who moved my cheese?

it's a book by.. i forgot. i just read it last night and it was super nice. you'll learn a lot of things about change. yeah... it says there that you refer to "cheese" as your goal. sometimes when we've reached our goals we set out a wall around it and build our own comfort zones. just like having a new job. you love your job and you're doing well but your manager decided to put you in a different department, something you know is less demanding than your previous work. you get insulted. you know to yourself that you have more to show and it's not in that field. however, you do not realize that your manager just ' moved your cheese', he knows you'll do good in both fields so why bother seeing you doing the same job. he's just opening another door for you.

but then, we'll never know who really 'moves our cheese' it could be our parents, our friends, our seniors, even our enemies but ultimately it's still God.

he loves moving our cheese and watching us sniff and scurry throughout the labyrinth of life to find it. :D

yeah , i got a pretty good hang from that book. it made me think a lot. initialy i've set my 'cheese' in the college of business. but right now i don't know if it's still there or if someone moved it to another college. meeeehhnn.
i sort of hate words that are overly repeated. words that are overused... like bum. unfortunately there isn't any word good enough to describe me for this summer except for that.
i was bloghopping minutes ago before i decided to blog for awhile things that are not really worth venting.
i found out a pretty good site where i can bloghop. the shsian ako! weblisting... ooh i linked it down there.
i spent a good deal of time reading YOUR blogs. hah! you should be flattered i am one of the few who are able to keep up with your summer chitchats. anyway i am not a faithful reader so don't expect me to come back to your site whenever you feel no one's reading your entries.

it's a good thing i stumbled upon that weblisting though. kept me busy assessing my fellow shsian's personalities through their blogs. do it to me too, whatever suits you but i already mentioned zillion times before that i'm evil and that i can easily track you down and fire a bullet through your thick skull.

you know the feeling of liking something and leaving it afterwards when you've discovered a LOT of people like it too?

that's why i keep a lot of things just for myself because i'm afraid that if someone else likes it, it'll spread quick and i won't be the 'ultimate fan' anymore. hah! as if people would actually like my taste?

gotta eat. i'm hungry

carribean blue

they say the sky high above
is carribean blueeeeeee...

i'm loving enya. i'm actually wondering if it's a brain booster or something because everytime i listen to it while reading or studying, i think i can just sit there for the whole day and read.

i definitely need that for college. my palm pilot is still broke so right now i'm using my phone as an mp3 player, not bad... but too slow. i love the motorolla mobile earphones it feels like the sound is everywhere when i stuck them in my ears.

i'm still waiting and wishing for a hundred dollars with my joke... let's wish harder.
i'm in desperate need of money right now. i'm not a shopping freak, i just like having money to pull out of my wallet when i need it.

meeehhn, june 5 is sooo near. i can't wait any longer, i haven't conducted a ritual yet to the names of the qualified waitlisters. meeehhhnnn, where arth thou dear college life?

the big fuss about the da vinci code

the bench
chi code!

i haven't read the book and i haven't watched the movie. a lot of people are affected by it, i don't know why. i guess some are just too stupid to fall for a fiction novel. maybe that's why, the publisher's layout artist didn't make that big and bold enough for people to see and understand. i have read the first chapter in the net and i was bored. it was his way of writing that bored me. but nonetheless it has a good plot. by good, i don't mean good enough to replace the christian doctrine but good enough to test us. yeah, it's a test can't you see? and i think God is disappointed in us that something as unreal as a fiction novel can drag our faith down. as a writer, dan brown has the right to play with everything under the sun. he even dug historical remains to provide basis for his ideas. the book may be offensive but to the critics, an offensive book is a controversial book. that's why it's a bestseller.

i'm in a very good mood today. i just watched superman in qtv and i was once again brought into krypton fandom. lex luthor is such a handsome name, don't you think?

how do you put a heart symbol????

heyhey! i'm not drinking nido full-cream anymore! hehe... i promised myself i'll take care of my bones from now on by taking the right amount of calcium a day. and the only milk clinically proven to be effective in doing so is Anlene. that's according to the box. the doctor also advised me that i should watch my weight because my knee has gone a deal weaker and if i get heavier my knee could not bear myweight any longer.

