want some challenge?

enter the CRIMSON ROOM

it might not be new to you but in case you failed the last time yo you tried the room out, well maybe it's your chance to be in the escapers list now.
i got out, but i cheated. LoL, i don't care... besides, i went as far as playing the movie and discovering the vault.. i just can't get through the codes but anyway what's a little help?

i also finished the viridian room and the blue chamber with some degrading walkthrough. how's my pride? big deal huh.

i really really supper duper want to go malling but i can't because i have no $$$$! well tomorrow i guess dad will have his allowance so he HAS to treat us out! haha...

i need ballpens! oh and i'll buy lot's of panda ballpens!
i need papers (the 1/2 1/4 cw lw)
i also need to buy a gift. :D

i want a big sketchpad.
i want to have my coffee treat too. =D
i want flats
i want a skirt

grrr... my lower abdomen hurts. =(

double mass.

my parents think i'm becoming too smart because they always see me reading a new book once in a while and they're complaining that the books i read are too dangerous for me. huh? i don't think reading a story about a girl who decides to die but ended up breathing in the end is wrong, not even the story of a girl who chose to be mute to everyone because she got raped. i even shared to them that by the time i get my allowance in college i'll see to it that i purchase a new book every month. something they found (find?? geez) unquestionable as long as i buy the right books because they think that the more i read books of my choice, the farther i stay from God.... which is sooo WRONG. they want me to read books like Developing the Leader Within You or The Key to Prosperous Life. Honestly, they don't seem that interesting i'd rather pretend listening to the audiobook versions of them than read them for real.

I don't like self-help books. I want books with plots.

i'm not being too smart! comown, i failed pinoy, you think that's smart? well i think that's a smart move close enough to ditch Jose Rizal out of our curriculum. Oh i don't hate him but he's causing too much mayhem in my report card.

oh well, i feel like edward in veronica decides to die.

last night there was an overnight prayer meeting here in our house, no food, no sleep and my mom forced me to join. so i join, prayed a bit, sang a bit and later on drowsed to sleep. i woke up still in the rooftop with the halelujas of people, they're singing to God but i also hear some mild snoring i realized it's ok, we're all sleeping anyway. what i do is ask God for a miracle to make that lone red star i see fall down. nothing happens, i lack faith. later on i see a firefly roaming around. i caught it and together with my sister we watched as the insect desperately tries to get out of my hands, we watch as it gives off a flickering yellow light and then we let it go. i wonder if that's how God granted my wish to make a star fall on my hands. cute.

i walked around 11:30 pretending to my dad that i'm soo sleepy, went down to drink but got stuck helping mom to peel off the gingers and BLEND it, i peeled 3. i sometimes slip the knife in my hand so i got little cuts on my fingers, no blood. then i blend them with a cup of water, smells strongly gingerish. i can't stand it. i gave it to mom, she poured it on the boiling water and i found out she's going to make a soup. a ginger soup? who would eat that?

i decided to sleep, i continue reading Speak until i'm 80% percent done then i slept. woke up 7am, mom says we're still going to church, she promised we'll go to the mall after but plans changed because we're going to eat lunch at someone's house for someone's birthday. great. no mall. it sucks be stuck.
we went to red ribbon to buy a birthday cake. drooled over some chocolate mousse, tiramisu meltdown and truffle candies worth 20 each. we bought a choco caramel roll for ourselves to eat at home but we're way too hungry to wait till we get home so we eat in the car while dad drives. no spoon or forks or knives... we're very resourceful when we're really hungry. mom tears off one side of the carton box of the cake and uses it to slice the cake. we now eat. only we're too messy, fudge drops in the seat covers and on my bag and onto my shirt and my white handkerchief got stained, blah.

i love chocolate.

i forgot to tell you that Someone's House holds a church service too so when got there, it's like attending a double mass. i'm tired. i didn't even bother to open my Bible as the pastora asks us to, i pretend i left mine in the car. i watch as the girl in front of me opens her vanity kit and pulls out a black eye liner from avon, her kit is from avon too. i thought she's going to re-touch in the middle of the service, i got irritated. she closed her kit, opened the cap of her eye-liner and marks the chapter in the Bible where were discussing. she's not as bad as i thought.
after the service, it's happy birthday greeting time, i went inside the house (because they hold the service in the garage) and sat on a chair, with permission of course. i just want to spare myself from faking a smile and pretending to act real fond of children when actually i don't like them hanging around like they never ran out of ATPs.
i continue reading Speak. getting interesting, i'm nearly done.
we eat then we walk home, we're in the same subdivision.
i read as i walk as my sister shares the umbrella with me. i'm done reading!

