buena mano

Q: what are bible verses related to this story?
- i think you're asking me why i have a 'verse of the day' when it has nothing to do with my entries? that's just actually a reminder for myself to keep in touch with the bible... at least, even if i don't get to open the book everyday, i get to read a verse everytime i open this blog (which i do more often). :)


gooood afternoon to all of you! hehe, i should be studying by now!
and i mean... NOW!!!

sleeping for fitness

still not studying for the finals. hopefully, i'll get exempted on the hist2 finals. hopefully, man. HOPEFULLY. i don't want more shtload to bear. and the cutoff is 3, so i guess it's sorta manageable. :) sorta, sorta. XD

so, err, i'm planning to get a power siesta later (wuhoo!). wahaha. i knew it's always a waste of effort to carry books with me over the weekend, they always end up unused anyway!! but i still bring them just in case some strange air pases by and i'm inspired to flip through some of the pages. wahaha. and so far, that has never happened to me yet. we'll see, we'll see...

so... on tuesday i have but one exam, micro1... the dreaded move-system type. our lab instructor tells us it has a very low passing rate. whew, that encouraged me, really. >__>; enihao, since i've already studied a bit during our last exam, then the shtload gets lighter at this point. so, hmmm... i'll be studying for that tonight. and you better hope i should cos THE SEMESTER IS FCKN DONE ALREADY AND I HAVEN'T FIXED MY STUPID STUDY HABITS YET!!!

then tomorrow, i have the whole day to study for our chem40 finals... which is also as dreadful, considering that i have to get 70% to pass and 46% to take the removals. the exam is on wednesday, so you might think i'm cramming the ludicrous coverage in one day (more or less). yes, i know i should've started studying weeks ago to lessen the shtload, but i have a weird psychological problem... if it's not yet due in a few days then it's as good as a month far. in short, i don't feel that surge of urgency to study for it when it's not less than a week near. whatever.

bad habits die hard.

gibberish #946

i'm... confused.
i don't know what to do, from here on, everything's going to be harder for me and i'm not sure if i can maintain the positive spirit i always use as a defense mechanism. being lazy, yes, that's my biggest problem. the path to learning is a steep uphill trek, and i have no reserved endurance for that.

why must i be like this? i always promise myself to be better next time, but sooner or later, i'll run out of next times... or maybe, there'll always be a lot of next times for me until i realize i've gone way overdue for graduation.

i'm too happy for my own good. too much of being care-free and laid-back makes you a senior freshman. never moving forward, and getting a lot of warnings, next think i know i'd be out of the university.

perhaps then, will i see my worth. in a different field, in a less practical but more fulfilling one.

i'm frustrated!!! i don't know where to get a decent advice from?
do the people here really like what they do?

i want to meet someone who is as frustrated as i am. i want to meet someone who is passionate about being a chemical engineer but is (for a lack of a gentler term) always failing. perhaps i can find consolation in that. and he/she too will find one in me. sometimes, it's better to talk to someone who's been there and done that instead of someone's who's never been there but feels for you, chances are you'll just get intimidated and screw your life more.

a familiar quote says that if you want to learn, surround yourself with people smarter than you are.

well, i did.
there's the org, when i entered i felt so badly intimiated i couldn't get a move forward with my life. i was a matter a adjustment. of trying to be invisible when they're starting to talk about their frkn acad lives. but you see, it's also a matter of perspective, they're there not to intimidate you or cause your pride to shrink, they're there to help. but you ought to help yourself too. fckn clique, kfjhgeuh@_*&$*)^!%!!!! yeah.

i need someone to talk to. a guy, probably. someone who can fckn tolerate my weirdness and someone i can just talk to openly without being conscious.

and btw, my crush does not qualify for this.

there's always a difference between a bestfriend and a boyfriend that often gets misinterpreted. a bestfriend is always better to talk to. that, i need.

milk and coco crunch spells heaven.

extra curiccular wishlist

here are the things i want to do while inside the university which are not academic related

♥ be in the swimming varsity team - i want to get fit and engage in a lot of sports this time, i don't want to end up getting bigger and bigger...

♥ more so, if i manage to improve my swimming skills, i want to coach kids! :) i want to teach kids how to swim!!! weeeeeee...

♥ i also want to get into UP Painters Club to uhhh, make use of my other creative-outlet. :) plus, i want to do henna! :) :) :)

♥ UP Writer's Club or UPLB Pantas... both are writing orgs. i want to have access to writing workshops because i think they're fun and i'll be learning a lot. the last writing workshop i attended would be 3 years ago, in the review center and i don't think i improved since then. i love writing but my sense of grammar is kinda off. hahaha

♥ uhm, yun lang naman.

come to think of it, i am being more active on the non-academic aspect of the my college life.

which means, i'm really not for [this].

trio, cookies and cream, super chocolate!

ang daming ice cream!!! ganito kasi yan eh... nag despidida party kami nung wednesday para sa aming mahal na graduating dormmates... ang daming food pare! baboy talaga. :)

haha basta ako masaya, maraming ice cream e. nung wednesday, nagdala ng isang galong selecta trio si ate bubbbles....
kinabukasan... bumili si banya ng isang galong cookies and cream! woooh!
at ngayon... dito sa bahay... may half gallon super chocolaaaaatteeee!

ayos talaga!

uhm... sige

wow! gumagana pa pala itong selective expandable posts ko... kala ko nabura na nung nagpalit akong layout. anyway...

nakakakita ako ng pagasa sa micro1...
in fairness the exam awhile ago was relatively easy... i mean... kinompyut ko yung mga sure shot na items... at umabot ng 61! so guaranteed na na may 61 points ako... pasado na yun! eh kung may chumamba ba? edi mas ok. halos hindi nga ako nakapagaral eh... malaking blessing ito para sa kin. woooh! hahaha

so hopefully maka-kwatro ako para, makapagremovals at pag pumasa edi maka-tres! utang na loob, ang boring umulit ng micro1!!!!

isa pa, yung chem40 aba naman hindi ko na alam baka itake-3 ko pa to. Lord, Lord, kahit kwatro please!
pero look, i computed my probable prefi standing at na-assume ko ang mga grades na dapat ko makuha sa finals.
hmmm... pag naka at least 43% ako sa finals... kwatro na ko. magreremovals, pag pumasa edi tres! ayos!
actually yun ang goal ko... kahit 43 percent lang diba? mababa na yun!

tapos, to save myself the hassle of restudying for the removals, i have to get at least 70% from the finals to get a grade of 3. haaay, eto mejo suntok sa buwan kasi... 50 points nga hirap akong kunin e, 70 pa kaya?

at dahil dyan.
matutulog na ko! :)

PS. masaya ako ngayon. diba anne? hehehe ♥

new layout!

