Quarantine Wishlist Pt. 3

But first, an update on what's been fulfilled on my previous wishlist: Quarantine Wishlist Pt. 2

I think I got most of them already so yeyy. As you know, my wishlist is really more of a personal to-buy list hehe. So yeah, my wish list is my command lol hahaha. I got Stiles, new mugs, a diffuser, Corelle plates, and Tefal cookware. I'm also growing three kinds of Basil now and they're all looking sad huhu. Still on the lookout for cute placemats though, but that can wait.

What's next?

Hotel quality beddings in gray

Most hotel linen suppliers who've gone retail this quarantine only have white available, and I'd like to have the same quality sheets in gray! Any recos?

Messy Bessy Muscle Relief Rub

Still waiting for Messy Bessy to revive this crowd favorite. Hope they don't reformulate using coconut oil cos I'm not a fan of coconut based topical products.

Instapot or any good quality multicooker

I kinda removed this from my previous wishlist but after seeing the Baumann Living Duo, I kinda want a multicooker again! Or not cos it's gonna eat up a lot of space...

Wireless charging case for Apple Airpods 2

There's just so much wires on my desk right now. I have 2 lightning cables (for my phone, tablet, and airpods), microUsb for my fan, DC for my diffuser, and 2 type C for my husband's phone. Argh.

Fast wireless charger

I'm eyeing the Choetech fast wireless charger cos it can charge 2 devices simulataneously but that's gonna wait til I get a good deal on a wireless charging case. 

Get monetized on Youtube
I have a long way to go but I'm working on it, unless Youtube makes policy changes that will make it harder for small youtubers like me to earn money. Lol

Yeah that's it for now.


Making A Mess Can Be So Relaxing

Life has been getting hectic for a long time. But this year is the first time it affects us at a global level. The coronavirus pandemic is forcing everyone to adapt. With no time to prepare, most of us have turned the home into an office, a childcare centre, a classroom, and many more. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions and packing all your lifestyle activities into a confined space doesn’t make things easier. In a word, it’s not just been stressful; it’s been stressful for everyone at the same time. And that’s quite an achievement in its own right.

Now more than ever, we need to learn how to relax. The first and most important action you can take for yourself is to stop bottling your emotions up. It isn’t a healthy answer to a lasting and global situation. You need to take the time to talk about it and allow yourself to vocalise how you feel. Surprisingly, you’ll find that a lot of stress-coping mechanisms encourage discipline and order, from removing the emotional clutter in your life to building a positive routine. These are all effective. But ask yourself: Why use discipline, when mess and chaos are the quickest way to let go of negativity?

Photo from Unsplash

Finger painting on the canvas

Painting can be daunting if you’re not educated in this complex art. It’s odd to hear about artists explaining how liberating they find the process of creation when most amateur painters start their journeys with a numbered canvas and a selection of brushes in different sizes. Liberating? There’s way too much discipline to unleash your emotions at this stage! So, remove the brush and simplify your connection with the canvas. Finger painting gives you new freedom of self-expression that ties you back to your emotions. It’s a raw, direct, and accessible experience. You can grab everything you need from companies such as The Sydney Canvas Company and start your self-exploratory journey. If you’re worried about stains, a pair of latex gloves can do the trick!

Muddy hands are happy hands

You can find plenty of inexpensive pottery supplies and beginner’s kits for the home. However, if you are completely unfamiliar with clay works, it can be a good idea to watch a few tutorials first. There’s something wonderfully tactile about pottery that brings you back to happy memories of being a child and playing with malleable dough or salt pastry. As an amateur potter, you can get hands down with your creation and make something that could be undone and redone until you choose to bake it. It’s a never-ending process during which the clay washes away your worries and negativity.

Dough art, something messy you can eat

Pottery has only one disadvantage: There are only so many pots and decorative items you can make. Pastry art, on the other hand, offers an infinity of options that all start in the same way. A little flour, butter, and eggs that you can mix in a deliciously sticky mess. But, let it rest, and you can shape your mess into an elegant and yummy shape, for cookies, pie tops, or anything else you want to do.

Is it time to add a new function to your home/office/classroom? Creating a nook for messy art could be a nice addition to your multipurpose environment. After all, we all need to let some steam go, and what better way to do it than by creating your very own messy workshop? Relax and let your fingers do the rest.


Keep safe goys

It's signal no. 3 here in Metro Manila and the wind is getting crazier as the night pushes on. I thought typhoon Rolly had the most violent winds because it got out Century Bob shaking and our CR vent covers levitating. But this is much worse. We couldn't feel it so much inside the unit because the wind is slapping at the other side of the building but heck when we opened the main door, which was facing the wind, I couldn't freaking close it because of the pressure!

Power fluctuated around 4x, then the alarm blared off followed by an incomprehensible PA (I got the part where we're not allowed to use the elevators, but I'm not sure if it was an evacuation notice lol), and then yeah as expected power went down. Only for a couple of minutes though so thank God. I'm not sure if we're running on gensets right now but the hallways are lit so maybe not?

I hope everyone's safe and doing okay, sheltered at least from this raging typhoon. I usually enjoy rainy moods like this but when everything is intensified 5x and then you add the relentless grunting of the generators nearby, the hot-choco mood turns into hide-under-the-sheets mood real quick. 

Oh well, nothing's keeping me from making instant noodles so I'll beat it.

Keep safe and let's all pray for this to be over soon!


Twitter thoughts

Thoughts that came out too long for Twitter but too short for a one shot, so here they are:

❆ I'm getting a lot of site optimization offers from random digital marketers lately. All of them say the same things about my site: slow loading, unoptimized images, low index, blah blah blah basically your site sucks, so hire us. Their diagnoses, at this point, all sound templated to me, and I often wonder how they even arrived at my page in the first place if it weren't at least ranking for something. So ironic. So yeah, spam you go. Though of course, I admit that this site is terribly slow, unoptimized, has a lot of dead links here and there, and has a bunch of garbage code, sure. But nah, I won't get it fixed by them random emailers. How do they even find sites like mine anyway?

❆ Anyway haha. Let's talk about Miss U Philippines and all the controversy around it. General consensus is that QC is an unprofessional loser, and Taguig is a tea-baiting bitch who also can't accept defeat gracefully. Their defense? Alleged cheating, unfairness, and also vague statements of "hearing something I shouldn't have heard" that's horribly "devastating". Urgh, what a blur these two. To be honest, isn't it already an open secret that nobody ever really wins fairly in beauty pageants? Especially one that's majorly sponsored by an illicit politician? I wonder what they're griping about. Are they so pure to not know? Too blinded by idealism? If they're so sincere about changing the world and being real advocates of whatever if it is they're publicly fighting for, they should've known better than to join Miss U. Beauty pageants are a joke to real feminism. Who are you empowering really, apart from yourselves.


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