we're now in front of our house.
no keys? great. i don't want to climb the gate like i usually do, so i let my sister do it. my mom and i watches as she drops her sandals inside and sets aside her bag and the umbrella and starts climbing the gate for real. it wasn't a sight to behold, we can hear the thump of her feet as her weight drops from the height, she's kinda chubby.

she opens the big gate, i get the knife from the dirty kitchen and... ooops. i can't just tell you how we open the house if don't have the keys you know. i'm not stupid.

now i'm here, typing down a tale that started yesterday night until this afternoon.

mom said we're still going to the mall.
freakin lightning bolt strikes.

by the way! harry potter and the goblet of fire will start showing on my birthday!! :D

questioning my religious upbringing

i don't know if i'll still end up in heaven someday... that's my ultimate dream you know!
i've been a mega sinner.
because of that my parents called for a bible study in our prayer sanctuary that i rarely visit... because it's way on the top floor and i'm lazy.
what's wrong with me? i always pray at night! i even left my traditional way of praying... the patethic way of praying wherein i make myself sound so kawawa...
i'm not kawawa... i talk to God like i'm a neighbor... the "hey God kamusta ka na? paki bati naman po ng happy holloween sa mga lolo ko o, pati na rin sa mga angels dyan...happy halloween"
masama ba yun?
but i like praying that way!!
grrr... and my parents think i'm losing touch with God because they don't see and hear me pray... =(

comown... i'd be dead by now if i don't have God.

oh well.
happy holloween!

a quickie post before frog prince

start of sembreak!
i'm not happy since i have a lot of shitloads to deal with, count the projects in...

haay i wanna have my coffee treat already... =(
oh yeah, sooner or later i'm gonna slash one item off my wishlist again!
speak - lurie halse anderson
i'm currently reading it... i borrowed the book from adri
i would rather have my own copy of it but what's the difference? i rarely re-read books anyway, it will just stay on my shelf for decoration and space.
oh well, artemis fowl will follow during the xmas break, i'm so deprived of time to read books... my AF is an ebook which makes me unthrilled to read it because it doesn't come in handy! plus, i promised to finish reading series of unfortunate events first so... carry on r-yan
i would love to if someone would just let me borrow her books so that i can free our pc with some 5 megabytes... =)

it's time already!
frog prince!

grade booster huh?

ok, i hope it's not too late to share this but i find (found???) it really helpful. =)

El Fili Study Notes
oh well, look at me. i'm 9 years out of gradeschool and i always thought...
lOl nevermind

the math test was manageable, i'm expecting a high grade in my test because my quizzes are dragged down because of my stupidity!!! grr..

now now, i need to work hard on my pinoi test because i can't afford a failing grade! guess what? my quiz average is a freakin low 68! i would appreciate it better if it were the reverse of it but noooo!

now what? have to study have to study have to study! repeat that until it's 9:30pm and that's the time i open my book and read. i'm so in the procastinating mode today but nevertheless i won't let this lazy brat get the better of me.

how do i start, well the best way to start is to shut this web browser down, disconnect and turn off the computer...
3 steps i cannot bear to do!!

you see, i'd rather not blog during the exam week, better yet not open the computer at all, but the tempation is rising!
so here i am, as you can't see, in the basement, sitting on a monobloc chair, typing on the laptop on top of a wooden table, hearing mom talk to her client over the phone, and blaming myself for a job well done in failing my quizzes!

why do you think i'd waste my time blaming it all on me? why can't i just start studying?

because i'm lazy.

oh, before i forget, i hate the CL test. not because of the difficulty rate but because of the essay questions. i always regard a teacher lazy whenever she just throws in a lot of essay questions and do little of objective type questions because it's so easy to create an essay question but it takes a lot of braincells to answer them correctly.

i hate answering essays, especially essays on CL and other religious stuff. there's this word most of us don't understand and because i was infuriated with it my first sentence was: First of all, i don't know what [this certain word] means but i'm not stupid enough not to have the slightest hint on what it wishes to imply.
yeah, rude.
there's another essay there, about the materialism and consumerism stuff. my first sentence was: My family is not materialistic.
haha, serves you right.