i'm liking the color orange more and more! hehehe :)
mind you, i paid a lot for this! i mean, i consumed a lot of internet time on making this work. so hopefully, it should.

friends, i haven't slept. like crazy man.
i wasn't able to sleep last night because our Bagong Cristo paper was due the next day! it's like this, everytime i start typing, i always get distracted by the internet... so i only end up watching hana kimi instead. i'm not a fan of doing paper drafts for long reflection papers you know. >____>; after two net shops and around 3 paragraphs... i gave up, saved the file in a usb and retreated to the dorm to hopefully borrow someone's laptop instead... at least there's no internet. haaay it was already 1am by then... to make the long story short... i was able to finish the paper by 8am. woooooh! at least natapos yehey!!!!

ok. no more apartment for us.
nagkakaubusan na eh.
but good thing we found a new dorm... 'one silangan'... sana maganda. mura eh... malamig pa. yahooo!

goood luck!!!!

new found inspiration (just don't know how to work on it)

CSS Zen Garden

they ofer free css layouts that you can use or edit...
the layouts are GREAT. and when i credit layouts like that, you should believe me because i know what's a good and a well-coded layout. :)

now i want my Adobe Photoshop 7 back! grrr...

hey, today is my mom's birthday!


awhile ago was our last meeting in Hum1. awww, i'm gonna miss my classmates,and my groupmates too... well, not exactly everyone but majority of them. even though i'm not the type of classmate who speaks often... i still love our class because it's fun and have i mentioned it has became a sort of ice-breaker from my other tedious and troublesome subjects?... hayhay.

for now, i guess i have to prepare for my next class.

i can feel the heat of the summer already. grr...
and you know what, i'm not dressing up for school anymore. >___> i find it troublesome to wear my regular school attire (jeans and shirt) now that it's too hot. this season i have become fond of just going to class in my pambahay attire, loose shirt, shorts and slippers... and the only item i have a hand would be a piece of yellow pad (or bluebook if i have an exam), a ballpen and an umbrella. so much for the classic UPian student look. hahaha

it's just toooooo hot man!

i guess i have to go buy boardshorts and more comfy shirts. wooooh!

due tomorrow:
♥ Bagong Kristo paper (5 pages!)
♥ miniature model house for 10a. (dear groupmates, don't make me submit this just because we're doing it in my place. please lang ha.)

and on friday:
♠ 2nd theoretical lab exam on micro1!!!

ooops, may klase pa ko. bye!

yet another sickening thought

my lecture standing in microbiology is 5.0
and the only chance i have to turn it into a 4.0 is to get a standing of 2.5 (or better) in the laboratory, then i can take the removal exam to hopefully get a 3.0, but if i fail, i'm back to 5.0.

why, of all the subjects? micro1?
i'm not saying it's too easy to fail, but i never expected my standing would be that low. then again, upon self evaluation... i don't study for our daily quizes and i've already met the maximum number of absences.

right, arianne.
you became too negligent without you knowing it.

next time, if you plan to take another act of delinquency... count them. tally them and take note of your notoriety.

i'm sort of depressed.

but this is just what i needed to get myself to act, somehow.

then my mind wandered off to transferring to diliman (for the nth time).

i realized that the idea of transferring to the college of fine arts in diliman has become my defense mechanism not to let me dwell on my depression too much. somehow it has turned more into an escape route rather than an actual feasible action. i've made myself a room in my brain where i can console myself and think that even though i suck as an engineering student, i may actually be one of the best in the field of fine arts. and whenever i feel saddened about my acad standing, i rush to that room and contemplate.

i don't belong here.
i fucking don't belong here.

that's what my mind shouts everyday.
that's what my peers make me feel everyday.

i know i definitely don't belong here, but i'm stuck.

and the problem is with me.
like it has always been.

blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape

i like that quote. :) wahehehe
T__T my whole body hurts. i feel like i've acquired muscle pain all over... and the only probable reason why i got it would be yesterday's activity... bike riding tutorial plus badminton. why, it couldn't be that tiresome to garner me pain such as this one?!?! wahaha... ok lang, at least i know i did have a good exercise... it's been a while since my last workout (which is also our last day in PE) so it's not a surprise. hahaha
workload progress update!
♥ i'm done with our 2 papers for hum1!
♥ i've also just finished researching for our topic in hist2, which includes india's postwar chronology. so boring.
so far, that's all i have accomplished till today.
it's not a lot, i tell you (though i can assure you they're not easy... esp the hum1 papers which rot my brains out). those are just the minor things from my list. the major ones are those that require studying. i have 3 exams on tuesday, hist2, micro1 and chem40. and i'm just as unalarmed as before.
here goes slacking off.
my plans, my plans.
sleep for now. hahaha
and when i wake up we're going back at elbi... when i get there... uhhh, maybe i'll start studying micro1. presumably i'll start at 12mn.
well it's not unusual if i start my day at 12mn, cos this is what happens everyday of the schoolyear. during mornings and afternoons, if i'm not in class, i'm either online or sleeping. >_>;
monday afternoon, me and my groupmates from es10a will meet to finish our project (a miniature model house). hopefully, we could finish it early because i need all the time i could get to study (now, that's a first time) hist2. if by grace we finish the project tomorrow, then we wouldn't be meeting during classhours on tuesday... which gives me just enough time to cram studying chem40.
see, and if all goes as planned, then i might as well be considered an efficient crammer.
but then, i have a feeling that we're not going to finish our 10a project tomorrow... which means it's going to eat up my proposed study time for chem40 on tuesday.
waduwayduuuu?!?! *insert panicking act here*
pray, it should work. ;)

at last i finally learned how to ride on a bike!!

you wouldn't know how proud i am of myself to finally learn how to ride on that 2-wheeled vehicle in less than an hour.

and the best part was, my parents were the ones who taught me!! it's sad enough that i missed that must-have childhood memory of having your dad teach you to ride a bike when you were like 5 or 6 y/o, but i guess 17 isn't too old to learn something of great necessity. wahehehe

actually, earlier this morning we went to QCMC... qc memorial circle to get an exercise and to just feeeeeel the park. then goes the bikes for rent, my sister (she doesn't know how to bike yet! hehe *snickers*) rented the one seater go-cart and my dad and i decided on a mountain bike. damn, that's a blasted one hundred per hour, plus the go-cart which is 60. man, i can still remember the bikes having a rental price-range of 40-50 only. the more wheels, the more expensive. but a hundred?!! waaaah. that's why i vowed to make the most out of an hour cos i don't want a hundred bucks wasted.

