Milo Marathon Finals 2014

MARS QC Runners! Photo by Excipio Imago Photography
last year, i wasn't able to go to the milo marathon finals because my legs were still too sore from running at Nike We Run Manila which was a week before the milo run. mejo ambisyosa kasi i pegged for 2 consecutive 10k runs with only a week recovery in between. i was a beginner at running and didn't know best. :P

but finally, after a year, i was able to attend na! woooh! and here's my record:

the Milo Marathon Manila Finals was rescheduled a week later (Dec 13) than the original date (Dec 7) due to the threats of typhoon Ruby/Hagupit. luckily i just live in the metro and had no plans on the 13th so i was able to come. but as for those who came from the provinces who qualified for the finals, spent money on transportation, lodging, etc, and had to extend for another week due to the rescheduling, i feel bad for all of them. they can't be blamed for all the hassles they went through. :( it can't be helped though. the marathon has to push through this year, and there are no more available dates for december. >XS

anywaaaaaay, i was supposed to run with my MARS9 buddy, Ken, but she didn't make it huhu. T___T i came in late so i missed the warm up with the other guys haha okay lang din naman. >XD

the run was... great! haha. it's my second time to run around MOA/Pasay Area, my first time was during Red Cross Million Volunteer Run (which was kindof bad), so this is definitely the better of the 2 runs.

they say RunRio is a great run organizer and i couldn't agree more. everything was actually organized. there were km markers everywhere, hydration was sufficient, and everything was pretty much in place. as usual there were a loooot of people who ran, and since i was late, i kindof got mixed with the non-competitive crowd (ie. students) who just pretty much walked and took selfies at every kilometer mark, or wherever there's a large Milo signboard around. i don't get annoyed with them, at some point, i was like them too. hahaha

i felt bad for those who were running 5k with their backpacks on though. apparently, 5k runners aren't entitled baggage stubs so there. good thing APEX has a tent where we can leave our bags! we were even given a tapsi breakfast after the run, and i was finally able to claim my MAR9 singlet! yeyy! >XD

that's pretty much it! late post i know. let me leave you with a JGH (just got home) selfie i took that day! haha

PS: thanks for the ride back kris! >:D

my happiest 5k!

wooooh! this afternoon's jog was the best i had so far. in terms of record and overall feeling. i jogged 5.02km in 43 minutes! that's quite a milestone for me because that's my fastest 5k, and i jogged without stopping! HAHAHA sorry naman sa "PR" ko (kung maituturing). still on my way to 30 minutes! <3

i really wanted to call it a run, but at the (literal) rate at which i was going, i was more jogging than running. nonetheless, i never stopped! that means i'm probably doing something right on account of my breathing skills. haha! skill talaga, yes. cos at some point in every run, we need to pause to catch our breaths. most runners do that on a light jog, i do it on a walk... which drags the record lower so yeah. will work on that! >XD

even though i had a great jog, it wasn't really that smooth. come 3k and my feet started blistering! so i had to adjust my steps to lessen the impact on the sore areas. huhu. then after a kilometer i was feeling side stitches naman! common running problem; so i had to slow down a bit. :(

magkaganun man, push parin!!!

when the nike+ app announced 5k, i was sooo frakking happy i could imagine the gray pavement turning red, lanes being drawn with white strips, and a finish tape waiting to be breasted in slow-mo. BEST. FEELING. EVER.

i don't know what else made this run special, could it be the coffee i drank some 30 minutes before, or the #Drop10Workout i did a few hours back, or just the fact that i'm on vacation? lol. whatever the other reasons may be, THANK YOU LORD FOR THIS RUN! <3

i'm still struggling to realize why i'm so slow. at my age i should be breaking the 30minutes barrier already. after MARS9, i felt stronger, and my succeeding runs have finally become injury-free. for the first time in my life, when i stiffen up and poke myself, i finally feel some hardness and not some disappointing jello of fat haha. >XD

i'm suspecting i have weak lungs. though i have to check w/ a doctor parin. for some reason i want to try getting checked-up at Peak Form! ever since that summer where i lived in a newly painted dorm, my health has declined radically. my lungs are just so blah. better check with the doctor. >XS

anywaaaaay, that's it!

btw i'm so excited this season cos i have a lot of personal projects in tow for the coming days, like:

- selecting works for a new portfolio
- a desk calendar!
- watercolor and lettering stuff
- an obligatory year-ender post
- 2015 wishlist
- backlogs, backlogs, and more backlogs
- reviving #ProjectKorra even though the entire Avatar franchise has just ended and by the time i'm finally Korra-ready, no one could probably relate to my fitness peg anymore. haha

sooooo.... i have to gooo!!!
happy Christmaaaasss!!! <3

Breastfeeding and getting pregnant

Oops! Don't get me wrong, I'm nowhere near getting pregnant and having a baby, not just yet, but just recently I learned something informative about it that I just wanted to share it with you guys. A couple of my friends are in the family planning stage and I thought this is a very helpful thing to know. Here it goes:

click for source
Many women decide that they would like to get pregnant while they are still breastfeeding. However, many women do not realize that breastfeeding is actually a natural contraceptive that disrupts ovulation. Breastfeeding makes it harder for ovulation to return to normal after giving birth, and can keep women from being able to get pregnant again. According to, there are a few things that you can do to try to improve your chances of getting pregnant while breastfeeding if that is something that you want to do. First of all, once your baby begins to sleep through the night, you can try to space out your breastfeeding sessions as much as possible. The longer you space out your breastfeeding, the more likely you are to “trick” your body into beginning to ovulate again. The same is true for when your baby begins to eat solid foods. The truth is, the older your baby gets, the more likely it is that your periods and ovulation cycles will begin to return to normal, and you will be able to get pregnant again.

So ultimately, the breastfeeding phenomenon acts as a contraceptive. So for parents out there who'd like to get another baby while the mother is still on it, spacing is the key!

You're Invited! The Storytelling Project BOOK LAUNCH!

Finally! The Storytelling Project will be launching "Super Labandera" and "Si Uligmaya at ang Dambuhalang Buwaya"

Imagine. Create. Share
The First-ever TSP Book Launch

Featuring stories written by Jim Mark of Dagupan and Aprille Joy of the Mountain Province

It will be on December 14, 2014 (Sunday)
4:30pm at Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street (BGC, Taguig)

Admission is free!

here's the official facebook event page :D

see you all there!

to give you a short background, these books were written by children who were part of TSP's Storywriting Workshops. If you don't know TSP yet, they're a team of passionate people who travel to remote communities in the country to teach children reading, storytelling, and writing; following a comprehensive 3-phase program, Imagine-Create-Share which is best explained here at their FB page's About section (expand on the long description please!) hehe

i'm so excited because i'll be signing for Super Labandera as the illustrator! moreso, it's going to be my first time to see the book for real because i wasn't able to participate during the proofing process. haaay busy kasi haha.

this is such a freaking dream come true not just for me, but for the many kids in far flung places who will be inspired to dream BIG! imagine, Jim Mark and Aprille were just ordinary children who wanted to learn story writing, AND NOW THEY HAVE A BOOK! amazing grabe!

i hope you all go and support the cause! the books will be sold at 150 pesos each, and next year it will be out on Fully Booked bookstores!

FYI December 2014: A World of Inspired Flavors

last month i gave you an update on what's up on FYI for November, now it's time for this month's update! since we're all in the midst of this merry season celebrating here and there, attending parties, and cooking for the family, i'm so sure you will enjoy this month's lineup as we're all about FOOD!

let me take you to FYI's December lineup that will surely fire up your gastronomic senses!

Taste of Vietnam (Tuesdays at 8pm)

Immerse yourself in the hearty, local flavors of Vietnam with Taste of Vietnam. Host Robert Danhi takes us on not just a food odyssey in Taste of Vietnam, but a voyage into across the country trying local food as he meets fascinating people along the way, unveiling the hidden charms of Vietnam as he curates this dynamic culture to find the deepest flavours in each community.

Atul's Spice Kitchen: Malaysia (Tuesdays at 9pm)

 Explore Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a melting pot of Asian flavors with Atul’s Spice Kitchen: Malaysia. Double Michelin-starred chef, Atul Kochhar travels to Malaysia  in Atul's Spice Kitchen: Malaysia, exploring the country’s traditional cuisine and its spice trade influenced by Chinese, Indian, Portuguese, Thai and Arab flavours. In the first episode Atul lands in the diverse capital of Kuala Lumpur, discovering hidden gems, sampling authentic Nyonya dishes and preparing a Rogan Josh for a wedding.

The Feed (Premiers December 4, Thursdays at 10pm)

Travel to the West and discover what’s been tickling the taste buds of America with The Feed. Join culinary expert Gail Simmons; superstar chef Marcus Samuelsson; and comedian and food writer Max Silvestri anchor a rollicking adventure into the world of culinary and food culture in America as they share their take on today’s most innovative food trends. Each episode of The Feed pits the unlikely combination of these three personalities against each other in unconventional food challenges that allow each competitor to show off their unique perspectives on the food world.


That's it! Make sure to tune in FYI Channel and immerse into these unique food adventures!

The literal sports clinic: Peak Form

when i first heard of Peak Form, i thought it was a yoga studio. it sounded like one! haha but apparently, it's not! it's a sports clinic, and a literal one at that!

it's where you'd want to go if you want expert medical treatment and advise about sports related health conditions. Jaymie Pizarro, The Bull Runner, herself testifies to the awesome wonders the technology of Peak Form has done to help her quads recover.

it's amazing to know that specialty health centers like these exist in a metro full of sports advocates! what with the apparent boom of fitness conscious fellows, almost everyone wants to get into a sport. with that in mind, it's reassuring to know that there's a clinic we can run to to get our body recovered in case we face injuries and such.