mehn, i'm so bad.
i know.
and because of that i recieved a verbal slip. no, of course not because of answering like that. tardy...

weee. i'm listening to gwen stefani right now... cool.

frog prince mania

here is the link for my previous layouts.


i decided to make an archive of them in blogskins for other people to use... =) i'll continue doing layouts for as long as i have the skill and the desire to do so... =)

you can use some of them if you like.
i haven't uploaded all of my prev layouts because i don't intend to do so, some of my layouts just suck so i guess i'll just share those which passed my standards.


i'm into my chinovela obsession again. frog prince is just like the other chinovelas i've watched before, those with really really exciting and romantic beginnings. yes, beginning only, i still don't know if the series will make me sustain my interest in it. other chinovelas i've watched have really good starts but what happens in the middle is they become super mushy because the courting stage ends and the persons from opposite sides of the poles get attracted with each other and develop a relationship and that ends the cliffhanger.

my mom has a crush on ming dao! well, me too of course.
why am i talking about these things?
i should study!!!
actually i'm looking for matthew ming pictures but it's hard! grr, i want to sketch him... hihi.
ok, so matthew ming is ming dao... wait i think i should look harder

inhale... exhale

a lot of schools started their sembreaks weeks before and look at us poor shsians, we still have to go through the agonizing labors (exaggerating) of studying! what is so wrong with our school that we have to spend only 1 week break? and 4 of those days will be used for project making!!! that is so unfair! i have a lot plans in mind to do during the sembreak but now all of them are to be rescheduled for... summer perhaps?

i can't take it. before i sleep by 3pm let me just tell you how my study habits went for the ist day of tests.
we had econ, computer and accounting awhile ago and it was just last night that i started studying...
specifically i started browsing my econ book at 9:30pm. i know it's late but i'm easily distracted by a lot of things like i still watched frog prince and darna and when i went to my room to internalize about my risky procastination through feeling the cold air gushing out from the aircon, i ended up drop dead on the bed sleeping.

not for long because because i felt my cellphone vibrate under the pillow. my bestfriend texted a joke about a TNT whose name is DAN and his misadventures as a paranoid in america. it was really funny so i went out of the room immediately and shared the joke to my family. after making them laugh a while i found myself plopped on the couch watching charmed. i'm not really an avid viewer but i found that episode interesting where pheobe was on the top of piper's death list... oh well. why do interesting episodes like that show only when i DON'T need them. the God of discipline is not with me that time, neither was the God of wisdom.

10:30 came and that's the moment i realized that i have to take things seriously but just when i thought i have all the chance to make a good start, my dad, mom and sister entered the room meaning they're about to sleep and they need the lights off and the music down. you see there is only one aircon in our house and it belongs to my room so all 4 of us have to camp in my considerably big room and feel the coolness together.

i told them i have to study so i need not to turn the lights off but come on, i can't resist that temptation of not talking to them! haynaku talaga... after all the chit chat and jiggies i chose to study at last!
after studying ap, i went to sleep immediately for the 3-in-one coffee i drank has lost its powers

blah blah, so in the end i didn't finish studying everything that's needed to be studied. when i woke up that morning, i rushed my morning routine and studied computer while dad takes me to school, then during recess i studied accounting... =)

i'm so dead.

history of melodia

most of my usernames are under the netnick melodia04. hihi wala wala, i just want to explain. =) here's the reason, there is this anime character i really really like, his name is Musica and he belongs to the Rave series. Simply put, Musica's sweetheart is Melodia and so i became melodia!
you see? if you really love Romeo, wouldn't you name yourself after Juliet?
if you like oranges, wouldn't you like lemons too?
if you fancy gays, why not lesbians? haha i don't!
if you like doctors, you should hate apples. aaahh whatever.

i'm going nuts. hihi
i learned a lot of things in veronika decides to die! like, why are our keyboards not alphabetically arranged? or why do the clock hands move from left to right? not that it bothers me but the book answered it. hihi

oooohh, my sister gave me an advanced birthday gift! i now have 48 pcs. classic colored pencils! take note! faber castel! time to strike something off of my wishlist!

i love grapes.

what a water escapade!