blahblah. so after of lot of unwanted bruises, a sore butt and shaky-and-sweaty hands, i was finally able to bike a mile without my dad behind. huhuhuhu man, i'm just so overwhelmed, i think i deserve a crown y'know. huhuhuhuhu

wahahaha. anyhow, that's just me. at least i know to bike already! just like the all the other kids in town. :) weeeeeee!

then there's the heavenly buko juice and lugaw. hmmm, just like the old days. i love it.

i figured: i can't write without background music. hehe yeah, as in, my mind will be totally blank if you face me with an empty word document with just the buzz of the computer gracing my ears.


i so love the Hana Kimi OST! :)
the longer term? HANAzakari no KIMItachi e!

dmn you trojans.

paper on social construct:
progress: 0%

but at least i'm done with the poetry paper. hehe

wooooh! i just cried, man. it's been quite a while since i last cried hard (recall: korean movie, tha classic) and i'm so relieved i was given the chance to flush out the toxins that came along with my tears.

reason? naah, i don't think it's proper to share it here. besides, it has already been resolved and i thank God for it big time. if not for His grace, we couldn't have survived this night as a family.

now there's a clue. i'll leave it here.

viruses again?
oh trojans, you never leave me huh? but thanks to Avira AntiVir, i was able to get a hold of it before it inflicts greater damage. but then, having them quarantined is not enough. man, i want to crush them dead!!!

yo, i love horses (cos i was born under it, and they have this really cool manly charm that i like, specially the rich brown ones hehehe) but trojan viruses? hell no.

gosh, the scanner reads 12 detections already!! how far can it go still? omaygulay. i better let it scan wholly before i sleep.

how do i live?

kasabay ng pagka-reformat ng laptop na ito ay ang pagkawala (malamang) ng Adobe Photoshop 7 ko.

ang masaklap, hindi ko makita yung installer cd na regalo pa sakin ni Mika nung highschool. huhuhuhuhu

ang lungkot.

waaaaaah. ang lungkot talaga.
gusto ko panaman ng bagong layout. hmm...

ang ganda pala ng green/yellow/light-orange mix no? wala lang.. ang cool tingnan.

pero red parin talaga favorite ko. hehe

one paper down! yess! 3 to go!
haha gooood luck!

goooood morning!

i'm trying to get a fraction of my 'holy week workload' done by starting our hum1 paper. haaay, it's always hard to start a composition. i'm not even sure if i'm getting the right ideas, i hope my groupmates won't hate me for it. i'm planning to finish it by tomorrow so that i could just ask a groupmate to edit and print it for us. i'm also planning not to attend hum1 on monday, but knowing me... i guess i couldn't afford to waste our remaining meetings. and besides, i've just committed a lot of absences in my other subjects. haaay

i'm not yet sleepy! maybe because i got a lot of sleep this afternoon. hehe, also we had a mini bible study awhile ago. just the usual, me, terai, mommy and daddy. :) we discussed a lot of things... my parents are trying to relive that old family tradition of conducting family bible studies at least once a week because they don't want us drawing farther from the Lord.

haaay, He's been so generous with me lately that i couldn't ask for more of his grace. so far, despite my still sinking academic standing, He still manages to supply me with a lot of enthusiasm and positivity. i think it's really rare for someone to keep the positive vibes flowing amidst the threatening adversity. woooohooo. i like the feeling of being happy and care-free and laid-back! yeeah.

or maybe, i am just someone who doesn't really care about getting As. i guess, i'm part of the academically indifferent pack. :) but hey, it's not that we like failing, or enjoy having our names posted on the bulletin for guidance counseling... we just want to pass. that's all, the higher the better, but we keep our standards low, in case anything goes wayward then there's no one to blame. we'll just keep on living, knowing we did what's right.

by the way, for those who are looking for an effective flv to avi/mpeg converter... try Freez (just search in google or wherever), it's a freeware!!! yeah, you can adjust the settings to widen the resolution but i guess it's better by default so that the quality will remain as is. well, there really isn't an easy way to fix the quality of the vid especially if it's already bad when took it raw. :)

now we're looking for a dorm to stay just for the summer classes. apparently, the apartments we inquired on won't be vacated till the first sem so we have to look for another place if we don't want to end up being grilled this summer.

oh, by grace.

hello thursday

i boarded the bus last night at around 6 and i came home at around 1130. >____>;; grrrr... super traffic sa cubao.
hay ang daming factors eh...
...the bus i'm on who still went to the side of the street where PUBs are supposed to load passengers (because it usually takes a lifetime to get out of that lane)
...the provincial buses who take off every minute and scream 'give way! give way!' ay nakakainis...
...also the mob of people flooding each terminal... sometimes they just get on your nerves to see them crossing the street from all directions...
but then, it all boils down to this sacred season.
hello, i'm not catholic. normally, i shouldn't give a damn... like now, but out of respect and also out of this obligatory sense that i should glorify this season because our country is a catholic nation... ok, i would set aside the irrate feeling i almost catered last night.
eh kagabi naman na yun eh, so tapos na.
honestly, it didn't really irritate me that much, maybe because i'm too tired to waste energy on whining (there isn't anyone to belch out my anger anyway. i was alone), or maybe because i'm in a sorta good mood that day because i was able to download the whole 22 tracks of the original Hana Kimi OST plus 2 additional tracks (the opening and ending theme). hehehe
ang nakakainis lang talaga... masyadong mausok. feeling ko i could just die of carbon dioxide poisoning (C monoxide na rin)... naka ordinary bus lang kasi ako eh. i thought, like the usual, i could marvel on the cool night air... but no. hahaha
pero ok lang talaga. nag-gagalit galitan lang ako. hehehe
natuloy ang aming house/apt scouting yesterday.
we were able to inquire in 2 apartments... though we'll still continue looking for more this monday... yun. we looked in manuela and villegas apts near st. therese chapel... ok yung manuela! gusto ko lang ulit sya makita para maimagine ko kung pano ko ii-interior yung natatanging kwarto to fit 4 of us. o.O
this laptop has just been reformatted.
grabe. i thought i'd lost my files already. buti na lang nagback-up si daddy! dapat lang, SOP yun!!
sige, at dahil mas mabilis na sya ngayon... pwede na maglaro! yeheeey!
uhm, sige sige... papers muna. >___>;;

wow, tambak!

ang dami ko palang gagawin this holy weekend. hahahaha

aral. aral. aral.
mostly, yun. daming exam eh...

tapos may mga papers din.
apat ang kailangan ko ma-accomplish this weekend!
♠ 3 sa hum1 - actually groupwork yung dalawa pero nagvolunteer na lang ako na gawin. ewan ko ba... ang tagal namin nagmeet volunteer lng pala kailangan. hindi, actually masyado lang kaming nadistract sa internet. hahahaha nagdala kasi ng laptop si christian eh... tapos may wifi... edi may youtube hahahaha >___>; masaya naman... :)uhm, hindi ako naninisi ha. hehe

may bago akong game! haha monopoly! galing din kay christian... salamat salamat. dream game yun ng ate ko. bwahaha.

waaah, gusto ko pa ng maraming games!