Peak Form is definitely a front runner in providing only the best services to their clients in terms of sports medication and therapy, and that includes having one of the best names in Sports Science to lead their team.

Take a look at their press release:

Peak Form is pleased to announce the Dr. Gar Eufemio has been appointed as President of the Asean Society for Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy. He is an Orthopedic Surgeon who finished as Chief Resident of the UP-PGH Department of Orthopedics and had his fellowship in Sports Medicine at the University of Cincinnati.

He was the founding head of the UP-PGH Department of Orthopedics Sports Clinic for ten years. He is the Head of the Ortho-Rehab-Rheuma Division of the MegaClinic and has set up the Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy Units of Healthway Medical Clinics and My Health Clinic.

In 2008, he was the “Godfather” for the European Sports Medicine Travelling Fellowship program. In 2011, he underwent additional training, this time on platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, in Milan, Italy. He practices in Cardinal Santos Medical Center, MegaClinic and in the recovery center. He was the President of the Philippine Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine from 2011-2014.

With Dr. Gar Eufemion leading the team at Peak Form, anyone can definitely confidently say that I’m glad #IGoToPeakForm.

Location and Contact

Unit 807, The Infinity, 26th Street
Bonifacio Global City

Open 9am - 6pm
0916-3534485 or (02)4789408


Run BGC Urban Adventure 2014

Pinoy Fitness opened a sign up form last week that will allow us to join Run BGC Urban Adventure for FREE if we were among the first 500 to sign up. so right there and then, i filled out the form, submitted it, and invited jeckie, and also some of my college friends to join! it was exciting! FREE SHIRT EH ANO BA. lol. chos

joma, jec, and i :)

anyway, in the end i came with jeckie and joma (his officemate), and together we went to BGC on Saturday (November 29) to collect our kits. chos.

the mechanics says to form a group of 10 people max. we were only 3 but we didn't care cos we thought we could handle all the puzzles and activities naman. sos. haha

but then, while claiming our shirts. they wouldn't let us form a group of just 3. aw. so we had to team up with other people looking to complete their groups. that's where i met kuya Jesus, who was looking for 3 more to complete his team. Amen!

with our team mates!
when all 10 of us huddled up, i was looking at my team and thought, hindi naman kami competitive so it's okay that our group is composed of a bunch of middle aged men who looked like they were only in it for the run. they looked like they could run. and we 3 looked like we could solve puzzles. and that's about what we need in a team right? haha honestly, i was a bit disappointed and thought for a while if we actually have a chance of winning with this team. ang sama ko. sorry po.

QC MARSians spotted!
before the race started, i spotted some QC Marsians and asked them how come they're all here! apparently, the event was also offered for free for MARS (Milo Apex Running School) students and i didn't know because i was absent when it was announced. part of me died and wished i was in their team instead. ang sama sama ko talaga.

but then, SURPRISE SURPRISE! when i got the chance to chat with kuya Jesus, i learned that he and all his companions were BGC GUARDS!!!! OMG! HAHAHAHA i felt like we hit the jackpot! Amen! i just had to highlight that cos i was so shocked and happy! hahaha

i mentally confessed at my prior thoughts. we finally have a chance at winning. HAHAHA #chos

How the game works

Each team will be given a small envelope with puzzle cards that they have to solve. each puzzle will reveal a location in BGC that they have to seek out. on each location, they have to perform a challenge. and on every challenge they complete, they will be awarded stars (3,2,1 stars in order of performance) that will be stamped (well, stickered) on their score cards.

teams will have to perform as much challenges as they can, and earn as much stars as they could. after 3 hours, they must surrender their scorecards back to the commencement area for evaluation.

the winning team will get 50,000 pesos! i don't remember what the other prizes were hahaha!

The first puzzle card we solved led us to 9th Avenue at Bonifacio High Street. i don't know where the hell that was but i thank God our team is composed BGC Guards lang naman *ehem* *ehem* who knew every nook and cranny in BGC. we just had to tell them and they will lead us to the place!


it fascinates me to no end how they knew every single place in BGC. as in! as we were solving puzzles, we would consult them again and again if any of the words we're forming is making any sense.

"kuya, ano yung market? market market ba yun?"
"ah hindi ibang market yan. dun yun!"

"kuya, ano yung may kalikasan something?"
"kasalikasan yan, dun yan!"