my toes and fingers are much too shrivelled right now due to the very very exciting (note the sarcasm) water escapade we had awhile ago. the whole 2nd floor of our house was flooded because my sister left the water foset on. so, all of us in this house gathered upstairs to immediately dry the place up. you know what's weird?
the closest room to the cr (from which the water came from) wasn't reached by the water but MY room was!! it was so puzzling -_-;; and my room has the most number of stuff inside, there's the stand fan, the wooden table and chair, the guitar (grrr!), my turtle stuffed toy that was lying on the floor (grrr!!!) and the queen sized cusion ON the floor(daaaanngg!)!!!
what more, the floor is not tiled ceramic it's varnished wood!!!
i'm soo angry with the other room! how come mine's the one victimized when it's farther from the cr!! grrr!

but anyway, while we were cleaning i wasn't angry with my sister or with the water that mercilessly soaked my stuff toy and the cusion we used to sleep on, i was actually full of optimism.
my dad was the pessimist one so i had to calm him down by saying that this event calls for a major 'knock first' emergency call!

hmmm... hehe it exhausted me so much mopping the whole place and accmumulating dust on my hands. eeww i so hate the feeling of strands of hair coiling on my fingers. gaaahhh.

all in all i can't say it's a horrible experience coz it's actually fun, it's been decades since the whole of my family cleaned together.

hihi. tomorrow na USTET!
gud luck to me at sa lahat ng kukuha!

my sister and i watched 'the twins effect' awhile ago. quite nice! edison chen is so cute!


::from yesterday

so tired... -_-;;
just got home from jami's house... we did the recording for our music project awhile ago and how as it?

quite nice.
if i have something to complain i guess it will be about me who keeps on doing mistakes and stuff while playing the piano but i guess it won't be obvious unless i shamelessly admit them.

anyway, i'm so tired (and i still have time to blog). yesterday we also went to jami's and we ended 8:30pm! so late and i'm commuting my way home!

it was my first time to commute alone at night and i was imagining horrible things like being hold-uped or snatched but who am i to think of those when i know God is with me? hehe... nothing bad happened...
thank you k.a. for dropping me off to sandigan!
haha... so near, so afraid, eh kasi nga gabi na eh...-_-;;

there, yesterday's trip was both filled with nervousness and STENCH!
LoL, it's not my first time to ride on a jeep but the thing is it just rained!!!! RAIN mehn! so when we passed by commonwealth, it stinks big time! not only commonwealth, also litex and manggahan... they all stink!

today is worse. if yesterday i only have to put up with the stench, this time i have to bear the usual stink and the bad-timing downpour. grr...
ok ok, still... nothing bad happened! hurray... i'm so paranoid. =

cna you believe it? i'm not yet done with veronika decides to die! it's been a week! anyway, i don't have all the time to read it. i barely read at home... next i want to read speak by laurie anderson if adri would let me borrow hers :)
how come i love books but i'm too lazy to read them?

tomorrow we'll be having the mary-like dressing thing. oh well, got no decent top so i'm going to wear a sleeveless racerback tomorrow WITH a jacket. that's the only way i can hide the immodesty (???) of my dress.
i love my skirt. :D
oh no, i might get a line of 7 in pinoi! i barely pass the quizzes she gives!
good luck to me!

new layout.. again and again

tsk... i get fond of my layouts easily so i decided to make a new one for the nth time... =\ anyway. quite happy with this although i would like it better if it's bigger...

well well, so how's business?
i'm still promoting WEI (wireless engine immobilizer) - an anti-carnap gadget - to my friends who at some part of their mind think that i'm joking. oh well, but i'm not joking... i'm actually getting tired of repeating the same lines over and over again o different people hoping they'll be interested but nevertheless i got the interest of some people... =)

christmas is coming soon that's why i want to earn money. yeah, i said EARN not ask. i don't have daily allowance (like most of you have) so i have to at least earn money. hehe...
i could always ask my parents for it but i don't want to bother them... we all need it. :)
just wish me luck.

school... hmmm still funny as always! that's what i go to school for, to get my daily dose of laughter. it's the only funny place around!
meeehhn. i still don't know how to treat my decreasing standing in math! last quarter i got 95 average on my quizzes but now i only have 81!!! fiiittttccchhhhh!!!
i'm so careless, it's all because of that zero score i got, but even so i don't want to depress myself anymore...T_=

29 days to go before my birthday!

who will be the next... pinoy pop superstar!