♠ reaction paper sa hist2 - UTANG NA LOOB AYOKO MAG FINALS!!! tambak ang kailang aralin kung sakali... kaya nga dinadaan ko na lang sa mga reaction papers eh (may incentive kasi) kaso bunga ng katamaran... ni-isa wala pa kong napasang rxn paper sa kanya. hello, ayoko umulit ng GE subject ha. kasi, SWEAR, pag nagfinals ako... masisingko ako. pramis.


hmmm... katatapos lang ng 4th lecture exam namin sa MCB1 kanina... thankful ako kasi WALANG ESSAY!!! yahooooo! matching type, multiple choice chaka true or false lang. ayos na rin yun diba? hehehe and to think na the night before lang ako nagsimula mag-aral.. like 12 mn? pero di rin eh, nakatulog ako... nagising ako ng 4am... e naalimpungatan lang ako nun kaya nakatulog ako hanggang 8!!!!

ang yabang ko kasi.. kala ko maiksi lang yung coverage kasi dalawang handouts lang yun... eh ang kapal pala. nyahahaha... exam starts at 10... so mega cramming na ito.

wala. walang akong magawa. super ayoko aralin yun eh. so binasa ko na lang yung buong handouts tapos nag underline ng mga keywords... tapos yun. tulog ulit. eh ano ba, matakaw talaga ako sa tulog.

buti na lang walang pasok sa hum... pero may klase ako ng 230 eh (dapat wala kasi halfday daw ngayon)... dahil dyan, di ako papasok dun. hehe

currently: watching Hana Kimi and downloading its OST
ang ganda ng OST nilaaaaaa!!! :D :D

maghahanap na kami ng prospective apartment/bahay na malilipatan.
excited na ko.

hana kimi japan!

i'd rather have ABS-CBN dub Hana Kimi japan but nooooo, they're left with the taiwanese version instead.

actually, because i can't wait for the 24th (pilot of HK japan on GMA) and also because i don't think i can tolerate GMA's preposterous dubbing, i decided to just watch it online via streaming media.

i know this is going to steal a lot of my err, proposed study time, but..

there should be no buts.

i know i should study.

i can't just quit watching Hana Kimi right now.

please pray for the betterment of my grades and to the success of our apartment/house scouting this wednesday.

nothing relevant to do

listening to: love today - mika
sometimes (uhh, more often than not) i find myself going online without anything relevant to do (like research and papers and stuff). nothing, i just want to browse and browse and browse. check my blog (and not always write something), my counter stats, my devart account, my friendster account (ocassionaly)... i also do a lot of blog hopping and mp3 files scouting.
i'm not always doing something productive. and for the record, i don't think i've ever felt the fulfillment of being a productive college student since i started. it's all about being a bum, procastinating on studies, and staying up late doing whatnots.
ayoko na...
for a change... mag-aral kaya ako?
may exam pa ko e.

hello new officers :)

we just elected our new set of officers last night. :) yey. cheers to the new AChES governance. :)

we started at around 8 and ended 10 hours afterwards. i didn't expect it to be thaaaaat long. whew. anyhow, i wasn't able to sleep that time so when i came back to the dorm, i slept immediately. in fact, i just woke up. haaay.

i don't know what else to share. hehehe

we're supposed to do some house/apartment scouting later... haaay. i can't stand it in the dorm. wahahaha

dalisay? la ville?
ugggh. wherever.

hey, something's up.

sorry, it's nothing... really.

maybe next time. :/


cheers to a more mature UP

BAGONG KRISTO: it was... long and hard to grasp. and to think we have to produce a paper on it for hum1. grrr... >___>; well, some parts were funny and most of them are unintended comic reliefs brought about by the script's inconsistent use of the 'medieval' filipino language. no, i'm not belittling (sp?) the script...

at one point it actually inspired me to write in filipino because the language is so striking and moving.

while watching the play i realized something about our university's evident silence regarding social issues. i think we're starting to learn and lean more on our rational sides... on deliberating issues using an indirect way, a silent propaganda.

most of the plays we (i mean our campus) produce right now are, if not, indicating an obscured political statement. most of the story lines are effective allegories of our current social condition. i find this very creative.

our official campus newspaper is being published more often this season unlike last year, and the articles are an example that we haven't really lost our voice.

contemporary writers are dwelling much on dissiminating literature that speaks of a thesis statement in an unsightly manner that only critical thinkers can grasp.

that is just sooo UPian.

so, our decreasing participation on rallies does not imply our growing indifference to our nation's desperate plea for salvation from our chaotic democratic regime. instead, we focus on enlightening people by helping them enlighten themselves through media and other forms of art that are not biased, but at the same time suggests that you take our side.

uhh, weird. i can't explain it fully. i'm tired. but i really really have this feeling that this (whatever it is we're going through right now) will lead to a more mature UP.

a UP that doesn't ALWAYS rally here and there. a UP that doesn't provoke violence among the authority.

i dream of a more err, silent-but-not-really-silent UP. a UP that can speak its voice not just in rallies but in valid forms of art and literature where everyone can participate and take part in a workshop for self-evaluation. i want a UP that can speak its mind in allegorical texts, in plays... you know. i enjoy thought provoking sessions, i fancy deciphering double-meanings and symbolisms in media. and it's even more enjoyable if you suddenly come across a production with an unsuspecting political undertone! ang galing nun diba...

no need to get me... i can't even state my point clearly wahaha.

tahimik akong tao e... yung di ko kayang sabihin... either isusulat ko na lang or idodrowing... swerte nung mga makakagets ng aking mga ulterior motives!

on the other hand...

MCB1 practical exam: nevermind this! hahaha i failed! as in my score is very looooow. but i don't really mind. >_____>; bwahaaha. nakaka-mental block! i was supposed to do spread and pour plating in 4 minutes and this is what i've done so far...