that's great! at least i have a BIG reason not to get fat. and besides, mom says i'm going to have braces soon, which means i would be restricting myself on eating hard to chew foods and foods that stick between your teeth. best example is underboiled beef. why would i eat that anyway?

yeah! gokusen again tomorrow! weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

drink moderately

wOOt! i need coffee!!!! it's been weeks since i last had a decent cup and it's driving me nuts already. raaawwrrr!

yesterday was fun! i went to jami's house to swim! yeah, filthy rich! they have their own pool... with jacuzzi! we're all five... jami, nez, ding, lau and i. :D the others can't come, unfortunately... but it's great nonetheless. thanks for the pizza! and for your mom's recipe of your crispy chicken flakes! i'll definitely try that out sometime.. :D

after more than a year of inactivity, i have readied myself to open my antique account in neopets. and look at that! i have two grandmaster titles in the games: destruct-o-match and ice cream factory. can't be too proud since you know, after all the bucks i've earned with playing games i can't even buy my 'dying' pet the large smoothie she wants.

now is the time though, i don't want my pet to die!!!

wanna go to the mall. i'm sick and tired of hearing all these people talk about (pop!) saving money and all. meeeehn, my parents haven't given me my 'sallary' yet for doing their (our) stinky laundry. my hands smells like surf and my nails continue to rot.

i'm broke. i wanna go to school already, speaking of which.... i don't have a school yet. sooner or later or maybe by early june i'll have a school na. it's either iskolar ng bayan or a poopy tamaraw.

you see, i'm stuck . it must be a great thing to be in UP but if i stay there i'll be doing everything a nerd does, read a chemistry book like it's a new york times bestseller, mix chemicals X, Y and Z and then what? build an underground laboratory? i'm not called to do that. worse is, i'm not allowed to shift courses. :(
but if i go to FEU and be their little baby tamaraw, it might not be the best school i'll see around but at least i know i love my course. my name spells business and i simply like marketing ideas and earning. i have a lot of things planned ahead and it's bad enough that i couldn't get myself up the step-ladder. maybe it's because of my wierdo leg. mehn. whatever.

ooh, i think i really need to drink coffee now. and it doesn't get me cranky like others, it's actually calming me for a while then hyping me all of a sudden. cheers!

bad news II

aynaku... seriously i'm having a major college dilemma! magju-june na wala parin akong school. ang bobo ko talaga... apparently i didn't make it to the qualified waitlisters because i was rank 12 and they only got 10 so i still have to wait until june 5 to see if someone backs out on the course. i'm hoping for at least 3 people who wouldn't register.

chem eng is okay. i'll do my best to pull something BIG out of my sleeve to survive their taunting curriculum. actually my plan A is to pass the upcat, since i didn't, we move to plan B which is to get into the waitlist and pass. unfortunately, i didn't so there has to be a plan C. And that is to wait until june 5. if, still, plan C won't come true then one thing is for sure... the god of misfortune is my patron.

just wait, malay nyo makaabot ako ng plan Z!
sabi nga si Lord, it's either yes, no, or WAIT.

anyhow, i have a plan D and that is to study in FEU and become a tamaraw.
ano ba yan, feeling ko sobrang bobo kooooo.

the bad news

we went to the hospital awhile ago for my follow-up check-up... the doctor checked my knee again meaning she was doing some exercises with it asking me if this kind motion hurts or if this part hurts then at one point my knee painfully clicked and i just screamed... meehhnnn. then it was gone...

she said that my lateral meniscus is permanently damaged. the only thing that can be resolved is the pain that i feel. so my actions are limited now, i can't run, i can't play tennis, and i can't engage myself to extreme sports and activities... e kasi naman parang lahat ng gusto kong gawin di na pwede. ang sakit kaya marinig na di na gagaling tuhod ko! para kong sinabihan na may taning na buhay kooooooo!!!! waaaaaaahhhh :(

dibale, matatanggap ko rin yun. tsk.. naiiyak na ko... naman kasi eh... :((((((((

lintik na cheering yan! grrr...