wow! im so overwhelmed with joy!
yesterday Aicelle Santos won as the 3rd grand contender for PPS year 2!
what i found amusing is that all three grand contenders
Harry Santos
Gerald Santos and
Aicelle Santos

are.. obvious ba.. they're all Santoses! haha... who will break the coincidence? find out na lng... =)

oh my... crush ko parin sina Harry at Gerald...
meron pa kong isang crush!
napanood ko naman sa Little Big Star.
eew noh? i sooo loathe Sarah Geronimo pero this performer really caught my attention... hehe... parehas kami ni terai natulala

Sam Conception! woohooo he did a song and dance number of Footloose yesterday...hihi... great dancer! great singing voice!
vote for him!!
to 2331

oh my god... promoter?!
the fan in me...tsk

hindi mamamatay ang jueteng II

oh well, back at home!
at last!
did i say i was totally useless awhile ago? oh yeah i did.
i was assigned to do the guitar accompaniment for our song... LoL, fine with me but i already forgot the tune of the song!
i actually want a song that would stick to the audience's brain and would give them an LSS like... the 'hindi mamamatay ang jueteng'

it's from k.a.'s brother's schoolplay that's been recorded so we're able to see it. it's called "anak ng jueteng"... funny talaga... hehe. take note... with subtitles!


hindi mamamatay ang jueteng

i'm here in jami's house! bwahehehee...
hmmph, i don't want to help in our project!!! why? because i know someone will always finish it for us! i'm just wasting my time here.
i want myself to be useful but i can't because someone here is to.. urghh.. nevermind.

tss. i'm so envious of a lot of my classmates and friends and relatives and other people whom i wish will agree to have a one-day freaky friday experience with me.
anyway, i love my life just the way it is.. boring.

where arth thou my mr. right?
there's no one special in my life today! haha... my love life sucks... not even looking for one.

my my, i'm enjoying watching frog prince! because ronald is so cute and he looks like a Filipino. hehe...

oh my, i'm totally useless! i'm not helping them! not that i'd be of any help to them now that 'someone' is there to do the music naman and my presence will be of utter unworth...
LoL. no...
it sucks to be me!


veronika decides to die

i'm currently reading veronica decides to die by paulo coelho... =) i can say i'm enjoying it because i'm learning a lot! i'm actually considering life in a mental hospital, i think it would be pretty nice in there.

according to the book crazy or insane people are those who live their lives in their own worlds. so i think there's no point branding people insane cos all of us have that insane nature in us it's just that people live in conformity to get understood.
oh well, it's sucks to be spending your life in useless conformity so just get crazy and be yourself.

hmmm...i'm still wondering how my life would be in a mental hospital. in that place no one would care if i talk to myself and do monologues since we're all crazy and it's our way of conforming with others... in a mental hospital things i've been obscuring to the public would be revealed in a manner that it would still look normal to the people there. i'm not saying that what i'm hiding within will admit me as a patient in Villete but it's just that i think the mental hospital is the best and safest place to start stripping myself off of my crazy manners.

hihi... i could sing
'if you were gay'
'the internet is for porn'
'it sucks to be me'
'i'm not wearing underwear today'
all day long without having those curious eyes on me!

i could say whatever i want, recite my blog even and roleplay romeo and juliet all by myself! again, without people wondering where the hell did you came from.

wow. the book kinda works... haha still in page 70 though... hehe
i'm perfectly normal mind you. =)

oops. it's frog prince now! have to watch!

the gay way!

hehe i like gay people!
i always get giddy whenever Patroclus' name is mentioned in our discussions with Iliad, coz i know Achilles will always be involved! come on, they're a pair!!!

also... Nicky and Rod from Avenue Q already penetrated in my nerves... LoL gotta like gays!

hehe. oh well, i still think i'm 90% straight! i like gwen stefani!
i'm so inspired to make layouts today... it's just that i can't put it on top of my shitload priorities... =( but sooner... yup! i'm looking for images... hmmm


just got back from la salle.
what can i say, it's pretty hard for me. yeah i guessed a lot of numbers and solved only those that looked quite easy to solve coz i didn't study for it. hehe, no regrets, as i've wrote here before i have no plans of being affiliated with la salle. not that i hate it, i just don't want to waste the money and the tears, oh shut up. i didn't even know why, in the first place, i applied for lasalle.

oh well, things are getting great so far.