- i disinfected the table (a reminder everyone should adhere to) but then it only gave me one point, the rest was a screw up -- this is the only thing i did right!
- i inserted the green sucker on a 1ml pipet. it should be blue. ;p i even made a helpful mnemonic on it beforehand, B1 which- stands for blue sucker is for 1ml pipet. tsk.
- i drew out 1ml of the inoculum (should be 0.1 only), then figuring that my plate doesn't have a medium yet, i pipeted (??) it back to the tube, and filled the plate with agar (wrong moooove! i actually didn't notice that there's already a petri dish with a hardened medium on it), then i withdrew the inoculum again... using the same pipet (another wrong moooove!) - shouldn't be re-used, especially that i put it down on the table already.
- okok... there are just toooo many mistakes to mention! i won't bother spilling them all out. bwahaha i wasn't able to finish the test you know, like everyone else. and there were just 4 people who passed in our lab section. hehe ok lang. our teacher even said she already scaled it down! wtde? even so... i still hope to pass this subject. hehe

CHEM40 practical exam: it's ok. at least it's not ONE ON ONE like the abovementioned test. wahehe, my sample was relatively easy! it smelled like rugby, but i couldn't have guessed the fuctional group right away with just that. in fact, i only had one confirmatory test (halogenation: reaction with bromine) and the rest are just solubility tests... in short, i only had to right a single reaction! yesss!!!! and i got the unknown compound right!!! yehey! it's an alkyl benzene! wooooh! last sem, my sample was a non-methyl ketone... i also got it right...uhhh...yey.

who wouldn't mind driving around in this?

hello, Lexus.
you will forever be my dream car... along with that stunning ferrari.

stock photos taken from jarrycz
i just photoshoped it a bit to fit in a single image. :)

he's coming back

and i thought i've already freed myself from him a year ago.

it's not that i'm falling for him for the second time, but it's more like, uhh, yes there's a chance. but i don't want to be the one who will pursue in it, i've done my part. i've been hurt. if he suddenly realizes that i'm worth it, i want him to be the first to confess (becuase i didn't bwahehe). because right now, i just see him as a friend. yup, nothing more. but i cannot deny that he is a very good gentleman. and i miss him for that.

- i miss those days when we're walking home together... he'd ask me if he's walking too fast, even if i say 'hindi, ok lang', he'll slow down for me.
- when we're crossing the street, he'll always transfer to the side where the vehicles come from
- he always lets me in the gate first
- he holds the umbrella for me (uhh, dapat lang diba? hehe)
- when we part he always says bye then 'ingat'
- when we're walking together and he sees a friend and leave for a while, nagpapaalam pa sya... and i like it when he runs back to me afterwards

wala ang dami ko lang namimiss. dati kasi nung mga oras na yan, super crush ko pa sha kaya mega conscious ako. tahimik na tahimik nga ako sa kanya eh. pero ngayong nawala na yung feeling, mas naging open ako sa kanya. :) sayang lang kasi di ko na sya mashado nakikita... by chance na lang. :)

grabe namiss ko sya, sobra.
kung tutuusin ganun na ganun ung ideal bf na gusto ko... pero whatever diba.

Lord, whatyouthink?

pati si leonard miss ko na rin. ayos din kasi yun kausap eh... lalo na nung spcm1 days namin.. minsan pag walang klase... tambay lang sa hum tapos usap usap ng mga balak sa buhay. haaaay.

ang ganda rin nung may nakakausap ka diba? :)


we didn't have hum1 again awhile ago. surprisingly, i wasn't disappointed. i'm doing a good job forgetting him. good. good.

ok nga eh kasi mejo ayoko na rin sa kanya. weh. di nga... basta. :)

ok, no more new dorm

just now i decided not to push through with new dorm anymore. i figured that this very hot season isn't a good time to live in a remote area and besides i also realized that if i really wanted to study, i should've fixed myself earlier. i should stop blaming the environment for tempting me with whatnots.

it's really me who has the problem.
sometimes i just get in the mood to study but i never really work on it.

anyway, my crush. yes, have you noticed? i'm not babbling a lot about him like i used to in my previous entries. maybe i'm becoming more fond of him that the 'crush' factor is slowly depreciating. i like it better that way. he's busy. i 'should' be busy. there's no way for something out of the line to spark between us. and mygosh, i'm not exactly assuming something am i?

alright, back to the first paragraph (pardon my incoherency).
i won't be transient-ing to new dorm, i won't be considering mendoza either (no matter how much mom tells me that she doesn't care about the price).

i think i'd be moving in to an apartment or a house with my fellow dormates.

that's a sounder decision, whatyouthink?

torrent in limewire = SUPERCOOL!

at least i won't have to download u/bitorrent! yeah.
man, i always knew it was a bad idea to go online for downloads right before class.
result = due to long dl time, i resort to skip class.

i might just get another 5 you know.
somebody slap me hard.

i just want to site this wonderful free anime ost downloads haven (in case you're not into torrent and prefers direct link downloads)


that's about it.

i'm back in primelink!!!

for 2 reasons:

and the most important deciding factor?? bwahahaha

they can recognize my creative zen as a portable media device. this has always been my problem because whenever i stuck it on other ports all it does is charge... it won't get recognize... it's an OS thing i guess... winvista recognized my device just fine that's why i can readily transfer mp3 files and photos directly onto it.

oh the coolness.


by the way.... NO MORE SWIMMING!!! yeah! last meeting na namin kanina... ehehe

we were clustered awhile ago according to skill... i'm in the first cluster! yehey! the first cluster usually contains the best swimmers in class (then there's the 2nd, 3rd and 4th clusters as well). :) yey. and we are also required to compete against our clustermates. hehehe... i'm fourth on freestyle... but i won first in backstroke!!! yeah!

then we were shuffled for another competition, this time 100m relay... 4 in a group... containing people from the 4 different clusters... guess what... WE WON!

thank you Lord! :D :D

and because some of my classmates were absent... our teacher asked some of us to join the other group because they were lacking members. man, i was called. >___>;;

after the session i was soo exhausted, my legs are kinda overworked... i could just collapse right there and then, yknow.

but it was fine.
i had fun.
why, i love swimming.

and it's just now that i'm kinda shining on it because highschool never gave me a chance. it's always the varsities! and you know how much it sucks to be jailed with a static identity for FOUR FREAKIN YEARS. being an artist gives you no special privilege to cross the borders of the jocks because they think artists are those people who like anime, loves to draw and mumble incoherent japanese phrases. they're also, by a blasted stereotype, the smart pack.

which means they're utterly useless in sports.
which is so not true.


omg! i missed gravitation sooooo much i'm watching it again right now through streaming media. woooooh! so hopefully hindi ako maubusan ng pera dito... like usual!

this isn't supposed to be something new but i kind of reached my tolerance limit to the garbage scattered on the floor, beside my bed. you see, our room isn't really dirty (i share it with ate lovely)... it's just too small for us. too small to fit ourselves and our bulging items... that's why i resort to throwing things everywhere... when i leave for class, i just search among the pile of books and handouts scattered aimlessly on the floor and look for that one piece of photocopied paper which bears the coverage for that session's quiz. i tell you, it's taking a lot of my time.

i'm not a messy person (if i am, then i wouldn't bother cleaning up). i actually want things organized, but you can't always be organized every day... every class... haha that's hard. that's why i try to be neat as much as i could.

oh here comes the shtload.


marami nanamang taosa internet shop!!! >___>;; pano ba naman kasi... start nang online registration period! hahahahaha
gooooood luck sakin! :D:D


wooooh! an attempt to get an 'old feel' effect using the color balance toolbar in photoshop. yey! :D

take. december last year at dapitan... no, not the historical dapitan.. but the dapitan arcade famous for its native retails and cool christmas decors. hehehe :)

i don't think my sister would be taking summer classes here... which means my parents are not probably going to let me stay at new dorm!!!!

