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random musings over the past 2 holidays hehe

 # i still want the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact (oops, not the lenten season reflection you were expecting ba?) 
after all, i'm still in love with the phone. after getting a 4.7" Lenovo S650 i thought i wouldn't want the z1 compact anymore. i thought i'm just being materialistic, i don't really need the z1 compact, i'm just lusting over the specs and design. i'll be fine with the s650. kaso, i realized that it isn't my ideal phone at all. i thought i could live with big screens but i can't. it's fascinating at first cos i really got to appreciate the pixel quality of display. it's fast and responsive and it's an overall cool phone. but it's not handy for me. it's too big. hahaha! what i need is a high-end compact phone. in short, SONY XPERIA Z1 COMPACT!!! HAHAHA (someone buy my ipad air please!)

with that, i might SELL MY LENOVO S650 na lang! watch our for my ad hahaha

# pokki windows 8 start menu is crappy
sorry, it's really slow. i click on the start menu button and i wait 1 second for the menu panel to appear. not cool. but it's the prettiest among the 3rd party win 8 start menu apps i saw eh. :( huhu might upgrade to win 8.1 but i have to research muna parang di maganda dating sa iba eh haha

# i failed the MASTER CLEANSE diet
and wasted php 1,400something for it + sore limbs! let me tell you a story hahaha

# RIP: my sd card just died >X'(
nakakalungkot. lesson learned, next time i'm going to save my mobile photos sa internal memory na lang! huhu all my pointwest memories and stuff over (na hindi ko pa narereview arghhh) pics are goooone! oh no, is this a sign? nooooooo askjdhaskasd

# i haven't made progress in our java web apps project
which reminds me, i should be doing it now... k. >XS

why i quit the Master Cleanse hahaha

if you're curious, the Master Cleanse is a detox method using lemonade diet for 10 days. for the span of 10 full days, you are only to drink lemonade and water. no other food.

wednesday this week, i was so eager to start the master cleanse diet b/c of the super long weekend, kasi that meant less temptations kasi nasa bahay lang ako, and being on laxative meant na dapat nasa bahay lang ako hahaha

... so that night after work, i dropped by healthy options trinoma to purchase the ingredients! kaso out of stock na ung pure lemon nila, even at the sm north branch, so i asked them if megamall and shang still has stocks (after all, i expected a lot of people are going to be on the same diet this week haha), buti na lang meron! 

... so i went from trinoma to shang via mrt and purchased the stuff on the picture above. here's a breakdown if you're curious:

- 354ml cadia 100% organic grade B maple syrup (php 799.00)
- 370ml lakewood organic fresh pressed pure lemon (php 220.00)
- 15g simply organic powdered cayenne (php 165.00)
- 16 bags traditional medicinals organic smooth move peppermint laxative tea (php 269.00)
TOTAL (php 1453.00)

... oyan, pagkabili ko nyan, i was supposed to ride the mrt back kaso the line was sooo disappointing. super duper haba tapos stop-entry pa. di nako sanay mag-mrt so sinukuan ko to. magb-bus na lang ako. but then it's much worse outside pala! the stretch of people waiting for buses is soooo looooong! but i was hopeful naman, i know na when i walk farther back, the density of people will decrease and there'll be plenty of seats sa bus. HAHA i was wrong. i was walking and walking and literally laughing at myself na for ever giving up on mrt shaw. my feet are sore and it's so mainit pero natatawa na lang ako. exercise lang yan, yan. 

okay, so i exercised! from shaw, i walked all the way back (passing by the ricoa building which smelled suuuuper good! ganon ba talaga don? laging amoy chocolate? >8D), and ironically padami lang ng padami ang tao sa daan. a lot of people were already resting on the sidewalk. ako naman, what are you waiting for? anyway, my walking led me to mrt boni station, so nag-mrt na lang ako. tawang-tawa ako sa sarili ako cos i walked a mile away from the mrt station just to ride the mrt rin pala in the end. haha thank God cos mejo maluwag sa boni! and kuya guard allowed us to ride the priority coach pa so hindi siksikan sa loob>XD hihi i was further relieved when i looked down at cubao area,  all the bus terminals were jam packed with people! grabe there was not a patch of ground visible! hanggang kalsada puno ng tao. buti na lang di ako nag-bus. hehe

... okaaaaaaay back to the diet, assuming you're going to follow the minimum of 6 glasses a day (8oz/240ml/glass), your stock will take you 4 days, that's 24 glasses, php 363.25/day, and roughly php 60/glass! not bad, in fairness! after which you have to shell out some more for the maple syrup and lemon hehe. 

