new found inspiration (just don't know how to work on it)

CSS Zen Garden

they ofer free css layouts that you can use or edit...
the layouts are GREAT. and when i credit layouts like that, you should believe me because i know what's a good and a well-coded layout. :)

now i want my Adobe Photoshop 7 back! grrr...

hey, today is my mom's birthday!


awhile ago was our last meeting in Hum1. awww, i'm gonna miss my classmates,and my groupmates too... well, not exactly everyone but majority of them. even though i'm not the type of classmate who speaks often... i still love our class because it's fun and have i mentioned it has became a sort of ice-breaker from my other tedious and troublesome subjects?... hayhay.

for now, i guess i have to prepare for my next class.

i can feel the heat of the summer already. grr...
and you know what, i'm not dressing up for school anymore. >___> i find it troublesome to wear my regular school attire (jeans and shirt) now that it's too hot. this season i have become fond of just going to class in my pambahay attire, loose shirt, shorts and slippers... and the only item i have a hand would be a piece of yellow pad (or bluebook if i have an exam), a ballpen and an umbrella. so much for the classic UPian student look. hahaha

it's just toooooo hot man!

i guess i have to go buy boardshorts and more comfy shirts. wooooh!

due tomorrow:
♥ Bagong Kristo paper (5 pages!)
♥ miniature model house for 10a. (dear groupmates, don't make me submit this just because we're doing it in my place. please lang ha.)

and on friday:
♠ 2nd theoretical lab exam on micro1!!!

ooops, may klase pa ko. bye!

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