sure to get back on the academic field.

during the quiz, of course i was bored, the trivia was fun though i'm waiting for questions like 'what's the longest chapter in the bible' or 'what's the shortest verse in the bible'... but nothing came.. LoL... not that i know them.. but that's really a challenge... like what mr. bo sanchez asked... 'Genesis 1:26-27'...i know that...our pastor always reminds us that... so that we won't complain about how we look...

the praise and worship session was fun... really fun. coz yeah.. i know almost all the songs and what they did was just exactly the same as what are practicing in a BORN-AGAIN church... the lively band, the jolly songs... they're all so BORNAGAIN-ish. LoL... i wish ganun na lang lagi.. i mean... i find it boring to always sing solemn songs during the mass... that was a little contrary to what david's psalms are... he even sang naked to GOD! his songs are lively and full of energy!

yes lord yes lord yes yes lord!..i'm trading my sorrows! i'm trading my shame! i'm laying them down for thejoy of the LORD!!! wohoooo...

haayy.. i remember when i used to play in the church band... the lively songs, the full-blast instruments... oh well... those were the days my friend.. we thought they'll never end we'll sing and dancee forever....

happy birthday :)...again

hihi... happy birthday to terai.. she's now 16... and graduating! hahahaaaaaa....

it's my sister's birthday... yeah!

she brought her friends here and they're partying upstairs... haha... dun wanna mingle with them tho... hehe.. i got other stuffs to be working on...

white houses- while reading the lyrics... i brought myself to the conclusion that the it talks about a girl who lost her virginity.. quoted from the line 'my first time ...hard to explain... rush of blood and a little bit of pain'

what about the white houses? oh well.. maybe that's the house where all 5 of them where partying when alas! they all lost themselves to some drunkards.... joke... malay ko...ahaha 'we were all in love and we all got hurt' what? was that five-some?

white houses

currently listening to: white houses - vanessa carlton


kinda busy... i'm printing white houses music sheets... ^_^

anyway.. who sang 'flight of the bumblebees'? i'm interested in the score...hmmm

i'm becoming a gossip girl

i hate to do this but all i can say to her in my speech in peace.

i hate to backstabb but.. hey, that's what i'm up to later...

she is such a bitch.. yes, a son of a dog, a bullshit and a loser.

and i will never ever do my assignment if it involves doing a rather charitable act to her.

i'll stay plastik to her.

and i promise myself that i will not buy anything branded LG Electronics... poor LG, coz of one bitch they're name is affected.


change topic. tomorrow is CL day and we're supposed to wear sports attire... haaayy... another boring day...-_-

look at that.. just because BRUCE has karla's book i can't read it still. and it's been with her for over 2 months... what a slow reader... and as a matter fact, even if you tell me it's not like i haven't read harry potter in over a month, that book is way thinner and smaller than harry potter books...

ano? ke-kleptohin na ba nya?


ang sama ko ata ngayon.

i'm not guilty. :D


that should go without the 's' since i only got a piece of compliment from our english tr. haha... now i have this hope of actually writing my own book... entitled...

'50 Beetle Cars'



hehe.. watch out.


Look at this...

it's a volkswagen bus ball... imagine...^^;;


btw... i got my 'lost paperbag of gifts' back now! thanks to adri!

hihi.. but it has one gift missing... hmmm...

carefree meeeee

i won't care a lot on what's going to happen tomorrow since yeah... we just had our outreach today, which consumed half of our day, so that means less homeworks.. i mean.. no homeworks at all.. haha

plainly great.

however, due to my cravings in reading more 'new york times bestseller' books.. i'm once again reading... haha

'Gossip Girl' by Cecily can Ziegesar

i'm quite wondering if i could, at least, make good reviews about books, or maybe even movies, that interest me. haha...

i'm also wondering if i could write a novel by myself with a meg cabot kind of style which [duh] illuminates my own ORIGINAL style which is... uhm.. i dunno.. still thinking of something unique to put on a 1st person's thought.

oh well... i'm so disappointed...-_-;; i checked the ADMU site for those who passed acet... argghhh.. i tried... i really tried... i made every possible variation for my sister's name which inludes 'Maria' but then.. i couldn't find it.. or that stupid watchamacolit-program-who-searches-for-admitted-freshies is sooper un-genius (being automatically generated and all) not to find any traces for my sister...-_-;;

sorry terai.

tss... i'm kindof pissed off. i lost about 30% of hope that i'll also pass.