... if you're curious about the recipe eto pala sya:
*for 1 glass (8oz/240ml)
- 2 tbsp maple syrup
- 2 tbsp pure lemon
- 1/10 tsp cayene
- purified filtered water (pwede warm, pwede cool)

*drink laxative tea before bedtime, and first thing in the morning.
ako, i just use 1 tea bag for bedtime (1st dip) and morning (2nd dip) para tipid, and also to avoid bathroom heavy mornings, esp if you're in the office! haha

... anway, don't get excited no. as the title suggests, i failed the diet! i cheated on day 1, and again on day 2. so i stopped. bakit? because i realized that THIS DIET IS NOT FOR ME! i started day 1 right, i drank tea in the morning, and lemon juice for breakfast, but i got hungry/tempted during lunchtime so hindi ko na pinigilan sarili ko. HAHA sabi ko, i'm not supposed to starve if it's a healthy diet. hahaha pero tinuloy ko parin even with the solid foods i ate, sayang ung binili ko eh. kumbaga, added refreshment na lang ung lemonade di na talaga ko nag-diet. 

... waste of money, yes. a desperate attempt to lose weight? YES. i'm sorry, but if you really want a healthy way to lose weight, this is not the way to go. i was halfway on the master cleanse book and i was very convinced that it's healthy, that it's gonna turn my body alkaline, and that it's going to rid me of my allergies for good. but then i was starving! sino ba namang hindi papayat sa 10 days liquid fast diba? haha

... eto suggestion ko, if you're willing din naman to undergo a liquid fast to lose weight, i suggest you take a fruits/veggies juice diet na lang. i've tried it and i never craved for solid food, in fact i was never hungry! 6 bottles of pure cold-pressed juice a day, and i was full the entire day without the bloat! >XD here's my experience on juice cleanse!

... another suggestion, since i'm not confident about the idea of just taking lemonade for 10 days, why not just include it in your daily eating habits? say a glass of warm lemon water every morning! i read it works wonders, so why not give it a try! >:D

hello world!

this is it! we're on my favorite module! web applications! oh yeaaah! err... not really. the reason i'm liking this module is because it lets me design! since day 1 all we've ever faced is the console and it's so sickening having so limited design options. duh, cos it's not even needed. T___T;

i see a little bit of hope. that's if our super kind trainers decide to deliberate against kicking me out. argh. there's still this huuuuuge chance of me getting kicked out of the bootcamp, after sucking so much on the core java finals exams yaknow. i'm just glad it's over cos i never really got to appreciate the topic. sorry sir. you're really smart and your knowledge is just becoming of a sun certified java programmer naks, but i can't seem to drill the concepts in my head without much practice. 

after our core java finals, i was ready to exit (scandalously. chos). seriously. but i was also hoping they'd give us a chance at web apps, after all, it's where we get to apply core java naman diba. kkk.

i'm not saying web apps is easier, but at the very least it's familiar. oh thank you, smart. 

there's so much to learn and i'm so excited! err... again, not really! i'm just excited at the design side yun lang talaga! hahaha

on the bright side, if ever i do get kicked out, i'm 90% eager on taking up short courses on select topics about multimedia arts (graphic design, web design, and illustration please!), and just... you know... enjoy the shift! haha saves me from having to explain to my next employer why i got truncated from the batch.

then i can just freelance diba? and finally become a full-time blogger major in ranting! wow, that kind of future actually excites me! 

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