haayy... tiring day it is.. i've been telling that for a couple of posts right? eh tiring naman tlga eh.. and i'm really happy still.. coz i'm reading harry potter 4 -goblet of fire... at the same time i'm feeling a lil sad.. haha 3 wks 16 chappies... eh.. sensha na. i read only small amounts a day kasi ang busy ko no! pero yesterday.. i was quite satisfied of myself having finished 4 chapters last night.. which brings me to chapter 20 by this time.. ^_^... haay.. can't get enough spoilers.. like cedric diggory's going to die? and the possible future of harry in the 7th book... dead.

possible, right? since i've put into consideration that prof trellawney's [did i get hte spelling ryt?] predictions couldn't go wrong.. that's what i think.. and she's allmost braggin harry about his soon death... either way.. let's enjoy his remaining life line... ^^

sorry ah.. la ako masabi... ang gulo ng utak ko.. mali mali na ata cnasabi ko.. -_-


all worn out

whew.. what a tiring day! -.-..this week.. as expected more tasks are to be done.. i'm not even halfway!!! grrr... super daming assignments!! and as i said before.. my only inspiration is Harry Potter!! why did i suddenly became addicted to it? when last year i'm so clueless of that sci fi thing? was it? oh well.. but least i'm not as ignorant as before.. i managed to read until chapter 10! in two weeks!! that's.. um.. beyond average reading.. i mean.. slow... very slow.. hehe.. anyway.. i understand naman eh.. i'm not reading the whole day and it's like just a few minutes per day that i read the goblet of fire... and again.. i'll have to exted it for another week.. it's just not enough for me to finish it in a week.. it's soo short!! can't finish it on time..!!

and wierd ko naman.. barok barok na ung mga pinagsasabi ko! haha.. pagpasensyahan nyo na ko... stessed tong taong gumawa nito eh.. well... haha.. nkkbaliw.. honestly i can take the muscular pain from the afermath of the physical fitness test pero recently di ko kinaya! i had to put four strips of salonpas on both my arms and both sides of my shoulder bone(lower i guess) near the neck? malay.. -_- ah bsta un.. ang skit tlga ng katawan ko.. maybe because i had to bring the ultimately heavy keyboards to school!!! for quite a long time.. 3 days? LoL ang short nman non! pero di nga! mabigat sha in fairness.. a round of walk on the flight of stairs.. super hingal ka na! try mo kaya!!!! ang yabang mo!! kala mo cguro kaya mo noh??!!! grrr kaaaa!!!

hayy.. bat ganun/. di na ko nag rereview sa mga quizzes... LoL pero sa awa ni GOD pumapasa kahit pasang-awa.. -_-.. need to study more.. bye

oi! typo errors nnman noh?? bhala ka na intindhn yan!

panic time

LoL... i not being responsible with my schoolworks... first off.. i forgot to put my geom assignment in a bond paper where it was supposed to be... second... i was way to busy to remember that today is the deadline of the advanced assignment our social studies teacher gave us... i'm soo disappointed with myself! it's really a crammy day and i have to oftentimes bring our keyboards/organ at school.. which was way too heavy... i feel like my arm's gonna rip off when i carry it from the parking lot to the building... argghhh... exhausting! and i have to do it twice!... when going upstairs and downstairs... on arrival and dismissal!

oh GOD! help me!! well... right now.. i just came back from school... i'm thankful that our laptop (this) is feeling ok now.. tho i have to loose all the files i have.. -_-.. ^^;;

so.. that's it.. comment on this this one.. i want someone who understands how i feel... it's always hard to be a highschool student! more specifically a junior! -_-

project insanity

not a minute from now i'm going insane on researching about different asian tribes.. the one that you can consider to stand out from other tribes and the one that is still living.. up to now. can you help me?

not only that.. this really annoying computer assignment makes me check for other search engines aside from google, yahoo, altavista, ask jeeves and fact monster...-_-


but anyways... i'm practicing on living with my motto 'live life to the fullest'.. and definitely.. drowning myself in a pile of projects won't make my life fun...-.- so my only consolation is looking at my wallet and staring at my daniel radcliffe pic in there.. and also reading harry potter 4 - the goblet of fire .. well, now i can say i'm not so afraid of reading a thick book.. if it includes harry potter. :)

that's it... ^^.. i hope i won't get comments... for that proves less people has hit on this blog and that also assures a little less than 50% of privacy.. ^_^