Two days ago I was rambling about the fact that I MIGHT never see ‘berber’ again. But now, everything has gone back to it’s original shape, with me washing the dishes and doing the laundry and cooking crappy lunch and blending over-ripe fruits and my sister coughing her phlegms out. Yeah, I was over exaggerating, for all you know that’s where I’m good at! Exaggerating little things so they sound interesting enough for you to stick your head reading this cover to cover.

I will be back in the rehab for a follow-up check-up regarding my weirdo leg. Mehn, mom says my face is getting bigger… she thinks I’m getting fatter. I think not! How am I going to get fatter? I do the laundry I wash the dishes I cook food I carry the bed and I don’t eat a lot! How does doing a lot and eating less make you fattttteeeerrrrr????

I have a super practical way to get your desired salon hair-and-make-up look in less than 30 minutes! And it’s free! Because you’ll be doing it yourself! Not just that! It only takes 2 items to reach your preferred standard! Am I going to continue with this? I should be paid for teaching you this ultimate secret that I myself discovered!

I am calling this half-post discussion: Practically Beautiful

Once you try this really cool and simple advice you can now claim the title with me! Bwahahahahahahaaaaa…

We, women, want to make ourselves look beautiful all the time, and most especially during special occasions like weddings, debuts and other formal gatherings where we really have to put on make-up and style our hair. Sadly, we barely have time and money to spare for hair-and-makeup alone. A trip to the salon would cost you at least 500 bucks and you have to take a reservation note before you get attended to. Another way is to just do it yourself with your own set of make-up: blush-on, eye shadow, mascara, eye-liner, foundation, lipstick, concealer and a lot more items present in your make-up kit. Then again, most of us don’t have the artistic talent of applying makeup and balancing the blush level on both cheeks leaving us really frustrated and unfulfilled.
Introducing, it’s not a product, but an idea that will help you do your own make-up professionally in just a short time! It only takes two products that we normally see in our own make-up kits. You can disregard your other items aside from this: foundation and lipstick.

bye bye berber

Today’s therapy ends my pt crush spotting session. That means two things. First, I will be mostly free every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday… meaning I’ll only take care of little things in the house. 2nd and saddest too… no more crushie to spot. Haha, I guess I don’t really like him like THAT. I mean, I don’t know his name yet! For the last 9 sessions of my therapy I was always looking for chances to hear someone call out his name but nooooo! First I thought it was Darryl, but it turns out that he’s not because Darryl doesn’t wear glasses and is extra skinny while my pt crush wears black-framed glasses and has a lean stature. Then I thought it was Sherwin because every time I hear the desk woman call Sherwin, a nice, deep, manly voice will always answer and that’s exactly how I know my pt crush’s voice. However, a simple voice like that can be totally deceiving. Let’s look at how ‘Sherwin’ looks like. He’s dark and plump set aside his undiscovered assets but all in all a good therapist… I can tell. Haaay, anyway I saw him today with a nametag stuck on a stethoscope (???) he’s carrying and it spells: Berber.



Well, I’m still not sure. Whatever his name is, I have to forget it already. My quest in discovering his name is done and I failed. Why can’t I just ask my therapist about him? I’m sure she won’t mind but whatever… you know how embarrassing that is.

Also, this has been the most boring session I’ve ever had. Before I left the house I even grabbed my earphones so that I can listen to music while I’m being electrocuted but when I arrived there, it seems like I forgot to bring my phone. Galing, earphones check… sound source: absent. Bravo.

All the while of that friggin 20 minutes of staring at some place and smiling at grannies who pass me by, my mind is wandering to different worlds… mehn, I don’t know what to do, I’m bored… I can’t just stare at my nails forever since there isn’t anything good with them (by the way, I bit them short again… kill me now). So I just sat there like a good little girl with my right leg wrapped with a hot pack and my left leg swaying back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth… like a clock pendulum, left to right, left to right…. I’m being hypnotized, left to right, left to right……..Yeah… I’m dreaming… and I can hear him. He’s telling me something REALLY important… I think it was ………….. “excuse me, padaan.”

