Man of Steel from Schick and Wacoal

super duper late post! anyway, i just want to thank, yet again Nuffnang Philippines for my nth free movie! they held 2 contests for man of steel, one from Wacoal and the other one from Schick! i'm blessed to have won in both screenings, resulting to me watching it twice in a week, both with jeckie!

the movie was really action packed specially towards the end where there's so much of the earth breaking haha. there were times i didn't understand the pacing and cinematography but i believe it's typical zack snyder style, so yeah. what i appreciated most with this movie aside from the action is that it reveals how clark kent struggled growing up as a human. he always knew he was different and stronger than most, so it's highly admirable that he grew up as a good person, forever patient with the humans' insensitivity/idiocy/whatever. thanks a whole bunch to the couple who fostered him. i also liked how, at the end (you don't mind spoilers now do you?), he chose to save the earth over reviving his planet. that is just so Christlike, or so they say. >XD

Wacoal Screening!

anyway, the wacoal screening was set at Newport Mall, Resorts World on its premiere night. that's july 12, independence day! i spotted a lot of celebrities like liz uy, rica peralejo, patty laurel, etc. i think i also saw sir abe olandres somewhere. lol i'm not sure!

anyway, on top of the wacoal freebies they gave all of us (900 worth of online vouchers!), i also won additional 1,000 worth of wacoal merchandise from their twitter raffle! yeheyy!

it's a cool thing that wacoal hq is (almost) just across our office at makati so right at the deadline, i used my vouchers and purchased two sports bras! yeyyy! that's actually that cheapest bra they have there haha but still perfectttt hihi >XD

Schick Screening!

this one was set the coming friday at shangri-la mall. the really cool thing about this night was the freebies.

the perfect father's day gift! a paperbag full of schick goodies! you bet, pang-ahettt! >XD sandamakmak mga 10++? i lost count hahaha may shaving cream pa haha

there you go! nights full of fun and freebies! >XD thank you Lord!


Manila Bulletin Sketchfest 2013

happened July 15, 2013 @ Ayala Triangle, Makati

i was so excited when i first heard of it! but when i came there with chii and jeckie, nalula ako. cartolina pala ang canvas. that's just so big. and there weren't enough seats/tables for everyone so most of the contestants just sat on the ground and drew there. very very uncomfortable. argh. i thought the event was BIG but honestly, i didn't quite feel the hugeness of it considering that Manila Bulletin is hosting it along with a mean bunch of media partners. hay.

jeckie and chii

the freebies also didn't feel like freebies at all. maped pencil/eraser, heaps of magazines (back issues), and a copy of manila bulletin for that day. aside from the maped pencil/eraser which i found really cool, i felt the rest was just given for disposal. no offense meant. i just think everything in the contest required so much from the artists that i believe everyone should at least be amply rewarded. it was a bit disappointing on that note. >:)

i have no qualms about the prizes though, they were awesome. yeah.

anyway, since i gave up on the size (stupid me for not realizing that beforehand), i just took most of the time looking around and taking pictures of others doing their works. there may be only a few who joined the contest but most of them are really really frkn good! hehe if you feel like you belong in this so-called album of few, please comment below so i could give due credit.

also, i picked just the ones i thought looked awesome . >;)

winners from the previous years:

3rd Place - Mark Joseph Mabuna
Sketchfest 2012
Senior Category
2nd Place - Erwin Mallari
Sketchfest 2012
Senior Category
1st Place - Emmanuel Robles
Sketchfest 2012
Senior Category
3rd Place - Justen Paul Tolentino
Sketchfest 2011
Junior Category
awesome artists at work!

thanks for scrolling! saw yourself? just comment below! >:D

Titus Pens iDoodle Contest 2013

happened July 1, 2013 at SM Marikina Cyberzone

i've been meaning to blog about this awesome event but i never had the time haha. at least ngayon meron na! thanks to SONA, i had to take the day off because of the terrible traffic. thankfully, it's a good time to finally catch up with my pending blog posts! yeyy!!

so i learned about this doodle contest via my friend's mailing list. i took jeckie with me to the contest, and together we went on a cool adventure to SM Marikina. lol. it was a short trip, we used the LRT at Gateway, Cubao. and well, hanep lang! elibs na elibs kami sa LRT dun! ang ganda! being regular MRT passengers, riding this LRT for the first time was very refreshing.

cool looking station haha

it was so spacious inside the train. tingnan nyo naman! haaayyy when will MRT be like this? >XD

anyway, on to the event! there were so many artists who came, most of them looking like students hehe. honestly it was a bit cramped, it was hard trying to move around. the seats are so packed together because of the volume of the people who came.

