extra curiccular wishlist

here are the things i want to do while inside the university which are not academic related

♥ be in the swimming varsity team - i want to get fit and engage in a lot of sports this time, i don't want to end up getting bigger and bigger...

♥ more so, if i manage to improve my swimming skills, i want to coach kids! :) i want to teach kids how to swim!!! weeeeeee...

♥ i also want to get into UP Painters Club to uhhh, make use of my other creative-outlet. :) plus, i want to do henna! :) :) :)

♥ UP Writer's Club or UPLB Pantas... both are writing orgs. i want to have access to writing workshops because i think they're fun and i'll be learning a lot. the last writing workshop i attended would be 3 years ago, in the review center and i don't think i improved since then. i love writing but my sense of grammar is kinda off. hahaha

♥ uhm, yun lang naman.

come to think of it, i am being more active on the non-academic aspect of the my college life.

which means, i'm really not for [this].

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