ang barkada ni daddy

daddy's friends are here! and most of them are my godparents whom i never recieve christmas gifts from...
haay... ang galante talaga... tsk.

and since they're here, it means a lot of work for me. i really hate house chores especially washing the dishes but i have to! and i have to make it thrice this day, lunch, merienda and dinner...

so how long have they been staying here?

er... just your ordinary party time which lasts for about 10 hours but so far they have 7 hours running.

i'm not regretful they came because i really really like them here... from 2pm up to now, they're singing! walang palya! and of course with guitars.
they're so cool... two of them are playing the guitars on a superbbbb level! sooperr ang galing!!!
oh and just now, they're singing the theme song of pinoy big brother... with plucking. whaapppaakkk!

i love what they're singing! beatles and oldies!... tsk tsk... and their voice (kasama tatay ko dyan! haha proud!)? parang The Tux! hehe... blending eh.

oopsss... up to now, i haven't started anything productive with regards to my schoolworks... and we have a lot of quizzes tomorrow!!!

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