Lord, help! :D

but of course, more than getting into new dorm... i need to get phys13 and chem160 this summer!!!! go for the hagardness!!! :D :D

as usual

earlier this weekend i was sooo goodmouthing mendoza to my parents... and they just won't agree without seeing the place. but when it fell down to two choices, new dorm or mendoza... my mom is so positive about mendoza, and me? i just changed my mind about it... i liked new dorm better.

oh the swings.

ok, let's make a semi-critical semi-biased analysis:


(+) - good facilites, NEW, nice receiving area. nice room (just good enough for 2 heads). nice ambience.
(-) - PRICE PRICE PRICE. a room, if shared by 2 will cost 3,000 per head (if taken alone - 5,000)... and that's NOT inclusive of water and electricity. water - additional 200 (fixed)!!!!! electricity... it depends because each room has its own meter. so for a month you have to shell out more than 3,200 pesos.

tell me, is that practical enough?


(+) - just your average university dorm. you can't really expect a lot on its facilites but i don't care much. as long as i can take a bath, sleep well, and get a good study environment, i'm game. what's good about it is that it's really cheap... and i have to put that on top of the list. 650 rental (inclusive of water and electricity)... if you have a laptop you just have to pay 50 a month. and a refrigerator?? 80 bucks, man! now that's incredibly tempting. and compared to other univ. dorms... (MRH and women's) it's pretty cleaner too. it has a canteen too. err i'm really ok with it (it's just my mom).

on the downside,

(-) - it's FAR. yeah, that's just about it... and my parents keep on worrying if i get home late at night... how will i be able to manage?

man, i'm always assuring them that i won't be going home later that usual. yeah, there's the org... we do have some activities that take up most of the evening... but there's datu and faye! if neither of them are attending... SO AM I.

and there's always a jeep at ministop, yknow. >_______>;;

i came as far as convincing my parents to go on a transient this summer. my sister will be coming along too so that's really nice. hahaha. okokok, we'll see. we'll see.

hey i just opened my systemone account and checked for the available courses offered this summer...
what the fck, there's no CHEM32!!!!!!!!!

so by all means, i'm going to take chem160 (if by a miracle i pass chem40 this sem) and phys13 (C3L, please Lord!!!).

man, i can see my impending doom.

mendoza or new dorm?

now that i've opened up the whole 'transferring' issue to my parents... they're going to drive us back to elbi tomorrow to check for dorms (or apartments).

just this weekend i badly want to transfer to Mendoza because i was caught aback by the wonderful ambience... but now that i think of the price, and also with daddy's suggestion of checking a university dorm... i was thinking... new dorm's a pretty good catch too.

yeah, there's the exercise...
and the very low accomodating fee, inclusive of water and electricity...
and you know, i won't be going out every now and then because it's too far from the err... metropolis. hehehe

i think i'd be able to study better there.

you know, i'm trying to fix my non-existent study habit. sorta like reformat my system and search for that hidden and read-only executable file called 'study.exe'.

cos apparently, if i were to enumerate the top processes running in my system (considering i am, indeed, a mechanical item, a computer to be exact)...
#1 would be 'netsurf.exe'
#2 - 'eat.exe'
#3 - 'sleep.exe'

and since all of them are executable files, they run without permission and they run upon system startup. plus, they take up a lot of memory... which in reality could be equated to money.

and man, you can't just click 'end process' because they're very important system files they might cripple the OS (in short, kill me).

so what i'm planning to do is run the command prompt and search for that 'study.exe', remove attributes 'hidden' and 'read-only' and hopefully put it on top of my system processes.

in short (hey, i liked this allegory!)...
i have to look for a better place to study.

my fic in french? *ecstatic*

i got another email asking for permission to translate one of my harry potter fics in French!!!

si tu ne tais pas la!(random french. nevermind)

i think last year (or last last year) a reader asked my permission to translate the same fic in Russian... i don't know what happened now. hehehe
oh come on, let me indulge on this one.i'm just flattered! i finished the fic at around november 2006 (4 months in the making, man) and until now i'm still getting reviews and faves!!!!

why, my writing ego has been very much bolstered for this day.
thankyou thankyou to those who appreciate my work.... especially to those who actually cried (i didn't know i had the power to jerk tears) and didn't hate me for killing the main characters (ooops. what a spoiler)

rest assured that when i get my OWN laptop and transfer to a new dormitory, i'd be able to write as much as i could. yeah!

thanks for the kudos.

just learned something COOOOL!

thank you hana for relaying this useful trick to people like me who are notorious virus magnets.
i can now delete viruses using the Command Prompt!
oh, if i do it right... i'm gonna share it to you.
for now,
let me try first diba?


nothing's up with the title. hahaha

just got back from our 3rd long exam in chem40. oh well, screw it! i don't give a damn anymore... i'm getting my masterals on it NOW and why would it hurt to take a doctorate degree on it sometime next school year?

ugh. seriously. i am more excited to get over this week than to get over this sem.

by the way, i went along with some of my dormmates awhile ago to inquire about this newly built dormitory called Mendoza. i immediately liked the place! it's secluded... well, it's bounded... i mean, it has a tall gate and high walls... and the rooms are nice too!!!!!!

pretty much like a studio type apartment, only it's a dormitory. they have bunk beds, showers, cabinets, CONCRETE WALLS AND TILED FLOORS (meaning, it's COLD! yaaay!) and this beautiful garden-like receiving area with pretty wooden chairs (plus a cute dog and 2 chained k9 dogs - THE OWNERS ARE RICH).

i want to transfer now.
as in now.

we were actually planning on reserving rooms already so that we can move in by summer. man, i don't want to spend summer classes in my current dorm. it's gonna be super HOOOT, we don't have concrete walls in our room... only plywood ones, and the floor is wooden too. i'm gonna be grilled raw before i even know it.

i just love the place! super!
but then, there's the price to pay... at least i think it's fairer (although more expensive).

i just hope my parents agree to this.
i texted them awhile ago about it and my mom says i should wait for my sister to graduate first before i transfer because she's so dependent on me... daw.