"turf? turfgc?"
"Turf BGC po, dun!"

etc. etc. etc.


we didn't win but we enjoyed a lot! the first activity we did, the one with the BINGO cards was exhausting and at the same time super enjoy! we were tasked to take group pictures with all the items listed in the BINGO card. i could imagine doing this with my college barkada! sobrang saya sana! haha

Pic spam!

drones watching over us
that's a drone up there surveilling the place for cheaters. lol. we were actually called out for opening the envelopes before the announcement to begin took off, but that's because we thought it was already announced. we were just so atat. sorry. the event staff was kind naman not to disqualify us so thank you!
Robot pose at Burgos Circle
Thumbs up with a store employee
With a pet dog or pet cat


When the game ended we were so exhausted. my knees were so tired, and my tummy was voilently growling for food already. what with all the running, going back and forth to places, and literally dancing in the rain? haha we decided to eat at Murray and D'Vine -- burgers, ribs, and damn good wine! haha

Here's a shot of my food. Heart shaped buns kamown!

According to one staff, some valentines ago they made their buns and patties heart shaped, and the customers liked it and requested not to change it. and that's what they did. i wonder what they would do if we suggested we liked round buns better, or star shaped ones. lol

my Juicy Lucy. 425 pesos. ouch
deeeeym that thick beef patty stuffed with caramelized onions and cheddar cheese. reminds me of Stuff Over at Maginhawa, only waaaaay more affordable. didn't quite enjoy this honestly. Big B parin the best!

going home was terrible cos no taxi would accommodate us. i always understand naman cos makati to fairview is a pain in the gas. i had to add an extra fee para lang makasakay. buti na lang hindi traffic sa EDSA! yeyy!!

cheers to a happy day! >XD

[GIVEAWAY] Win GCs from Franck Provost Paris, Status Hair Salon, The Zen Institute, and I Do Nails! [CLOSED]

I mentioned some entries back that i was planning on giving away a couple of gift certificates that i won't be able to use because of their locations. Dahil dyan, eto na! I'm giving away some 3k worth of GCs to two lucky winners.

The mechanics are super simple as usual: like, follow, share, comment, repost, retweet, regram... you know the drill! i always try to make it easy for you to earn entries so make sure that you do them all! Who knows if i throw in a couple more gifts hehe

Here are the prizes and essential GC details as well:

Prize #1:

1. Franck Provost Paris 
- Php 1,500 worth of GCs from Franck Provost Paris
- Valid at Franck Provost branches at Jupiter Makati, Molito Alabang, and Manila Peninsula (Makati).
- Valid from November 2014 to November 2015. GC value must be used in 1 visit, and is not valid for cash back. GC value is not convertible to cash. Only 1 GC per person will be honored per redemption.

2. The Zen Institute (A Medical Spa)
- 15 minutes complimentary Ultralipo (Body Sculpting) or Resolift (Facial Contouring) treatment worth Php 5,000, and a promo rate of Php 1,000 for Diamond Peel and Facial Spa (regular).
- Valid at the follow branches (and by appointment only): Tomas Morato and Sto. Tomas Batangas

Prize #2:

1. Status Hair Salon
- Php 1,000 worth of GC from Status Hair Salon
- Valid until December 31 2014 at the following branches: Robinsons Galleria, Katipunan, Tomas Morato, Eastwood, and Greenhills

2. I Do Nails
- Php 500 worth of GC from I Do Nails
- Valid at the following branches: Eastwood Mall, and Tuscany Mckinley Hill


1. Open to everyone who has a Metro Manila mailing address
2. Contest will run from December 2 - 10, 2014
3. Winner will be announced within the week of closing date, and will receive a confirmation message via email
4. Prizes will be shipped to the winner's Metro Manila address
5. If you win, all of your entries will be validated for completeness. 

Alright, off you go to the Rafflecopter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
If you're having trouble loading the Rafflecopter widget, you may also access it here!
We have our winners!
Congrats to the following people! Email sent!

Lastly, thank you to everyone who joined my second giveaway! I pray that each and everyone of us will enjoy the merry season in perfect health! God bless you all and stay tuned for more giveaways! :)

[FIXED] Have you been getting this sorry message from Google?

For a while, every time I access my Google Analytics and Adsense pages, I get this error page: 

It says:

We're sorry... 

 ... but your computer or network has been sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now.

See Google Help for more information.

I searched around did all of the suggested solutions, i scanned for mal/ad/spywares, cleared the cache, cleaned up temp files, etc. i basically cleaned up my browser. BUT NOTHING WORKED...

except for one:

one forum post suggested to disable some page ranking plugins, cos they might be the one causing the automated queries.

in my case, i have Alexa toolbar installed but it was disabled. the only enabled plugin i have is McAfee Site Advisor, so i deleted that. i also deleted Alexa to be sure. in fact, i deleted all of the plugins i'm using at chrome! there's not much anyway haha take note that i deleted them, and not simply disabled them.

then, i restarted the browser and boom! i was finally able to access analytics and adsense! yeyy! :D

let me know if it works for you! :D

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