anyway... since this misfortune had already got what it should get. *does a wierd mudra*

o please... help my sister accept the result.

i know i'm not so good in handling aptitude tests, neither numeric, verbal or non-verbal ones. so.. *sigh* i need an inspiration!


goood eveninggggg! :)

ok... napakagandang title... what is so good with my evening anyway?

honestly wala pa.. kasi kakastart lng ng evening eh.. 6 15 pa lng..


haynaku.. i'm looking for more meg cabot books.. i mean.. at least, for the whole world to read all american girl, there should have been another book there translated in david's point of view or a man's point of view, pero either way... the story flows the same.. i mean.. just give guys a chance to at least relate with their own gender's pov... doubtful. duh.. meg cabot is a she. -_~

my life is a living proof that the world exists only as a round shelter for us live with the boring routines of our daily work.

nothing extraordinary is happening.

i like... harry potter's life...-_-;;... masaya cguro if i'll discover someday na i came from a family of wizards and witches... which to my dismay is a form of rejecting my religious upbringing with myself.

masaya rin cguro if i found myself linked to a prince. as in, fishy-ness is in the air. kaso... magmumukhang telenovela ang buhay ko.

masaya rin ciguro kung i found out na i'm one of the celestial maidens destines to bring back peace to world then, we'll have a big big party when my mission is over. ok so ano ako ngayon... superhero?

ano kaya kung maging president ako ng philippines?

nah. lalong gugulo ang buhay ko...

e ano nman kaya kung magpaka-radical ako. youth rebel kuno. i'll dye my clothes black and show off a new born goth-trend.

nah... that'll never come out as something gothic. rather, i'll look stupid coz my hair is black, my skin is a darker shade of what you might have and then i'll accustom myself in wearing black? i'll look like a life sized walking coal. seriously.

e ano kaya kung maging little miss popular ako?

tss... nevermind. i would never ever stand in the same stage as those people who wrecked my peaceful sophomore year. yuck. napaka yuck nila. sobrang kadiri cla. walang manners. walang sense of humanity. i mean.. ok. they're not really humans.

eew. forget them.

the option left for my life to have something extraordinary in them is... wala.


i think i'll just bear with being myslef.

makes sense :)


ghooooddd moooorrrniinnngggg :)

last night i finished reading a 400-paged book.. which happened to be 'all-american girl' ...LoL...sus.. ang babaw ko talaga.. haha.. i cried during the paper tossing thing... haha...


so parang nung binigyan ni david c sam ng lil heart sa paper.. her POV was like..

David loves me.

He loves me.


dba? 3x nya inulit...grr... di nman kmi santambak na inutil para hindi ma gets noh... che... haaayy... sana wag c 'raven' of 'that's so raven' ung gumanap na sam no.. yuck..-_-;;... i mean... yuck tlga...


hha... kkgaling ko lng sa church [8am servize!!!].. damn... ded na ded ako... gusto ko magkaroon ng official bandaaaa... super amazing tlga nung church band sa WOH...haha.. todo...pero shoot... next week we're going to resume the 6am services... sana 8 na lng forever... kasi pag 6... kulang ung band members.. haha.. chka tagalog ung songs.. mas maganda ug english.. haha...


haayyy... ngayon naman.. tinatamad ako gumawa ng ap homework.. -_-;;

haha... napakalaking achievement para sakin ang makatapos na isang makapal na book in less than 24 hours.. haha.. ang galing.. e pano banaman.. interesante eh.. haha...


PROJECT: gusto ko gumawa ng sariling 1st person POV na book! which include jocks in caps and jerseys of the sport... softball... haha.. o cge pwede na rin baseball para mag mukang american set.


gooooddd morniiiinnnggg! :)

haayy.. napaka-great na morning.. tanghali na pala...

LoL... i'm inlove... i think with david in all american girl... npka sweet.. and up to now.. can't imagine how combat boots would look like with daisy prints... sama mo na ung japanese-war-kind of hat.. .uhm.. with daisy prints pren... haha

david. david. LoL.. parang gusto ko rin kumain ng hamburger..

i wish upon a dead star na magkaroon ako ng sariling david... meaning... anak ng president of someone highly influencial.. haha... what the fuck...