oh come on, it's not like i should act as the elder sister to her! besides, didn't she survive her first year in college without me (cos i'm still in sr. highschool back them)? what's the difference if transfer to different dorm?

a common area for studying doesn't help me at all. i always end up chatting with my dormmates. i'm not being productive!
and look, i'm always bloating myself with unecessary craves (fooooood, INTERNET). not only do they make me fatter (and unhealthier too), they also ALWAYS leave me in a state of poverty.

whereas if stay there in mendoza, we'll be requesting a room at the second floor. meaning i have to mount the stairs... it's relatively farther from the campus but what's a little walk to warm myself up? it's not like it's gonna take a lifetime (ooooh, i'm a sucker for a regular workout)

case in point made.

now where's the cash?

still love you to bits

well, i have no intention of buying you. :)

but when i get my own laptop i'm going to customize it to look like a genuine acer ferrari.

i just love the cars.
plus the logo

now back to studying.

nothing more to expect

my dire 17 years of existence here on earth contributed a lot to my study of PSYCHOLOGY. i guess it is in our nature to analyze people, make generalizations (sometimes hasty ones) from the way they talk to you, present themselves to other people, dress up, deal with their acads and stuff. these observations contribute to my assumption of who and how they are in real life. i like observing people. hehehe

the psychology of guys is quite a tricky topic. they're hard to analyze, specifically because i'm not one of them and i have no idea how a man's brain works. i've always wanted to know how a guy acts around the one he likes, how he is when their crush is just nearby. why?

because i am so stupid, i can't get a hint.
or maybe i feel like i'm supposed to be the one giving hints but no, i'm too timid for my own good to even dare drop one.

which caused me to be stuck in this state of paranoia where i cannot anymore distinguish his natural actions from the supressed ones.

maybe i'm just too obsessed with him that i always always try to read his looks. his glances. they way he talks to me. and TRY to compare it to the way he acts around other people.

if he has something for you then at least, you will always ALWAYS see a difference.

so, is there?

fortunately, yes.
unfortunately, it's the not the difference i was expecting.

you know what, at some point... i knew there was a chance for us to get closer. but i was crushing on him too much that i'm starting to actually walk away.

i have this weird trait, i enjoy watching my crushes from a distance... pretty much like a stalker. and when they're near (talking to me...), i tend to close myself, hide (not literally), keep quiet and just say the safest words to him. i've always been like this to my crushes. i don't speak a lot, i don't even show off.

and when the feeling has faded already and i have confirmed to myself that i'm not crushing over him anymore... that's the time that i can act normally around him. that's the time that i actually become more sociable.

how do you characterize the feeling of having a crush, being obsessed/infatuated with someone...etc.????

because they're the types of feelings that hinder me from being the usual friendly me.

maybe i'm really like this. i'm not agressive.

they say scorpios like to flirt with their eyes.
i say, not all the time.
i guess, i do have some part of that... uhh... skill. cos when i'm just starting to like someone who's a stranger to me, i start with making eye contact... just to let him now i exist.

after that, i don't give a damn anymore.


i just realized something!
have i mentioned this girl i was jealous of in our class because i think they're too close to each other??

i realized, there's really nothing to worry about (at least on his side, dunno bout the girl). the way i was with leonard last sem is pretty much similar with the way he is with her. and leonard is a really good friend of mine so i'm perfectly comfortable with him.

in much the same way that he is around her.
aren't you supposed to shun your crush at times?

now, back to studying (i can't screw up on this one yet again!)

oh the positivity

i thought i said yesterday that i'm only going to skip my 10a class... but looks like i also skipped another class... hist2. which makes me a really really bad student now. i don't know, maybe i've reached the maximum number of absences in hist2 already and i should be forced drop now.


i only swam this day, and thank God i've finished my make-up! hurrayhurray! no more overexposure to our overly chlorinated pool! yessss!!! i've got an uneven skintone now (in the face man!) and a burnt feeling whenever i apply powder or facial wash on my face right after swimming. sucks big time.

so after all, i'm still a girlygirl... because i worry about my freakin skintone. bwahahaha

hey, kim came! hehe she took pictures of me swimming with her slr camera. oh the coolness. wait, i was conscious..... hahaha if i only knew how to do the butterfly stroke then i would've given her cam a demo! weeeeh. i wanted to look like a pro... you know, with the complete swimming attire (for photographs sake). but then, i don't have a swimming cap so i guess i just looked like an amats chicken. i wanna see the pictures!

anyhow, i thought i also mentioned yesterday that i'm going to use this afternoon to study chem40 - unless i slept. guess what? the latter prevailed.

is there still hope for me?

another thing, on our way to buy dinner , i got hit by a speeding scooter. man, it hurts! my head hit the passenger's helmet - which totally put me out of my mind. damn, i don't recall who i am anymore... hehe kidding. but dmn, my head hurts! until now. may bukol pa ko. hahahaha... and i was even so happy after the horrible incident. i was laughing, saying "ok lang ako! hahaha" to my concerned dormmates...
wtf, i even said SORRY to the scooter driver --- who happened to be a freakin tomboy. oh, i just lost my appetite.

weirdly enough, i didn't get angry. bwahaha
the tricycle drivers around were the ones who cursed the perpetrator on my part and i was overjoyed. it was heartwarming to have someone fight for you even if you don't want to and you're totally strangers to each other. thanks!

and when we reached kuya's carinderia i noticed that my right arm is BLEEDING! bwahahaha so i figured i also hit the scooter's steering handle. after a moment or so, it's becoming so painful already so i went with my sister to buy some remedy and also photocopy some handouts.

hehe, i bought a bandage. i think it was hurt badly i cannot raise my arm fully or even do a right-hand backstroke. oh hello, muscles. T___T; huhuhu good thing it wasn't heavily injured... like the one in my right leg years ago... the muscoskeletalchorvachorva... i actually think it's starting to resurface because i feel like it's limping once again. hayhayhay, too much swimming i guess.

no back to my exam. :)

i just want tomorrow to end now

march 26 marks the end of our classes.
one word (or something like it): nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
at least not hum1. weh. >___>;

yey! i'll be swimming again tomorrow! and kim's gonna drop by to take a picture of me while swimming... uhh... i guess it's for her project in photography or something. >.< hahaha na-conscious bigla...

here's what i have in mind for tomorrow... for all i know it's gonna be a dull day.
i'll only attend swimming and hist 2 (because i think i can bear 1 and a half hours of boredom) then after that i'm gonna skip my es10a class. i heard last week that we're just going to transfer our isometrics in tracing papers... it's going to be a groupwork so my presence shouldn't be of any importance.

i guess i'll use the whole afternoon to study chem40... that's if i don't get sleepy.

