living up with my new year's resolution

i promised that i'd be a good kid na... generally yun yon.. pero basically it's divided into three parts... good kid to GOD, to family and to school.

sounds hard... pero that's the least i can say to summarize all my new year's resolutions...

w00t! i washed the dishes awhile ago and did the laundry last friday.. haha... i think i ought to get a reward for this..

mom and dad are on the verge of training us into spiritually aware people. they gave us (me & terai) a condition na we'll have a reward if we put up with their standards... anyway... on with the reward-to-be...

i asked mom to give me a life size hello kitty stufftoy.. haha... luv that cat. or.. para mas mura... just give me the book 'Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson' ..^^;;

anyway...tss... as much as i want to.. i can't use the PC still... virus infected nnman...-_-;; so ayun... tho there are no major browsing difficulties in the laptop...i still want to use the computer... the laptop screen resolution here is smaller...-_-;;



ppsok na ko bukas... i wish someone would return to me my paperbag of gifts. kaasar tlga.. -_-;;

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