nevertheless, i enjoyed it! 3 hours of nonstop doodling using their awesome oil-gel ball point pens and i was able to come up with this! and i insist on the many shots. haha

i didn't win but it was such an amazing experience. it's kindof the first ever art contest i joined outside of school (if i remember correctly), and i had no regrets. plus, i discovered that the pens they provided were so freaking awesome. believe me when i say this, i have a knack for pens and Titus fine oil-gel ballpens are the greatest if you're into ballpen art. just look at the quality! the colors are all sharp and vibrant and it's so different from the typical panda ballpens. you can trace a pencil line art with em and the ink won't run. how awesome is that. it's the type of ballpen that will make you want to reaaaaally draw your balls out. >XD

oh, before i forget, the grand winner! >XD

by Marvin Bandoles
taken from
congrats! those are frkn crazy details! amazing! >XO the other winners really kicked major ass as well. it was very inspiring having to see so much talent in one place!

yeheyy! happy that i took home lots of these!

thank you Titus Pens, for this wonderful experience! for the free shirt, name tag, pencil, eraser, envelope, folder, and of course the glorious pens! >XD

just started with Mary Kay!

hello! this is the first time i felt excited to wear make-up! seryoso! ang kulet nga eh, i'm not saying i'm a late bloomer. pero sige pwede na rin. lol

matagal na kong fan ng Mary Kay mainly because of the quality. my mom was the one who indirectly introduced it to me, after which i've grown quite a liking to it. pero di pa ganon ka-intense, after all, di ko pa afford nung mga time na yon. haha

but just recently, ate wheng, my new friend and also our victory group leader mentioned about their promo something something so sabi ko, weh? ganon lang babayaran ko? LOL and so 4 days after hearing about the promo, i joined Mary Kay! hahaha

the plan is to just hit the promo, then que serra serra na. meaning, i won't push myself further! after all, i'm just after the make-up! and until now the plan still holds. i'm just pretty fascinated about how it's affecting me, like i'm suddenly excited to groom up like a real lady! for the first time! haha exciting much! i've never felt this excited to look beautiful naks. hahaha

anyway, this is my SONA-caused look LOL. specifically my sobrang-traffic-kaninang-umaga-kaya-umuwi-na-lang-ako-at-nag-make-up look.

as you can see, it's barely there. kinda oily pa nga eh. but that's not oil. that's glare! as if? haha anyway, forgive me cos i'm still starting pa lang and experimenting on what looks best on me that i could use on a daily basis. i'm getting hooked on liquid foundation but it's such a hassle having to put it on properly. you know, making it all pantay with no bumps and crap. the horrorrrr.

LOL. for this look (naaaaks bumu-beauty blogger) i used the following Mary Kay products:
i mean, just in case you would possibly possibly want this look. HAHAHA

timewise matte-wear liquid foundation (beige 2)
for my complexion (i'm maitim, or morena in a more encouraging word). beige 2 is still a bit too light. i just tried it cos i saw it in mommy's purse haha. i'm a beige 4, btw. but in fairness, kahit sobrang puti nung beige 2, using just a small drop and lots of crazy brushing on my face. it kinda blended well! LOOOOOOL

mineral cheek color (shy blush)
yes i'm wearing blush on! a very shy one in case you never noticed LOOOOOOL

eye liner (black)
which is very very dry na because its cap got lost but nevertheless it was very easy to apply. naaks. LOOOOL

and finally...

mineral powder foundation (beige 2)
just to finish off the liquid foundation. blah

it's pretty bare on cam but i actually like it up close. much barer. LOOOOL. kidding. 

anyway, all of those products, you can find by browsing our e-catalog here:

and for orders, you can always reach me by commenting here! just make sure to leave your email so i can get back to you asap! >XD

awesome daaay

woke up 1pm after an undisturbed 10 hour sleep! i missed getting full sleeps. grabe. after a couple of days rendering crazy OTs, i knew i had to recharge my body so much! i'm imagining a full body massage, a facial and a good swim but argh. imagination ko lang yun.

OT days
so we have this project. it's crazy. it's java. and i feel doomed (as usual). i was made to lead the UI peeps and i feel kindof inadequate. technically. you know. while i believe i've learned so much java since i started, i still don't think i have enough to impart to the newbies. just the basics. i can, on the other hand, give them a ton of moral support if they want. hahaha

now i know how mam grace felt when she has to juggle between teaching newbies (me, majorly!), beating her own dev deadline, and answering to support issues. with just 8 hours on the clock, mapapa-OT ka talaga. hahaha

hm. i feel sad that i had to render so freaking many hours just to get the login/logout module to work. to think all the classes are provided na, and i just had to tweak the xhtml part, nalulungkot parin ako kung bakit hirap na hirap ako. hahaha

and grabe lang makasira ng budget ang pag-OT. look, i'm living on a tight 200/day allowance. that's 150 for fare + 50 for snacks or something, given that i always have baon naman. i was able to do it for 2 weeks straight and i felt proud cos i saved a lot! but this week was such an exception. 3 days straight OTs and i had to adjust my allowance for food! huhu anyway. haha

my parents' silver wedding anniv is coming up! 
earlier, i was thinking of a fitting gift at wala akong maisip. e saktong nakita ko to sa appliance center, so i bought this instead!