what a notorious delinquent

i just want tomorrow to end now

march 26 marks the end of our classes.
one word (or something like it): nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
at least not hum1. weh. >___>;
yey! i'll be swimming again tomorrow! and kim's gonna drop by to take a picture of me while swimming... uhh... i guess it's for her project in photography or something. >.< hahaha na-conscious bigla...
here's what i have in mind for tomorrow... for all i know it's gonna be a dull day.
i'll only attend swimming and hist 2 (because i think i can bear 1 and a half hours of boredom) then after that i'm gonna skip my es10a class. i heard last week that we're just going to transfer our isometrics in tracing papers... it's going to be a groupwork so my presence shouldn't be of any importance.
i guess i'll use the whole afternoon to study chem40... that's if i don't get sleepy.
what a notorious delinquent.










antok na ko!

i don't know where else to pour out my frustrations. puro na lang drawing! sa papel, sa planner, sa EXAM (pag walang masagot), sa chairs, sa kamay. hahahaha
but come to think of it, feeling ko lang frustrated ako pero... hindi talaga ito yung, err, legitimate feeling of frustration. e ano ba kasi yun?diba kung frustrated ka, your're making a huge effort into something na hindi ka makapag-excel?
in short, hindi pala ako frustrated. di naman ako nag-eeffort eh. bwaha.
anyhow... it's 2am. and i haven't finished researching for our report on friday. it's a dmn hard topic! amines, amino acids and proteins... bakit ba yun ang napili namin. tsktsk. kukupalin nanaman kami ni sir nito eh.
alam nyo ba minsan, kasi feeling ko talaga nag-eenjoy si sir sa klase namin, gusto kong sagutin si sir sa mga pangungupal nya. aba, nagtatanong lang ako tungkol sa postlab ng synthesis of aspirin, sinabihan na ko na kulang ako sa logic?!
sayang, ang nareply ko lang ay, "salamat!"
alam nyo ba kung bat ang hilig ko magblog?
kasi wala akong makausap! wala akong masabihan ng mga kaweirdohan ko sa buhay.
hahaha naghahanap nga ako ng isang tao pwede kong makausap anytime eh. yung makikipagkwentuhan lang sakin (kung may beer, ayos din)... yung kakaiba rin mag-isip. kasi naman, in front of my peers... mega conformist ako... ayoko naman ma-out of place. in fact, ordinaryong tao lang ako sa harap ng marami. hahaha
kaya nga mahal na mahal ko ang barkada ko eh. sa kanila ko lang pwede ibuhos ang lahat ng kaweirdohan ka without being judged! bwahahaha legal magjoke ng korni, humirit ng wala sa lugar at magkwento ng magkwento kahit di ka coherent... maiintindihan nila.
there's a language formed between friends na alien ang dating sa iba. ayos. hahahaha
hmmm... dito kasi sa elbi... hmmm, ok andyan si kat... ang tinuturing kong closest friend ko dito... ayos kasi ok lang maglabas ng kahit ano!
na realize ko tuloy.
lahat naman ng tao pwede mong kausapin about anything, pwede mong maging bestfriend, confidante, lahat na... kasi i believe na may kanya kanyang kaweirdohan ang mga tao na pinapakita lang nila sa mga piling tao rin. just like me!
ok, this is totally pointless. siguro masyado lang akong inaantok.
ganito na lang... i'll mail my research to my mailbox then i-aaccess ko na lang sa elbi para mabilis... haaaay
hahaha sige na nga gooooodnight! (i mean, goodmorning pala)

dinner with BTS

man, i missed them soooooooooooo much!!!
thanks for the long due christmas gifts! hehehehe
wala eh, sobrang namiss ko silang lahat... tsk.tsk.tsk. grabe, it's been a while... hehehe :)
natuwa ako sobra. hahaha
woooot! so most probably, sa summer na ulit kami magkaka-reunion.
here's what happened pala:
7pm Teriyaki Boy- trinoma. nagcommute lang ako papunta dun... uhm... yun, hinanap ko pa yung resto. hehehe so nanlibre si karlita ng dinner (dahil nakapasa sya sa major na gusto nya, political economics! o.O) at si KA ng ice cream.. tapos, hinatid pa ko nina karla pauwi (like usual!) yeaah, thanksthanks! in short, halos wala akong nagastos! may mga regalo pa ko! wahahaaha
wow. ayos talaga... namiss ko yung tawanan. grabe. graabeeee... ano baaaaa! mahal na mahal ko kayo! :D :D
so, pano ko kaya susunugin yung calorie intake ko ngayon? bwaha. nalula ako sa inorder ko... ang laki pala nun. grabe, di ko naubos. sayang hehehe. wow, ang sarap ng tokwa. tokwaaaaaaaaah! hahahaha
i love you, BTS.

not bad for our first time! :D

honestly, i thought we're going to screw up on the cheering competition (i didn't dance. i just sat there cheering for our cheering team. hehe) but no! i actually thought we're competitive enough. others even say we bagged the 4th place but the hosts only announced up to the third place so... uhh, that sucks. anyhow.

i enjoyed most of the night... even though i get sleepy at times. hehehe
congrats to ate mildred! she won miss eng'g meet 1st runner up. yeeey!

we did great. go AChES! :)

i was expecting to see ESG but they didn't join this year, as well as IESO and PSJT. >____>;

issues, issues...

everytime i think of it, i only get confused. to transfer to fine arts or to pursue being a chemical engineer? wtf. there's no harm in trying... but there's the big paperworks/interviews hassle to deal with.

and the problem with me is that... i'm too lazy for my own good. sometimes i get too unmotivated that i couldn't care much if i flunk chem40 for the second time and retake it again (no this is not a grammatical error) next schoolyear. i wonder WHAT DRIVES ME.

yes, i am an artist. i sorta good one at that. but it definitely isn't something i want to pursue in life. it's just a hobby, perhaps more... err, a passion. yes, i'm passionate about the arts but i don't know, i don't know! i always end up drawing when i should be studying for an exam.

let's evaluate my drn life.

ok, i hate memorizing stuff. i hate chemistry. i hate math (although we're good acquaintances in highschool). i hate objective exams.

i like writing (though i'm not good at it). COMPUTERS! i like webdesigning, html, css. COMSCI??? -i like comsci, sans programming and math 20 series- (o.O). i like fiddling with adobe photoshop. drawing, yeah.

what about chem. eng? i don't like it! i'm just 'proud' of being an engineering student. hahahaha sometimes i appreciate chemistry... depends on the teacher and my level of comprehension. but most of the time it disgusts me. sorry.

ay nakooooo.
walang direksyon ang buhay kooooooooooo.

what? everyone's turning into juniors next sem and chances are i might be stuck as a freshman for another sem...

hala, arianne... mataranta ka naman!!!!

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