hello thursday

i boarded the bus last night at around 6 and i came home at around 1130. >____>;; grrrr... super traffic sa cubao.
hay ang daming factors eh...
...the bus i'm on who still went to the side of the street where PUBs are supposed to load passengers (because it usually takes a lifetime to get out of that lane)
...the provincial buses who take off every minute and scream 'give way! give way!' ay nakakainis...
...also the mob of people flooding each terminal... sometimes they just get on your nerves to see them crossing the street from all directions...
but then, it all boils down to this sacred season.
hello, i'm not catholic. normally, i shouldn't give a damn... like now, but out of respect and also out of this obligatory sense that i should glorify this season because our country is a catholic nation... ok, i would set aside the irrate feeling i almost catered last night.
eh kagabi naman na yun eh, so tapos na.
honestly, it didn't really irritate me that much, maybe because i'm too tired to waste energy on whining (there isn't anyone to belch out my anger anyway. i was alone), or maybe because i'm in a sorta good mood that day because i was able to download the whole 22 tracks of the original Hana Kimi OST plus 2 additional tracks (the opening and ending theme). hehehe
ang nakakainis lang talaga... masyadong mausok. feeling ko i could just die of carbon dioxide poisoning (C monoxide na rin)... naka ordinary bus lang kasi ako eh. i thought, like the usual, i could marvel on the cool night air... but no. hahaha
pero ok lang talaga. nag-gagalit galitan lang ako. hehehe
natuloy ang aming house/apt scouting yesterday.
we were able to inquire in 2 apartments... though we'll still continue looking for more this monday... yun. we looked in manuela and villegas apts near st. therese chapel... ok yung manuela! gusto ko lang ulit sya makita para maimagine ko kung pano ko ii-interior yung natatanging kwarto to fit 4 of us. o.O
this laptop has just been reformatted.
grabe. i thought i'd lost my files already. buti na lang nagback-up si daddy! dapat lang, SOP yun!!
sige, at dahil mas mabilis na sya ngayon... pwede na maglaro! yeheeey!
uhm, sige sige... papers muna. >___>;;

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