LoL... i mean.. please do post comments... ^^


soo hectic.. can't figure out which task i'll do first.. the advance hworks? projects? reportings and presentations?

nkkinisss!! ang daming dapat gawin!!

oh well.. i hope makapagsurvive ako... oh yeah.. there is one person i hate in our class... i won't mention her name... she never had any direct offense on me.. pero.. grr.. tlga.. ang yabang nya.. -_-...haayy... pero nevertheless.. my other classm8s are fine.. at least.. that's all i can say..

and... i don't have much of my friends in our class... out of 47.. i can only get along well with 8 people... besides the fact that there are many kinds of students roaming around in a class... the anime fanatics... the neutrals... the pop-us.. the semi-friendly people... and the annoying bitches... where do you think you belong?

hey! khit ganto kabadtrip and first few days of being a junior.. my consideration parin naman c Lord.. hehe.. on th first day.. i saw blue.. in the skul.. where else..? the second day.. i was happy that my congregation.. namely "YFC" (short for Yaoi Fangirls Congregation) has grew pretty much more than before... ^^; and on the third day.. i saw blue again... heheh... and when east meets west.. we just stare at each other.. for like a second.. hehehe... ah basta un na un...

i had a dream a yesterday.. hmm... andun c blue chka seatm8 ko..alam ko nag uusap kmi ni 'seatm8' tapos.. blah blah blah.. binabato ko sha ng coins.. -_- tapos... binato rin ako ni blue ng barya.. ang wierd... sna pera ang ibig sabihin non...



a friend told me this... count 50 beetle cars (the real ones, not in magazines, tv's or pictures).. then remember the color of the 50th car. for example it's RED... the person wearing a red shirt or blouse who asks you the time... that's it!

un lng.. labo ba? try mo!

school time

hey... i've been going to school just yesterday.. and that just meant... less internet activities for me... so let's drop off those meaningless searches and proceed on studying hard for this school year. I'm now a junior highschool and i'd like to increase my grades this time... i'm dreaming of becoming a merit awardee someday... which means i have to belong to our batch's top 20.. which is a rather... um... hmm... hard?

i'm currently researching on something so at least i gave myself a time to update my blog.

so.. pray for me.. that i'll be able to surive third year without having line of 7's in my card. ^__^

melodia is officially logging off.

just got back from the airport

*sigh* tiring but worth it... at least we ate at a restaurant after fetching my mom from the airport... she went to Davao three days ago.. it was cool.. they said... ^^; eat all you can buffet, boat ride, and the most alluring natury [is there a word?] scene... they were on an island.. for a convention... with the best hotel accomodation.. ang cool dba? and that's for selected agents only.. like my mom. She's so lucky.. that i'm thinking if i'll still inherit her insurance business as an agent..ehehe... malay ko.. i'm still undecided on what to take.. tho i promised my sister i'll take business management major in accountancy.. then.. on to the CPA lawyer thing...

anyways.. haha... free internet time again.. it's like 3 minutes has passed after 12 midnight... that's what i'm waiting for... the offpeak hours for free internet usage...

oh.. awhile ago in the airport... me and my sister went to us the bathroom... LoL.. i don't feel like urinating at the time but i entered the cubicle.. [for no reason..o.o] and yuck... urine splats around the toilet.. eew noh? ewan ko kung ano nangyari.. i wiped it with a tissue... then threw the tissue in the bowl... and! desperately looked for the flush button.. i can't find it!! grrr.. i searched... all the sides of the toilet... like for a couple of minutes? until i noticed this red think blinking... and (hallelujah!) the fluch button was just above it! stupid me... then i got out of the cubicle and waited for my sister.. she went to the sinks.. then!

