awesome daaay

woke up 1pm after an undisturbed 10 hour sleep! i missed getting full sleeps. grabe. after a couple of days rendering crazy OTs, i knew i had to recharge my body so much! i'm imagining a full body massage, a facial and a good swim but argh. imagination ko lang yun.

OT days
so we have this project. it's crazy. it's java. and i feel doomed (as usual). i was made to lead the UI peeps and i feel kindof inadequate. technically. you know. while i believe i've learned so much java since i started, i still don't think i have enough to impart to the newbies. just the basics. i can, on the other hand, give them a ton of moral support if they want. hahaha

now i know how mam grace felt when she has to juggle between teaching newbies (me, majorly!), beating her own dev deadline, and answering to support issues. with just 8 hours on the clock, mapapa-OT ka talaga. hahaha

hm. i feel sad that i had to render so freaking many hours just to get the login/logout module to work. to think all the classes are provided na, and i just had to tweak the xhtml part, nalulungkot parin ako kung bakit hirap na hirap ako. hahaha

and grabe lang makasira ng budget ang pag-OT. look, i'm living on a tight 200/day allowance. that's 150 for fare + 50 for snacks or something, given that i always have baon naman. i was able to do it for 2 weeks straight and i felt proud cos i saved a lot! but this week was such an exception. 3 days straight OTs and i had to adjust my allowance for food! huhu anyway. haha

my parents' silver wedding anniv is coming up! 
earlier, i was thinking of a fitting gift at wala akong maisip. e saktong nakita ko to sa appliance center, so i bought this instead!

my parents have been wanting to replace their old crt tv in their room so i thought it's the best gift. less 5,500 pa pag cash oh! hahaha i admit this was a dakot move (read: kurot principle). i cleared out my entire tangible savings for this HAHA pero okay lang, there's still next month! hihihi

tangible kasi nasa banko at madaling iwithdraw, if you want long-term savings. ehem, usap tayo!

i just joined a victory group!

yeyy i now have a cell group! i met for the first time with ate wheng (our vg leader) earlier to arrange our schedules and discuss about discipleship. it's an intimidating topic for me, but nothing i can't handle if it's what God set me up to! i'm excited to learn and meet new people and more importantly, to improve my relationship with God. seryoso! aaargh this is so exciting!

i think it's almost a month since i started attending Victory Nova, mainly because it's nearer to our home... and what can i say, i'm happy with my decision. ewan ko ba but i'm attracted to their aesthetics, you know... tarps, brochures, videos and even the tithes envelope. i love how they're all so well designed. hehe

i'm looking forward to becoming a better person with this decision! haaay thank you Lord!

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