i haven't finished reading my hrr book, hmm... it's ok since i just have to read the remaining 50 or so pages. i've fininished the whole story, it's just that i haven't finished the reading the whole book - cover to cover.

and then... i still have to do the 8.5 by 8.5 illustration of the two mysteries of the rosary (jowful and sorowful) for our bulletin board. no problem, i'll fix that later.

plus the incomprehensible anal geom homework. hmm.. whatever i'll find a way with that sometime later.
blah blah blah...

ooohhh i'm downloading 2 songs today!
both from avenue q sountrack
'if you were gay' and 'the internet is for porn'
both are sooo freakin funny!
hehe first heard it when reg sang it to us when we're practicing for the indian song. then just awhile ago jami let me hear it on her phone so there i was excited once again some musicals. just like the other time when i'm having this beetles-mania thing... hehe... hey jude!

just want to share to you the lyrics of 'if you were gay'
really funny!

If You Were Gay lyrics

Aah, an afternoon alone with
My favorite book, "Broadway
Musicals of the 1940s."
No roommate to bother me.
How could it get any better than this?

Oh,hi Rod!

Hi Nicky.

Hey Rod, you'll never
Guess what happened to
Me on the subway this morning.
This guy was smiling at me and talking to me

That's very interesting.

He was being real friendly,
And I think he was coming on to me.
I think he might've thought I was gay!

Ahem, so, uh, why are you telling me this?
Why should I care?
I don't care.
What did you have for lunch today?

Oh, you don't have to get
All defensive about it, Rod...

I'm NOT getting defensive!
What do I care about some gay guy you met, okay?
I'm trying to read.

Oh, I didn't mean anything by it, Rod.
I just think it's something we should be able to talk about.

I don't want to talk about it,
Nicky! This conversation is over!!!

Yeah, but...


Well, okay, but just so you know —

Nicky, please!
I am trying to read....


Ah, Nicky!


Nicky, I'm trying to read this book.








I would?


High Button Shoes, Pal Joey...


Nicky, that's GROSS!

No it's not!

I am not listening!


La la la la la!





If you were gay.


disappointed =(

oh well, that was awhile ago so i'm feeling fine now.
yesterday i was excited to visit terai coz we thought it'd make her happy but no. she's so glum when we went there and she doesn't like it that we brought food for our little family picnic right outside their dorm (which is natury in ambiance fyi) coz she's expecting us to eat outside... chowking or mcdo or kfc perhaps?
brrr... as much as i'd like to enjoy the food (the lechong manok, the lechong kawaling baboy, the fried rice and the veggy salad) i can't coz we feel like our visit was wasted.

just yesterday she texted me, mom and dad about her happiness when she passed math 17 but now she seems so unhappy about it. hmmpphh, kakainis!
she said she wanted to eat fast coz she's going to study pa...
so after all the traffic we've been through she's just going to dismiss us that way?


there, the three (me mom dad) of us are sad on our way home and we TRIED to just understand her and her wrong approach when she's being pressured and it worked a little although we're expecting her to call us for a rightful apology... and she did, when we were already in commonwealth (which is about 2 hours later).

next... my disappoinment was also lessened down by my drug, caffeine. i had another plastic cup of a mocha frappe. happy.

tomorrow is the dlsu-cet.
i'm neither excited nor nervous. either way (pass of fail) i won't be studying there, i just don't want to waste the 500 pesos that i cried for and all the fuss about getting my NSO birth certificate! do we look like a fixer?!

i don't really have time to study for it even though i know it would be hard but let's just leave it that way. haaay...


always look on the bright side of life

i'm happy and full! just ate two plates of rice and lechong manok!! hihi, today is the anniversary of the my dad's managerial unit. yeah! remember the time i keep braggin about that in this blog? it came true at last, and they're into business for two years running.

ok, i'm not part of the party since i'm in school but that's ok coz i don't really want to jam with the grown-ups.

awhile ago in the morning as i open my closet to get a uniform i realized i have no tan uniforms left! i panicked that time and went to the rooftop if there's any of my tan uniforms left dry so that i can iron it fast.
not until i recalled we have a mass today.
hehe so after all the energy i wasted running up the stairs, i have to wear the gala uniform.

mass, tsk. i really thought i'm going to be late but hopefuly i didn't. i don't know why but everytime i go to mass i get sleepy. i can't count the times i yawned in the mass awhile ago... really can't help it. no! i didn't sleep! i'm too guilty for that crime.