LoL... mom said we're gonna go to bong garcia (whoever that designer is) to convert my sister's prom dress (which is a tube top btw) to a halter top... kase ayoko mag tube.. ayoko ng pinkish-old-ros-y color ng gown!

sigh.. that's what you get if you have an older sister who's nearly your size... how lame is that.. i'll be wearing used-gowns both at the prom and probably pti sa grad ball... this sucks. and mom won't let me buy a new gown kasi sayang lang...-_-... and then my older sister gets to buy a new gown for her JS prom while i, next year, will be using it again... talk about being unfair...

and the date of her senior's prom is on the 18th of Jan.. tapos samen sa 19!!??!?!? ano kya yun... grabe ang sya...-__-

tsss. naiinggit ako...haha...


all american girl

currently reading: all american girl - meg cabot

nice book. i'm really hooked. haha.. i love reading the 1st person point of view narrations in books... LoL... everything about it (the book) is pretty cool xept for the wierd plot, that is. how possible it is for a teenager to become teen ambassador to the united nations? and how, even to deepest depths of the ocean, could a teenager be invited to endorse sodas while holding her title as 'the girl who saved the president of the united states from a notorious 'uptown girl' lover-slash-assassin'? do you think people will be actually lured to drink that? as if they too would become heroines and all.

1st person point of view.. just like blogging.. makes my reading more comprehensible unlike the usual narrate-and-explain stuff... boring. but of course it still depends on the story.

whoa. haha... i got 5 mistakes in our journalism test! basically, that's the highest.. so i'm sort of proud... i mean.. i am proud! who wouldn't? so far this is the 2nd time i got highest score in the class... the other one was from t.h.e. back in first yr.

haha.. so far so good.


we had the usual first friday mass today so duh.. i'm wearing our gala uniform and just this morning, me and my sister commuted on our way to school...what a waste of money and effort.. i told you... i feel flushed-out when people (particularly students from the school bus) pass by and see me squeezing myself on the back of the tricycle driver trying to, at least, get some space before me and my bluky bag gets thrown off the street. that's what you get if you try to ride an ordinary tricycle. lesser fare and no comfort, tsss... that was soo damn-worthy. how humiliating. and i am wearing a white uniform! WHITE uniform i repeat! why doesn't that make you exempted from acquiring dirt!


so tired.

what i did today...

-duh wake up...usual morning rouitine... eat... bath...bihis... layas...

-carry the organ again

-PE time! played softball! weeeeee... ang saya sayaa tlga mag softball!

-study for the next hundred periods to take...


so far, hindi nman yan marami maxado pero the reason why i got tired is malamang PE... wudels? [yak!]

tapos ayun.. i don't know if i should be intimated, maiinis or matutuwa sa first yr na ito.-.-

che. ayoko nga sha i-compliment [sama eh] kahit na saksakan sha ng pagka all-around musician... from the look of it yes...or accdng to my point of view...

at.. hell.. varsity pa sha ng softball...


ano ba? matutuwa ba ko? maiinis? or mai-intimidate?



eto malupeettt... dumalaw c tepai dala ang kanyang 'Saints Ave.' coolness... bookbinded na sha ah... astig ng gawa nyang comix! yan ang pinoi! haayy.. ganda ng story but i'll like it more kung yaoi sha.. haha

ok. so bukas pa pala ang pasukan... ;\

haha.. guess what na lng...


shet.. i woke up at 5:30 tapos wala plang pasok.. haha.. bukas pa pla...-_-;;

i must blame someone for this... ate mary?!!? ;oh darn...sabi mo jan. 3! grr..

anyway.. haha.. ok lng un.. hehe... when i got back home, i fixed myself and went straight to bed... again.

woke up at 12:30... ate lunch, watch tv, and... surf the internet


haynaku. ang boring...


living up with my new year's resolution

i promised that i'd be a good kid na... generally yun yon.. pero basically it's divided into three parts... good kid to GOD, to family and to school.

sounds hard... pero that's the least i can say to summarize all my new year's resolutions...

w00t! i washed the dishes awhile ago and did the laundry last friday.. haha... i think i ought to get a reward for this..

mom and dad are on the verge of training us into spiritually aware people. they gave us (me & terai) a condition na we'll have a reward if we put up with their standards... anyway... on with the reward-to-be...

i asked mom to give me a life size hello kitty stufftoy.. haha... luv that cat. or.. para mas mura... just give me the book 'Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson' ..^^;;

anyway...tss... as much as i want to.. i can't use the PC still... virus infected nnman...-_-;; so ayun... tho there are no major browsing difficulties in the laptop...i still want to use the computer... the laptop screen resolution here is smaller...-_-;;



ppsok na ko bukas... i wish someone would return to me my paperbag of gifts. kaasar tlga.. -_-;;