.... LoL.. the fosets are soo complicated to use.. we don't know how to use it! it's like my first time to enter an airport cr...grr tlga!!! i laughed.. and told her nevermind that foset!

nung bumalik kme sa car.. we told my dad about that thing.. and also taught us how to use that fucking foset! automatic pla!! prang ung hand dryer where you put your hand under it then warm air gushes out... prng ganun... -_-... i didn't think of that.. seriously...

stupid me?

judge me.

onga pla... tamad ako mag edit ng entries.. if ever my typo or grammar error.. pls bear with me.. besides.. clear nman ung gusto kong sabihin eh.

harry potter mania III

you might think i'm overly obsesed with Harry Potter right now. that's right! and i'm making a fanfic out of it..as i said before... ideas come and go.. better make a masterpiece out of it before it leaves. ^^; LoL... oh.. in on my Links there in the nav bar.. you can see the 'mugglenet' right? oh yes! click that please! it's a very very very great site for harry potter fans.. it contains all the information you want to know! and it's one stop! so that's really cool! .. i highly recommend that site! it's uber great! ^^;

by now i'm trying to save all the important information i can gather about HP then... try ot print it as well... i never thought file transferring can be difficult... our printer is ok now... the real problem is with the USB port.. whatever that is.. -.-

have you ever heard of 'your new name'.. just a stress relief i found in my email- the one where you're gonna get your new... fun... cute name.. like mine.. i'm Chim Chim Cutiehiney loL.. that sounds really cute.. ^_^ and i thought.. the names in HP sounds just like it... um.. not actually just the 'hufflepuff'.. cute ne?

harry potter mania II

hey.. i'm now dropping off the template search.. and i'm on for a new search of harry potter FREE sheet music.. or preferebly piano scores.. specifically... Hedwig's theme of Harry's wondrous world... if you got any.. please... direct link me to that specific website.. no pdf downloads please... annd.. if you can do me a favor: please visit this site here and print the 5 page sheet for me.. and to further extent.. scan and send it to me at: arianne_blue09@yahoo.com ... ^^; your help will be greatly appreciated.

why can't i do that? i'm using a laptop and the USB port for the printer to be connected is malfunctioning.. :( and we don't have a Digital Music Sheet program reader for the sheet to be read.. no adobe acrobat installed so no pdf file format download... and html saving won't work.. so the only thing i thought.. is the print screen... yah.. i was succesful at that and managed to save it as a jpg file but... only the first page has a preview.. the other 4 pages aren't available for viewing, its for printing and purchasing purposes only.. so help me!

well.. if you're my friend.. i mean the friend that i can see... can you just print it for me.. i'll get in skul... ^_^ pweese? ^^

template search

i'm looking for blog templates as of now.. and don't be surprised if i occasionally change layouts... ^^;

i watched Love Letter awhile ago... and the man of my dream is there... adrian... yah.. literally speaking.. he's the man in my dream.. not the 'man of my dreams'

ah bsta ganun... and oh.. i can't stop thinking about harry potter... can't wait for the order of the phoenix and goblet of fire...

i can just read them.. but the thickness of each book is so discouraging... -_-...

i'll just wait for the movie... ^^;

harry potter 3 mania!

i just looveee daniel radcliffe or.. just harry potter itself! just like anyone else i suppose... but hey.. i don't hate hermione (or emma watson if u wish) at all... people hate her because of that bloody kind of gut she has in the movies... well.. proves that you can't take someone a whole lot better than you... looser, or does she have a problem with her attitude? .. unghh...who cares... -_-

*drools* i can't help but yelp at the sight of a more mature daniel radcliffe! he's soo ideal for me.. (in the physical aspect i mean). 5'7 at 14... tall.. definitely handsome... err.. european? and he's having his birthday soon.. on july 23! hehe... and he's born in the year of snake.. 1989.. which means.. he should be in Slytherin.. not in gryffindor... but, anywayz...

i watched the prisoner of azkaban on its first showing in SM fairview along with my sister who preffered to watch Shrek 2... which means.. we 2 are going separate ways.. alone. in the dready darkness of the cinema.

then...something happened.. while i was in the ticket booth.. a girl behind me asked me if i was alone... if it's ok to tag along coz it's scary to be watching alone... in the dark.. with no one to talk to...i said i'm with my sister but she's watching a different movie.. so i said it's okay for her to come with me... (speaking of which... it didn't even occur in my mind that this girl might have bad intentions...o.O)...