ooh, it's my 2nd time to participate in the mass! my first time was when i was in second year... i joined the choir coz they seemed to lack members. the 2nd time was awile ago where justinne, alya and i became collectors. probably because we're at the end of our section coz we're late. hehe...
oh well, it's my first time to collect. haha it was, er... nothing great, just fine. my basket even fell and the coins scattered out but nevermind, it was not my fault anyway. when we walked through the aisle to put the baskets to the altar, the people are slowly blocking our way coz they singing the 'ama namin' and they have to join hands! LoL, wrong timing but the effect was funny though, we're breaking their bonds. haha...

computer time.
i was a little nervous that time. i thought we're going to be put on the spot but no. we had a quiz and i failed (i deserve it), but i didn't do anything bad. i even heard our teacher made a remark about seeing someone doing something fishy but i didn't mind because i know i wasn't doing anything wrong. ok enough about that.. i'm just a little relieved. whew.

so, i'm excited for tomorrow coz we'll be going to terai's since she won't be able to come over tonight because of her studies. well i'm exctied about two things... to visit terai and to yet again, have an expressway stop-over indulgence! hehe... i just love stop-overs! haven't i said that before?

what i like about friendster is that it can be used to stalk people, know practicaly how they describe themselves and know what other people think about them.
honestly, i've used it before to stalk (sort of) this person and i'm satisfied with my investigation (LoL). i never used it again for that purpose ever since. hehe, kasi crush ko yun eh! hahahaaaaaa.
kaso ngayon i'm against one added feature, the 'who's viewed me' link under the notification that blah people has seen your profile since blah. i don't like it! hehe. if you're in my place you should know why.

what else... oh no, i have a lot of things to do! hrr, anal geom, j3m (speaking of which-- i learned a new card trick! and that's what i'm gonna share), lasalle test, yadda yadda... it's just too much but i'm not worrying coz i'm sure to get over that one of these days. :D

always look on the bright side of life! (whistle)
that's my motto now! learned that years ago through an AXN commercial and it was just now that i learned to adopt it.


how to?

i can't think of anything to share on my J3M (just 3 minutes) tomorrow! and it has to be a 'how to' thing... whew. what do i do, i'll be delivering it tomorrow!

so far here are my useless options...

how to annoy people?
how to get rid of annoying people?
how to draw? (-_-;;)
how to identify spam?
how to do card tricks? (ooh, that'd be cool.. but i guess we're not allowed to bring cards to school. grr..)
oh yes! if i learn the simplest trick tonight then i'll spare myself from memorizing lenghty paragraphs!
ok ok.. gotta start.

whew. so, if all-else fails what would be my fail-safe?
tsk. think think think! why had i not prepared for this a week ago?! grr...

ano kaya gagawin ko?

the lost puppy and the possible reason to my frequent procastination

our neighbor's puppy went to our garage! hihi, so cute! i want to own it! but of course i can't... when i came down from the car awhile ago i saw the puppy out of our neghbor's gate, i went to see it because it's really cute! i played with it a little bit and tried to fit him on the gap between their gate (where the puppy got out) but it can't fit! now i'm wondering how it fitted awhile ago hmmm...

there... then after an hour or so, i went out to go to FCM and i was suprised to see the puppy sitting under the umbrella in our garage! wahahaa... grabe ang cute... it's a like baby cow... the one with black and white spots... ok so there since i can't fit him in the gaps of their gate i decided to knock through the doorbell, you see their doorbell is not the ordinary ding-dong type (like ours) it's pretty similar to a fire alarm, only one octave lower. LoL...

you know what, i want to go to starbucks... i've become a caffeine junkie. -_-;; i've planned it already in my mind, i just have to tell dad an excuse that i'll buy napkin and cartolina in FCM (which is true) and secretly ride until convergy's. what a liar... drugs nga naman o.

but then he insisted to driving me to FCM so i have no choice but to cancel my plans. either way, there's still zagu, and they still have caffe latte there... only milder than the ones in sb and i want my coffee strong!