[good vibes sa 2005 :)] [religious enlightenment]

i can sense good vibes for this year samin! yey! why? because we promised God na from now on we'll be more attentive to his word...

we went to prayer mountain awhile ago in antipolo... damn.. soooppperrr ganda nung place (pwede pang retreat! better pa!! :D)... and what i enjoyed best was terai and i's hiking kuno...

haha.. kasi we were roaming the whole place tapos we saw a track from behind the building na mejo cemented pa tapos by the end of it.. wala na plang lusutan maliban dun sa iba pang tracks na tlgang tinabas na damo lng ung dadaanan... what more is... sooper narrow nung tracks tapos tabi pa nya bangin! so ayun.. i had so much fun discovering the adventure spots in prayer mt. haha...

di naglaon, we went by a cottage na may dalawang girls.. we ignored them.. i mean at least i smiled.. tapos ayun... meron paring tracks going upwards edi we followed those and.. shit.. my sister almost slipped.. that's why i had to guide her through this imaginary adventure activity kasi she's wearing a high heels tsinelas... haha... tapos aun.. we went up up and, what more can i say? pagdating namin dun...

we just went back sa c.r. lng pla.. haha.. tapos yun nnman.. we saw another stairs leading downward... pag baba nmen... we went back to the first tracks that we followed... so in short.. paikot ikot lng sha..

i also enjoyed talking to God in the prayer cells (maliit lng sha pero comfy]. Ang cool nga eh...meron shang stand ng bible (ano b twag dun..), pillow to support your knees when kneeling, fan, chka kawayan ung floor! coolness.. i love talking to GOD, i don't feel alone.

kasama pa namin c pastor rote to guide us through the way short tlga... we're there to spend the first day of the year with GOD.

i had so many questions to ask ptr rote and at last i finally got his time. I asked him if Mary's really sinless and pure (as proclaimed by catholics)...i mean matagal na kong binabagabag ng tnong na yan.. and good thing, my confusion was enlightened by his answer of 'no, hindi sinless si Mary'...

sabi ko na nga ba eh... he proved it to me by telling me a passage from Luke. From there it states that, she offered 2 young doves to the temple-- tradition proves this as a sign of being sinful. pag nag offer ka ksi, ibig sabihin may nagawa kang kasalanan... isa pa..

sa romans 3: 9-10 - it is said na no one is righteous enough to say he/she is sinless.

pero duh, may exception.. c Jesus Christ yun.. he's the only person who's exempted from original sin. being one of the three persons in the trinity, he is bound to be perfect... si Jesus ay isang God (God the Son) or isang katauhan na ginamit ni God para maging visible sha earth. tapos in the Old testament naman, si God the Holy Spirit naman ung ginamit nya to show the people na he's there!

tapos, sooper na puzzle kami sa question nya na "ang Holy Spirit ba person?" kasi dba ung trinity - tatlong persona. so what do u think? tao ba or person ang Holy Spirit?

the answer is YES... kasi pag pinu-point out sha sa bible, the pronoun used is HE, not IT. yun na yun.. hehe

tapos i asked him daw kung bakit ang sinasabi ng pari pag nagcoconfess 'o, maglinis ka ng bahay ah, libre mo kapatid mo..etc' - kaya hindi ako nagcoconfess eh... i do it directly to God. the priests doesn't have/ they're not given authority to forgive sins of others na hindi meant sa kanila... only God can do that..

[nyak.. may tanong nnman ako...-__-]

tapos isa pang question, tinanong ko kung 22o c Saint Nicholas... c nicholas oo, pero ung saint... that's true for every person daw.. all of us are born saints... even the crime doers... [that's written in the bible] kaya lng catholics gave the title 'saint' a higher meaning and standars kaya ayun...

halata bang catholic beliefs ung pinagdududahan ko?

hindi nman ako galit sa catholics noh... kaya peace tayo.. kaya lang there are lots of questions in me that can't be answered by their beliefs... lalo lng dumadami tanong ko...

sabi nga ni daddy, hindi mahalaga kay God ang Religion. ang mahalaga, tinanggap mo sa heart mo si Jesus Christ and you remain with what the Bible ONLY says... no more no less.

remember... ONLY what the BIBLE says.

proud Born Again Christian.

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