Joke lang… disregard the last paragraph for half of it is untrue and is made by yours truly and the other half is very true. Oh well, you can always choose which part to believe! heheheheee...


may 1: EK with friends! one of my happiest days!

may 2: therapy again... nothing much. just the usual, bike, squat, ultrasound and shock routine.

may 6: went to splash mountain again to celebrate dad's [1] birthday! major spotting with my cousin. had FUN!! my cousin has gone bonkers over this guy we saw in the pool. hah! doesn't even know how to swim! she says he looks like this mico (???) celebrity [2] .. eh hindi naman eh.

may 7: went to church at 5pm. MISSED pinoy pop superstar grand showdown telecast! grrr.... gerald santos won! wuhooo... i told you it's a santos.

may 8: daddy's birthday! actually we had a little fight the night before so i didn't greet him in the morning. bought cake and ice cream for him for our mini lunch celebration but when i came home, he's gone! wotcher.

may 9: this is a tuesday, we left for los banos at 6 to attend my college interview. when we arrived... i was scheduled on the afternoon so we waited na lang. by the way, i was interviewed in the CEAT bldg. [3] with my co aspiring chemical engineers. haha, BIG BIG LAUGH. would you believe... i was interviewed for chem. eng. i have no idea what will happen to me. i am still struggling to get a college life. then the dean asked me, "your first choice in diliman was journalism, but here you plan to take chem eng.?" oo nga noh? i was racking my mind for possible answers that will suffice the question but i only came with the lamest ones. so i just told him, i actually fancy math and science [4] aside from [5] writing and i know that uplb will provide me a good foundation as a future engineer. i also mentioned at some point that i'm environment conscious and a charity enthusiast. haha, that's quite true but i won't go chasing a candy wrapper even if it accidentally, or otherwise, slipped from my hand.
i guess everything went well, he asked me a couple of times, "handa ka bang maging iskolar ng bayan?" and i see to it that i answer him confidently even in that question alone.

may 10: we found out our maid is stealing money from us so we kicked her out [6]. this means we have to do everything she does... i did the laundry that day, washed the dishes, cooked dinner and washed the dishes again. it was very tiring. my sister and i agreed on distributing the chores among ourselves so in the end i will do the laundry forever... and she does somethings else.

may 11: today! i just came from capitol medical center for my therapy where initially i just planned to stare at someplace when i'm alone with the shocking device but that's too boring so just bought a book, the inferno - dante, to keep me occupied while i'm waiting. but i just don't fancy poetry that much so i just used the book as a cover to my rude eavesdropping to what my pt [7] crush is discussing with his co pt's. haha...

[1] advanced [2] hazell anne mendoza's love team i guess [3] college of engineering and agro-industrial technology [4] not [5] crappy [6] in a nice way though [7] physical therapist


[this gets updated, ok? so nevermind the date! :D]

Of course, above everything else - MONETARY GIFTS are highly appreciated! Because as you can see... most of these things are expensive, and quite specific too. hahahaha

  • laptop

  • rechargeable digital camera - i like the olympus fe320/fe280

  • speedo goggles

  • swimming cap

  • colored gel pens

  • new rubbershoes

  • red low-rise chucks

  • a red wrist watch

  • white socks

  • bandana handkercheifs

  • a cute drinking mug

  • a large supply of lipton milk tea

  • a generous supply of instant coffee

  • Starbucks gift certificates - or you can just treat me to it hehehe

  • pens! any kind!

  • mechanical pencil

  • a nice eco-friendly bag

  • Ferrari logo sticker

  • hard disk enclosure of at least a hundred gigs hehe

  • USB flash drive of at least 4gigs

  • uhhh, can i wish for passing grades this first sem of 2008?

  • a nice field trip

  • DQ ice cream

  • learn to drive, then get a license

  • bike

  • get into the varsity

  • UP Jacket

  • slippers, i'm size 7

  • Books

    • Devil and Miss Prym - Paulo Coelho

    • The Pilgrimage - Paulo Coelho

    • Witch of Portabelo - Paulo Coelho

    • All American Girl - Meg Cabot

    • Harry Potter 3

    • Harry Potter 4

    • Harry Potter 5

    • Harry Potter 6

    • Harry Potter 7

    • by Judith McNaught (xept Whitney My Love, Until You and Almost Heaven)

    • Mac Arthur - Bob Ong

    • Books by Bo Sanchez

    • New Moon - Stephanie Meyer

    • Eclipse - Stephanie Meyer


  • tennis balls

  • book light


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