my parents have been wanting to replace their old crt tv in their room so i thought it's the best gift. less 5,500 pa pag cash oh! hahaha i admit this was a dakot move (read: kurot principle). i cleared out my entire tangible savings for this HAHA pero okay lang, there's still next month! hihihi

tangible kasi nasa banko at madaling iwithdraw, if you want long-term savings. ehem, usap tayo!

i just joined a victory group!

yeyy i now have a cell group! i met for the first time with ate wheng (our vg leader) earlier to arrange our schedules and discuss about discipleship. it's an intimidating topic for me, but nothing i can't handle if it's what God set me up to! i'm excited to learn and meet new people and more importantly, to improve my relationship with God. seryoso! aaargh this is so exciting!

i think it's almost a month since i started attending Victory Nova, mainly because it's nearer to our home... and what can i say, i'm happy with my decision. ewan ko ba but i'm attracted to their aesthetics, you know... tarps, brochures, videos and even the tithes envelope. i love how they're all so well designed. hehe

i'm looking forward to becoming a better person with this decision! haaay thank you Lord!

FEU Diliman Batch 2012 Yearbook Layout

FEU Diliman Batch 2012 Yearbook

late post! my first and proudest published work yet! published in a sense that it was printed, distributed and sold. hehe anyway, in fear that i may be violating any creative commons rights here, if in case you find any of your work/s visible in this project, please note that i inserted a general acknowledgement, on one of the last few pages of the book, to anyone who contributed to the yearbook's success. that of course my includes online sources, though not specifically broken down.

so if you see anything here that requires proper credit, the best i can do is list them here, and thank you with all my heart. i used a ton of stuff here that i wasn't able to keep track anymore: brushes, wallpapers, textures, patterns, fonts, and that sarimanok cover .... they're free online but yeah, credit is credit.

so there, drop it when you see it.


i think i understand why i'm always looking for a lighter, less stressful job. it's because i'm always looking forward to the things i do outside of work that i didn't want to go home all spent from a crazy 8-5. i seriously need some guidance right now. 

remember when i was so worried about not hearing God every time i pray? that frustrated feeling that maybe i'm not being Christian enough, that i was trying so hard to be good but i always end up unrighteous by the end of the day, succumbing to sinful thoughts and being quick to anger all of the time? that i wasn't one of those to whom God reaches out with a deep manly powerful voice? i was on a spiritual low that time. i was so scared that maybe God stopped talking to me. scrazy shiz.

but now i'm enlightened. i sure recalled that God speaks to us in different ways and circumstances. that he is never tired of reaching out to us, calling us to act on our real mission. the problem is, during the time i thought he was not speaking to me, i was in fact not listening.

listening to him, perhaps in the easiest sense, means reading his word, the Bible. and that's the most probable cause of this increasing spiritual gap between me and God. and sin, of course, there's doubt and unfaithfulness too. hay. 

so from now i'm going to try to build a habit of reading the Bible in order to listen to what God says, instead of reading it to expand my historical references. i used to read it before but i realized i was doing it the wrong way, taking notes objectively, reading it like a novel, using my mind to process every situation. eventually it bored me, as i was constantly looking for stories and wasn't focusing on what God is trying to say on every page. i'm going to change that. and it freaking excites meeee!!! yeheyyy!

this isn't going to happen if my boyfriend didn't coach me out of this spiritual rut. i thank God for blessing me with one of his men. >:') i know, i know that i'm going to hear the Lord this time. >XD

hi blog

hooray for yet another new layout! gaaaah i spent so much time working on this! quitting the slideshow for good (deym page load!). i initially wanted to install a nivo slider up there, in fact i've found some pretty neat layouts from BTemplates pero ewan, nabobo ata ako at wala akong na-achieve sa page-edit edit. and besides i felt bad about installing a pre-made theme. parang labag sa kalooban ko. gusto ko design ko. lol

hm. work is becoming more and more stressful than ever. kahapon lang nag-sink in sakin na we have to deliver something by next month. WHUT. i'm not even halfway in understanding the whole project. not even a quarter close to finishing my modules. hay. stress. grr. makes me wonder, AGAIN and AGAIN, why i'm still putting up with all this shiz. i haven't even made up my mind (like super duper) if i'm going to be in here for the long run. not just in smart, but the whole software development industry in general. feel na feel ko talagang i'm not cut out for this job. talk about drama. 

meanwhile, my ovaries are exploding over this:

cam gigandet

sana july 10 na. 

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