what a relief... i figured out her ticket was premiere and i'm deluxe.. so.. bye bye.. im soo outta here... i felt guilty... what if she's really scared... hmm.. ehh.. hunghang! sna manlang nagsama sha noh! eh.. muka nmang masmatanda sha saken eh.. [or ang tingin nya mas matanda ako sa knya?] kya na nya sarili nya... eh ako nga eh.. -.^ tapos un...

might sound insane.. but i brought a cutter... just in case.. ksi mag cocomute lng kame.. eh kung my mangyari.. buti na ung ready.. ^^ chka mga mag e-8 na nung umuwi kmi.. jeeps are dangerous.. lalo na pag gabi...


bak to harry.... haaayy.. malfoy is gaayyy! i can accept that.. as long as its harry whom he lusts for. (sorry straights)..hehehe.. he got a new haristyle.. much better than before.. at least i can stop calling him gel boy...

ahh... so that's what they're talking about that serius black who died.. kla ko nman bishie.. eh hndi nman pla eh.. pero not bad...^^; thumbs up for ron and hermione... that's better coz if she's with harry.. i'll kill her! and i suppose ginny will be with harry... dba dba?? eh cno pa ba ang pwede nyang maging partner? c ginny weasley lng nman eh... hehe...

oh.. yeah.. almost forgot HARRY POTTER <-- check that out... i mean.. just the introduction.. wait for it to download.. naaliw ksi sa music.. ang enchanting na mejo scary... i even downloaded it in kazaa pero wala ung my mga choir people singing...


good for me.. i won't be charging this internet hours in my card! coz e-volve internet card has a promo for its users... starting march 04 until last day of june.. free internet time will be given from off peak hours which is 11pm - 8am... that's one great deal.


i had a dream

a couple of nights ago.. i had a dreamm.. yah just like what it says in the title... but this dream is.. um... different? i've posted this is in my older journal and i just want to share it for the second time... hehehe...

it's soooo romantic!!! haha... ok ok.. i won't share na lng.. ^^; i'm getting lazy... and sleepy.. *zzz*

oi! anywayz.. i'm trying my best to make this template look cool... but hell... i like black...-.-...

the real reason why i decided to move to another blog is because of that webby sidebar... ^^; i would like to put in my links there...some of my loathes and fancies and a couple of sidebar things... which i can't put in blurty.. no matter how hard i butt in several codes.

but hopefully.. if i don't get satisfied with blogspot.. i'll move in again... ^^; hehe.. i know it's not adviceable [advisable? advicable?.. i suck in spellings].. but it's part of human nature not to become easily satisfied... well... pardon me if i keep on directing you to another another another another site... just keep up.

um.. hmm... i hope classes will start soon... coz it's really boring here... our 'old' maid just got home [not old maid.. but OLD as in luma hndi matanda.] and just days before we were mad at her bcoz my uncle seems to have a bad time figuring out how they will meet... not meet for some serious affair.. just meet for business purposes... [where'd i get that?o.O]

and uhm... a while ago... yeah.. i went to school and to greenhills... is it a shame that it's just my second time to step there? and we just actually passed by... not dropped by... and me and my sister we're like promdis on the way... screaming on the sight of those handsome models on the billboard, fascinated with lots of tall skyscrapers [scrapers? capers?.. here i go again...-.-] and opening the window to see those cameras taping the rally in qc memorial circle... and in the process turning in to realize.. it's live! we're gonna be seen on tv! but still.. we're too far to be seen.. or better yet discovered.. LMAO!!! ang kapaaaallll!!

what am i doing?

...pathetic [patethic? phatetic? arrgghh!] little me.

my first post

cool... now i have another journal... hmm... ^^; you can check my other journal HERE for my previous posts... ^^; i'll customize the looks later...

what happened... we went to school to buy the 3rd yr patches! i totally forgot that... and um... i ordered a uniform... LoL.. my other uniforms are all paint marked! consider my club... i'm in a visual arts club with lots of surprise projects! you'll be painting with no further explanation without even bringing an apron or some extra shirt...messy.

an then... my sister is confused with the application forms in U.P. oh well... gud luck to her...

ok.. that's all for now.. let's see what i can do with this template.. hmm

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