ganito na lang, i'll buy nescafe 3-in-1 and an all purpose cream and make my own Frapparianna (tm). hehe

grr... i hate myself for being like this! i don't want to have a disease on the bone!! it hurts a lot! i know the feeling!!! T_T;;


i'm not becoming used to doing our homeworks here in our house. i always sleep on them and i discovered why.
this is really baseless but it's somewhat true in my case.
it has something to do with my mini notebook, the pocket-sized notebook where i jot down my homeworks. when i write my to-do list there, i always ignore it at home and sleep... but when i write it in this particular pad i suddenly find myself pulling out my desk chair, filing my books out, checking my to-do list and start working on my homeworks!
weird. really... LoL, and i remember that pad was tia's christmas gift to me and tia is smart so i guess (out of my baffled mind) that her being responsible with homeworks was somewhat distributed onto that pad! like some sort of 'responsible' energy being transmitted from the paper to me.
hihi... do you get that?
being so, i guess i'll just ask my smart friends to give me a little notebook on christmas so that when i see my homeworks on it, it'll give me the drive to start doing my homework.

LoL. is that even a vaild excuse to my delaying habit?
i'm just wondering why... and being the curious me i can't help but resort to various senseless things... but if you're really in my case you'd be wondering too!

and you know what i've proven myself to be an occasional psychic! i said OCCASIONAL so i guess it doesn't work always.
kasi, when we had our physics test in projectile motion II... i made a bet (deal?) with myself and it goes like this: if i get to answer set B, i'll be perfect in the quiz but if not, i'll fail.
and i did get into set B! that's why i reacted happily!! LoL
and as promised, i got perfect! and i also recieved a +5 for answering letter c correctly! yay!
i'm psychic!!! haha


sandiwa's prosec fieldtrip was held awhile ago! karla told me they saw the candidates for miss earth in the podium! cool... and they're walking their 5'8" frame on a 3" stilleto... o.O
hihi, if i were they i'd rather walk on my flip-flops cos there's no use exaggerating my height (if i was the one with the 5'8" frame i mean...) but anyway they're in a pageant.. whatever.

ang barkada ni daddy

daddy's friends are here! and most of them are my godparents whom i never recieve christmas gifts from...
haay... ang galante talaga... tsk.

and since they're here, it means a lot of work for me. i really hate house chores especially washing the dishes but i have to! and i have to make it thrice this day, lunch, merienda and dinner...

so how long have they been staying here?

er... just your ordinary party time which lasts for about 10 hours but so far they have 7 hours running.

i'm not regretful they came because i really really like them here... from 2pm up to now, they're singing! walang palya! and of course with guitars.
they're so cool... two of them are playing the guitars on a superbbbb level! sooperr ang galing!!!
oh and just now, they're singing the theme song of pinoy big brother... with plucking. whaapppaakkk!

i love what they're singing! beatles and oldies!... tsk tsk... and their voice (kasama tatay ko dyan! haha proud!)? parang The Tux! hehe... blending eh.

oopsss... up to now, i haven't started anything productive with regards to my schoolworks... and we have a lot of quizzes tomorrow!!!


what a freakin fitch!
hihi! i invented a new swear which is actually a combination of two other cusses. i just can't say the actual swears out loud so i made a word than will not hinder me from covering my mouth...

fitch - is fucking bitch

and more often when i'm startled or when my pencil drops from my desk i mumble the word: furk. weird... but it just came out of my mouth when i stopped myself from saying fuck.

sometimes... i do say wotch! because i find my favorite expression, wotcher, to be two syllables long... not your ideal 1 syllable swear. it's not even a swear but... whatever.

i've decided to tell the truth and i have to make it so asap that my heart would soon mend from this guilt i'm feeling. do you know how it feels to carry this guilt on for the whole weekend!

i'm so nervous i'll get expelled! i'm afraid to get a supervised work and be under conduct probation!

ay weeehhh....

kaya kaba pasaway kasi nag ne-net ka habang computer pd.???

oh my god, alam mo baaa sobrang kinabahan ako sa tag mo! akala ko ako yung pasaway kasi talagang may ginawa akong pasaway nung computer time...

bwahahaaa... akala ko pinagkalat ni mrs. resterio ung ginawa ko (naming tatlo!)

i'm so sloww... hihihi....

hindi na ko kinakabahan maxado!!!


hahahahaaaa... i'm so weird. LoL... i guess i just have to apologize to mrs. resterio for what we did and maybe tell her to just fail me on that quiz... whoops!

check my old blog 1! i spilled it out there...

so bad. nakakahiya, ano kung sabihin nya kay ms. alberto?
i'm so dead!

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